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Shipping Lance with girls is so ick to me /:

listen up you biphobic butthead……have u? watched the show? bc lance really fucking loves girls. you can’t just? ignore how he canonically? digs girls??? and be grossed out when people ship him with girls?? that makes it really apparent that u only care about bi boys when they are in a ‘hot sexi yaoi’ relationship u can fetishize. fuck outta here!!!!!! LANCE!!!! LOVES!!! GIRLS!!!!!!

So let me tell you how i found out about joji/frank.

I found about filthy frank around November 2016 during a mental breakdown in my room. The breake down was one of my worst breakdowns in a long time (at that time) and I thought I would hurt myself that night. Anyway, it was a horible moment. I desided to hurt myself and well… that part gets messy. After I was done, I decided to listen to some music to try and numb myself. I listened to pretty much every depresing song you can imagine until the youtube recombination showed a song called “kill yourself- pink guy”. It was the lyric video by a small channel. I clicked on it and it didn’t make me sad and emotional like the other songs, it was the first I had smiled that entire week. Anyway, after that I started listening to some more of this “pink guy” until I stumbled upon filthy frank and eventually joji. I don’t want to go over board and say that george miller saved my life, my friends and family did. But holy shit am I greatfull I had that breakdown, he did make me laugh when no one could .I hope you bitch asses have a lovely day.

The older I get, the more I realize how amazing Harry Potter is.

Parents killed before he could even form comprehensive thoughts, abused by awful relatives, forced to bear the burden of the wizarding world before he even hit puberty, losing loved ones, having the entire magical world make him out to be deranged and crazy, pursuing a hunt for evil magical objects, barely surviving by the skin of his teeth yet still walking head first to meet death.

I can barely get through breakfast without falling apart.

Three! Weeks! In!

Welcome to the third week of our Mental Health Month prompts. We just finished up a week of posting it for each other. This week? We’re posting it for reflection. We want to give you the opportunity to look back on your personal experiences with mental health: the struggles you have overcome, or something you’re dealing with right now. We’re all a work in progress, and that’s okay. You can follow through however you please, including using some of our prompts below. Just don’t forget to tag it with #postitforward so other people can easily find it:

  • Make a post sharing your personal experiences with mental health. It can be a GIF, a text post, a video—whatever feels right to you.
  • Share a list of things you know now that you wish you knew then.
  • Here’s a thank you card. Reblog to thank yourself for being so strong, or reblog and tag someone who might have helped you through something.
  • Post a quote that helps you get through tough times.
  • Create a chat post conversation between you and your younger self.
  • Make a video talking about something you overcame.
  • Share a song that’s important to you, and tell your followers why.

We can’t wait to see these posts start rolling through our dashboards.

A small text addendum: We have some special Answer Times coming up that are centered around Mental Health Month. On the docket this week:

When you begin to feel negative feelings bubbling up to the surface, be mindful of them, for they will not change anything but your own thoughts and wellbeing. Ask yourself; are they worth the extra energy? Do you even deserve to feel such negative emotions? No, you don’t. So try not to let them drag you backwards.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin