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Do you think dyl would've or had liked moby?

Nah, I don’t think Dylan would’ve listened to/been into Moby. In the mid nineties, Moby put out a couple of albums that were all over the place in electronica style but never really caught on (including one classified as punk rock in flavor). Ironically, just as Moby decided to change direction, the electronic music he had moved away from started to gain recognition and popularity through artists like The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy.  

In May of ‘99, less than one month after Columbine, Moby released his album ‘Play’ which eventually went on to sell 10 million records word wide the year after it’s release. It included some softer more bluesy type music.

On well known song off ‘Play’ is called ‘Porcelain’ and it always reminds me of him.. of Dylan’s longing and melancholy for all of what he wished for yet could never have..all conveyed in very simple lyric and a sad but beautiful, haunting piano refrain.  I feels like it embodies the state of sad reverie that Dylan was in when he carefully wrote his suicidal love-letter..of which he never really fully intended to send to his beloved muse.

It’s interesting to note too that Moby’s birthday is on September the 11th.. 

Tumblr likes wrestling?

Yes, Tumblr likes wrestling. 

To the casual channel-flipper, professional wrestling might look like base, unsophisticated brawling. If you stick around and pay attention, you’ll find out that it’s a flamboyant, convoluted opera. Also it makes for some truly excellent GIFs. Here are some wrestling Tumblrs:

Wrestling Giffer (@wrestling-giffer)

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If you want to gain an appreciation for the pageantry and choreography of pro wrestling, flip through this Tumblr. It’s a good mix but it’s especially fond of…collisions.

Shitloads of Wrestling (@shitloadsofwrestling)

This one’s got some really interesting nuggets of history, including the time Vince McMahon admitted pro wrestling is fake and the US government set up a Senate Democratic Task Force on Professional Wrestling.

Wrestling out of Context (@wrestlingoutofcontext​)

Originally posted by wrestlingoutofcontext

It’s wrestling, but get this: no context. If you’re not looking to learn about kayfabe and decade-long feuds but you still want to see the Strong People act goofy, this is the Tumblr for you. Look how happy the good boy is!

80′s Wrestling Pics (@80swrestlingpics​)

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A lot has changed since the eighties but thank goodness those belts never went out of style.

It’s so hot today, so on stream I just decided you know what, lets just focus on a color study today, and I think it came out pretty neat. i might actually render it out in this style

EDIT: I went and polished this painting. You can see it clicking here

(I stream quite often at feel free to give it a follow if you want some soothing art streams)

So @taybigailsweirdheart has made the suggestion of IDWLF being about Harry and the more I think about it, the more it seems plausible.

For starters, the video is one gigantic nod to Haylor related music videos. Obviously we have the Polaroids:

but THEN it gets interesting, because after holding the Polaroids up, Zayn throws them away. 

Both the Polaroids and the paper airplane necklace were a key symbol of the Haylor relationship. And what did we have in Out of the Woods? Taylor ripping her paper airplane necklace off and throwing it off a cliff (after holding it calmly in Style, much like Zayn wistfully gazing at the Polaroids above). 

Interesting parallels.

And the already discussed dramatic-bed scenes, in which Taylor reenacts Harry’s scenes from the Perfect video (sort of)

Also the fact that the entire video was filmed in a hotel room whilst trashing it: and if you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms This could withhold some meaning.

moving onto lyrics: 

  • (Lucie already pointed this one out) If I Could Fly has the lyrics “If I could fly, I’d be coming right back home to you.” while IDWLF has these lyrics “I just wanna keep calling your name until you come back home.”  

As far as we know, Taylor and Calvin(and all of her ex-boyfriends in that matter) never lived together so this is a metaphorical house she’s talking about. Perhaps it could be a shoutout to Harry?

  • “I gave you something, but you gave me nothing. // You give me everything and nothing.
  • “I see you around in all these empty faces.” // “I say, ‘I heard that you’ve been out with some other girl.”
  • “Baby, baby, I feel crazy.” // “And in the end in wonderland, we both went mad.”

feel free to add on.

Kim Namjoon: Narcissus

Genre: Smut 
Pairing: Kim Namjoon/Reader
Warnings: Supernatural sexy times, body swap, body possession, slight nipple play, mentions of collars, fingering, blowjobs, thigh riding, come marking, dirty talk


God, I am so sorry (I’d never written smut until 2 days ago so this is a tragedy) (I was also stoned at the time of writing and editing so it might not even make sense… ay lmao) Feel free to yell at me about this filth, my ask is always open!

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Monster-Eddie K shameless smut

Collab between me and @acunningstargazer

I thank her for putting our rough text outline together lol and fluffin’ a bit. I may have over done it on my fluffing though….


She didn’t really know how they had gotten to this point. Only a little while ago they were going on a drive, talking about life, about their long time friendship, and one thing just lead to the next. Now here she stood, before Eddie’s front door, being tugged playfully along by the cowboy as he went into his kitchen. He pulled two glasses out, setting a bottle of whiskey on the coffee table as he threw his boots up on it. He leaned casually back against the sofa, smirking over at her in his usual style. They talked for some time, enjoying the others company, yet she never intended to have so much. But, wasn’t that always the way it went around him? One drink turned to two, turned to four. It was safe to say, the two of them had slipped passed the point of buzzed and into completely smashed territory.

“So, you’re telling me you never thought about it?”

She cheekily smiled at the man, quickly grabbing his beloved hat from his head and placing it on her own. It was a bit big on her, and it slid down over her eyes but in the state she was in, all she did was laugh.

“Why cowboy? You got something to tell me?”

It was just the alcohol speaking, between the both of you, yet the unspoken sexual tension that always clung to the air around you two was finally dissipating. Because speaking about it, was certainly something Eddie intended to do.

He began to scoot closer to her, biting at his lip to contain his smile. But, the pull was like a magnet and she found herself doing much the same.


The Cowboy looked down at her, and he wasn’t sure who started it first. But, he couldn’t contain himself once those lips connected with his own. In a frenzy, they kissed, as if years of pent up emotions finally came flowing out. Their teeth nearly clashed against each other, tongues tangling, and the sweet noises she made as he gripped her close just got him going in ways he didn’t think possible.

With the quickest of movements, he worked at her flannel top, popping open the buttons and sliding the sleeves down her arms. He tossed the shirt carelessly to the side, pulling back for a moment to admire the way she looked.


She giggled at his entranced state, and took advantage of that as she removed his own top and wife beater, leaving him half naked before her. Her fingers dragged along his chest, taking in the way his abs contracted under her touch, she knew he was slowly losing it, but wasn’t that the fun part? Seeing Eddie all hot and bothered at her account was a dream come true.

With a rough shove she made him lay back against the couch, and she quickly straddled his waist as she went for his neck. Her lips tickled along his throat, giggling every now and then when she heard him curse or sigh.

“You like that, daddy?”

Eddie chuckled at her pet name, pulling her hair back as he angled her lips over his. “The fuck do you think, darlin’?” He tugged her back a bit, knowing she was enjoying the manhandling.

To prove to her how badly he needed this, his hands slid down to her ass, cupping each cheek and pushing her down against his aching crotch. Her nails dug into his shoulders, and she mewled out at the sensation of his arousal rubbing into her.

“Fuck, Eddie!”

“I intend to, sweetheart.” He laughed at her cries, loving the way she squirmed over him and practically whined to be taken. He lifted her up in his arms, her legs wrapping around his waist as he stumbled along the living room. They kept their kissing up, albeit sloppily, yet neither of them seemed to care. In their drunken state they just laughed and moaned until finally he tossed her onto the bed.

She bounced softly onto the mattress, her gorgeous eyes staring up at him from under his hat as she beckoned him forward.

“Goddamn, darlin’…” He practically jumped on top of her, pulling her into a heated kiss as he clumsily pulled off both their jeans, the rest of their clothing following shortly after. She smirked into the kiss and buried her fingers into his messy hair, scratching along his scalp as she scooted him up the bed with her.

The entire time he’s laughing, still trying to hold the kiss properly through his alcohol induced mind, but when they finally make it up to the pillows he pulls away. His green eyes are filled with lust as he gazes down at her, his contagious smile making her feel all sorts of things as he grips her wrists and pins her down.

"You gonna beg me, sweetheart?”

She quirked an eyebrow at his question, smiling back as she gently pushed his abdomen with her knee, effectively flipping them both over. To say he was surprised was an understatement, yet as she straddled his waist, her pussy sliding along his length he didn’t even care anymore.

She leaned down, nipping his jaw up to his ear before biting at his lobe. "I think you’re gonna be beggin’ me, cowboy.” She whispered it coyly, bringing her hand down and grasping his length tightly in it.

Eddie bucked his hips up, groaning at her touch as she stroked along his cock. He wanted nothing more than to grab that sweet little ass and flip her over, taking her hard until she begged him for more and more. But, every time he made to do just that she used that damn skilled hand of hers, making him thrust up and down to try to ease the ache he felt.

“Tell me, honey…tell me what you want. I can’t help you if you don’t say anything.”

She smiled into his parted mouth, pumping him painfully slow as she bit at his lip, pulling it roughly until it snapped back.

“Fuckin’ hell…” He growled out, cupping her cheek roughly and pulling her toward his lips, licking over hers before he pushed his hips up creating more friction. "Come on, darlin’…you know fuckin’ well what I want.”

But, the damn tease she was, she just released her hold on him, sitting up on his lap as she rolled her hips over him. Her wet folds slid sensually along his length, coating him completely and she just couldn’t stop herself from panting out her next words. Knowing it’d drive him crazy with desire.

"I’m not quite sure I know what you mean, honey.”

With a hint of feigned confusion, she ran her nails down his chest, loving the red marks that got left behind. Eddie being under her like that, growling in sexual frustration was a sight to behold. She wondered briefly, how many women got to be privileged enough to see this. Though, knowing the cowboy, he didn’t play submissive to them. And as much as she loved making him beg for more, she couldn’t wait till that last bit of control snapped and he took her like a proper cowboy would.

“You little fuckin’ tease…” He chuckled, running his hand along her thighs. He knew she was feeling this just as bad as he was, and in his own form of revenge, he grabbed her hips, grinding into her and gritting his teeth at the sensation.

"How ‘bout that pretty little mouth of yours make itself useful?”

As he slid against her, she bit down on her lip, closing her eyes as she tried to keep the fight up. But, he was making it so hard, every time his length slid along her clit she nearly whined out from the pleasure.

"Maybe if you said please.”

"You really wanna fight me, huh? Well, alright.”

He grabbed her waist, throwing her under him and holding her down with all his strength. He used his knee to push her legs apart, nuzzling against her neck. He bit down on her throat, somewhat rough but gentle enough not to break the skin. At the force of his handling, his hat flew off her head, rolling off the edge of the bed as she stared wide eyed up at him.

Eddie moved her legs apart, capturing her lips in another steamy kiss before swiftly entering her without a second thought. She gasped out, reaching her arms around, grabbing his ass and pushing him down from his kneeling position, making him go deeper inside of her.

He groaned deeply at her direction, the feeling of her around him was driving him half mad. And try as he might, keeping this pace going was proving to be difficult.

"Fuck…” He whispered hotly into her ear, licking across it.

"Eddie,” She moaned, “Tell me what you need, I feel how hard you are inside me.”

To prove her point she thrust her hips down, throwing her head back against the sheets as she felt his cock pulse inside her.

"Fucks sake, darlin’…just shut up and let me fuck you.”

She gave him a smug look as she rubbed her hands up and down his torso, delighting in the lean muscles he had. With her legs wrapped around his waist, she brought a hand up to his hair, curling her fingers through his sweaty locks.

"What are you waiting for then?”

He smirked at her words and rose up just a bit, hands on either side of her body. He pulled out slowly, biting his lip at the pleasurable sensation. He tried keeping a slow pace, teasing her for all the attitude she gave him earlier.

She moaned as his cock slid out of her, pushing back in even slower until all she could do was narrow her eyes. She knew exactly what he was doing and she had had enough.

"Why so timid, darlin’? Having some performance issues?”

She taunted him innocently enough, and as much as he’d love to continue teasing her, her little taunt made him want to prove he was far from having issues. He pinned her down by the wrists, thrusting forward harshly with a deep growl, making her moan out in such a pathetically vulgar way.

“Hows that, baby?” He chuckled, trying to control his breathing as he continued his rough pace. His hair clung to his sweaty forehead, and he grunted out as she pulled him closer with her legs.

"F-Fuck! So good!” She stuttered out as Eddie pounded into her so hard the headboard hit the wall repeatedly, making her breasts bounce from the force. All she could make out were the sounds of gasps, cries, and whimpers and she pulled one of his hands to her chest, eyes screwing shut from the pleasure.

Eddie happily kissed at her chest, squeezing one breast gently as he purred into her skin. "Fuck yeah, darlin’…you like that don’t you?” Needing to hear her praise, he gripped her thigh, kissing a trail up her chest and to her lips. He looked her in the eyes, smirking at how glazed over they seemed to be.

She was a whimpering mess by now, mouth hanging open as she keened out. He had hit that sweet spot inside her, making her toes curl and back arch slightly of the bed.

"Yes,” She breathed, “Feels so good, So fucking good. Tell me I make you feel good too.” She practically begged. She hated begging but she felt too much pleasure to care at the moment, and she knew he was enjoying this little surrender of hers.

"You know you fuckin’ do, baby…” He panted into her cheek, angling his thrusts to hit that spot inside her once more. He wrapped his arm under her, picking her up and sitting back on the bed as he kept moving. He could feel he was getting close but he felt far too good to settle the pace now.

"Touch me, please.” She whimpered against his lips and wrapped her free arm around his neck, pulling him closer if that was at all possible. He moved his hand between them, rubbing her and smirking at the tiny moans she let out. Just hearing her whisper out his name was enough to bring him that much closer, as she squeezed down on his length he grunted, thrusting up roughly before hiding his face between her breasts.

"Shit…fuckin’…” He moaned out, pushing his fingertips into her back as he tried to maintain his rhythm.

There was so much stimulation, so much pounding, and so much pleasure. She was dangerously close, and as Eddie bucked up one last time she couldn’t hold back anymore. Her nails dug into the skin of his shoulders, clinging to him as her entire body froze, endorphins rushing through her muscles.

Eddie wasn’t far behind, and he held tightly onto her as he pressed his cheek into her heated skin, closing his eyes as waves of pleasure shot straight to his groin.

"Shit, baby…” He pushed into her a few more times, quickly riding out his orgasm as he spilled inside her.

She moaned when she felt the sensation of him filling her. Her eyes fluttering shut as she ran her fingers through his sweaty hair, pushing it off his forehead. She hugged him close to her chest, no doubt he could hear how fast her heart was beating. Eddie, now exhausted, dropped them both against the bed, smiling contentedly.

"I fucking love you…” Eddie chuckled out, basking in the afterglow of some of the best sex he’s had in a long while.

Her breath caught in her throat at his words, and she turned her head to him, breathing heavily. She licked her lips as she took her hand and brushed some of his hair back off his face.

"I fucking love you too.”


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One of Our Own

Summary: Lucy wonders what’s it like to have a kid after watching Natsu interact with Asuka on another babysitting job and Natsu might just help her with that.

Pairing: NaLu

Rating: K+ (for minor abuse and suggestive theme)


Lucy wasn’t quite sure how she had gotten herself into this situation.


Her day had started perfectly normal to be honest.

She woke up from bed miraculously without Natsu and more often than not Happy in it, she went to her kitchen and made herself some good ol’ bacon and eggs, took a nice and refreshing shower afterwards, went to the guild, and was just chilling there at a bar stool while the guild went on with their usual destructive brawls and loud chattering.

She would have never expected herself to be watching her pink-haired idiot of a best friend slaving himself as a horse to a cute little girl, who was barely the age of 8, as she rode him around the Western styled living room while calling him “Mr. Horsey” out of all things.

“Why was I dragged along into all of this?” The blonde-haired mage sighed as she asked herself the same question for the nth time.

“Because you were worried that Natsu might screw something up and you wanted to make sure he doesn’t for Asuka’s sake.” Happy chimed in beside her before he continued to munch on a fish he got from god knows where.

‘Oh yeah.’ Lucy thought to herself as she let out a groan.

She remembered Alzack and Bisca coming into the guild hall with Asuka and going straight to Natsu, who was then currently duking it out with Gray, and asked him to take care of Asuka for them since Asuka really enjoyed herself the last time Natsu took care of her and the couple had to go on a dangerous job that they can’t take Asuka along for.

Natsu accepted of course, but that got him a hard blow from Gray on the head, but also a beautiful smile from Asuka which was worth it.

Her groan was then answered by a groan from Natsu who then proceeded to slump himself on the floor.

“Hiyah! Hiyah! Come on Mr. Horsey! We won’t finish the race if you slack off like that!” Asuka commanded as she slapped her right hands repeatedly on Natsu’s limp shoulder.

“Uggghhh! Asuka I’m so tired can we take a break? We’ve been doing this for the past three hours!” Natsu complained, although his voice was a bit muffled for talking while his face was flat on the floorboards.

“Awww… okay.” Asuka complied, but she was visibly beacame sad when she did so.

Natsu began to panic when he saw her lips quiver so he then racked his brain for ideas on how to cheer the little kid up before she began crying. The poor dragon slayer clearly had no idea what to do. He was as lost as a man who was lost at sea without a map or anything to guide him.

‘I’m so gonna get into a lot of trouble with Alzack and Bisca if Asuka cried.’ At that thought he began to sweat buckets.

Lucy looked at him sympathetically and then an idea popped up in her head, so she stood up from her comfortable place with Happy on the couch and walked up to where Natsu and Asuka were.

“How about you guys have a tea party. That’s fun and doesn’t require a lot of energy. Plus I’m sure Natsu would find the tea relaxing.” She suggested with a smile on her lips.

Asuka’s face instantly lit up.

“Okay! Okay! Natsu-nii can you go make some tea while I get my stuff animals?” Asuka ordered as she ran off to her room up the stairs to get her beloved stuffed animals.

“But I’m so tired and I don’t know how to make tea.” Natsu whined, not moving an inch on his place on the floor.

“It’s okay, I’ll go make the tea. You just take your time and rest up before she returns.” Lucy said as she rubbed his back before going into the kitchen.

“Aye sir!” Happy agreed.

A few minutes later Asuka was back with her two favorite stuffed animals, a shady looking frilly pink dress, and a make-up kit.

“Wear this Natsu-nii!” She said as she tossed Natsu the dress.

“No way kid!” Natsu complained as he examined the dress.

“But…” Asuka’s lips began to quiver again.

“Alright! Alright! But turn around okay.” Natsu said as his face burned with a mixture of embarassment and anger.

Just as he was about to slip into the dress, Lucy walked in.

“Woah Natsu! What are you doing?!” Lucy shouted in shock as she almost spilled the tea. 

Her face as red as a tomato as she turned around to not look at him.

“He’s changing into a dress so he would look presentable at our tea party!” Asuka answered for him.

“Oh!” Lucy exclaimed.

“Hahahahaha!” She laughed uncontrollably when the thought began to sink in her.

“Stop laughing! This ain’t easy for me!” Natsu retorted.

“Fine, fine.” Lucy complied as she wiped a few stray tears from her eyes.

“There all done! You guys can look at me now.” Natsu said with a huff.

They did turn around and the sight that greeted them amazed them.

The dress suited Natsu surprisingly well. Although his arms were crossed and he was wearing a pout on his face he actually looked cute. At this thought Lucy blushed.

“You look so pretty Natsu-nii!” Asuka said as her eyes sparkled.

But that expression was soon replaced by a devilish smile and glint in her eyes.

“There’s only one thing missing.” She said as she clutched the make-up kit in her hands tighter. 

Natsu was sweating cold sweat again.

“No you don’t!” He said as he backed-up from Asuka.

“Happy! Hold him!” Asuka ordered.

“Aye sir!” Happy complied.

He quickly spread his wings and flew to where Natsu was to hold him in place. 

“Sorry Natsu.” The cat apologized, but his grin said otherwise.

“I thought you were my friend.” Natsu cried.

“Oh stop being such a baby Natsu. Do you need help with that Asuka?” Lucy said as she offered Asuka a helping hand and smiling to herself as she thought of this as payback for all the times he pranked her.

“I would appreciate that Lucy-nee. Thanks!” Asuka accepted.

“Not you too Luce!” Natsu cried even louder.

“Now, now, Natsu-nii hold still.” Asuka said as she held a brush centimeters away from his face.

A few moments later Natsu looked like a complete clown, but to Asuka he looked like a princess.

“All done Natsu-nii!” Asuka chimed.

“Wait Asuka! I think he’s got a little smear on his lower lip.” Lucy said as she drew her thumb against Natsu’s lower lip.

‘Soft.’ She thought in awe.

And did he just shiver? 

Lucy dismissed that thought immediately.

“Now Natsu-nii I want you to meet Mr. Wolfy and Ms. Foxy.” Asuka introduced her stuffed animals to Natsu.

Natsu didn’t budge for a moment as he was still annoyed at what was happening until Asuka poked her.

“Hey Natsu-nii! Are you listening?!” Asuka asked.

“Oh yeah! yeah! Hello Mr. Wolfy and Ms. Foxy.” Natsu said through his teeth as he faked a smile.

“Good! Now will you please pour some tea into their cups Natsu-nii?” Asuka requested with a pleading look in her eyes.

“Do I have to?” Natsu said as he scratched the back of his head.

“Of course you have to do it Natsu-nii!” Asuka said with a little more force.

“Fine.” Natsu complied with a pout on his face as he poured the tea into the small cups.

Not far away from them Lucy smiled.

‘That Natsu, even though he complains a lot, he still does what Asuka tells him. He’s really good on the inside huh.’ She thought to herself.

An hour later Asuka got tired of playing tea party.

“Natsu-nii you can take off that dress and make-up now.” Asuka told him.

“Alright!” Natsu cheered.

“But do it in the bathroom!” Lucy reprimanded him after earlier incident.

Although deep down inside of her she didn’t really mind him changing in front of her as she has seen him without much of his clothes many times before, but Asuka was there so that idea was a big no.

“Fine.” Natsu pouted as he made his way to the bathroom.

After a few minutes he was already back in his original clothes without make-up on his face.

“Natsu-nii! Let’s play Save the Kitty!” Asuka suggested

“But aren’t you tired from all that tea party thing we did earlier?!” Natsu asked in disbelief.

“Nope!” She answered with a sweet smile.

“But Natsu-nii! I promise this game will be fun! You’ll get to be a dragon who kidnaps the kitty and I’ll be the powerful mage who saves the kitty from you!” Asuka explained.

“Say no more kid! You had me at dragon!” Natsu grinned at her.

“Yay!” Asuka cheered.

“Now I’m all fired up!” Natsu declared as they started playing.

Natsu and Asuka played Save the Kitty for hours with Happy! Although Natsu was pretty competitive, but Asuka won every round of their game. Natsu got mad like a sore loser, but Lucy could see that wasn’t really the case. She knew that Natsu just let Asuka win every time.

‘That sweet dork. He’d make a good father though.” Lucy smiled as she thought to herself.

Soon Asuka was barely keeping her eyes open so Natsu decided to carry her to her room and tuck her in bed.

Lucy followed after him.

“Well today was an extremely tiring day, ain’t it Luce?” He said as he shut the door behind him quietly.

“Yeah.” Lucy sighed.

“I wonder what it be like to have one of my own.” She whispered to herself, but Natsu heard her.

“Hmmm what was that Luce? Don’t you mean one of our own?” He whispered behind her ear, a sly grin forming on his face.

Lucy’s face flushed different shades of red.

“You per-” Lucy was about to shout but got cut off with Natsu pulling her in close to his face.

“Shhh Luce, Asuka is already asleep. You wouldn’t want to wake her up do you?” Natsu stated as he brushed his lips against hers.

Lucy was speechless as she stared at Natsu with eyes the size of plates and cheeks as red as freshly picked tomatoes.

And then he kissed her.

It was a sweet and passionate kiss.

And from behind the bedroom door a soft giggle was heard.


Author’s Note: So thank you guys for reading my one-shot! As you guys can see it’s slightly based on the Fairy Tail Omake chapter 378.5: Natsu and Asuka. I don’t know if the summary summarizes the story, but I hope you guys enjoyed reading the story!

Lyudmila Pavlichenko is the highest-scoring female sniper on record, with a count of 309 confirmed kills, 36 of which were enemy snipers. And while it’s unfair to compare real-life soldiers with superhuman Hollywood killing machines like John Rambo, that’s actually more people than Rambo killed on-screen – in fact, it’s more people than Stallone has killed in all of his movies combined. That’s right – this woman shot more people in real life than a man who was only pretending to do it with the aid of special effects, editing, and extras who weren’t even trying to kill him back. They couldn’t show Rambo killing that many, because it just wouldn’t have been plausible.

Pavlichenko was already an accomplished sniper by the time she was 24 and Hitler decided that Russia was the final boss battle of his world domination game. And where a fictional badass gets his kills by mowing down rows of bad guys running mindlessly into his machine gun, Pavlichenko took hers out one at a time, carefully and patiently. Of her many duels with German snipers, Pavlichenko recalled the longest lasting over three days.

After a near-death experience, the Soviet Union decided to send her as a diplomat to the USA, where she was the first Soviet Citizen to ever be openly welcome in the White House. She even toured the country with Eleanor Roosevelt, advocating the equal treatment of women. She never got a big war movie made about her, probably because commie war heroes went out of style pretty fast after World War II, and because Hollywood prefers its female action heroes in some kind of tight black leather. She had to settle for being immortalized in a song by Woody Guthrie instead. Hey, that’s almost the same thing, right?

5 Real Soldiers Who Were Walking Super Weapons

[Femslash February]: Style Swap

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Day 11: Style Swap (Alyanette)

Words: 1560

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

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It all started because of Marinette’s going theory about Alya’s fear of heels. 

“You never wear them!” Marinette cackled during lunch. “I’ve never seen you in a pair of heels once!”

“That doesn’t mean I’m afraid of them,” Alya sighed. “I just don’t like wearing them. They’re uncomfortable.”

“I was texting you pictures of those heels I wanted to buy online last night and you responded with a nauseated face emoji followed by the fearful face emoji,” Marinette announced, checking her old texts. “That sounds like fear and disgust to me.”

Adrien and Nino were huddled together overhearing the conversation. “Oh damn,” Nino whispered in awe. “Marinette pulled out receipts.”

“The plot thickens,” Adrien muttered. 

“Okay, that’s taken out of context,” Alya defended. “You’ll remember that I said that after you showed me an eight inch pair of heels and said, and I quote, ‘wouldn’t these look so cute on you?’”

“They still would.”

“They’re eight inch heels, babe.”

Adrien raised a hand. “I don’t know, Marinette’s got a pretty compelling argument, Alya. It’s just a matter of facts and evidence.”

“Gotta agree with Adrien,” Nino shrugged. “It’s fine, Alya. We’re all scared of something. Nothing to be ashamed of. Marinette’s just braver than all of us and wears heels almost every other day.”

Marinette sighed. “It’s a gift and a curse.”

Alya stared incredulously between the three of them. “Okay, you’re all crazy, and I hate all of you, and this is such a dumb conversation. I could totally wear heels if I wanted to.”

Nino snorted. “You think you have the guts to pull a Marinette? Girl glides in heels, she makes it look way too easy.”

“I can pull a Marinette,” Alya insisted.

“Wait!” Adrien exclaimed. “If Alya pulls a Marinette, then Marinette has to pull an Alya.”

Nino gasped dramatically with a shit eating grin on his face. “Are you suggesting a style swap?”

“I am most definitely suggesting a style swap.”

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Thank you (again haha)

Hey guys, we hit another 100 followers, and I wanna thank all of you for following me. I created this simblr last year and I was a little hesitant because I thought my stuff would never be as good as some of the stuff I see out there. With time, I learned new things, found my style, and this has helped me to expand my creativity and learn new things (which influentiate other aspects of my life too). 

In the end of january I went through a break up of a 5 year “relationship” and it was - and still is - very hard for me. Actually it still sucks. But this right here has helped me a lot, to get my mind off of things, to relax, and to realise there are people out there - people I never even met! - that care for me. And I care about you guys too! It’s impressive, really, but I feel like I’m friends with people I never even talked to, just because they are constantly on my dash and my notifications. 

I feel very loved here, and I never thought this was something that would happen on an online community. Everyone has been nothing but nice to me here, and I’m grateful to say I found some real awesome friends. I want to thank some people in particular, because they are the kindest, funniest, most beautiful souls I came across and I’m glad we started talking! 

Thank you @randomcoffeesimmer @sandy-sims @mysteriousdane @something-wicked-sims @mysimblruniverse @wanderlust-sims @lunarian-sim @stardust-sims @nadinemaee @unicorninthemosh. You’re all my MVPs, my baes, my loves, my squad. I’m very happy I got to meet each of you, ily my boos <3

But really this is to thank EVERYONE that appreciates what I post (even when it’s only text posts, lol) and that is here for me! I notice every single one of you, and I’m always here for you guys too.  

Much love, 

Bubble (Alê). 


AU: Fans first got the idea of Harry’s hate for you through the annoyed looks and nonchalant/sarcastic replies to whenever your name was brought up. But then after you join the band on tour, you and Harry begin to spend more time together and let’s get it clear - you never hated Harry, and it sure took some work but after a while you two were on good terms. Those good terms turned into hand holding and then some kissing even, which photos quickly leaked onto the internet and fans figured it out. Harry went from being clear about his dislike towards you, to blushing whenever your name came up. *requested by anon*

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Reach and Flexibility Pt. 1

ME2: A conversation taking place post Normandy Crash Site mission. You know the one.

Shepard rocked on her heels in front of the main battery, savoring the delayed, dizzy sway that echoed in her inebriated head. The lights in the hall had been dimmed to help facilitate regular sleep cycles. Behind her, the mess was dark and deserted. She glanced back at the black windows of the medbay and wondered how Chakwas was sleeping.

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Now that S12 Is Over

Way too many questions are left with me. Im not going to say it was a horrible season or fire this writer or that producer, but I am going to ask…

What the hell happened? 

So much happened that seem to have had no point at all!  And if it was just a matter of a single monster hunt or 2 that served no purpose, I woudnt mind but these things appeared to be very important, but werent. 

Vince Vincente. Nearly the whole first half of the season was wasted on Lucifer possessing an old rock star, who ironically was a real life old rock star, who for some odd reason, never once sang or played the guitar. Nothing of importance came from it, so why were 7 episodes wasted on it?

LOTUS. The big mid season finale. The one where they broke 8 years of canon where Obama was president, to make a generic president in which Lucifer could impregnate his girlfriend, and get the Winchesters thrown in super secret federal prison. Kelly and Luci’s love child were kept, but can anyone tell me why Luci needed to posess the POTUS anyway? Oh, Ok, so the bros could go to prison over winter hiatus. 

The bros go to prison. Not just prison, but super secret Fed prison, where they were in isolation for 6 weeks. Now, I wont lie and say I didnt like First Blood, it was a great episode, but it served no purpose. The boys werent tortured, and they didnt even seem to care they hadnt seen each other in 6 weeks. though Dean did say it was worse than hell for some reason.  What came of it? Sam and Dean made a deal with Billie, that would cause “cosmic consequences” if broken  Cas killed her, breaking he deal and now… what? No cosmic consequences? Maybe next season? In any event, 6 weeks in Fed Prison didnt even warrant any further discussion besides Sam referring back to it briefly in Regarding Dean.

The Empty. A big deal in S11, and not as big a deal in S12 but still brought up, However with Billie dead, does it even matter?

The killing of Magda. Some of these things can be said to have made the BMOL look good to the boys but bad to us. We know that they killed Magda, because she was a psychic  and we know they killed all the soldiers, cops and prison workers and yet, Sam and Dean never found this out. Even though Mick and Ketch talked about it, no one ever told Sam and Dean. Remember us all thinking “Woah… Wait till Sam finds out they killed Magda!” He never did. If he does, it doesnt matter, all the guilty are dead. Many of us thought there would be big trouble for Sam when the Britts found out he was psychic too. Nope… nothing. Maybe next season? I dont think “The Old Men” are dead, so maybe. 

Toni’s son. Was there a point? Had they had different plans for her and the fans hated her so much they scrapped them and just had her die? Im glad shes dead but, I feel like the son was Ketch’s son as well, yet that was never spoken. They’re both dead now, so, we may never know. 

Things were also spoken at conventions and on Twitter that never came to pass either. Didn’t Jensen say that something was supposed to happen after the screen fades to black that would be very disturbing? Didnt Jared tweet that Matt Cohen and Osrich Chau would be in 2 back to back episodes, but not the way we think? A very recent EW article said that we wouldnt only find out why certain things were happening, but how they were happening. None of that either. As if there was going to be an answer to the weirdness, but there wasnt. 

Now I have watched all the seasons dozens of times and I realize that unnecessary episodes are normal, but not unnecessary storylines and this one had a lot of them. I have to wonder if things were going to go somewhere but they were getting so much back lash from fans about bad writing, that they scrapped scripts and plans and just started making shit up as they went along. I cant believe they had intended that Sam never find out about Magda, or that there would be no reason what so ever to put the boys in prison. 

Now, at the moment, they have lost all their Supernatural helpers, Cas, Crowley, Rowena and even Bilie. Some of us might be excited or intrigued that the brothers will have to go back to figuring things out on their own, old school style, but now we have Jack (Luci Jr) who will no doubt be around next season, with no one to “teach” him except the Winchesters, and Im sure, he will lend a hand in some way to bring back Cas Crowley and Rowena, and probably THEN go bad, and Sam and Dean will have to employ their Supernatural helpers again to defeat him. 

I will say again, that I dont think this was a bad season, but it was indeed sloppy. I wish I knew what really went on in the writers rooms. 

So I got my pack of Homestuck Tarot cards.

These babies are amazing. Each card is a piece of art. They are glossy, full color paintings made by 35+ artists. Worth every penny I spent on them.

See what I mean? They are Incredibly cool. So naturally I went to the back to look at the artists to see if any of them sounded familiar. I noticed something very quickly….

Yep. Andrew Hussie drew one. Ace of Swords. So I went to check it out, thinking it might be something done in his rare art style or some bullshit that we never get to see…

Nope. Fucking nope. He copy and pasted his fucking jpeg sord on to a goddamn glossy ass full color card I paid actual money for. Imagine giving someone a tarot reading and they see this bullshit in their future. This is the only fucking card he made. He could’ve chose any fucking thing to draw and chose whatever fucking card he wanted I mean he created the goddamn webcomic but no. He fucking pasted this monstrosity on to an even shitter background. You know whats worse? The ace of s(w)ords is the first fucking card you see when you open up the box. You just handed whatpumpkin $25 of your hard earned money to buy these lovely cards but you know what you lay your eyes on first as the deck slides into your hand? a goddamn jpeg fuckign sord. i can.t hndl.e thi.s wt f he trolleD me from a.f a r i cant do thi sanymore

So I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t make a never ending chain of fan art for the same thing… so after watching Captain Underpants related stuff (including a bunch of ytps) and being eager to watch the movie, I was all ‘ok, how about I draw a scene from the trailer in my style of drawing while still honoring Dav Pilkey’s character designs just for the fun of it?’

So after some careful observation, experimenting, and adjustments the end result was… well…

…I still can’t believe I did this. On one hand I’m a little creeped out by how Krupp turned out (like I went back to the original illustrations and undid the ‘somehow still oddly cute’ look Dreamworks was able to create with the simplified style), while the other is glad with the end result of the whole image.

And then because I predicted someone might want to see my take on the title character, I went ahead and made a second drawing.

Like I said, just for the fun of it. I read the books way back in elementary school and I’m happy with what Dreamworks Animation has done so far. I can’t wait to see the film this summer :) .

going off that last reblog, i think the parallels between harry and daisy come up strongly in the gryffindor v ravenclaw debate

like, the hat says “not a bad mind, either” to harry as if ravenclaw could be an option but then immediately moves on

and i can’t help but think that growing up in an abusive situation, and going to a school with no friends and teachers who obviously could not have cared less…all of that contributes to a hatred of learning, whether or not they were actually “good” at school.

there’s a lot in fanon about harry being super smart and not showing it because dudley was not as smart and the dursleys made harry hold back so their son would look better. a lot of that is to build up harry as the gary stu, but i believe there is some kernel of truth to it.

with daisy, i can’t help but feel that the combination of her race and orphan status made people so much less likely to treat her well. and it’s not as though she had any support at “home,” wherever that would have been at any given time, and with the constant moving around and changing schools every five minutes, she probably never had time to settle in anywhere and make connections. and it’s hard to keep entering different curricula mid-year – like, even if every school she went to was in the same district, teachers vary so there’s no way she could ever just pick up where she left off. add to that being a child with trauma and possibly some unorthodox learning style and like…poor daisy :( school must have been so hard for her so i can’t imagine her seeking out a group of people for whom school is their number one fave thing

First impressions (2/?)

Part 1

Warnings: Language mostly

NOTES: Part 2 of this soulmate AU thing. Im really excited to start posting the meat of this thing soon. let me know what you think. Requests are always open 

This was really the last thing you needed to worry about. Fury had been on your case about recruitment for two weeks and honestly Scott needed actual training. You were hoping that you were passed the point of ever running in to your soulmate. Sure there was always some small part of you that worried about it being one of the kids they brought in to train but you had refused early on to get close enough to any of them to have this be an issue. If they never spoke directly to you, their words didn’t matter.

I guess this batch of recruits were going to be different. Your Email alert went off and you nearly jumped out of your  skin.

Agent L/N,

Your new group of agents will be arriving later this week. Keep in mind that these agents have not seen combat and will need refreshed on several fighting styles before you evaluate them.

Good luck,

M. Hill

Perfect. You thought to yourself. So not only were you going to meet your soulmate this week, you had to train 24 people from the ground up. You pinched the bridge of your nose and rested your elbow on the desk. This whole situation could not get any worse.

Just as the thought entered your brain Steve peeked his head into your office.

Hey, Y/N, Do you have a minute?”

You nodded and motioned for him to take the seat in front of you. “What’s up?”

I just got off the phone with T'Challa. It looks like they have found someone that might be able to help Buck.” He said. You could see the hope behind his calm demeanor.

“Yeah, that’s amazing!”

“His name is Steven Strange. He’s, well honestly, he’s something else. He claims he’ll be able to erase the programming in Bucky’s mind entirely. I don’t want to put too much stock in this magic stuff but if it could help him… I have to give it a shot, Right?”

You were used to this by now. Every time there was someone or thing that claimed it could help Bucky Steve would come to you or Natasha to ask advice. Several things were too outrageous for either of you to let Steve go through with. But a couple of them actually sounded like they might work. You didn’t know anything about this Vincent guy so you weren’t in a place to give advice.

“What do you know about the guy?” You asked as you turned to your computer to search S.H.I.E.L.D’s database.

“Not much. Which is why I came in here.” You looked up from the computer screen to give Steve your full attention. “I want to meet him before I let him anywhere near Bucky. I want to know what his intentions are before I let him tinker with my best  friend’s memory. T'Challa says he’s done it before but… I don’t know. I don’t want to get too excited before I know for sure that it’s safe. What I guess I’m trying to say is that I’ll be leaving in a few hours.”

Steve looked like he was being torn in two. You could see the fear masking the hope in his eyes and it made your heart sink.

“Steve, You know I fully support anything that will help Bucky. He deserves a chance to start over. I think meeting with Vincent is a good idea. It’s better to know if he’s actually able and here to help before you let him see Bucky.”

Steve gathered you up in to a giant bear hug before leaving your office to finalize the details with the rest of his team. Natasha would be out on her mission for a couple more days so it was up to you to fill her in when she returned. If everything went well you wouldn’t be expecting Steve back for a couple weeks while he helped Bucky recover from what ever treatment Vincent had in mind. If it didn’t go well, Steve and Natasha would be back around the same time.

You headed up to the living quarters a little after 8pm, stopping off in the kitchen to grab a couple beers and some left over pizza before settling yourself in for the night. The bulk of your day had consisted of writing the recruit’s reviews and suggestions for placement. It left you with no time to check out Steve’s new lead, so you turned on your lap top and and reheated your food.

S.H.I.E.L.D had a small file on Doctor Vincent Strange. He was a gifted surgeon before his car accident. After he suffered nerve damage in his hand he went on some kind spiritual journey to find someone to fix his hands. When he came back he could do things. The file failed to call it magic but that’s exactly what it sounded like to you. It did mention some kind of hypnotism that helped remove memories.

You didn’t find anything concrete but if he could change Bucky’s memories this just might work. You sent Steve a quick text with what you had learned. You fell asleep waiting on a reply.

When you woke up the next morning you had a text from Scott asking when you could train and   one from Steve explaining the situation. You answered Scott first, telling him you were available at anytime for the day and then replied to Steve. Apparently, Dr. Strange was more impressive than his file made him out to be and they were taking Bucky out of cryo freeze today. You passed on well wishes and ran down to the gym. You were in need of a good run. You put your head phones in and started to stretch. Halfway through the first song your Email alert went off. You pulled up the email app and quickly read through the list of recruits that would be arriving tomorrow afternoon.

You decided to keep from individual interactions with the recruits for at least the first couple  days to be able to judge their ability without the bias of the soulmate bond. The last thing you needed was to compromise someones training because of a few words on your skin. If you could hold off the official meeting… Maybe you could avoid it some how.

Scott showed up at 2:30 and you got to work kicking his ass. He was decent but street fighting wasn’t a style that would save your ass against a HYDRA agent. You could see the moves Hope had tried to teach him when he got really desperate but honestly, it wasn’t enough. You slowed down dramatically to show him where he was miss stepping and how he should guard for certain attacks. After two hours of training and instruction, you felt pretty good about what he had learned. Scott stood up from where you had knocked him on his back again. He pressed his hand to his lower back and hunched over.

“Jesus, Y/N, I need a break.  I’m going to be so sore tomorrow and I have a play date with Cassie.”

“Sorry, Scott. Go ahead and get out of here. We’ll go again in a couple days.”

“Alright recruits! Listen up! I am Agent L/N. Today we’re going to be sparring with each other so that I can evaluate the areas you each need to work on. This will start out one on one but before your final day you must be prepared to defend against several attackers at once. I suggest you keep a close eye on your peers, look for mistakes and strengths that you can remove or implement in your own technique. If you are pinned for longer than three seconds your time is up and you’ll head back to your seats. This is not a pass/fail exercise. Tomorrow, after I review my notes we will move on to making you stronger agents and hopefully move you on to the next phase of your training. However, if you have shown no improvement by the end of your three weeks with me, you will be sent back to S.H.I.E.L.D for placement in one of their open departments. So please take the next few weeks very seriously.”

You stepped away from the training mats and started calling out groups of two and watching them. The first set couldn’t land a single hit in the 10 minutes you gave them and the rest of the agents weren’t any better. Your notes consisted of tough criticism and curse words. You weren’t normally this hard on the agents S.H.I.E.L.D sent but the itching and burning sensation on your ankle started to get worse as the day went on. It seemed like you were reaching down to scratch it every ten minutes. You knew there was no way it meant good news.

“Alright guys. As we all could see you have plenty of work ahead of us. You are free to use the rest of the night as you see fit. Grab some dinner, train, do some research, but most importantly get some sleep. Training starts tomorrow.” You dismissed the group and headed to your room. You turned on the tv for background noise but quickly fell asleep.

At six in the morning your alarm went off and you hurried to grab your notes and change into your training outfit before heading down to the gym. You hopped on the treadmill and started working on your pointers for each recruit. After an hour of running your leg started to burn so you decided it was time to stop. When you walked in to the locker room you rolled down the top of your sock to get a good look at the words for the first time since they first appeared. The letters had become tender and the skin around them inflamed. The tiniest amount of pressure sent a sharp sting up your entire leg. No one had said anything about this before.

You pulled your sock up as you heard two of the female recruits come through the door. They both spotted you and smiled before heading to their lockers. You quickly fastened the lock on yours before heading back out to the training area to wait for the rest to show up.

It was almost 8 AM before everyone had filed in. Most of them still had sleep in their eyes and were sporting serious cases of bed head. You sighed and walked out to the center of the room. You pulled the instructor voice out and addressed your audience.

“Alright, Does anyone remember why we train in so many different fighting styles?”

A hand shot up from the middle of the group. “Yes?”

“So that we can defend and incapacitate an attacker no matter the situation…” The blonde girl answered.

“Yes. Very good. Today I had a training session scheduled with one of our newest Avengers for this very reason. Scott?”

Scott slowly made his way from the locker room, giving the agents a small smile and wave.

“Scott here has agreed to help with today’s refresher. Are you ready?”

“Well, this is my first time with an audience so, be gentle.” He joked as he squared up.

You started with basic street fighting, which you knew Scott excelled at. You were trying to give the agents in their seats a taste of what real sparring felt like. After several minutes of both of you landing several good hits you stepped back and addressed everyone.

“That was basic street fighting. You will see this with most lower level thugs and those newest to fighting. Alright Scott, we are going to move on to some more difficult styles. We are going to go at a dramatically slowed down pace so that you can see exactly what we are doing.”

“Before you guys head off to get some lunch Scott and I are going to speed things back up.”

You turned to Scott and prepared for the next round. After couple of near pins from Scott you dropped to the floor and kicked his legs out from under him, throwing him to the ground before you pinned him firmly to the mat.

“Okay guys, go grab some food.” You said before helping Scott off the mat.

“That wasn’t so bad, you picked up quite a bit since the first time.” You said with a smile.

“Thanks.” He said rubbing his shoulder. “Hey, you seemed a little off the other day. Are you doing alright?”

“Yeah. I’ve just got a few things on my mind right now.”

“Okay. I just wanted to make sure. You seem a little better today.”

You pushed his shoulder playfully and told him to go get food before he passed out. On your way out the door you both heard someone faintly clapping from the other entrance. Your heads turned to see who it was when you got an eyeful of the Captain himself.

Oh no. You thought to yourself. This can’t mean good news. He should still be in Wakanda.

You waled over to him and he grabbed you up in a giant hug.

“How did it go?” You asked, a hint of disappointment coloring your tone. You were worried about Steve, you knew that this whole situation was taking a toll on him.

“It worked.” You looked at him in disbelief. “I know its crazy but he did it.”

“Oh my god! That’s amazing! When will he be here? I’d love to meet him!” You exclaimed. Steve was one of your closest friends here and you were excited that things were finally going his way. You were so excited that you almost didn’t notice your ankle flare.

“Any minute actually. He’s on his way up with Steven. He couldn’t to meet you. You really have been a life saver the last few months and he may have heard more than a few stories. Plus he could never resist a pretty girl.” Steve chuckle as the blood flowed to your cheeks.

You pulled your leg up to scratch  as you heard two voices making their way down the hall. The burning sensation got worse and you couldn’t stop scratching.

“Are you alright, Y/N?” Steve asked you as you leaned down to focus your attention on your ankle.

“Yeah, Just a mosquito bite.” You lied.

“Well, Y/N, This is Bucky.” When you stood back up you were met with the bluest eyes you’d ever seen. “Bucky, This is Y/N, the woman who should be crazy due to how much she’s had to deal with me in the last few months.”

Bucky’s eyes lit up and a smile broke across his face at Steve’s words.

“Lovely to meet you, Doll.”


so the year seems to be coming to an end and i’ve seen a few people do these already so!!

i guess i can understand why people would be upset with the new twin peaks but i feel like the people who would be upset with it not being just like the old one wouldn’t have cared that much about it coming back in the first place then? i figure the show (and fwwm) itself displayed a natural progression of tone and style and this version of twin peaks feels much more inevitable than just “never mind all that! here’s just the same old shift from the beginning of the show like nothing happened”

idk i just really love it and i feel bad for people who went in expecting different but i hope they can still get some enjoyment out of it

Definition of Loyal - Marco Reus

Originally posted by koenigreus

Marco Reus was deeply embedded in hearts of girls all around the world. But that meant absolutely nothing to him. I mean, he appreciated it sure. But he only wanted to be in the heart of one girl.

Aimee Kirchen.

The African/American stunner had captured the heart of the German wonder ever since he met her in Miami just over two years. Ever since that moment no other women crossed his mind. Well, other than his Mother and Grandmother.

Marco Reus was the definition of loyal.

No matter how many girls in too-tight dresses and plenty of cleavage showing made their interest in him as clear as day, he wasn’t interested. Every time he was dragged out to a club by his team mates the only thing on his mind was getting home to his girlfriend as soon as humanly possible. It didn’t matter how many girls tried to tempt him onto the dance floor, the only girl he’d ever dance with was curled up at home watching TV on the sofa.

The couple had received plenty of comments on how they ‘didn’t look right’ together. Marco was pale, Aimee was adorned with beautiful dark skin. Marco’s hair was always perfectly styled whereas Aimee’s mop of dark hair was always roaming free. Marco dressed up when they went out, Aimee wore a simple dress and denim jacket. Marco was quick tempered, Aimee was calm.

Polar opposites.

Some of his team mates had even made half-hearted attempts to split the couple up in the early stages of their relationship before they learnt how loyal Marco was to this particular lady.

Before Aimee Marco was somewhat a player. He got with plenty of girls and had a habit of never letting anything get further than texting or a first date. Aimee had completely changed him, unintentionally. The moment he saw her playing volleyball on the beach in shorts and her bikini top he was completely hooked.

It was another normal day for Marco, training followed by another photoshoot. Aimee had decided to join him, wanting to see more of Marco’s life outside of football. They entered the sky-rise building hand in hand before entering the set. Marco led her towards the dressing room where he quickly proceeded to change into the first set of clothes set out for him. Aimee found no shame in ogling him.

“Like what you see?” Marco smirked, pulling his shirt over his head.

“You know I do.” Aimee said bluntly. Marco smiled at the nature of his girlfriend, loving that she wasn’t ashamed of checking him out. He found it unbelievably sexy how confident she was. He leant down and kissed her lips softly, eliciting a barely audible moan from her lips.

“Come on. Come watch me.” He helped her up and they walked out onto the set. Aimee positioned herself behind the camera and Marco positioned himself onto the white background and listened to the photographers instructions. He struck some poses, winking a few times at Aimee as she shamelessly followed his every mood.

“Marco go change.” The photographer ordered and Marco obliged. “So you’re Aimee, correct?”

“That’s me.”

“You look different to how I expected.” Aimee had got that line many times. “You’re quite stunning. Do you model?”

“Nope.” She shook her head. “That’s Marco’s kind of thing. I just came to watch.”

“Give it a try. There’s some spare clothes in the dressing room. Change into them and come model with Marco.” Aimee nodded and walked out of the room and down the corridor to the dressing room. She caught sight of two assistants, one with black hair and the other with red, cornering Marco.

“So… That girl out there. Your sister?” Seriously? Were they that stupid?

“No,” Marco laughed. “that’s my girlfriend.”

“Oh. She doesn’t look like your type.” Marco just shook his head.

“She’s perfect for me, thank you very much.” Aimee smiled at her boyfriend. She didn’t need him to defend her but still, it was nice.

“Well everyone’s replaceable.” The red head giggled, running her hand down his bicep. Marco was quick to shake her off, anyone but Aimee’s hands on him felt so so wrong.

“Not her.” Aimee chose this moment to make her presence known and walk towards her boyfriend. Marco caught sight of her quickly and pushed himself out of the corner towards her.

“Hey baby girl.” He smiled, pecking her lips a few times making her giggle.

“Hi babe.” She replied. “I’m modelling in the next part of the shoot.”

“That’s great!” Marco smiled. “Excuse us ladies, we better get changed.”

“Ok now Marco, Aimee, I need you both to hold the German flag and just do a funny pose!” They followed the instruction and the picture was snapped. “Perfect! That’s all for today. You did great as per usual Marco. And Aimee, you really should think about modelling, you’re a natural.” The photographer smiled.  The couple smiled and got changed back into their regular clothes and picked up the courteous freebies they had been given, courtesy of the designer.

Just as they were leaving the two assistants came up to them.

“Can we have a picture please?” The black haired one asked. Marco looked at Aimee, getting the nod of approval. Aimee took the phone as the girls stood either side of Marco.

“Uhm, could you like hold her butts?” The red head asked cheekily. Marco didn’t need to even ask Aimee for her approval.

“Sorry no.” He said bluntly. Aimee snapped the picture quickly and Marco quickly got himself out of the sandwich. He quickly entwined their fingers and they left the building.

“That was interesting…” Aimee spoke. Marco shrugged.

“I like modelling with you. It’s so natural. Whenever I model with other girls it feels weird.”

“Because you’re the sweetest, most courteous and loyal boyfriend to ever grace this Earth.”

“Why would I ever be unloyal? I’ve got the prettiest girl in the world.” Marco cheesed, pecking his girlfriend’s lips quickly.