for someone living in a dangerous area

Ok, I’ll attempt to put at least this idea into words.

Battery City is (unofficially) sectioned off into four distinct areas.

1) The Inner City/“City Proper”

2) The Lobby

3) The Outskirts

4) The Underground

The Inner City is what everyone thinks of when someone mentions the city. All pristine and controlled by BLI. The people who live here usually have no idea about what’s really going on outside of the city. It’s basically it’s own bubble and BLI wants to keep it that way.

Everyone thinks that The Lobby is the slum of the city, but that’s not exactly true. It is a slum, yes, but it’s completely artificial. BLI created it as it is and BLI still has complete control over it - only they’re a lot more discrete about it. It’s used as an outlet for BLI’s shadier work and dealings. It’s mostly only inhabited by Droids and the occasional kid from the Inner City who thinks they’re hot shit for running around in there. (Spoiler Alert: they aren’t.)

The Outskirts are the actual slums. It’s where people end up when they’re out of luck or are trying to escape. Whether they’re escaping from the City Proper, or escaping from the desert doesn’t matter. They all end up here. There’s very little access to much of any of the benefits that come with living in the Inner City. (running water, food, education, etc.) There are certain programs in place to keep conditions barley livable, but even then it doesn’t reach everyone. Drac patrols are much more frequent than they are in the Inner City, because it’s the people in the Outskirts that start shit. Besides that, BLI tries to pretend it doesn’t exist. It’s an embarrassment. A blemish on their Better Tomorrow.

The Underground is the realm of the juvie halls. It’s spread out across the city’s various subways systems and tunnels. Much of them existed long before the city did and BLI is unaware of how vast they are. The Underground is split into multiple factions - the two most prominent being the people who activily fight BLI from the inside and the people who trade with the desert. The traders smuggle items in and out - many help distribute food and clothing and such to the people living in the Outskirts. They also smuggle people out of the city and into the desert and vice versa.

Of course, this is just a really broad overview. Within each district, there are subdivisions. (Except for the Lobby, which is too small and controlled to be considered anything other than itself.)

Hi I’m a trans woman and I desperately need to move out of north carolina. I want to go to Washington but I’m not sure which city to pick. I’m considering olympia. I’m having trouble w the trans and antifascist networking I’d need to find people to live with and stuff.

Could someone who lives/lived in the area and knows the scene help me out? Please I’m in a lot of danger doing basic things in NC and I want to move somewhere with community and not die

I live in extremes,
There is no in between,
I don’t understand grey areas,
I live in hysteria,
Emotional Roller Coasters,
Ejected like a Toaster,
You are my only friend,
Until I rule this friendship to an end,
Tomorrow I’ll change my mind,
A purpose in life I’m trying to find,
If you discover the source of my anger,
You’ll find yourself in danger,
So hold someone like me at arms length,
Close to my heart you’ll find its strength,
I feel more deeply than you will ever know,
Because extremes is all I can swallow.

In movies and video games, hazardous explosive materials are everywhere. Prominently-placed red barrels wait for the chance to catch an errant bullet and send some faceless bad guys to Obliteration City. (Fun fact: OC is not technically a city, but rather an incorporated suburb of Dismemberment Town.) It’s an absurd action cliche … which also happens to be entirely accurate. Our cities are stuffed to the gills with random explosives, just waiting for somebody to walk away from them in slow motion.

The EPA, which is in charge of the most dangerous materials in the country, reports that there are 12,000 chemical storage sites that could pose a danger to people living nearby. A 2012 congressional report found that a significant number of these sites are in the middle of populous areas. For nearly 2,500 of these facilities, an incident could endanger 10,000 to one million people. And a Greenpeace study found 89 sites that could pose a risk to even more than that. The point is that every time someone from The Expendables visits a new place, we’re playing Russian roulette with our lives. As to where those places are, exactly? (So that we can gently steer Bruce Willis away and point him to the nearest white-guy blues bar instead.) They can’t tell us!

5 Safety Laws You Won’t Believe Don’t Exist

as someone who grew up in the Baltimore area I have to say, 

If you are mad at Alex Gaskarth being vocal about the riots, stop. 

His home is currently being torn apart my violent riots.

My home is being torn apart. 

I have friends who’s lives are in danger right now because of these riots. And don’t try to tell me this is a scam the police came up with. I have a terrified best friend locked in her dorm room telling me otherwise. 

I know what happened is wrong. 

 I agree that it was wrong and awful and terrible. 

But ruining the homes of innocent people is not the way to make that clear. 

Good luck to the peaceful protesters. 

I stand behind Alex Gaskarth. 

Can we have a short talk about Tony and Natasha’s conversation in their final scene? Some people say it’s bad writing. Some people don’t understand why Natasha got upset and retaliated with a remark about Tony’s ego.

May I remind you that Natasha has lived much of her life in grey areas as a spy, deceiving people for the sake of the mission and survival, and is the last person anyone would/should trust, yet this is the same Natasha who craves possessing someone’s trust so much that she had to ask Steve Rogers if he’d trust her to save his life when he was in danger. Her entire arc in Cap 2 revolved around the issue of trust. 

So when Tony calls her a double agent, do you know what that implies? That she can’t be trusted, that she can never be trusted because that’s just who she is. And all this while she’s only been trying to keep everyone together. 

And you wonder why she’s upset.