for some reason if found it funny

I think some of the reason abused people take things so severely, have to correct everything, or sometimes need to win every argument is because negative feedback always meant oncoming danger, things being incorrect meant that you would pay for it later when they found out that “you told them wrong”, and if you didn’t win every little fight–if you weren’t always in the right–then they would use that to justify your abuse and make things worse. 

People make fun of this kind of reaction, but if you let any small thing go, then you would always pay for it later. Every little thing carried the highest stakes, everything was a threat and meant danger. So yea, it’s funny, but the reason it happens for some people really isn’t. It’s the same reason people constantly apologize or don’t trust that you really do think of them as a friend.


Whoaaa I finished Morty and totally forgot to post him!! It’s been raining off and on here, but I finally managed to get a picture of them outside, it turned out slightly better than the one on the right, with my indoor lighting, in my peeling chair… haha. 

Anyway!! Both made my me!! If anyone went to the Rick and Morty art show at Gallery1988 on Friday, I had them with me. Rick sat on my shoulders and I used his bendy fingers to hold onto the bill of my hat so he didn’t fall off. Also I dropped Morty on the ground, which I found really funny for some reason. 

I totally rushed to make Morty, I finished him in 3 ½ days, and was finishing sewing his head on while in the car on the way to the gallery opening. BUT HE DONE. Since his head is super round, his hair is ridiculously fun to pet. Super soft minky hair Morty. Ah, well I know I got to meet @ehayes87 there! She took some pictures of them. :D I am honored! 

A few people have been asking about wanting to buy Rick since he was posted, and I might be able to make a few more? I’m not sure when though!! I definitely want to fix up his pattern a bit. Each time I make a doll, I learn a bit more to make them better. I’ve still got some other projects I need to work on, and it looks like I might be in an art show coming up in the next couple of months. Maybe if I scale down his pattern some, I can make a few extras on the side in between projects, especially since the Jinx Rick plush is now out of production. ;D 

smolmarkvine  asked:

You honestly make me so happy! This is why I love YouTube so much because I found Ethan through Mark and I found you through Ethan! It's a big chain and it introduces me to so many different creators! you are so funny, talented, cute, and so many other things it's so hard to count them all!! You make so many people happy! The reason why I like these fan bases (you, mark, ethan, jack, felix) is because you guys are some of the many FEW people who actually care!😊😊 thanks for making me smile G!💕

Awww!! This melted my heart! We’re all doing our absolute best and im super glad that we all can make your days brighter!! Thank you thank you! 💜

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So this is some of the cooper stickynotes, I usually try and doodle him in the comics style but one time I was like “Ima doodle cooper ina cute chibi anime style lol” and it… it was one fail after another and since I used pen I could erase and for some reason I found it so funny it hung with some of  the other coopers instead of throwing it out.
I call him cooperbob like doodlebob from spongebob.  
I thought you might get a laugh from this so I wanted to show you

oh my gosh these are REALLY GOOD???? i love how i can tell which panels some of the coopers are from!!! thank you so much for showing me i love cooperbob too dsfjsdl

I heard at least three times the word ‘destroyed’ from Kallus while threatening the rebels or talking about their supposed certain death and for some reason I found it funny like he was obsessed with this very word. xD I can see troopers starting to use the word too on a kinda mocking manner like playing sabac and they see a player acting suspicious and they warn him “You stop cheating or I’ll destroy you” or someone keeps leaving the wet towel in the shower and someone gets angry “If you leave the wet towel here again I’ll send you in the first line to battle and will watch you being destroyed” and stuff like this xD And Tora isn’t really fond of seeing her boss showing his little bit too enthusiastic side… x’D (And yeah Jax is a major idiot, and he ships Kallora looong before it becomes a thing) 

I need to stop crying, this show clearly isn’t worth it. But damn it! We deserved canon Johnlock! You all deserved it!

And the most frustrating thing is everything was pointing to it, it was the most logical conclusion. There was a reason TJLC predicted the whole of TAB.

So what happened? Did writers get scared? Put off by the negative reviews of TAB? Did they loose there minds and forget what they have written before? Am I in some alternative universe where nothing makes sense? Or were they always terrible writers and we found a way to link all the episodes together and create an overarching story that was never supposed to there?

It just hurts to much for it to end this way, to see you all devastated. But I don’t regret believing in TJLC at all. You are all so clever, funny, kind and it’s been a blast! I love you all.


Request: If you’re not too swamped can you do a one shot where the girl is Stiles’ girlfriend and she is the same height as him and she is super self conscious about it b/c everyone jokes about it and Stiles comforts her? Sorry its so vague! Love the blog!

Note: I honestly thought that this was such a sweet request. I want every single one of you to know that you are incredible exactly the way that you are. Don’t let anyone ever make you feel bad about the way you look. You are perfectly you. 

Liam had always been that “annoying little brother” that I cared for in a friendly sense and joked around with on a daily basis. He was goofy and spastic at times, which I found completely hilarious. At others he was huffing and puffing and for some reason, I found that even more funny. 

But this particular day Liam’s  good-natured teasing hit a chink in my armor. I know he didn’t mean to hurt my feelings. I know he was just joking. But it still stopped me in my tracks, erased the laughter from my lungs, and had me at a loss for a few seconds. 

“Oh shut up, you walking light pole.” Liam retaliated after I laughed at him for needing help retrieving a book from the top library shelf. “You’re like a giant or something.” 

My brows furrowed slightly at his comment. I never really thought about my height until recently, when I started to date Stiles. I had always been a tall girl-in fact, I was as tall as Stiles- and then it became a secret weakness of mine. I had always read stories romanticizing short girls, spelling out their dainty features and how the boys always went after them because they were something small and delicate. They were how girls were supposed to be. 

But I had never gotten the chance to be that. I was tall, with long lanky limbs and big feet. I wasn’t delicate; I was durable. I wasn’t small; I took up space without meaning to. And I hated it. 

But Liam didn’t know that. So when I lamely offered “I’m not that tall” in response to his remark, he rolled his eyes. 

“Oh no? I bet you can’t even wear heels when you’re out on a date with Stiles ‘cause you’d pass him up.” The glint in Liam’s eyes hinted that he had said it without the intention of being mean. 

But he had hit the nail right on the head, and it hurt. Badly. 

I gave him a weak smile. “Hey, Liam, I’ve gotta go. I have Pre-Cal homework to catch up on. I’ll see you tomorrow?” 

“Yeah sure.” He smiled, not picking up on my damp spirits. 

“Hey babe,” Stiles chirped when I picked up his call on the second ring. In reality, Stiles was the last person I wanted to talk to right now. But it wasn’t his fault that I was the way I was, or that Liam had picked that particular subject to joke around about. So I had answered the phone and attempted to sound up-beat. 

“Hey,” I winced at how off I sounded. 

“You okay?” Stiles asked warily.

“I’ve been better.” I told him honestly. “What’s up?”

“I’m just trying to decide which movie we should watch tonight.” He sounded slightly winded, as if he were moving around quickly, or just finished doing several jumping jacks. Knowing Stiles and his spontaneity, it could be both. “I’m kind of leaning towards Indiana Jones because I haven’t seen it in a while, but you still haven’t seen the third Iron Man yet, so…”

Crap, I had almost forgotten! Stiles and I had planned to have a movie night at his place since his dad was going to be working late. 

“Stiles…” I chewed my lower lip. “Listen… about tonight…”

“Yeah?” Stiles asked. It seemed like he was rummaging through something- probably the huge storage bin of dvds in his closet. 

“I’m not really feeling well… I think we should do it tomorrow or something…” 

“Wait, what do you mean you’re not feeling well? Y/N, what happened? What’s wrong? Are you sick?” Stiles spit the questions faster than I could answer them. It tended to happen like that when he got worried. 

“No, I’m feeling fine, I promise. I’m just not in the best mood right now.” 

“Why? What happened, baby?” I flinched at the sentiment in the pet name.

I didn’t really want to be one of those girlfriends who relied on their boyfriend to shower them with compliments and make them feel like a princess. That wasn’t my style. I had never told Stiles about my insecurity. But he was asking… 

I sighed. “It’s just that… today Liam and I were talking, you know, goofing around, and… he wasn’t trying to be mean, I’m sure, but he kind of… hit a soft spot with one of his jokes.” 

There was a silence on the other line. “What would that soft spot be?” His voice was careful, level. It was almost emotionless. 

The words came out almost in a whisper. “My height.”

“Your height?” Stiles echoed me, although he was louder and much more hostile. “That shrimp is giving you crap about your height? He’s a damn two by four! I could pick him up and probably shove him in a washing machine! Not that I would actually do that…” 

I let out a light laugh, despite the fact that my eyes were stinging. “Yeah,” I agreed. “He sure is small.” I wish I was that way. 

Stiles snorted. “That’s one way of putting it.” He was very quiet for a few seconds. Then, in a softer tone, he said, “Don’t let one stupid kid’s jokes get you down, okay? Like you said, Liam didn’t mean anything by it. He doesn’t know how to filter anything that goes through that microscopic brain of his.” 

“The thing that gets me though is how right he is.” I couldn’t stop myself. It all came pouring out of me like a geyser of painful inner thoughts that’d been bottled up since I was a little girl, since I was first told that I was tall, since I had first met Stiles. “I am tall: freakishly, annoyingly tall. Pretty girls are short and they have tiny feet. I’m tall and I have big feet. I can’t wear heels or I’d look like Godzilla. And damn it, Stiles, I’m as tall as you are, and it makes me so mad because I can never wrap my head around why you’d want some monstrosity like me, and-”

“Y/N,” Stiles interrupted me. “I want you to take a deep breath.” 

“Okay.” I said- admittedly a little bitter about being cut off, but I still did what he asked. 

“Alright, again. And I want you to keep doing that. Now listen to me. You probably won’t believe me, but you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. I honestly don’t care that you’re as tall as me. I don’t see why it’s such a big deal either. We literally have the best hugs ever.” I could practically hear him smile. “Don’t worry about it, okay? I think you’re pretty just the way you are, and I wouldn’t change anything. Plus, my feet are still bigger than yours, my dear.” 

Laughter suddenly slipped through my lips, and I covered my mouth to try and contain it. “Okay, thanks Stiles.” 

“No problem. You know you’re everything I’ve ever wanted.” When I assured him that I did in fact know and that I felt the same way, he said, “Great. Now, this might be a bit insensitive, but I kind of want to watch Godzilla.” 

“Eh, kind of. I’ll be over in twenty. Have the popcorn ready, if you please.” 

“Sure thing.” 

Newt gets hurt
  • <p> <b>Y/N:</b> I'm worried about Newt.<p/><b>Minho:</b> Why?<p/><b>Y/N:</b> He got hurt, he's with the medjacks right now.<p/><b>Minho:</b> Are you serious? What happened?<p/><b>Y/N:</b> I'm not sure, I heard a loud thump while I was having a bath, so I got worried and checked the next shower room and found Newt on the floor with a nosebleed.<p/><b>Y/N:</b> Apparently he slipped and fell, he probably hit his nose, and for some reason he won't look straight at me.<p/><b>Minho:</b> Did he get into the shower room next to yours?<p/><b>Y/N:</b> Why yes! It was funny Coz he still had his pants on, so there wasn't much water, it's such bad luck that he slipped!
  • Minho: .. I gotta go.<p/><b>Minho to Gally:</b> Hey I think there's a hole in one of the walls of the bath house<p/></p>
Some thoughts on heavy serialization and continuity in kids cartoons.

Historically, Networks do not like serialization in comedy cartoons because serialized cartoons do not rate as high in the repeats as the stand alone cartoons do. They have found that once a viewer has watched an episode and got the next part of the story, they tend to not watch that same episode when it repeats. But if the show was just a simple funny cartoon they will watch it again, because they want to laugh at the jokes again. 

So for this reason, we as the show creators are oftentimes discouraged from producing serialized shows with heavy continuity. The Networks feel they need the episodes to be stand alone for the sake of repeats, ratings and for programming a 24 hour animation channel. This has been the case since I started making cartoons in the early 90′s.

A few years ago some comedy cartoons started integrating complex and serious plots into their shows, and it was a refreshing change from the status quo. Finally we thought this was our chance to tell deeper stories and when I first started Wander back in 2011, I asked if I could make it a serialized 22-minute show.  I was simply told no. 

The Network really wanted Wander to be produced in the classic, stand alone 11 minute format, because they felt that’s where they would get the most bang for their buck. And from a programming standpoint I could understand that.

So after producing a season of silly one off cartoons we got the pick up for season 2 and we asked if we could finally try and tell a bigger story with complex continuity.  The network was open to exploring that idea, but they didn’t want to lose the looseness of season 1. 

So a COMPROMISE was reached. We would create a continuity that thread through four 22-minute episodes that were to be scattered throughout the season. The 11-minute episodes in between would be loosely related to that arc, but would still stand alone so they could be repeated in any order.

I’m writing this because I’m seeing a lot of desire for the next piece of the puzzle, the next turn of the plot, the next big change and I will honestly tell you that will not really happen until the next 22-minute episode. The following 11-minute episodes will continue to be loosely related to the arc. For instance, Hater is no longer crushing on Dominator, Wander isn’t trying to get them together, and there will be some character insights that inform the 4 part arc, but there will also be some random one-offs that really have nothing to do with the arc at all.

Wander is still the silly and funny KIDS show that we started with season 1. It is not highly serialized, it is not extremely complex and serious as some of you wish it were. 

I’m posting this because I really want people to enjoy the show for what it IS and not get mad at it for what it ISN’T.

Second Chance
Halloween AU

Even though the weather was cold, everyone still seemed to find a good reason to be outside. Taehyung had pulled Yoongi and Jin to play in the bit of snow that had fallen the night before, Namjoon had been dragged along because he needed to “get some fresh air”, Hobi just found it funny to watch the vampire build a tiny snowman (even though he didn’t even do that when he was small).

And Jungkook? Well, he just didn’t want to be left alone in the house. In the last few years, he’d gotten better, in all sorts of ways: his body was way more human-like than ever before, his parts didn’t randomly drop off, even when someone pulled on them, and emotionally, he’d gotten to be in a good place.

It took him a while to accept everything that happened with Jimin. But after what seemed like ages, he did it. And it felt, well, great; as if a ten ton boulder was lifted off his shoulders. Sure, he’d still think back to the ghost every now and then (how could he not) but it wasn’t with sadness and regret anymore, it was with fondness.

“TaeTae? What’s wrong?”

Jungkook snapped back to reality and looked over at the werewolf, now sniffing the air curiously. Taehyung himself had grown tremendously over the years. He was as tall as Yoongi now, his tail grew up as well, became fluffy no less, he followed in his dad’s footsteps and got his ear pierced and, much to Yoongi’s dismay, also started following a bit of Jin’s fashion taste, now supporting chokers and bracelets and “Way too many accessories”. Of course, Yoongi wouldn’t tell him that, but nobody missed the glares the vampire would send to Jin whenever Taehyung received a new ring or something from the demon.

“There’s someone at the gate, but I don’t recognize the smell. Do we have a guest?”

Yoongi eyed the door to the mansion “No…” before getting off the ground and dusting off some of the snow “I’ll go see who it is. You guys keep playing”

Taehyung seemed pleased with that and went back to adding rocks as the tiny snowmen’s mouth.

The werewolf had grown physically, but he was still barely a teenager at heart, still playful and curious about the world.

It was a full ten minutes later when Yoongi emerged out of the house, looking confused, pale(er than usual) but also flustered, and another minute before he could form a coherent sentence “Umm, the door, person… it’s… It’s… Jungkook, I think you should… yeah, go see… who it is”

Taehyung was immediately by the vampire, kneeling by his feet and clinging to his pant, worried and asking if something was wrong.

Jungkook himself, however, was growing anxious with every step he took towards the door. The state Yoongi was in threw him off guard and he really didn’t know what to expect. Was it the guy who summoned him? Was it someone who knew him? Somehow, the more he thought about it the more he panicked, until he got to the entrance hall and felt his heart freeze.

Right there, in the middle of the room, looking out the window and fidgeting with his fingers, was undeniably, Jimin, on full flesh and bones and rosy cheeks and cute round glasses and a way too big sweater and beautiful brown hair. Jimin. Park Jimin. The same Park Jimin who had been a ghost. The same one who had passed away over 20 years ago.


The boy jumped, turning around to fully face him and Jungkook felt a shiver run down his spine. He looked the same.


Even his voice was the same.

“S-sorry for, uh, coming? I’m- I mean, I don’t really know if-if you believe in such things, but ever since I can remember, I’ve had dreams of this house and-and the people living inside of it and-and so I came here and…” The boy stopped, taking a deep breath and looking Jungkook right in the eyes. “Let me start over. My name is Park Jimin and I believe you are Jeon Jungkook and… do you believe in reincarnation?”

[Sakura ICHA ICHA ] [Naruto Au]

for some reason everytime i search “kakasaku” i found that post of you request for fanfic (?) and i just fall in love with your ideas … “Sakura continues the icha icha books” and me it was like .. “Why the cuack no?” 

The most funny part of Aus for me are the desing  .. 

i’m so sorry for tag you in every single post i do 



So I read somewhere that someone figured out with actual mass and mathematic calculations that Sans is about 17 pounds. (Provided that he’s roughly 5 feet tall.) So somehow that turned into this??? I was thinking about how easy it would actually be to carry him around. Like, no wonder everyone does it. Then I thought, boy it would be really funny if everyone did it for reasons. Weird thought process I know. Lol

So I figure Papyrus always carries him when he falls asleep because he’s certainly not going to walk on his own like that. Tori just thought it’d be cute to carry him. Mettaton wonders what the hype was about, and if it has any rating possibilities. (He found none lol) Undyne for some reason thought that he’d be perfect exercise equipment for Alphys. Asgore isn’t so pleased with the treatment Sans has been getting and goes to put him in a proper resting place. And Frisk… Frisk just defies all logic… As per usual. :D