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I just want to say something about fic writers. For every writer out there, there is at least one reader whose day you’ve made better, just by posting that thing you were nervous about putting out into the world. One reader who you’ve made smile or cry or laugh or hold their phone close to their face and think “wow wow wow wow wow wow thank you I am so blessed I really needed this today”. There are a lot of days when I can barely read anything, for one reason or another, but then I get a day like today, where I stumble across some fic, and everything just seems okay for a while as I read it. Thank you, to all fic writers, for that feeling. That feeling of “it’s okay” or “hey, I am feeling like shit but you know what, my favourite character is okay today”. You make that happen. Whatever kind of writer you are, however little or well known you are. You make all those horrible, sometimes damn lonely days a little more bearable and worth while and from the bottom of my heart, I just really wanted to say thank you so much.

Much love, a reader xxx  

Confession time: I’m feeling a little bit like the odd one out here.

Now, I will be the first person to admit I’ve had some weird attractions and fantasies. I’ve watched films/shows/read books that have led to fantasies which have made me think “What the fuck is wrong with you, self?”

But with all the buzz around The Shape Of Water I feel like the only person on both Tumblr and Twitter who doesn’t want to fuck the fish dude. So now I find myself also thinking “What the fuck is wrong with you, self?” but for very different reasons.


hiii @taylorswift !

I haven’t done one of these in a while so why not? new era new me (maybe I’ll take after you and kill all of my old personalities) 

since you don’t know me (or at least I don’t think you do) I’ll give you a little rundown: I’m Giselle. I’m from Charleston, South Carolina but I currently go to school in Boston, MA! I discovered your music when I was 8 when I heard Our Song. for some reason I printed out the lyrics and passed them around to my family members? anyways, the first time I saw you perform was when you opened for Rascal Flatts in Charleston and I was hooked. since then, I’ve seen every tour, meaning I’ve seen you a total of SIX times throughout my life and I’m so grateful for that. 

I’ve gone through some hard times in my life, especially during the 1989 era. the one thing that kept me going at times where I wanted to give up was you, your music, and being inspired by how strong you are. I hope that one day I will be able to tell you more, in person, and simply thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I wish I could put it into words but I simply can’t (trust me I’ve tried)

enough of the sad stuff…I’m SO excited for this Reputation era. so far, it’s been incredible. thank you for giving me a song like Look What You Made Me Do so I can feel like a complete badass while walking down the streets of Boston to class. I’ve been saving up for two years in order to be able to see you hopefully multiple times this tour! now that I’m an adult with a job, maybe I can make that happen. 

I love you so much and dream of you knowing the capacity of the role you have in my daily life. you inspire me every day to be kind to others, work hard, and most importantly to love myself. I hope you see this because eleven years is a long time and I think it’s about time we meet! :) 

love you forever, Giselle 

university student namjoon au

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  • we all know he’s incredibly smart so he could be a double major
  • he would be the one to talk you through existential crises at extremely unconventional times
  • on the flipside he would probably get them a lot too
  • kind of a nerd but not really
  • he started the crab society
  • nah that was a joke
  • “you’ll be fine, ___. seriously. call me if you need anything, you know where to find me if you need any help.”
  • is an intellectual, but will still ask your help to cut an onion
  • don’t take it the wrong way though, he’s definitely improved and now holds the knife the right way round
  • god bless this boy
  • honestly what a cutie
  • please protect
  • i’m just imaging circle glasses and polo shirts with the firs button undone for some reason
  • the crab society idea is growing on me honestly
  • he made friends with that new guy that cried looking into some emmental in the dairy isle because he didn’t want the poor kid to feel lost
  • did i mention he’s smart because damn this boy got brains
  • he’s your go to guy for help and advice
  • honestly what a nice dude
  • king of pep talks and confidence boosting, to be honest
  • instead of freaking the hell out before an important exam, i feel like he’d just be cranky if anyone interrupted his revision but otherwise lovely
  • is one of the only people you know that doesn’t depend on coffee to get him through the day
  • he doesn’t depend on it but that doesn’t mean he won’t go and still get one every day
  • “promise me you’ll get some sleep, okay?”
  • i mean maybe if you didn’t really know him that well you’d perceive him as shy and quiet and reserved but oh boy would you be wrong
  • he’s a big goof
  • a real b i g  g o o f
  • life of the party
  • i mean this literally
  • he throws most of the ones you’ve ever been to
  • just cause he smart don’t mean he don’t party hard
  • where did my grammar go
  • it always results in his dorm being considerably messy but oh well, he always takes responsibility for it and will clean it up afterward
  • i know the crab society thing was a joke but now i’m just like you know what it wouldn’t be the most bizarre society i’ve ever heard about
  • namjoon and his little soft spot for crabs is my weakness okay don’t judge me
  • what a goof
  • basically an ideal student by day and a party animal by night
  • a responsible. ass. party. animal.

here you go anon, i’m sorry it took so long :)

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Jonerys Made Me Do It!

Confession time! So, for some reason, I have a tendency to rebel against anything that has a wide follow. I don’t know why I do, I just do. So for the longest time I HATED Game Of Thrones. And for no apparent reason. Someone could ask me why, and I would point blank say “I don’t know. I just do.” A lot of people told me don’t knock it tell you try it, but let me tell you, I knocked the hell out of it. Until one day, I was scrolling through YouTube and I stumbled upon this Jon x Daenerys parallel video. I can’t remember who made it but oh my lord! The parallels! Everything about it was so damn beautiful, they were so damn beautiful. Then I realized that the 7th season would be starting shortly, so I thought what the hell. Why not give it shot?

I. Regret. Nothing!

(Except maybe the fact that I barely caught the show just when it’s going to be going through a long wait just for the next/final season!)

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What do the other writers think about you getting so much attention/gifts from the fans? I feel kinda bad they dont get as much recognition.

Yeah it’s something I have a lot of conflicted feelings about, and the reason that I’m always trying to remind people that I’m just one member of a much bigger team. Even besides writers there are narrative designers, artists, directors, programmers, QA testers… Compared to some of them I feel like I contribute so little to the final product, and yet I’m the lucky one that gets to interact with all you lovely folks. Part of it is that I’ve been working on Minecraft: Story Mode longer than just about anyone else on the team, so I’m a name and face people are used to, and also I’ve made myself more easy to contact than a lot of other folks… but yeah I have confusing feelings about the amount of visibility I’ve had this season.

Let Crowfeather go
Nobody cares about him anymore

It’s been like three arcs since he was actually relevant
Now for some reason he’s getting a super edition and has been made deputy

I swear if they make him leader… I don’t want a Crowstar. Nobody wants a fucking Crowstar.


I’m back~
And this time with smth special~
Actually, quite long time ago I went with friends to the cinema but we came too early so we went to the nearest cafe and waited. While sitting there, some crayons left for kinds encouraged us to draw smth. And that’s how 2nd and erd drawing were created. But only the last one is mine (I guess it’s clearly noticeable X"“”“D).
And here is the most important thing:
1st two drawings are made by my friend (the 1st one is actually oldest, not from the cafe but I still think it should be in this post :3) who os the best artist I’ve ever known. REALLY. OMG DO YOU SEE THESE MASTERPIECES?! That’s the reason why I’m writing all this. Please people, help me encourage her to create a blog here on tumbler, account on instagram or at least fanpage on Facebook to post her artworks bc SHE IS FRCKN AMAZING.
I’m really asking you for help guys~
I’m counting on you :3

This whole art discourse needs to die and I know I’m just fueling it further…but fuck it. I need to have my two cents.

If you’re going to be an artist and share your art on the internet, then you need to have a thick skin. Seriously, if seeing someone saying “lol your art is bad” is going to make you quit drawing then you’re not cut out to be an artist anyway.

Does it hurt to have your work criticised and made fun of? Sure. But there are always going to be trolls, there at always going to be people that hate your art for some reason or another. You can’t just expect everyone to pat your ass and call your work magnificent.

I’ve been working in the art scene for awhile. And yeah, I got a lot of “ew your art stinks” comments when I was first starting out. Instead of getting hung up that people were making fun of my art, I used this as motivation to get better. Now I make a living off my drawings, which never would have happened if I cried whenever someone told me my art wasn’t good enough.

With that all said, the people being asses to artists aren’t in the right either. If you’re going to insult someone’s art, the least you could do is give them some advice on how to improve. Personally I quite like some of the “lol” accents (that fireworks one for Female Pearlcatchers is really creative and I want it) but I do agree that some could do with a bit of tweaking too.

Long story short, if you’re an artist then don’t get butthurt over trolls. But don’t be a troll either.

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Dear gay guru, I've never been in a relationship before and my parents werent exactly good role models. What do you think makes for a healthy relationship?

Y'all are too damn cute. Now I feel like this is the gay Dear Abby column, and it’s amazing. As far as a healthy relationship, I’m gonna spitball here, so apologies if it comes off as rambling…

  1. Assume your partner has good intentions. If they don’t, that’ll become pretty obvious pretty fast (and hopefully you’ll have some friends there to spot that too/look out for you). But if they forgot to take out the trash? Or accidentally made plans with one of their friends when your friends are in town? Or they show up late to your dinner reservation even when they know it’s your pet peeve (totally not speaking from experience…)? There’s a good chance there was a reason and that there wasn’t any intent to harm. And if you can hold onto that mentality, it’ll help things a lot. To be clear, this doesn’t mean: don’t be upset. It just means that their being late likely wasn’t the result of some deep-seated desire to hurt you. 
  2. Have support networks and things you like and do outside of each other. It’s great to end up being able to call a partner your best friend! And it’s wonderful when your interests start bleeding over into the other’s! But having some time and places to be apart from one another, to know that you have places and people that’ll be yours if anything were to happen, can be really important. 
  3. Realize that it isn’t on your partner to fix your or make you happy or make your life complete, and vice versa. This one is the thing I constantly see in TV shows and movies that bothers the hell out of me - this idea that it’s on a girlfriend to make her boyfriend a better person (not dropping character names…) or that it’s normal to be miserable when you’re not together. It’s great if you can make each other happier or serve as a source for emotional support and add additional value to your life, but it’s not great if you’re the only reason for it. You should be partners, and that should imply some degree of equality and reciprocity. 
  4. Communication! ALL OF IT! And that can include fighting and being upset and angry with each other. I don’t actually buy into the whole “Never go to bed angry” thing because sometimes fights don’t automatically resolve, and it’s often worse to force a resolution before you’ve dealt with it because it’ll keep coming up again and again. So sometimes that means going to be annoyed with one another and giving yourself the time and space you need to cool off before you actually talk it through. But being honest is so important. Like, I can’t stress that enough. 
  5. Recognize that being together is a choice. And maybe that means making sure you’re financially independent if you move in together or have outs if things were ever to get bad. I know that sounds really pessimistic, but if you can be together and know that it’s a choice you’re making, things end up feeling a lot more secure. Because you could leave; you’re choosing not to. 

Maybe something there clicks! Maybe it doesn’t. There’s probably 101 things I could add but then it gets oddly specific… 

i thought i knew the general scope of mods for skyrim, but i’ve yet to understand the reasoning behind some of them. some i automatically understand: graphics, clothing & armor, immersive behaviors, your basic pr0n mods, etc…

but yesterday i read a post (from someone i follow) that described the use of certain ‘survival’ or ‘realism’ mods that made me sit back from my monitor. i was disturbed, which is a weird feeling because i’ve been on the internet a LONG-ASS time.

after half an hour of being unable to detach and view those mods from a less reactionary position…i unfollowed this person.

they didn’t create the mods, just used them. they used them to feel…idk…a certain kind of gaming experience that i personally can’t connect with.

and i struggle to not label these things as immediately offensive if there’s a chance they’re actually being used by gamers who need something specific–a representation, a kink, an emotional release–some aspect of roleplay that isn’t available without mods like this.

but, man. a day later i can’t shake that initial sick feeling.

okay, don’t get me wrong. there’s some definite infatuation that I was in denial of having for a good 10 years concerning my 7th-grade teacher, and I think that’s part of the reason why I am so nostalgic for him?? but he was also an amazing teacher, and I really looked up to him. He was the first teacher that really made an impact on me and I think it’s because he was a new teacher and was therefore still very enthusiastic and excited about teaching, unlike all the other teachers I had in elementary school who were there for years and were obviously counting down the days until their retirement.

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So this isn't about validating a name but tbh one of the characters I always liked was an elder who had a short tail so he (?) couldn't climb and I can't remember his name. But he always seemed good, I would have liked to read about him or see him more. He may not have been my favorite but for some reason he stuck with me.

His name was Halftail! He couldn’t climb trees because it made him unbalanced and he wouldn’t land on his feet.

Tom Riddle jnr.

I have been thinking about Tom Riddle lately. J. K. had said that if Merope had survided Tom would have turned out different. Now I wonder what would have happened, if Tom Snr. for some reason decided to find his child and raise him. (not that I think he made a wrong choice, he was raped after all)

Tom Jnr. would have thought of himself as muggle-born, would not he ? Would he be sorted into Slytherin at all ? 


THIS GOLD FABRIC IS THE WORST! My sewing machine refused to sew this fabric(changed needles and type of thread, nothing worked. Eventually I bought some fabric stabilizer and that worked though. ), the shimmer kept rubbing off and getting everywhere, and hot glue just slides off the slick side of the fabric. In short, the fabric was frustrating to work with.
Also, reasons to make doll shoes…she can stand on her own!
I used Walkercolours method for shoe making, unfortunately I made these before her thigh high boots tutorial. Maybe I’ll try to make thigh high boots again?

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Anonymously message me what vibes I give off: For some reason i get older sibling vibe, like the one whos always cracking jokes and ruffling your hair

thats kinda funny, as im the youngest sibling within my family, but i kinda get how id give off that vibe. also yeah, believe me when i say many jokes are made and lots of hair is lovingly ruffled everyday by none other than me. that shit is my fuckin bread and butter

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Yeah I think I would be honestly shocked if morgan made the team at this point? I feel like both Jordan and Trinity would be ahead of her for that last spot. But i do think she could end up as alternate instead of trinity for some reason? Idk why. But then again the alternate could legitimately be marz or alyona as well.

I wouldn’t be shocked if she made it because not everything is dependent on Nationals results. She would have likely placed higher anyway had she not watered down a bit due an injury. If she is healthier I think her chance is as good as the others. Also Valeri loves her so that doesn’t hurt.

I do hope though if she isn’t fully recovered that she doesn’t make it. No point in risking further injury for an individual Worlds. She luckily did get international experience at Stuttgart, so it’s not like this season was for nothing.

Either way, whether she makes it or not, I think it will be the right decision lmao