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I continually fail to see how Chat Noir is being pushed to the side in this show. People complain that he’s always getting hit by the Akuma (it’s not nearly as often as its made out to be), but how is this at all a reflection on his contribution in the show, both as a character and as Ladybug’s partner?

I just think Chat Noir being the favorite of the show is blinding people to actual facts. For one thing, Ladybug can’t get hit by an Akuma. If that were to ever happen it would be game over, so there’s that. There’s also the fact that Chat does a lot of the physical fighting while LB works on a plan, so of course he’s more susceptible to the enemies attacks. That doesn’t lessen his contributions to the fights in any way. We’ve seen his skills, we’ve seen him hold his own. But the thing people really need to start accepting is that he has a different skill set from Ladybug. Unfortunately this seems to put him in line of attack more often, not that I’v seen him or Ladybug address this issue in the show, probably because it was never meant to BE an issue. Ladybug proudly statesd that she and Chat Noir are a team and there was no hesitation when Chat agreed.

Another thing that needs to be accepted is that, regardless who is watching this show, a lot of the marketing is geared towards little girls. There are going to be moments where Ladybug is going to stand out and shine, and I think this show does that wonderfully without treating Chat Noir like he’s a second rate sidekick with no importance in the show. I would understand people’s frustration more if Chat Noir had no relevance to the story being told, because than that would mean he was just being used as comic relief. But obviously he’s relevant, he and his family pretty much ARE the story. 

Maybe I’m not getting it, but I think Chat Noir/ Adrien is doing just fine in the show. Some people need to go back and re-watch the episodes, and not be so hyper focused on the VERY FEW times he was hit by an akuma. Or just pay more attention to how seamless he and Ladybug work together, and how each of them contribute to the fight. It’s not the big deal I see people making it out to be.

 (As a sidenote, fandom will often get these waves of people saying that Chat Noir and Ladybug are treated very unequally, and I find myself agreeing with the idea, I just think it’s Ladybug who’s on the unfair side of the playground, story-wise at least. She’s involved in none of the drama that drives the story forward beyond being the hero and love interest, and why THIS doesn’t bother people more will forever drive me up the wall. I wish LB getting hit by the occasional akuma was her biggest issue, then I wouldn’t have to be afraid that her arc next season wasn’t going to be as compelling as Chat’s inevitably will be.)

Okay. Regardless of what I think about Harry’s speech at the Legacy Awards, I’m disgusted by the disproportionate amount of hate in his tag (literally there are like 50+ posts) compared to the amount of hate that was in Matthew Daddario’s tag when he said some insensitive things at the GLAAD Awards (there was like 5 posts tops and those people got shouted down at). And I just want to point that out because why are we holding him to a higher bar than his white counterpart? Just… really? The speech was offensive, but so is all this hate for Harry who didn’t even write the speech but Matthew absolutely said those offensive things from his own brain in that interview. Shake my damn head, man.

Anon is off and people are blocked.

If you think I’m mad about a post count, you need to lesson in reading. I’m actually pissed now because stupid ass people COMMENDED Matthew for saying insensitive things at the GLAAD Awards and shouted down at those in the community who tried to speak against it but now everyone is dragging Harry. That shit is not right and YEAH I’M GOING TO COMPARE THE SITUATIONS BECAUSE IN ONE, THE WHITE FAVE GETS A PASS AND IN THE OTHER THE POC GETS POUNDED.


“Strength doesn’t come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will”
Amazing body painting by @laolunyc. Muse is the beautiful @ihartericka. 📷: @thecannon5 ❤️❤️❤️
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