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I've got a secret. A good one.

I’ve got a secret. A good one.

Veronica Mars is not a show that has a lot of power in the cultural landscape like, say, The Sopranos. I also don’t think it’s got as much weight as Buffy, another cult classic. 

But Veronica Mars’s first season is largely considered some of the strongest around. Season two and season three, while not as strong, still have a lot going for them. I think it deserved at least five seasons, and I doubt I’m alone. Why it failed while Supernatural, fellow WB-turned-CW show after it’s sophomore season, succeed while Veronica Mars didn’t is an interesting discussion, but not what I’m interested in talking about right now.

I want to talk about Lilly and Veronica’s relationship. @candyumbrella has dozens upon dozens of posts asserting that the only character that matters in a TV show is the central male character. Everyone else just a prop. The only fully realized person is that male character and the only relationship that matters is his one true love. She insists that, with few exceptions, these are the only TV shows that have cultural impact and staying power. I could just point out the existence of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic or Xena: Warrior Princess or Dragonball Z - and I have - and move on. 

But I’ve decided that’s just not enough. Women do have great stories on TV and I don’t want to see them being re-branded as stories about men. So I’m going to attempt to take apart her argument by pointing to a story where a female protagonist and her female best friend mattered. In fact, I’d say Veronica’s relationship with Lilly is the most important one, when it comes to understand who Veronica is as a person.

There’s this moment, in the 2x01, where Veronica thinks she sees Lilly. She runs after her, but she was just a ghost. This moment not only signifies to the audience that Lilly still matters to Veronica, even after Veronica figures out who killed her, it’s also the reason she missed the bus. The bus that crashed and everyone ended up dying in.

In a very real way, Lilly, and Veronica’s love for her saved her life. It was just a passing moment. Thinking you see a dead loved one is normal. It itself, there’s not much to comment on it beyond talking about the nature of grief and love (which, yeah, can be a really important part of fiction). But it served another function: it saved Veronica’s life.

Fiction is artificial. Veronica was never going to die in that moment because she’s the lead. Veronica Mars is about Veronica Mars. But there was no reason that seeing Lilly had to be the reason Veronica missed that bus. Maybe she got held up in line. Maybe she just didn’t want to speak to Meg after Meg blew her off so she called a cab. Maybe her shoe got untied. Maybe a million other things. But, no. Veronica sees Lilly and everything else stops for a minute.

Stopping Veronica was one function of that moment. The other was to remind the audience that Veronica misses Lilly.

Veronica’s life, in the Veronica Mars tv show, can be divided fairly neatly into two categories: before Lilly died and the aftermath of her murder. Veronica was very different when Lilly was alive: well liked by her peers, a little more reserved, more willing to turn away from ugly truths, less driven, maybe even a bit shy here and there. Happy.

Then Lilly was murdered.

Lilly’s murder was covered up. An innocent man took the fall. Keith was pushed out of office before he was able to figure out what really happened and had to become a PI to survive. Lianne was blackmailed into leaving Neptune and ended up breaking her sobriety. Veronica lost all her friends. She was raped. Then law enforcement laughed it off when she reported it.

Before Lilly was murdered, Duncan broke up with her for seemingly no reason. Veronica’s heart was broken. But that didn’t break Veronica.

What broke Veronica was Lilly’s murderer getting away with it.

I’m not going to say it was intended. Amanda Seyfried - a woman, by the way - was cast as Lilly Kane and it was like lightening in a bottle. Amanda took what could have been a character who was mostly a plot device and breathed life into her. Lilly was bright and self assured and filled with joy. Her personal life was far from perfect and she made some shitty choices along the way. The cracks in her psyche made it easy for a serial predator to take advantage of. But I don’t think anyone could ever seriously argue that Lilly Kane didn’t live.

Lilly deserved to live. Her life was cut short by a misogynistic asshole who beat his kid. But deserving to live doesn’t automatically mean you’ll get to.

Lilly’s greatest strength as a person was that she lived in the now. She didn’t let her past define her. She wasn’t overly invested in the future. Life was an adventure and the world was at her feet. Making too many plans mean limiting herself, the only thing she really didn’t want. Her life had meaning because she gave it meaning.

It’s a lesson she imparted on Veronica. She knew that, underneath the long hair and careful personality, was a risk taker who was a force to be reckoned with. She knew Veronica was seduced by the darker and more interesting parts of life. She knew that because Veronica was endlessly fascinated, and not all that judgmental, about Lilly’s personal life.

Veronica was forced by circumstances, more than anything else, to embrace the cynical, cruel, and ruthless parts of herself. After Lilly died, she broke, and she remade herself into someone no one could hurt again. She would eventually open herself up to become vulnerable again - in her platonic friendship with Wallace, not in a romance with Duncan or Logan.

But that’s not all she took from Lilly’s death. When she goes skinny dipping in the ocean, it’s because it’s something that Lilly urged her to do. Skinny dipping wasn’t the point - living without holding back was. It’s easier said than done. But it’s something Veronica attempts to do. And it wasn’t a lesson from her parents or lovers, it was a lesson from her best friend.

If Lilly had lived, Veronica would have been a very different person. She might still have ended up in law enforcement or creation. But I don’t think the singular drive to find the truth, no matter how ugly, would have define her to such a degree. I’m not saying she’s better off, or even that she’s worse off, as she is now. All I’m saying is that Veronica, the woman who chooses to get her hands dirty and demand answers, would not exist. She exists because Lilly Kane loved her and she loved Lilly Kane.

How to be Hated by An RP Community: A Guide for Assholes by an Asshole

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Hi, I love your blog! I've been looking for some Anidala fanfics, do you know any good? Also, do you know any AU fics with this couple? I found some, but they were mainly about the love triangle (obiwan and the two). I don't know where to look... Have a nice day! :)

hey, sorry this took me so long fam…i’ve had the same problem in the past MANY times, but i have a TON of saved stories from all of my extensive digs for good fics so fear not!!!

i’ll link all of my favorite stories here (one shots and multichapter), and either reblog and add more when i find them or i’ll create a separate masterpost in the near future

if anyone wants to add some feel free :)

if it’s rated M i’ll make sure to note it but yeah here we go

Where Catalysts Stand Down by SphinxScribe - Palpatine issues Order 66, and Anakin and Padmé flee Coruscant. ROTS AU.

Turn to Me by finnickisalive - Sensing the Dark Side of the Force infiltrating in Anakin, Padmé is able to intercept him before he attacks the Jedi Temple with the 501st Legion. But what happens after she is able to make him see light - will Darth Vader continue to rise or will Anakin remain? Rated M for later chapters.

Silent Angel, Prodigal Son by LadySkywalkerKirkland - At this point, Padme Amidala didn’t expect to fall in love, not after everything she’d believed in had been all but destroyed. Certainly she would have laughed at the idea of falling in love with a presumed-dead Jedi castaway. And the castaway in question never expected to be given a second chance - at life, at destiny, and at the love he thought had long forgotten him…

The Enemy Among Us by Evergreen98 - Unknown to the Rebel Alliance, an enemy has slipped into their ranks. He hides in plain sight, unkown to even himself. He is their greatest threat, but he could also be their salvation. All he has to do is pick a side. Anakin Skywalker, or Darth Vader?

Grocery Market AU by jedikhaleesi - The Fetts own a grocery market. Chapter 5: Obi-Wan and Anakin make pie.

Love and Lies by Evergreen98 - Padmé lives in a world of painful memories, in a galaxy shadowed by the dark Empire. Darth Vader has been given a new mission by his master…and this assignment starts with her. Will Padmé see through his facade, or will Vader succeed in his mission? How far will their lies go? (suitless Vader)

Rediscovery by jedimasterroyal - Palo’s back and to Anakin that might seem like a wrench into his marriage, but it turns out to be something completely unexpected. I mean, let’s be honest, the only real threat ever has been Rush Clovis…and now thinking about it Palpatine. This summary has told you very little of what the story really is about. Read it though, it’s a comedy. I’m back.

Gust of Wind by jedimasterroyal - Anakin and Padme spend a week in Naboo for the festivities. Of two things Anakin was certain when he came back from the festival. 1. He was lucky to love and be loved by Padme. 2. Naboo threw one hell of a party.

The Game by jedimasterroyal - Anakin and Padme have this game that they play every time they are reunited.

A Sky Full of Stars (Stardust) - Padme has a bad experience with stars but her husband makes her see a different point of view.

Afraid - Takes place during the Clovis Arc. Anakin royally screws up, but so does Padme. A take on what was not shown nor expanded upon between Anakin and Padme during three episodes.

She Doesn’t See - Anakin tries his hardest not to care when Padme Amidala doesn’t notice him. But she’s the center of his universe and it’s the only way he knows he can make a connection with her.

A Thin Dark Line by Shawn30 (Rated M) - Passion, darkness, and an enduring love mark Anakin and Padme’s marriage throughout the Clone Wars.

Amnesia by jedimasterroyal - What happens when Anakin becomes amnesiac after an emergency surgery and Padme has to feed him? Awesomeness, I assure you. Based off the actual events of Jason Mortensen. 

Double or Nothing by ayunlu - In which Anakin Skywalker finally tells the Jedi Council about his secret marriage to Padme Amidala. Their reaction is unexpected, to say the least.

Breaking Boundaries by SphinxScribe - After the Battle of Endor, when his sister Leia is kidnapped for reasons unknown, Luke must enlist the help of his self-exiled father to help him find her. Post-ROTJ AU.

A Second Chance by SphinxScribe - After the Battle of Endor, Luke, Leia, and Han go back in time to the days of the Old Republic, where they join Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi on a diplomatic mission to Naboo. Time-travel AU.

Children of the Revolution by Rosecrystals - Anakin’s disappointment with the Jedi Council’s treatment of him leads him to make a series of decisions that will affect everyone around him, namely his relationships with his Master Obi-Wan and lover, Padme. (AOTC AU)

1000 Words by EternalRandomChick - A sort-of songfic set to 1000 Words (don’t hate, that song’s good!). I guess it begins before Mustafar, but it ends shortly after the Endor celebration. Padme is slightly Force-sensitive in this version. Contains Anidala, and some family moments for Padme, Anakin, and Luke.

The ‘F’ Word by Shy Snootles - After his conversation with Obi-Wan’s spirit on Dagobah in ROTJ, Luke is thrown back in time right in the middle of ROTS, days before his father’s turn. Stuck in Padme’s apartment, he struggles to figure out the reason that brought him there.

Whisper by Shawn30 (Rated M) - Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but can also whither your soul and breed doubt in your heart. 

Shadows of Winter by Shawn30 (Rated M) - With six days to spend together celebrating their two year anniversary, Anakin and Padme travel separately to a remote planet in the Hoth system. Romance, passion, and danger await them.

Admit the Truth by Disco Shop Girl - Anakin and Obi–Wan have a heart–to–heart about his relationship with Padmé.

The Ties That Bind by Shawn30 (Rated M)- Given a brief period of time off during the Clone Wars, Padmé and Anakin visit her family at the Lake Country estate on Naboo. A family that still doesn’t know they are married, although they are about to find out.

My Last Breath by Above the Winter Moonlight - I loved him, he was there with me, I know he was and I knew there was still good in him. He was there, standing at my side, a silent apparition, as I drew my last breath… Anidala hurt/comfort oneshot

getting home to you by irnan - Anakin always said it was Padme’s fault, but he was the one who spotted that broom closet.

Sins of the Father by indie (two chapters have an M version and a T version) - Alternate Universe where Obi-Wan did not win the battle on Mustafar, Vader was not disfigured and Padmé did not die.

Vanilla Latte by acrossthestarss - Coffee Shop/College AU where Anakin and Padmé are terrible flirts and everyone is in the mood for caf. [my story]

It’s Alright to be Afraid by ThornlessRose96 - Palpatine wasn’t the only thing frightening Padme, despite what she tells Anakin time and time again, she does fear dying in childbirth.

Horizon by Lady Aeryn - In bed, Anakin and Padmé discuss the possibility of children.

Perfect Imperfections by Daenarrah - Despite the marks the war has left on him, Anakin will continue to be her husband. And Padmé wouldn’t love him any other way.

The Boy Next Door by HermioneLunaPotter - When Padme Naberrie returns to her home after 10 years, the last thing she expects to find is her childhood friend, Anakin Skywalker; the boy next door. But 10 years is a long time, and he has changed more than she is prepared for. How will she react when little Ani is now a grown man, impulsive, handsome and completely infatuated with her? Modern AU.

The Girl From Harvard by HermioneLunaPotter - Absence makes the heart grow fonder. It also makes it grow more paranoid. Padme is in her last year of Harvard. Anakin has just started at the University of Chicago. Though they won’t admit it, their long-distance relationship is taking it’s heavy toll. Will their love prevail or will the distance prove too much for both of them? Sequel to The Boy Next Door.

infinite by HermioneLunaPotter - My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep; the more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite. (This is basically my take on the missing moments at the end of AotC.)

wow ok this was long but yeah i’ll make a masterpost of ALL my fics soon but until then enjoy anon and everyone else, may the ship be with you (??)

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So, I'm an Annon lurker. I don't have a fanfic account and I don't tumble, but I've been on a SasuSaku kick for a while and I always enjoy your posts. If I need some happy feels I re-read some of your fics. Anyway, I woke up with a head cannon today and wrote it for you. Feel free to share it to spread the love. I don't think I've ever come across a fic about them bridging the gap between fluffsmut and gonna rock your world smut. Awe crap, how can I send this?

Quick glances, shy touches, and flushed cheeks were the hallmark clichés of a newlywed couple. As their relationship had grown and expanded to include physical intimacies it had surprised Sasuke how easily it had been for him to fall into the habit of small affectionate gestures. It was as if marriage had lifted the weight of uncertainty from his shoulders. 

Suddenly, he could hold her hand anywhere, give up as many chuckles as she could pull from him, get lost in her gaze for as long as he liked whether they stood in the midst of a milling marketplace or alone amongst the trees. She had chosen him and pledged to the world that she intended to be beside him forever and for a reason he couldn’t articulate it was different from the countless similar vows she’d made to him and to herself. He suspected that this change was wholly in his mind but marriage had given him a new identity, a fresh purpose. He was no longer the lone survivor, a Konoha shinobi, a traitor, a neo-Sannin, or a wanderer; he was a husband. 

He had wracked his memory for examples of husbands and was brought time and again to what little he’d observed of his parents’ relationship. He had become the head of his clan, like his father had been, but a clan of just two. So, with no headsman duties, no police department to oversee, and no village elders to oppose what he was left with was the sole duty to ensure his wife was safe, well, and happy.

Yet, Sasuke was beginning to find that his insecurities about their relationship, instead of vanishing, had seemed to shift from what he should do to whether what he did was good enough. Sakura, as always, was patient and grateful for any and all of his attentions and as happy as that made him sometimes Sasuke worried that Sakura’s selflessness limited her own satisfaction.

He wanted her to know that she could be upset with him and correct him. That not everything had to be perfect just for him, but for her as well. That as much as he loved timid, blushing Sakura he also loved drunk, dirty-minded Sakura and bold warrior Sakura.

But of course, Sasuke could find no way to arrange these half-feelings into something he could hope to successfully articulate. Sasuke was no fool, he knew he had no great gift with words especially when the topics surrounded his feelings or the woman who was now his wife. Sasuke had always been a man of action and thankfully it had always been a cornerstone of their relationship through the years that Sakura understood that about him and was one of the people best at understanding what his

Very cute so far! After waiting a few days though, I still haven’t gotten the rest, so idk if maybe tumblr ate your messages

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I've been on Tumblr for quite a while now, and it was so boring until I found your account! You're definitely a great writer. Thanks for the stories and keep up the good work 💜 you have all my support

Dee take all the time you need! we all want you to be happy and well and healthy! Take care my love! Shy anon 💓 

I haven’t been on tumblr in a few weeks and I’m so sad to come back and see someone’s been bothering you about your stories🙁 I want you to know you are MY ONE AND ONLY fav writer. I have others I like but your my favorite. You have a capability to bring your characters to life. I love and respect that. Your so kind to your anons as well. You take time to update you stories in a timely manner. You honestly deserve the universe and more and Id gladly give them if I could. Luv you! Please be happy

Remember it’s okay to feel sad sometimes. Some days we are strong enough to fight sometimes we’re not. And I’m gonna quote Miley Cyrus rn. (Yeah don’t judge) Remember only god can judge us, forget the haters cause somebody loves you. Take care Dee! We love you! 

Dee, I guess it’s about time you take yourself out on a date. I’d do it but I live too far. You owe nothing to anyone here. And those rude comments are not gonna do anything to you. Girl, you’re amazing. :3 Eat something nice, watch a few movies, write something that makes you happy, do stuff that make you happy because you deserve each and every ounce of happiness this world has to offer! Take your time but snap out of it.

I just came across your blog and I really love your stories and writing. Sin city is amazing 🖤

You and your writing are awesome, don’t eeever forget that🙈💕💕💕💕

You are a blessing to this world I hope you know. 

you’re popular on here because you’re talented and incredibly nice. it’s not bad to have a lot of followers for good reasons like that.

I love and support you!

I love you!!!

oh no, that last anon couldn’t be any more WRONG, people support you because your work and you are both amazing

Hey x I’m a quiet followers of yours but since all that bullshit happened to u ~ I thought I might pinch in a love u and that I think your great !!! U really r amazing !!! 😊

Aaww sending love to you Dee <3 Love is all you deserve and people are just jealous. You have every right to be angry, but a reminder that we all love you and your wiriting and haters are just haters!

HEY NOW! People don’t just support you bc you’re popular! We love you because you’re you, an amazing, kind,caring, brilliant writer! Don’t let jealous anons get you down! I’ve been following you and reading your work and it is amazing! Like you’re so talented! Ignore the drama, those anons are jealous ! We love you ! -smol anon 💓💓

Omg, Dee, I'n so so sorry that you have to deal with those irrational posts :( just know that 99% of your followers love you and support from the bottom of their heart! Please ignore the haters, we ♡ you so much!

Aww dee I’m so sad to hear how toxic tumblr has become for you, it honestly makes me so upset that people would even say such nasty things on here and plagiarize your work:(( everyone that reads your stories can literally tell how much work you put into everything you write! I really hope everything gets better because you deserve all the love and happiness in world. And for the record I have read all your fics and never once thought it was similar to another fic yours are so original!! *hugs*

Hey Dee I just wanna say that I really feel for you. People are just jealous of how popular you have become and how your writing is just A+++, so they try to find ways to ruin your day and bring you down. Your stories have a completely different pace and style than the ones people have mentioned and you should really just delete people who send in rude asks. You are a wonderful, talented and witty writer who makes our days brighter! We love you and support you in everything you write :) <3

how are you today? are you feeling good? i hope you are🙇🏻‍♀️ you deserve it✨

I support you, we support you. I am so sorry to read about what’s going on and it’s sad to see you so upset. I am kinda scared to lose you because of negative people but I do understand if you’re having enough of this. Please take care of yourself, your happiness and your health is more important. Whatever you choose to do, I love you very much!

I LOVE YOU DEE!!! You write the characters so damn well. Love your stories and I look forward to reading your future ones ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

I have no words, honestly. I don’t even know how to express what I’m feeling now. Thank you all for your support with everything, you guys are seriously the nicest people on this site and you always make me feel safe and welcome. I love you all and thank you for being here! <3