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Fic Recs: McCree/Hanzo

I was asked to do some Fic Recs today for a few pairings, though the only ones I’m really into enough to have read a lot of are McHanzo, McReyes, and McGenji (Sorry for the lack of R76 and Shimadacest - I have no beef with either, but they aren’t really ships I get overly excited for) so here’s the McHanzo Edition.

I’m just reccing a few of my favs off the top of my head for now, but I’m certain there’s some amazing ones I’ve either forgotten or haven’t read yet, so feel free to suggest me some if you want :) 

Also if you enjoy any of these fics PLEASE leave a comment on the author’s work! Even something small is great and it would probably make someone’s new year look really promising to start it off with some nice feedback, don’t you think? 

  • Popcorn Redemption  by Wyntera (No Rating) - They say life isn’t like the movies.Well, partner, they ain’t never worked for Overwatch.

This fic is set during the recall and is super slowburn, but damn it does it well. Their movie dates are too good, I love it!

  • Here There Be Dragons by FrostyaurusRekt (Explicit) - He lounges in his chair, legs splayed almost obscenely. “Y’know, my ma used to read me stories at night. ‘Bout great adventurers led astray by a villain. ‘Don’t stray off the edge, here there be dragons.’ I reckon that’s usually where the best treasures were found.” A roll of eyes and a scoff are his prize for his little ramble. “Don’t be ridiculous.”

An AU where (not brainwashed) McCree works for Talon. This one is SO GOOD. It messes me up emotionally every time. Like, no lie I really did get close to tears at one point. If you like seeing McCree getting hurt (then comforted) this’ll be up your alley.

  • To Build a Home by Qnyan (Series - Mature) - A story that follows the relationship between Jesse McCree and Hanzo Shimada, beginning during their early years and retelling the trials and tribulations that follow.

This is hands down one of my favourite McHanzo series I’ve read. It follows the idea of young Deadlock Jesse meeting young Heir Hanzo, a trope I am an absolute sucker for. Also, the relationships Jesse forms with Reyes, Ana, and Genji are so satisfying to read about, I am in love with this ‘verse, seriously.

  • Harmony by Winterwhite (Mature) - AU: Hanzo and Genji are both disowned thanks to The Dragon Incident through much of the castle. They go to Blackwatch. They meet Jesse. Featuring Dad!Reyes and many small difficulties.

Winterwhite is such a fantastic writer, this one is an absolute gem. I adore the idea of a young Hanzo being not smooth at all in his crush on young Jesse, and the humor here is so deadpan and perfect, I love it.

  • Look Up and Wonder by MarieJacquelyn (Explicit) - Jesse McCree gets a job offer to rescue one H. Shimada from his own family at 3:23 AM. He accepts it at 3:54 AM. It does not go according to plan. (An Overwatch/Firefly AU)

I will just come out and say it: I thought Firefly was just an ‘okay’ show. So I held off on this one at first, but I was a fool, this fic is incredible. Seriously this is written so wonderfully, and every chapter has me dying to know what’s going to happen next. Sombra as the ship AI is fantastic as well.

  • Scoundrels and Thieves by Vaguely_Concerned (Series, ranges from General to Mature) - Canon AU where the Shimada family and the Deadlock gang used to do business, Hanzo and McCree had a thing… and then McCree gets the ‘offer’ from Overwatch.

Yet another ‘meet when they’re young’ fic, but listen. Listen. I’m weak for that. And this series needs so much more love, don’t pass it over just because the majority of it is rated G and T. It’s so sweet, and can heartbreaking at times, and I just love how every work is a different point in their lives.

  • Striptease by Ruriska (Explicit) - Contains: a birthday party, a grumpy lawyer, his cheerful brother, an accidental striptease and probably some sort of romance… eventually.

McCree getting mistaken for a cowboy themed stripper is never not going to be funny to me. This story goes from hilarious to dramatic so fast and I LOVE it. Ruriska is a treasure, for real.

  • Sleeper by VioletWreck (Mature) - The best and worst thing about the Respawn function is the fact that it can be used an infinite amount of times.

Everything Violet writes is fantastic, I want to rec her entire AO3 page, honestly. The general idea here is that Reaper is killing McCree a little too often, and Hanzo steps up to watch his back. This one really drew me in because while it features past McReyes, the present is McHanzo and the comparisons in the relationships are really wonderful.

OK so that’s just a few, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! There’s so much more I want to rec, but I don’t want to make this post a mile long, so if you want to some more, my AO3 is Nox_Wicked and my bookmarks list is full of stuff from the OW fandom I think is pretty nifty :0) 

Ya’ll I just realized something funny about 3 of my fav ships.

Tales From the Borderlands Episode 2:

Miraculous Ladybug i don’t remember the episode I think the gamer one:

Yuri on Ice episode 2:

What does this similarity mean though

animeloverluna35  asked:

OK! so first off i love and I mean LOVE YOUR DRAWINGS! Your style and all. Also I LOVE THAT UR DOING FRUK MY FAV SHIP! I am their daughter in roleplay actually! Anyway I know you said no smut or anything inappropriate but could you make England and France kiss and one of them really really like at the edge of fainting for something! plz i would love it soo much! Thank You!


Thoughts About McDanno

One of my fav ships. A match made on an island (probably in heaven). Two flawless creatures in a world of crime. Not bulletproof, both carry a lot of luggage with them. It wasn’t love at first sight. It was more like going toe to toe. Two stubborn mules. One tough ex-navy-seal cookie with a core made of marshmallows. A father of two, divorced, with a heart as big as his mouth. They have each other’s back, always. They have something that runs deep, a special bond that’s unique.

Friendly reminder that NO ship is “better” than the other.

Just because one character does something that another character doesn’t, that does not make their relationship with Shepard superior or more meaningful.

They all have their strengths and weaknesses. None of them are PERFECT.

All ships are valid. 

It’s not a competition.



Well that only took forever to get off my butt and do. >>; Basically I decided to beef out my commissions sheet since my first one was pretty vague af. I tried to cover all the bases, though I wouldn’t be shocked if I missed a style or category or something since it’s easy af to forget some of the stuff I do sometimes. xD

AIGHT, in my mission to be organised, I’m gonna limit my comms to ten slots, and I’ll update it as often as I can. I’ll keep the list limited to the characters in the pic unless ya want me to keep it hush hush. If ya want your commission piece private/kept on hold until a certain date/etc as well, srsly, just ask - I’m totally cool with it. 


1) [CB] TMNT Horror Montage (2k12)
2) [CB] Raph/OC (2k3)
3) [LF] Leo/Raph (AU)
4) [LF] Donnie/OC (2k16)

BTW, while it’s only one pic per slot, I am more than okay if ya wanna bulk-order several pics (well, y’know, if the space is available). Beyond my list of ‘lol no’s, it’s safe to say I’ll pretty much draw anything, so hit me up. ;D

A major thanks to everyone who’s commissioned me so far and a major thanks to all y’all who’re gonna commission me in the future - y’all’re the reason I ain’t gotta live off nothin’ but freakin’ grilled cheese toasties any more and my taste buds couldn’t be happier. <3

EDIT: Oh! I totally forgot - either IM me here or email me at to commission me <3


SK = Sketch | SS = Shaded Sketch | SD = Sketch Dump
LI = Line | LC = Line/Single Colour | LF = Line/Flat Colour
CE = Cell | CB = Cell/Blend
PW = Watercolour Paint | PS = Digital Paint
CO = Comic | C2 = 2-Panel Comic | C4 = 4-Panel Comic
OS = One-shot

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Genyatta - I've always loved the "student" and "master" concept, but the relationship, I think, transcends so far beyond just those titles to where they've become something magnificent (and adorable, to boot). Zenyatta has helped Genji through so much, and I like to think Genji has done the same for Zen. I love the color palettes of the two, of the mixing of the white, green, yellow and orange, they just look appealing visually. These are the main two reasons lol

Genyatta is some sweet shit, that’s definitely one of my favorite side ships

like I’m super for the intense student and master relationship/friendship for what it is, but also I’m pretty sure there’s no way to look at Zenyatta’s face and NOT want to smooch it??? 

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Snow and Charming will be attending the wedding, according to spoilers. So they must be cool with it after CS helps find a way to break the curse so they can be together. Makes sense to me. I suppose an actual arc for our ship is better than no arc at all.

Of course, Snowing’s going to come around. No one embodies forgiveness and acceptance more than them. Snow is BFFs with her father’s killer, after all. ;)

I don’t really subscribe to the “something is better than nothing” thing. If my favs are going to be featured I want their storyline to be good. I want it to mean something, advance their character development, both as individuals and as a couple. All I’m seeing is needless angst with retread “development.” 

What was the point of killing Killian, sending him to the UNDERWORLD if not to complete his redemption arc? What was the point of making Emma the Dark One and choosing love than to solidify her role as the Savior, who’s grasping her happy ending with both hands? It just feels like they’re stuck recycling manufactured drama rather than doing something fresh. It’s boring. And exhausting.

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Dude I fucking love frank/pink guy like it's one of my fav ships besides of fōhe But like the pink guy and frank fic made me nut and u killed it 😫👌🏻

This blog is equal opportunity fic so don’t be afraid to hit us up with any fohe you want 👌 speaking of which this was great practice for something else. Really gave us a feel for it 😉

We’re glad you liked it tho and hope you enjoy who we got cumming next

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I don't know if this will help, but occasionally for me, writing something quite different from what I normally do can really get my literary juices flowing. Even if it's just a new ship or a wierd AU, it gets me thinking outside the box. As I said, I don't know if it will help you, but it helps me. Just worried about one of my fav fic authors is all. :)

hfjkdshfkja first of all you can’t just drop some shit like “one of my fav fic authors” all casual and shit like that, I’m finna COMBUST (I’ve settled for cryin a lil bit THANK YOU jeez)

but I think this is a pretty good idea, actually!! Writing new shit can be super fuckin scary, and I think I’ve played it pretty safe so far (well… safe for me lmao), ESP ships bc I don’t like to do characters any kind of injustice, character-wise

Thanks for this, I’ll think on it and see what I can think up <3

It’s 1am and I’m having fun with expressions. Wayhaught was perfect for this one. Just a sketch ‘cus I didn’t post anything lately. And! I’m going to do drawing challenge in September, I’m going to draw something every day! (Mostly my fav characters/ships also little comics and eventually sketches) 

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(i know we're talking but I NEEDED SOMETHING TO DISTRACT ME FROM THE HOT SALSA IN THE BILLION CUTS I HAVE ON MY HANDS) hi i'm gail also known as tunte. i'm a human disaster. my favorite color is black. and also dark bloody red. my favorite ship is stucky and also rebelcaptain. my fav icecream flavor is peanut butter cup by ben&jerry. i'm eating some right now. i don't have a dog but my cat is behaving like one soooo...

I’M SO SORRY ABOUT YOUR HANDS THAT’S THE F*ING WORST.  I hate this time of year b/c my skin gets stupidly dry in the cold, no matter what I do, and when I’m in the hospital I have to use hand sanitizer at least 50 times a day which I don’t necessarily think makes my problem any worse, but omfg it stings like hell.


I think our favorite colors are the same, and omg chocolate and peanut butter is the best combination in the world.  And cats that act like dogs absolutely count as far as I’m concerned, and I’m crazy biased towards dogs.


Would you guys be into reading my webcomic….?


So, yeah, no one asked for this, but i wanted to do one. It just has to two pairings that are from 2 different fandoms: FAIRY TAIL [NALU] and HAIKYUU!! [DAISUGA and now IWAOI] maybe it’s bc they are my otps for life or idk ∩(︶▽︶)∩




Texting Fire (Personal Fav✿)
    Status: Complete
    N. of chapters: 34
    Rated: T
“What started as a prank text to a stranger soon turns into something      more”

SO THIS IS PROBABLY ONE OF MY FAV FICS OF ALL TIME?? It’s so cute and i don’t know i mean, just read it oh my god. How they met was just beautiful, like he is so sweet and THE END JUST FUCK ME.

Virtual Flames
    Status: Ongoing
    N. of chapters: 86 + One shot
    Rated: T/M (One Shot)
“A blossoming internet (Tumblr) friendship soon develops into something more”

You know a fic is good when there’s this quantity of chapteres, i’m so proud of Chrissy for doing this and just making us feel so happy readin it. Also, it’s just make me melt the way you can fall in love on Tumblr i swear.

Tattoos of the Soul
    Status: Complete
    N. Of Chapters: 2
    Rated: T
“soulmate AU, in which Lucy desperately awaits for the day she will the encounter the boy who has the same tattoo as her, but little does she know that boy was have been in front of her the entire time”.

This is the funniest shit ever, like if it happens i would probably cry and kill my soulmate but also like it’s my fucking crush i would be like fuck yes this is what i deserve for failing this class.

The Soul’s Inferno
      Status: Ongoing
      N. of chapters: 14
      Rated: T
“The summer before her first year at university, Lucy Heartfilia never imagined she would find her soul mate and she certainly didn’t imagine he would already be dead. Ghost AU”

I’m always down for supernatural shit and this is the best ghost au i’ve read. You know i’m trash for the Ghost Whisperer and this is kinda like that and i cry.

↳ All of the above are by the amazing @missyplatina

Smoke and Peaches by @toxineena
      Status: Complete
      Nº Of Chapters: 1
      Rated: M
“It was Lucy’s favorite scent. Why? Because the first time they made love, it was all she could smell when she fell asleep in his arms…”


Deal With The Devil
    Status: Complete
    N. of chapters: 25
    Rated: T
“He feels, looks, and sounds like a human. But the truth is, he isn’t.”

Lmao one time i read a similar fic but with Harry Styles and you know what, even tho that fic changed my life, this one here is even better, so you better read it.

Living With Him
    Status: Complete
    N. of chapters: 35
    Rated: T
“Lucy Heartfilia is moving into her new apartment to live alone for the first time. She’s ready to live her independent life, but why is there a pink-haired boy claiming that it’s his apartment, too?”

Just, i, i can’t this is perfect and hurts bc of the perfection.

↳ All of them by @amehanaaa

We Are Young by koa-chan
    Status: Complete
    N. of chapters: 23
    Rated: T
“AU. They’re teenagers, they’re young and they can worry about love and life”

You know i actually screamed when this ended i love it so much.

Gym Class by @shirookita
    Status: Complete
    N. of chapters: 1
    Rated: M
“Lucy’s bad day becomes one of the best when her hot personal trainer gives her… very personal training.”


Tails&Talons by @snogfairy (Personal Fav 2 ✿)
    Status: Complete
    N. of chapters: 23
    Rated: T
“The dark and gloomy shop next door hired a new employee. One that makes Lucy’s knees buckle and her head spin - and almost forget about her flower duties - and the fairies. But he is here to remind her of the magic in everyday life.”

Natsu with tattoos. NATSU. WITH. TATTOOS. And lucy being an actual fairy sourrounded by flowers y’know. 

Letters From War (Personal Fav 3 ✿) by @smile-lifegoeson
    Status: Complete
    N. of chapters: 3
    Rated: T
“AU. Lucy writes letters to a soilder fighting in Alvarez. She never thought she’d fall in love with a man miles away who she never once met.”


☆ Haikyuu! [Daisuga/Iwaoi]

You’d fit my lonely arms so perfectly (Personal Fav ✿) by boxofwonder
    Status: Complete
    N. of chapters: 6
    Rated: T
“Oh. You’re. Not Asahi.”
Calmed down enough that he can speak again, Daichi takes a deep breath, his smile settling on his face easily and wide.
“Not as far as I know, no.”

Suga accidentally calls a stranger instead of his best friend, tells him all about his burned batch of cookies before realising, and that particular mistake might turn out the best one he ever made.“

Princess and Buttercup are too cute for this world and Suga calling a stranger and being so cool about it i swear this fic will be one of your favs. I am in love i swe a r.

I love you by sugacookie
    Status: Complete
    N. of chapters: 1
    Rated: T
“Daichi and Suga were sleeping shirtless in the same bed. So what? It’s not like that hadn’t happened before. They had sleepovers all the time, and often chatted as they changed after practice. It was nothing new, so Suga shouldn’t be acting this way, but he couldn’t help it.”

This gave me chills. And i want this to happen to me bc is so lovely.

Tanaka Ryuunosuke: Matchmaker Extraordinare (Daisuga Edition) by whatisitkirschtein
    Status: Complete
    N. of chapters: 1
    Rated: T
“Tanaka is tired of his stupid captains being stupid about their stupid feelings.”


I’m in a Love/Hate Relationship With Autumn Right Now by @ryuutora
    Status: Complete
    N. of chapters: 1
    Rated: T
“They meet in the spring.
Daichi falls in love in winter.
He confesses in the summer.
He’s a nervous wreck in autumn.”

yOU KNOW WHEN YOU JUST WANT TO CRY? Well this is the feeling i had reading this fic.

Darling, so it goes by @inquisitories
    Status: Complete
    N. of chapters: 1
    Rated: M
“In retrospect, letting Tanaka and Noya suggest the “training camp final       bonding experience”—expression theirs—was probably a bad idea.”

*Claps slowly for Tanaka and Noya*

   Status: Complete
   N. of chapters: 20
   Rated: M
“Struggling single dad Daichi is at his wits end as he moves his sons Nishinoya and Hinata to yet another day care after a string of incidents. Hoping this time will be different, he is surprised and pleased to meet other single father Suga and his two sons Asahi and Kageyama. Together the couple seek to create a loving, supportive home for their sons throughout any trial.”

Kid AU, I’ve read a lot (and i mean A LOT) of fanfics, but this one right here had me since the very first chapter and at this point i think i’ve read it 6 times since the first time (two days ago) and i can say, without a doubt, that this is my fav fic EVER, And i think i’m going to print it and keep it forever with me.(AND I’M DEAD SERIOUS)

 The perfect stranger by @downmoon (Personal Fav 3 ✿)
    Status: Complete
    N. of chapters: 3
    Rated: M
“There’s a man standing outside Suga’s door.
Scratch that. Start over.
There’s a man he doesn’t know standing outside his door, holding his sleeping nephew in one arm, with another kid clinging tightly to his free hand.”

OKAY SO ANOTHER KID AU. I’ve become trash for this kind of fics idk. It’s lovely and Dadchi is the best bc o m g. And Suga being a hot uncle, i swe a r.

Fake Wedding March by @alisahhaiba (Personal Fav 4 ✿)
   Status: Complete
   N. of chapters: 13
   Rated: M
“Minutes before Daichi is going to introduce his fiance to his parents, he gets dumped via text. So while he sits in front of his parents, trying to figure out what to say, an angel appears next to him.or: Suga pretends to be Daichi’s fiance to save his ass.”

Just. Oh my god there’s nothing wrong with this fic i sw a e r. Also Suga with anxiety made me feel identificated with this fic and cry my eyes out and yes, just yes.

The Stars in Summer  by @ellessey-writes (Personal Fav 5 ✿)
   Status: Complete
   N. of chapters: 4
   Rated: M
“The summer before his senior year of high school, Suga is grounded, stuck in a small town he doesn’t know, with no friends, no plans for the break, and no end in sight. Then, as luck would have it, he meets Daichi.Suddenly, it’s a big town, and an even bigger world, with the open sky up above—and someone for Suga to reach out and touch it with, before the long train ride back home.”

THIS IS BEAUTIFUL, TANAKA AS A KID AND DADCHI AND SUGAMAMA, I JUST WANT TO CRY AND DRINK LEMONADE WITH SALT. Read this if you really REALLY want to cry. (I’m crying while i write this bc i read it again and just u g h it’s perfect.)

Under Arrest (Personal Fav 6 ✿) by @keigoatobe007
  Status: Complete
  N. of chapters: 1
  Rated: M
“It’s halloweenand they’ve already hit the neighborhood with the team dressed in various costumes. Now Daichi is in Suga’s house for some after hours trick-or-treating with his boyfriend. Handcuffs used - Suga’s idea. Lovemaking with dashes of fluff”

OKAY SO I’M NOT THAT USED TO THIS KIND OF FICS (how can i lie this much omg Cat y the fuck u lyin y u always lyin mmmh oh my god stop fucking lyin) AND HELL YES HALLOWEEN SEX, i don’t know why i love when ppl make Suga be a demon dressed as an angel. 

To my advantage  by shuppet44
  Status: Complete
  N. of chapters: 1
  Rated: M
“Daichi and Suga make the most of their alone time”



To be first, to be best by kittebasu (Personal Fav 7 ✿)
  Status: Complete
  N. of chapters: 1
  Rated: T
“Hajime is apparently something of a masochist, and as he stares down at the tie-dyed AREA51 T-shirt in his hands, he thinks “I’m totally in love with this asshole, aren’t I?””

THIS. IS. JUST. BEAUTIFUL. I’m so in love with this fic and how thinks develope and this is just beautiful fuck me.

Together, that’s how it must be by @makotosenpais
  Status: Complete
  N. of chapters: 1
  Rated: T
“Iwaizumi doesn’t say anything, he just peppers light kisses unto Oikawa’s jawline and neck.“You guys are so disgusting, it’s inspiring.” Hanamaki comments, watching the scene play. Or Iwaizumi visits Oikawa during the summer break, and Tooru’s neighbors are forced to deal with all the public displays of affection that ensue.”

I CAN’T SEE ME LOVING NOBODY BUT YOU FOR ALL MY LIFE. Iwa-chan visiting his boyfriend and Oikawa being a baby.

i think one of my fav things about Nejiten is how even though not a ton of people shipped them a ton of people always lowkey thought they were a thing. like “oh, neji and tenten? they’re together right/there’s something going on between them right” 

and you’re always vigorously nodding like  yes yep yep you got it stranger you nailed it