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Hi, love! Sorry to bother you. I was thinking of auditioning as a fairy for our state's renaissance festival, and I was just curious as to what you have to do while auditioning. I'm not really a loud person like most at ren fest, so I'm a bit nervous. If you could maybe give me some advice? Thank you! ❤

Hello darlin!

 Im only really familiar with the process for the TN festival, but there is no reason to be stressed. Even so, I know its completely natural, I was practically shaking in my boots my first audition, but no worries its actually a lot of fun! We typically have improv games we play in a group of those returning or new members and then a monologue if you prepared one (its not required to do one however for us!) My best advice to you would be to be yourself, have fun, and keep a positive attitude. Once they see your personality type you can start constructing a strong character around it that you could do well as. They want you to be the best character you can be (hopefully a Faerie!) but don’t be discouraged if they suggest a noble, peasant, etc. those roles can be just as fun and rewarding. 

best of luck dear with your auditions! <3

“2017 is gonna be great” and “2017 is gonna be horrible” are both ideologies that bother me for a lot of reasons, so I suggest we go for some sort of fun middle ground like “2017 is gonna be the year with the most casual fridays” or “2017: horniest year on record”

Start Respecting BTS Members

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No, I’m not talking about ANTIS or HATERS. But Fans.

I understand that a lot of fans are young, in middle school or their teens. However, that does not excuse some of the behavior that I see. BTS is made up of SEVEN members and that it would not be BTS without ALL OF THEM. Yet despite that there seems to be some kind of rivalry amongst ARMY.

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while and something that bothers me a lot. There seems to be mutiny within ARMY. Which is something that can do nothing but HARM both BTS and ARMY.

It is understandable that you have your favourite. Your bias. But at no point, for NO REASON should you disrespect the other members.  Namjoon, Hoseok, Yoongi, Jungkook, Jimin, Taehyung, Seokjin - they are PEOPLE with feelings and emotions just like us.

If you are ARMY there should be NO REASON why you want to hurt any of them with your thoughtless words or actions. Not realizing is NOT an excuse. Rule of thumb is if you would NOT want someone else doing that to you, then you should NOT do it to them.

1) and Fanmeets -  I have seen many instances where people have thoughtlessly gone on and on about other members while someone else is on vlive. This isn’t giving them the respect that they deserve. Even if they are not YOUR bias they should be allowed to have time on without others continuing to ask for other BTS members. It is EXTREMELY RUDE.

Would you like it if your bias or friend kept asking to talk to other people? I doubt it. Equally there are people who disrespect or treat members badly at fan-meets because they aren’t their bias.

2) Invading privacy - Don’t take photos without permission in bathrooms or airports. Don’t purposefully get the same flights so that you can take photos or bother them. They have such little privacy already. If possible don’t crowd in the airports I’ve seen the disaster that can become. People getting knocked over or injured in the mass of people.

3) Inappropriate comments - I’m sure I’m not the only one who heard that they stopped reading comments on their bangtan bomb videos and other videos due to content. Filled with inappropriate comments and ships. What you do behind closed doors is up to you but don’t throw it in their faces.

Yes they are affectionate and IF they ever came out gay i’d support it but until then people need to cool down shipping them romantically and sexually where they can see. Would YOU want to be shipped with someone you saw as your best friend almost to the point of BROTHER??

4) Judging or criticizing other BTS members over opportunities - Complaining or whining, or generally making things unpleasant that they have more opportunities than your bias. Complaining about the amount of screen time one member has, or how many lines they have.  I’ve HEARD people doing towards members such as Jungkook in the most recent performances.

Please take that negativity elsewhere. NONE of the members get to control what Bighit Entertainment decides that they are or are not going to do. They may get some input but they don’t get to decide these things on their own.

Others have been making comments and complaints about what other members are doing. About why YOUR bias doesn’t get to do that too. About why only Namjoon and Yoongi have mixtapes. Why only Taehyung gets to be acting when Jin has acting qualifications. Why did Jungkook get to go solo in Rainism. Why is Jimin the only one who’s shown off his solo song from the album. These are just examples, but it is all such UNNECESSARY negativity.

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DON’T attack them for any reason. You don’t need to put down other members in order to hype up your favourite members. All you’re doing is damaging BTS.

BTS loves ARMY unconditionally, no matter who your bias is. You should at least show them respect, support them unconditionally in all that they accomplish. 


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Note: I posted something similar on my BTS Amino.

Right vs Wrong

The Arrow 100th and it’s impact on Olicity

Okay guys. Before we go into tonight’s episode, I want to talk something out. I did a little bit of talking about this on Twitter, but I want to get more in depth with it here. I know a lot of you are probably nervous about the Lau/river scenes in tonight’s episode, especially if you’ve noticed they’ve cribbed some Olicity dialogue.

(forgive me for this gif)

I know everyone’s first reaction is to hurl in their mouth a little (it’s okay, I totally did too). But my next reaction was to HOWL with laugher. Because this was totally stolen from Olicity. 

If for no other reason, this should not bother us because the writers can’t even be arsed to come up with original dialogue for these two. But I do believe this parallel is on purpose. And I will tell you why if you follow me just a little bit further. 

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Hi again. Sorry to bother with another question when you haven't even had the chance to answer my first one, but this bothers me a lot and I will write about it in the future so I want to be able to make it right. If a person is unconscious for say 3 days, reason not relevant (magic, post apoc with no medical personell available etc), and they're not at a hospital with catheters and stuff, what happens with the body waste? Like, will they pee themselves? Poop? Thank you for an amazing blog! ♥

Content Warning: This is messy, gross, stinky, shitty, and describes very graphic and uncomfortable things happening to people, including animal predation.

Some are theoretical. Some are things I’ve seen.

So here’s an unfortunate, uncomfortable truth. Anyone who is unconscious for more than a few hours will, indeed, void their bladder onto themselves. And when the time comes to poop, they will, in fact, poop. These things happen even when someone is conscious but unable to move, whether that’s from physical confinement or from orthopedic issue.

And they’ll stay there. The ugly truth is that we find people in this state all the time. They reek of the acrid urine smell of piss, the foul, feculent stench of shit.

If they’re exposed–specifically outdoors–that waste will draw bugs. Flies, dung beetles, ants, whatever’s around that could find a tasty snack.

Rodents also aren’t out of the question. Lots of things find flesh tasty, and an undefended human might get nibbles from rats, mice, various birds – carrion birds aren’t out of the question. Raccoons and squirrels may not be above predation of an unconscious human, not to mention wolves, wild dogs, and any other carnivores you can think of. Eyes are juicy targets, especially for birds.

Another effect you’ll have to consider is hydration. A character who’s unconscious cannot drink, and probably shouldn’t have anything put in their mouth (if we don’t know about their ability to swallow – it depends on the level of unconsciousness, if that makes any sense). Three days won’t be lethally dehydrating, but it’s probably pretty nasty for the person when they wake up.

Assuming they still have their eyeballs, because, well, see above.

I hope this gave you something to think about!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


don’t get pissed but I want to type about this episode a bit. When people were freaking out over Dazai folding Chuuya’s coat and stuff, they were like “he cares!” But I don’t think of it that way for some reason. For me, its more like “I have enough time to fold this and leave a note and everything but I’m not going to bother carrying you back to base”. (And when Dazai said ‘leave it to me, partner’ that was definitely him just being an ass and making Chuuya believe he was going to carry him back)
And when Chuuya said he trusted Dazai, a lot of people also freaked out. I mean, Dazai is a genius, and most of the time his strategys and thoughts are correct. To be honest, if I was in the position, and I put my life in the hands of dazai, I would trust him and feel secured.
But of course, I’m not saying Chuuya doesn’t care, because he’s not heartless. Every time Dazai got injured he was affected and rushed to him. And Dazai wouldn’t let Chuuya get killed, since it gives him no benefits. Actually, that would just stir up more problems, since the port mafia would be on his ass about letting one of their executives get killed.
(Sorry is this angered you?? But I dont know its kinda just how I saw things)

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Hey I'm trying to understand if you hate ALL men and what happened? If you would like to share. Peace

Okay so to me if someone thinks I actually hate all men, which is about 3.5 billion people, then they’re most likely a man whom I dislike. I don’t actually hate men otherwise I wouldn’t interact with one and I wouldn’t most likely end up in a relationship with one. Some of my closest friends wouldn’t be male. The thing about them is that they don’t fit the shitty criteria that most men are.

There’s a reason for my dislike and caution with most men I meet.
Here’s a list of things that bother me:
-men most of the time don’t see me as anything beyond a sexual object. A lot of white men do this because I’m a PoC. Because of what I put online or how I talk, they immediately assume all I want is sex and that’s my only value
-included in that I’m dehumanized usually because I’m just treated as a sexual object who has no other thoughts. The messages I receive from men are as if I don’t have interests and I’m just waiting for a man to tell me “wow I find you beautiful” or that I want to expose myself to them.
-they assume that I can’t be in charge of my own sexuality and that the photos I post aren’t for them but rather to boost my OWN confidence and love myself more.
-men think I value and want their opinion all the time, especially when it wasn’t asked. Mansplaining basically. I can’t talk to the majority of men without being mansplained. I’ve had conversations about things I know fully well and they try and tell me I’m wrong. It’s as if I’m incapable of having knowledge.
-men are very entitled, especially white males. I’ve had guys tell me how to talk, act, behave, etc because I apparently owe them that when I hardly even know them. If I ask for them to leave me alone, a lot of them won’t and will attack me for being too sensitive when really they’re just a piece of shit. (Few months ago a white boy told me not to say lit and when I told him off, he started calling me a childish bitch and harassed me until I had to block him)
-on that note, the majority of them don’t respect women which goes off of not seeing us as humans or deserving respect.
-old men assume I owe them something. I had a 40 year old get pissed at me a few days ago just cause I said I wasn’t interested in him. When I was 13, a man was checking me out and saying what a nice body I had (my mom told me that, I never heard it).
-there’s a reason that the majority of crimes, rapes, assaults, etc are caused by men.
-masculinity is so fucking fragile. Like you barely say something and they’re like “no that’s gay” and practically start screaming it and it’s like bro fucking chill. Like deadass guys sometimes won’t use Chapstick because that’s gay like what in the fuck??????
-I immediately assume that a man doesn’t see me in a platonic way. Most men don’t and will assume things will develop sexually and romantically.
-the fucking friend zone 🙄

Honestly I could go on. This list is already massive. I don’t dislike them for no reason. I know there’s good ones out there, that’s why a majority of my friends are male. But those people see me as a person, they respect me, they don’t demand things from me, they recognize the fragility of masculinity. Idc if I get hate for this, if anything it just shows all of the things I mentioned.

TMI and Alec’s Feelings for Jace

god knows there’s been a lot of criticism of the shadowhunters books and of how alec’s sexuality is handled in particular but I’ve yet to see anyone talk about the whole ‘he wasn’t really in love with jace after all’ thing? even though personally it’s something that REALLY bothers me.

like I think it would be reasonable to assume that almost everyone who experiences some form of attraction (especially same gender attracted people) has experienced some kind of unrequited feelings - likely for a straight person and likely for a friend. so when alec is first introduced as a closeted gay character with unrequited feelings for his best friend - I found him instantly relatable.

so I cannot emphasize ENOUGH how much it annoyed me when it was revealed that alec wasn’t REALLY in love with jace. this whole time he was just LYING TO HIMSELF so he’d never have to confront his feelings or come out.

and it’s so annoying for sooo many reasons!

  1. as a queer person reading this it comes across as sooo patronizing when jace - the straight character - has to explain to alec - the ACTUAL GAY PERSON what ALEC is feeling.
  2. on a similar note, this whole scene perpetuates the idea that gay people are just ‘confused’ and don’t know their own feelings. I realise that jace isn’t saying that alec isn’t gay here but he is telling him straight out that the attraction he feels is not valid and not real (something that it then confirmed to be true - thanks SO MUCH for that CC).
  3. and it’s just such a fucking cop-out? like god forbid alec come to terms with the fact that his feelings are unrequited and gradually move on to a happy healthy requited relationship. god forbid jace have to actually deal with the situation in a sensitive way or acknowledge that he’s unintentionally hurting someone he loves by not loving him in the way he wants. god forbid CC actually explore the way that this impacts their friendship and have them come out at the other end of it with a stronger relationship and a better understanding of each other.
  4. and you know what? it’s just lazy writing. the whole ‘alec is in love with jace’ story basically only exists to show how alec is gay and everyone knows about it and to cause a rift in magnus and alec’s relationship - until CC can’t be bothered to actually resolve it and (like with the whole incest thing) just brushes it off like ‘oh that thing I said was true that’s been causing conflict? well actually it was fake the whole time lol’.

to sum up: Casserole Care COULD have created a great, relatable narrative of someone discovering his sexuality and eventually finding the courage to come out and explored it in a sensitive and realistic way. Instead she totally glossed over his coming out to his friends (because they all magically knew already) and totally retconned his crush on jace just so she wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore. 

Bout the word Senpai

lemme just, take a moment to address the misinterpretation that a lot of you anime watchers seem to have gotten about the word “Senpai”

Anime seems to, for some reason may I add, project the word Senpai as a word only girls use when addressing their male crushes in their high school. It bothers me

I lived in Japan for 3 years and learned their language, my parents are also Korean and we have word that means Senpai in our language. So I would just like to take a moment to educate you

Senpai is a term used for anyone who is older than you, but goes/works at your school/work. For example, if you are a freshman in high school, anyone(any gender) who is in grade 10,11,12 is immediately a senpai. 

This isn’t a call out post, I just didn’t want foreigners to get the wrong idea whenever they think about what a senpai is. 

A LOT OF SPOILERS AHEAD. DON’T READ if you don’t want to know. But then again: this blog has its name for a reason.

This is bothering me. This picture is showing some really bad things done by the Ultimate Despair group. The question is: who did what? I don’t remember the game answering this question. Correct me if I’m wrong. So. Here are 5 deeds:

1. Someone is shooting a whole crowd of innocent people.

2. Someone is killing their own family.

3. Someone is starving themselves.

4. Someone is raping Junko’s dead body.

5. Someone is removing their eye to replace it with Junko’s.

Let me speculate on this matter: 

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Not an art post, but I felt the urge to write this because it has been bothering me for a while now:

For some reason my art has been reposted a LOT over the past month. I understand that most of these people do it because they like the picture(s), but it is honestly disrespectful to ignore an artist’s warning (I have written “Please do not repost” on this blog as well as my Twitter) and to repost my pictures without even asking for permission.

Because of what has happened, I have discontinued updating my Blogger and have removed all traces of the site from search engines. I have also made a new watermark so that people can actually find me, in case this sort of thing happens again. If the reposting gets extremely bad, I may have to stop posting altogether. That being said, if I catch anyone reposting any of my friends’ art then they will also be facing my wrath…..

To the one person that actually bothered to ask me on here if they could use my pics for their external website, thank you for asking first! I am happy to grant permission in MOST circumstances - as long as you ASK. I promise I don’t bite (unless you’re a reposter, ofc).

To those who repost/edit art without contacting the artist(s) first: please unfollow me immediately. I want nothing to do with any of you. :) 

If you like someone’s work, please REBLOG/RT if the artist has their own account. It is far more respectful towards the artist and actually shows that you support them and their work.

I’m seeing a lot of Discourse™ on the Code Geass fandom for some reason ??? I hadn’t seen CG Discourse in a LONG time omg

Here’s my 2 cents: the fact that I personally love Lelouch and C.C as a couple and see the chemistry and romantic feelings between them doesn’t mean that I’m denying Suzalulu.
Cluclu has been my OTP for 7 years, but I’m not blind to the chemistry between Suzaku and Lelouch, hell, I’d even say that those two were supposed to be canon at some point and that’s okay.
I CHOOSE not to ship Suzalulu because of my personal hate towards Suzaku as a character, I’ve hated Suzaku’s existence for 7 years and I don’t think I’ll ever like him, C.C on the other hand I’ve always loved with all my heart.

To me, both ships have an incredible chemistry and both relationships could be read as romantic, it depends on you which one do you ship, or if you ship all 3 of them that’s fine too!

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I'd always been pretty unaffected by fucked up shit growing up and my mom loved crime shows so gore never bothered me but a few years ago when I found my favorite artist I found their gore blog and it got me really into gore for some reason?? It helped me cope a lot too during some rough times and prevented me from self harm and worse.

I’m glad gore could help you out!! A lot of people use it to cope, I’ve noticed.

It’s been a while since I finished Life is Strange but the game had some things that bothered me a lot to enjoy as much as the hype promises.

1. I chose to destroy the city in the end. I thought it was outrageous to do all this and see all I’ve done was indifferent. I found it absurdly ridiculous, bordering to offensive, to be able to choose to go back and pretend nothing happened.

2. I hated the teacher as a villain. The reason was not convincing, it seemed they were trying too hard to not be predictable.

3. The lesson seems to be that if you use drugs or are lesbian you will die. Chloe suffered from beginning to end, admitted she was a burden on everyone’s life, and died because she had no future. That’s horrible. I know, Max knew she was so much more, but only her. Chloe was nothing but a problem lesbian girl with no dreams or future that wanted to find her friend/crush and disappear. Also, pretty ridiculous to give her a daddy issue to her drug problems. She was straight A student just because she had her father? She just tried drugs to rebel? This is not how the world works.

But seeing Max and Chloe together was so cute I could ignore this problems and appreciate the game.

I totally forgot: Yesterday my team at work had a meeting with the head of the after school care subdivision of our organization and it was really good.

Because that guy talked about ADHD and medication as just a fact, not an opinion. He even talked to me directly and asked if I would be comfortable(!) being open about my condition and talking to one kid in particular to help her deal with her ADHD.

He encouraged me to tell her about my experience and help her cope, by telling her how I handle things. This was so, so reassuring. I’ve had so many conversations lately, with people who just tiptoe around the subject, avoid mentioning ADHD like it’s a dirty word, are dead set against medication (the whole “parents just want medication so their kids will turn into zombies and not bother them anymore” notion is clearly still there with lots of people), or who, for some reason, seem to think they know more about this condition than I do (although that might admittedly just be in my head, as they don’t make this explicit, it’s just the way they talk to me about it and their body language).

So my boss’ boss talking about it in a completely matter of facts way and even encouraging me, in front of my colleagues, to be open and use my personal experience in my day to day work, was incredibly validating. Just wanted to share this, in case anybody needs some reassurance that neurotypical people can actually be supportive of us.

There’s a lot of Hanschen bashing going around lately, which is fine, because everyone’s entitled to their opinion and it doesn’t really bother me. But I know it bothers some people, so I’m posting all the reasons why Hanschen can actually be a really valuable and likable character, at least to me. (Feel free to add other reasons why you like the character to the post. Just, you know, don’t be a dick and add counter arguments, because there are plenty of other posts for that.)

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Trying to get back on track

(( I’m going to attempt to get back on track (and not just have story posts). I’m not doing well on the mental side, though, for reasons I won’t get into here.

In order to ease back into things, I’m going to be dropping a lot of threads, including some that I said I’d continue (the fight ones from the event come to mind, among others). I’m really sorry about this. Please rest assured that it’s completely my fault, and not anyone else’s. 

My threads on Latte and on my Player should be fine, albeit aged. I intend to continue all of those if my writing partners are willing.

Again, I’m really sorry for being kind of quiet here. I’ll make another post when I’ve got my threads sorted out. ))

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This is out of left field but does it bother anyone else when gaydar gets used in fics? Like I just read this one where allison was all like "oh honey no. Lydia says he's gay. Her gaydar is freakishly good." and it just put me off for some reason.

Some people don’t like the concept of gayday because they feel it’s based on stereotypes which sometimes it is, but many times it’s a lot less definable. What ends up happening though is them someone says “I don’t act gay!” (which means “I don’t act like a girl!” because God forbid) and everyone gets their panties in a bunch.

That’s my tale in it anyway. I think gayday is a very casual way of noting someone’s intuition. It’s not exact and it’s certainly not across the board, but I’ve seen it in action with amazing accuracy.