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I just… really love this movie

I redrew the first drawing I ever did on tablet! can’t believe it’s been one year already
(original version under the cut)

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“2017 is gonna be great” and “2017 is gonna be horrible” are both ideologies that bother me for a lot of reasons, so I suggest we go for some sort of fun middle ground like “2017 is gonna be the year with the most casual fridays” or “2017: horniest year on record”

Witchy Real Talk: Storebought, Man-Made, and “Not Powerful”

This topic comes up a lot in the witchy community. You’ll be browsing through articles about crystals and you’ll see something to the effect of “this citrine is laboratory grown! It doesn’t have any magickal properties! It has to be naturally grown for it to be worth anything in witchcraft!” And it’s not just citrine. I’ve seen this with amethyst, quartz (and not just clear quartz - the same arguments keep being made in regards to titanium quartz, aura quartz, et cetera), and even resin castings. Resin castings!

So… why am I writing this article? Because I’m a witch who attempts to live frugally who uses crystals and herbs and spices on a regular basis in my magics. And honestly, when it comes to magic, the most important part of what makes your spells tick is the relationship between intuition and intent. To see many witches bashing lab-grown crystals or spices kept in plastic containers honestly irks me just a little, and for a couple of reasons.

First, there’s the fact that there’s just a little bit of hypocrisy involved. Glass is man-made. Sure, it can happen naturally in the wild, but glass jars don’t form where lightning strikes silica rich sand. However, a good point can be made when it comes to the fact that plastic is more harmful to the environment. I can understand and relate to that. But what makes glass such an ideal container is that it is magically neutral, like clear quartz. You can cleanse it and charge it without any worry of it affecting your energy. Plastic, for many witches, has no magical significance. It’s not going to influence your magic, and honestly it can be cleansed just like glass.

So if you’re a new witch browsing through spices and herbs, feeling a bit dejected because the glass jar herbs are two to three times more expensive than the plastic containers, go for the plastic. Remember to recycle the containers, of course, but there is no reason magic should require you to spend an arm and a leg.

Sorry, couldn’t resist the pic after that… FMA fans get what I mean…

Crystals are even more of a source for contention when it comes to man-made objects. But what bothers me here is the fact that some crystals - especially citrine - are lab grown a good majority of the time. This is because the citrine we often find in crystal shops and metaphysical stores are vibrantly colored when naturally occurring citrine crystals are a lot less vibrant most of the time. Many witches also warn against dyed crystals for the same reason that “it has less power.”

Honestly, lab-grown crystals have many of the same properties as their natural counterparts. The only thing they lack (aside from the high prices of natural crystal) is the thousands of years worth of growing time in the earth’s crust. But I personally don’t see this as too much of a problem because this gives you a crystal which is a little more flexible and can be nurtured by the witch to realize its potential.

Where I see the danger in lab-grown and dyed crystals is if the witch is being scammed. Seeing that lovely piece of turquoise and buying it only to realize that it’s a different stone entirely, dyed to look like turquoise. Or when the witch is told that a crystal is naturally vibrant in color when it has been dyed, forcing her to spend her other arm and leg just to buy it.

What I’m getting at in this rant is that if you’re a new witch or a witch who’s trying not to spend all of her money, you should not feel railroaded into buying expensive materials. I have on my altar a citrine crystal that I know is most certainly dyed. I spent less than $5 on him because I felt that was a reasonable price for him. I have a piece of amethyst whose coloration is a bit drab and brown. That natural coloration makes her rather beautiful, but doesn’t make her any more powerful than the other amethyst I have whose color is a deep purple which I know to be enhanced by dyes.

In my pantry and cupboard, I keep a lot of spices in plastic containers and tins. Yes, some of them are in glass, but only when I know I can afford them or if there aren’t any alternatives. I use these spices in spells and cooking both, and feel no difference in energy between the two.

One of my coworkers who has an interest in crystal healing once said it rather perfectly. “It’s just a rock. It’s not going to do anything by itself. You have to give it the energy. You have to program it and direct it. So it doesn’t matter if it’s natural or not.”

Our crystals do have voices. They do interact with us. But it is up to us to direct energy into, through and from them.

Now, am I bashing the more expensive alternatives? Not at all. I have a lot of glass jars that I’ve collected over the years, and I have quite a few crystals that are a bit higher up on the price range than I usually spend. I’d be quite the hypocrite if I were bashing them. My ultimate point is that if you can’t drop that much money, then don’t. Work with what you have, or with alternatives which speak to you. I’d love to work with peridot, but because I don’t have the money to drop on it, I’ll stick to quartz, moonstone, and salt. There are always options. Don’t let yourself be limited!

Blessed Be! )O(

Amelia Earhart Survived!!!

I know that this shouldn’t bother me but this really does.  I’ve been seeing lots of stuff lately about so called proof that Amelia Earhart survived her plane crash, was captured by the Japanese and held prisoner, and died two years later in captivity.  The whole evidence behind this stems from the one photo found in US National Archives. 

Now the History Channel (which once aired a TV show that made the claim that bigfoot is an alien shapeshifter) is getting on the bandwagon. They have some FBI expert who actually quoted that this is evidence “beyond a reasonable doubt” that Amelia Earhart survived her plane crash. “Experts” claim it supposedly shows Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan.

Now I’m not saying the theory isn’t plausible.  Maybe it could be true.  But this is evidence beyond a reasonable doubt? Really??? I mean look at it!!!! Can you really tell beyond a reasonable doubt that those pictured are Earhart and Noonan?

Humbuggery I Say!!!

ADHD Awareness Month:

Due to numerous factors my ADHD wasn’t picked up until 20.
My parents thought ADHD was kids (boys) bouncing off walls, they were shocked and kinda guilty they missed it when I told them about my diagnosis.
A breakdown of my symptoms and what delayed my diagnosis:
-Fidgeting. Idk why the fact that at 18 I couldn’t sit remotely still in a cinema wasn’t concerning to anyone.
-Talkative and talking at a fast pace. People just assume I’m talkative, I don’t notice I’ve talked for too long.
-Interrupt people when they speak. To be fair my entire family is awful for this. If there’s than three of us in a room and you don’t yell across someone no one will listen.
-Refusal to make social plans without a lot of coaxing and help. I couldn’t verbalise that I had no idea how to pull everything together and the thought of trying scared me and it my Mam numerous “just text and ask if they’re free” and her telling me where to meet them and what time to get my weekend plans sorted. She had no idea planning issues can be ADHD.
-Late to everything. My parents always ensured I was on time so my poor time keeping skills didn’t present until I was in my teens and weren’t an issue for school or work as my parents got me there on time!
-Memory issues. My Dad has a weird memory so we assumed I was just like him and had a randomly selective memory that opts not to remember to bring my sports kit home or take my keys with me when I left the house. My parents formed a habit of verbally and visually confirming I had everything I needed for the day before I left the house.
-Losing stuff due to forgetting where I put it. It was assumed I just lacked respect for my possessions.
-Difficulty with verbal directions or instructions. Didn’t present until I started needing to walk places, my parents just used visual landmarks or drew maps. My driving instructor just gave up and assumed I’d take a wrong turn. Long verbal lists of tasks quickly became my parents asking me to do one task, waiting for me to do it and then asking me to do the next.
-Daydreaming. I was just called creative. My doodling in school was seen as disinterested and rudeness.
-Unable to sustain concentration in school/ on school work. I caught up on my work and always managed to meet deadlines. I aced class tests because I had less work to revise (normally just one topic) and it was fresh. My poor exams results were seen and nerves affecting performance as I was always studying. I didn’t notice how much faster other students did work thanks to no daydreaming and I didn’t notice how much I daydreamed.
-Aversion of crowds and loud noises. Not necessarily ADHD but I can’t process crowds they overwhelm me and noises are very distracting for me and loud ones I just hate tbh, they hurt me more than they seem to hurt others.
-General overwhelming. A list of five things for my brother to do right now= him whining but doing it. That list for me= internal panic, that’s not on my mental schedule for the day, how will I have time for my school work that will take half an hour and do these chores that take half an hour when there’s only five hours before bed-time. Basically I end up just stood there, trying to figure out which tasks to start on and if I can say I have homework and most importantly trying not to cry from confusing.
-Forgetting to eat. Whenever my parents left me home-alone on a weekend it was only when they came home and asked if I wanted dinner that I realised I forgot lunch and probably hadn’t drunk much. But I didn’t say that I’d get a concerned lecture about eating disorders or responsibility depending on the day.

So, how did I end up diagnosed?
I moved out for uni, overcompensated for my poor attention and burnt out repeatedly in my first year and started ruining my mental health. Summer came just at the right time.
Then in second year, as my “pacing around my room in halls/ my house” became “going to bug my flatmates” it was finally evident how short my attention span was. My vocal stimming became more prominent (idk why) but I was still fidgety.
Add to that my flatmates saying they don’t really daydream and us running the ‘experiment’ of me writing a list (during a lecture) of every unrelated thoughts or daydream I had and the fact I was always seen as “weird” with no one able to pin point why (I think it’s because my thoughts move faster so I make different and stranger conclusions faster and don’t stop myself making weird inputs to convo) and I hit up google.
I’d consider ADHD before but now I was starting to believe it. I was managing, but struggling to keep my life on track. I was late to everything. Ate late because I forgot. Mixed up deadlines (but figured out early on I had the wrong date). Was always on the go just trying to stay afloat, I was still over-compensating my disorganisation by having an emotional attachment to my diary and still hated changes to my daily plans but I couldn’t find the extra time to make up for the fact our work was harder. Whilst most students saw their grades rise as they finally started to revise I saw mine fall as I was already at my coping limit and still spent more time daydreaming at my desk than working.

I knew I wouldn’t pass third year. I was at my limit and couldn’t fix my issues no matter how hard I tried. I just couldnt focus. Couldn’t get to bed on time or to lectures on time. All the issues I had growing up were suddenly impacting me because my parents weren’t there to help. I wasn’t close enough to my flatmates from first year for them to notice but it got picked up on in second year and the change of living environment allowed some issues (like leaving my chair and zoning out in conversation or lectures) to be more noticeable to me too.

If someone had noticed the combination of smaller issues and the work I put in to overcome them before uni…a lot of concern for my mental and physical health (and the reasons for those concerns) could have been avoided.
And I could’ve grown up not thinking I wasn’t as smart as we thought I’d be and that I was actually pretty stupid and should work hard so I could keep passing but shouldn’t bother aspiring to achieve anything impressive.
My uni course and career choice were made on those assumptions and I’m lucky I let myself risk applying for the course I thought would be too hard for me. Because it trains for an easy job I decided I could do (but one lecturer insists I’ll get too bored because it’s too easy and now I think that maybe he’s right- I can do more, I just need some help and there’s nothing wrong with that) but it allows gives really good openings to further training for the jobs I actually want. So I haven’t sabotaged myself just yet.

So yeah.
I talk (and write) too much but this time it’s needed. ADHD awareness is needed. The stereotype needs to fade away.
Because the route I had to take to be diagnosed at uni was painfully expensive and I’m lucky I survived academia this far without failing (like one cousin, also diagnosed at 20/21) or lasting mental health issues (like my other cousin, diagnosed at 18).

So, I’ve watched Gorillaz’ Strobelite today and I decided to do a little sketch fanart of it becuz Noodle and 2D dancing together was hella cute.

The problem is, for some crazy reason, I decided to color it and I ended up takng a lot longer on a fanart than I had wanted, I only snapped out of it when it came down to doing the floral pattern on 2D’s shirt. Doing the jaguar pattern on noodle was enough for me.

I know, the coloring is off and that also bothers me, but honestly, i just wanted to post this today.


NP Q&D Oakwood Plains

So as I mentioned yesterday I’m moving Runaway Yager, she’s a day shy from young adulthood and I just want a more stable world to build her family in. I could probably get through the generation where I am but I want something that will last at least a couple so I can just enjoy playing. So enter Oakwood Plains by Simleigh which I’ve edited for my specific tastes. So what does that mean you ask well…. let’s hightlight what this world does and doesn’t have so I don’t get complaints later. 

1. There’s only one residential lot over 20x30 as I’m just using my well tested little tract homes for my save file. The one big lot is by the beach and in the very last picture in the set so you know where to find it. Juno will be living here in my game.  

2. There are no spawners really at all. If the OC had some fish spawners in the ocean I didn’t remove them but I also don’t recall seeing them either in CAW so may not get much use fishing here. Honestly I might fix that, fishing doesn’t bother me like other things do. The reason I do this is  I don’t like my sims running all over the map and getting stuck up the side of mountains so I make parks specifically setup for sims to do collecting in. 

3. The routing is very restrictive. I left it open around the waterways and obviously where people should actually be but I disabled routing in a lot of the clusters of forested parts to prevent sims from getting stuck in those areas.  

4. I have only quick tested this, it may have problems! I will upload another version down the road IF I find a lot of issues that need fixing. Please let me know if you encounter anything awful.

Okay so now that all the not fun parts are done you can snag this baby for yourself if you’re still interested: 

Nova Park’s quick and dirty Oakwood Plains 

*Credits of course to Simleigh, if you’re out that and have a new blog let me know and I’ll properly tag credit you here. I also replaced some textures with ones by @nilxis as I pretty much will ALWAYS do. *

Bugging Out

Characters: Bucky x Reader

Description:  Can I please request a Bucky x reader. Where the reader and Bucky don’t like each other very much, but one night everyone else is on like a mission or something and the reader gets scared of a water bug in her room. Bucky hears her and makes fun of her for being scared but then notices she’s like really upset and crying and he comforts her. Really fluffy pls. Sry it’s a pretty detailed request I have a phobia of bugs. (requested by anon)

Word count: 1,187

Warnings: Swearing, bugs (if those bother you)

A/N: I am the absolute WORST person in the world, I literally haven’t posted an imagine on here in a year. A whole year. I’m so so so sorry you guys, I really don’t have any excuse other than being preoccupied with other things, but that’s still no reason to have left you all for that long. I hope you guys can forgive me, and that some of you are still with me despite my extended absence! School is almost over (only 3 weeks left!) so I’m hoping that I’ll be a lot more on top of this blog when that time comes. Again, I’m so sorry and requests are open if you wanna send those in!

“Can you clean up after yourself for once in your life?” you shouted, your voice echoing across the empty room. Everyone - except for you and Bucky, that is - had left to go on some apparently super important mission, and to be honest you were getting quite annoyed with Mr. Barnes. 

The two of you had never gotten along very well. It wasn’t like you hated each other or anything, you’d both just much rather spend time with other people. You thought that everyone knew of your mutual dislike for each other, so you were confused and pretty annoyed to find out that everyone was going on this mission, leaving you and Bucky alone in the tower. 

“Hello?!” you called out, huffing when you didn’t get a reply. Bucky had, yet again, left his dinner dishes all over the kitchen, and didn’t even bother putting them in the sink. You didn’t mind cleaning up after people most of the time, but Bucky was getting on your last nerve with his constant messiness that he seemed to leave just for you to pick up. 

You realized that Bucky probably wasn’t even in the tower at the moment. Either that or he was purposely ignoring you just to make you mad. Whatever the case, you were ready to punch something, preferably his face. You cursed under your breath the entire time you washed his dishes, and when you were done, you slammed the dish washer shut (just in case he was still in the tower; you wanted him to know how upset you were). 

It was pretty early in the evening, only around 7:00. Wanting to get your mind off of how pissed you were with your sole companion for the night, you decided to take a shower. After going to your room and into the bathroom that was connected to it, you quickly undressed and let the water run until the room got nice and steamy. 

You washed your hair with your favorite shampoo and let the warm water soothe your aching bones and tired mind. Too soon, the water started to get cold, so you reluctantly turned the faucet off and stepped out of the shower. You’d prepared ahead of time and set out a fluffy white towel to dry yourself with, and once you’d wrapped it around your body, you opened the bathroom door and stepped into your room. 

Everything was going perfectly normally. You looked in your dressers for some pajamas, before laying them out on your bed and getting ready to change into them. Your routine was interrupted, though, when you saw a huge water bug climbing the wall right next to your head. 

You screamed probably louder than necessary, but you couldn’t help it. You’d always been terrified of bugs. You could handle fire and assassins and people shooting at you on a daily basis, but bugs were the one thing you absolutely couldn’t handle. 

Just then, the door to your room burst open, and a frantic Bucky swiveled his head, seemingly looking for danger, holding a gun. “What’s wrong?” he asked when he couldn’t find any immediate threat. “Why did you scream?”

“Th-There’s a bug,” you stammered, pointing at the wall where you had previously been standing. “Right there.”

Bucky walked to where you were showing him, and when he saw the bug, he broke into laughter. “Seriously?” he choked out through his hysterics. “A bug?”

“It’s not funny,” you grumbled, crossing your arms and just now becoming aware that you were still in a towel. 

“I mean, I’m sorry to say it doll, but it kinda is,” he chuckled. “The fearless y/n, able to knock out men twice her size and barely blink an eye doing it, reduced to tears by a silly bug.”

“Don’t make fun of me,” you mumbled, backing into the wall across the room to further the distance between you and the bug in case it could fly or something. “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m still in a towel here, and any other time I would have told you to get the fuck out of my room and let me change, but I’m terrified right now and really would appreciate it if you’d kill that thing for me. Then as soon as you’re done you can leave and make fun of me all you want and we’ll go back to hating each other just like before,” you said, your voice wavering as you tried to hold back the tears that were threatening to spill over. 

Bucky didn’t say anything for a few seconds before saying quietly, “Shit, you really are scared, aren’t you?” He grabbed a tissue from beside your bed and wrapped it around the bug before going into your bathroom and flushing it down the toilet. 

“Thank you,” you whispered, moving to the side so that he could leave. He didn’t walk away, though. 

“I don’t hate you,” he said suddenly, and you blinked in surprise. Had you heard him right? 

“You…You don’t?” you asked, furrowing your eyebrows in confusion. Then why did he try to make your life a living hell every second of every day? Were you just overreacting?

He sighed and shook his head as he sat down on your bed. “I know it probably seems like I do sometimes, but I really don’t. I just thought you hated me, so in my mind it was easier to annoy you as much as possible.”

You laughed dryly at his reasoning, sitting down next to him. “I don’t hate you either,” you told him, shrugging. “I dunno what made us act so hostile towards each other in the first place, but I, at least, want that to be over.”

“So do I,” Bucky agreed. “And I’m sorry for laughing at you about the bug.” At the mention of what had just happened, you cringed, and Bucky quickly apologized again for bringing it up. “I didn’t realize how scared you actually were until you pointed out that you weren’t kicking me out while you’re still in a towel.”

In that moment, you realized you were still basically naked, and you gasped. “Oh my God, get out!” you shrieked, pulling your towel up as far as it would go over your chest. 

Bucky laughed heartily. “There we go, back to normal,” he stated, standing up. “Again, I’m really sorry, y/n, I’ll see you later?”

You nodded, just wanting him to leave so that you could change. You realized, though, that you were acting somewhat rudely to the guy who’d just come to your rescue, so before he walked away completely, you called out, “Hey Buck?”

He turned around, seeming surprised at the nickname, and said, “Yeah, doll?”

“Do you, uh, maybe want to…watch a movie with me or something?” you wondered, suddenly shy. “After I finish changing, I mean.”

Bucky smiled and nodded, saying, “Yeah, I’d like that.”

“Awesome,” you grinned, before making a straight face again and saying, “Now get out.”

Bucky laughed and turned around, closing the door behind him as he said, “I’ll see you in a few minutes, y/n.”

A/N: I might start tagging some of you guys in my imagines whenever I post one if that’s something any of you are interested in. So if you wanna be a part of my tag list, either comment on this or shoot me a message and I’ll be happy to add you! :)

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For some reason….my laptop doesn’t want to turn on…..And this is bothering me a lot cause I don’t know what happened to it to be like that and it’s the first time to do that too…..I am waiting until I get it to someone to check on it…..I am just worried and I hope there is nothing really bad happened to it……..all my work is on it ;-;

Two Hearts

Summary: A sleepless pyrokinetic steals his heart before dawn. He’s pretty sure that he’s got a shot at happiness this time.

Word Count: 782

A/N: I may or may not have listened to Sweet Creature while writing this. (This is also one of the longest things I’ve ever written and I’m actually proud of it) AND I reached 517 followers so thank you everyone!

He turns a page from The Great Gatsby, a book that Sam has suggested awhile back because It’s a damn classic and he’s “way to old to miss it” apparently. With Bucky wide awake, it’s hard to ignore the sound of light footsteps coming from the dark hallway.

There’s light coming from the end of the living room and he doesn’t expect to see Y/N knowing that he’s usually the only one who’s awake at this time of the night— so he decides that he doesn’t want to spend the evening alone. Y/N’s eyes are laid on the skyscrapers, the colors of red, green and yellow flashing below her. The shuffling from behind distracts her, seeing Bucky walk his way to the terrace carrying a bottle of water in one hand.

“Do you mind?” He asks, pointing to the empty space beside her.

“No, not at all. Go ahead.” Her voice is soft, hair tied to a loose ponytail with the wind blowing right through it. She hugs her knees to her chest and he hands her the drink. Y/N stares at it for awhile before he chuckles and asks her if she’d want to take a sip, she politely rejects his offer and Bucky nods his head.

“I’ve never seen you out here before.” Y/N gives him a confused look. “In the middle of the night, I mean.”

She lets out a long sigh. “The sleeping pills hasn’t been working for me lately.”

The two barely had a conversation from the moment Bruce brought Y/N to the compound. It never bothered him as nothing but a few “good mornings” were spoken. However, with Y/N by his side, there are a lot of unanswered questions in his mind. She fascinated him and he loved it.

“What is it that you do? What brought you here?” Y/N was taken aback. She never openly talked about her childhood apart from the first time she met Bruce because for some reason, he just knew. “You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.“ 

“It’s not that, it's—” She pauses, frowning to herself as the memories start to fill her brain once more. “My dad. He treated me as an experiment rather than his own daughter.”

“It didn’t work out at first.” She continues. “I almost burned the whole lab down.” A small flame appears on the tip of her finger, smoke beginning to fill the air. Y/N hasn’t fully accepted that part of her yet but she’s getting there.

“There’s nothing great about it, to be honest.” 

Bucky shrugs his shoulders as silence consume them. ”I think it’s pretty cool.“ He states, she looks away for awhile and smiles. Like, really smiles with her eyes brightening up. “Thank you.” Her voice no higher than a whisper.

“Tell me about yourself, James.” Bucky scrunches his nose at the use of his first name, a laugh escaping Y/N’s lips as she crosses her arms. “Well, what do you want to know?” He mimics her actions with a smirk planting on his face.

The rest of the night is filled with laughter, the whirring and honking of cars in the city, ten minutes turn into an hour and suddenly, it’s three in the morning with Y/N fast asleep on his shoulder. Bucky glances down on her with tight lips.

She keeps him relaxed in ways he doesn’t know.

He carries Y/N to her room, aware of her uneasy position on the wooden bench. Bucky makes a mental note to clean up the shattered ashtray first thing tomorrow, accidentally breaking it while attempting to place his arms around her. 

Morning comes with Nat, Clint, and Sam having a chat at the dining table. “You and Y/N, Barnes?” Sam asks when he walks in the room, pouring a splash of milk in his coffee at the same time. Bucky’s eyes widen, almost dropping the paper bag filled with shards of glass in his hands. “What?” He stutters.

“Y’all woke me up from my damn sleep last night.”

Clint’s mouth opens in shock and Nat wriggles her eyebrows. “Doing what?” She hums.

“Don’t start, Natalia.”

“You fallin’ for the dame, Buck?”

Bucky groans when Steve joins in. “We were just talking.”

His best friend gives him a pat on the back, desperately trying to hold back a smile. “You didn’t answer my question.”

After what happened last night amidst two hearts, he’s pretty sure that he’s got a shot at happiness this time.



alright so i know i ought to take a break for the sake of my own health at this point (and by health i mean skincare cause yall give me acne) but i’m terrible at shutting up. so one last thing:

the fact that the majority of you seem to think that me speaking out against the bullshit and micro-aggressive behavior black girls like me have to face in this fandom is simply more ammo to ‘defend yourself against’ in this stupid ship war is truly hilarious, but also infuriating.

me saying that kallura is not the worst thing in the world is me defending ALLURA, my favorite character in this show, first and foremost.

princess allura is a black girl character unlike one i have ever seen in mainstream media before.

~ i go into detail about that here and this same topic was even discussed in a ‘black girl nerds’ article here 

but anyone who knows me, and follows my other sideblog fuckin knows that i’d been hoping to see keith and lance be happy boyfriends in a wholesome and romantic relationship on screen since before this fandom could decide on a ship name for them. i’m fuckin GAY, you weirdos. no duh i understand how groundbreaking klance being canon would be. it’d mean the sun and the moon to non-straight people of color everywhere, including my own damn self.

but the fact is that this fandom took the wonderful concept that is “klance” and perverted it and toxified it AND have been using faux progressive arguments to use this ship as a reason to shit on allura — who again, is a character that means a lot to black and brown girls in this fandom for myriads of reasons. so yes, fuck all of you from the bottom of my gay black girl heart 💞 !!

and i don’t speak for any other black girl but myself, so if you’re mad about this perspective take it up with me, you cowards. don’t bother any other black girls in this fandom, my inbox is open.

kallura may never be canon. who fuckin knows. who fuckin cares. neither will some of the few truly wholesome ships in this hell fandom like hunk x keith or hunk x lance or nyma x shay. does it really fuckin matter? as long as the ship isn’t normalizing abuse or pedophilia, let people ship what they want. god.

and no, kallura is not toxic, you guys can’t even decide why you hate it. and that’s exactly what this post is about.

i defend kallura occasionally on this blog solely because this is an ALLURA BLOG. and kallura is the one ship involving allura that actually has some potential to happen on screen. if you want to reduce everything i say as me participating in your dumbass ship war, then go ahead. i couldn’t spare one fuck.

anyway. popular anti-kallura arguments and my response to them all under the cut. all in one tidy text post for easy consumption — screencaps included cause i’m a perfectionist and i want all my posts to look nice ^^

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this is a redraw of a horrible fanart i did exactly 2 years ago today 

it’s really embarrasing so i’m only going to link it here since no one will probably bother clicking lmao but if you want to see just how much someone can improve in 2 years feel free to take a look: my friend wanted me to draw fukami crying that time (we shipped him with wadanohara lmao, i remember her writing a terrible fanfiction too) and i also made him hug a pillow while doing so for some reason (probably because i didnt want to draw the rest of the torso? i really dk but the whole thing is just ridiculous) whatever i rambled a lot  (⌒_⌒;) gonna shut up now

shea-gardienne  asked:

omg please make human!AU headcanons with Gardi and Ash as friends

omg i love this, thanks for letting me feed my self-indulgent ass

- If I had to summarize their relationship with a few words, it would turn out like something like this: “I’m having a problem with ___” “Okay, I’ll kill them for you” “NO”.

- So much sass between these two. The banter it’s endless and he usually has the last word because he’s an ass.

- Most of his friendships are frenemy friendships and Gardienne is not an exception: pushes her aside (gently) when she’s in his way, or tugs ear when she’s being sassy with him. he’s like an annoying brother

- Has the ugliest picture of her as her contact picture on his phone.

- Made a copy of her house key for himself without her knowing. He’s that friend that randomly breaks into your house while you’re out and makes himself at home. One time he scared the crap out of her while sneaking into her room at 2 am “OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE” “Relax, I just forgot my knives here. Jeez, talk about overreactingAsh no

- He’s still a bit of a loner at heart and so often goes off on his own, but that doesn’t mean he cuts off all the contact though. they message each other on a regular basis.

- Blocks her twice a week bc she won’t stop sending him memes

- She’s literally the only person he tolerates and he’s nice to

- Normal people: “Hey, how are you?” Ashkore: “What do you want?”

- Trash talks Miiko and co. whenever he has the chance and usually Gardienne has either to stop him or drag him out of there before things get too heated.

- Messes with Miiko and the guys A LOT without her knowing. If Gardienne is angry with them for some reason, even more so. He’d hack their phones or something like that; his pranks are usually harmless though. Most of the time. “I don’t think they’ll bother you anymore” “…What did you do?” “Who me? Nothing at all…”

- Likes to pretend that he’s her boyfriend or that he’s in love with her when they’re out in public because it freaks her out 

- Calls her an idiot a lot but like in an affectionate way

- Is brutally honest when it comes to things like advice, he’s not sugar-coating anything. That “no-bullshit-gonna-give-it-to-you-like-it-is-even-if-you-cry” friend.

- When he notices she’s sick, he’ll toss a bag of cough drops and dayquil in her face and click his tongue while flicking her forehead. “You’re always so reckless.”

- Nights they spend drinking together at bars end up being a little rowdy because Ash gets extremely protective the more he drinks. If there’s even the tiniest hint of irritation when a man saunters up to flirt with her he gives him a death stare that has them running away lol

- When she asks him to judge her outfits, he has two responses; “Yeah, I’d bang you” and “Yeah, you look like my grandma”.

- He’ll laugh when she’s struggling with something but truth be told no one watches out for her more. He will always have her back, even if she doesn’t know it.

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No offence, but I feel as if in this chapter, the author got tired of this entire ark in general, as the entire situation was solved ridiculously fast. Now, I don't really understand Japanese, so this may not be accurate. But from what I see, both highly powerful opponents were ridiculously quickly subdued, and somehow Fitzgerald decided to side with the Mafia and the ADA for no reason. We didn't even get to know Fyodor's ability yet, and he's already defeated.

I, too, was disappointed in this chapter, but after collecting my thoughts, I decided that it wasn’t a bad way of ending this arc, if this indeed is the end. Sure it may have looked abrupt, but it could have been worse… Or so I like to tell myself.

(Warning: I try my best to be unbiased and objective but this may read like a lot of whining. Only proceed if you’re fine with that.)

The good:
Akutagawa’s promise to Atsushi; appearance of the rest of ADA and Port Mafia; Fitzgerald saving the day; Ango and his crew appearing; that not-so-subtle nod to Odasaku in the end

The “I don’t have much of a good or a bad opinion on this”:
Shin soukoku new combo move;  Chuuya still in the book

The bad:
Quick resolution to the arc; implied lobotomy(!?); Dazai and his keikaku doori antics again; strange sense of déjà vu since they used practically same buildup as the last arc, but now it’s the remix version

First of all, I’ll just have to throw out my wildest (not really) theory out here: Fyodor is still the “final boss”. Come on, he gets the moniker “The Demon” and gets jailed off like that? No, no. It doesn’t make sense at all, at least to me. So my guess is that Agatha and the Order of the Clock Tower will swoop in to try and mess with the Agency, but when they’re on the verge of defeat, Fyodor steps in and uses this chance to strike ADA for himself. So uh Guild Arc 2.0. Or something along those lines. This could’ve been a test drive. Or he could have other Rats in Russia waiting for orders in case there’s a Phase II. Call me optimistic, but that’s what I would like to believe.

We jailbreak from Azkaban and invade Ministry of Magic now.

There really isn’t much to say about Dazai proving himself a formidable chessmaster again, other than I called it on an earlier ask. I just hope I’m not the only one tired of him being right all the damn time. No one can be that all-seeing…

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omg appa bear would probably feel so bad about himself, thinking that he’s not doing enough for his s/o and this lonely feeling is all his fault, but he wouldn’t say or show it to don’t bother the person and would just cuddle his jagiya as much as he can, saying how much he loves her/him and that he always will be there

“I love you so much, you know Jagi?”

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Like Shownu, Hoseok would feel sad and didn’t show it but not because he's thinking that’s his fault maybe a little bit, but because he love his s/o so much that her/him pain is his pain too, no matter if he understand or not. He would try a lot of kisses and much more time together to make the person feel better

“Let me kiss you in the middle of the street. I don’t care if others will see!!”

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it’s a baby but you got the idea 


I think he could get so worried so sad and so nervous, all at the same time and not even try to hide this things. He would get a little desperate without knowing what to do to make his s/o feel better, but hanging out all the time with friends and members, also calling out of the blue just to say “hi I’m thinking about you” and asking friends to do the same could be a thing ACTUALLY I THINK HE COULD MOBILIZE THE WHOLE CITY JUST FOR THIS 

“Hey baby, I’m calling just to say that you are the love of my life, have a good day!”

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Kihyun is known as omma for some reasons, and get worried but calm at the same time could be one of them. He would make some questions to have sure if it’s just a momentary feeling or something who have bother the person for a while. but regardless of what he finds out he would pass a lot of confidence for his s/o, smiling and saying things to make her/him feel better every time they are together

“You feel like this just now?… Every time you feel like that remember that me and your loved ones will be with you forever”

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He could get this very serious or not, depending on the situation. If in a normal conversation his s/o say something like that he would probably just go for her/him house for some netflix and chills, and assume the thing as done. But if he realizes that is something more deep, a overprotective Hyungwon would appear, staying with the s/o as much as he can and even when he can’t and not letting anyone say anything that could barely make the person feel sad, also asking for the members to stay with the person when it’s possible

“I’ll be there right away, no matter what”

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Hella worried and confused Jooheon. At first he wouldn’t know very well what to do for the s/o, or even what that means and would probably say basic things like “everyone is here with you” “I’ll always be by your side”, but even if the s/o tells him it’s alright, it will take a long time for him to forget it. He could start to pass more time with her/him and make a hundred different types of aegyo when around the person and say cute things all the time

“Hey Jagiya come here let me show you something cool”

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He could be the one who understand the most that feeling, understanding that be lonely and feel lonely are different things, and become sad for his s/o having to pass through this kind of feeling. Even if he’s shy he would try a lot more PDA with his s/o, also saying very clear that she/he should say to him every time she/him feel this way, and promising that he’ll try everything he can to make this change

“You can talk with me about this whenever you want”

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Is anyone else confused as to why Peters bedroom looks so completely different in that clip than it did in Civil War? It’s bothering me a lot more than it should be

This is for @sneezequeen whose birthday was last week! Sorry it’s so late, but I hope you like it! I’m writing it in lab as I wait for my shit to be ready, so I couldn’t resist the idea of a scientist AU… I hope that’s okay! The scientist AU no one asked for but the scientist AU we all deserve. Anyway, you wanted  Lance with flu/strep, and with restless leg syndrome to top it off. It’s only gonna hint at RLS though? Because I’m garbage. I love you tho!

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Sick Warren
  • Always tries to play it down
    • Two days later he’s flat on his ass and is undeniably sick
  • Biggest complaint is that he’s hot
    • You keep a cool bottle of water by his bed and make him sleep with a bed sheet; blankets are too thick!
    • Usually can’t wear more than boxers and a white tee
      • Yes, sometimes even the tee has to come off
  • Very cranky because he can’t find a comfortable way to lay down on top of burning up
  • Helping him with cool showers
  • He becomes the pickiest eater 
    • The usual stuff he likes makes him sick at the thought of it
    • Strict soup and crackers diet
  • He asks you to stay the night more than usual
    • He won’t admit it’s bc he likes how you take care of him
    • Uses some typical flirty reason as an excuse
      • “As if you could get enough of me…”
      • “I know how much of a good time I am to be around; it’s okay, you don’t have to tell me, babe.”
    • He’s too weak to even think about flying
    • Hell he can barely get out of bed
    • You massage his back a lot because he gets sore moving his wings for every day purposes
      • Also the easiest way to put him to sleep when he’s sick
  • He tries to bother you as little as possible
    • Not to be a gentleman but bc he doesn’t want you to see him so weak
    • If you didn’t know that and check on him yourself you’d know he’d be passed out on a floor somewhere
  • You tease him just a little with baby talk while you take care of him
    • You know he hates it but you think it’s hilarious
    • You just think he’s adorable when he’s all sick and needy, the complete opposite of his regular, healthy self
      • The second he’s better he shows you just how much of a baby he is with some rough sex
  • He
    • HATES
      • medicine!!
      • Is a complete baby when it comes to taking it
      • You have to hold his nose and force him to drink cough syrup and rush to give him something a drink to mask the flavor after
  • “Not gonna lie, I’d probably be dead if you weren’t here…”
Pt 2: Percy/Annabeth Swap

(Part 1 can be found here)

  • When the girl wakes up, Percy shows her around and tries to help explain everything to her
  • She’s called Annabeth, and Percy soon finds out she’s…strong-willed, and they end up clashing every five minutes
  • Luckily, otherwise Annabeth seems to settle into camp reasonably well
  • Percy soon realises she’s seriously clever, and she develops a strategy that helps them win a game of Capture the Flag
  • It’s around about then when Annabeth gets claimed by Athena
  • It turns out Athena wants Annabeth to go on a quest to solve the recent lightning thief dispute that’s arisen, and Annabeth’s just as keen because she wants to rescue her father
  • Percy’s accused of being the thief, what with being a son of Poseidon and all, and also due to the fact that there was a Camp Half-Blood trip to Olympus last solstice
  • So of course he begs Chiron to let him go on the quest
  • “It’s Annabeth’s choice, Percy, she’s leader of the quest,” Chiron says gently
  • “Well, if she really is the Wise Girl she says she is, she should choose me! I want to help!”
  • Annabeth blushes at that. “Fine, you can come… as long as you promise not to be too much of a Seaweed Brain”
  • Annabeth jokes about it, but she’s grateful for Percy’s experience, especially considering how good he is with a dagger, and at using his demigod powers
  • Percy, Grover and her make a pretty good team
  • Luke wishes them luck when they leave, and it’s immediately clear that Annabeth has a crush on Luke
  • For some reason, that bothers Percy
  • They become a lot closer on the quest, and Percy realises Annabeth maybe isn’t so annoying as he first thought she was
  • Yeah, she’s stubborn and can be arrogant, but she’s also resourceful and she cares a lot
  • Grover rolls his eyes whenever they start bickering though, which is a lot
  • The quest is difficult, but they make it through it, and they succeed, they return the lightning bolt to Zeus and come back to camp as heroes, and Grover goes off on his search for Pan
  • It’s what comes after that’s the hard part
  • When Luke asks Annabeth to go on a walk before she leaves Camp for the year, she agrees, blinded by her schoolgirl crush
  • She barely survives the scorpion attack. It turns out Kronos wants Annabeth out of the picture, because while Percy is key to the prophecy, and he needs him if he wants Percy to raze Olympus, Annabeth is a threat
  • Percy doesn’t believe it for a few days, because there’s surely no way Luke, the guy who rescued him when he was a kid, who showed him how to be a hero, is working for Kronos…
  • …But deep inside he knows it’s true: Luke betrayed them
  • He’s angry, so, so angry
  • He spends a lot of time by Thalia’s tree, just sitting there and thinking, and there’s not much anyone can say to console him, not even Chiron, who knows Percy so well
  • After a few days, when Annabeth finally wakes up and recovers from the scorpion attack, Percy is finally woken out of his daze
  • Annabeth leaves camp to return to her family, her school for the year, and she hugs Percy goodbye
  • She makes him promise to keep in contact, and Percy realises how devastated he would have been if Annabeth had died
  • After seeing what Luke did to her, he becomes determined
  • That’s the day he put down the dagger Luke gave him, and vowed not to use it ever again
  • The next day, he starts training with a sword his father gifted to him in the night
  • It is the weapon Percy swears to fight Kronos and Luke with
  • The sword’s name is Riptide
  • (Update: Part 3 can be found here)