for some reason that bothered me A Lot

the way that mason jars for cups has become a popular aesthetic for upper-middle class/upper class people bothers me a lot bc like, using mason jars as glasses originally was a thing that poor people did, especially so in rural/southern areas, because they literally couldn’t afford to own actual glasses but they always had mason jars to preserve food in, like this really bothers my dad too and we’ve talked about it and he’s told me before that when he was a kid and they were on welfare my grandma always grocery shopped to buy things that could last forever, always bought in bulk when they had the money to do so, and always stored stuff in mason jars as well as drank from them, and it was a Poor People Thing. like, other kids he went to school with didn’t do that. he was like genuinely ashamed and embarrassed of the fact that he drank out of mason jars and idk it just?? bothers me a fucking lot that this very real symbol of oppression has become some hip cute aesthetic for wealthy families to have

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What will bother me the most is that Kubo obviously planned on having some sort of interaction between Toshiro and Momo. It was foreshadowed when they saw each other again! But it never happened. I feel so baited. That was the only reason I decided to pick up the series again. It was as if Kubo wanted fans to look forward to something that was never going to happen. There are so many characters that deserved getting closure in the story that it hurts just thinking about it.

As an IR fan, I feel like he betrayed IR a lot more than HH. I physically hurt after seeing that vol. 74 cover because I felt so damn betrayed. But DAMN YOU R RIGHT. I’M SO HAPPY THAT SOMEONE ELSE FELT AS IF HE BAITED US WITH CHAPTER 659. BUTTTT…at least we got that moment. It’s more proof that HitsuHina is probably canon. 

You do not have any right to another person’s body. You do not have any right to another person’s space. Yes, that applies to your children. If a person does not want to be hugged, touched, high fived, patted on the shoulder, or whatever else don’t do it. For some reason this seems to be a problem a lot of people have, especially with autistic and mentally ill people. We are people. We have bodily autonomy. You do not have any right to our bodies.

TMI and Alec’s Feelings for Jace

god knows there’s been a lot of criticism of the shadowhunters books and of how alec’s sexuality is handled in particular but I’ve yet to see anyone talk about the whole ‘he wasn’t really in love with jace after all’ thing? even though personally it’s something that REALLY bothers me.

like I think it would be reasonable to assume that almost everyone who experiences some form of attraction (especially same gender attracted people) has experienced some kind of unrequited feelings - likely for a straight person and likely for a friend. so when alec is first introduced as a closeted gay character with unrequited feelings for his best friend - I found him instantly relatable.

so I cannot emphasize ENOUGH how much it annoyed me when it was revealed that alec wasn’t REALLY in love with jace. this whole time he was just LYING TO HIMSELF so he’d never have to confront his feelings or come out.

and it’s so annoying for sooo many reasons!

  1. as a queer person reading this it comes across as sooo patronizing when jace - the straight character - has to explain to alec - the ACTUAL GAY PERSON what ALEC is feeling.
  2. on a similar note, this whole scene perpetuates the idea that gay people are just ‘confused’ and don’t know their own feelings. I realise that jace isn’t saying that alec isn’t gay here but he is telling him straight out that the attraction he feels is not valid and not real (something that it then confirmed to be true - thanks SO MUCH for that CC).
  3. and it’s just such a fucking cop-out? like god forbid alec come to terms with the fact that his feelings are unrequited and gradually move on to a happy healthy requited relationship. god forbid jace have to actually deal with the situation in a sensitive way or acknowledge that he’s unintentionally hurting someone he loves by not loving him in the way he wants. god forbid CC actually explore the way that this impacts their friendship and have them come out at the other end of it with a stronger relationship and a better understanding of each other.
  4. and you know what? it’s just lazy writing. the whole ‘alec is in love with jace’ story basically only exists to show how alec is gay and everyone knows about it and to cause a rift in magnus and alec’s relationship - until CC can’t be bothered to actually resolve it and (like with the whole incest thing) just brushes it off like ‘oh that thing I said was true that’s been causing conflict? well actually it was fake the whole time lol’.

to sum up: Casserole Care COULD have created a great, relatable narrative of someone discovering his sexuality and eventually finding the courage to come out and explored it in a sensitive and realistic way. Instead she totally glossed over his coming out to his friends (because they all magically knew already) and totally retconned his crush on jace just so she wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore. 


10 Reasons Why “Black-ish”’s Diane is Our New Favorite

“ABC’s Black-ish became a favorite as soon as it debuted last fall. The show is a progressive family comedy about race and class in the 21st century.

The cast, lead by Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross, is great, and our favorite is little Marsai Martin who plays  7-year-old Diane. She’s a stand out for her impeccable delivery of some of the show’s funniest one-liners.

Here’s why we love her.”

See all 10 reasons here

I enjoy this show even though a lot of the husband / wife / stepmom gender role stuff bothers me. I’m giving it a pass to see where they go as the show develops. But problematic fave or not, I love Marsai Martin who KILLS it as Diane!  

PTSD Olivia turned into Rowan. She is very much NOT 'fine'. Sigh.

“Lately I’ve been having a lot of problems with the people I consider to be my best friends. They’re judging me and doing things that they know upset me. For some crazy reason the song Let It Go has been soothing me. I cry when I hear Elsa exclaim "Let the storm rage on, the cold never bothered me anyway.” It makes me feel liberated and that I can take whatever they throw my way"

“I am actually black, with lots of brown splotches. Everyone thinks it’s the other way around for some reason. Doesn’t bother me either way, just thought I would get the word out.” #tylerknott

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Protect Sabine at all costs

Okay so I’m not reblogging any particular post here, because I saw some thoughtful and, I think, good-faith analysis go by, and I don’t want to make anyone feel picked on or persecuted for their opinions. It is okay to not like a character!

But the particular reasons that I have seen for Sabine-bashing bother me actually kind of a lot, and I want to talk a little bit more about that.

Sabine, I’ve heard, is too perfect. Her skills stretch credulity, specifically when she’s dancing through blaster bolts to take out stormtroopers, and taunting them as she does so. Sabine, it’s been said, is impossible to relate to because she doesn’t have any flaws. She’s unbelievable, she’s a Mary Sue.

This bothers me. It bothers me because you know who I don’t ever hear those criticisms about? Kanan, or Boba Fett, or Cad Bane, or any fucking character who is male. These guys can have all the skills they want, and it’s awesome. When Kanan strides directly forward through a hailstorm of blaster bolts, barely inclining his head to the left or right, that’s awesome. When Sabine does cartwheels through enemy fire? Oh, she’s unrealistic, she’s impossible.

Know what, they’re all unrealistic and impossible. Some of them are space wizards, some of them are space ninjas. It’s the same frickin’ thing dressed up in different language. Why are we perfectly okay when dudes have the impossible skills, but when a young woman has the exact same abilities we hold it against her?

She’s smug, she’s cocky. Okay? Han Solo is smug? Luke is cocky? Fandom loves those characters?

And you know what, if you’re paying attention, Sabine is far from perfect. She has serious trust issues. She has an over-the-top need to prove herself that seems to be driven by an as-yet-unspecified failure in her past. She totally has flaws…they’re just not flaws of competence or confidence. She has exactly as much competence and confidence as the A-list male heroes.

And that, specifically, is what she gets trashed for.

So, it’s not the general business of people not liking my fave that’s raising my hackles here. It’s the very gendered way that Sabine is being punished for displaying the exact same over-the-top talent and cockiness that other (male) fandom darlings are celebrated for.

Again, I really don’t mean to attack anybody, because I do believe that everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. I just would like to have an actual conversation about some of this stuff.

A LOT OF SPOILERS AHEAD. DON’T READ if you don’t want to know. But then again: this blog has its name for a reason.

This is bothering me. This picture is showing some really bad things done by the Ultimate Despair group. The question is: who did what? I don’t remember the game answering this question. Correct me if I’m wrong. So. Here are 5 deeds:

1. Someone is shooting a whole crowd of innocent people.

2. Someone is killing their own family.

3. Someone is starving themselves.

4. Someone is raping Junko’s dead body.

5. Someone is removing their eye to replace it with Junko’s.

Let me speculate on this matter: 

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Hey so 7D and Wander fans, back during the event of Randy Cunningham’s Fight for Season 3 thing, we came up with a lot of letter and email sources, I’ve already seen some of these addresses relevant to your campaigns but I figure I’ll share some sources and information behind it because I’m tired of DisneyXD’s treatment of certain shows (the reason behind Wander’s end is what gets me most pffpff), but can’t be bothered to deal with this again, but I won’t kept the options to myself.

I don’t recall if Wander or the 7D were approved by UK Disney or not, but I know it’s origin country usually matters most in it’s view rating. In terms of RC9GN the better the views had been in Europe the better it would’ve had a chance to survive. But here’s the address to the UK Disney department for UK fans who might get the episodes at a later time than American fans either way. (If there’s a high demand for it out-country too it helps)

Disney Channels Guest Relations M/C 601

3 Queen Caroline Street


London W6 9PE

In terms of actually getting a here-back from Disney (an actual person replying) the best email I found for this has been, the only thing is once they take a notice to the feedback containing the same information (”renew” Wander) they begin giving a template reply, but once you to that point, at least yall know they’ve noticed your numbers.

This is another UK origin one, but if I recall I got a few replies as well., it can also be used via the contact us page here.

Disney also cares a lot about their merchandising, which is why a lot of DisneyXD shows don’t last very long because they don’t have toy lines, and we were told from a previous RC staff it was rumored a Disney cartoon had to have 3 seasons before getting merch (unless it was well viewed like Gravity Falls obviously). This being said, if there’s another demand for a show to have merchandise it might get some, and if sales for that are good, they’ll renew the series as well.

With this your options are the “contact us” page on the bottom of the Disney store website. Once a fan was told to send merchandise demand/suggestions to as well. You can also make suggestions to some stores who might be interested in products from certain Disney shows (example being Titmouse, the animation studio for RC9GN also made T-shirts so emailing them to collaborate with Disney to make some Randy shirts was something we demanded too.)

And at the time the DisneyXD section under the DisneyStore Customization wasn’t a thing yet, but now that it is, it can be used as a source of demand as well. This doesn’t mean you only send emails demanding for 7D and Wander merch (though you should do that too!), it means you also have to show them people are generally interested in buying DisneyXD products. If they get good sales on that section they’ll add more DisneyXD lines to that shop.

I know this is relevant because Pickle & Peanut is on the listing, and Disney couldn’t have possibly known if it was going to do well or not because the series was still new at the time the shop was made. And though Pickle & Peanut isn’t too off with views from Wander’s at times, however Wander’s highest view rating this season was 0.70 (Wander got 2.0+ back when it first aired but I’m sure that’s because it was airing on Disney Channel at the time) while Pickle & Peanuts has been 0.47 at the most since it started. So the more merchandise Disney sales in that section the more DisneyXD shows they’ll add to the product list and it might not even be effected by the amount of views it gets. But by demand.

And as a last mention, your letters might not get replies, but I promise Disney’s mail department is reading them. Randy fans got evidence some letters were read, and one was even put on display at one of the Disney buildings. I also know of a fan that did get a reply letter as well. So you can send a bunch of letters but don’t lose hope that they’re not being read… they are.

So that’s my 2cents on the subject and I hope y’all find it helpful and do what Randy fans didn’t get to achieve (but a lot of us still hold hope). Stick it to DisneyXD get your shows renewed.

I can see why people aren’t thrilled about this plot. I’m kinda surprised that it doesn’t bother me, tbh. But here are my reasons for being excited even while drowning in the angst of it all.

  1. That was one hell of a shoe, but it finally dropped. Knowing is better than wondering. And hey, a lot of you were right, or close to right. (Me, not so much.)
  2. I would have been okay with “Emma is just faking everyone out”, but I would also have felt like they were cheating. I’ve been saying that this was a season for Emma to learn some hard things, and in order to do that, a character has to screw up. This is a very real, concrete, in-character, and very large mistake she’s made. It’s not that far different from when she tried to run away with Henry in S1. It’s not a misunderstanding that will be ultimately meaningless in her development, but it’s also not a pile of corpses. Making things right is going to be tricky, but not impossible.
  3. This is epic, literally. A Greek tragedy to lead us into 5b. I’ll take anything that puts Emma front and center, tbh.
  4. Once he gets over his shock, Killian will be fine. The man’s taken worse knocks and gotten on with his life. More importantly, Killian and Emma will be fine. He’s rightfully pissed off right now. 
  5. I want to know what happens next.

reasons why the “over-protective brother sans” trope bothers me so much:

  • implies that Sans is toxically possessive (bordering on incestuous, in some extreme cases) towards Papyrus, which is just gross please stop
  • implies that Sans doesn’t trust Papyrus’ judgement (even though he’s clearly ok with Pap becoming a sentry and trying to convince a murderous human not to kill everyone despite probably knowing the outcome through multiple resets) and shelters him constantly (even though he lets Pap hang out with Undyne–who is potentially dangerous in her own right, albeit unintentionally–and date/hang out with a human, y’know, a known enemy of monsters???)
  • implies that Papyrus is unable to make his own decisions nor defend himself if shit did hit the fan (even though Undyne says he’s a pretty strong dude and that literally the only thing holding him back from being in the Royal Guard is that he’s too damn nice to hurt anyone)
  • implies that Mettaton is some sort of sexual predator who’d take advantage of Papyrus because of his naivete (MTT’s not even really that sexual in-game…he’s just attractive and obsessed with his legs?? also his show’s family-friendly, so where the hell did that come from????)

Like, I get it: Papyrus can be naive, Sans is attached to his brother, MTT’s a sexy dude and kinda self-entitled. But y’all are overplaying those traits to the point where it becomes OOC for all characters involved. Like it’s one thing if you want to write some kind of cool development for Sans (learning to stop using his brother as an emotional crutch and find his own happiness) or MTT (gaining some humility and learning to not be such a prick), but 99% of the stuff I see here is just for some petty, edgelord drama.

And I get it if you want Sans to be just a lil wary of MTT at first and give him “the talk” or s/t–since he has threatened a Genocide Player with a Bad Time™ if they hurt Paps in canon; and I don’t doubt that Sans doesn’t have some degree of an emotional attachment to his only known family member and might have some trouble coping with Paps leaving the nest; plus, he’s a big brother looking out for his lil bro’s safety and happiness, so that kind of checks out I guess. Again, if done right, it could lead to some good character development! But I highly doubt that the Sans would violently attack or threaten someone on-sight (it takes a genocide run to do that) just for wanting to take his bro on a lil date. MTT would have to really fuck up on purpose to invoke Sans’ wrath. 

And if dating MTT makes Paps happy, whose to say Sans wouldn’t be all for that shit? Hell, he’d probably be playing matchmaker, if that were the case. And as mature and laid-back as Sans is, I think he could put any petty feelings aside for his brother’s happiness.

Like…just let them all be happy. Please.

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Better late than ever huh .___.’ I’m really sorry for being kinda late, but there’s a lot going on at the moment. Fun fact: I managed to draw most of the first ver of the picture last week before I decided to screw that for some reason and made this one from the scratch lmao. Though I still couldn’t make it obvious that they’re pressing cheeks together. oh well.

as always, don’t hesitate to say if you want me to change something!

“Lol voting doesn’t matter bec-”

No, how about FUCK YOU because my grandparents, MLK and a whole lot of other black folks marched way too many miles, lost too much blood, got bitten by too many dogs and got fire hosed by too many cops trying to get me and other black people the right to vote. Like am I really supposed to fall for some lame ass, fake deep, wannabe radical, flawed, self-defeating, RACIST INSPIRED reasoning? I owe my vote to the ancestors, but you over here talmbout some basic ass “don’t bother voting” bullshit. Who’s side are you really on? 

Me, laying in a reclined chair, expressing my problems to a complete stranger who gets paid a lot

Me:  I just feel this deep hole in me.  It’s been bothering me for the past six months, and I wonder if it’s ever going to be filled.  I understand it’s been caused by myself, and maybe I can fix it on my own.  But I came to you for a reason, and hopefully you can help me fix it.

Dentist:  Absolutely!  Let’s go ahead and inject some Novocain in ya and we’ll get started.  By the way, Joe:  this post is bad.

Me:  Yeah, you’re right.

I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned that everything does happen for a reason. I’ve learned that everyone I’ve met has helped me to grow & learn in some way, whether they’ve been there as support or to make my life a living hell, it still helped me learn. I’ve learned to just accept things & not question things too much. I’ve learned not to take things too seriously because it just stresses you out too much. I’ve learned to suck it up, keep my head up & continue on with life like it didn’t bother me at all. I’ve learned that you have to make mistakes in order to learn from them. And most importantly, I know that whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.
Sometimes I really feel like there’s nothing to hold on to and I’m sure a lot of you guys feel the same. But no matter what happens, just hold on, keep on going. You can do it. Just stay strong and never give up. Life can be so beautiful, don’t run through your life with closed eyes - open them and see the beautiful things in life. It’s up to you now what you do with your life. I believe in you!

(English isn’t my mother tongue so I’m sorry if there are any mistakes)

what if the episode in season 3 “She Don’t Like Me” is when Josh finally gets back and sees that Maya has grown up a lot since he left and tries to flirt with her and stuff but Maya totally shoots him down bc of the new found situation with Lucas, she doesn’t need Josh to project her feelings of “boing” on him anymore and he is really thrown off and for some reason he is really bothered by her not swooning over him😏😏😏😏 just my theory but hey…