for stacy! :)

..that time Beca calls Aubrey for advice on what anniversary present to get Chloe..

Staci: Beca hey!! Long time no speak!


Staci: Um yeah? Who else would it be!

Beca: Um…Aubrey? Because this is her number.

[Staci freezes, pulls the phone from her ear to inspect its case and realises she’s picked up the wrong phone from the coffee table in front of her]

Staci: *whispers*…shhhhhh*t!

Beca: Is Aubrey there?

Staci: Um no she…is really sick.

Beca: Really sick huh?

Staci: Uhuh.

Beca: And you flew all the way to Aubrey’s from Cannes to take care of her?

Staci: Um…sure. That’s what friends are for right?

Beca: Riiight…

Staci: Oh come on you’d do the same for Chloe!

Beca: Well yeah, but I go out with Chloe…

[Aubrey happily enters the lounge singing “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” loudly. She stops and freezes as she sees Staci’s expression.]

Beca: Staci, put Aubrey on the phone.

[Staci hands the phone to Aubrey]

Aubrey: Hello?

Beca: Aubrey Posen you dirty bird!!

Great news kids.

The first part of the Chaubrey/Steca fic is done! But I’m gonna hold off and publish it all at once. Part two is about eighty percent done.

It’ll be longer than I expected, I think. It’ll be one part focused on each of the four girls, plus one focused on Chaubrey, one on Steca and most likely a final part as an epilogue. So it went from four parts to seven. But every single part is at least half done save for the epilogue.

Also - pointing out that I’m going away for the weekend with the wife so i won’t be updating things at all. We’ll be unplugged and loving every second.