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HEY SO this is probably a weird question and I'm sorry if it is but I love to write Lance and I don't know the Spanish language very well so I usually just imply when he's speaking in Spanish. But I was wondering if there were any universal sayings/proverbs you guys have? Like if I want Lance to get philosophical in a conversation, he'll say something he's always been told all of his life, and he'd probably say it in Spanish since the meaning likely doesn't translate as well in Engilsh ;;

here’s a good list of cuban idiomatic expressions; with both what it is in spanish and what it means in english

this is a “writing spanish for non-spanish speakers” post i made a while back

and here in my FAQ i have some more links to writing spanish and info on cubans

i hope these are helpful!!!!
En la oficina - KiraH69 - James Bond (Craig movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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*screams* My fic got translated into Spanish! 

So much thanks to KiraH69 for the wonderful translation; I’m super excited to get to read my fic in a new language, and for Spanish speakers to be able to read it now!

Ahhhh, so amazing! (/.\)  

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Why u don't like Mexican people? U have Italian ppl on your fb but delete/deny request from spanish speakers (mexicans) .

i’m in the process of deleting people who i don’t know & don’t talk to from my fb regardless of what language they speak because i want ONE online space that’s a lil more personal without thousands of followers/friends. i’ve gone from 3k people to under 1k and am still deleting so please don’t try to guilt trip me for it or act like i’m hateful.

it has nothing to do with mexican people, i have mexican friends on fb who i talk to regularly. i don’t dislike mexican people at all and tbh i’m irritated that you’re even suggesting such a shitty thing. 

I am literally in love with the fact I get to see how my little cousins interact even with a language barrier. On my mom’s side, I have a 3 year old little cousin who only speaks French, and on my dad’s side I have a 2 year old cousin who only speaks Spanish. When they play together it is so funny to see them blabber on and on to each other until one of them hears a word that sounds familiar and then they just repeat that word and nod like they’re totally connecting. Like today the one that speaks Spanish said “Venga a poner los pantalones en la muneca!” and the other heard “pantalones” and was just like “Oui, pantalon!” They’re best friends and it’s the cutest and funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

Okay, Okay. I like the Gabriel Reyes who eats hispanic food, who curses and throws shade in Spanish, celebrates/ sticks to traditions and what not. But I’ll raise you super(and maybe a bit racist?) Hispanic Gabe for...

A Gabe who is torn between two cultures. 

A Gabe who is a first generation Mexican(or whatever you headcanon him as)-American. A Gabe who can understand most Spanish but fails to communicate in it. A Gabe who’s first language is English because his parents wanted him to have more oppertunities in school and not be made fun of for struggling to speak or for having an accent. A Gabe who is shunned by Spanish-Speakers for not being able to speak it fluently. A Gabe who is called a Pocho constantly. A Gabe who knows more about American Holidays than Hispanic ones because it’s what his school and the Media taught him. A Gabe who felt insecure about his Hispanic heritage. A Gabe who tries to learn more about his heritage and language. A Gabe who gets shit on so bad for making a mistake on either of those things. A Gabe who looks Hispanic but is more American because he assimilated too well. 

A Gabe who didn’t fit in either category. A Gabe who grew up in LA never fitting in with his own kind and looking like a poser among the whites. A Gabe who tried to learn Spanish in High School only to be made fun of. A Gabe who was poor but couldn’t fucking relate to anybody. A Gabe who was judged by white people for how he looked and by Hispanics for how he acted. A Gabe constatly called ‘white washed’. A Gabe who floundered between both cultures with no solid footing in either. A Gabe who couldn’t relate.

A Gabe who never felt good enough. 

A Gabe who felt like an inferior Hispanic and a wannabe White. 

A Gabe who didn’t feel like he wasn’t fully one or the other.

A Gabe who felt…like he was nothing.

Yeah, yeah, it’s fun to think of him as being fully Hispanic in culture. I see comics and stories with ‘la chancla, tortillas, pendejo,’ etc. But…fuck do you know how fitting it is for Gabe to be a ‘Pocho’?

He doesn’t have any spanish lines and he grew up in LA. His parents probably wanted their boy to be more ‘American’ because they themselves struggled to fit in to the country because of the language barrier and cultural barrier. They thought they were doing Gabe a favor by making him more ‘American’. But in the end they did more harm than good. And that left him feeling horrible and conflicted his whole life.

And I know some of you are like ‘Well you’re just trying to white wash him!’ But that’s not the point. I was the same. I grew up in an American Culture but with a Mexican apperance. It sucks being stuck between two cultures. It really fucking dose and the idea of having Gabriel Reyes, aka Reaper, going through the same shit I did is really comforting. 

I’m not saying you should adopt this HC, I know not everyone is like this. But a lot of people are and I think it’s important to point out that someone can be Hispanic without being full on stereotypical. It takes away a lot of depth from a person and charachter, y’know?

the au where foggy nelson goes to harvard law instead and moves back to the city after graduation, whereupon he accidentally becomes the best friend of an honest-to-god masked vigilante who doesn’t even bother to inform his new bff of theoretically important friend facts like his face or name

meanwhile his professional life is going great except the case he’s working on now features one smug asshole as attorney for the defense and foggy doesn’t have time for matt murdock and the smug little smirk he wears whenever foggy says anything, there’s a crime syndicate to thwart and a fledgling superhero who is actually kind of a cool guy to hang out on roofs with and kidnappers tracking down the devil’s only known associate to evade; foggy nelson’s life is complicated enough without throwing attractive blind professional rivals whose guts he hates into the mix

a latina's opinion on the term "latinx"

(idk if i am signed in to my account but anon pls anyways)
sorry this is so long
what really annoys me is when people who don’t know that much about the actual Spanish-language talk about what Latinx means because in reality there are many words in Spanish that when used in their plural form they are exactly the same as the plural male form. I don’t know if you understand what I mean because if you don’t study Spanish that would be pretty hard but let’s use for example “Niño”. niño means boy. “Niña” means girl but when you talk about children you use “Niños” and it is a non-gendered term and it can apply to a group of girls a group of boys or even a group of girls and boys maybe even a group of female aliens as long as there’s more than one children. it has a male articles when you use it which is “los”. now, the fact that this is a male article does not mean that the things it describes are male and this is what happens with latinos. it includes everyone already: people who are non-conforming, Women, men, trans people… everyone! it doesn’t make a distinction it’s just people and you use a specific gender article because when you use for example an adjective it needs to have agree with the gender of the subject. if you want to describe something you need to use an adjective with a specific gender that agrees with the one given to the noun. this sounds so weird but for example Latino has a male article so if I want to say Latinos are beautiful I could use the Spanish word “bellos” which means which can also be used as “bellas” if you are talking about a female subject. in this case you will use “bellos” but that doesnt mean it has a specific gender!! they assign genders to pencils (“el lapiz” the pencil(male)) and chairs (“la silla” the chair (female)) and maybe Tumblr doesn’t like it but those are the rules with this language and I love it just the way it is it is so beautiful and I am so happy that it is my first language and you shouldn’t change it just to be PC. like if that term makes u feel good use it for urself but don’t make me use it.

A little linguistics lesson.

For Indo-European languages, everything is set up in one giant family tree. For the Romance branch, Latin (Rome) is the “mama” and the following languages are his “daughters”, which makes them “sisters”. There are more “sisters” (Italian being the closest to Latin) but these are the 5 we know and love.

Ask anyone who speaks/reads any of these languages! A Spanish speaker can “read” Italian, French and Portuguese, huh? It is thought that they are different dialects of Latin that became their very own languages!

So, I’m starting to promote a new training that I’m teaching on how to improve your Spanish vocabulary.

After the election, I was wondering how a Trump presidency would affect my small online business.

Well, I got an answer today.

I suggested to this guy that if he respects English so much, he should probably also respect the spelling and punctuation rules of the English language.

This email made me laugh, but that’s a privilege I have. I can defend myself in my native tongue against him with eloquence, confidence, and linguistic peace of mind.

I speak a dialect of English with an accent that is standard and that sounds “educated,” but since I know what it’s like to confront people in a foreign language, I fear for the next non-native English speaker that this guy comes across.

I will always defend my Latinx brothers and sisters, and I will always defend those who come to our country without knowing English.

Being a Standard American English native speaker is a privilege. Don’t forget it.

When to use “si no” and “sino” in Spanish

“si no” and “sino” can be a nightmare if you’re learning Spanish. Actually, native speakers make this mistake quite often (when writing). Here you have some rules so you know when to use each:

  • SI NO

These are actually two words, si (if) and no (no/not). So basically you want to use si no for conditional clauses. For example:

[Si no terminas tus deberes], no podrás ir al cine.

[If you don’t finish your homework], you won’t be able to go to the cinema.

You can also change the order: No podrás ir al cine si no terminas tus deberes.

  • SINO (adversative/contrastive conjuction)

(Remember that el sino is something completely different! It means fate)

Here we have different uses:

  1. For introducing an affirmation that is the complete opposite of something you’ve already denied in the sentence. ie: “No he sido yo, sino mi hermano” (It wasn’t me, but my brother)
  2. “Not only” (no solo/no solamente). In this structure you’ll add a “que también” after “sino”. You’re basically adding something to what has previously been said. Example: “Juan no solo es muy trabajador, sino que también buen padre” (Juan isn’t only hard-working, but also a good father)
  3. Sino can introduce an exception of what you’ve just denied, too. Example: “Mis arrugas no prueban nada, sino que soy muy viejo” (My wrinkles don’t prove anything, except that I’m really old)

TIP: If you’re about to write a sentence and you don’t know if you should use sino or si no, try to change the order of the sentence. Remember that SI NO introduces a clause, and SINO doesn’t. If you can change the order, then you must use SI NO. If you can’t, then use SINO. ¡Suerte!

HELLO JIKOOK SHIPPERS!!!!! i am here to announce that’s jimin sounds so fucking cute speaking spanish (coming from a fluent spanish speaker) I WAS LIVING FOR THIS, and as we can see jungkookie was too (; i just love how every time jimin is in the spot light jk has complete heart eyes for him so let’s just appreciate this bc it’s so FUCKING BEAUTIFUL, i love these too so much, i ship them so hard. i’ve been waiting for another moment and thank you GOD for blessing me with one 💓 cr: kookmin9795

The epic tale of the potato offering and the winter war.

Ok, fam. Gather round for story time.

So, you know how youtube is the land of reposting comics and dubs and videos and such? Well, turns out my dear friend and totally cutie-patootie @wintermoth’s video got stolen by someone. I know you folks might be like (ง •̀_•́)ง(ง •̀_•́)ง(ง •̀_•́)ง !!! but don’t worry, that issue has been dealt with already.

ahem. - THE THING IS

This reposter also happened to upload a comic by @portentous-offerings. SO obviously - as one can imagine - Wintermoth and Portentous filed a copyright claim and the mighty power that is the Youtube Law fell upon her channel and painted her land with two strikes… this set things up for the thief to make a video-rant in spanish (cuz she a spanish speaker) about how the system was unfair and how youtube took her videos, and well, thing is we spanish speakers have trouble with pronunciation, mostly because english has like 17 vowel sounds more than we do and it’s confusing replicating them and such…just, english is weird. But well, moving on. The thief asked her brethen to find the so called Wintermoth and “Potato-offering” so they could take the claim down and bring peace to the land of thieves.  

They found wintermoth’s channel very fast, and all the white knights began commenting and so on, but well, obviously they never found the elusive “Potato-offering”  

But can you all please, take a moment to imagine like, this middle ages small army of YT dudes, with their white horses and shiny armor, and their little banner flags with the symbol of their yt leader all ready to go into the horizon to fight while yelling for “Potato” to appear… All the while Portentous watches them while leaning on the wall of the castle while eating chips or something and laughing at them yell to someone that doesn’t even exist?

I suck at writing, so please have this hastily drawn visual of what I imagined while all this was going down and think about it like with Lord of the Rings vfx or something:

Linguistic Intimidations...

Today I had an educational experience that I’ve never had before: my entire class this morning was in Spanish.

It was a class on religion and politics in Latin America where it just so happened everyone in the room was a Spanish speaker. So the Professor asks if we could hold our discussion in Spanish. Everyone is cool with it (and I’m, admittedly, thrilled because this has never happened before for me). As folks talk, though, I realize I’m the only Spanish speaker in the class from the United States. That is, there are folks from Puerto Rico, Argentina, Mexico, Spain and I’m the only one who grew up here. And I must admit, I was a intimidated for a good while and it took me a few minutes to jump into the conversation.

I wasn’t intimidated because I wasn’t fluent in Spanish (I am), nor because Spanish isn’t my first language (it is), nor because I wasn’t understanding my colleagues (I did), but because I was worried about my accent. My Spanish is unique. It’s grounded in Puerto Rico, forged in the Diaspora, and influenced by Central America (especially Guatemala, El Salvador, and to a lesser extent Honduras). It’s a blend of saying “coño,” making “r” sounds into “l’s,” dropping letters, using “vos,” adding “eis,” and indicating a question by saying “va” at the end. Meanwhile I’m hearing colleagues speak “pure” Spanish from their respective lands and I start doubting myself.

Will my Spanish be understood? Would it be accepted? And why do I think their’s is “pure” and mine is not? In short, why am I intimidated to speak the language my mother and father taught me?

Then I began realizing my own experiences with being bilingual in the United States. When I was growing up (and still today) some Puerto Ricans and Latin Americans would make fun of my Spanish as “too Gringo” (interestingly, some who learned Spanish in Latin America would say my Spanish is “too Puerto Rican,” which meant too influenced by English, which meant “not good Spanish”). Simultaneously, English speakers would make fun of things like my name or pronunciation of certain words or my parent’s accents because they were too “Spanish.” So this linguistic space formed around me where I (supposedly) wasn’t fully Spanish speaking or fully English speaking. This “ni de aqui, ni de aya” makes it intimidating to enter spaces where your speaking is what defines your participation.

In this particular instance I got over it and just jumped in with a “whatever” kind of attitude, if they understand me they understand me and if not I’ll write it down! And I’m glad I did because it was powerful to hold a class in the language I feel most emotionally connected to (I feel more intellectually connected to English). Nonetheless, it was an interesting couple of minutes of feeling intimidated and needing to figure out why before jumping in.

Language has power in how we are shaped as people and communities. It can be a source of liberation or marginalization, colonization or freedom. In this way language can be an imperial force, one used to intimidate folk or make them feel less than in order to maintain power. It’s what caused some indigenous languages to be wiped out, what empowers nativism and xenophobia, and what can cause students to remain silent for years in and out of classrooms. Yet language can also be a site of empowerment, of pushing back, or refusing to submit to supremacy. Indeed, language has power, perhaps more than we realize…..

History Maker (in Spanish)

Bueno, mi lengua materna es el Español y soy fan de Yuri!!! on Ice entonces pensé que seria una buena idea traducir la cansion History Maker de Dean Fujioka. la traduccion se puede canatar con el instrumental original de la cansion. siento que sea raro al principio pero trate. (no me odien)

so, I’m a native Spanish speaker. A little idea popped in my head and I thought “why not translate the son in a way that it actually goes with the instrumental” and here I am. I translated the song History Maker by Dean Fujioka. (don’t hate me)

Sientes mi, corazón?

Cansado de sentirse impotente

cierro mis ojos y  digo mis sueños se haran realidad

No habrá oscuridad

Si en ti mismo crees, tu eres imparable

Tu destino está, bailando en los patines

Encendiste mi corazón

No nos pares, llego el momento

Nacimos para hacer historia

Lo haremos pasar, lo voltearemos

Si, nacimos para hacer historia

Sientes mi corazón?

Siento que no es tan tarde

Cierro mis ojos y veo que mis sueños cumplidos estan

No habrá oscuridad

Si en ti mismo crees, tu eres imparable

Tu destino está, bailando en los patines

Encendiste mi corazón

No nos pares, llego el momento

Nacimos para hacer historia

Lo haremos pasar, lo voltearemos

nacimos para hacer historia