for some reason i was wearing makeup that day

Beauty and the Beast 2017 is a remake done RIGHT

ive felt the overwhelming need to rave about beauty and the beast since i saw it a few days ago. **SPOILERS**

lets begin from the start

  • it would’ve been hard to go wrong with cast members like Emma Watson, Josh Gad, etc. i had extremely high hopes and was not disappointed
  • Dan Stevens (beast) deserves some appluase for being able to wear that amazingly ridiculous makeup in the opening scene (i fucking loved it)
  • the question of how the hell this village that is within a days ride of the enchanted castle is completely oblivious to its existence is explained
  • they give Gaston a reason to be so creepily obsessed with Belle. i mean that doesn’t justify his behavior at all, but still. he’s just come back from a war and is clearly still exhibiting behavior (violence, dominance, desire) that are products of being at war.  
  • LEFOU !!!!!, i knew i would love Josh Gad in this role. “but she’s so well-read and you’re so….athletically inclined” 
  • they didn’t alter the core story/plotpoints from the original but instead, added some amazing content that really fills many of the holes from the original and more. 
  • Emma Watson’s portrayal of Belle is just phenomenal, she keeps the essence of the character while fleshing out some things that Belle sort of had (defiance, courage, wit) that were only hinted at in the original. 
  • We get a pretty plausible reason for the absence of Belle’s mother, and it explains why Maurice is a little bit odd. 
  • BEAST HAS A REASON FOR IMPRISONING MAURICE. its a stupid one. but at least its something. it always bothered me in the original that Beast locked Maurice up for no apparent reason other than the fact Maurice trespassed (to escape horrible weather mind you) and sat in his favorite chair???? at least here its because Maurice steals a rose (i said it wasn’t a very good reason). i also believe this concept is from the ORIGINAL story written by the french novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve (don’t quote me on that though)
  • Ewan McGregor and Ian McKellan don’t need explanation for being amazing. (someone better invent immortality before Sir Ian McKellan meets his fate)
  • Belle is badass, she TRICKS her father so that she can take his place because she fucking loves him so goddamn much
  • Belle also has an accurate reaction to objects being able to move and talk. throwing a stool at them.
  • the question of HOW the fUCK Belle got Beast up onto Philippe after the wolf attack on her own is finally solved (thank god that even bothered me as a child)
  • we are told why the servants care for Beast so much even though he’s kinda dickwad AND we are told why he’s such a dickwad, not just cause he that’s who he is but because his father fucked him up
  • Belle knows about the spell. not how to break it, but she knows that it exists and she knows that a human is behind all the anthropormorphic objects and Beast which makes it A LOT less weird that she falls in love with Beast. In the original, she knows the castle is enchanted but she has no idea about the spell so it’s kinda weird she falls in love with (what she thinks) is just a freak of nature. 
  • for some reason, it feels as if Belle in Beast know each other for a lot longer in the remake than the original which is nice. 
  • i will now take the time to rave about the music. it’s beautiful. the original songs are gorgeous and everything they added to them (altered words and such) make them better. i havent stopped listening to the soundtrack
  • all newly composed songs are so good and fantastic additions
  • EVERMORE (song sung by Beast when Belle is freed from him) HAD ME SOBBING, HIS VOICE PENETRATED MY SOUL
  • Maurice and Belle are badass as fuck, i swear, partners in crime getting themselves out of the carriage so that Belle can go warn Beast. i died when Maurice just casually handed the asylum guy the picked lock. 
  • of course i have to note i was all for the gay lefou storyline

i feel as though i have probably missed some things but that about sums up my thoughts. I could go on about the technical side of it and commend the amazing CGI but that’s a whole other story that would just make this post longer than it already is. 

i was so hesitant about remakes when Disney started doing them, but if the rest of them can be to this caliber - sign me up. 

Choosing Betty, Part 2 (Jughead x Reader)

Part 1

Imagine: After your boyfriend, James, ditches your poetry reading, you are heartbroken. Not more heartbroken than when Jughead Jones chose Betty Cooper over you, though. You prepare for your performance and notice a familiar face in the crowd.

You texted James a halfhearted excuse about not feeling well before driving home. After a lot of frustrated screaming into your pillow, and glaring at a picture of you and Jughead you kept on your desk, you began to prepare for your poetry reading that night. You shimmied out of your too-tight cheer uniform, glad to be free of the itchy polyester. You wiped off your gaudy makeup and undid your uncomfortable hairdo.

You re-did your makeup to how you normally preferred to wear it, and got dressed in some of your normal clothing. When filing through your closet, you found an old flannel Jughead had lent you one day when a teacher had gotten on your ass about the dress code. For some reason, you took it off the hanger and put it on over your ensemble. Just because I hate him doesn’t mean I can’t exploit his decent fashion sense, you reasoned. Plus, it smelled like him and it made you feel angry which was a good emotion to feel when reading poetry.

Finally, you rifled through your notebook to do a quick run-through of your poem. You’d originally opted to read a poem about new love and romance, expecting James to be in the audience. With the safety of knowing you’d be reading to completely unfamiliar ears, you decided to go with something a bit more provocative.

“To the boy who doesn’t love me back,” you read in a sarcastic voice to the crowd of young adults sipping cocktails in the audience. “I hope your girlfriend doesn’t mind that I’m wearing your shirt right now,” you ad-libbed, waggling your eyebrows suggestively. Some people in the audience gasped and laughed.

You began to perform a poem you had sloppily composed the night Jughead had admitted his feelings for Betty to you. It started off very angry. Full of crude analogies about all the ways you’d like to see him suffer. The creativity of the prose made audience members chuckle and cheer for you.

Then, it got emotional. You reflected on the inner pain you felt, relating it to metaphors demonstrating loneliness and rejection in a way only a metaphor could. You could have heard a pin drop in the silence of the bar.

Finally, it ended how you felt right now–confusion. You still cared about Jughead and wanted him to be happy, but some part of you wanted him to be heartbroken and run back to you, and another part of you didn’t want anything to do with him at all. You left the poem on a question. The audience snapped enthusiastically at your cleverness. You smiled and bowed. Maybe today was a good day, after all.

The house lights went up to help guide the next performer–a cellist toting a heavy instrument case–to the stage.

That was when you saw the faces among the crowd; all cool, hipster-like twenty-somethings, smiling at you in admiration for your performance.

And in the back of the room, leaning against the doorway, a dark-haired teenage boy with a crown-shaped beanie.

Your stomach dropped.

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anonymous asked:

How do you HC courts ethnicity/race/features wise?

Night court - mixed. They’re very diverse. White, tanned, darker brown, all skin tones you can find. And with different facial features also. Women dressed in crop tops and long skirts. But I HC Illyrians as Middle eastern or Latino or Polynesian. I haven’t decided yet. But definitely tanned. And they dress in leathers

Day court - dark skin. African tribal style clothing and makeup/body paint (idk how it’s called but you know what I mean)

Dawn court - Indian or Egyptian skin tone, features, clothing and makeup

Spring court - white with all hair and eye colours

Autumn court - white with also different hair colours but mostly ginger

Summer court - dark skin. And I HC that they wear light colours. White, light blue pink and yellow. And I HC them as super sophisticated for some reason idk how to explain

Winter court - East Asian features, super pale, all dressed in white and grey

Harry-- Pillow Stains

“I’m so tired,” I whined as Harry pushed open the front door.  His suit was disheveled, partially unbuttoned and wrinkled from a full night of award show festivities.  My heels were in one of my hands as I held the hem from my far too expensive dress up off the ground.  Not for the first time that night I wished I was edgy enough to have just shown up barefoot, period.  “Whoever invented traffic can go straight to Hell.  Right along with whoever decided women should wear heels.”

Harry chuckled as he made his way towards the kitchen.  He was long accustomed to my grumpiness following award events.  I didn’t like using my show face for that long, especially when I was wearing uncomfortable clothes.  It was exhausting having to match Harry’s level of fashion forwardness.  “Would you like some tea?” he questioned over his shoulder.

I wrinkled my nose as I suppressed a yawn.  “That’ll only wake me up and it’s already stupid early in the morning.  I’ve got to get up to go get the girl-child from your mom by ten tomorrow.  It won’t do for me to kill us both in a crash caused by my semi-comatose state.”

“I think there’s still some coffee cake in here,” he said nonchalantly as he ignored my prattling.

I froze, watching him warily before sighing.  “You’re a bad influence.  My mother was right about you and your bad boy rockstar ways.”

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Old Flame, New Problems (Part 9)

Prompt: You’re in a serious relationship with Sebastian Stan, when news from your first love informs you that he’s now single and in need of a friend. Will your old flame burn out or will the flames get fanned and consume you?

Word Count: 3531

Warning: language, angst, fighting (verbal), cheating, drama

Notes: This idea came to me when news hit about Hayden and Rachel splitting. Of course I’m sad that a long time relationship such as theirs is ending, but it also means he’s single sooo…Also, no hate towards Rachel. I don’t know her, don’t know what really happened between them, etc. It’s a fic and in no way reflects what I think of either of them or their precious daughter ^.^

Beta’d by my #1 gal @like-a-bag-of-potatoes

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Old Flame Tag: @blackwidow-romanoff @seargantbcky


“We should hand out candy!” you excitedly said as you went around the apartment tidying up while Sebastian read a script.

“Candy? To kids in Manhattan?” Seb questioned.

“Yeah! Why not? It would be fun! Please!”’

“Anything you wanna do, babe,” he promised with a grin before grabbing your wrist as you were rushing by cleaning. He pulled you close to him on the stool, standing you between his legs. He leaned up and put a soft, sweet kiss on your lips. “I’m happy just being with you,” he said.

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Yesterday i overheard people criticising the woman who won the arbitration comp because she didn’t wear makeup. One guy was saying how it was “so disrespectful” that she didn’t make more of an effort with her appearance “considering she was appearing before actual Supreme Court judges”. Another woman was like “I spent like 2 hours every single morning perfecting my eyeliner and matching my lipstick and picking my outfit and this chick does even bother with eyeliner or lipstick, I don’t even think she was wearing foundation!” (I didn’t point out that maybe the reason she won was bc she spent those 2 hours every day practicing rather than applying makeup…) but what really got me was some of them thought she didn’t deserve to win, partly because she hadn’t worn makeup up and “had a boring outfit”. But “”“"makeup shaming”“”“ is totally real and women don’t ever get judged at all if they choose not to wear it :)))))))

anonymous asked:

In response to the mask thing; I asked my friend who lived in Korea and went to high school there the same thing and she said "It's a huge thing in east asia. They were masks for just about anything. To hide blemishes and if they aren't feeling well in anyway are the most common. Even if it's just a sore throat, they'll wear a mask. But I knew some girls who wore masks simply for fashion, they didnt want their faces to take from what they were wearing." As taken from her text back. :)

don’t know if this would be true for the members but a lot of people in east asian countries wear masks because the air is pretty polluted! lots of people also wear masks because they’re sick and don’t want to spread germs (this is pretty uncommon in western countries I think)

idols wear masks for many reasons! it’s because they’re either not wearing any makeup and want to cover up some blemishes or w/e, or it’s if they’re afraid of getting sick/are not feeling well.. they also wear it just because it’s considered fashionable

@anon! thanks guys!! 

Can you post the JK baby pic in your profile, please? 💕

ALL THE WAY ACROSS TOWN: Contributor’s Roundtable

The very first decision I made about this week (before, in fact, Hendrik had even given me the go ahead) was that if I was going to do it, I wasn’t going to do it alone. Part of that was self-preservation: Green Day are a massive band, with a three-decade-long career and insurmountable amounts of energy. It’s a lot for one person to tackle. Even between the five of us, we’ve barely managed to scratch the surface.

But more than that, there was this nagging feeling that’s only grown more powerful over the course of this week, that it would really just be a shame if only one person wrote about Green Day. They belong to everyone. They’re there for the people who need them, when they need them, for whatever they need them for. Yes, they mean the world to me. The thing is, they probably mean the world to you, too.

So I put out the call on Twitter and my blog (restricting it somewhat to my circle of acquaintances by doing so, unfortunately, but this did make me more comfortable with asking in the full knowledge that I wouldn’t be able to pay any contributors for their work), and I got lucky: most of the people I was secretly hoping would offer to write about Green Day did just that. And, oh man, did they write. I can’t express how proud I am to have been able to give those pieces a platform, and to have myself and my writing associated with them and their writers. I was so impressed with the generosity and honesty of everyone’s writing that I wanted to hear more, and so I suggested the idea of a roundtable, where we could all come together to talk about our mutual topic: Green Day. This is the result.

All of us, this week, have touched on notions of belonging and acceptance in our pieces. There’s been an undertone, throughout, of the notion of Green Day as a safe space of some sort - whether it be for kids to start to figure themselves or the whole punk rock business out, or in the crowd at gigs, or as not-male or not-straight music fans. Do any of you have any more (or more specific) thoughts about this? Is this a feature of Green Day’s music, or the band themselves, or something else entirely? (Despite my piece on punk, I know it’s not as simple as that, as I’ve been in more than one punk space and met more than a few punks who made me feel unsafe - there’s a difference between ideal and reality, always.) What is it that makes a band feel “safe”?

KJ:  I think I thought of Green Day as a supportive space for all sorts of people who were different, and therefore avoided owning up to liking them because I didn’t want to be thought of as different? Thankfully, I’ve gotten over that.

Jessie:  For me, it’s a combination of factors. Some of it has to do with the punk thing. Green Day weren’t the first punk band I heard–that honor goes to another East Bay band, Operation Ivy–but sometimes I call Green Day my first punk band because it was around the time I first heard them that I started thinking of punk as an identity. I have definitely felt unsafe in punk spaces/around certain punks, and I guess Green Day sort of represented some utopian ideal of punk as this super welcoming club for nerds, freaks, and outcasts. I’m not sure why that is–maybe because of the scene they came out of, or maybe, because I said in my piece on “She,” it felt like they understood what it was like to be freaks and outcasts. Which leads into the second reason they felt safe to me, and that was entirely about their music. I was being bullied pretty much constantly during the time when I first heard them, and it just felt like they understood that. Like they’d been there. I mean, Dookie had a song (“Having A Blast”) about getting revenge on the people who bullied you. (More on that song later.) The third reason they felt safe to me is a very personal one, and it may sound weird, but–they felt safe to me because I didn’t have a crush on any of the band members. From the age of 12 to around 17 (or maybe even older, but that would lead into some topics that are beyond the scope of this roundtable), I usually ended up getting a crush on at least one member of every band I liked. I mean sexual fantasy-type crushes. And I was sort of terrified of my burgeoning sexuality (for many reasons). But with Green Day, I thought of them more like cool older brothers than people I wanted to get with, and that made them feel safer to me than a lot of other bands.

Jacqui: Jessie, I’ve never even thought about it the way you put at the end there, but now that you have I completely agree. I’ve also never had a crush on any of them, and it does make a difference. There’s something a lot safer about wanting to swap guacamole recipes with Mike, for instance, than ever having been properly attracted to him would have been. 

Alice:  It was much the same for me, though I think Green Day was my first punk band (or, possibly, The Offspring). But Green Day also was sort of a gateway drug, in terms of pop punk, and I think that in so many ways the pop punk scene of the early-to-mid-2000s was my safe space. It’s like we’ve said, that punk in reality isn’t always the safe space it is supposed to be - and of course, it is different for everyone and we are ignorant, of certain things, when we’re young. But when I was growing up, in Alabama, there weren’t many spaces for me. The pop-punk boom/resurgence of the 2000s was a saving grace, I think. Those bands - Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, etc. - and the people I met through them, mostly online, became a huge part of the ways in which I reckoned with myself and my identity. Between “Well, maybe I’m the faggot America / I’m not a part of the redneck agenda” and Bert McCracken (of The Used) wearing a shirt that said “Gay is OK”, I felt included and comforted by these group of weird punk misfit dudes.

This is perhaps a corollary to the above: as far as I know, everyone who’s written for this week is, in some way or another, not-straight. One of my favourite things ever written about Green Day, Cristy Road’s coming out memoir Spit and Passion, is also, obviously, written by a not-straight woman. I know that when I think of Green Day, I think of a band that is Not A Straight Band, in smaller ways and larger ones (I’m thinking of Billie Joe, of course, and of certain lyrics, and safe spaces, again, and of the secret-community like collection of “Coming Clean” tattoos I’ve seen over the years). What do you think?

Jessie:  I don’t know why so many not-straight people are into Green Day, but it certainly does seem to be true. I didn’t know that Billie Joe identified as bi until way after I got into the band, but when I found out I was like “Hell yeah! Yet another reason to love them!” Dookie came out the year I realized I was bi (though it would be another four years or so before I actual felt wholly comfortable with that label), and though there were no explicitly queer songs on it, it goes back to what I mentioned above–so many Green Day songs seem to speak to that sense of being an outcast, being lonely, being bullied, and one of the things that made me an outcast and that I was bullied about was my sexual orientation and gender expression. Another theory as to why so many not-straight folks love Green Day: they are not an uber-macho band. Billie Joe has often been seen wearing makeup, nail polish, even dresses; I’ve seen Tre in eyeliner, too, and he’s just sort of goofy-looking (I mean that as a compliment!). Mike is probably the most ‘masculine’-looking of the band members, but even he is not some meathead. There are just so many rock and punk bands that are so so into the whole machismo, look-at-me-I’m-a-man thing, and Green Day are not one of them and it’s great.

Cat: So, haha, funny story, Billie Joe is sort of the reason I admitted to myself that I liked girls. I mean, God knows every single person in my life knew I wasn’t straight, I was bullied for it relentlessly from the ages of eight to eighteen, but I was really terrified of this idea of “not being normal”. Small town, small school, white picket fences and 2.5 kids - I had this really clear idea that there was a Right way to live your life, which was “how everyone else was living it”, and that there was a Wrong way. And then I read that Advocate interview - which I was so happy to find again in your post about Coming Clean, Alice! - and Billie Joe says there, I think everybody is born bisexual, I think everybody fantasizes about the same sex. Which I disagree with as a point of view these days - but at the time, it was exactly what I needed to hear, to understand that my thoughts and feelings about girls weren’t just a random fluke that I needed to suppress. And then later I was able to move into a more mature standpoint, i.e., “oh, it doesn’t actually matter if this is normal or not, it’s okay anyway”, and also, “oh, I’m actually way more into girls than guys.” But I really, really needed that Advocate interview to get me to that place.

Alice: Thanks, Cat! Yeah, as I mentioned in my piece, I didn’t read The Advocate interview until much, much later. But I read it - when I was seventeen - exactly when I needed to read it. I don’t think that I ever connected Green Day, and the ways in which their music always meant so much to me,  to my being gay until that moment. It was a moment of satisfaction, reassurance, almost. Like oh this is maybe why they always felt like home to me.

KJ:  I have a very vivid memory of frantically late-night Wikipedia-ing a “list of bisexual celebrities” and feeling utterly relieved when I saw Billie Joe’s name. Like, if this guy who I looked up to could be bi, so maybe could I? Not for the first or fifteenth time, I thought about starting a band.

[ continued under the cut ]

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  • sun woo: you're kidding me right?
  • ji dwi: we're in a time loop that replays the same day a hundred times so far, and for some reason i'm the only one who remembers. so, yeah, i know what will happen.
  • sun woo: ha... like you know everything is going to happen.
  • ji dwi: everything.
  • sun woo and ji dwi: yeah right... nice guess...
  • ji dwi: it wasn't a guess.
  • >sun woo and ji dwi: right, you're a mind reader. cut it out, ji dwi... JI DWI...
  • sun woo:
  • ji dwi:
  • sun woo and ji dwi: you think you're being funny but you're being really, really childish.
  • sun woo and ji dwi: ... kim ji dwi wears makeup! kim ji dwi cries his way through sex.
  • sun woo and ji dwi: kim ji dwi keeps a ruler by his bed so that every day when he wakes up-
  • sun woo: OKAY, FOR FUCK'S SAKE!

anonymous asked:

So I wanted to ask because I think you've talked about things like this with the seme uke thing with the gaalee fest-- why has this hyper feminization of Gaara been going on for so long? Why has Gaara been so feminized? I still see it a lot even now and I just really wonder why people have latched onto Gaara being a dainty little 'uke' type... Do you think there's any real reason? Sorry if it's a touchy subject. Thanks if you answer.

Hey anon! Sorry for the delay! I got your question while I was out of town in NYC and completely forgot about it when I got back home! I totally don’t mind answering this question, so sorry if you thought I did! 

I do talk about this issue from time to time, as it’s something that seriously upsets me as a person who is a part of the LGBT community, and I think it’s important that, even in fandom, we are conscious and critical of how we consume content and what content we create. 

I think to really understand why Gaara is turned into an uke stock character, we have to look at yaoi, where the concept of uke and seme come from. Now, look, I’m ridiculous and years ago did a legit research paper for a college English class about Yaoi and why it’s “problematic” (which is to say homophobic, transphobic, and misogynistic), so I like to think I know a little bit about what I’m talking about with it. I’m not gonna like rehash that paper or anything, lol but basically what we have to really look at is what are the main tropes within yaoi and where do they end up being transferred to with shipping. 

One of the staples of yaoi is the seme and uke arch types. Seme is the dominant, usually aggressive and masculine character. Uke is the contrast. Uke is small, submissive, passive, etc. Gaara is not submissive or passive. Short, maybe, but I wouldn’t say he’s “small”. Yet how did we end up with a Gaara in fandom who is “submissive” and “passive” in art? How did we end up with a Gaara who is often an unwilling sexual object? Not too long ago–maybe like a couple months?–I saw a piece of art that someone drew where he was literally in tears while being touched sexually…. And it made me sick. 

That is not consensual. That is not love. That is rape. How did fandom come to normalize this? It honestly baffles me. And there’s always going to be people who say “it’s just fantasy!” but it’s not. Fantasy is not just fantasy. Fiction does not exist in a vacuum, and no it’s not a kink. It’s fetishistic and gross and it actively hurts people. But anyways I’m babbling cause it’s late… 

So I think the reason Gaara ended up in the uke category as per the LeeGaa fandom is really superficial. I think it’s partly because Lee’s whole thing is physical fitness, strength, etc while Gaara’s fighting style is more passive–as passive as fighting can be lol. And then I think Gaara being shorter contributed too. I think ultimately, at the end of the day, it’s about his physical appearance because there’s really no understanding of his character (or Lee’s) when you place him in this role of ‘uke’. Uke is a stock trope. It’s a blank slate that one can put any face to and basically get off to. It doesn’t rely on characterization, depth, or an equal relationship. It relies on a very set formula that–at the end of the day–is harmful. 

So like this really long winded reply is really just leading to a very simple answer: it’s all superficial. he’s not as tall as Lee, he’s not a physical fighter, his features are more androgynous or feminine depending on how you wanna look at it (the dark circles around his eyes could contribute to ppl thinking he’s feminine given all the jokes ppl make about him wearing makeup)… But yeah. I think he just fell into this because of physical, superficial things because people need someone to fill the role of “uke” when they decided to follow this yaoi mentality. Lee filled the role of seme–despite not being anything close to a seme at all–in much the same way. It’s all superficial. 

Like there’s legit a list on some group from the Dark Days that outright states some of this as the reason for why Gaara’s the “uke”…. so ya know. 

Never (Lin x Reader) part one

Word Count: 2,210

A/N: A lot of people have told me they’d be ok with me posting this. If anyone is strongly opposed, please let me know and I’ll stop posting these. I’ve just been reading a lot of really good non-platonic imagines and I wanna join that train. It’s been nice to have motivation to write again. I hope you enjoy! This will also be a multi-part fic!

WARNINGS: NON-PLATONIC (still no smut though… don’t worry!)

“You have to come,” your best friend begged. You shifted the phone on your shoulder, only half listening as your other ear was occupied by your headphones playing a track you had been working on.

“I really can’t, Lin. I’ve gotta get this done,” you told him.

“No me diga,” you rolled your eyes at Lin’s reference, “You work more than I do! Please?” He tried to persuade you again.

“If I don’t finish this now I’ll lose it. You know how that is. This track isn’t sounding nearly as good as I need it to and I think I might have found out why…” you trailed off, still furiously clicking around on your laptop.

“What if I come over and help you finish? I’ll sing the vocals!”

“As much as I’d love to hear your Puerto Rican self sing this style of music, I don’t have any vocals this time around,” you told him.

“I’m coming over anyways, just hailed a cab. I’ll help you finish up, and then we’re going out. You need a break, amiga,” Lin said, not taking a breath to let you argue.

“Lin you really don’t—“ you stopped your response midway as you heard something that needed tweaking.

“See you soon!” Lin said cheerily. Your phone beeped, signaling the end of the call. You sighed, glancing around your apartment. You hadn’t cleaned in a week and a half. There were dishes and clothes and papers everywhere. You could only see one of your worn out Converse. You’d have to find the other one if you were going out with Lin tonight. But you weren’t going out with Lin, you reminded yourself, turning back to your laptop and open audio software. You were working on a composition for a short film a friend of a friend was directing.

You readjusted your headphones, then played the track again, this time adding a layer from your keyboard. You worked it again and again, changing notes and phrasing here and there. When Lin opened the door to your apartment, illuminating the dark space from the light in the hall, you jumped so high you almost fell out of your chair.

“Goodness gracious Lin you scared me,” you said, fixing the papers that you had scattered in your fright. Lin turned on the lights above your kitchen, taking note of the state of your apartment. He started speaking animatedly in Spanish, though he knew you didn’t understand.

“I don’t know what you’re saying, dummy,” you quipped.

“I know,” Lin grinned, starting to clean your apartment.

“You really don’t have to do that,” you said, returning your focus on the track in front of you.

“I know, that’s what makes me so nice,” Lin sing-songed, causing you to roll your eyes.

“Unplug those headphones, amiga. Let me hear what your genius brain has been keeping you from me for for the past two weeks,” Lin said. You did as he said, turning up the volume and playing the track from the beginning. Lin stopped what he was doing, listening intently to the instrumentation you had put together.

“You can definitely go out with me tonight,” he said confidently when it had finished, resuming the tidying up he had begun earlier.

“I can’t. It’s missing something and it’s due next week. I’m not leaving this apartment until it’s done,” you declared.

“That’s not healthy,” Lin reprimanded. You growled your annoyance.

“I know, but I really can’t afford to take any time away from this project,” you said, giving him puppy eyes and hoping he would leave you be. Lin fell quiet as he continued his cleaning, muttering to himself in Spanish every now and then as you focused on your music.

“Where’s your other sneaker?” Lin called from your bedroom. You glanced by your front door and saw your beloved high-top still sitting there.

“By the front door!” you called back. Lin padded out of your room, picking up your shoe with a grin before retreating back to whatever the heck he was doing. You continued filtering through percussion sounds, trying to find some auxiliary noises that would aid to your music, with no avail. Frustrated, you played your track from the beginning, leaning back and closing your eyes as you listened.

The music stopped abruptly.

Lin was standing next to you, and it was clear he had shut your laptop.

“Go get dressed,” he said, pulling your headphones off of your ears. No amount of resisting got him to budge.

“Maybe you’ll find some inspiration while we’re out,” he suggested.

“Or I’ll get overwhelming anxiety and freak out and not be able to work for a few days,” you retorted.

“If you start feeling anxious, just let me know. We can leave wherever it is we end up and go back to my place and drink some wine, that’s ok too. You just need to get out of here before you go crazy,” he said. You rolled your eyes, finally standing up from your armchair and shaking the soreness from your legs. Lin gave you a very disapproving look, which made you shoot him a look as well, scrunching up your nose.

“I don’t even know what to wear!” you said exasperatedly as you entered your bedroom. Lin was right on your heels, and answered your complaint very gently.

“Don’t worry, I already picked it out.”

Lying on your bed was your favorite black dress, some colorful tights, and some of your favorite pieces of jewelry. On the floor next to your bed were your Converse, untied and just begging for your feet to occupy them.

“We don’t have to be out long, just enough so that you get some light in your eyes and color in your cheeks again,” Lin said quietly over your shoulder. You were very tempted. You hadn’t had a reason to wear that dress in so long, since you hadn’t gone out in so long.

“Alright, leave so I can get dressed,” you caved, pushing him out of the doorway and shutting the door tightly behind him. You changed, then grabbed your makeup bag and put on a new face. You felt good, better than you had in days. Maybe Lin was right, going out would be a good thing.

“Woah,” Lin’s eyes got wide as you exited your room.

“You look amazing,” he said.

“Of course you’re saying that, you were the one who picked out my outfit,” you teased, brushing him off.

“I picked your outfit but I didn’t know you would look this good in it. ¡Ay caramba!” he mumbled, glancing at his feet awkwardly, like he was having an internal fight.

“Where are we going that I have to look like this and you get to look like that?” You asked, gesturing to the jeans and grey sweater that your friend was wearing.

“Ouch, amiga,” he teased, handing you your wallet and then guiding you gently out your front door.

“We’re going back to mine so I can get dressed too, don’t worry,” he said with a smile, following you down the hallway.

“Can we walk to your apartment?” You asked him as you left your building. The sun was just setting on the city, casting a lovely orange glow around you that you wanted to enjoy. Lin nodded, matching your pace as you began the familiar walk down the street.

As you walked, your mind started to wander. You thought about your dorky best friend, and how he came to rescue you from the pit that you were spiraling into in your apartment.

You and Lin had been friends for a while now, after a chance meeting in a coffee shop. Basically you had both been obsessively working on your laptops for hours at separate tables, until one of the workers (probably a newer guy considering how nervous he was to talk to you) came over and asked if you and Lin could share a table if you were both going to be working any longer. You both agreed, so you moved to sit across from him at his booth, bringing your mug of tea with you. You barely spoke, just worked furiously. At the time, he was in the beginning stages of writing Hamilton, and you were working on creating a demo tape to send to potential employers.

A whole month went by before either of you spoke. Lin had seized the opportunity when you had slid your headphones off briefly to give your ears a rest, a rare occasion.

“What are you working on?” he had asked. You explained to him that you were an aspiring music producer-slash-DJ and you were looking to put your name and sound out there. He told you he was writing a rap musical about the Founding Fathers.

“I’m (y/n), by the way,” you had said to him as you stood up to leave that day, long after the sun had set outside.

“Lin-Manuel, but you can call me Lin,” he grinned.

Eventually you had started bouncing ideas off of each other, passing headphones across the table or singing phrases to each other to try to figure out what sounded best. Lin liked having you rap his lyrics, so he could hear how each syllable sounded when it was coming from someone besides himself.

Your friendship started progressing as you learned more about each other, leading to moments like the present, walking between your apartments before a night out.

You were pulled out of your thoughts by Lin grabbing your wrist just as you were about to step off the curb to cross the street. A bus whizzed past, barreling right through where you would have been standing had Lin not been at your side.

“Thanks,” you breathed, glancing at him. Lin’s eyes grew wide as he realized he still had a grip on your wrist, dropping it like it was a hot pan just out of the oven. He shuffled his feet, glancing down at the sidewalk awkwardly until his friendly nature came back.

“If you really don’t want to go out you could just say so, instead of trying to get smeared across the street by a bus,” he joked. You rolled your eyes, over-exaggerating looking for cars as you crossed the next street.

When you got to Lin’s apartment, you immediately made yourself at home on his couch, pulling his abandoned laptop into your lap and opening up his own audio software.

“What are you working on?” You called to him as you looked over his most recent project.

“I told you about that Disney movie right?” He called back. You did remember him telling you Disney had contacted him. In fact, he was so excited he had run to your apartment and woken you up from a nap just to tell you. You hit play, listening to the building tones he had layered.

“I’m not sure where I’m going to go with it after that bit there. It seems unfinished, doesn’t it?” His words were thrown in your direction through his open bedroom door.

“Change the key of the chorus up a step or so, otherwise it sounds good,” you suggested.

“Huh, didn’t think about that. There’s a notebook around there somewhere, just write key change somewhere so I remember—“ Lin suddenly let out a string of curses.

“What’s wrong?” you asked, neatly penning the note and signing it ‘-(y/n)’ with a smiley face underneath.

“I messed up my buttons,” Lin said, emerging from his room in black slacks and a light blue shirt that was buttoned messily. Lin was still running his fingers through his long hair, trying to get his ponytail looking nice.

“Let me help,” you stood up, unbuttoning his shirt quickly as you realized how close your faces actually were to each other.

“Geez (y/n) at least take me to dinner before you start taking my clothes off,” Lin teased, easing whatever weird tension had formed between you. You made quick work of buttoning up his shirt correctly, smoothing out his collar before replying.

“There, I put your clothes back on. Now you can take me out,” you said smugly.

“Actually, can you help me with my hair?” Lin said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck casually. You sat down on the couch and had him sit in front of you.

“You can just keep doing that forever,” Lin said contently as you ran your fingers through his hair to gather it all up.

“I thought you wanted to go out,” you reminded him, securing the elastic.

“I do!” he answered you excitedly, springing to his feet. You couldn’t help but notice just how well his pants fit him.

“Where are we going?” you asked him as he grabbed his wallet and apartment key.

“Chris told me about this bar that’s right next to a club and I thought we could check out both,” he told you. You followed him out of his apartment and back onto the street.

“You know we’re eventually going to get too old for clubbing, right?” you asked him as he hailed a cab.

“Never,” he gave you a wicked grin, opening the door to the car and gesturing inside.

´Soooo… I head this Headcanon where Daniel actually has heterochromia and a pigment disorder, or more likely differently colored eyes, multicolored hair and a lot of freckles all other his body. Also doesn’t get enough sleep for some reason and doesn’t have a pretty good sight. 

He also has those reddish knees and elbows and nose like David has (because i think it’s look god damn cute).

In his cult days, things like multicolored hair etc were considered unclean and unnatural. This was why he started bleaching the brown parts of his hair blonde, covering up the the freckles and blush with makeup and wearing blue colored contacts instead of glasses. 

Now Daniel still bleaches his hair blonde and wears contacts and makeup, but that’s because he feels more confortable of himself and the second reason is, so people (most likely The Campers and the counselors *cough*Gwen, Jasper*cough*) can distinguish Daniel from David. ewe

What is your opinion to this hc and do you think, the counselors [*cough* David,Gwen, Jasper *cough*]  would react like if they saw the natural appearance of Daniel? :> @boodles-art (and i’m sorry for tagging you, but i kind of want to hear a opinion from you… óuò)

@ all my followers: need an opinion

So I thought I’d try and gather a general concensus from my followers about something that’s been nagging at me:

Should I, or should I not, go about my day in full-on costume on October 30th– ie: the day prior to Halloween?

I’m having some debate with myself. The major reason I’m thinking it might be a superior option is because I work a 6 hour shift on Tuesday evening– and, as such, I’ll hardly have any time to either wear or showcase the brilliant cosplay I’ve been putting together, nor the extensive two hours of makeup that I was planning to work on for it. So, what do you guys think? Wait until Halloween or just have an outrageous day tomorrow? Granted, I don’t normally enjoy sticking out like a sore thumb, but… it’s close enough to time, isn’t it?

My Fair Warrior: Part 14

Setting: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA, 2022

Summary: The key to clearing Rhys’s name might be a hacker hidden behind a nightclub front in Philadelphia. Rhys and Feyre dance a dangerous line as they try to distract the nightclub’s owner long enough for Azriel and Mor to get the information they need.

Ship: Feysand

Rating: M

Word Count: 3,399

A/N: Part 14 of my Modern AU. As before, some lines come directly from ACOMAF and belong to Sarah J. Maas. Also, yes, there’s some bending of the timeline thanks to human healing times and real-world logistics.

Previous Chapter | Next Chapter 

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MAC Lipsticks: A Starter Guide

I fucking love MAC lipsticks. For fifteen bucks, you get a vanilla scent, relative moisture, high-pigmentation, lasting color and also pure evil hot sex appeal. It’s definitely cheaper than other high-end products, too. However, every time I go to a Macy’s or MAC store I have a heart attack when I see all the colors. TOO MUCH. I’ve compiled a pretty basic starter guide to the most popular (and my fave) MAC shades, so if you are diving in you have a bit of a bright-orange-or-pink life vest:

1. Ruby Woo/RiRi Woo Retro Matte Lipstick: Best true red for dark and light skin and the classic of all MAC reds. Very matte so it does not “shine bright like a diamond” damn I make a lot of Rihanna jokes. The matte kind is the one that can dry out your lips, so make sure to moisturize before application, either with chapstick or maple syrup (kidding). I bet Rihanna wears this while smoking weed on an island in Bali, but we have to wear this while eating eggs sadly and quietly in a diner.

2. Rebel Satin Lipstick: This semi-matte lipstick is, quite frankly, my favorite lipstick of all time. It’s like rubbing berries all over your lips but in a sexy way. It’s a perfect shade of wine, which looks good on all skin tones. Don’t rub wine on your lips like I do. Soon, nobody will talk to you and you will realize you’ve been dead for years, mummified on the couch while watching reruns of Boy Meets World. What am I saying? Wine makes everything better, even if we all eventually die alone.

3. Diva Matte Lipstick: Man, Diva is a stupid word. But this lipstick isn’t stupid at all. It’s a deep, almost cranberry red. Not in the true sense of cranberry, but the color you associate with cranberry when you think of fall color schemes in tablescapes you will never manage to pull off for Thanksgiving. When I see this color, I think of meeting a man at a very expensive hotel bar, putting a gun to his back, and telling him “they’re looking for you. Come with me!” Am I good or bad? Watch and find out! You’re kidnapping Daniel Craig!

4. Film Noir: This lipstick is a reddish-brown and is exactly the kind of lipstick you would wear if you turned up dead in the 1920’s. For some reason, this appeals to me. I imagine wearing this as I enter the detective’s office where he talks about my nice gams and then solves my eventual murder.

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Okay, I do really like the thought of Eren being genderfluid (probably because I’m genderfluid myself lol), but to be honest I don’t think a lot of shippers understand what that actually means.

It isn’t just a shift in pronouns. It’s called genderfluid for a reason; you are literally changing genders, it moves somewhere on the spectrum. So things like dysphoria happen, and you present yourself differently depending on how you feel at that time. Granted, I can’t speak for everyone, but I doubt that Eren would wear dresses and makeup all the time but some days say “I’m a guy today” with literally nothing changing

I’m not saying that fics where that’s the case are bad, but it is a little irritating because Eren being feminine constantly just doesn’t fit what “genderfluid” actually is. There are other kinds of non-binary though; make Eren agender, or bigender, or fuck just make Eren a trans lady. But please stop using “genderfluid” as the default when there isn’t any actual “fluidity” happening


*First things first, I’m sorry for my lack of post recently, I did start back in school & work and it has been a lot on me physically. I’m gonna try to get into a routine, but its gonna take me a minute*

So about 3-4 months ago my skin went through the most crazy breakout that I had ever seen and my skin been struggling ever since, as you can see in the before picture the breakouts on my cheek area, and basically those breakouts were ALL over my skin and what also bothered me was the fact that these breakouts were itchy & were painful. I think this happened for a number of reasons: stressed out, was tired all the time & got lazy with my skin care. I tried so many things & nothing seemed to work for me, I stopped wearing foundation & really makeup all together and my skin wasn’t clearing up. At the time, I didn’t have a whole bunch of money to go out & buy this whole new skin care routine. 

So over time, I started playing around with different products and my skin has drastically changed. Some of these products I have been using for months and some products are relatively new. So here we goooooooo.

  • Clinique Take The Day Off Balm: This is all I use to remove my makeup, and it removes everything. Foundation, mascara, eyeliner, it removes everything. The balm is thick and leaves your skin clean and feeling so soft. 
  • Philosophy Purity Face Wash: This is my go to face wash, I have been using this for so long & I just love this face wash. It really cleans the skin & isn’t harsh at all. This face wash also restores the PH balances in your skin as well.
  • Lancome Tonique Radiance Toner: I use this night & day, a toner helps restore the PH balances in your skin while it helps remove any extra makeup, dirt, or bacteria off your skin. This removes everything and leaves the skin super soft.
  • Evian Mineral Water Spray: LOVE this, I started using this recently and it is amazing. I use this after I wash my face, and it really moisturizes the skin. This is also a great setting spray, and if you have oily skin you don’t have to worry about it making you greasy. You can really tell a difference in your skin & the way your makeup applies using this product.
  • Lancome Genifique Yeux Light Pearl: This is an eye serum, I know you don’t hear about these a lot but this has made a difference in my under eye circles. I use this during the day & at night before I go in with my eye cream. This has really helped reduce the bags underneath my eyes when I don’t get enough sleep & this has really helped with the darkness underneath my eyes as well. 
  • Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Firming/Sculpting Eye Creme: I got this recently, and have loved it ever since. I love thick eye creams that I can use at night so that it can really soak in and hydrate while I am asleep. My under eye area gets very dry, and this product has really helped. 
  • Olay Eye Awakening Creme: I really liked this, I haven’t seen many drugstore eye creams and I love this one. This eye cream has a set of roller balls as the applicator which really helps to de-puff and it is very refreshing. If you haven’t got much sleep put this eye cream on and you will look a lot more awake.
  • Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream: I just recently got this in a point perk, but it has been used everyday that I got it. I have been wanting to try this for so long, and this product has not disappointed. I use this in the morning, because its light weight and I like that this eye cream really brightens the under eye area.
  • Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturizer: Again I just recently got this, but this is the most moisturizing gel I have ever used. This is perfect for using underneath your makeup, and I just love this. This also helps brighten up the skin as well.
  • Origins High-Potency Night A Mins Night Cream: I have been in the need for a new night cream, and this is just it. I love that its thick, but this really hydrates my skin overnight. When I wake up in the morning and I go to wash my face my skin is so soft, and looks very healthy. I’ve only been using these two origins moisturizers for a little bit, but these two have done a lot for my skin in little time. 
  • Freeman Feeling Beautiful Masks: I use these all the time, and I love them so much. I love to use these masks to help remove build up face products off of my skin, these don’t break me out, and they are so affordable. I love the cucumber & the deep sea mask their my favorites.
  • GlamGlow Hydrating Mask: I also have been using this for quite some time, and I love it this really helps hydrate the skin. I also love that this helps soothe any kind of breakouts that may be on my skin.
  • First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Polish: This is an exfoliant that I have been using for awhile now, and I LOVE it. Its very gentle, and really removes the dead skin making your face look glowy and healthy. I just can’t stand the smell of this, but I make it work.
  • Olay Pro X brush: I really like this brush, it is gentle enough to use every night and I love that this really just takes cleansing my skin to another level. This cleans my skin a lot more than just using my hands, my skin has looked much clearer and healthier after using this product!

I don’t use all of these products at once, I use certain products only during the day & some only at night this is just collectively what I use.

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things from my childhood I think about a lot
  • every day during recess we’d hold weddings
  • I started a gang called The Ducks that consisted of my friend, Chickie, her boyfriend, The Rooster, and me, Little Quack
  • I’d eat rocks to establish my dominance as I was a really small kid, eventually I became known as Survivor Girl and was going to win our school a million dollars by being on the show
  • I found a tiny grape and decided to keep it and watch it grow, so I put it on my windowsill and woke up to it being a raisin. It took years be able to eat a grape or raisin
  • my friend dated a tree and honestly it was my favourite of all her boyfriends
  • I got my head stuck in a fence
  • I opened an umbrella on a windy day and got lifted a foot into the air and started flying down the playground until my friends grabbed me
  • and my favourite; we held a grade six talent show and I convinced a (male) friend of mine to be Hannah Montana and the whole school thought I had actually gotten Hannah Montana to come to our school, so my friends and I played on it. The talent show came and he had his handmade dress, wig and makeup on (and for some reason he brought a motor cross glove, just one, to wear) and at the end of the show he performed with us as background dancers in Halloween costumes and then ripped off the wig saying “I’m not Hannah Montana, I’m Miley Cyrus” and I’ve never laughed harder or seen more little children cry
  • bonus: we only had eye shadow for makeup so we used it for everything, eyes, blush and lipstick, but we didn’t bring makeup remover so he had to wear the makeup for the rest of the school day, but the eye shadow was cheap and stained his lips from being on too long and his lips stayed purple for a few days

My name is Kailey Sheridan. I have dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. I weigh 304.5 pounds and I have never been happy with the way I look…..until now. For some reason all of the negative things I used to think about myself are gone. I don’t know when and I don’t know how, but I do know that I, Kailey Sheridan, feel 100% content with how I look. I even stopped wearing so much makeup because it turns out I don’t need as much as I thought I did. Some days I wear none at all which, if you knew me, is a a HUGE deal. No, I don’t have a boyfriend or even any prospects, but for the first time in my life I am okay with that. I am me and I finally love me.