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An Extensive Eruri Fic Rec

Because this is goodbye. 

Due to some personal reasons, this blog will be going on semi-permanent hiatus. But I’ve loved, still love, Eruri, and this fandom, for so long, and so much, that I needed some closure. And the best way I’ve thought to do that is just to compile the Eruri Fics that I am eternally grateful for having read, and which have all given me so much, and sharing the list with you all. Most of these are classics, I just needed to take the time to thank the authors. Please enjoy, and thank you a thousand times, to all the godly writers this fandom has been blessed with. 

Slow Build/Burn | Good Angst

Dresden by @hedera-helixwriteseruri  

First Eruri fic I ever read, it is the reason I read hundreds more. WWII AU, featuring the perfect blend of amazing plot, realistic characters, and relationships that stay with the reader weeks after finishing. The characterizations in this are unforgettable, and you can never let go. I know I never will.

Listing by @35grams 

Canonverse. Could compete with any literature classic throughout the ages. Hands down one of the best things ever written. Kudos to you if you can finish this without crying. Being numb from grief so the tears won’t flow is cheating and doesn’t count. So poetic. Truly unforgettable. 

Irascible by @bigasstreeslevi

Southern Gothic Modern AU. Engaging, suspenseful, satisfying, from beginning to end. Detective Erwin and Levi is just beautiful. A very thought-provoking and perfectly written read.

The Companion by @everythingshiny

Future AU. I cannot express how much I truly love Nicole’s writing. The plot is so original and the characters are written so beautifully I would do anything to erase my memory so I can reread this again like the first time. This is just as applicable to all of her other fics which I’ve all read, and you should too. 

The Rat Catcher by @birbwin

Modern AU. Anything birbwin writes is a guaranteed masterpiece, Eruri Ficlets & Mc’Drabbles being proof of this (yes, including chapter 47). The Rat Catcher was so eye-opening and stimulating that it’s really a must-read for anyone and everyone. No-one’s the same after reading it.

Cardamom by @lostcauses-noregrets

Modern AU. Again, can never go wrong with lost’s writing. Beautiful, beautiful writing, and you hold such a strong investment to the characters. Really, just go have a look at everything they’ve written. So, so beautiful. Have I mentioned beautiful. Also the go to blog for any asks you may have to do with any canon stuff.

With My Hands Out by @stereobone

Canonverse. Had to put it somewhere, nevermind the header of slow burn. Of course, anything stereobone writes is a deserving classic, and this newest fic is no exception. Original plot, mysterious and perfectly written, it really encapsulates the essence of the characters, and leaves you wondering. A must-read.  

Hilarious Comedy | Generally Fluff(?)

Hazard in the Hallway by @momtaku  

Canonverse. Featuring a very oblivious Commander, and extremely relatable Corps members. A second chapter was! just! added! and I have never felt more blessed.

Alcohol, Eyebrows, and Shattered Noses by @sexycanofsoup

Canonverse. I have never laughed so hard reading any multi-chaptered fic. Actually that’s a lie, Dirty Kisses (must read) got pretty close. I love them, and belied by engaging plot, they’re a must-read. The writing is exquisite and it only ever leaves you wanting more.

Commander, Commander! by @cherryamber

Canon…verse….? Featuring two very different (but also very much the same) worlds. Just read it, I don’t know what else to say. Guaranteed to make you tear up from laughing too much. I’d also highly recommend from Cherry, (everything they’ve written) but in particular Aversion (eye-opening angst); Celebrity Ballroom (mild angst but mainly not(?)) Remember Me and of course, Again. Have I mentioned how much i love Cherry’s writing? (I love it.)


I’d definitely definitely definitely recommend seeing @zedsdead1001 ‘s writing and art; @gouguruheddo ‘s writing and art;  @valisi-clark ‘s writing , @erwinsalive ‘s art, @aileine ‘s art and animations, @seitsensarvi ‘s writing and art, gunpowderlatte’s writing and so so so many others like @blue-sonnet , @emmysmith , @hloneheart@absolute-eruri-trash , who all made me and my tumblr dashboard always filled with such pure eruri happiness. 

Once again, thank you all for making the past couple of years of my life so unexplainably enjoyable. And if you’re new to the fandom, lucky you, you get to discover all these amazing people for the first time.

Human x Vampire AUs

I wrote these as AUs instead bc…I don’t even have a reason just deal with it! And I kind of left some ambiguity when it came to gender bc not everyone is a gay dude (there I had a reason for that one) 

1. I came home to find you covered in blood and you’re seriously trying to convince me this is ketchup? 

2. You love the summer, you’re always outside and of course I fall for the one human you loves the fucking sun. 

3. You saw me watching Twilight and now you won’t speak to me, I swear it was on that channel when I turned the T.V. on! 

4. You bought me a coffin shaped bed to sleep in, I hate you. 

5 You keep asking why I usually only visit late at night and why I always wear so many layers of clothes during the day. 

6. You always do that stupid Transylvanian vampire accent when I’m mad at you, oh my god you’re doing it again, please shut up I don’t talk like that!  

7. I would never use my mind control on you for anything serious, but I’m so making you clean out the pool this year. 

8. You keep levitating in your sleep and when I fell asleep on top of you I always roll over and end up falling back onto our bed. 

9. We spend out weekends binge watching vampire shows and movies and calling out all the inaccuracies.  

10. You bought those glow in the dark vampire teeth and actually scared the shit out of me when I came home. 

There are literally only 3 types of ddadds posts

Type A (the best) - i love my daughter and i love my bf and i love this game for representing people like me in a healthy, happy way

Type B (the worst) - Dre*m D*ddy is homophobic look at this excerpt that isnt even in the game and some 3 year old problematic gamegrumps quotes for my reasoning also my friends friends friend played the game and said it was bad

Type C (just assholes) - lmao at those dumb idiots who find enjoyment in a video game that they identify with and that makes them happy lmao go outside

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mtmte roddy & drift


  • First impression Honestly, I thought he was a bit annoying XD
  • Impression now He’s doing his best and needs a break
  • Favorite moment When he was fucking ready to just cut off his entire arm. No hesitation.
  • Idea for a story Hot Rod accepts Megatron’s offer to join the Decepticons.
  • Unpopular opinion I’ve come to love this bean so I can’t.
  • Favorite relationship Either Megatron or Drift
  • Favorite headcanon That he starts to heat up (like literal fire) when he’s angry or flustered.


  • First impression I have always loved Drift. Like I read about him in fanfiction before I actually read mtmte and I just loved him so much. 
  • Impression now *LOVE INTENSIFIES*
  • Favorite moment When he fucking decked Whirl
  • Idea for a story I really want him to meet Sideswipe for some reason like idk XD
  • Unpopular opinion I LOVE HIM TOO MUCH I CAN’T
  • Favorite relationship Ratchet for sure! And Rodimus.
  • Favorite headcanon He’s self-conscious about his fangs.

A little rant about Jumin Han.


This post is inspired by @rfa-housewife post I just reblogged before this. I would have put this in the comments but it became longer than expected, whoops. But please read that post before mine. 

Okay. Let’s get to it. 

I honestly love Jumin so much. Yes, everyone has their ‘less than cool’ moments in the game. Even MC. (Hello Bad Endings!) But, I just got done playing Jumin’s route again and…there is a reason I love this man. It takes him a bit to get to the point where he is comfortable enough to share his emotions and he makes some mistakes along the way (I get it, I do.)…but, I mean, COME ON, would you be comfortable sharing yours if you were ridiculed every time you tried? He is given a hard time in the chat AND in his day to day life. He sees his own father continually giving his heart to women who don’t give a shit. He deals with people, and, yes, it’s his job, and my man is good at it, but people who are just trying to profit themselves. Damn it, even one of his “step mothers” CAME ONTO HIM when his father wasn’t around when he was younger. Then, when MC comes into the game, Rika is “gone” and V is AWOL. The only two friends he trusted to know the “true him”. And no wonder he felt a close connection with Rika that was almost, pretty much, romantic. Cause she was the only female in his life that he thought he could trust! That “proved him wrong”. (Almost anyways…Jumin knows what Rika did to V’s eyes and saw how she became…slowly “not herself” in a way that was dangerous, so he no longer sees her that way, I believe, when MC comes in.) (Though he doesn’t really know the extremes of that yet, but, yeah, different discussion.) Hence, that leaves V…but again! A W O L. So, who did Jumin Han have before MC came in? (What also gets me…is that even though he couldn’t talk to any of the RFA members, I think he still sees them as family…especially if V sees them as family.) But, anyways, so, yeah, he shut down. T h e n he was ridiculed for NOT showing his emotions. What the hell? Just…give the man a break. It’s like he could never win. No wonder he became a mess of tangled strings. Then, the other details. I mean, okay, this one might be reaching but I think one of the reasons he began to distance himself from Elizabeth is because the people in the chat gave him constant shit about his relationship with her! Yes, I know he did need someone to talk to for real. But has no one heard of an emotional comfort animal? That’s pretty much what Elizabeth was! Why do you think V (and, I suppose, Rika) gave her to Jumin? And also why V and MC pushed for him to keep her. Sure, an animal does not replace a person…but they did have a bond! Jumin was Elizabeth’s home! Just like any human with their pet. And then the sexuality thing…I’ve personally been asked about my sexuality in my life because I’m single. And it’s just…why? Why does it matter? Leave the man alone if he is uncomfortable talking about it! And the “commoner” thing people criticize him about…he is GENUINELY ASKING. (Points to Exhibit A when he texts you and asks to let him know about more “rules” you know about besides the Sweet & Salty rule. Cue MC being a dork and saying the Ju and L rule. I honestly loved that part, ahhh, he’s so cute.) He did grow up different, and yes, MC does teach him empathy, it’s true. But she more like taught him how to tap into it. It was always there. And when he is talking to MC about his deeper feelings he has said on more than one occasion “oh, I’ve spoke to much, I hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable” or something along those lines. Just…baby, no. Keep talking. It’s the equivalent of saying “sorry” after everything you do. (Ha, guilty for that one here.) He never hesitates to help or offer help to the members of the RFA even though he says it’s not him being kind…it’s just business or whatever. No, he actually IS a kind person but doesn’t want to seem like he is doing it out of kindness because that leaves him open and vulnerable. Even when his father betrays him because he is being manipulated…he still continually says how much he loves him and defends him. And, also! STOP with the silver spoon thing, people. Because money, really does not, as Jumin and his life is an example, buy happiness or love. I don’t even look at what Jumin did as necessarily “being held hostage”…he was just SCARED to be alone. And frightened that someone was going to leave again. Like all the women in his life, like his father who chased those women, like Rika…even V and how he became less and less present. No, it wasn’t really good how he went about it…but he makes up for it later to MC! I personally didn’t even mind it…though, yes, he got controlling at times…but he would never EVER hurt MC. And WHY I didn’t mind it is because if Jumin was real and I was actually in his life…I wouldn’t want to leave someone alone when they’re feeling like that! That would just be…awful. Who knows what could have happened. He was in the middle, in his own way, of a breakdown. I don’t even have the heart to go for the Bad Endings personally (though it’s fine if people do!) cause i just…hate the answers you have to select for it because you are basically being just like everyone else in his life. And he deserves someone better than that to be there for him. Just…I’m glad V is Jumin’s best friend because he needs someone like him in his life…(though I wish that he was more present…but we all know why he wasn’t…-insert ugly sobbing here-.) and I’m glad for the role MC plays in Jumin’s life. It’s why I love playing his route. That boy deserves so much happiness and love. I just…relate to Jumin so much. The tangled strings, keeping a small circle. Jumin just has so much to give but he didn’t know how until MC comes along. So, cut this boy some slack, wrap him in a blanket, make him some tea and give him a hug because he needs one. Immediately. I do love all the characters in the game with all my heart. They all have been through so much that I might make separate posts about each of them. But…right now this is for my honey bunny. (Personally, my favorite.) Jumin Han. 💜

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I really hate the overinflation of ‘dream daddy is saying that gay men are just predatory and demons, literally demons!’ because that’s just factually incorrect. Even if it were true for ONE of the dads, joseph, (and even then it’s clearly a joke, and we can talk about if its appropriate or not in another post, but that’s another post), that would still mean that there is finally a game that gives six completely healthy gay relationships and prioritizes male love.  Like I really do understand that you guys want this game to flop for some weird reason, but can you at least not blatantly lie on these posts? I know i’ve mostly been joking around about this, but in all honesty, yeah, it does make me uncomfortable that we’re being SO critical of this game when we’re barely critical of media that’s way worse and has zero, or extremely problematic gay content. like whatever. go back to watching game of thrones and always sunny.

Inuyasha VS Bankotsu is probably my favorite fight so far

So I’m gonna start highlighting reasons why this fight is my favorite in the series at this point. Might be a long one depending on how this goes so fair warning 😜 I’ll start off by highlighting an obvious reason

The Animation

Looks like they put extra budget into this episode because that animation is pretty freaking amazing 😍It’s like coloring pages of a manga and bringing it back to life. You can really see the pain of the punches too. It just feels so raw. For some reason I can even picture Bankotsu throwing in a lil ORA ORA ORA ORA! for good measure XD But man that looks gorgeous. That’s what helped this fight stand out compared to the others. Now let’s get into the fight itself. 

The Fight’s Environment & Strategy

Another aspect I really loved about this is the conditions of the fight. There’s a higher risk this time around. The environment is enclosed so there’s less cover and it’s only them. It’s purely one on one. Despite that their friends helped them get to where they are now, it’s really all up to them to determine the outcome of the battle. Bankotsu doesn’t have his friends attacking from the side and Inuyasha doesn’t have his friends telling him what to do nor does he have Kagome telling him where the sacred jewel shards are. I also love that most of the fight is without their weapons. Just attacking and countering. Nothing flashy. Just a battle of their fists and their wits. It’s also really nice to see Inuyasha using his wits to determine where the jewel shards are and his battle strategy. 

I really love that Inuyasha’s able to come up with his own battle strategies on his own. Take some attacks, learn from your enemy, make him think he has the upperhand, and counter when the moment is right. Such a breath of fresh air compared to his Wind Scar spamming and then acting so shocked when it doesn’t guarantee a victory each time. It’s like he’s evolved and paid attention and not having to completely rely on his friends for everything. I was afraid that he would be too dependent on them to be able to succeed on his own but I was glad to be proven wrong with this battle. Our little hanyou has grown up :’) 

The Mentality of the Battle

In addition to the physical battle, there seems to be a mental battle going on as well. Almost philosophical in a way in terms that it is trying to make you think. These two acknowledge that they are both worthy foes. Granted that Inuyasha’s comment had some sarcasm to it, it still doesn’t change the fact that he knows the stakes are high and learning of Bankotsu’s long history with his band of brothers that it is no easy feat. Inuyasha isn’t the type to easily commend his foes so it still had some truth to it. Then there’s Bankotsu who brought up the point how everyone is hungry with greed for living. He doesn’t intend to go back to being dead and is pointing out that the actions of Inuyasha, Kikyo, and his friends do everything they can in order to survive. The need to survive, just with different methods. These two have their reasons for fighting and going on - whether it’s to avenge fallen comrades  or for revenge - they intend to settle it here. Both are carrying this burden of weight that they are desperate to get rid of and they are  the obstacles in each other’s goal.

So yes to sum it all up - this was me the entire time 

Anyway I’m just rambling on about stuff I don’t really know. So what about you guys? What’s your favorite fight in Inuyasha and why? Comment or reblog with your answers. Looking forward to reading them :3 and thank you very much if you actually read all this. 

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Idk if ur taking requests with the dialog thing but if you are I'd love to see either 1 or 8 for Marvin/Whizzer

I did little drabbles for both of these! Enjoy!

#1 “I’m sorry. It’s just everytime you open your mouth, you seem to get even more annoying. Does it take effort to do that?” 

“What?” Marvin sputters. He’s blinking too much and his face has gone equal parts pale and flushed. Whizzer knows he’s struck a nerve, and for some reason, that thrills him.

“Look,” Whizzer goes on, leaning in closer to Marvin and placing his hand on Marvin’s knee. “If you’re trying to get in my pants, you’re doing a terrible job. I’m not usually attracted to guys who argue with me, about anything.”

“I’m- I’m not–” Marvin’s still so flustered. If Whizzer didn’t know any better, he’d think it was cute.

“Ah,” Whizzer nods and leans back a little. “So it’s like that.”

“It’s not-” Marvin’s suddenly defensive. “It’s not like anything.”

“Alright,” Whizzer says, giving a half nod and taking a sip of his drink. “Whatever you say, Marv–”
“Don’t call me ‘Marv’.”

“–but if you change your mind, I’ll be in the men’s room for the next, say, ten minutes? If you’re interested.” He taps Marvin’s knee again, then slips off his barstool and practically saunters to the bathroom, pretending he doesn’t notice Marvin’s eyes on his ass the entire time.

#8 “Do you love me?” “Depends on how much food you brought me.” 

Whizzer’s sprawled out on the couch, watching some trashy television show when Marvin finally gets home. He’s half asleep, his mouth hanging open so that pretty pink lips make a slack-jawed ‘o’.

Marvin slings his jacket over the back of the la-z-boy, and Whizzer shoots awake. It’s like he’s got some sixth sense that activates whenever Marvin creates some clutter.

But Whizzer doesn’t say anything about the jacket. He just stretches and smiles, “Welcome home.” Marvin leans in for a kiss, but Whizzer wrinkles his nose and pushes him away.

“Do you even love me?” Marvin asks melodramatically as Whizzer sits up.

“I dunno.” Whizzer admits with a shrug and smirk, gesturing to the take-out bag still hanging from Marvin’s hand. “Depends on how much food you brought me.”

Gotta love it when that voltron comic where we suggested Ryou is Keith’s dad gets more traction as the next season gets closer and we get another wave of people shrieking; Shiro can’t be related to Keith; we’re ruining their ships how dare we; people mistaking it for actual canon artwork and flipping out; tagging it k/lance for some goddamn reason because he’s in one goddamn panel just standing there

etc etc etc

Chill out, guys. We’re just trying to have some fun here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

reasons i enjoy shipboys: 

  • content with adult mlm tends to be gritty, angsty, fantasy, or all of the above and a lot of shipboys content is realistic and soft
  • it helps me confront my anxieties about becoming a Real Adult without losing my youth
  • i want to see portrayals of both of them receiving as much love and admiration as i want to give them
  • i personally relate to nick and also love griffin, in part because he reminds me of my boyfriend
  • seeing a relationship very much like my own being supported and celebrated is incredibly reassuring
  • ect.

not reasons i enjoy shipboys:

  • oh my g DO they’re so HOT together they’re totally dating in real lifE!!!!
Ska-Mic Con was great!

got to see a bunch of friends and remember how much i love Less Than Jake! also I 

- got complimented by this couple who noticed i was one of the only chicks in the pit during Half Past Two and respected that “I was the only one doing stomps while skanking. All those boys were just SKIPPING” 


-got a free beer because they gave aaron the wrong size and just decided to let him have it for some reason 

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What are your top 5 favorite AUs you've written about with transformers or any other fandom?

Oh, gosh!  XD  Hmm, let’s see…

Merformers/Faeformers:  I can’t pick!  I love them both!  There’s just so many different things you can do with them!  And I’ve already started coming up with some designs in my head.

Yandere Family Au:  For some reason, I just really want Knock Out and Breakdown to adopt Jack.  Lmfao!  XD

Lost Light Yandere Au:  So many bots, so little time.  Though Chessmaster Rung and Creeps McGee Getaway will always be my favorites.  

Human Songbird Au:  It’s got frilly dresses, scary robots, and human birdcages.  Need I say more?  

Swindle’s Human Pet Business Au:  I just love Swindle to pieces!  ^___^  Especially if Lockdown is involved.

Bonus: The Disney/Fairytale Au’s I’ve been working on, but haven’t shared yet.  (I’ll get them posted on here one day, I promise!  XD)

okay, this is gonna be a bit of a ramble, but it’s gotta be said. so yesterday i was the recipient of some comment squad love, and let me tell you, it made me so happy. i cannot stress enough what a thoughtful enterprise that all is, and we have @memorizingthedigitsofpi to thank for it. there’s a reason her tag is saint pi on my blog. someone even took the time to scroll through to my first ever gifset? i mean? i forgot i had even made that. but it was nice and nostalgic, and kinda cringe worthy sometimes, haha, because i have improved so much since i started. i looked back on some of these posts that are getting reblogged, with just lovely lovely things in the tags, thank you, and while i am proud of all of my works, i can’t help but think of how much better they would be if i redid them now. but that’s as may be. just thank you to everyone who has gone on AO3 and left me kudos and comments, and thank you to everyone who has reblogged my gifsets and fic. it was such a lovely thing to wake up to and i love you all very, very much.

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I think the problem is more like, even if we all love captain swan, some of us love Emma more, so we're not really interested in a season without her, the same way that there are some who love Hook more so they are going to watch. But there is this part of the fandom that are all like: 'I don't care if they destroy cs I just want to see more Colin on my screen' and it's like, do you ever care about Emma? About cs? Those kind of things that hurt the ones who care about them

I suppose the reason for most CSers who are planning to watch is indeed that they want to see Colin, yes. It’s surely the reason for me, I’m not denying that. And why should I? Because again, that doesn’t mean that I don’t care about Emma (same as I’m not telling anyone who doesn’t want to watch because Emma is gone that they don’t care about Killian), and surely not that I don’t care about CS. 

Also, I doubt that people have been saying that, that they don’t care if they destroy CS as long as they see Colin. Nobody wants CS destroyed. But that’s the accusation they keep hearing when they say they are going to watch for Colin, and it hurts, too, to hear “if you continue to watch that means you never cared about Emma or CS and only care about Colin’s pretty face”.

We should all respect each other’s choices and decisions and the reasons for them. 

hey hey hey ♥ Bekah is back with some more blog updates! 

I changed the page themes for my blogroll, about, and navigation pages. I know I said recently I was happy where everything was, but yesterday I just wasn’t feeling it and I didn’t like how none of it matched. So, my angel @vintagesam helped me with the coding and in Rebekah fashion, something fucked up.

For some reason, Tumblr deleted my old navigation page before I was able to copy and paste the coding for my tags. Meaning, I had to do it by hand alllll over again. It took me a good 3 hours but in all honesty, i’m kind of glad I had to do it all over again because I switched around the tags a bit from the last time. I have more boxes and it’s just more organized. I’m also in love with the theme of it too!

It would mean so much to me if you guys went to check it out! Everything matches now and I just feel very content with it all. And to Alex, I can never thank you enough for your endless, amazing help to me. You are seriously the best ♥.

p.s. I also have finished my follow forever in celebration for when I hit 1k followers! It took me a good 3 days to work on it, since I have lots of people on it. Now, I just wait to hit 1k! I can’t wait for y’all to see it ♥

I have hit that point in YOI fandom where I’m writing fic that where, if I saw it scrolling along ao3 main page, I wouldn’t read it because it’s the kind of subject matter that is often poorly handled ooc, etc. Like, I’ve been there in other fandoms before, but like…damn. 

like for whatever reason, tranquil shepherd angst and thigh fucking AU seems more in left field in terms of plausibility than broke af poolshark. 

It’s that weird liminal stage where the AU is so fucking AU that you probably “should” consider spending time making some OC’s bc it’s original fiction lbr. 

It’s that weird “oh fuck no one is gonna read this,” and so when people like it you’re just like, “oh wow,” 

I’m not trying to like fish for compliments here. Like i appreciate all the love and feedback. This is just more like, meta thoughts of my current standing in the Ota yuri fandom. 

hey i’m sorry i haven’t been active lately…….i’m like. dead. metaphorically speaking. i’m so tired and stressed, even for conversation (if u think i’m ghosting u i’m not i’m just too tired to respond half the time). i’m v chronically ill and just haven’t been my best lately so i am having trouble coming up w my own content. in addition, my notifications are swamped bc one of my posts took off big time for some reason and all i see are notifs for ppl reblogging it and nothing else i’m so dead inside. so if u want to @ me in smth, i probably wont see it. blease message it to me instead bc u know i always want to reblog ur GLaDOS/chelldos posts. i love u all!! i’m still here, i just won’t be as active for a little bit

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what are your ships?

So, honestly? Magnus/Alec. With any other blog I have had, I have been multiship and for some reason – here? I’m just not. I don’t know why. I have and absolutely will write Pre-Magnus things when Alec thought he was in love with Jace because it’s a thing and it’s canon and it happened but I have a lot of emotions about Jace and Alec as brothers that have nothing to do with this ask so — ANYWAY, if anything comes up AU wise or it fits a plot or there’s chemistry that’s fine but so far, Alec and I have always just been a Malec shipper. I respect the ship and I feel comfortable with it whereas I wouldn’t feel comfortable with some other things. There are certain things I absolutely will never ship ( alec/female, alec/sebastian, romantic alec/family ) and some things that if it were to happen, then it’d be a natural chemistry based thing.