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that one friend that gets hurt no matter what they do.

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Are Trump Jr.’s emails a smoking gun? One hot-button issue. Two opposing views. Three rounds of fiery debate. This is Actually.

Arguing against is Charlie Kirk. Kirk is the founder and executive director of Turning Point USA, a national student movement on over 1,100 campuses.

Arguing for is David Klion. Kilon is a former editor for Al Jazeera America and World Politics Review. He has written for the Guardian, the New Republic, Gothamist, Alternet and other publications.

Round 1 — Opening Arguments

Charlie Kirk: According to all of the evidence provided on this incident and email chain, there is absolutely nothing improper about Donald Trump, Jr.’s meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya. Don Jr. took the meeting under the impression that he was going to receive opposition research about Hillary Clinton and some of her shady dealings as Secretary of State.

The only reason this story has blown up the last three days is because, for nine months, there has been a narrative created that “Russia got Trump elected” — which is pure nonsense. If you were to delete “Russia” from the equation and report that someone from Japan, the U.K. or Canada offered help, this story would not have been subject to as much reporting.

For everyone upset about this meeting that Don Jr. took, I would like to ask: Were you equally outraged or vocal when Hillary Clinton took assistance from Ukraine? The Ukrainian government has openly admitted they colluded unsuccessfully in the 2016 election. But Hillary receiving opposition research from a foreign government got little wider traction.

Now, I hate using the defense “But Hillary did it too!” because that is actually where I have to draw a difference. Don Jr. didn’t accept any assistance as a result of this June meeting with Veselnitskaya: It resulted in nothing, and there was no follow up. It totally and completely vaporized.

So while the emails might not be good optics from the Trump team, the question I will further pose is: if this was a smoking gun, what exactly are you accusing him of that isn’t basic campaigning or bad optics?” Read more 

Hi y’all! My name is Claudia and if you would have told me a couple of weeks ago that today I’d be making a studyblr, I would have laughed in your face. Seriously. I was always more of a “why make one when you can just lurk in the tag” type of gal, but y’know, things change. So here it goes:


  • I’m entering my senior year of highschool and currently enjoying sweet, sweet Summer holiday
  • I’m 17
  • I’m from the US, but I’m currently living in Romania
  • I’m fluent in English, Romanian and at a somewhat intermediare level in French & Japanese (+ Latin, but do we even count that? It’s a dead language man)
  • I’m preparing for bot the SATs and the Romanian Baccalaureate haha ha pray for me

Things I like:

  • Messing around in Photoshop
  • Drawing
  • Writing
  • Public Speaking & Debate (the closest you can get in real life to Fight Club)
  • Unreliable narrators
  • Random History facts

Why the studyblr?

  • I sometimes find myself procrastinating more than I should, so I thought this might give me that extra bit of motivation that I need in order to stop lazying around
  • I also spend a lot of time making my notes look pretty and sadly have no one to show them to :(
  • That and the fact that this community seems so friendly and encouraging??? need me some positivity like that

Last but not least, studyblrs that have inspired me  so far (and that I used to follow/stalk on my personal @ygami) :

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So im not a vet sb or anything but ive been reading blogs and looking into the bowl for a few years off and on. Most recently ive decided to actually give it a shot but i did extensive research and read countless stories both bad and good from all sex workers. From what i gather there are a few BASIC things everyone looking into this business need to know and understand. Correct me if im wrong and you are reading this please.

1: NEVER get into a car or go anywhere with a guy you are meeting for the first time or two. Take a cab, uber, train, bus and have him pay for it if its more then $15.(Thats just my preference do what you want sis)

2: Carry a form of protection i dont give a hell if its a fork bitch carry something to protect yourself hide it under your wig if you have to.

3: Tell someone you trust family, friend, tumblr sisters, leave a detailed note at home about who you are  meeting, where, what time, and his information. If something were to happen to you the police/family will know where to start. Delete/trash it when you get home of course.

4: ALWAYS get your money before any sexual acts. For some its before they even have dinner on the first date/meeting. Its really up to you and what you prefer.

5: NEVER spend your own money with hopes of being reimbursed. The reason you got into this line of work was so that you didnt have to spend your own money sis, use your head.

6: Trust your gut, i dont care if his ass is worth a trillion dollars nothings more important then your safety. These men dont give a fuck about you at the end of the day everyones out for self in this game so be about your money first and all that other bs later.

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I'm just reading through parts of the comic again and I realized that I still have no idea what's going on or how papyrus understands it-

Okay! It all begins with Papyrus’ vast interest in knowledge! (Actually he’s just bored, so he wants to read Sans’ science books) Papyrus doesn’t think like regular people, he’s not generally focused on himself but more-so on how he can improve the bigger picture.

He generally has a very curious nature and his only downfall is not fully understanding the concept of normal things/activites. Such as dating, costumes, and work. (His first job was given to him because he did something great, so obviously he believes he just has to duplicate that to become one of the Royal Guard now)

So! Back to what happened with Chara, Papyrus understands the science of it- but the general workings of what he tried to do (create save points) didn’t seem to work for unknown reasons (because Chara needed to die “permanently” for the save points to be solidified in a point of time)

When they extracted power from Chara, it was intended to be concentrated into a secondary machine to help create the save points, however, because of the many resets, and the concentrated power inside the lab. Said power basically collapsed in on itself and made a black hole that swallowed up everything (yes everything)

Papyrus being at the center of that explosion(implosion?) became the most aware of it, even to the point of experiencing a timeline a second time. Like a huge wave of déjà vu he already knew what to expect for a long period of time.

He helped the souls stuck in the “void” to reach out to Chara, which caused a sort of reset. To a point just prior to the event. It allowed Papyrus to prepare and arrange for Chara to reset the timeline once again to “fix” everything. Before they all got swallowed up again.

Unfortunately the ones that were sucked in the first time were still damaged, hence the grey Gaster Followers(And one Goner Kid). Papyrus tried to correct them but their pieces were missing. He managed to protect his brother from a majority of damage and filled as many pieces as he could (Sans is not aware he’s missing pieces, not of his soul, just of his being, that’s the creature that showed up in Sans’ room he created in Snowdin, that thing is what is left of “Aster”)

So now this event caused Gaster to be so readily erased from the timeline that Papyrus had to arrange for both of them to leave and take on new identities otherwise they would both cease to exist entirely, just like the Gaster Followers. Papyrus already saw in the void that Chara’s power was changing, and planned their leave around that.

Before he leaves, he tries to fix any of the gaps/souls that he can, he’s carrying many of the pieces but for some reason can’t locate the missing majority. Which is where he meets… Mystery Man! Quietly sitting in the void. Waiting…

Mystery Man is an amalgamation of all the pieces monsters Papyrus lost in the first event. It’s also got a lot of parts of Papyrus, including his ability to use Wingdings, and a portion of his scientific knowledge.

The biggest thing about all of this, is that it actually would have solved itself rather nicely if Papyrus had accepted his fate and been deleted. :) But in doing so would have doomed us all wouldn’t it?

“I’ll just explain it real quick! It’ll only be a few sentences!” -Me an hour ago

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Has given each other ‘suggesting’ looks

Amethyst has made sarcastic jealous remarks about Lapis and Lapi//dot

Has stared at each other for a long time

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Peridot saved Amethyst’s life (this is considered a anime trope and was really determined to save her btw)

‘The Head Bump’

Parallels with Rupphire and Connverse

Peridot has held her arms out for Amethyst

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They both have become determined to make each other happy and laugh and smile and that kind of shit

Amethyst literally almost cried over the fact that Peridot ‘betrayed’ them

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Peridot got offended by a joke Lapis made about Amethyst

- The Crewniverse seem to avoid discussing Amedot. (Shelby ignored an Amedot quesiton once)

- Amber Roger’s (someone who is in the Crewniverse) drew Amedot once and it was deleted for some reason. (It was Vidalia doing Peridot’s hair and Amethyst blushing and saying her favorite shapes were either triangles or diamonds).

- Rebecca Sugar has said that pushing someone out of harm’s way “an outrageously romantic gesture”. Leaning towards Amedot, Stevonnie, and Rupphire.

- Amethyst’s VA has heavily implied Amethyst will end up with someone by the end of the show.

- Lauren said that they had romantic intentions for Amedot (but had no plans on making it canon, not sure about what the other people in the crewniverse were planning for this ship. I mean Hillary did seem to have romantic intentions for Amedot, and Amber drew them one time)

- Why do we change our voice’s pitch when talking to a romantic love interest? It’s makes the love connection. (Amedot)

- It is hinted in Mindful Education, Log Date, and Barn Mates that Peridot and Amethyst hang out a lot off-screen together

- Amethyst seems to care about Peridot’s opinion the most. She gets scared and flustered when Peridot is about to speak her mind about her. With the others, she doesn’t really care that much.

- Someone who works on SU pinned a drawing of Amedot to their twitter (If they see this, they can ask me to take this down, I will)

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So i am sure some of you have heard that AFPE got deleted

Just a reminder that it only takes some random people to report a blog for it to get deleted.

We have gotten reported before for “hate speech” for things like saying that black people can be racist or giving examples of feminism’s wrongdoings when asked.

So we will probably get deleted someday too. If you see that this blog is gone, that is probably the reason.

Okay so I’m having to post this again because I was going through my page and for some reason this piece got deleted! Dunno how! Anyway, there’s a part two to this and it just doesn’t make sense without the first!


Y/N loves flying out to see Harry. She loves hearing the enthusiasm in his voice when she tells him her vacation’s been approved at work. She loves when Harry picks her up from airports, holding up the cutest handmade sign that reads ‘Y/N!!(:’. Especially because he draws happy faces, or hearts, or loads of x’s, and goes overboard with exclamation points sometimes. She loves hearing Harry go on and on about the town(or city) he’s in at the time. Loves it when he talks about the locations that are popular, as if he really is all familiar, when in reality he’s only just gotten there himself a day prior and hadn’t even heard of the place before then. It makes her think that maybe he lays awake at night, before her arrival, studying these places, just so he can tell her all about them. She loves going out to sight see with him, wonderful spots she’s never even dreamt of visiting. She really loves hanging out with the boys and the crew, and engaging with fans when they come up to Harry, or Liam, or Louis, or Niall. More than anything though, she loves spending time with Harry.

This time it’s different though, and if she’s being honest, she’s feeling a tad nervous. Well, that might be an understatement.

Harry’s quite excited though. It’s been a while since he’s seen his best friend. Sure, he’s constantly phoning her, or messaging her, but it’s not the same. So when he sees her with her luggage, the escalator moving too slow for his liking, he smiles wide in adoration. Definitely not the same.

But here he is, his hair short and slicked messily to the side. With a sign that reads 'Y/N ♡ (:’, just like
she has missed. And as soon as she steps off the escalator, she drops her bags with a thud and Harry’s striding towards her, arms open.

“Missed you, kitten.” He smiles into her hair, inhaling the refreshing yet familiar scent of vanilla.

It’s quite easy for Harry to pick her up and spin her then, and she gives a small squeak, but laughs anyway.

“Been missing you since you left, you big movie star, you.”

And her voice is music to his ears, can never get enough. It’s why their conversations always go into the wee hours of the morning.

Harry sets her back down, gently, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. “M'still the same ole lad that liked to work at a bakery.” Harry never really does change. Always been so humble. “Hey! Did y'know-”

“That you used to work at a bakery!” Y/N joins in, and they finish the sentence together. “I might’ve heard something about that, yes.”

They both chuckle before Harry takes her suitcase handle in his hand, “lemme help you with these, love.”

“How was the trip?” Harry questions, leading the way out.

Y/N hasn’t really known anything but quiet airports when it comes to visiting Harry. Always been best to arrive at night so the possibilities of getting swarmed are to a minimum.

“Slept a lot. Got a bit of work done-”

“You never really understood what a vacation was,” Harry chuckles. And it’s quite true. She can never really not do anything, and in that aspect, Harry and Y/N are much alike. But that’s why she likes vacationing with Harry, he’s able to distract her and really help her relax.

“That’s why m'here, darlin’.” She retorts, “anyway. It was sort of weird, too. Couple of people came up to me, no idea who they were, and asked about ya.”

Harry raises an eyebrow at this.

“Mhm-” she hums. By this time, he’s loading her belongings into the back of a rental, before opening the passenger door for her, “one guy even asked for a picture with me.”

Harry makes his way around the front of the car, jumping so into the driver’s seat.

“S'now y'think you’re all high an’ mighty?” He teases, giving her a smirk and putting the car in drive.

“Don’t worry, you’ll always be my number one,” Y/N giggles, patting his hand set on the arm rest.

Harry nods and laughs in amusement, “m'just glad you’re here, poppet. M'excited for you to meet everyone.”

“Me too,” she answers, unsure.

And if it were anyone else, she might’ve gotten away with that, but it’s Harry, and Harry knows her too well, so he takes her hand in his and gently squeezes it, smiling a reassuring smile “they’re gonna love ya’.”

And just like she predicted, Harry’s making sure to note places he’s either read about or has been to on their way to the hotel. The pub he and his cast mates went to on a day off, restaurant they celebrated a crew member’s birthday, park he likes to take a run through.

But Y/N still can’t help the uneasiness that creeps back up, because when she visited Harry on tours, she knew mostly everyone. Even when Harry wasn’t around because he was rehearsing, or in wardrobe, or performing, she still had Lou and Lux, sometimes Gemma and Meredith. But now, she’s not going to know anyone but Harry, and that’s a little scary when she thinks about it. Who is she going to talk to when Harry’s on set. She really doesn’t want to come off as a loner. And she’s naturally super shy, so she doesn’t want his cast ages to think she’s stuck up either.

“Here we are,” Harry’s voice cuts through her thoughts, “you’ll be sleeping in the room next to mine. S'got a door that connects 'em, so I’ll be a step away.”

Harry’s always been so considerate with her, to the point where it feels like she’s being babied. But she doesn’t mind, cos he tells her he’s just being cautious. Wouldn’t want anything to happen to her, and she knows, he’s always been real protective.

“S'that mean I can come over to yours?” Y/N doesn’t mean to sound like a child. Usually the first night in a foreign city she spends in Harry’s room. They’ll be watching movies or just talking until Y/N is more at ease, and eventually he’ll get her to sleep. She always tells him she’ll try her best not to bother him, but she can’t think of anything better than cuddling up to Harry. And Harry assures her he doesn’t mind. Not at all. He’s always said he sleeps much better when he’s got someone to cuddle.

“Door’s gonna be wide open-” he smiles, pushing his floor number button with his thumb once inside the lift, “-figuratively, o'course.”

Y/N smiles at him, her way of saying 'thank you’, before she yawns and rubs at her eyes.

When the lift comes to a halt, Harry helps a now very sleepy Y/N out, leading the way with the palm of his hand on her back. Times likes these he’s got to make sure his steps are shorter, wouldn’t want to hurry her up. He slides the keycard and opens her suite door, setting her belongings down next to the TV stand.

“Up you go,” he whispers now, noticing how droopy her eyes have gotten.

He pulls the covers back, letting her slip under before he’s taking off her sneakers and settling her into bed. The upside in having her arrive at night is that she always wears bed time clothes to ensure she’s comfortable.

“I’ll make sure to wake you for brekkie. G'nite, kitten.”

With a light kiss to her temple, Harry makes his way next door into his own room. A room that feels just a little empty now for some reason. And Harry stands here in the dark, a feeling of relief washing over him as he runs his fingers through his hair. He slips off his boots, then his shirt, and lastly his pants before deciding on a warm shower, excited that tomorrow, Harry will finally be able to introduce to everyone the girl he’s been going on about for a while now.


Harry wakes up to a slight stream of light coming in through the curtains, a hand instinctively feeling the spot next to him, in hopes that it wouldn’t be empty, but when he feels nothing but cool sheets, he can’t ignore the feeling of disappointment in the pit of his stomach.

One thing Harry always counted on is Y/N’s body next to him. Doesn’t matter whether she’s cuddled up to him, arm flung across his torso and face buried in his neck, or if she’s a ball of limbs sleeping inches away from him, hair laid messily against white sheets. He finds comfort in the way she breathes, her hands mindlessly reaching over to him to touch him, any part of him. That’s why she’s his favourite to cuddle. Let’s him move her around any which way he wants, and only nuzzles into him closer. When it’s hot, she settles for Harry’s arm around and under her neck, slung lazy on her shoulder, her head on his chest. When it’s cold, she lets him spoon her, his torso warm against her back, arms locked around her waist and their legs tangled. Sometimes he rubs her tummy, too. Knows she likes it when he rubs her tummy. It’s why he prefers it when it’s cold.

“Morning sunshine!” And just like that, a smile creeps over him as he looks over at Y/N make her way to the edge of his bed laying out his clothes on top, “completely knocked out last night. Woke up real early! I’ve picked out your outfit! Now let’s get going before you’re late!”

Y/N’s not sure what got into her. The sudden confidence seems to have her over excited now, giddy and in a hurry to get to Harry’s work.

“Woah! Whas’ gotten into yeh?”

Y/N knows the drill the second Harry sits up and reaches for the cover, so she turns around and stares at the wall so he can change.

She shrugs, “figured I should make the most of it. S'not everyday I get to hang out with famous people!”

“Ayeeee! S'not nice!” Harry would be offended if he had an ego, but it really only reminds him that Y/N doesn’t care that he’s Harry Styles.

“M'joking!” She turns around after hearing the sound of a zipper being pulled up.

Harry gives her a playful glare before sliding his shirt over his head and his arms, tugging at the bottom and stretching it down. He looks at her through the bathroom mirror, talking to her about the people he’s been spending time with as he washes his face and brushes his teeth.

Minutes later, they’re out for breakfast before heading to set.


Y/N’s having a grand time. She honestly doesn’t know why she was so worried. Everyone’s been so lovely to her. She was timid at first yeah, practically clinging to Harry when they arrived. But when he was taken to get into costume and she was left alone, a few of his cast mates approach her, making small talk before excusing themselves. She’s observing, watching everyone scrambling around to their positions when one of the crew ladies offers her a donut, and she doesn’t want to be rude and not take one, so she does, and boy is she glad she did. Because at that moment, a guy clad in a soldier costume, his face covered with what she’s assuming is mud, reaches for the last glazed just when she’s about to grab it.

He apologises and hands it over to her, claiming he likes the chocolate ones better anyway. He politely introduces himself, jokingly tipping his imaginary hat. Fionn is his name, and she remembers him from a few of the first leaked pictures of Harry on the set. He asks her name, and when she tells him, he hmm’s knowingly and says “so you’re the famous Y/N” before taking another bite of his donut.

Y/N’s not sure how long they’ve been talking for, all she knows is that her face is starting to hurt from so much smiling. The sound of a train whistle brings her back, and she looks up to see Harry looking back at them, a look on his face that she can’t make out. She waves at him, a huge smile on her face because she’s finally here, looking at her very handsome best friend in action, and he doesn’t wave back, rather keeps his stare stern before tucking his body back into the locomotive, causing her smile to fade.

The Joker x Reader - “The Bucket List”

Two months after breaking up with The Joker, you found out the bad news. You didn’t have a choice but to ask for his help and J didn’t even show up for the meeting. Of course he didn’t care, but now that he heard why you wanted to see him so badly, it might be too late for any amendments.

Part 2:

“I’m out of here…” you announce, lifting your bag and taking a few steps towards the door. The Joker doesn’t reply, he just watches you in silence, leaning on the back wall of the master bedroom.

“That’s all you want?” he speaks up in a bitter tone when you are almost out of the quarters.

“Yes, that’s all…” you whisper and don’t turn around, continuing your walk. After a few moments, J wants to add something but gives up when he hears the elevator. He knows you’re already gone.


Things went from worse to worst until both couldn’t take it anymore. You were aware he’d never leave the penthouse so you decided to break it off sooner rather than later. You were actually surprised he didn’t try to stop you when you told him about your decision: after all, he doesn’t like people to leave until he says so. You were determined to continue with the plan even he would have attempt to disagree. But he didn’t. Probably happy to get rid of you in such a timely manner. The Joker must have really hated you if he didn’t bother with any kind of reaction.

Oh, well, serves you right for thinking you meant something to him. Lesson learned.


The first time he got a sign from you was after about 2 months. You called and he didn’t answer. It came through as “unknown number” because you weren’t in his contacts anymore, but he had the digits memorized. After about one hour, he received a text message: “Could you please meet me tonight around 10pm at the corner of Spencer’s and North Avenue? It’s really important. Please…I really need to talk to you.”

J deleted the message, upset you bothered him. For some reason though, he decided to go and see what the hell you wanted. He waited in the shadows behind the apartment building, watching you nervously pacing under the street light. You held a few papers in your hand and seemed distressed.

The Joker regretted coming so he stayed hidden, but didn’t leave. You waited for an hour and it began to rain. He could see you were soaked to the bone, still waiting on the almost deserted sidewalk. He was drenched also and didn’t move. You started to cry when you realized he won’t show up, holding up those papers to your chest. After another half an hour passed, you signaled a cab and one saw you right away. J decided to come out, thinking that if you notice him, he’ll talk to you. If not, oh well…

Of course you got into the taxi and didn’t see him approach. He had the perfect excuse for his indifference and you swore never to get a hold of him again. You bawled all the way back to your house, mad at yourself for being such an idiot. Yet, not too many choices at the time. You erased his phone number from your cell and as soon as you got home you smashed the phone to pieces, crying your eyes out since The Joker didn’t want to at least meet you when you really needed his help for once.


After 7 months, J is in a meeting, planning a heist and some transactions on the black market with his old business partner when the conversation steered towards your absence at the negotiation table. Everyone knew you were gone, but Jasper still ran his mouth.

“That’s too bad about what happened to Y/N, hm? How old is she, 35 ? I hope she makes it… Hard to tell with this kind of stuff…”

Your ex is not excited to hear your name. He would love to blow Jasper’s brains, but he’s still needed.

“Don’t push it,” J growls, annoyed, clenching his jaw.  The guy lifts his hands up in surrender, not having any desire to irritate the Clown Prince of Crime.

“No disrespect, sir, I was just talking without thinking.”

J keeps on marking locations on the map, absent minded.

“So…what happened to her?” he utters, not lifting his eyes from the important project.

“You don’t know?!” Jasper replies, intrigued.

“No,” J simply answers, sniffling.

“Do you really care to find out?”
“No… But tell me anyway!”

*** He debated for a week if he should call you or not. When he finally dialed your digits, the flat message made him roll his eyes: “This number has been disconnected or is no longer in service.”

It took J about 3 more weeks to find your whereabouts. You can easily make yourself disappear under fake identities. Thankfully, The Joker has several ways of using his numerous resources when necessary.


Oh, no! you think when you hear the doorbell. You slowly get up from the couch, dizzy from the monthly IV medication dripping in your veins, one of the treatments you do at home. You grab the IV pole, rolling it towards the door. You bought this house outside the city, not wanting to be bothered. No neighbors around. And you didn’t order any food or supplies to be delivered like you usually do.

“Coming!” you announce, holding on to the wall with your free hand. “Who is it?” you inquire before opening the door.

“Pizza delivery,” the muffled voice answers.

“I didn’t order any pizza,” and you crack the door open. “Shit!” you gasp when you see J standing there and you shut the entrance immediately, locking it.

“Really?!” you hear him and you back out, alarmed. Surprisingly, no knocking or pounding.  And it clicks: the sliding glass door on the back porch is opened! You force yourself to walk as fast as you can, difficult since you are hooked to your IV.

“Dammit,” you mumble when you get to the living room and see he already got inside.

“I wasn’t aiming for this reaction,” J frowns, taking a few steps towards you.

“What…what are you doing here?!” you demand to find out since you’re not pleased about his presence. You really don’t need whatever the hell this is right now.

“What’s wrong with you?” he cuts to the chase, not in the mood for chitchatting. Those piercing eyes urge for an explanation.

“Nothing,” you grumble and squeeze the pole harder.

“Doesn’t look like nothing,” he points towards your IV. You sigh, feeling more and more uncomfortable.

“It’s only…only something to slow down the process…”

“What process?” The Joker barks, biting on his cheek.

“The process of me dying too fast,” you serenely admit. He keeps on staring at you, kind of stupefied at how you look: skinny, pale, dark circles under your eyes and he can notice it all since you have no make-up on. Your hair is dark blonde now, still long yet visibly thinned out.

“Nonsense, you’re too young,” he drops on the chair closer to him, crossing his legs.“Who helps you?” he begins another tirade of questions.

“Nobody; I leave alone, away from everyone. I don’t want to be seen like this and I can take care of myself,” you swallow the bitter taste on your tongue, nauseated. All the drugs you take have such awesome side effects. “Is this an interrogation? Because I don’t want to talk nor see anybody. So if you would just leave…” and you nod towards the sliding door he sneaked through.

“Nonsense,” he cuts you off, bouncing his leg on top of the other, impatient. He reaches for the papers scattered on the table in front of him, reading the names of the numerous vials with tablets, capsules and lozenges, aggravated. “Do you have a list of all the stuff you take?”

“Wh-what?! Could you just…just leave please?!” and you gag, almost vomiting, rushing to snatch a container from the kitchen counter with anti-nausea medication. You swallow one tablet with a few sips of water and go sit down on the couch, exhausted. J watches your every move without any comment.

“If you don’t leave I’ll call the cops,” you close your eyes, feeling the room spinning.

“Please do, I would love to tell them who you really are,” he scoffs, rattling some of your pills, amazed on how huge they are. Crap, the police threat didn’t work.

“Go home to your girlfriend and leave me alone,” you encourage him, hoping he’ll get lost.

“Go home to your girlfriend,” he imitates you, giving you a mean glare. “Do I look like a fool in a leash to you?! Don’t insult me! Plus, I hate her!” he snarls, finding what he came for in the documents pile: an inventory of all the things you take for your condition.

“You hate everybody, “ you whisper, biting your dry lips.

“A skill I take a lot of pride in,” he cracks his neck and finally gets up.

“Why are you here?” you tilt your head to the side, fighting to keep your raging sickness under control. “ Where…where were you when I needed you so badly, hm? I asked for a meeting and you didn’t even bother to come…I was scared and seeked your help. How stupid of me…,” you sadly smile and even if you don’t seem to cry, J notices tears rolling down your face. “Of course you are too busy to be bothered with someone so insignificant as your ex that wanted to tell you she found out she’s dying…” you wipe your tears, not breaking eye contact. Him adding to your misery doesn’t aid.

“Shut up, you’re not dying!!! And don’t talk to me like this again!” he growls at you before slamming the sliding door behind him.  

“I AM DYING!!” you yell, taking deep breaths to cool down.  

My God, what in the world was that?!!! Do you have to move now?! You are in no mood to do so, but probably you’ll have to pull yourself together and vanish once more. How did he find you?


You didn’t hear anything from him in a while and you are relieved: probably forgot about his little project involving you and lost interest like he usually does when he gets bored. It’s better this way; you don’t need to be stressed out about more problems, you don’t need your life turned upside down more than it already is.

You are coming back from your weekly check up at the clinic and you notice a black car in your driveway. You groan when you see Frost coming out of the vehicle, waiting for you. No choice but to park next to him and meet him.

“Hi, Y/N.”

“Hi, Frost,” you cautiously greet. “Is J here?”

“No, but boss wanted me to give you this,” and Jonny hands over a sealed box.

“What is this?” you check, curious to hear about it. What is he up to?!

“Mister J says the directions are inside: take one of the red pills three times a day and the blue one just once daily. He also said to stop taking the three meds he crossed over on your med list. All in the box,” Frost blurs out, getting ready to flee. He sure is uncomfortable; knowing you, you’ll certainly decline.

“I don’t want anything from him!” you raise your voice.

He was afraid this will happen.

You place the box on the hood, heading towards the porch.

“I can’t tell him that! Please take it!”

“I don’t know what the hell those pills are and I don’t need his help. Just tell him I said that!”

“He’s not gonna like it…” Frost grumbles.

“So? I want to be left alone!!”


You are getting ready to go to sleep when you hear a loud bang: your front door is being opened and slammed. Must be J…and you are correct.

“Y/N?! Y/N! Where are you?” The Joker shouts, looking around for you.

“Ummm…here,” you get on your knees in bed, covering yourself with the comforter and bracing for the worst.

He storms in your bedroom, holding the box he sent earlier.

“I understand you refuse to take this?” his low voice echoes in the whole house.

“Yes, I don’t want it. Please leave!”

“Do you know what I’ve been doing for the past 3 weeks since I last saw you? Hmmm? Do you?!” he starts unwrapping the seal around the box, tossing it by you. “I broke into 3 research facilities, about 5 hospitals, kidnapped doctors and blackmailed others in exchange for information and treatments. Showed your med list to all of them and they came up with some new options for your disease!” J is so mad he’s slamming all the vials around, taking a red tablet out of one. “Take this!!” he shoves it in your face and you hesitantly move your head backwards.

“It’s a new experimental drug!!“ he roughly grabs your jaw.” I’ll get rid of the stuff you don’t have to take anymore.”

You sniffle, intrigued by his behavior and escape his grasp.

“Why are you tormenting me? Are you that bored? Why don’t you go back to Gotham?” You wipe your forehead, already tired from all this crap. “Do you feel…guilty?” you touch his hand, moving it away. He brings his face very close to yours, panting with indignation:

“I’m fucking buying you more time!! So take this goddamned pill or I’ll force you! I mean it!!”

You sigh, weighting in the options.

“Fine…I’ll take it…Are you happy now?” you reach for the bottle of water on the night stand and swallow the given medication.

“Ecstatic!” J grinds his teeth, vexed. “They told me you should expect nasty side effects, but it will get better.”  

You shrink under the cover.

“Well, I took it, so…you don’t have to be here anymore.”

“Are you kicking me out?” he goes on the other side of the bed, starting to pile up pillows.

“Please go back to Gotham,” you beg, uneasy at the thought of him spending the night.

He stretches, fed up with the conversation, wanting to relax after another long day.


One hour later you started feeling the aftermath of your new drug. You are used with being sick and yet it doesn’t make it easier. You shiver like a leaf, moaning in pain, adding 2 painkillers when the aching becomes unbearable. You try to get comfortable but it’s useless.

“Are you cold?” J asks, moving closer to you. “You…need… anything?” he struggles to offer, not really knowing how to react to the situation. You nod a faint yes, reaching your hands for him:

“Y-you…” the weak response comes, making him scoot over without hesitation. A strange warmness washes all over him, making his heart beat faster and it’s not a pleasant emotion. You curl up in a ball against his body while he covers you with his blanket too.

“J…” you whimper when his arms go around you, “ O-one of these days they’ll find me dead in here. C-can you take my things? I would hate for s-strangers to come in here, stealing what doesn’t belong to them. You know how much I care a-about my things… Y-yes?”

The Joker believes you’re delirious; he was warned about this common side effect of what you’re taking. Maybe you are…

“No, I won’t!” he emphasizes his refusal, inflexible in his decision.

“W-why not?” you lick your dried lips, getting even more upset.

“I only provide my services to people I like. You’re not on the list,” he makes sure to remind you.

“N-nobody’s on the list,” you crack an awkward smile, squinting your eyes when the muscle spasms hit again.

“Exactly,” J acknowledges, wondering how the hell you manage on your own when you are so ill. He caresses your hair and he notices so many strands left around his fingers.

“Jesus, Y/N!“ escapes his mouth before he can stop the words.

“I k-know I should shave my h-head and I just keep on p-postponing,” you tremble, praying you can rest for a little bit. So many sleepless nights, twisted thoughts and therapies took their toll on you.

After about 2 hours you finally fall asleep and he dozes off also, worn out and fighting with himself about what should happen next. J is not sure how long he’s been out, but when he wakes up it’s still dark and you are in his arms. It seems you didn’t move at all and he notices you’re not breathing.

“Hey, hey, Y/N, wake up!” he softly slaps your shoulder and there is no reaction. “Hey! Wake up I said!” he gets up on his elbow, terrified for once. “Open your eyes! Wake up!!!!” he shakes you, feeling he’s starting to sweat from the anxiety.

“Mmmm,” he hears your mumble and you cuddle more to his chest, keeping your hands under his pillow. “What is it?” you whisper, yawning.

He puts his head back on the cushions , truthfully admitting:

“Shit, I thought you died…”

“Not yet…” you calm him down, not wishing to wake up yet. “Go back to sleep, I’m fine…My blood pressure gets really low sometimes, I’m still here…” you kiss the skin in front of your lips, not realizing what you’re doing. You fall back into your dreamless daze while The Joker is unable to do anything else but repeat in his mind the simple sentence you used to let him know you’re still alive: “Not yet.”


You don’t go to the clinic anymore. A lot of your old meds are not needed according to the new care plan in place for you. New stuff is being added and some doctors are even brought to your house so they can assess you. Tests after tests, trial and error of all the drugs that The King of Gotham is able to smuggle and steal for you. You have such bad days you seriously consider giving up, which was the main idea before he showed up at your home that day.

You have no clue why he’s putting so much effort into it and he gets mad when you fight him, refusing to take your meds.

“Nothing is really working, they make me feel worse!” you sob, having a really bad day while being hooked to your new IV.

“Tough it out, Pumpkin, could be worse,” he grouchily snarls, moving some of your books around.

“You can’t buy me life, it’s too late,” you wail on your couch, depressed and ailing in every single fiber of your body.

“I’m not buying you life, Y/N, I’m buying you time!” J aims towards all the vials, bottles and containers containing the remedies you actually need.

“What does your girlfriend has to say about this? I bet she detests me since you spend so much time here,” you want to mention, blowing your nose in a tissue.

“I told you I hate her so I don’t care about what she thinks!” he barks and shoves the books around when a piece of paper folded in two flies out from one of them and lands on the floor. He picks it up and opens it, reading your note:

Bucket list

-go to Japan

- a family

- see J one last time - no, no, no!!

-meeting my knight in shining armor (he huffs)

-kidnap Commissar Gordon again (he smirks)

-see J one last time – no!!!!!!!!!!

-find out Batsy’s identity (he grins)

-steal more diamonds

-see J one last time - NOOOOO!!!!!!

“What are you doing?!” you jump off the couch when you see the paper in his hand.

“A bucket list Doll ?! Really?” he laughs because he has no better idea of how to get rid of this awful feeling in his heart.

“That’s private, give it back!” you barely drag your feet to go to him and yank the list out of his hand, placing in a drawer. “This is very personal stuff, you have no right to…”

“I do what I want!” he interrupts, giving you a high and mighty gaze. So typical.  

“You can’t just…”

“Tell someone that cares,” he turns his back on you, returning to his task and you sit there with your mouth open, outraged. You forgot to cry. “When are you going to shave your head? The new IV med will really make you lose more hair, that’s what they told me,” The Joker chatters, turning his attention towards you again. “Want me to do it for you? I’ve seen you have the electric hair clipper in the bathroom. Don’t be a chicken and do it!” he distracts you from your tirade.

“I’m not sure if…” you try to negotiate, but I guess he has a new assignment on the horizon. You are conscious you’ve been delaying this forever; your hair is so thin and limp it’s gross.

“Nahhh, I think we should go on with it! No better time than the present!” and he takes your hand, guiding you towards the bathroom while you steadily roll the IV pole with you. “Sit!” he pushes your shoulders down on the chair and brings over the tool, turning it on. You nervously gulp, watching chunks of your locks piling up on the marble flooring.

“Done!” he announces and you touch your bald head, getting up so you can see yourself in the mirror. It looks terrible and you start weeping.

“Ahhh, it’s not that bad kid. You’re still fairly pretty. To be honest, you’re uglier than before but I can still look at you,” J cheerfully concludes.

You elbow him through tears, appalled at your reflection.

“You suck at making people feel better, you know that?”

“Another skill I take great pride in,” he winks, grinding his silver teeth and you cry harder.

“My hair…it’s …just…gone,” you stammer, saddened beyond control, stroking your shaved skin.

He sighs, softly pushing you away from the mirror, still holding the trimmer.

“You know, Princess, I’m starting to get sick of my green hair, I had it for a while,” he passes his fingers through it, turning his head left and right.

“Huh?” you whimper, sniffling.

Before you can react, he turns on the trimmer again, starting to shave his head. You stop bawling, shocked, watching his green locks falling to the ground.

“What are you doing, J?!”

“Isn’t it obvious? Getting rid of something I’m bored with. There, done! Com’ere!” he urges you to return in front of the mirror with him. “I think we look pretty good, won’t you say?” he puckers his lips and you start crying so hard it makes him cringe. “Would you stop it??!! I didn’t do it for you, I’m too selfish. I was really tired of my toxic green hair, got it?”

You nod a yes and hug him, squeezing him in your arms as hard as you can since your IV line doesn’t permit a wide range of motion.


Later that evening

“Are you ready?” he peeks in the bedroom to see you dressed up. “Told you some make-up will do the job, you’re much prettier now. Still not up to my standards, but…”

You walk towards him in your floral summer dress, sulking.

“Horrible person…” you mutter, elbowing him. “Where are we going?”

“I need your help with something and since you didn’t get out of the house in forever, I have plans for today.”
“Where are we going?” you insist, stepping outside and observe the silver car on the driveway, probably dropped off by his men because he didn’t have it there this morning.

The Joker gets dresses with his silver jacket, taking a deep breath before laying it down for you:

“The silver jacket is the most I can do for the shiny armor, ok? Plus the car,” and cracks his fingers, a bit uneasy.

You seem puzzled.

“Your stupid bucket list, Doll: the knight in shining armor thing. I’m not wearing a dumb armor, this is the most I’m willing to do.”

You stare at him, speechless, on the verge of crying as he can see your lips quivering.

“Uhhh, give me a break!”  J growls, giving you a nudge towards the car.


“What are we doing at Jasper’s hideout?” you step out of the car, wondering what he has in mind.

“Some business to attend to and I need your help, OK?”

“OK,” you agree, hesitant.

When you both walk in with the new bald looks, everybody at the meeting instantly stops talking and glances, astonished.

“Wha’? “ J guides you to your seats, “You didn’t see two beautiful people before?!” and the tone in his voice makes them all aware they shouldn’t make it so obvious they’re perplexed at the change.

They all start talking in the same time, apologizing and attempting to fix their mistake.

“Shut the hell up!” he addresses the crowd, irked. “Wrong spot, Y/N!” he signals you to get up from your chair and you do as asked, confused. “Here!” he pulls you in his lap and you place your hand around his neck, smiling. “We are negotiating with this fine…gentlemen; I’m too exhausted for this, you do it.”

Wow, they didn’t see you in more than a year and now you show up here with Mister J, back to what you used to do. What’s going on? they all ask themselves, knowing they won’t get an answer.

The Joker rests his head on your shoulder, listening to the sound of your voice resonating in his ears.

He might not be able to buy life for the girl he hates so much, but he can buy her time. As much as he can.


1D- Larry- Do they watch and cry like us

Okay I was watching some old clips and got emotional because, like others, I miss them doing weird stuff and just being normal in public.

I don’t wanna talk about their relationship, if they were together or they are or not but I wanna sit and admire their friendship that they used to have.

I feels so bad about the changed scenario and sometimes I think do they even watch and feel bad about how things changed.

Do they even cry over those memories…..


Just being boys…………….

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Just Teasing each each other…………

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Having fun online….. just simply being themselves…..

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Just being weird with each other………….

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Just teaching stuff to each other……………

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Passing time together………..

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Just messing with each other…….. 

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Just dancing weirdly together………….

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Just walking around placing hands around each other………….

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Just resting on shoulders…………

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Helping when they need each other…….

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Fun during photo-shoots……

Weird interviews……….

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Making each other laugh……

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Proud to have each other on stage………..

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Having private talk whenever they need……………….

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Admiring each other…………

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Hugging each other whenever they need………..

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and their fav.. just staring at each other……

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But now for the last 2-3 years… things have changed…

Admiring each other from distance…….

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Is it how the used to behave around each other………..?

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Standing cautiously next to each other……….

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Can not even touch accidentally……….

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I wonder how much they die inside when they do that………………..

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Showing no concern towards each others presence………………

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Just watching other one having fun with others……

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Can not laugh on each others jokes……………….

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Where is the excitement???

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Can not have fun with each others but with all…….

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Hugging in public like in decades……….

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I don’t know them personally but one can see the beautiful bond they shared in the starting years. 

They could have been more close to each other.

They could have enjoyed those years more because we know how much they enjoyed being around each other.

I don’t wanna type any reason to say why they behaved like this… like strangers…. 

If I will ever get a chance to ask them one question, I will simply ask

“Do they even watch these videos and moments and cry….?”

but we witnessed most beautiful friendship of our time. But we also witnessed most hurting days of their lives.

In love with their love

(I started with some original gifs and moments but that post accidentally got deleted. So I made this shorter version of my original post…. 

The older one was more deep but depressing….)

All His - Part 3 (A Kyungsoo Series)

The rest of the day was a blur of shopping, translating, eating more than either of you could stand and driving around downtown Paris in a weird awkwardness that hadn’t let up since you found out about the facebook thing.

You vowed, the second you got some privacy and your laptop, you would either delete the whole thing, or at least make it all private.

”…I mean, who doesn’t have a single privacy setting activated? I’ve never met anyone before you. The whole thing is just completely public.”

His reasons for looking into you. You got it. He had to be sure you weren’t some psycho…but thinking back on some of the shit you’d said about this man…you felt like a fucking psycho the longer you thought about it.

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Last Night

Sam x Reader, fluff and implied/light smut

Just a reminder that requests are open ^^ Enjoy!

So for some reason I can’t find the request in my inbox (i must have deleted it or smn whoopsies) but it was something alng the lines of Dean teasing you and Sam in the morning after you finally got together


Slowly your eyes blinked open, you felt Sam’s arms holding you close to his chest, his breaths even and warm. Smiling you lay there, not wanting to wake him. A few minutes later he stirred slightly, clearing his throat quietly and humming “Morning”, his voice sleepy.
“Morning.” You smiled back, pecking his lips.

He smirked, reluctantly letting go of you to get up. “I’m gonna go for a run.” He kissed your cheek “You coming?” 
You raised an eyebrow at him, making him chuckle. “Stay?” You asked, looking up at him with wide eyes.
He sighed, tilting his head slightly. “I need to train.” he sighed.
“You can train later…I want pancakes.” You declared, throwing a hoodie over your pjs and grabbing his hand.
“Pancakes?” He echoed, still half asleep no doubt.

“Yeah, come on.” You smiled, dragging him to the Kitchen. He chuckled, having given in before you’d even started.

Before you’d even managed a foot into the kitchen a cheer sounded, making you frown. “Morning lovebirds!” Dean grinned, shooting you a wink.

“Ugh.” You groaned, rolling your eyes at him. Dean had been nagging at you for weeks to ask Sam out and, which you found out last night, he’d also not been shutting up about it to Sam too. 
“Dude, no.” Sam frowned at his brother, reaching over you to grab some plates.
“That’s not what you were screaming last night.” Dean chuckled, enjoying the look on your face. Feeling your cheeks burn red you ignored both of the boy’s gazes and continued pouring your tea.

“You know, next time you two are gonna be that loud...just let me know before.” Dean added, trying his best not to laugh.

“Dean!” Sam snapped, his face bright red.

“What? Hell I’m just glad you two finally hooked up. Even if you went slightly overboard with the noise.” Dean was now full out laughing, leaving a very embarrassed you and Sam as he swaggered out of the kitchen. “Enjoy your pancakes you cuties.” Dean giggled.

herbluesblog  asked:

Hey! I was looking for your post about Cole but I didnt found. Can you tell me everything? Why is he a shitty person?

Yeah sure. Sorry for the shitty format, I’m on mobile, but the receipts on that post were:

- Said that dating a black man was bestiality:

- Compared blm activism with canivalism, for…some reason idk:

- Now there aren’t many receipts about this and I tried to find more but I couldn’t. He apparently was abusive towards his ex gf. She deleted her account, though, so the only Proof there is is this:

- Believes in Reverse Racism, apparently doesn’t think he’s got white privilege, and says that ‘white people aren’t inherently racist: And

Maybe later I’ll try to find the complete texts and see if I can find out more about his ex, but those were the links on the other post. But…yeah, he’s not good.

Mod A.

Me: I feel like I’m forgetting something.

Subconsious: Your fics. You’re forgetting to write, edit and post your fics.

Me: Nah, it’s probably just that random feeling I get once in a while.



Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: angst, bit of fluff

Warnings: language

Words: 2.4k

Requested: Yes, here! (Please read!)

-Admin Peach

When Taehyung called you after dance practice, asking if you could come to their dorm, you immediately said yes. You grabbed your purse and went out but not without getting take-out for the boys. It was raining like crazy and to add to that it was almost midnight. You were lucky you had a car. The streets were completely empty on your way to their apartment.

When you arrived, Jimin was already waiting for you at the door; his smile was bright but still tired.

“Hey Jimin! Could you help me with that?” you asked giving one of the bags to him.

He gladly took the bags and led you inside. Five boys were laying tiredly sitting around in the living room. As soon as Taehyung spotted your figure, he got up and wrapped his arms around your waist. You smiled softly and went on to prepare the meal.

“Hey raindrop, how was your day?” he asked, giving you a peck on your shoulder.

“Hm, it was alright.” you sighed in content of his touch.

Just when Taehyung wanted to turn you around to face him, you wiggled out of his embrace.

Yah, boys this isn’t exactly what I would call excited when someone brings over food” you said in a serious tone trying to conceal your giggles.

The boys didn’t seem to have noticed your arrival with food, so as soon as they heard this they got up and went to the kitchen. Their faces lit up at the sight of their favorite dishes.

“Oh my god Y/N we really don’t deserve you, thank you so much” Jin muffled, shoving food into his mouth.

You rolled your eyes and laughed at how overly dramatic Jin was about the food; as if it was your first time doing that. Taehyung just smiled about it and ate his food.

Time passed by and it was almost 2 in the morning. Everyone started to excuse themselves to catch some hours of much needed sleep. You, however, decided to leave the mess in the kitchen and went to Taehyung’s room. When you saw him already half asleep, you smiled. You were lucky to have him. You knew and loved him for less than a year but you loved him to bits, that was for sure. You quickly changed and got in bed, resting your head on his chest. The noise of his heartbeat made you drift away into the depths of the land of dreams.

When you woke up the next day you were greeted by a few sun rays. Next to you, the scent of your boyfriend still lingered on his pillow, the source of it long gone. His side was cold, so you decided it would be best to get up. You washed up and went to the kitchen to clean the mess you left yesterday. Taehyung was sat on one of the couches, his hands draped around his phone. You grumbled a “good morning” to which he didn’t respond. You didn’t really care; he was usually like this, always completely absent when he was on his phone. You were cleaning the kitchen and prepared breakfast. By the time you were done, the boys came out of their rooms.

You sensed something was wrong when Taehyung sat opposite of you instead of next to you. He ignored you. He even asked other members to ask you to pass him something. You decided it would be best to ask him later about this.

Over the time clouds hid the sun behind them, threatening to make this day another rainy one. You were sitting on the couches, waiting for Taehyung to actually go to his room. You let your thoughts wander around as t why he was ignoring you but nothing came to mind.

It was suddenly that Taehyung got up and went to his room. You quickly followed him. You had to find a solution to what was going on right now.

When you opened the door to his room he was sitting in front of his computer, probably to play a round of Overwatch.

“Tae…” you began.

No answer.


Again, no answer.

“Kim Taehyung, would you please answer me?!” you asked with a lot more force than you first intended.

“What do you want, Y/N?” his voice was full of annoyance.

“What did I do that you have to ignore me and that you’re annoyed with me?” you questioned knitting your brows together.

“Oh, Y/N, c’mon. You know what you did.” he answered, his voice calm but there was a hidden anger.

“I’m afraid not, Tae. Could you at least tell me what I did?” you sighed

“Seriously? Y/N, tell me where is my leather jacket.” he said through gritted teeth.

“The one that doesn’t fit you anymore? Um, I threw it away? Why are you asking me this? What’s the problem?” you were confused.

You’re my problem, Y/N! You keep touching my stuff and you just throw away my things just because it might look like trash to you!” he yelled.

You shook your head, still confused why he made such a hassle.

“God damn it, this was the jacket I got from my mother because she was fucking afraid that the other kids would bully me when I go to Seoul. It was freaking expensive and it was a sign of my mother’s love for me! You just threw that away, you threw away memories, love and my past as a trainee! Why can’t you just fucking ask before you throw anything into the trash that isn’t yours?! Maybe I just want to fucking keep my things as they are, broken, not fitting or suiting me anymore. I don’t give a damn shit. “

“Taehyung, I’m sorry I couldn’t-“ you said, regret filling your voice.

“Of course you couldn’t know because you never fucking ask me anything!” he yelled.

He was furious. His ears were red and his hands were clenched to fists, making his knuckles turn white.

“Taehyung, please…” you said, tears making their way to the corners of your eyes.

“No, not Taehyung. You throw away my fucking past as if it means nothing to you. I’m so sick of this. You touch things and if it looks weathered or old or doesn’t fit it finds its way to the trash can. Seriously, Y/N, if your past or things your family got you, don’t mean anything to you anymore then I’m fucking sorry but we’d be done.” he huffed.

“What…Please don’t do this…” you mumbled, unable to hold your tears at bay.

“I didn’t get to know you like this, Y/N. You were someone who loved to keep memories, but it seems like I can’t keep mine. Do you know how wrong it feels to know that the person you love just doesn’t seem to like your past, huh?! Do you?! No you don’t! Seriously, get out. I don’t want to see you.” he turned around.

“Tae, why can’t you just fucking see how sorry I am, you don’t even let me fucking talk here!” you cried, tears staining your hot cheeks.

“GET THE FUCK OUT Y/N” he yelled.

You did as you were told. You couldn’t stand this anymore so you grabbed your bag, slipped on your shoes and hoped your legs would take you somewhere far away from his dorm. Unfortunately, they didn’t. They brought you right to the park of your fateful first meeting. You were crying the whole time and you didn’t notice how it started raining when you sat down on one of the benches, hanging your head low. Sobs were heavily shaking your body. You couldn’t believe what he just did. Did he really just break up with you? Why didn’t he see your regret, why didn’t he let you say anything? Why is he always so extremely stubborn?

“Taehyung, what the hell did just happen?” Yoongi asked, crashing in his room.

“Leave me alone, Hyung.”

“No, I won’t leave you alone. What happened, spill it, Taehyung.” Yoongi answered sternly.

Taehyung got up and walked into the living room. All the boys had gathered there after the sudden break-out.

“Taehyung-ah” Jimin said a slight trace of worry in his voice.

“God damn it, she threw away the leather jacket my mom got me back when I was about to become a trainee.” he huffed out.

“And?” Jin asked.

“And I broke up with her.”

“Tae, you must be a fool to break up with someone as precious as Y/N!” Jin couldn’t believe what he just heard.

“What do you know, Hyung?” his voice got louder, “She never asks me if she can throw away my old stuff!”

“Taehyung, that’s no fucking reason to break up with her.” Yoongi said, clearly getting angry about his statement.

“Yoongi-hyung, you would be angry too if your girlfriend accidentally deleted some of your music you worked your ass off for.”

“I sure as hell would be angry, but I would never break up with her. If it was an accident and she’s really sorry then I’m able to fucking forgive someone. I don’t just throw them out and break up with them.”

Taehyung stood still, over thinking what Yoongi just said.

“You didn’t even let her talk, did you?” Jin sighed.

Taehyung just nodded his head, keeping his eyes on the ground.

“Listen, I know how much you love her. Heck, it looks like your heart is in her hands. You once said she’s the one, your soul mate. Please over think your choices, Taehyung; let her have a voice, too, in arguments.” Jin mentioned, taking a deep breath before getting up and giving Taehyung a pat on the shoulder.

After some time passed, you decided it would be best to go home and take a hot shower.

When you arrived at you apartment, completely drenched and freezing you quickly got in and took of your wet clothes. Letting the hot water run over your cold skin felt good. It washed away all your tears and worries, keeping you distracted for a short moment.

When you got out you started watching TV and after the sun set, the moon rose and the time moved closer to 2 AM. You turned off the only source of light in your apartment right now and went straight to sleep.

The sound of rain drops hitting against the flat surface of your windows woke you up. The sky was grey and fog lingered all over the city. It looked like a day to spend inside. It was the perfect day to cuddle and watch movies. As you realized what you just thought, tears were already streaming down your face, leaving dark spots on your shirt wherever they touched. You realized this was no longer possible. You were still hoping that this was a mistake but as you took your phone to see if you got any messages, your hopes were crashed because there were neither a call nor a message of him. Did he not love you enough to really let this crash down on his feelings?

Swiping away your tears you made yourself a coffee and went straight for the TV to watch some random series. Halfway in said series you were a crying mess. Everything reminded you of him. You took the remote and as you were about to turn off the TV, the door bell rang twice.

Who could it be? You didn’t invite anyone over. You walked towards the door and looked through the spy and there he was – the boy you loved.

“Y/N-ah please open, I know you’re home.” he pleaded.

“What do you want?” you questioned, your voice void of any emotion.

“I want to apologize for being such a shitty boyfriend” he mumbled, still loud enough for you to hear.

You sighed. Maybe he was actually going to apologize. You took a deep breath and opened the door.

“Give me one reason why I shouldn’t throw you out right now.” you scoffed.

“Because you deserve an apology and you still love me and I still love you.” he responded, keeping his eyes on the ground.

You turned on your heels and led him into your small apartment.

“Y/N, I’m sorry. I’m so fucking sorry. I shouldn’t have lashed out on you like this. It was stupid of me to just break up with you over this jacket. I should’ve listened to what you had to say first. I am sorry. Please understand, this jacket meant and still means so much to me, I just got angry because I never thought anyone would throw it away. I don’t know what thing possessed me to break up with you. I love you; I still do and please take me back. If I was able to rewind everything, I would do it right now.” he huffed out, his hands trembling.

“Taehyung…I really don’t know. You could have just said something instead of ignoring me and then lashing out on me like that. I’m sorry, too, you know but you didn’t give me a chance to even say anything. You just went on rambling about me when I was trying to apologize. I do cherish your memories and I accept if you want to keep anything and I am truly sorry that I invaded that part of you without asking you.”

“It is okay now, Y/N…but will you, I mean, will you take me back?” he questioned, afraid to look into your eyes.

“Yes, but-“ you hold up your index finger.

“Oh my god, thank you so much rain drop!” he smiled, almost jumping around.

“BUT, if you ever pull this shit again, there will be no rewind button.”

He nodded, taking your hands in his, while looking into your eyes.  The sparkle that left your eyes yesterday came back and Taehyung loved it. He was still sorry that he was the one who took it away but he was also happy he was the one who brought it back to you. And with this thought he leaned in and pressed his soft lips on yours, taking you into a warm embrace.

A/N: The jacket I’m talking about is this one. Also this scenario is re-written, not copied or anything else of that sort. 

What Arryn Said About BMBLB

So you guys may have saw what Arryn said about BMBLB here:

Also if the thread is ever deleted I got screenshots, they just won’t post for some reason.

I’ll be making a video about it here:

So here’s my problem: If it was intentional to sell albums and get people talking, or a “mistake” (I only don’t see how Jeff could have not thought maybe this wasn’t a great idea if this didn’t happen in the show but like, “mistake”), it doesn’t matter. I know Arryn has the best intentions, and don’t get me wrong I LOVE RWBY and CRWBY, but this is a major error. Even if the show may never have a drop of Queer Baiting, the music is usually so intertwined with the show it’s hard to separate. If anything I probably won’t ever buy a RWBY Album again, but the show may not show anything like that.

Arryn said she doesn’t want people to get hurt if something does or doesn’t happen but I don’t think that matters, the hurt for me personally is already done. No matter what the actual case is unless they clear it up, I’m sorta assuming the worst, and the worst is it was bait to make money off the soundtracks, which totally makes me lose any respect for them. As an LGBT person and advocate, I just can’t do it.

And maybe it’s a case of mismanagement and not money, that they don’t check with Jeff and should have. To that, I see that as carelessness. To me it shows they really don’t.

What do you guys think? I want to include other people’s thoughts on the video.

This was one of my first digital drawings, thought I’d share since I haven’t done any digital stuff for Percy Jackson.

(There were stars in the background but for some reason they got deleted?? Idk, I need a better program)