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Here’s my breakdown of what happened at C2E2!

I spent Friday attending professional panels for the comics industry, which probably deserves a post of its own, but I don’t think anyone is interested in me talking shop. But Saturday was devoted to Agents of SHIELD stuff with Iain and Liz. I had an amazing time and so many awesome things happened. Truly it was the best con experience I’ve ever had and, as @bigfunnywords (HEY Tumblr finally let me tag you!) said, I lived my best life. I’ll try to do the tl;dr version but this will probably get long.

Putting the rest behind a cut for your scrolling convenience.

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anonymous asked:

yeah I realize she manipulated people and I don't excuse what she did at all. Donut did bad things and she shouldn't be the leader of teenietots. You forced her off her blog or you would make a whole community unsafe. You barely even told people half of the real truth. You harassed her to make her leave. she didn't want to leave but she did it because she was cared for the baby's in this community. you didn't tell anyone you secretly are running the league because you want all the control ( 1 )

you didn’t tell anyone the members what really happened. You didn’t let her and the members have a real goodbye. You didn’t give them time to talk things out and let everyone know that they will be safe still. You didn’t do that. you just tell them she was bad, yep she was unsafe and a manipulator, but your no better. You manipulated her off this blog. this was her only reason to live. she cared about her members and the members cared about her, more than half of the members still wish donut (2)
was still around. it’s not because she was mama, it’s not because they faught for attention, it’s because they trusted her. She made them feel loved. don’t get me wrong what your trying to do is great, trying to fix what was broken, but you owe everyone what really happened. Why don’t you tell them how you bullied the old agere mods so bad they they finally just left and you made the new league. And you PLANNED to have donut gone. No warning to her and the babies in this community. (3)
so many are inactive and left tumblr because of you guys. you need to fix what you broke. I’m done here.
Annabelle tried to expose her for her trauma blog a long time ago and you didn’t care until recently when the first agere blog fell apart… care to explain this? you just excused this and said it’s seperate from her regression

I would like to thank you for the 5 part message you sent in our inbox because it gave me a lot to think about. You really wanna know the whole truth? Well here you go!
1. Yes I am Wonder of the AgeRe League, it was never a secret and it was never because I wanted power. I was asked to be a mediator because I can be level headed during discussions.
2. No, we didn’t bully the old agere mods. They bullied us. They picked favorites and let things slide. Did you know that they ran screw-agere? Did you know that Vullby would cuss and get mad at us for having an opinion? Did you know that Alpha was never on and wouldn’t stop Vullby’s behavior?
3. No Donut didn’t want to leave, but she had to. We didn’t harass her or bully her. We tried to have a civil discussion with her but she took it the wrong way
4. Yes, we did keep it from Donut because she would have freaked out and tried to turn people against us. Because that’s what she does. That’s what you’re doing. Trying to turn people against us.
5. Yes she “cared for her babies” but she had favorites, she would ignore asks, she would ignore messages from people on discord. I have had multiple people tell me that she ignored their messages on Discord even though she was actively talking in the Teenietot server.
6. Yes some members cared about her but most were SCARED of her! Wanna know what she did?
7. She manipulated Kohina into spending $80 on her so that she would talk to her. She knew people were low on money yet still BEGGED for things
8. She was SEXUAL with an adult whom she had FORCED into a relationship and was SEXUAL with them when they were regressed. They were so scared of her they left discord AND tumblr. She would threaten them whenever they tried to break up with her
9. She REFUSED to remove exclusionists and truscum from the community until an ultimatum was given. wanna know why she refused? Because she didn’t want to lose members and “some of them are nice”
10. She LIED about the Kidheart community to make Teenietots hate them. They never allowed kink, they never “bullied” Donut. She left the community so they kicked her out of the discord cause she wasn’t a member anymore. How is that bullying?
11. In the mod chat, she would constantly talk about sexual topics even though it made us uncomfortable and most of us are adults
12. She posts questionable photos and still has porn on her trauma blog and do you know how many littles and cglre blogs were following teenietots? That means she never blocked them. She refused to use DNI banners because they “ruined her photos”
13. She tried to force Pillar to delete the teenietots blog because it was wrong and she would rather see it deleted then have us run it
14. More than half? Tell me their names. Show me proof they want her back. Because from what we’ve seen we have more support than she ever did.
15. Most of her “900 members” were inactive or deleted blogs or repeated on the list. So it’s not our fault they’re inactive
I’m tired of arguing with people about this. You’re trying to make us look like bad people but we’re doing our best. And obviously you would rather have a manipulative leader over leaders who actually care.

- Star

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Hi Em! First let me say that you are a devastatingly beautiful writer. I can't believe I didn't know about your love of mermaids, did you happen to see that post on tumblr about a potential origin story for mermaids? That long ago, women on board a ship was considered bad luck and so they'd throw the women overboard and that these poor women were turned into mermaids as a chance of revenge against those who wronged her. Luring sailors to their death, in hopes they were her killers? Part 1/?

There’s more to this idea, but I don’t want to flood you (and I can’t find the original ask I sent someone else). Imagine the mermaid origin story but applied to Omegas in an A/B/O ‘verse. Stiles as an Omega, traveling in secret to visit his father. Peter as the captain who spitefully reveals Stiles’ status because Stiles rejected his advances. Peter cowardly fleeing the sea because Stiles is constantly searching for him, instead meeting (and falling for) Peter’s descendant, Derek.

Alright, I am going to tell you now, if you want to flood my inbox with mermaid headcanons, lore and messages, never question it. JUST DO IT. Because mermaids are my thing. I mean, one night I sat for three hours watching a “scientific documentary” about merfolk and was still captivated by it. I LET PEOPLE CONVINCE ME MERMAIDS HAPPENED. DON’T JUDGE, IT WAS 4AM.

As for this fic idea, I adore it. I really need to write more mer!Stiles (because mer!Stiles is my favourite). And so, maybe Peter throws him over but because he’s part spark the ocean saves him by turning him into a merman. And at first, Stiles is like all merfolf, he’s angry and bitter and wants to kill the man responsible for his death. And most merfolk stay this way; most stay dark and bitter and seek death as much as land humans seek love. 

And one day, after years of searching, Stiles finds the same ship he was thrown off of. Except instead of finding Peter, he finds Derek. And, you know, Stiles doesn’t have any humanity left in him, no moral compass (think vampires in Buffy) and he thinks, well, good enough, he can kill this man for now. 

However, Stiles is still just a baby merman, and he isn’t a match for Derek’s crew- Erica, Boyd and Isaac- who manage to capture Stiles and put him in a kind of special tank (this can be modern day, shhh). 

Anyway, OF COURSE, bonding will start to happen and there are moments when Stiles remembers his old life, remembers his mom, remembers his dad, remembers Scott and Lydia and other moments of being human. And they don’t last for long but Derek can’t bare to let him go back to the sea, he is convinced there is a way to bring Stiles back because PLOT TWIST, DEREK KNOWS STILES FROM WHEN THEY WERE KIDS. He was really close to Stiles, they dated, but then a war broke out and Derek had to go to sea and Stiles’ father was captured, leaving his only son to stand with the soldiers on the home front. And his dad was all Stiles had left, so he agreed to let Peter take him on his ship even though Stiles always hated Peter and Stiles suspects he may be on the opposing side of the war (I don’t know what the war is, maybe supernatural vs supernatural hunters). Peter is easily bribed so he could be working for the other side, he has no allegiance to anyone or anything. All he cares about his power.

And THEN LET THERE BE A SLOW BUILD UP. MAYBE ONE DAY STILES MANAGES TO BREAK OUT OF THE TANK, BUT INSTEAD OF DYING HE FINDS HIMSELF HUMAN AGAIN. AND THE OLD STILES RETURNS. BUT HE CAN NEVER STAY THAT WAY FOR LONG. And so, every night Stiles must go back in the tank and become a merman again. And it becomes sadder and sadder because Derek and Stiles fall in love but every time Stiles becomes a merman again he wants to kill Derek. And it breaks both of their hearts, especially Stiles’ who always remembers everything the next day (think Nogitsune, almost). And of course there might even be a love scene which is very angsty and sad because they want to stay together like this always and there are long painful kisses and holding each other close and I love yous whispered.


And the war isn’t over yet, not by a long shot, but Derek and Stiles are together and they know they will be okay as long as they are together. 

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Hi, I was msg u what I have written down in advance gratitude, and abt my fiancée. I didn't understand what u were trying to tell me. But I'd like to do this 30 day game n maybe that will help with this situation but not only for this tho, but I'm not sure exactly what ur doing on it, I have been looking at all ur posts abt it but I'm still not sure. Can u make a list of things I should do on this 30 day game? Thanxx

That is my fault, my apologies. I didn’t quite understand what you were asking me. My answer wasn’t very clear, so again I apologize.

If you were writing your gratitude list saying thank you in advance, and you didn’t feel happy or good about the list, or you didn’t feel like it felt true….what you could do is rephrase it in a way that felt true to you.

How “you” “personally” respond to whatever’s going on with you and your fiance/husband is what will attract to you.

If you ask your question again, perhaps I will understand better what you were asking. My apologies for not understanding. I do feel like I would understand better if you asked again.

🌟As for the the 30 day manifestation game, here’s what I do:

🌟Each day of the game, when I wake up, I either listen to a list of things that I appreciate (a gratitude list that I record with my own voice), and or write them down and say them out loud.

🌟This helps you focus positively early in the morning.


👉1. Gratitude list.👈

✔Example: I am so happy and grateful for all of the people who contribute positive value in the world.

💡When you get to around day 14,15,16 you start transitioning the gratitude lists in a phrasing that is 👉like you already have it now.👈

✔Example: I am so happy and grateful now that I have in excess $50,000 flowing to me each month in ways that are compatible with what inspires me, helps me have positive impact on the lives of many others, and is in alignment with what I love to do in positive and healthy ways.

You don’t have to do this in the morning, that’s just what’s recommended. Nowdays I naturally wake up 2 hours (for some reason) before I would usually have to for that day no matter what time it is or when I go to sleep. It is just something that tends to happen, and typically I feel super energized. You can do it whenever you are able to, so don’t think you have to do it like that.

💡Then, while I brush my teeth I say one or more “Wouldn’t it be nice ifs” to set a tone for the day.

You can say as many as you want. Often I have too many to count, and often I have just one.

👉2. Wouldn’t it be nice if…

✔Example “Wouldn’t it be nice if I received a new book today that inspired me?”

✔Or “Wouldn’t it be nice if my fiancee and I started having a more positive and harmonious relationship today?”

Then at some point at the day, generally I do it in the morning…however somedays it works out at different times…I listen to some music that makes me feel good and I dance ALL OUT!!! I give it all I have, sometimes working up a sweat.


👉3. Dance to some good vibed music.

💡Then, throughout the day, I choose how I want to respond to whatever happens throughout the day. I focus on what feels better as much as possible. I listen to my recorded gratitude list throughout the day. When driving I will even play them out loud and say them as loud as I can which causes me to feel energized. Customize it however workd the best for you.

👉4. Read or Listen to 5-30 minutes of positive materials each day. That could mean something educational that you are interested in, something law of attraction related, like I’ll often watch Ted talks or listen to audiobooks. @thecoloroftime likes to listen to Abraham recordings and do meditations, I believe @lawofattractionandlove likes to do similar. So whatever works for you the best is what you do here. Whatever you feel good about.

💡Often I like to link the videos so people can watch them if they want too.

👉🌟🌟🌟The whole purpose of the game is to feel at least 1% better each day and to have others who support you in positive and healthy ways.🌟🌟🌟👈

💡You can customize the game to whateber (I mean whatever lol) goal you are trying to achieve with your fiance as well.

👉5. Play the “What’s Exciting” game. Basically you either go back and forth sharing with someone things that would be exciting to you in positive and healthy ways, and or play the game with yourself.
Just message me if you want a better idea of it. Eventually you could do this with your fiance/husband and that would be awesome.

👉6. Watch at least one funny video, movie, or something funny that makes you laugh each day. One of my favorite things to do nowadays is watch @persiandollxo videos. She has a YouTube channel, check it out and show her some love. She has naturally had me rolling in laughter on several occassions. And also @clairecity has made me laugh too. She has a YouTube channel as well. I have some of @persiandollxo videos posted on this blog, I might have all of then posted at some point. I think if you go on my blog and search Sanam Abedini the videos will all pop up.

👉7. Before you go to sleep, do another appreciation list, list all the good that happened during the day, and imagine how you would like your next day to flow. You could even add in “what would be exciting if it happened the next day?”

💡Then you can post it daily on Tumblr, or write it down in a journal so you can see your progress. It is cool to look back at a journal and see all the progress you have made, plus it helps you to reread it at times too.

So that’s basically the game. You don’t have to do all of that, and you could do more. What you want to be sure to do is the gratitude lists, dance to the music, the “What’s Exciting” game, and you want to focus on what feels better as often as you can.

💡You also want to take a new action each day that is alignment with progress. Message me ti explain that further.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Side note: You might not want to play the What’s Exciting game every day. Because if you do it like I do it, you get all excited and if you get too excited it can be like a sugar rush (which means you could have a come down period), so you will have balance it out according to what works for you. Once the things that you are excited about feel normal for you to have, you’ll notice them flowing in with ease. The excitement just starts the process.

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hi i sent that ask about louis/bg and i think you misinterpreted what i was trying to say. forget about ot/nt for a minute because that is just speculation right now. you reblogged something that the gist of was 'if louis really had got a ons pregnant his team would handle it better, they haven't protected him, therefore he didn't get her pregnant'. however if this team is going out of their way to smear him then why would they protect him in this instance? i'm not disputing a smear campaign (1)

(2) i’m just saying ‘his team would have dealt with this better if it was real’ can’t be used as a valid argument if you believe his team is actively undermining him. i hope you understand the point i’m trying to make.

That’s an interesting argument, but one that I still don’t subscribe to for a few reasons. The big two include: the suspicious nature of the first round of press and that I don’t believe Louis would refuse to cooperate with the mother of his child.

If I take as fact the assumptions: a) Briana and Louis got pregnant during a one night stand and b) Louis was refusing to be involved and c) Louis’ team was running a smear campaign (I do accept this one, to be clear).

That would mean:

1. Louis had the fortune of getting the one women whose name had been published in the clubbing press pregnant and whose social media had been cleared months prior.

2. Louis thought it best to tweet “worth the while” and throw a baby doll off stage while repeating “It’s not real” with Liam.

3. Louis trusted his team enough to tell them rather than keeping it to private lawyers to negotiate with Briana and ensure it was settled that way.

4. That the pregnancy was announced before 12 weeks, with an obviously planned/okayed People longform article. This was okay with his team and Briana.

5. That article just happened to be written in a way that didn’t quite confirm the story, and the subsequent press was rife with doubts, references towards Larry and a pregnant Harry manip. 

6. That Louis, who clearly loves children, who has obvious resentment towards the man who abandoned him as a child, and whose mother is highly involved in his life wouldn’t cooperate with Briana to the point where her family is participating in the smear campaign.

7. That Jay would go against her son’s wishes and court Briana as the family was running a smear campaign against Louis.

8. That this family, expecting a child of Louis’ whom is going to be a permanent fixture in their lives, would think that public shame would encourage Louis to be more involved rather than likely to push him away further.

9. That Louis would do things like purposefully publicize Chicagopalooza (or whatever the fandom called it) while Briana was heavily pregnant with his child, some might say “rubbing it in her face” with all of the publicity.

10. That Briana, who is “private” and “stressed out by everybody on her instagram” would come to tumblr, of all places, and leave messages on for the dredges of the internet to tell her any though they might have. Doing so under her real name and answering questions about the pregnancy. If Briana was pregnant and honestly in the situation where the popular and famous biological father of her child was refusing to cooperate and then rubbing her face in it, I would hope she has enough of a support system to remove herself from situations like tumblr, especially when she’s acknowledged that the online commentary is stressful to her.

While your theory is interesting, I could almost subscribe to it and understand how you came to it: but this pregnancy is too suspect for me to accept it at face value. I wrote in the tags of your referenced post that it was reported in a way that could possibly be real for about two weeks; but even in those first weeks the cracks were present enough for people to not really believe, especially when considering the concurrent Larry press. So I just can’t believe that Louis and Briana had an accidental pregnancy and his team used it as an opportunity for their smear campaign. Because I can’t buy that a) this was an accidental pregnancy and not a stunt and b) that this is how Louis would behave in the event of an accidental pregnancy.

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Can I just confess something something ? I really like your posts and I've feel like i could confide in you ... So, here goes nothing : When 700 came out I was sick, I had a flu and was stuck home so I had nothing else to look forward that day besides the final chapter of this manga i followed for years and when I've read it I swear I fell even more sick. That day I could't sleep, eat and just cried for 2 hours. (1)

Mostly because I saw SS becoming canon and it reminded me of my past relationship so much. It was very similar to it (as much as it can get in the real world of course) and it took me years to move and now all of a sudden I felt invalidated because whether he meant it or not, the message Kishi is sending is that it’s okay. Just wait for him. Endure the pain. It does’t matter what he does if you give up it wasn’t love and after everything I’ve been through I couldn’t stand it (2)

I close very close to a mental breakdowns because I kept having flashback of him and how he treated me it was horrible. Hopefully my therapist was there, of course I didn’t tell what triggered me just made up an excuse .. I see SS shippers claiming that its not unhealthy or anything and not make fun of real abusive relationships, well i have a scoop for y'all please don’t defend it in front of someone who’s actually been in shitty alike relationship and know how it works. You making it worse (3)

Oh my gosh…I’m so sorry you went through all that. D’: Your story honestly brought me to tears.

We all deserve to be happy, to find someone who treats us with the love and respect we deserve as human beings, someone who will make waking up each morning a wonderful experience just because we can see that person beside us. Some see people they believe to be the key to their happiness and overlook the glaring flaws that person has. Sometimes that’s okay, sometimes a part of loving someone is learning to accept and love the other person’s flaws.

But sometimes those flaws are dangerous. Sometimes those flaws are harmful to their partner. And no one should ever feel compelled to accept or love someone’s flaws when they cause the other person pain, emotional or physical. And encouraging the idea that anyone, male or female, should wait and endure pain for the sake of another is wrong.

You should never have to endure pain for someone you love. Love should never hurt you so deeply that you cry yourself to sleep at night, that you look downtrodden just thinking about the other person, that you show bruises on either your body, soul, or both.

And this is why I can never ship canon SasuSaku. It’s toxic in almost every way. Sasuke’s constant jabs at Sakura’s self-esteem, calling her useless and annoying, disregarding her life on multiple occasions either leaving her to die or trying to kill her himself, all of that is toxic. And on the flip side Sakura’s disregarding Sasuke’s feelings and constantly trying to emotionally manipulate him is also incredibly toxic. It’s the epitome of a bad relationship, a relationship no one should ever have to be in.

Love should make you smile, make you feel joyful butterflies in your stomach when you think about the other person. A relationship should make you feel whole, give you happy memories you’ll cherish forever. SasuSaku has none of these things. Whenever Sakura thinks of Sasuke she looks like she’s about to cry. Whenever Sasuke looks at Sakura he looks like he wants to hit her or he flat out ignores her. They are not happy. And to see people defend canon SasuSaku as romantic and beautiful is still honestly pretty sickening to watch. They’re not meant to be a beautiful romantic couple, they’re meant to be dysfunctional and dramatic, they’re meant to be a depiction of an unhealthy relationship for the purpose of creating drama to pull lazy plots out of Kishi’s ass. No one should ever look at canon SasuSaku and think it’s a model for a good, healthy relationship.

And I’m sorry to anyone who, after reading this ending, was led to believe SasuSaku validates this kind of relationship as being healthy and romantic. It’s not. Kishimoto made a horrible choice in making SasuSaku canon. Don’t let his stupidity invalidate your sense of right and wrong. Do what makes you happy, not what some hack author thinks makes for good romance. And I guarantee you, being with someone who makes you look like this:

will not make you happy.

Oh boy, lets talk about my own personal comicon-creep cause god damn is he the definition of cringe himself…first off, this fucker is like 16 years older than me, i recently turned 21 so y'know think about that even though im legal and everything but lets start

I live in texas, near austin so i go to cons around the area, like A-kon, wizard world austin con, ect. and i usually have some pretty good times until this fucker finds me. We’re just gonna call him L cause even i dont want to fucking call him by his cringey self made nickname, and L finds me at the 2013 wizard world Austin comicon, he complimented my lady deadpool cosplay which was nice, i thanked him and asked him if he wanted a photo, took one with him and went on with my day and taking photos with others, except he was there, every time i went to take a photo with someone, taking a photo of me. okay. I assumed maybe he just wanted a couple different angles of my costume because i told him i completely hand made it and he said he was just starting out, i brushed it off and finished my day at the con and went home.

Then this fucker found me on tumblr, thats fine i suppose, i post my cosplay stuff on here too, and then he keeps messaging me about my costumes, which con i was gonna go to, stuff like that, its fine i guess, tell him the next one i was thinkin about going to was one in Waco, maybe wear lady deadpool there.

Fast forwarding to Waco comicon 2015, i took a break with cons for a bit, so i go, this con is okay, but oh. OH. he’s there. im mumbling to myself about ‘fuck i shouldnt have worn this now hes gonna know im here..’ i muster up a fake ‘hiiiii how are you’ and decline a hug politely which i guess (?) he understood because i had weapons on me and my doll in costume too, but heres where more cringe starts. he dug through my tumblr and stuff to find out more on lady deadpool because shes genuinely a fave character of mine and he starts referring to me as her and by her real name Wanda Wilson, great just fucking great.

I go around this con and this fucker is following me again while people ask for photos with me like hes jealous or some shit and continuously refers to me as Wanda though i tell him tons of times my real name and that he can use that, or the beginning of my blog name 'Chimi’ because i am not wanda wilson and i will never be the real wanda wilson she exists on paper, in comics, but he doesnt get it.

He continuously refers to me as her, my doll as 'lil ladypool’ and more, and he also completely ignored the panic attack he gave me during the con causing me to have to leave early because of this fucker, he decided to hug me while im trembling and one of the security guards had to get him away from me. Good god i hate this fucker

What kills me more is that he treats me or 'wanda’ like his waifu and tried holding my hand through that con, brushing my ponytail for my costume and more and i swear to fucking god if he shows up at the next cons i go to in july and august im gonna explode he is literally the reason i cannot even enjoy wearing my favorite cosplay i worked so hard on anymore because he ruined it for me.

The picture here is just for fun, its myself in costume on the way to that waco con before shit went downhill. Fuck you L. Fuck. You.

holy fucking god

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Look we re all sick to death of all your caryl fantasies. I am not saying you are bad at writing but you should really file your little stories under fan fiction cause that's where they belong. It's not nice to see someone waste their talent so since I believe you write some good stuff if you insist on not calling it what it is FICTION can you at least write something real, something about what Daryl and Beth have going on? Their relationship happened and caryl didn't?

Dear Anon,

I feel rather strangely conflicted about your message because while YOU are giving ME a compliment YOU are also insulting MY own sense of reality and essentially suggesting that MY opinions and MY perceptions are in fact delusional or as you say - fictional!
That implies that you either think I am crazy, that I can’t think for myself or that I can’t be trusted to distinguish between something real and something imagined.
Of course you might also be concerned that I am not familiar with Tumblr tags and that i might be mistakenly “filing” my posts in the wrong place? Another reason could be that you wanted to perhaps send me a prompt or a topic suggestion for a future blog post?

Regardless of your intent I guess you are expecting me thank you for the message, explain myself and my posts to you and basically assure you that I will now rectify the situation with your help?
I think we both know that the chances of that happening are pretty slim…right?
But you were somewhat complimentary and somewhat polite so I will try to give you the same courtesy back and dignify your message with a proper response….

First of all the posts you are referring to just like all the other “analysis”, speculation, discussion or opinion blogs on tumblr (regardless of fandom) are indeed fictional and based purely on the authors personal opinion on the subject or the authors own interpretation of the topic at hand. Nobody claims that their writing is entirely factual because nobody could ever be 100% accurate, 100% of the time - we are all commenting on someone else’s work so we can never be sure of the original purpose or intent that the creator had in mind in the first place.

My CARYL metas are written on what I perceive, feel or think TWD is trying to say about the relationship between two fictional characters - Carol and Daryl!
I share my own view about what these two people have together, I suggest the direction I personally feel their connection is headed, I contemplate their future relationships and interactions with others AND I express how I feel about who and what they are.

I might be completely WRONG BUT I think the issue here is that you are concerned at just how RIGHT I might be!
I think my hopefulness about CARYL in the future is making you uncomfortable, I think reading my posts is threatening your own perception of Daryl and Carol’s connection and I think you want me to stop reminding you that there is a very likely alternative relationship direction TWD writers just might finally follow through on!

I get it! It’s upsetting for sure!
Nobody likes to be shown something they don’t like and nobody certainly wants to doubt or be told that something they feel “happened” actually didn’t at all!
Carylers have had to hear that CARYL is “delusional”, “forced”, “old news”, “ridiculous”, “imagined”, “wishful thinking”, “pathetic”, “dead”…
I’ve seen it all before, it’s made me mad, it’s made me laugh, it’s made me bitter and it’s even made me sad! It was hurtful and mind numbing but unlike you I didn’t actively go searching for it, I didn’t go into other ship tags and wasted time reading that ships interpretations, I didn’t message other shippers and insult them, I didn’t comment to tell them they were wrong and I certainly didn’t send passive aggressive messages like this one and ask them to write something about “Daryl and Beth”!

If I saw a post that was hateful, mean or even irrelevant to CARYL I simply blocked the blogger, black-listed words I knew could ruin my mood and made sure to follow people on my dash that talked about things they LOVED and not things I HATED.
It was a simple strategy and it’s definitively not perfect but it usually works pretty great!
I am telling you - it will make you feel so much calmer and so much better if you give it a try!

I am sorry if my posts hurt your feelings or upset you in any way - it wasn’t my intention of course and if you go back in my archive I can guarantee you that I have never tagged anything written by me with another ship. I don’t need negativity in my life and doing so would only invite trouble and pointless bickering. I write about things I love so why would I purposely go searching for or inviting others who I know are just waiting to ruin it for me?
Block me and forget me I exist - it’s really that simple!

However for the record I don’t deny neither Carol and Daryl OR Daryl and Beth - both relationships happened BUT for me they happened differently than they did for you.

Carol and Daryl have been building a very strong, close emotional connection that has inspired a change within them both to a point that they became stronger, happier and “whole” together. For four seasons they have continued to get closer, more comfortable and more essential to one another AND they did it by choice, because they gravitated towards one another as a man and a woman.

Daryl and Beth have been in close proximity since season two and yet made no attempts to have any kind of a personal relationship with each other until they were “forced” to be in close proximity and alone together. Both didn’t know or understand one another until they basically had no other choice but to be in the same place. The extreme circumstances and shared grief bonded them together and I see them as having a very close familial relationship now BUT nothing I saw on screen gave me any indication that there might be a reciprocated romantic bond between them.

Beth and Daryl happened BUT Carol and Daryl did too - I see CARYL as being much more significant, more powerful and ultimately the only one that’s been developed in a way that promises a lasting romantic LOVE potential between two damaged and yet beautiful people.

This is my opinion, the way I interpret the things I personally see and I have the right to say so - just as you are free to disagree with me and see the whole debacle differently!
Now that you know how I see Daryl and Beth if you want me to write a meta on them I can certainly do that BUT somehow I doubt that’s the reason you reached out to me.

Just remember you have the power to make me go away with a click of a button - it’s not complicated and I can see that it might bring you some peace of mind.
Only you have the power to make my “CARYL Fantasies” disappear from your dash or wherever you ended up finding me…

I’ll Be Caryling On But You Don’t Have To


Datxra’s 100+ Follow Forever Appreciation List

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    //wheezes// when a 70+ follow forever became a 100+ i–.

Frankly, I never thought a day like this will come. Like heck, back in March I was hesitant to recreate an Akuma no Riddle rp blog (previously a side blog), concerned that there’ll rarely be anyone interested in interacting with a mere side character. I was insecure to be honest, but now I’m glad I revived this shit midget and took steps to initiate interaction with new people; joining the Fabricated World group verse for one, though I’m still mostly a shy nut (rip).
I’m having more fun than before thanks to everyone, and I hope to rp with more of ya’ll one day :”D

   Hitsugi’s a muse I hold dear to heart. Never have I come across a character I relate to as deep as her, from her mannerisms to decisions, actions and even her inner conflicts. I adore her so much– and while I’m not as eloquent to write of my love for her, I could probably spend the entire day talking about her (and Hitsugi x Shiena headcanons). The shit midget needs to be loved and protected from justice warriors ahhhhh

   Alright enough of me rambling, I’m starting to sound incoherent. This is a Follow Forever + Appreciation list, so I’ll go exactly into that now.

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