for some they never went out of style

so the year seems to be coming to an end and i’ve seen a few people do these already so!!

For over a decade, British photographer Magnus Hastings has been shooting some of the most notorious queens and asking them one simple question: Why drag?

Adore Delano: "I started dressing up at 15 because I noticed how different my style was from the other kids. I guess my creativity went further than just different-coloured shoes and green hair. So at 15 I was competing in singing competitions as a girl… and they never knew I was a boy. It was so liberating to be something/someone else for a change.“

Bianca del Rio: "I started out in theatre. I was an actor and did costumes, wigs, and makeup; I had all the packaging to do drag. So it was just inevitable that it was going to happen. Because what does a fag do backstage? He always thinks he can do the role onstage much better than the person doing it. It evolved and then became a business for me. It is something that I am passionate about, but it comes secondary to the costumes and the artistry of it. For me, drag is a way to get away with murder. If I don’t wear a wig, I am called a hateful fag; when I wear a wig, they call me hysterical.”

Alaska Thunderfuck 5000: "Drag doesn’t make much sense: It takes up all of your time, consumes most of your money, and may subject you to some of the most extreme ridicule on the planet. But I imagine it is much like being a nun or a priest – once you get the divine (or Divine) calling, you have no choice in the matter and you belong to drag for life. Even in the case of those who have hung up the heels and sworn off the frock, the truth remains: bubbling just beneath the surface lies the eternal inner queen.“

Courtney Act: "It came to me by what seemed like an accident. The art of drag is intrinsic to who I am. The ability to create anything I want without rules is the real thing I love about drag. It’s creative, expressive, and subversive. To hold and know the power of a woman is something so amazing that I don’t think a woman could ever understand because they cannot know life without it. But not all drag is about creating the illusion of a woman, and I love that side too. Drag is about freedom of expression, performance art, and illusion. When people are caught in the act, I get to make them think and entertain them at the same time. It is so empowering to wield this act of creation. Drag has taught me that I have deliberate control over my image, and when this notion is applied to one’s whole life, it is both powerful and transformative.”

Miss Fame: "When I explain why I do drag to somebody in my family, like my grandma, I say it’s a form of art. It’s a great way for me to pull all of my experiences together within myself. As a child growing up on a farm, I remember watching television and seeing glamorous people on the screen and in the pages of magazines. I felt that I was meant for something great and wanted to shine as bright as those representations of glamour. Drag has been a great way to captivate many eyes all around the world, and now that I have the audience’s attention, I want to be inspiring to anyone who’s ever felt invisible or disregarded or abused. Being in drag gives me the chance to spread love and creativity and bravery to anyone willing to listen and especially to LGBT youth. Yes, I enjoy being glamorous and shining bright in a room full of people, but what makes it worth it is having an impact on the planet.“

Willam Belli: "Every little American boy dreams of being on a baseball card. Conversely, every little faggot dreams of being a supermodel. I never knew what I wanted to be growing up. I thought I could be a lawyer because I argued really well with people. I also thought I could be a cartoonist because I liked drawing and doing funny voices. I graduated high school at 16, moved out into the world, and started doing extra work in drag because it paid more money than doing it as a normal person. So drag for me was about survival to begin with. I kept at it because I started writing and couldn’t find anyone lewd enough to perform my material. I like to think of myself as the love child between John Belushi and Ann-Margret. Plus, I realised the only thing I ever wanted to top is the Billboard Comedy Chart (and I did). Also, I really like shiny stuff.”

“You seem awfully happy t’is mornin’.” Niall cleared his throat, taking a sip of his tea before raising a brow at Harry. Harry smiled and shrugged as he popped some bread into the toaster, humming to himself. “Suspiciously happy.” 

“Jus’ a good morning, tha’s all.” Harry hummed, strolling over to the fridge and pulling out a couple ingredients to make for breakfast. Eggs, bacon - The essentials. “Birds are chirpin, sun is shining.” 

“Uh-huh. Ya never make breakfast fer yourself.” Niall snorted, slowly raising the mug to his lips before his eyes went wide and a lightbulb went off. “Did someone spend the night?” 

“Maybe..” Harry trailed off, a huge grin forming on Niall’s face as he leaned in a little more. 

“Do I know t’is someone?” Niall lowered his voice, glancing towards the staircase in fear that he would wake any guests up. 

“Yeh know her quite well, in fact.” Harry clicked his tongue, taking a sip of coffee while he wagged his brows. 

“I do? I swear t’ God, if it’s Kendall fuckin-” Before Niall could finish his sentence, he heard soft footsteps coming down the stairs, surprised to see you sleepily making your way towards the two of them wearing nothing but Harry’s shirt. Holy shit. “Y/N! G’mornin t’ ya.” 

“Morning.” You hummed, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes as you walked over to Harry, murmuring a ‘good morning’ before pressing a soft kiss to his cheek. As you bent down to check out what was in the fridge, Niall turned to Harry with wide eyes, lips parted in shock. You and Harry? Well, maybe it was expected. You and Harry were very close, but he didn’t think you guys were this close.

“How was your night, Y/N? I thought you said you were going t’ go home after t’e party.” Niall asked, watching as you made your way over to sit down next to him. You shrugged and stretched a little, unaware of the fact that Niall caught sight of the many hickeys covering your hipbones and inner thighs.

“Changed my mind. Harry’s bed is a lot softer than mine.” You smiled, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.

“Milk and sugar, love?” Harry asked, dropping two cubes of white sugar into the tea as you nodded. 

"So, eh.. What is t’is? Friends wit’ benefits? A boyfriend/girlfriend situation?” Niall smirked, watching as you and Harry exchanged glances with rosy cheeks.

“You’ll have to wait and see.” You hummed, hopping off the stool before walking over and whispering something in Harry’s ear, giggling when he gave your bum a small pat before you made your way back to the stairs. It was only when you disappeared that Harry spoke up again. 

“A’right, Ni. You’ve got t’ get outta here. I’m sure you’re a busy man, gotta lot o’ things t’ do.” Harry cleared his throat, thrusting a slice of toast into his hand before shooing him up off the stool. 

“Says you.” 


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I reread xxxholic a few months back, and many tears were shed. I doodled some of that sad glasses kid, but the style went aaall over the place as I tried figuring out what to do (I still have no clue lmao). Bonus Doumeki and Yuuko woo (I like Doumeki the best tbh). 

Day 70, 71 & 72

The past couple of days have been pretty boring ones. Monday was a full day of classes. I had Italian in the morning, food and culture in the afternoon and then oil painting after that. After oil painting we went home and cooked dinner then hung out and headed to bed. Yesterday was another day of classes. I had class until about 2 PM. Then I decided to do some shopping and walked around florence for a little. My friend Jodi had her parents visiting and they offered to take us all out to dinner, so we went! It was a place I’d never been called rubicante. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten more in my life. It was family style and we started with appetizers, then a ton of pasta and endless wine. After dinner we went home to pack which was hilarious after drinking almost a bottle of wine each. Today we had a shortened day. We skipped our last class because we had a flight to catch. We flew out of Florence and I’m currently on the plane, drinking wine, and headed to Dublin, Ireland for Saint Patrick’s Day weekend!!! I’m SO excited. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. A lot of penn state kids will be there so it’s another weekend to see everyone!

Thank goodness it was a short week and we are skipping classes tomorrow..Can’t wait to get there :)


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{ heard you’ve been out and about with some other girl }

Theme: Kuroko no Basket ✕ Taylor Swift
Song: “Style” by Taylor Swift (1989)
Characters: Takao Kazunari ✕ Reader
Words: 900 words
Requested by: anonymous

The breakup hadn’t been easy on either of you. You had been torn about your decision to end things but you knew it was for the best. You were both separating and flying in different directions. You couldn’t hold him back and you never wanted to make him feel as if he was obligated to stay with you. He had big dreams, bigger than even he ever expected.

So you left and went away. Far away from him.

But now you were back.

And you’ve heard things. Things that should’ve been neutral in your mind but instead left you with a bitter aftertaste on your tongue. Maybe, despite leaving, somewhere deep in your heart, you’ve always dreamt that Takao would be your knight in shining armor, waiting for your return. But those things only existed in fairytales and he was no longer your prince.

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From an interview with costume designer Jenny Beavan, showing how she and Tom tried out different styles for Mad Max. The work on which she won and Oscar for!

I went around to his house and did a bit of trying around just with stuff that was around and as you can see it gets quite weird and mad. Tom had a lot of ideas and he was really interested in the idea of his Max having some kind of weird army background. Showed me all sorts of information about all this army kit, that I would never know about.

humanstuck snippet

some time last year i wrote about 2,000 words of humanstuck davekat that never went anywhere. it probably never will, but i am fond of it so i thought i’d post it. the basic premise was going to be that dave and karkat make out at a house party. that’s it. also meenah puts karkat in skinny jeans. 

sfw, davekat, scourgecest. contains canon-typical Vantas-style insults. unbeta’d and kind of all over the place you have been warned

Hairspray makes you sneeze. Body glitter itches. And why did nobody ever mention that eyeliner flakes off in iceberg clumps every time you blink? You have only been wearing it for an hour, and already you’re positive that your sclera is three shades darker than it should be.

“Stop that.” Terezi grabs your wrist to stop you from rubbing your watering eyes.

“How the fuck are you doing that?” You jerk your hand back and try to dig it into your pocket but SURPRISE! Pockets on skinny jeans are a fucking lie. What dicknibbler thought that was a good idea?

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Neinhart doodles from notebook! (ehh the lines >___>)

also did a simple coloring for one 

dunno his past story (mashima would probably never show it) so I just went with my own headcanon [when he was younger, Neinhart escaped some sort of training/abuse (emotional/physical) because he has too much magic power (kinda like Urtear’s past i guess), then some old mage (August maybe?) helped him out and taught him magic/Historia].

my style kinda change from day to day (idk how lol)

I want to see Clarke and Lincoln bonding over their art. lincoln telling her where to find pencils and books and stuff. my head canon is lincoln cannot read (his sketchbook is more of a notebook, a diary of things he saw and compilation of landmarks) but he found a lot of artbook and he used to copy the drawing there and clarke would read the text to him (octavia tried but some art words went right over her head and she couldn’t always explain it to him. But clarke understand some and when she didn’t they try to figure it out together).

They have different style of drawing. Lincoln more of the lines and crosshatching kind of guy, dark lines over dark lines over dark lines. Clarke likes to smudge her pencils because for her everything is blur in the shadows where light and darks met. colors are hard to come by and when they found it they would offer it to each other but they never really used it because it’s hard to use the color as cheerful as yellow when laughs are rare in their life and red is too much of a blood the idea of having it in between their nails and sticking to their skin made clarke sick.

“Tachibana are you cold? You’re shaking.”

“… I’m not shaking because of the cold”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU FUCKER get-the-hell-out-my-swamp


//I tried so many times, and I just went with chibi style, I never drew them before ;;//

I also know it’s almost fucking summer, but I just liked this idea, and sharing scarves urghhh.

KR 45th AF: Kuuga: No Pain! The Rider Road to a New Legend! Part 4: Trying to chase down a Bike

Getting Kuuga’s wheels right was another long process, though oddly some designs foreshadowed future Rider Machines.

The first concept was a bike that turned into a flying Speeder Bike with almost Star Trek-like jet nacelles.

Red and Blue? Hmmm…

A car was proposed…

twice in fact. But such an idea was thrown out.

Fans who have observed Super Sentai artwork know this lineart style! It’s Tsuyoshi Nonaka! He proposed that the Rider’s bike have a robot mode on the show. The above one was made when it was in the XV stage of the project.

While this never went anywhere for Kuuga, these drawings could be considered alpha prototypes of what would become the Auto Vajin in Faiz.

This one’s template based on visuals was the New Cyclone, but it could be considered a very early Den-Bird.


Eventually the designers made a good choice…

The ignition key would be one of the throttle grips and be able to be detached to prevent theft or use as a baton weapon.

Hmm..missing something.

There we go!

Then came the Beat Chaser

Once the designs were done, the team went to GasGas, a Spanish motorcycle design company with shops in Japan. They went there to purchase bikes for the prop department to build the Hero bikes. The base models being a pair of Pampera 250s (The model’s light weight allowed the hero bikes to be used for motocross style stunts) 

The powered up versions of both bikes needed a model with enough muscle to carry the extra weight of all the prop molding on it, so a Yamaha V-Max was chosen as the base of the Gouram forms.

Designing the Gouram itself was also a challenge…

A land vehicle/beast mode was proposed at one point. Silly Gouram, you are not a Maximal or a Predacon!

Next time: Finding the Ultimate Form!


I went shopping today and bought this outfit in two different styles because I feel so good in it. I never thought that I would be brave enough to wear a crop top but I finally tried one on and I feel so good!!!!! I made some Life Changes this year (stopped eating meat, started walking every day, started doing more things that are good for my mind and my body) and I am so much more comfortable in my own skin than I used to be. I used to be ashamed of my body and I would try to hide it as much as I could, so I’m really proud of myself for finally getting to a place where I feel confident trying on clothes I normally wouldn’t wear. I feel healthier and happier than I’ve ever been and I’m proud of the progress I’ve made.

Food for thought:

The reigning trend in the fandom is that eggsy cheekily tosses his bespoke suits to an fro with no regard to their care, mainly to get a rise out of Harry.

I argue that Eggsy would in fact be the opposite, don’t you think? Being gifted with these suits, the fabric and tailoring costing more in one suit than an entire years rent for him. 

I imagine eggsy is near obsessive with the care of his suits, hanging them perfectly, smoothing out wrinkles, learning to iron them properly, or being diligent in sending them off to get pressed and dry cleaned. 

Because these suits are what separates him. They are the only thing that proves he isn’t some street scum. No one is any wiser that he grew up in the estates under the fist of a potentially abusive step father, that he never went to college, that he quit all his potential, when he wears his suits. They are the physical proof of his worth.

That’s not to say that he abandons his old style, or is ashamed of it. His chav clothing proves his strength and perseverance, that his appearance isn’t actually what defines him.

Wearing a bespoke suit projects finally on the outside what has been on the inside of Eggsy all along.

And on the other end of the spectrum, I can see Harry actually being the flippant asshole with his clothing. Because he is used to them, his entire wardrobe is them, everything he owns is nearly all bespoke. The suits don’t mean as much to Harry because they are utility to him, yeah? They are a tool moreso than a gift. He probably goes through five full bespokes a year at least, having no qualms trashing them on missions or when he’s particularly sloshed.

Everyone writes how caring he is when he allows Daisy (or what name you want to give Eggsy’s little sister) to put her grubby fingers all over his lapels, like he is so genuine that fucking baby food and vomit mean nothing because it’s eggsy’s sister’s vomit. Nah, man. Harry don’t care because he has hundreds of those fuckers. 

He’d be the first to toss his jacket aside in the heat of the moment, to pop buttons and break zippers. Eggsy might be horrified by it all, if he weren’t so caught up in his fantasy that harry the gentleman is letting go for him and not caring about his precious clothing because he’s just so far gone on eggsy lol.

Not to say that this isn’t the case for harry at all, i’m sure he’s smitten as hell, but i don’t think he’d be showing it through going feral on his clothing. He had no qualms fighting in the black prince and getting blood on his hands there, about swearing, breaking rules, indulging eggsy. He is quite rebelious, and i think his care shines through in his restraint instead of his violence.