for some reason this was impossible to color

Week 5 of my weekly comics for the Nickelodeon artist program. Every time I hear the song, “I See Right Through To You” by DJ Encore, I think of skating at the local rink. This song used to come on when I went to the rink many years ago and it really stuck with me for some reason. The song gave this feeling of transcendence that is almost impossible for me to describe, amplified by the colorful lights and the delusion that I could actually roller skate.  Which unfortunately is something I still cannot do, but hey, I can imagine.



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“i said i love you.” for Bakushima? :D

With a whistle the first fireworks cut the sky in a half before exploding in a million of colors. 

All of them run towards the edge of the rocks to get a better look, pointing and laughing together, the whole class  grinning the same smiles full of joy and cheerfulness.Fireworks at the end of the summer is mandatory and the class 1-A is making the most of it by watching and screaming with excitement. All of the teenagers watch as the fireworks turn the sky into a technicolored show. 

All, but one. Bakugou Katsuki’s eyes see something much closer to the ground. 

Bakugou is staring at Kirishima, watching as the colors reflect on his happy face, as his smile stretches impossibly with laughter, too beautiful to be real. The only reason Bakugou doesn’t assume Kirishima is a dream is the fact that Kirishima’s hand is safely tucked in his, their fingers intertwined firmly. He can’t stop staring as if Kirishima will vanish at some point, because he’s too good, too good to be real. Bakugou’s feelings threaten to overflow at any moment now. I love you, I love you, Kirishima, I love everything about you, I love you...

“I love you.” He hears himself saying beneath all of the noise.

Kirishima turns his eyes to Bakugou, distracted from the fireworks for a moment. “What was that?”

Bakugou could take that chance and brush it off. Maybe it’s too early in their relationship for that kind of confession. He’s nothing if not honest, though, and he won’t go back on his words. Not when he’s so sure.

It’s just a coincidence that everything goes quiet for a short second, everyone expecting the next launching. Bakugou isn’t paying attention to his surroundings, and he probably wouldn’t care if he was. Thus everything is silent and his voice carries when he says:

“I said I love you.”

Explosions in the sky are nothing compared to the noise the rest of the class makes when more than one head turns towards them and understands who said what to whom. 

It doesn’t matter, though. For once, Bakugou doesn’t pay any mind to his annoying classmates, because then Kirishima is in his arms, Kirishima’s lips are on his, his strong arms firmly wrapped around Bakugou’s waits as he softly mutters “I love you too” against Bakugou’s mouth. 

This time, it feels like the fireworks are in his chest.

(How to make something 10x cheesier without any reason: add some corny text)

@reitziluz challenged me (on this x), and since it’s impossible for me to refuse a challenge that’s the outcome ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Harry Styles - Thin Walls

Pairing: Harry and Y/N

Word Count: 5.8k+

Rating: Too much smut

Requested: nope

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how do you change eye color in gifs?? pls help

I think I already answered an ask like that but for some reasons it was impossible for me to put images? So I’m gonna go through the whole thing again with some.. Random gif. Since you did not gave me the name of who you’re trying to edit, I’m gonna use Chris, but if your celebrity has darker eyes it will use a lot more layers to have a nice result. If it’s not helping, please send me another ask with which person you’re trying to change their eye color and I’ll explain you how to do.

Here is what we will be doing:

First of all, you need to create a gif. There’s a ton of tutorials explaining how to do it on Tumblr so I won’t explain that. You just have to know, I use the KMPlayer screencaps version, and you have to keep your gif as frames and not timeline on Photoshop. 

Since it’s only for the tutorial, I made a 10 frames gif, by the way you shouldn’t go over 50 frames or it will take forever to edit! So here is the base gif I will be using :

As you can see, it doesn’t matter if the character moves a lot of not since we will do the modifications frame by frame.

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I talked about my enjoyment of the Colorful Monsters Drawn & Quarterly FCBD issue on this week’s episode; here’s part of the Moomins portion of the book, by Tove Jansson. For some reason, the first caption is impossibly amusing to me. – Graeme

Soulmate AU (the one where you see all colours except the one of your soulmate’s eyes with a little twist) requested by Anon

“Dean, I told the guy with the Continental he can come to pick it up today, are you done with it?” Bobby says as Dean’s putting on his work coverall.

“Yeah, I want to give it a few finishing touches. When is he coming?”

“He said he’d like to come during his lunch break.”

“I’ll be finished by noon then.”


Dean likes to say he loves all cars, some of them just a bit more than the others. The tan Lincoln definitely isn’t one he would choose for himself, but he worked on it with love and made sure it would run smoothly.

He wasn’t very excited about meeting the owner, because let’s be honest, he expected a pimp not a… tax accountant. That’s the first thing that comes to his mind as he sees the guy walking towards him. The tan (seriously what’s up with that color) trench coat looks too big on him as well as the suit underneath and his tie is backwards and blue. Well he guesses it’s blue, because he’s never saw the color before. He looks the guy in the eyes and wow, they are blue too, but a different and much prettier shade.

Dean throws his head back and for the first time in his life the sky isn’t gray. He let’s out a surprised chuckle and only then does he realize the guy was talking to him.

“Are you okay?” he asks now, a hint of concern in his deep voice.

Dean looks in his face, it’s an unusual face, but very attractive. Dean smiles for himself.

“Yeah, yeah, I guess. You?”

The guy’s eyes narrow as he tilts his head.

“Why shouldn’t I be okay?”

Because you just met your soulmate and I know I’m not much but shouldn’t you be at least a bit excited? Dean thinks, but doesn’t say anything out loud because the guy continues impatiently.

“Is something wrong with my car? I was told I could pick it up today.”

“Yeah uhm about that-” Dean rubs the back of his neck and looks at the car.

“I’m sorry but as I was doing the final check out I found there’s something wrong with… with the breaks.”

The guy’s frown deepens.

“There’s something wrong with the breaks?”

“Yeah, you’re really lucky I noticed. But you need to understand I can’t let you drive off like this.”

The owner sighs and runs his hand through his hair. It’s thick and looks soft and Dean wonders how it would feel under his fingers and whoa. He stops himself right there, shaking his head.

“Can you fix it until tomorrow?”

“Yeah of course.”

“Alright then, I’ll come back tomorrow at the same time.”

“Sure, I’ll be ready. I mean, the car will be ready,” Dean says with an awkward smile.

The guy just nods and walks away. Dean watches him leave. He feels confused and a bit hurt.

He pinches the bridge of his nose, realizing that even his damn coverall is blue.

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gemsona week day 6-human au

i picked emerald to do this one because i like drawing emerald

she draws stars and stuff on her hand with a pen a lot and she loves jackets and also painting her nails, she also wears crop tops and high wasted shorts a lot and never brushes her hair

her hair isn’t as floofy as when she’s a gem because it is probably physically impossible to have that floofy of hair to where it looks like a bush and/or a wall of some kind 

kinda sorta a redraw of emerald as a human that i drew in this post from last year 

Oh my! Finished art! This is my demon daughter, Nueva. She’s part 1/3 of my cat-themed ocs headshot series. Nueva is from my upcoming Belladonnas WIP, which I’m likely doing something with for nanowrimo and will likely make accessible for you folks if I do! She doesn’t actually have cat ears, just some magic and a headband that makes her look like it. It’s for the #aesthetic. She is the demon of famine and she’s good at spirit-based shenanigans and she is the Worst. Additionally, she’s an incredibly self-indulgent character but shhhhhh the Belladonnas universe is super glamorized and over-the-top anyway. Ironically, Heart of Lead is much more realistic.

Also! I’m getting much better at digital coloring, and honestly I am so relieved because for SOME REASON, digital art was completely impossible for me for like a year and half and just…. askdfjlsakdfjashlgh. I still have to learn a lot, but at least I don’t feel completely inept anymore. Digital art is such an adaptable medium, and I’d love to do more of it. I was playing around with smoother shading and different textures here. I think I was fairly successful for my skill level :D

Also also, I listened to Dimie Cat’s cover of Everybody Wants to be a Cat 569021834 times while I was working on this. If you want to go listen to it, I’ll leave a link here. It’s excellent.

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heyy :) do you happen to know any reality tv or just tv fics? i've been really into them recently, so this would be a big help! thank you 💖

Ohhh nice request anon !

- As You Are : AU. Five years after The X Factor launched his career as a radio host and songwriter, Louis Tomlinson returns as a judge. Falling for a contestant is the last thing he needs. It’s also against his contract. The only reason Harry auditions for The X Factor is because his best mate signed the two of them up as some kind of joke. Harry doesn’t get the big deal—not until he’s faced with this season’s judges and realises that one of them used to be his desperate, impossible teenage crush. (139k)

- your love is bright as ever (baby love me lights out): Harry’s got a late night talk show, Louis’ got a couple of Grammys, they’re best friends who like to kiss. (15k)

- Pure Imagination  : Pure Imagination is full of bright colors, rhyming words, and bright smiles. It’s Louis’ creation, his very own local broadcast children’s show. That is, until Harry comes in, a spoiled rich kid who wants a part of the show for himself. Louis doesn’t take it well.Liam is Louis’ surf-instructor roommate and has a deep connection with his bong. Niall and Zayn are a couple that likes to get tipsy in bars. (52k)

- Now I’ve Got You In My Space  : Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson almost met on X-FactorThey meet on Dancing With The Stars instead (10k)

- taste on my tongue  : Louis Tomlinson, second place winner on TXF four years ago, is looking to reinvent his career. Harry Styles is a baker who is desperate for a bakery of his own.Louis doesn’t bake. Or cook. Or know how to use an oven.Take Louis. Take Harry. Add in a heaping cup of sexual tension. Another cup of delicious (and not so delicious) food. A smidgen of competitive spirit. A dash of hopes and dreams. And you get Kitchen Wars, a TV show that promises to be the must-watch event of the fall. (77k)

- To Be Loved and To Be In Love  : First Dates AU. Louis Tomlinson is a thirty-year-old divorcee whose friends have signed him up for the Channel 4 show First Dates. Harry Styles is a twenty-eight-year-old lawyer who has never been in a long-term relationship. They are filmed going on their first date. (34k)

- Outwit, Outplay, Outlast  : “Tommo and Harry are gonna do it. I don’t know when, but they’re gonna do it. They’ve got the mattress, the pillows, everything’s in place, and they’re gonna do it. I really wish those two the best of luck.” –Taylor Swift, “Chapera"Or a Survivor All-Stars AU in which Harry and Louis are just in this game to win the million dollars, but they end up with something better.Featuring Harry’s yellow swim shorts, Louis in snapbacks, and OT5 shenanigans. (60k)

- stars may collide  : When has he ever done a single thing to imply that he has any sort of feelings for Louis that aren’t platonic? Okay, yeah, maybe he spent a little too long on Youtube watching all of Louis’ interviews and appearances, but that’s just because he really admires his work. And sure, when they kissed it felt like his heart had exploded into a million tinier and frantically thumping hearts, but who wouldn’t react that way then they’re kissed without warning? Absolutely none of these things signify that Harry has a crush on Louis fucking Tomlinson.“Oh my God,” Harry whispers in horror. “I have a crush on Louis fucking Tomlinson.”(or Harry and Louis are co-stars in a popular television show and Harry has no idea how to deal with feelings or his overactive imagination.) (37k)

- Every Arrow That I Aim Is True  : “I can see you don’t believe me,” Harry says, pretending to be stern. Louis chuckles a little but doesn’t get out of the bed. “Anyway, I texted Liam and told him you’re with me. He said to stay here as long as you need, and he’ll deal with the show over there until you want to come back, all right?”Louis doesn’t say anything again so Harry whispers, “Just stay here with me for a while, yeah? I’ll take care of you.”Louis is quiet. He never picks his head up, but Harry can see the pillow move from where he’s nodding and his fingers tighten around Harry’s. “Yeah,” Louis says. “Yeah, all right.” (24k, even if the TV is not really on there)

- This Wicked Game  : An AU in which The Bachelor is gay, Louis is a contestant, Harry is the bachelor, everyone drinks a lot of champagne, the entire world gets to watch them fall in love, and no one plays by the rules. (70k)

- And It’s a Beautiful Day  : There’s never a dull moment at WMYB Channel 9A TV Station AU (7k)

- Put It All On Me  : Yeah, yeah, give it to me, that’s it, spread your legs a bit, there you go.”  The camera follows Louis as he does. Maybe if the modelling thing doesn’t work out, he could try the porn industry. Then again, he’s a bit too stocky to be twinky and a bit too twinky to be anything else. He likes that about himself, though. Well, directors and photographers like that about him. He could pull off pretty and edgy, could do GQ in the morning and a perfume commercial in the afternoon. Right now he thinks he could pull off anything, because it’s Harry fucking Styles directing him. Or, a Top Model AU where Louis is accidentally there to make friends, not become Britain’s Next Top Model. (Also Zayn is the supermodel host.) (15k)

- leave it to the breeze  : or a great british bake off au in which louis cares about winning and winning only, harry is made of sunshine and rainbow sprinkles, and niall sticks his nose into other people’s business. also featuring liam as louis’s best friend-slash-concerned mother, and zayn as a macaron connoisseur.  (81k)

Update (last update on July 3th)

- The Edge of the Stars       : Or, a Meet the Parents AU where Harry is the man of Louis’ dreams, and it’s up to Jay to convince him to date her son. (17k)

- The Words I Sing  : Louis is enjoying his Hiatus when his management decides that it’d be best for him to be one of the coaches in the upcoming reality show, Next Big Star. He is tasked to find a prodigy he could train, but then he finds Harry. And Harry, he’s just everything and so much more.orThe fic where Louis is the coach, but Harry is the one who opens up his world. Featuring Harry and his extensive knowledge of song lyrics which he uses to flirt with Louis. (48k)

- When We Were Younger  : Sixteen year old Harry Styles’ world turns upside down when he logs on to gay teen chat to discover somebody has stolen his photos and used them as their own.  (76k, Catfish AU)

- It Doesn’t Feel Like a Win  : Louis just got back from tour, and doesn’t want to deal with people. Especially not noisy show hosts, who make him snap and come out on an impulse. It doesn’t help that his manager is an asshole, and he seems to bump into the certain show host everywhere. He just wants to drink a hot tea already.or, Louis is a closeted ace celebrity, Harry is a TV show host, Liam is too sensible and Niall drinks too much. (20k)


I mean how are they even real? They had the BEST scenes. And some of the best one liners. AND the best speeches. AND the best love affirmations (I mean the look on Amanita’s face when Nomi said that the moment where Neets defended her was when she knew that she would aways love her? Wow… just wow, so much raw emotion, her whole face was so open, and touched and like… falling in love even more deeply).

Or the way Amanita believed Nomi. Not once did she say anything that might have made Nomi feel like she was actually losing her mind. No, Neets actually HELPED Nomi to accept that her connection with all these other people was actually real, that they might not yet understand it, but that there was ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that she would let a scalpel touch Nomi’s head. AND THEN SHE SET A HOSPITAL ON FIRE.

And and…. they stole the lollipop from each other. And IDEK why that melted my heart but it DID.

And Amanita didn’t for one moment hesitate in putting her life in danger, because an attack on Nomi was an attack on her too. They’re a unit. THEY’RE FAMILY.

And also ‘I sense a costume opportunity’. And Nomi said it that first time with such fondness and love. And Neets said it the second time with such glee. AND IT WAS ALL SO CUTE.

And then when the bad dudes came to her mom’s house, she sent Nomi ahead and stayed behind to stall them (with the BEST stalling tactic ever, I’m still laughing maniacally at the way she threw that fake-blood-tampon at the bathroom door). 

Oh and can I just come back to how quickly Amanita BELIEVED Nomi? And how whenever Will showed up she just accepted his presence and sort of got included in the conversation even though she could neither hear or see him?

OH OH and what I maybe love most. How Amanita corrected that old hacker buddy when he kept calling Nomi by the wrong name. And how in the flashback she defended Nomi to her friend (ex-friend after that I’m certain).

And it’s not like it’s one-sided. I mean yeah, they showed us more of how protective Amanita is of Nomi, but that’s because Nomi was the one whose brain’s people wanted to lobotomize. Nomi never assumed that Neets would be willing to place herself in danger for her, but she also respected her girlfriend enough not to try to take that choice away from her.

And just… can i say how happy I am about a queer couple who love each other so much they’d do anything for each other, a couple that’s happy together, that’s in a very healthy relationship, where they don’t break up over a misunderstanding or to ‘protect’ each other, WHERE NEITHER OF THEM DIES. A genuinely beautiful and happy relationship between a trans woman and a woman of color, that’s not in any way made for the male gaze, or as some kind of tragic side story that’s there only for the pat-on-their-back-representation. 

If I had to give ONE reason for why everyone should watch Sense8. It’s them. It’s their story.

So I recently picked up this new fighting game that I heard was pretty good...

I’ve heard nothing but positive things about it but was never interested until I found it in the Steam sale. Upon playing through it for a few hours and becoming competent enough to actually beat one of the computer players, I noticed it was kind of fun.

At first, the character designs were a bit… off-putting, to say the least.

But I quickly realized that, ignoring the fact that the entire cast has unique personalities and stories that are actually worth playing through, the game mechanics and actual fighting is better than anything I’ve seen in a while. It’s very easy to look past.

On top of that, this game’s story, specifically Painwheel’s story, made me feel for a video game in a way that I truly haven’t in a while.

It’s sad, but still pretty good.

On top of that, the characters all have colorful personalities and fun stories. Each one you just want to see succeed in life. Aside from maybe Double, it’s hard to find a character in the game that’s unlikable. It’s interesting to note that most of their powers actually come from what I can tell are mechanical parasites of some description.

Except for Samson who is one of my favorite characters (Not to say Filia’s not great, but Samson’s awesome).

It’s reasonably challenging without being impossible and, while the learning curve is somewhat steep, it’s not hard at all. It just takes time to get used to. Boss is a freaking brick wall by the way. REALLY hard.

All in all, this game quickly rose through the ranks as one of my personal favorites.


OMFG I’VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING AS UNIQUE AND AWESOME AS THIS FREAKING MUSICAL BEHEMOTH!!! Whoever came up with the CONCEPT of this character deserves a giant raise. Every character in this game is unique and amazing in its own right. Painwheel is among my personal favorites and Peacock is on par with Big Band in terms of originality and creativity. But really, he’s made of brass instruments! His weapons are clarinets, timpanis, tubas, and a triangle!

All in all, I’d recommend this game to anyone and everyone. If you’re not into fighting games, this won’t change your opinion, but it is a fun and definitely worth-it experience for anyone looking for some good dark fun.

That, and my brother recently discovered Valentine’s special that shoves the opponent in a body bag and “operates” on them. Horrifying.

angelicangle  asked:

Hey, with SLARPG coming along so nicely, do you have any advice for an aspiring RPG creator? I've got the beginnings of a project put together in RPG Maker, and I've got the main battle mechanic programmed and set up, but programming is my only real skill, so I know next to nothing about pixel art, map design, UI design, and combat balancing. How important is differentiating your game from a generic RPG Maker game? I don't want my game to be dismissed just because of its looks and sounds.

it’s important. i’m not going to sugarcoat it. if you’re just making it for fun, it doesn’t really matter, but if you want an audience? your game has to stand out in some way for people to notice it

your gameplay and writing will have to pull all of the game’s weight if you use the default graphics, so focus on making those interesting. there have been decently popular little rpg maker games in the past that used the default assets, either because they had stories people liked or interesting gameplay

in terms of your game’s looks, there are lot of directions you could go in, so here are some miscellaneous tips

  • make sure your maps look appealing and flow nicely for players, with or without the default assets. i know you said you don’t know much about level design, but level design is easier to learn than pixel art skills. i’ve seen countless rpg maker games with ugly maps–lots of houses with impossibly huge rooms and lots of stuff strewn about with no rhyme or reason. so just having decent level design is a huge advantage. don’t make houses that look like this handy example i just whipped up. this is too much
  • try editing and recoloring the default assets in some way to make them look less generic. the default assets don’t have very appealing color schemes, anyway
  • use rpg maker’s character generator rather than sticking with default character designs. nobody wants to see these faces. these are a huge red flag to potential players
  • try looking for other public domain resource packs other than the default rpg maker set. there’s lots of stuff out there
  • hell, if you do decide to make your own graphics, sometimes a very simplistic or even an ugly art style can work wonders. just look at off or space funeral

i hope this helps!

Emma Swan—Definitely a Dog Person

anon asked for CS getting a dog

If asked, Emma Swan would say that she considers herself a dog person. At least, in theory. She had never had a dog of her own before. The most time she’s probably spent around a dog was with Pongo. One of the fosters families she lived with had owned one but the kids weren’t allowed to play with it and it wasn’t allowed in the house (which, looking back on it now, probably says a lot about them as people) and, well, she didn’t spend much time with them.

She could say that she was just an animal person. She liked most animals equally. And she’d never actually owned any pets before so she couldn’t speak from experience. But dogs just seemed like her thing.

Cats were cute enough and they didn’t seem to require as strict of care and attention as some animals. But they also tended to be assholes. She considered herself to also be a bit of an asshole and while their asshole personalities might actually mix well—forming some kind of asshole bond—she’s unsure she would take the risk of them clashing and the battle that would ensue to become the alpha asshole.

Horses tended to be strong and confident, traits she attributed to herself, but they were a bit too rich for her blood. She had only ever known one person, in the land without magic, that owned horses. Her name was Amanda, they shared an English class her sophomore year of high school, and she enjoyed talking about her daddy’s money.

Reptiles were cool and all but yeah, that’s not gonna happen.

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Help me solve one of the last remaining secrets in Undertale!
Do you recognize this image? I already made a post about this but I’m doing another after it barely got seen by anyone. If you have Gamers following you I would love if you could reblog this and spread it until I can find someone that knows where this came from.
This image is used for the generation of the trippy background and wings in the “true ending” fight, when you reduce the saturation you see it’s pixel art of a city, probably a background in a videogame. It’s not a real city, the repeated building types rotated make me think it could be a screenshot from some sort of game with building cities, I’ve looked but because of the supersaturation applied to the image preventing me from being able to know what the original coloration was exactly and the pixelated nature of it, reverse Google search and Tineye image search yielded nothing. I believe this may be the “wierd” image Toby Fox referred to. He could have used a lot of images to generate a weird trippy background with the effects in the script, but for some reason he chose to use an image of a pixel art city like this and supersaturated it to the point the original image was nearly impossible to see.

I can’t find this alone, and this is something that isn’t hidden in the script, one of the last things about UnderTale no one has discovered the meaning behind, because it’s something that takes a pixel artist, not a hacker or coder, to have immediately seen and looked for. Anyone who has followers that know videogames can help, it’s something the entire fanbase can help because you don’t need scripting tools, you just need google or to have played whatever game this came from. If you played Undertale you know Toby doesn’t make the image of one of the most important and visual final bosses something he just had lying around on his computer for no reason, he had to have picked that image / game for a reason.

Feel free to try reducing the saturation and trying to restore it to the original image if you want, but there’s no way to tell the original coloration exactly without finding what the original image was exactly.
Share and help look, I’ve played a lot of games, and looked at a lot of pixel art, but I’ll never be able to find this by myself. We all need to work together to unravel this secret!

The Restaurant

Castiel flicked the cord on the ancient telephone that still served as their primary mode of communication at Garrison Galleries.  Oh, they had upgraded their inventory and ordering and marketing to be electronic.  They even paid a young hipster web designer to manage their website for them.  But whenever they had business to discuss and didn’t have the option of meeting in person, they preferred to be able to speak to someone and hear their voice as opposed to reading an email where it was nearly impossible to determine someone’s frame of mind.  As such, they still had a landline and since the phone the original owner had installed in the 80’s still worked, they saw no reason to upgrade.

The large receiver was a pretty hideous mauve color and had felt huge in his hands during the aughts when the cell phone revolution had been about who could make the smallest device.  Today, it didn’t feel so different.  Thicker of course, but the stretch of his fingers was about the same.  He was currently listening to some staticky elevator music and had decided that he was going to hang up after another five minutes.  He’d been on hold for about fifteen minutes, which wasn’t the longest he’d ever stayed on hold, but he did have other things to do today.

“Hello, Mr. Novell?”

“Uh…yes?”  He didn’t bother to correct the woman.

“I apologize for the wait.  He doesn’t have his own desk, so he’s difficult to track down.  Unfortunately, he is currently out of the office.  Can I take a message?”

Cas sighed.  Was this really worth the effort?  Yes, it was.  He was certain.

“Yes.  Can you please ask him to call Castiel Novak at Garrison Galleries?  My number is 212-XXX-XXXX.”

“I will surely give him that message.”

“Thank you.”

Castiel hung up and sat forward in the squeaky desk chair to jiggle the mouse and wake up the computer.  They had finally upgraded to a flat screen monitor a few months ago.  The tower was still ancient as fuck, which he was fighting to replace.  With Zachariah retired it was easier for the march of technology to sweep them up in its wake, but Anna, Balthazar, Hannah, and heck, even himself, were all traditional medium artists and had avoided anything technology related in college.  He was seriously considering taking Meg Masters up on her offer to work with them.  She was kind of amazingly crazy.  She’d just walked into the gallery one day and explained why they needed to hire her.  Her familiarity with technology, business, law, and graphic design were definitely things they could use.  With Zachariah gone things were a little more pleasant, but he’d also been the one who handled all the business and legal…stuff.  Okay, if he didn’t know the proper term for the business and legal stuff, they probably did need someone with more knowhow in those areas.

Castiel did know how to open the company’s email at least.  As usual, there was a ranting note from Raphael about how they were underselling him.  He’d like to tell the guy to fuck off, but his art did pay the bills so that they could also bring in more avant-garde and unknown artists.  Fortunately there was a niche market for rage-filled patriotism and the people that liked it were willing to pay pretty extravagant prices for it.

The email after that was Zachariah asking for a weekly (yes, freaking weekly) report on the gallery’s status.  He was retired, but he still owned it.  He decided he’d let Hannah handle that one since she was the most even-tempered of the bunch and would be able to respond to his questions without obscenities.

The next few were inquiries from aspiring artists with attachments of their work.  He glanced at the thumbnails, but wasn’t really in the mood to do any close examinations, so he saved them to the “Review” folder which everyone was allowed to peruse at their leisure.  If at the end of the month all the employees had copied one particular artist’s works to their personal favorites folders, they would contact the person about coming in and presenting their work to them so they could determine if they wanted to show it in the gallery.

Castiel moved the last attachments and was grateful the inbox was empty.  Sometimes it could take over an hour to clear the thing, and then a new message popped up.  Castiel made a face, and then saw that it was from his boyfriend, Dean.  He smiled and opened it.

Turn around, was all it said.

Castiel turned and looked behind him.  There was nothing but the back wall of the office and some filing cabinets.

“Other way, you nitwit.”

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The Silent Treatment Ch.2

Story by Byron Kastilahn

A gun! I know that’s what I heard! I’ve shot a few with the fiance and I know how they sound. I’m just here to find the little grape fruit, not get involved with the freaking police! Or worse, get killed.

Even worse, find him dead.

I put my clothes back on and step out of the bathroom. Rose is still nowhere to be seen. If it sounded that loud then it was definitely in one of the next rooms. I step out of the hotel room and tip-toe away with my luggage in tow. The next door I come up to is open part way. Oh, Jesus! I almost wanna peek.

I shake my head clear of that thought and tip-toe on by before I hear a voice. Two voices, actually.

Jill, you’re gonna get yourself killed.

I peek inside the doorway and see-

Jesus, what am I seeing?

I see a man dead in a chair with a bullet between his eyes, blood trickling from the wound into his mouth. That wasn’t even the weird thing though. The weird thing is the two culprits of this murder standing over the man. One of them is actually squatting in front of the poor guy for some reason, but from the side angle I’m looking at, he’s pale and bald. His skin is thin and stretched, making the face look like that of a skull. He wears a black hoody and same colored dress pants.

“So, we done?” the skull faced man asks the other person.

And the other person… dear God.

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anonymous asked:

Do you draw with your wrist?

i do! but it’s because i have such a small surface to work with. in the past couple of years i’ve had some scrapes with carpal tunnel, but since i’ve started doing stretches and exercises to avoid it, i haven’t had nearly as many issues.

when i do big traditional paintings, i tend to draw from my elbow, but it’s practically impossible to do under the circumstances a medium digital tablet puts against me physically. it’s part of the reason i would love a cintiq!

Anonymous said:

how do you pick colors for your paintings? do you sample then from the reference photo or do you pick them yourself?

totally depends! i generally just eyeball it/guess, but when i don’t like how the colors are coming together, i’ll basically do the equivalent of “fixing it in post”

i think the best example i have that just came to mind is this:

it didn’t have the right tone that i was looking for originally, so after i was done i shifted a bunch of colors around. again, the amount of relief digital grants in comparison to traditional is enormous to me lmao

but i will shift black hues around in my reference or desaturate reds–sometimes it actually helps to see detail that was blocked about by heavy dark areas that the original editor of the reference didn’t consider. sometimes i’ll read from a photog that they think the piece is better than their original shot, which i don’t think is true–i’m just looking for little details that may get overlooked by others but will pop like crazy in a painting.

so yeah, color process is specific to a piece, but sometimes i’ll slap some little edits on and keep it off to the side in the windows photo viewer

The Rainbow

Elsanna Week. Day 3: Elsa’s Jacket (aka every reason is a good excuse to write Elsanna)

Warnings: canon universe, nsfw but not smut, Anna’s ramblings, crack fic, kinda.

Inspired by haters.


To make love to Elsa in the middle of a day, and a working day nonetheless, was a very rare occurrence.

Anna cherished every such occasion. Moreover, she worked hard every time to make it happen. It wasn’t easy, but she was determined.

Elsa was simply irresistible.

Anna would never admit it, but she marked her bedpost every time it happened. There were only dozen marks so far. In Anna’s opinion not much for two years of intense relationship with tons of lovemaking.

But Elsa was, to put it mildly, a difficult lover. Difficult during a daytime that is. You know, always busy, always concerned, always proper, always focused, always willing to be on schedule, always on duty, always discreet, always the queen. In short, not in the mood for sex.

So with Elsa, timing was everything.

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