for some reason this scene is hell to color

The Darkest Minds tag

no one tagged me but i want to be more active on here so here we go!

rules: when you see this or are tagged in this, answer!!

1. Which member of the black betty gang do you relate to the most?  

definitely ruby. i feel very connected to her but i also have a little bit of chubs in me

2. If you were psi, what color would you be?

for some reason i’m thinking green lmao idk why. i’m good with computers and i’m a very logical person, so. but if i could pick, i would choose orange or blue!

3. Favorite scene?

when ruby walks out of thurmond (for the second time). 

4. Favourite book from the series?

the first book. i read it at a time that i really needed it and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

5. thoughts on casting?

ruby, liam, chubs, zu, cate? HELL YEAH. clancy? …of course i’m going to give him a chance but i’m just a lil disappointed because i pictured him completely different.

6. favorite ruby nickname? (Green, Roo, Ruby Tuesday etc.)

gem & ruby tuesday

7.Favorite chubs nickname? (Lady Cross Stitch, Charlie, Chubby Chubby Choo Choo, etc.)


8. Favorite song mentioned in the series?

i haven’t read the series in so long rip. i can tell you songs that REMIND me of the series tho! let us love by needtobreathe, bullet by steel train, one of us by mayday parade.

9. One thing you would change about the books? why?

the deaths of jude and cole. i know alex and reasons but i don’t like pain okay. can i change clancy to not be an asshole lol??

10. Rubiam or Chida? Why?

BOTH BITCH but rubiam if i had to choose

11. Were you happy with the way the series ended? why or why not?

hella. it was perfect. i cried for hours. in a good way.

12. favorite song that reminds you of rubiam?

never fade by taylor swift? i haven’t listened to it in forever but i think it reminded me of them.

13. Favorite song that reminds you of chida?

hmmm never thought about it before.

14. A song that fits our lovely black betty gang?

again, let us love by needtobreathe. look it up. your life will change.

15. Favorite snarky vida line?

haven’t read the series in so long i don’t remember bye

16. Favorite character?

uhhh it used to be clance but i need to reread. but probably clancy, jude, or chubs?? or liam? or ruby? IDK I LOVE THEM ALL

17. How do you feel about clancy’s ending?  

perfect. absolutely perfect. i know he deserved worse but i will forever be grateful to ruby for what she did. i could sob right now just thinking about it

18. Favorite bromance? (chubs & liam, chubs & ruby, ruby & vida, ruby & zu, zu & vida, etc.)

ugh all of them but ruby and vida for sure.

thanks 4 listening