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life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all. | helen keller

one month ago i decided to take a leap of faith, one i wasn’t quite sure how [or if] i could. but i did, and here i am – living the life, in sunny florida!

it all started when a job opportunity came up in atlanta last fall. at that point, rhyan + i had a heart to heart about his thoughts on me taking a position out of state. he assured me if it was something i wanted to do, to go for it, because the opportunity may not be there if i waited until he graduated high school. he talked about how he’s almost seventeen, doing his own thing, and he didn’t want me just waiting around for the little time we actually spent together. he knows the only reason i stayed in the same area i grew up in was because i had him young + couldn’t move him away from his dad – but that i was oh, so ready to get out of north carolina. he reassured me he would be okay, we’d have facetime + the times we did have together would be more quality time anyway. plus, he would just move in with his dad + grandparents full-time, so it wouldn’t be much of a change. 

so with that, i went forward with pursuing the atlanta opportunity – which fell through in january. i was really disappointed + felt like i was back at square one. nowhere to go, stuck again. i kept going around in circles, trying to figure out what else i could do to get out of my rut; until march 30th, when bobbi said something that shook me awake. she said ‘grace, we love you + we will always support you, but if you want change, you can’t keep waiting around for something to fall into your lap – you’re going to have to take that step + make it happen.’ it was exactly what i needed to hear. 

she suggested booking a flight down to st. pete to visit them for a few days + maybe look at some areas i might think about moving to. so i booked the flight, started perusing the internet for areas i might like + ended up finding the perfect little cottage on treasure island. it was the only one like it: newly renovated, fully furnished, in my price range, front yard overlooking the bay, one block from the beach, with a roommate. it was available the first week of april, which was not even feasible for me, but i called anyway. talked to the landlady, explained my situation, and she agreed to give me first right of refusal – if i wanted it + could get things in order to move down. from there, i talked to the realty company i was renting my house from + they agreed to let me give my 30 day notice, which i did. i then talked to my manager at work, explained my situation + he said there was a guy in charleston who could take over my territory as soon as necessary. i talked to rhyan + his dad/grandparents, who all encouraged me to go. 

since my flight wasn’t until the middle of april, my parents went over to look at the cottage + signed off on it for me. little did i know, it’s only 6 miles from their house! i was finally able to visit: fell in love with the area, met my landlords/roommate, took some time to relax + let the fact that within a span of 5 days i had flipped my life upside down sink in. packing ensued when i got back home: got all my keepsake stuff into storage, sold the big furniture, moved all rhyan’s stuff to his dad’s, packed the car with as much as i could + hit the road to florida. 

i’ve taken the past week to get settled in, which has been wonderful. i absolutely love it here. i’ve been taking daily bike rides on the adorable beach cruiser i found on craigslist, spending copious amounts of time on the beach, getting up early for my burn bootcamp classes, checking out the local spots around town + just taking it all in. i went yesterday to start putting in applications + was hired on the spot by the general manager of my first pick of places to work. i’ll be serving drinks in the pool/beach bar area at an adorable surfer-esque throwback hotel two miles from my house, which means lots of fun in the sun during daytime hours this summer. 

it’s just amazing to me, that every day i wake up in paradise + know without a doubt that taking the first step of faith led me here. i truly feel god was just waiting for me to make the move, because he had everything under control from there. it’s been so seamless, everything has fallen into place + i just feel so grateful – for bobbi, for giving me that push + for god, leading my path. 

life really is good, my friends.

I love Rishi for a lot of reasons. It’s my favourite planet in SWtoR. The pirates, the pirate clothes, the narrow wooden suspension bridges, the tropical paradise landscape, the overwhelming contact with players from the opposite faction…

And yet the little detail that makes me the happiest? The trainers. Some delightful asshole decided that each pair of equivalent class trainers for Empire and Republic should share a tent

And most of them are well-behaved. The Smuggler and Imperial Agent have long discourses. The Jedi Consular and Sith Inquisitor just flat-out ignore each other, as do the Bounty Hunter and Trooper.

And then there’s these assholes:

like who thought this was a good idea

Seriously though because I need to give them cookies, I’m laughing so hard.


I have since thought more upon this and realized something else. Look at the colors of their lightsabers. Is it just me, or is the Knight using the reddish one and the Warrior using the yellow one?

I’m pretty sure it’s not just me. Which got me to thinking ‘but why?’

What if they stole one another’s lightsabers

Like they can’t kill each other for whatever reason and they’re stuck in the same confined 100 square feet 24/7, and at one point one of them steals the other’s lightsaber in a fit of pique or as safety insurance. And the other one was like ‘well two can play at that game you little kark’

And now they’re waving their stolen lightsabers at each other because neither one of them is going to be the first one to give it back

and like

Imagine them heckling each other whenever one of them gets a student, obnoxiously disrupting the other person’s lessons.

Imagine the Sith Warrior bidding a student farewell by saying ‘Remember,peace is a liewhile smirking and watching the Jedi Knight’s eye twitch.

Just imagine these assholes

Committed: Chapter Four

I can’t remember who is reading this, so I didn’t tag anyone. Either way, if you haven’t read the first three chapters, I’d check out those first because otherwise you’ll be lost AF. 

To summarize what’s happened so far: Jeanine’s shitty plans leaked, she let the blame fall to Eric and shipped him off to a mental institution to prove she was handling the situation. He’s determined to get out, but he’s finding that it’s harder than he thought. 

Thanks to BK2U for editing for meeee ;)

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Muse A and his roommates/friends have all just moved into their new home. And whilst they are unpacking they get invited to a Halloween party next door, anyone and everyone is welcomed. However, there’s one catch Muse A doesn’t really have anyone to go with, and their friends all have dates. If they went it would be by themselves and that’s just… no fun. However, they decide that it’s worth checking out the party and making new friends was always a possibility while they were at the party. 

Here is where Muse B comes in, they’re completely going solo on this night out. And they find themselves with no one to interact, being brushed off by anyone who they approach, or simply unable to muster the courage to continue trying to talk to people. Deciding to just enjoy the good music and look at all the intricate costumes, they pass their time idly in silence. 

Muse A is out of their comfort zone, everyone has already found people to talk with and seem to be having fun, and they’re still looking for someone nice to talk to. Eventually, Muse A finds Muse B looking at all the people and decides to just go for it and start a conversation. 

Muse B is weary of talking to Muse A at first, but eventually they warm up to one another and so ensues a long night of great fun and entertaining conversation, until Muse A’s friends come by to tell them it’s time to go, but Muse A wants their new friend to tag along too, Muse B agrees to go, and no one questions Muse A when they announce their friend is tagging along.

Exchanging brief goodbyes, it’s only until Muse A is home that they realize they never got Muse B’s contact info. Deciding to ask their neighbor the next morning if they know Muse B they take out their phone and look for the photos they’d taken the night before, but it turns out for whatever reason, the photos never got saved and they’re stuck at square one again.

A year passes, and the same house is having another party. This time Muse A is the first one to urge all his friends to go, but they’re all busy and so they have to go solo again. However, Muse A hopes to find Muse B there again this time, not being able to forget Muse B after all that time.

Muse B is in fact there again, wearing the exact same costume as last year and smiling at the sight of Muse A. Another night of fun ensues, except this time both of them have too much to drink and it results in a drunken stupor of both of them, going into the forest that spans out in the backyard of the house. There they spend what seems like hours talking about everything, getting to know each other and just enjoying one another’s company until the alcohol lulls them to sleep.

What feels like one night of drunken fun turns out to actually be three days worth of time, and Muse A is woken up by a police officer, who is part of the rescue search for them because their friends had raised hell about them having gone missing the day of the party. Their things having been found scattered through out the forest, eventually leading to them. 

But the absolute terrifying part is the fact that Muse A was lying on the ground, right next to Muse B’s dead body. 

Turns out… Muse B went missing during Halloween night… three years ago.

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33, Free :D

33. On a post-it note

Fred was used to getting odd gifts from his father, but he was thoroughly baffled by the multi-colored squares that Errol delivered him for his nineteenth birthday. If the shop hadn’t been so busy lately, he would have accepted his mother’s invitation to celebrate at the Burrow, in which case he could have just asked his father directly about it, but as it were it was just him and Lee in their appartment, opening presents in the living area.

“What do you reckon these are?” Fred asked, tossing one of the squares over to Lee, where it landed in his lap. Lee picked it up and examined it closely.

“ I think it’s some kind of parchment,” Lee replied. “Look! It’s not just a solid block, there’s a bunch! It looks like Muggle paper.” He flipped through the sheets to show Fred what he meant.

Fred frowned. “I didn’t know Muggle paper came in different colors. Or that they made it that small.”

“Check your parent’s letter. Maybe it says what they are.”

Fred unrolled the parchment that had come with his mother and father’s presents and scanned it quickly. It was mostly his mother bemoaning the fact that he hadn’t come home for his birthday, but at the bottom there was a post-script in his father’s handwriting reading “I hope you enjoy the Post-It Notes.”

“Post-It Notes,” Fred read allowed. He picked up another one of the squares. “I guess it is paper?”

“And you use it for notes? Hmm.” Lee looked contemplative. He picked up his wand, Accio-ed a quill from the other room, and began scribbling. He then tossed the square back to Fred.

Fred Weasley is a big weenie,” Fred read aloud. He looked up at Lee, who was grinning at him. “Real mature, love.”

“Give me another one.”

They passed the quill back and forth, writing notes on the squares and throwing them at each other for the other to read. Once they had filled them all, they gathered them in a pile with the rest of Fred’s presents and Fred got up to get ready for bed.

He was in the bathroom, halfway through brushing his teeth when he heard Lee make an exclamation from the other room. He didn’t have to wonder for long what it was about because Lee came running in, his face lit up with excitement.

“Fred! Fred, Fred, Fred.”

Fred spit out his toothpaste. “What?”

They’re sticky,” Lee beamed. Fred opened his mouth to ask what he was talking about, but before he could, Lee reached out and stuck one of the squares of paper on Fred’s forehead. Fred looked into the mirror, where the word ‘Dunce’ was now attached to his face. He grinned.

“Oh, that’s brilliant.”


Fred woke up the next morning to an appartment full of sticky notes. It started with one on the ceiling above his side of the bed which he had to stand on the mattress to read (it read ‘Made you look.’) and continued when he opened the closet to pull out his robes (‘Wear me!’). The bedroom door greeted him with another note (‘Don’t forget your socks!’) and when he stepped out into the hallway, there were arrows guiding him to the kitchen. Fred laughed when he stepped into the kitchen – everything from the table to the stove was labeled. As he prepared and ate his cereal he wondered vaguely how Lee had enough time do to all this, before realizing his boyfriend definitely wasn’t above waking up early to pull this kind of shit. He put his dishes in the sink (which was appropriately labeled ‘Sink’) and grabbed the lunch bag on the counter Lee had set out (and labeled) for him.

It wasn’t until noon when he broke for lunch with George that Fred found the Post-It Note stuck to the plastic covering his sandwich that read, ‘I love you.’

Assassin Departed - Damian Wayne x Reader

Ahhhhh! You guys are so wonderful! A couple of you asked for a part 2 for Damian’s soul mate AU so here it is! Thank you all so much for your love and support.

Damian Wayne x Reader: You are the soul mate of Damian Wayne who has found yourself caught in the clutches of the League of Assassin’s. With the help of your soul mate you concoct a plan that will free yourself from them for good.

Jason    Tim    Dick    Bruce   Damian p. 1

A year has passed since you first met your soul mate Damian Wayne. In that year of being with him the League has not stopped in their attempts to end you for your betrayal. Assassin’s try to take you both out at least once a week. Something clearly needs to be done to end this once and for all. You wanted to take out every enemy you came across but you are compelled to play by the bat rules out of respect for your mate. That means that you have to beat each and every Assassin that comes after you through nonlethal means. It’s utterly frustrating.

You and Damian are coming back from Jason’s wedding to his soul mate. It had been a long time coming for them. They held out on tying the knot even though they met before any of the other bat couples did. The wedding was sweet and you couldn’t help but to think of yourself and Damian being in that position one day.

Damian had been subtly taunting you all day with his secret glances, lingering touches, and soft kisses. It was driving you mad so when you got to your apartment naturally you were all over him. You were determined that he was going to fulfill his wordless promises.

When you get to the bedroom there is a mercenary waiting in the shadows. You spot him as you are tearing off Damian’s shirt and throwing it into a corner. Needless to say the mood was killed. You immediately got into a defensive position and pulled out a knife that was strapped to your thigh. The league must be desperate if they’ve resorted to sending mercs. Damian followed your lead and you and Damian fight side by side. Together you take down the merc and string him up down the street for the cops to find.

“Our dates can’t keep ending this way, Damian.” You say when you get back to your shared bedroom. He sits on the edge of the bed and sighs with his head in his hands.

“I know [Y/N].” He sighs. You sit by his side and place a hand on his thigh.

“I think I know how to end this once and for all. It’s a bit drastic though.” You say absently running your fingers over the scar you created on his shoulder all those months ago.

“What do you have in mind?”

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anorha-nono  asked:

How would the Underfell main six + Chara and Asriel react to loosing their significant someone to someone else?

I’m not sure who the other two in the Main Six are (as there are many main characters in Undertale), so I’m just doing the Main Four + Chara/Asriel.


Honestly, he’s fucking fuming. How did he not see this coming? What did he do wrong? He ends up retracing nearly every step in your relationship to try & find out where he lost you along the way, & even when he figures it out (if he does), he still feels like it’s not right. He tried so hard, dammit–he was so sure you two were happy. But then again, Monsters like him aren’t worthy of happiness, right? Yeah…that’s just a fact that never changes.


He refuses to acknowledge it. You must be foolish to think that there’s anyone better than him! He’s–He’s The Great & Terrible Papyrus!! He’s strong, he’s incredibly smart, he’s the best Guard known to Monsterkind!!! How could this…have happened? He spends way too long pretty much scrutinizing your new choice in date-mate, trying to figure out what asinine detail about them you find superior to him.


You’d think she’d be the one to throw the biggest tantrum. She’d scream, wreck stuff, maybe try to hurt your new Date-Mate but–no. She’s quiet, she’s calm, she just listens to you talk without saying a single thing. But after you’ve gotten everything else, the only thing she does ask you is, “Why?” It doesn’t matter if you have an answer or not–if you see each other in public any time afterwards, she’s not going to acknowledge you.


She pretty much ups the Hoighty-Toighty act to cover up the fact that she’s pretty much breaking down inwardly. She sneers at the mere mention of their name, she refuses to meet them–hell, she refuses to really talk with you anymore either. But it’s just because it hurts. It’s confusion, jealousy, sadness all balled together in a tornado of emotion that as the Logical Person that she thought she was, she does not know how to handle.


God, they’re heartbroken. They were so sure they were finally doing something right. & as the jumpy, frightened ball of nerves that they were, having you with them finally made them feel like they had a chance at changing as a person. But now they lost you, & they don’t even know where they went wrong. They’re stuck back at square one, & that’s what hurts the most.


He’s so bratty about it. What, you think you could find someone better than an actual Prince? An Heir to the Royal Throne of Monsterkind? Fine, do what you want, he doesn’t care. Prepare to find him constantly crossing paths with you & your new S/O at nearly every turn–because he’s half checking in on you, & half checking out this new person who’s supposedly a “better match” for you than him. He kind of bullies you both when he sees you, which is not the best way to try to get along with your exes, but it’s the strongest reaction he has at that point: to play Defensive.


So how about those rejected bill designs, huh? They look pretty scary, powerful, and even dangerous. It’s likely that he could physically hurt the characters, if he so desired. On that note, please enjoy this short depressing “what if.”

Rated M for graphic descriptions of wounds. Oh and blood, lots of blood.

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Drew this one up a few months ago, but figured I’d dust it off and polish it up. Water/Bug has been without a proper representative for quite some time, and while I initially tried to make something a little more bulky, nothing really stuck. So I went back to square one, tried to think of what bugs needed water to live, and being a swede living up north, the answer came rather quickly. Throw in some supersoaker features and we’ve got a new zinger.

Mosquirto: Mosquito + Squirt

Notable moves : Hydro Pump, Bug Buzz, Giga Drain, Quiver Dance, U-turn

All The Plotting Shall Begin! The Basic Aid to All who Struggle with Plots

So, day 1 of Nanowrimo! If you still don’t have a plot yet, never fear! Today, I’m going to show you my greatest tool in deciding what kind of plot I’m going to plant into my story. (Eeny, meeny, miny, moe is generally involved.) But this is the easiest way to come up with a plot that can carry your story through at least 50,000 words

If you’re struggling with a plot because you keep thinking that everything you manage to come up with is just “unoriginal” that’s because it might be. There was this one writer, Georges Polti, who realized that no plot is really “original,” so he made a list! It’s called The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations. He decided that there are really only 36 plots. That’s it. Only 36. And basically, they do cover pretty much every kind of plot I can think of… They are vague, but if you really are stuck at square one, this is the way to go! 

What to do with this list (how to now pick your plot): 

  1. Flip through Polti’s list, The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations
  2. Pick 5 that have some potential for the character or world you’re hoping to work on. 
  3. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. 
  4. Think about the one you’ve picked. Consider the characters and the potential this plot has to unravel them. Remember these plots are genre-less (or really used by all genres), don’t feel hindered by typical genre constrains. 
  5. If the plot you picked isn’t working, try eeny, meeny, miny, moe again
  6. If you don’t love The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations, try The Seven Basic Plots. It’s more limited, but it’s got better and clearer examples. 

You are tormented. There’s no other way to describe the pain, the restlessness, the feeling of oxygen lacking in your lungs. That’s all you are, that’s all you’ve been for the past three months.
Ever since.
Three entire months and you’re still stuck to square one, you still feel exactly like you felt that night, nothing’s changed except the little presence growing in your stomach, giving you the slight comfort through all the hurt. Thinking about him makes your eyes prickles with tears and your insides twitch as if a thousand needles where stuck in there, turning and turning, making your breath itch.
You’re staring at the white ceiling, your hand caressing the almost unnoticeable bulge in your belly, your mind wondering on all that’s been, all that you’ve lost and all that changed.
You hear him sigh next to you, his legs moving up and down because he’s as lost as you are, unable to find a way to make you feel better.
You don’t even know if this is completely you or the hormones speaking. You’re just grateful your friend decided to stay, to not leave you alone, to help you through this for both your sake and the baby’s.
“I’m done.” He says, after a while, his voice so stern it makes you flinch, successfully making your eyes diverge from the endless blinding white. “I’m going to call him. I can’t watch you suffer like this anymore. It’s not good for you nor the baby”.
He stands up, ignoring all your protests and you eventually shut up realizing how hard it is for him to actually make this step. He grew to hate what you should call your ex now and you can’t blame him. You made him hate him.
You hear his stern voice again whispering in the phone and even though you can’t fully comprehend the whole conversation you can make out “get your sorry ass here” out of all the rest and you crack a small, shaking your head.
You have been playing hard to get ever since: hardly answering his calls, mostly not replying to his texts. The truth is that you’re scared of being that hurt again but still, here you are, hurting just as much. You are full of pride, that’s the truth, but your friend is right: you can’t keep going like this, and you know it.
You need him like you need oxygen to breath, you need him like rain in a drought season, you need him like the blood flowing in your veins. Every cell of you is made out to love him and to live without him is just impossible, a thought that can’t be imagined nor taken into consideration.
Your eyes land on your friend once again, when he approaches, and a sad smile appears on your features.
“He has work to do, G/N, he can’t drop everything just because you ask him to” you say, almost condescendingly, like explaining simple math to a child, even though your heart aches with every word you say out loud because a part of you doesn’t understand this simple concept, a part of you wants him to drop everything for you, a huge part of you needs him there right now even if you pretend otherwise.
“He’s on his way.”
It’s a rather simple statement, yet it turns your whole world upside down because you would have never expected for this to happen and it’s in that instant you realize how much he truly cares about you and the baby, how deep his love for you runs. It’s in that moment you realize you’re equals, as desperate for one another, as lost without each other.

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Back and Forth

I can’t do this anymore
This back and forth
This come and go

I try to move on
I try to live, to get by
I try to be okay

Then you send me a message
A three letter word- Hey.
For a short word, I had to do a long pause

Like cold water poured over me
I got stunned, I got stuck
Now I’m back to square one

This is getting old
So very old and tiring
I cant do this anymore

No more of this back and forth
If you go, please stay gone
But if you stay, please, please do.

—  chloekatrin

I actually got to see the Love Locks in Paris… I know some people find them awful but I just felt touched by them. Not the cheap ‘I was here in Paris’ ones, but the real love story ones. Every locket was different, and so was it’s story. It was really beautiful. I’m sad to hear that Paris is taking them down, but it’s for the greater good of those antique bridges that are going to collapse from them… </3 I wish I’d taken even more photos than I had.

(That photo is one of mine, fyi)

But anyways. Have a melancholy-ish fan fiction.

I don’t usually share my fan fictions with other people… so… here you go.

Marinette sat cross legged on the ground, holding the small cold metal contraption in her hands. She looked down at it, feeling melancholy as the lights around her grew brighter and the sky grew darker. She glanced up from her hands to see the kaleidoscope of love lockets before her, clinging onto the framework of the bridge in a loud acclamation of their owner’s love. It was sweet. It warmed her heart, yet tugged at it painfully, and she touched one of the lockets with it’s scratched initials.

She looked down at her own locket, red, with her name already scratched in carefully. A small plus sign sat underneath it, and then below that was a blank space.

Marinette took her finger and traced his name into the space, sighing to herself. It was no use. He didn’t seem interested at all. She couldn’t tell who he was even interested in. Maybe no one at all, but either way she was still stuck in square one.

She leaned against the bridge, listening to the Seine moving beneath her steadily, it’s undulating lapping noises bringing peace to her mind and washing away everything but a calm sadness inside of her.

This was silly. She should just move on. What was she even doing? Sitting on this bridge looking at a dumb locket, that’s what. Marinette stood up and with determination, held the locket out over the bridge, ready to drop it into the Seine and say goodbye to everything it stood for to her. She was about to let go when she heard a voice behind her.

“Oh hey Marinette. Why are you out so late?” Her fingers closed around the locket and she turned quickly with wide eyes to see Adrien standing there, his hands at his sides. He was holding something in his hand but she didn’t see it for long because he pushed it into his back pocket.

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Fic: You or Someone Like You, pt. 13

“See,” Darcy said, leaning over DJ’s back. “We made a roller coaster, right?”

He rocked forward, just a bit, shifting in her lap as he considered the tablet in his hands. Then he slumped back against her again, holding the tablet up at eye level. “Right,” he said.

“Now, here’s the fun part.” Darcy tapped on the screen, setting down brightly colored tiles of queue line. “If we do THIS, then as everyone enters our theme park, then they’re forced to get in line for the roller coaster. Which is fine, our theme park is called ‘Nothing But Roller Coasters’ so I have to assume that they wanted to ride roller coasters, or else, why are they here? We’re just making it easier for them to find the coaster and ride it, right?”

"Right,” DJ said. He blinked as the tiny animated coaster went whirring around the loops.

“So they get on, and they ride the roller coaster, and then-” At the exit of the coaster, Darcy set the land at an angle, dropping it down just one step, and putting a square of path on it. “There we go.”

He studied the results. “Why?”

“Because-” She hovered her finger over the screen. “They enter, they’re forced onto the roller coaster, then when they get off, they’re stuck. They’re not smart enough to find the path, and even if they could, they can’t get out. We are literally sticking them in a pit. Like a pack of ever more angry molemen. Then…”

Almost chortling to herself, she plopped down some extras. “We give them access to drinks for really cheap, and a bathroom at a cost of ten bucks. Walking back and forth, they’ll be angry and thirsty, and since the drinks are cheap, they will buy drinks. And then they will pay us every cent they’ve got for access to a bathroom.”

She grinned. “Hundreds and hundreds of tiny little park guests, drinking, going to the bathroom. Drinking, going to the bathroom. Getting angrier and more crowded every time people get off the roller coaster. All stuck on one little square of land.”

“What are you, Satan?”

Darcy grinned. “If it makes you feel better,” she said to Harris, who was giving her a distinctly disapproving look from the doorway, “we are going to fail this scenario. We are going to fail it so hard.”

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❝ i reminded myself to keep you far away from me . ❞

“Yeah? Well, it ain’t like I could just forget you,” Frank said as he looked at Steve. It felt like forever since his family had died and he had died with them. Then Steve came along and that changes. He laughed again, smiled, kissed and loved. But then work got in the way and Frank did what he did best and Steve couldn’t handle it. So, back to square one, Frank stuck to watching from afar till he couldn’t handle it. In a move of horrible clichés, he stood outside Steve’s apartment building in the rain, waiting for him.

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