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New Friends

“Life is worth living again. Another day, life is worth living again.” the last piano note was strummed lightly as Justin pressed down on the key, the sound echoing around the marble room of the entrance hall where his grand piano was displayed in the middle.

It wasn’t often that Justin took time to settle at the large piano and just sing some songs while I watched. He usually left that for the studio room upstairs but today was different for some reason.

Today he actually offered to sing something to me on the piano instead of me begging him like it would usually go down. Without hesitation I agreed, excited to hear the sweet sound of my boyfriends amazingly graceful voice as he sung a melody besides me on the bench. 

I smiled up at the handsome boy with love in my eyes, still so amazed and mesmerised by his talent and the fact that out of all the girls in the world, he picked me as the one he would give his love too. “You’re so amazing Jay.” It came out as a small whisper in the large room, my eyes locked on his honey ones. A smile etched on his face as he leaned slightly inwards, ridding of the space between us both. 

 "I could and will say the same for you.“ His tongue darted out of his mouth, moistening his dry lips in a swift movement. “How did I get so lucky to pick up such an amazing girl?” The simple question had my heart fluttering in my chest.

“The same way I got lucky to be picked up by such a talented guy.” I responded.

Without any more thought in our actions, we both leant forward, connecting our lips together in a familiar kiss that always managed to send shivers and sparks throughout my entire being. 

It started sweet and lovingly, his lips moulding with my own as they squirmed around with mine. The soft flesh of his lips leaving no corner unmarked. Sliding as close as the seat would allow me to over to Justin’s side, I just couldn’t seem to find the closeness I desired. I could never be too close to Justin. 

Finally being fed up with the feeling of distance between my boyfriends and my own bodies, I flicked my right leg up and swung it around his body until I was placed firmly in his lap - lips still fighting against each other. Justin moaned at the proximity of my legs wrapped around him, always being turned on by any contact my body made with his.

His hand that had previously tangled itself in my hair was slowly sliding down my body until it settled on my hip, just next to my butt. His fingers tapped at my hip, teasing me as the once sweet kiss quickly turned to one of hunger and lust. Goosebumps trailed from the area Justin’s fingers tapped at all the way to my core, setting me off as my moan vibrated throughout Justin’s mouth, he knew what was to come next. 

Hesitantly, his lips left mine and began trailing down to the skin on my collar bone, deciding that it was time to give my neck some attention. His mouth worked magics on my neck, biting and nipping at my sweet spot which Justin knew all too well. My head threw back in pleasurable desire, allowing him all the access he wanted to the sensitive area. 

Justin’s hands once again began to travel my body, his hands exploring every imperfection of it, and somehow making all my insecurities flutter away. Squirming down to my hip, his hand squeezed the flesh harshly before trailing further until it found its place at the waistband of my Nike shorts. 

He teased the area, playing around with the fabric, pulling on it to force the impression that he was going to remove them from my body before releasing it, causing it to slap back onto my skin. 

I moaned in aggravation against him, finally becoming impatient as his lustful side began to surface. The cocky, teasingly sexy side to the pop star. The one that everyone desired to get a taste at but couldn’t, since that was for my eyes and my eyes only. 

 "Stop teasing.“ I grunted through the pleasure his lips created, wanting nothing more then to just feel every part of his skin. His smirk recked against my neck in pride of the sexual frustration he brang me, knowing he could get me begging on my knees if he wanted to. For him, I would do anything for his attention, and he loved it.

“Patience, princess.” He rasped, his voice sending heat waves through my core, just begging for his touch. Slowly, his fingers inched down to the most sensitive part of my body. Fingers slipping under the waistband of my shorts and through my underwear until he was met with my heated womanhood. 

His touch sent pins and needles to the surface of my clit, his finger rubbing circles roughly causing my mouth to part and small pants to escape my lips. The smirk which rest on his face revealed just how much he really enjoyed watching me practically melt under his touch, all until he suddenly ripped his hand out of my shorts, bringing his finger up to his mouth. “You taste so good baby girl.” He growled into my ear.

An uncontrolled moan rolled off my lips at the raspiness of his voice and without warning, Justin placed his hands on my hips and lifted me off his lap, harshly placing me down on the keys of his grand white piano. As my weight hit the keys, the sound of the cords echoing around the entrance hall made me jump, creating a not so pleasant, out of range tune.

Justin chuckled at my reaction, standing up from the piano bench until he was aligned with my body, then quickly jerked my pants down my leg pulling my underwear along with it. Knowing exactly what was to come next, I lifted my arms to which Justin responded by tugging my shirt over my head, discarding both items of clothing in a pile on the floor.

As I reached behind me to unclasp my lace bra, Justin took the time I was occupied to pull off his shirt and pants and quickly ran to the bathroom on the ground floor, only to return with a condom.

Using his teeth to rip the packet open, he hurriedly pulled out the rubber item inside and began fumbling to remove his underwear. As his fingers played with the hem of his Calvins, I snatched the condom out of his grasp and waited impatiently for him to reveal himself to me.

Once he was standing fully nude, I quickly moved my hands forward to roll the condom on his large member, letting my hand linger an extra few seconds just to get his boner - which was already rock hard - going.

Soon, Justin’s whimpers began filling the echo-y room as my hands ran up and down his dick, begining slow before gradually picking up the speed. Once I felt Justins cock twitch in my hand and his eyes roll back, followed by his head, I was quick to stop pumping, and lift myself up slightly. 

Justin groaned in frustration, more then likely getting the impression that I had stopped pumping just to tease him, but it was far from that. And as I pulled him forward, using my hand to align his dick up to my opening, I think he finally realised that. 

His dark, lust filled eyes flickered up to mine for only a split second, before he suddenly took control, gripping my hips tightly before pounding into my tight heat. The strength and force in his action had me seeing stars, eyes rolling back in slight pain but mass pleasure. 

“Justin.” I groaned in a breath. It almost came off as a whisper, and Justin liked loud. 

“Louder baby, daddy can’t hear you.” He grunted, steadying a pace as he pounded into me.

“Justin!” I moaned just above an indoor voice. Justin bent over, placing his lips on mine for a quick peck, before slowly trailing down my jaw then landing on my neck, his teeth biting and nipping at the skin. My mind went into overdrive at the sensation, Justin smirking because he knew how sexy I found it when he left love bites. 

“One more time babygirl, I’m finding it hard to hear you over the sound of your wetness.”

Once more I opened my mouth, a small squeal escaping as Justin nipped the spot just above my breast, before a loud “Justin baby, Oh God!!” rolled off my tongue, a smirk playing on his lips.

“That’s right beautiful, you make sure you tell everyone who’s fucking you senseless right now.” His tone, raspy and amused, was enough to push my one step further, with my orgasm just around the corner, I couldn’t take it. Especially when Justin made the bold move of placing a finger on my clit, where he then began rubbing circles. 


“Ugh, God baby your so tight. You make me feel so fucking good.” He growled. 

Looking up towards his face, I couldn’t help but bite my lip at the sight. Justins hair was flipped slightly over his forehead from looking down on me as his eyes squeezed shut tightly. The light reflecting a small layer of sweat against his face, showing how hard he really was into making me feel good.

“Fuck your so hot Baby boy.” After saying this, I quickly sat up, grabbing a hold of Justin where I then wrapped my arms around his torso, digging my nails into his back as he continued. 

“I-I Can’t hold it i-in anymore princess. I’m gonna cum.” He moaned in a strained voice. I smiled, loving the effect we had on each other. 

“Cum for me Jay. C’mon baby.” I urged. 

After a few more strides, I began to feel his thrusts becoming sloppy as he moaned. His dick throbbing a few more times before finally, the warm liquid filled the condom, leaving me to only begin riding off my orgasm.

Justin being Justin, knew I had only began to reach my high and although he had just came himself, he continued to thrust in and out of me, until I couldn’t hold back anymore and made quick to remove Justin from inside of me. Justin quickly moved his arm forward and began rubbing my clit as the liquid from my ejaculation escaped my womanhood, creating a small puddle of arousal on the floor. 

You know he fucked you good when you squirt. 

Once my high had dropped, Justin and I where left a panting mess in each other’s arms. His hand still lay on my clit, a smirk on his face as he leaned down to kiss my forehead. “That was amazing sweetheart.”

“Gotta be on the top ten list.” I muttered, causing a chuckle to escape his throat. Justin stepped back, allowing me space to jump off the keys of the piano and bent down to pick up my shirt. 

Justin did the same, snatching my bra off the ground and handed it to me.

After fastening my bra, slipping on my underwear and shorts, it was just before I had slipped my shirt over my head when the front door suddenly slid open, Za, Khalil, Maejor, Kendall and Hailey all standing on the other side.

“Guess who’s just arrived and is hungry as shit! It’s Za bitches, your lifes just got bette- Holy shit!” 

Justin and I’s heads shot over to look at the intruders, quickly scurrying to tug on the remainder of our missing clothes. With my arousal still on the floor, Justin’s condom tied in a knot placed on the piano and our attempt to hide our revealed body parts with discarded clothes, it was more then obvious what had just gone down here. 

“Seriously guys?” Kendall groaned. 

“What do you mean seriously?!  You didn’t tell us y’all were coming over, and last time we checked, this was our house! We usually have privacy in here.” Justin stated. 

“Yeah but like…On the piano? Really?” Haileys face twisted in slight distraught. 

“Y’all just jealous.” I smirked, walking to the kitchen to roll up same paper towels.

“Damn Y/n! I didn’t know you were a squirter!” Za yelled as I re-entered the room to clean the mess on the floor.

“Ew Za…Just ew.” Hailey mumbled, shaking her head. 

“You know what, we’ll be in the theatre room. You all can join us once your done cleaning up the result of your fuck fest.” Khalil chuckled. They all nodded, all sliding past us and up the stairs, all except for Za, who had gone the opposite direction into the kitchen only to return with a packet of cheetos and a coke can.

Sending us a nod with a mouthful of cheetos, the spastic boy jumped up the stairs, skipping every other step. Once there was no more best friends to be seen, Justin and I looked back at each other both sighing before allowing small giggled to escape our lips. Justin slid forward, wrapping an arm around my waist and pulled me into a slightly sloppy kiss. 

Savouring every moment, I couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed when he pulled away.

“Our friends are mentally challenged.” I giggled. Justin chuckled along to my offensive joke.

“I think we need a new address, so they don’t know where to find us and barge in on our sex life again.” Justin sighed.

“Stuff a new address, how about new friends?” I smiled.

“WE HEARD THAT!” Kendall shouted from upstairs.

Justin and I chuckled before reconnecting our lips one last time.


I really didn’t know how to end this one.

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i’m all for woc being independent and not just being love interests, but it’s SO OBVIOUS that marvel isn’t going that route.

they spent the whole movie, building valkyrie as a character, giving her depth, a story, and building a friendship between her and thor.

all i’m saying is that it’ll be refreshing to see a woc who’s both badass and independent but also IN LOVE— to show young girls, that falling in love, is NOT a weakness.

and for some reason, most of the love interests are always white and the woc, are always stone cold, damaged, independent women with no time for love. i think it’s time for a change.


now that i’ve said that, COME ON

THOR IS ABSOLUTELY SMITTEN WITH VALKYRIE. even from the very beginning, when he first met her— he’s always so mesmerised/amazed with her.

and then he finds out that she’s a valkyrie, and he fangirls even more.





Nothin' Like Me

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader

Genre: BAD BOY AU, angst, action, slight humour, fluff, light smut (well honestly idk it kinda escalates?)  minor swearing (oh yeah curse words r gonna fly around in the intro) /  Jungkook ‘reunion’ scenario + regaining memories au

Word Count: 7892K  || inspired/not requested || drabble/oneshot

Keywords: Street fight , His loft , Front door.

Summary: You return home to Seoul from travelling the world to find yourself but you only discover the male leaning on his motorcycle was the one you should’ve gave all of your love to, not the countries you’ve been. And it follows with a ring, this adds to the situation and it wasn’t a pleasant one.

Self Note: Someone save me like nowadays I’m reblogging more Jungkook stuff oH MY GOD HE’S SUCH A BIAS WRECKER UgH (especially in that gif like OH MAN). This took FOREVER TO WRITE omGgG, it has a legit storyline &  this is my first ever badboy! Jungkook version. Your welcome to send me feedback, it would be greatly appreciated! Enjoy reading♡♡;D & HAPPY NEW YEAR! xxx

“What are you waiting for? An invitation?” The unkept male sneers, rolling up his sleeves as he gritted his teeth as he came around the hood of his broken down car, wanting to start a fight with the other male leaning on his motorcycle as they were both opposite the entrance of the airport. Charcoal colour coated the other male’s marble body, silk black leather jacket, trailing down towards his ripped jeans, earrings were silver singular small loops and onyx gemstone hair making his ice cutting orbs remain hard fixed towards the middle aged man asking the question mockingly, ripping away patience and tranquility at that split second.

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Ten Days- Day 2

The next morning, the sound of crisp patter again my window woke me up. Images of painting-worthy landscapes swam beneath my eyelids with memory and I fluttered my eyes open.

The sunlight caught something in my room through my opaque curtains, drawing rainbows around the four-walled space. It looked extraordinary and I immediately caught my breath. Maybe the world was beautiful after all.

Mesmerised, I walked over to my wall and placed my hand flat on the cold, pimpled surface. The rainbow patterned itself onto my hand, into every crevice and imperfection. I didn’t notice how deeply the moment had captured me until another stone hit my window.

I quickly scrambled to my feet, rushing over to pull the curtains apart from each other. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach. I felt excitement to be facing a new day.

“Shawn Peter Raul Mendes .” I called out, his middle names rolling off of my tongue for some reason. I widely opened the window and looked down at him. “You are going to scratch my window.” I laughed, watching as he sheepishly continued to stare at me.

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Asking Out Their Crush (EXO)

“Heyaaa~ How would Exo ask their crush to go on a date for the first time?? Thankss”

(all gif credit to the original owners)

I can’t imagine him being shy. He would start off awkward, approaching you with a slight smile that could not be replaced. Then, he’d start up some small talk and it’d almost be completely natural. But, he still sounded a little off so you asked him whether anything was wrong. He’d chuckle a lil’, avoiding your gaze for a brief moment. He wouldn’t be able to contain his smile once you answered him “yes”.

“Ahh look (Y/N). The truth is, I like you and I wanted to take you out some time, is that okay?”

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This boy would be blushing from head to toe. He knew he had to do it; it was his final chance. However, such pressure can easily affect a boy. He would take a deep breath, approaching you slowly in which he’d try his absolute hardest to act casual. Yet, as soon as he saw your pretty face, he would melt inside and lose all focus. He’d manage to sheepishly stumble over the words, feeling at ease once you giggle and agreed.

“Um, I know this sounds a bit, uh, strange but I really like you.”

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My Realistic Study Moods

The “I can’t get comfortable” mood:

Yes I know I’ve taken my jeans off and they’re on the floor under my chair, and I know I’ve got two cardigans on and a pair of slippers and not much else, and I know that I’ve moved all of my stuff around and balanced my laptop precariously on a pile of books, and I know that I have my desk lamp pointed at the wall, but I just wasn’t comfortable you know!

The “December exams” mood:

Fourteen jumpers, twelve pairs of socks and woolly tights under leggings because I’ve run out of student maintenance loan until January so the heating is off. Heinz tomato soup, nutella on toast that is more nutella than toast, and lots of coffee. Christmas tree in the corner, the only reminder that once this is all over it’s time to celebrate and be free!

The “Lab report from hell” mood:

I’m missing something important and I can’t figure out what it is. I have so many tabs open on chrome of various papers that you can’t actually see any writing on them because they’re so small and cramped together. They’re all papers that I may or may not reference but I waste 15 minutes finding the right one every time I want to actually reference it. Googling stuff and getting the glimmer of hope that you’ve found something relevant only to find the same paper you’ve already read just published under a different journal. The time bomb of the online submission deadline ticking away so fast I only remember that you have to eat when my worried boyfriend brings me a McDonalds, places it on my desk and promptly runs away.

The “Perfect” mood:

I have a scented candle burning, I don’t have any acne today, the sky is blue and it’s just the right temperature. My handwriting is so mesmerising I keep staring at my paper rather than writing. For some reason stuff that doesn’t usually make sense is suddenly clicking and I feel like I’m going to ace this whole university thing. (This mood is way too rare for my liking)

The “Why doesn’t maths work?!?!” mood:

There is paper literally everywhere, I am surrounded by a sea of scribbles and it still isn’t working. I’ve read the notes 15 times, watched youtube videos, khan academy videos, I’ve asked my course mates, I’ve googled it desperately, I’ve even read the cryptic af wikipedia page but still I get it wrong. I swear a lot and quit. The next day I look at it in the morning and realise I forgot to use the product rule when integrating by parts. I feel like a tit, all that drama for nothing.

Fallen In Love With My Bestfriend - Oli Sykes and Ben Bruce
Can you do a imagine with oliver sykes and Ben Bruce where they fighting over (y/n) and Ben and oli get into a fight but you already went out with Ben and u and oli do it and Ben walks in (Ben and you breaks up and oli gets you;)) and it ends in a smut with oli and it really cute and gentle please and I love your blog so much it my fav :) Thank you

Wow I’m acc someone’s favourite blog I’ll make you some cookies ok cx and I made it like Ben was your current boyfriend bc I got kinda confused ok & I kinda changed it but I hope you like it cx Soft Smut Warning, I didn’t really go into detail with the smut, sorry.. And I’m sorry if some parts are rushed..

Giggling, me and my bestfriend, Oliver, stroll into my shared apartment. “You even dare touch me once more and I’ll murder you, I swear.” I say to Oli. He’s spent the last half hour drive home tickling me in the car. “Yeah sure okay.” Oli chuckles. Grabbing me, he lifts me off my feet and spirals me in the air. We trumpet into the living room with me squealing and Oli having a laughing fit. Lightly, he chucks me on the sofa and dives next to me. His hands attack my stomach and neck as I try to slap him off of me.

“Took your time.” I hear Ben, my boyfriend’s, voice. By the tone I can tell he’s had somewhat to drink. Me and Oli untwine and sit up on the sofa, then I see him on the opposite side of the room. “I told you, we went to the cinema, it was a long film.” I answer him truthfully, earning a scoff from him. “Didn’t see you sitting over there.” Oli murmurs. “Yeah, because you were too busy all over my girlfriend.” Ben grunts. “What?” Oli smirks, a little confused. “You heard, you were all over Y/N.” Ben repeats, louder. He’s sounding quite grumpy, and I don’t like it. A lot of the time Ben gets like this: short tempered. “I was just tickling her.” Oli shrugs. “Calm down, Ben.” I say, looking down. “What do you want with her? Do you want to fuck her or some shit?” Ben growls. “Ben, that’s absurd, be quiet-” I’m about to speak up, but Oli hushes me. “Look, it’s just some harmless fun, mate, chill.” He replies. “You do, don’t you? You want to fuck my girlfriend.” Ben accuses.

“Ben!” I exclaim, frowning at him. He made a lot of false assumptions about us, mainly involving me and Oli fooling around. He was wrong, obviously. “How dare you.” I add, shocked. “Hush. It’s fine, Y/N.” Oli says calmly. “Look, I am not fucking your girlfriend.” He resorts back to Ben. “Sure.” Ben grunts stupidly. “Mate, if I wanted to make love to your girlfriend, I already would of, believe me.” Oli delivers a side smile to me. “You know, of course I would love to, because she is stunning as fuck. But unlike what you think, I am a decent guy and wouldn’t do that to you.” He smiles to himself. “I wouldn’t put it past you.” Ben hisses. “Man, shut the fuck up, ok?” Oli snaps. “I am not having sex with your girlfriend. I am not lying to you. But I am a decent bloke. So just shut up, I’m done with your accusations.” Oli frowns slightly, but he doesn’t look pissed off to the extreme. “How about we’re just done with all of this?” I suggest quietly. “No, Y/N. I want to see what his huge problem is with me.” Oli mutters in response.

“My huge problem is that you’re constantly hanging around my girlfriend, my.” Ben yells. “You’re sure in hell lucky to get a girl like her. Don’t objectify her. She is not yours. She is her own fucking person and she can decide how much time she spends with whomever, it’s not all down to you. Just because she likes spending time with me no need to get your knickers in a twist. You don’t even deserve her.” Oli growls. Usually, Oli doesn’t snap, so this is a first for me. It’s nice to see somebody actually defending me for once.

"Of course I fucking deserve her. If anyone doesn’t deserve anyone, it’s going to be her not deserving me. She was in a shit state before I got my hands on her.” Ben barks. His words strike me like a brick. I was in a state? What about him? He got fucking drunk 24/7, slept around. I bet he still does, he’s not loyal. I wanted to grab something and smash it, but all I could do was feel my heart shrivel. “Oh, you fucking take that back.” Oli demands, grabbing Ben’s shirt and pulling him towards him. “Or what?” Ben mumbles sarcastically. “On second thought, do whatever you want. Fuck or whatever, I’m out.” Staggering out the room, soon enough I hear our front door slam shut.

“Y/N, are you okay?” Oli turns to face me, taking steps. “What does he mean, I didn’t deserve him?” I whimper. Enrolling me in a hug, I feel confronted as Oli clutches me to his chest. “I don’t know, Y/N. But he’s wrong, you were never in a state. Everybody has their bad days, right? He’s an asshole and doesn’t deserve somebody as perfect as you.” He reassures, pressing his lips to my forehead. “Mhm.” I murmur to his chest. “Come here.” He says, tugging me over to the sofa.

“I don’t know why Ben would say any of that to you, you certainly don’t need your own boyfriend putting you down like that.” He says, his hand grazing across my cheek to get me to look in his direction. “Y/N, you need a better guy than that around.” He continues to talk, his fingers making soft circles on my cheek. As I didn’t respond, Oli carried on talking softly. “I don’t know, Y/N… But maybe, you know, someone you know that will never hurt you, or put you down, or try his best to never let you feel lonely or sad… Someone like, I don’t know… Me…” He cups my face and he looks at me hesitantly. My mind tries to process what Oli actually just said to me. “What?” I frown subtly. “You know, me and you… together.” Oli tilts his head and attempts to smile. I remain silent, I’m practically speechless. Me and Oli? A couple? “But Ben..” I blurt at him. “Y/N, how many times do I have to tell you you don’t need a dick like him in your life? Just imagine me and you together, okay? We make each other happy all the time, we have fun, we spend time together, we like each other, a lot.” I cock an eyebrow at him for a second, how would he know if I liked him anything more than a friend? He’s a close friend, a very very close friend I’ll have to admit… It had crossed my mind before that maybe I had bigger feelings for Oli than I thought, but I never thought he’d say anything like this. Nodding my head, I blush subtly. “Good.” Oli breathes. “Can I just, try something?” He tilts his head hopefully. “Sure.” I smile, frowning a little.

Slowly, Oliver’s hands cup my face, and he presses our heads together. Burning, my cheeks feel like they’re on fire as we stare lovingly into each other’s eyes. His hazel eyes set on me, and I feel like I could stay in this moment forever. I feel him faintly breathing over my lips as they nudge closer. I’m almost certain of what he’s going to do, but I don’t want to make false assumptions or rush into anything. Carefully, his lips press to mine, where he numbingly tugs my lips with his. His hands trail down to my neck, where his fingers make delicate patterns. It felt spectacular and extraordinary and I was sinking in the moment, so much that I didn’t hear my front door open.

"Whey-hey, nice going slut.” I hear Ben hiss. Jolting back from Oli, I turn to see Ben standing at the living room doorway. “Let me guess, he told you he loved you, and that you were sweet and gorgeous? Ha.” He scoffs. “I, I..” I stammer, my embarrassment has got me strung at the throat. “Don’t even try to bother explaining, you stupid, worthless whore. It’s over, Y/N. I’m coming by tomorrow to pick my shit up.” He growls, grabbing his phone from where he was sitting previously. And like a flash of lightning, he’s gone again.

Exchanging weird glances, me and Oli sit in silence. He’s grabbed his bottom lip with his thumb and index finger. “Uh, sorry.” He mutters, beginning to rub the back of his neck with his hand. “It’s fine, it’s just… You’re right.” I say blankly. “I am?” He cocks his eyebrow. “About what?” He adds. “About me… and you…” I blush. “You serious?” His voice sounds hopeful. “Uhm, yeah. It’s just, for a while now I’ve kinda felt like, I don’t know. That I want more to do with you rather than just being friends, you know? And, I just tried to think nothing of it. Because, because of Ben. I thought that the feelings will just blow over, but, they haven’t.” I sigh awkwardly, then look over to him. His dark eyes are fixated on me, and for some reason he looks fairly mesmerised. “You, you can’t be serious?” He asks. “Of course I am.” I mutter, cheeks flushing. “Oh god, Y/N. That’s perfect.” He grins and shuffles up to me.

He takes me under his arm. It feels strange, but good. “He’s completely wrong about you - Ben.” He says at first, then whispers a list of sweet things in my ear. “You’re intelligent,”, “You’re beautiful,”, “You’re perfect,” and “You’re enticing.” The last word slithers off of his tongue. “Stop it.” I giggle, turning to face him. Quickly, he presses his lips to mine. As he parts, he laughs. “Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.” He licks his lips then grins. Suddenly, I’m feeling extremely attracted to him, and I go in for another kiss. Exploring my body, his hand treks over every inch of me. It makes me feel needy, like I want him, badly. “How about we take this to the bedroom, eh?” I see a flash of lust in his eyes. I nod my head, strange thoughts ticking in my mind. Me and Oli? It still hasn’t sunk in. Oliver grabs my hand and hauls me away from the sofa.

As we make it to my bedroom, I giggle as he places small kisses on my lips. I peel off parts of my clothing. Oli’s jeans slide off. Reaching for the back of his shirt, Oli’s hands tug it over his head. My eyes linger on his chest, patterned with tattoos, it’s beautiful. However, snapping me out of the day dream is Oli’s hands cupping my face again.

Clumsily, he crashes his lips into mine. He twiddles the both of us around and pushes me lightly onto the bed. Smirking, he gets on top of me, not dropping eye contact once. It’s seducing, yet admiring at the same time. “You look breathtaking.” He murmurs, before his hands start an adventure over my body. As I feel the tips of his fingers trail over my bare skin, I feel slightly embarrassed; it’s the first time Oli has seen me naked. “Hey, there’s nothing to be shy about, your body is perfect.” He grins, seeming to of read my mind.

The redness in my cheeks dull down as Oli presses his lips to mine again. Softly, our lips bind. For once, I feel like I’m making the right choice. Me and Oli, together. I smile against Oliver’s lips at the thought. However, ruining the moment jokingly is the feel of his erection forming in his boxers. Accidentally, I giggle. “What?” He raises an eyebrow, parting our lips. For a long moment, I let him acknowledge his strong erection pressing down on my stomach. “…Oh.” He smirks like a small boy. “You wouldn’t mind if I…” He trails off, and I know what he means. Shaking my head, he kneels up for a few seconds and strips his boxers off, setting his erection free. I try hardly not to stare, so I attempt to divert my eyes to his.

Replacing his lips on mine, I get lost in the moment. This is my bestfriend. Small thoughts of regrets appear but I squash them down, it may not sound right, but it certainly feels right. “Y/N, can I?” Oli whispers between kisses as his tip hovers by my entrance. There was no going back after this, but I nod my head.

With a polite push, Oli slides inside of me. I moan softly. “I’m not hurting you, am I?” He asks, looking down cautiously into my eyes. “Of course not.” I murmur as he kisses me again. Softly, Oliver thrusts into me, filling my completely. I whisper his name quietly as he groans quietly. This feels perfect on such a level that it’s unexplainable, I never thought that I would fall in love with my bestfriend. But, nonetheless, it happened. And I’m happy it did. Rhythmically, he rocks into my body as I sail into an ocean of desire.

All I Want For Christmas Is You

Part of my Twelve Days of Christmas Celebration.

Pairings: SamxReader

Warnings: None

Summary: When Sam agreed to pretend to be your boyfriend for your works Christmas Ball he never imagined the night would end like this.

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“Oh c'mon Sam. Please!” It felt like you’d been begging for an hour straight now. You’d tried everything from casually bringing it up in a middle of a conversation to using the best puppy dog eyes your features could muster up yet Sam didn’t seem to be thawing.

“I just don’t see how it would help.” He shrugged with total honesty. The way Sam was acting it was as if you’d just asked him to help you cover up a murder rather than simply be your date to your work’s annual Christmas ball.

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Another one of my squee moments because all your gifsetting just gives me total feels and an urge to talk about it.

Obviously the barry-reacting-quickly thing is the first thing you see. But also how he lands. It’s how you’d ideally want to land - Barry absorbs most of the force by landing first and pulling Iris away with him. 

Okay, so why is this important, you may ask? Let me remind you this is the first episode. Barry had no clue what he was doing. He still doesn’t really, but especially in that pilot. Everything was new. 

But his instincts go danger. iris. escape. Despite the fact Iris would probably be more able of saving herself at this point. Barry has a slight advantage of reacting quicker, and for some reason I’m so mesmerised because it completely slays any thought that Iris isn’t what makes Barry Barry.