for stellaaa


A quick drabble I made for the ever so lovely @corporalmizuki 💜 but then I realized this also fits the prompt for platonic day hosted by @ererievents! Stellaaa, hope you like this non edited mess ;v; 💞


Eren’s favorite color was orange. To him, it was a happy color, more so than yellow, and it was simple and sweet. It was also his mother’s favorite color, so the house was usually surrounded in orange things. They had orange daisies out front and tangerines in a basket at home. The sunset was orange, and it was beautiful, just like his mother was. Another orange thing he loved was cantaloupe, which he would go on to describe as, “the best melon ever”.

Eren had always enjoyed the simple sweetness that cantaloupe contained. It was his favorite kind of fruit to indulge in, especially on warmer days. Not all soft but not terribly hard either. Between Eren and his sweet tooth, to him, it was nothing less than perfection. A little something to surely put a smile on his face.

His mother would buy it from the markets and bring it home, to then cut it up into little playful shapes for him. His father would always come up behind him and steal one off his plate, before heading off to finish his work. Mikasa didn’t like the melon, but she liked the smile it put on Eren’s face. The orange color reminded him of everything that once made him so happy, but now all he has is its sweetness and comforting remedy.

He was okay with that.

One day, he’s off grooming the horses with Sasha, brushing kinks and twigs out their manes. He almost didn’t hear his superior call his name, but he turned around to see Levi hanging in the doorway.

“Yes, sir?!”

“Eren, report to me when you’re done and have put everything away.”

Eren nodded, and watched as he passed on by. He brought himself to smile. He liked spending time with his captain, someone he never thought he could ever be close to was now someone he could call friend, and he enjoyed just the simple thought of that in his head.

He finished up quick, leading his horse back to her stall and going off to freshen up before heading for his captain’s room.

At the door he sends three brisk knocks to the wood before welcoming himself in at the sound of “It’s open”.

“I’m here!” Eren chimed, closing the door behind himself. He went over and plopped down on the couch next to Levi, who just gave him a small smile in return.

“I can see. How is your day so far?” He asked him, before getting out of his seat to retrieve something.

“Going well. I ran two more laps than usual in under my normal time!”

“Oh? That’s great.”

“Haha, yeah,” Eren smiled and watched Levi fumble with a tray that had tea and something else. He shifted slightly in his seat, “So.. how’s your day! Busy?”

“Hm? Oh, not really. Which is good.. I was able to catch up on some paper work.” Levi said as he set the tray down before Eren. He looked up to Eren with another smile, tilting his hair at the tray. “Did I get the right kind?” He asked, slapping his hands together as if he accomplished something, before sitting back down next to Eren.

Eren stared confused at the other before looking at the tray. There’s the usual tea, kettle and porcelain cup set, but there’s also a small bowl of diced up fruit and a fork. Diced up cantaloupe.


“You said you liked the orange one, no?”

“I do! I.. thank you..” Eren picked up the fork and poked at one of the cubes, before stuffing it into his mouth. He bite into it slowly, the sweet juices filled his mouth, heat swirled all up in his cheeks. As he munched, a little smile on his face grew wider, until he realized he was being side eyed. He gave Levi a sheepish look, who in return shook his head from behind his teacup.

“You like it that much, huh?”

“Mmph!” Eren nodded aggressively, unable to be still in his seat as he did a little wiggle. He smiled wider as Levi huffed at him.

“Hmm… I’ll try to get it more often then.”

Eren just kept smiling.

Orange was a sweet and happy color.