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related to victuuri being miserable content... there's so much content of yuuri constantly being annoyed by victor which just??? doesn't make sense??? what's a girl gotta do for some content of them being genuinely happy??? which is why i love your content; their love never fails to make me happy

I think it’s perfectly reasonable to get annoyed with your partner occasionally. No couple is perfect, we all have our off days or little habits that might bug even someone that loves us/we love. That’s normal. It’s understandable.

But I know what you mean. There’s some content that has Yuuri incredibly bugged by Victor’s “extraness” or “foreignness,” and personally that is not a characterization that I can agree with on either part.

Like, say in the stage event, Yuuri complained about Victor being too touchy with his off-season stomach but that was because it was IN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE. Implying that he’d be totally okay with it behind closed doors. And it was a playful type of scolding, which then later turned into a drunken Yuuri upset that Victor was not touching/looking/paying ENOUGH attention to him. And lest we forget, Yuuri is Mr. Declare-My-Love-In-A-National-Broadcast-In-Japanese. Plus a major Victor fanboy.

Producing content where someone is annoyed with their partner for whatever reason can be done very well and can provide great insight into a relationship. It’s not wrong. It’s not a mischaracterization. It’s how it is done and presented, however, that can push it over the edge into– then why are you two together?

YA Book Reccomendations

everyone loves YA fiction. or has loved YA fiction at some point in their life. I personally think it’s a really accessible genre for people of all ages and reading styles bc there is something for everyone and they are easier to read then larger, more heavy going books. so I thought that I would compile a little list of my top three (which I could remember) books from four YA categories xx

Sci Fi / Dystopian 

  • The Hunger Games
    this series was BIG and it was big for a reason. Katniss is one badass female lead and, despite my hatred of the love triangle, it doesn’t overshadow the plot like a lot of YA fiction. I love a little bit of violence and a lot of death in YA fiction because it just makes it so much more exciting and THG is excellent at this as well as being set in one of the most detailed and realistic dystopian worlds
  • The Selection
    basically the bachelor meets YA royalty. this series is such a chill out read and it naturally has loads of twists although sometimes the eventual outcome may seem a bit obvious. I very cool idea which is such a nice book to read
  • Slated
    the slated series is unbelievably underrated but is my all time favourite YA series. it’s set in a very different future than most of these novels but it feels so realistic and I still have very vivid memories of certain scenes. the final book in the series is one that I preordered, cried when it came a week early and then preceeded to read in a day before crying again when I finished it. trust me this is probably the book that I would recommend the most. 


  • Harry Potter
    I mean this was an obvious one right?! harry potter is THE most iconic YA book of all time and it a whole phenomenon. honestly if you haven’t heard of it, where have you been living for the last twenty years? and if you haven’t read it yet, same question?!
  • Inkheart
    I adore this series so much. as a reader and a writer this world of bringing books to life was practically built for me. this is probably suitable for a younger audience as well as older teens but is a reading highlight of my later childhood even though the film is the worst book to movie adaptation I have ever seen - read the book, dont watch the film!
  • The Twilight Saga
    don’t judge me, I love twilight. even if you think that’s lame, the books are so poetic and well written and have shaped YA fiction and culture in recent years and without it I dont think YA would have exploded in the way it has. if you want to read them in secret and dont let anyone know, fine, but read them please. 


  • Fangirl
    Rainbow Rowell’s books are sooooooo good but I think Fangirl has to be my fave just because as a self defined fangirl, I related hard to the characters and storyline. these books are just fun and realistic and witty and contain so many fangirl references you will be squealing about it for days
  • What’s A Girl Gotta Do
    feminist YA literature at its finest. this book basically just takes every single criticism of feminism and stomps all other them through the coolest protagonist ever. it’s fun and entertaining as well as being educational and an honest insight into the everyday lives of teen and adult girls
  • If I Stay
    one of the most beautifully written books that I have ever read and a style which I have been so influenced by in my own writing. this love story is so simple but feels so strong and if you know me, you know that I love cliffhangers and shockers and this book is filled with them at several points


  • The Book Thief
    this book is probably the YA book with the cleverest narrative structure that I have ever read. the pov of the narrator is stunning and allows the story to be told in a new and refreshing way which still retains the horror and devastation of reality
  • Rose Under Fire
    this is one of the books which really affected me and has stayed with me for so long, I cried so much when reading it. it tells the story of a volunteer pilot in WW2 who ends up in a concentration camp and honestly this is a point of history which I adore reading about so much ( as you can probably tell by this list ) and the writing is so emotive
  • The Big Lie
    technically not historical fiction because its set in a world where the nazis won WW2 but it stems from history so I’m counting it (I also know that all three of these books are from the same era but ssh). this book is so intriguing and has events which you really do not expect but are so cool and original and it’s such an eye opening book

I hope you have enjoyed this list xx

Guys…I can’t thank you enough for this.

With all of my short time already, I feel like I’ve done so much and yet so little. I’ve made great friends, I’ve gotten messages from many saying that my work has helped them through some rough times, and others that just want to say how much they’ve enjoyed it. I’ve gotten amazing art, ficlets, and truly kind words. I’ve had a few message me for words of advice, others just to chat, others still to vent for comfort. I’m a part of a GREAT team for @matsugames (go @team-kara !) and ive gotten to do something I TRULY love for fun.

I’m so thankful for all the love and support, from the bottom of my heart. I started this blog for shits and giggles, but you guys are truly the reason I’m here! I love writing for you and I love talking to you all about these boys :>

Now: I haven’t forgotten my prompts! I’m currently working on one right now annnnnd a taxi driver Kara one (because I’m selfish and want to cater to my desires 👀) so hopefully those will be up tomorrow.

Thank you for 800 followers. I love and appreciate every single one of you. All are welcome in my askbox, all are welcome to message me. I’m always available to talk: whether you need a listening ear and a shoulder or you wanna talk shit about potato men lol Whatever it may be. I support and am here for all of you. Bard’s got your back on all things positive and for your betterment 💙

bad love song

for some reason

i’m sure you think it too

i don’t know how to breath

when i’m not with you

i don’t know why i try

to fool myself that you didn’t lie


everyday i cry inside

everyday i feel so alone

everyday i can’t decide

if i should call you on the phone


when you have a love

like the one we had

it’s hard to understand

just how it went so bad

i keep asking myself why

i can’t figure out why you had to lie


everyday i try so hard

everyday i am so alone

everyday i walk the yard

telling myself not to pick up the phone
The Bar
Drabbles and Shorts

@creativebloon submitted:  I didn’t like what I originally planned to write for Stretch. I guess this is my take on what the karaoke chapter would have been like with just him?

(It’s just a drabble. 1k+ words was…. for some reason, hard? Plus, I really like Arctic Monkeys.)

the tortoise’s two cents:  I love it.  And I really like the Arctic Monkeys, too!  x]

But hell yeah, Stretch on stage, arm outstretched is my kinda aesthetic.    

I rewatched Gray and Juvia ’ s meeting again and I was hit by feels again. She said; “I want to protect you from anything that might hurt you.” And eventually gets her life saved by Gray who had literally no reason to save her. As soon as the sky opened and she felt the sun for the very first time she just knew she wanted to be by his side forever. And later on their relationship Gray has some real trouble showing emotions but that’s just part of him. I love this ship and I won’t let it be ruined by people who have just not looked deep enough into it.

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Hey Ian I was wondering, at the end of the Wacky Funsters review you made a joke/reference to the sequel(?) "The Geekwad". Were you ever planning on actually making a video on that? Were there any ideas made but then you scrapped it? Or was it just a gag that you never intended to revisit? (The Wacky Funsters review is definitely one of my favorites so I would love to see the sequel but I can understand not wanting to suffer another Geekwad experience)

I saw it as a possibility. Something I could review down the line, but not necessarily something I was for sure planning on doing. For some reason or another I just never reviewed it, I think just due to lack of interest.

Nowadays it doesn’t seem that appealing to review because it would point people back to that original video, which is insanely old and kind of embarrassing. I’m glad you like it so much, though!

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allo, one of the "passing as male" suggestion links said and I quote "don't where pleated trousers. just don't." is there a reason why? because they often go with suits and I want to look dapper as love. Oh! and one more thing. if I went on testosterone, would i be able to stop when i wanted or would i have to keep going for life? and if i can stop, would the effects just go away, or would they remain? because I'm NB and I want to look more masculine but keep some of my feminine aspects.

Lee says:

I looked through the Passing as male post, and the FTM passing tips link says “Make sure your trousers fit low and aren’t tight - this helps to hide both your hips and your waist. Pleats can either help hide your hips or emphasize them, so use your judgement. If you do decide to wear pleated trousers, make sure that the pleats lie flat.” I think of the passing tips as suggestions not rules, and if you want to wear something that it says not to then it’s your clothes and your body and you should go for it.

Our Testosterone FAQ answers your questions about T, so check there.

in my media class today the professor made us go around the room and tell the class about ourselves and one of the details he wanted was favorite movie and for some reason i chose step brothers bc it’s one of my favorite movies and he asked why and i said i really love comedy and comedians and then he asked who my favorite comedian is and i had a mini heart attack before muttering “andy samberg” really quickly and nonchalantly and then he asked why and i didn’t wanna Go Into All Of It so i just said i thought he was funny and i really like him and then the prof moved on to the next person and i was so relieved and i was lowkey hoping a cute boy would come up to me after class and share the same interests with me but spoiler alert that did not happen

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I saw your post about how dangerous the trend of fairy doors at craft stores are. I really want to establish fae spaces in my home, but I have some cute small homes that I’m going to make into spaces for them and I’d love to use as decorations at my wedding first. Do you think it would be okay to do that/do you think the fae folk would avoid it or just come celebrate or something? It is an outdoor wedding and the houses would not be destroyed after just moved. I just want to be safe about it.

Yeah that sounds reasonable to me! I would suggest to dedicate them as a faespace after your wedding is done. Plus, if you use them at your wedding first, that gives them a lot of importance and meaning when you dedicate it to the fae after the fact and they’ll probably appreciate it more.


HSS: Girlfriend and Girlfriend (MC x Maria) part 1.

I’m doing this because I saw a couple of people were having difficulty deciding between Maria and Michael for their MC. (True mood guys). Not sure what you chose, but here is the other option I guess?

And because I wanted to spread some Maria appreciation. If anyone has the diamond scene, I’d love to see it please!

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You should write a phanfic were Dan gains a lot of weight for some reason and Phil is adorable and really comforting and sweet about it when he notices

!!! I love shit like this it RUINS MEEEE!!! Also this got a lot sadder and deeper than you probably wanted I’m sorry zjsjd


Dan hadn’t really noticed his weight gain lately nor did he really care, until he saw the speculations on Tumblr.

Phil always told Dan to avoid Tumblr if he could because it was just packed full of ridiculous controversies surrounding him and Phil knew that Dan could never keep his giant mouth shut about things like that.

But that wasn’t going to stop Dan from going on tumblr every once and a while. He and Phil hadn’t done anything ridiculous lately that would cause controversy so he assumed that he was safe.

He was wrong.

One of the very first posts that Dan saw was about his weight. Dan usually ignored posts like this as they were absolutely ridiculous. He would only speak out about anything like that if it was blowing up and out of proportion so much that it was the only thing he could find in comments and replies on every aspect of social media.

He furrowed his brows but got far too curious and continued reading the long post. By the end Dan felt completely sick to his stomach. He didn’t want to admit it but he felt as though most of the things written about him were true. He had gained weight, he had been eating too much junk food lately now that he and Phil were no longer touring and he was majorly slacking on his ‘daily’ gym visits, he just didn’t know it was becoming visible to his viewers.

He looked down at his stomach, looking around to make sure Phil wasn’t around before lifting his shirt a bit and taking an actual look. He remembered the days when his stomach was flat and his thighs and arms were skinnier.

All of the toxic thoughts from those days began to swarm his mind. Those were the really difficult days where Dan’s major depression and body dysmorphia had caused him to develop an eating disorder. Those days were stressful and full of tears and screaming thoughts of ‘ill never be good enough’.

Those days were long over but Dan couldn’t help but wonder, would one more time really be that bad? Would it do any more harm to him than he was doing to himself by eating so much and not exercising?

Dan pushed his laptop off of his lap and got up on shaky legs. Phil wasn’t home right now, he didn’t have to know.

It would only be this one time.

Dan’s unsteady legs slowly but surely brought him to the bathroom, where he closed and locked the door for good measure.

He walked over to the mirror and turned to get a side view of himself. The first thing he thought about his body was that he was ‘disproportionate’. It seemed to be a strange word he never thought he would use to describe himself but that was the first thing that came to mind. Instead of seeing a reflection of a lanky guy, he saw his stomach was poking out more, becoming more and more visible as time went on. He didn’t like it at all and he couldn’t help but curse himself as he felt a tear rushing down his face.

He took a deep breath, wiping his eyes before walking over to the toilet and lifting the seat

‘Just this one time,’ Dan said to himself before leaning over and sticking a finger down his throat.


Phil picked up on Dan’s strange behaviour really quickly. The cogs in his brain began moving when he came home to find Dan fast asleep in his room with his laptop still in the lounge, open on a ridiculous and toxic post on Tumblr. Dan never left his laptop open and on, especially on something Phil had instructed him to stay away from.

His brain kept high alert on Dan throughout the rest of the week, and as time went on, Dan’s behaviours changed very dramatically. Dan was barely eating, claiming he wasn’t very hungry, he had no energy yet still pushed himself too hard at the gym to the point of physical sickness. Phil was worried about him, but he didn’t know how to address it.

One night around 2am Phil was laying in bed scrolling through Instagram when he heard Dan’s feet padding frantically down the hallway and into the bathroom. Just moments later he heard the telltale sounds and knew exactly what Dan was doing. He heard the sounds of forced gags and attempts to throw up before Dan finally succeeded at expelling any food contents he had in his stomach from that day.

Phil quickly got out of bed and walked down to the bathroom, where the door had been left open. He stood silently at the doorframe as he was met with a heartbreaking sight.

There Dan was standing in front of the mirror, his eyes red, his cheeks flushed and tears staining his cheeks. He was standing there looking at his stomach with hazy eyes. He was mumbling with a shaky voice about how he would never be good enough for Phil and how Phil deserved someone better and not as fucked up as him.

Phil pulled himself out of his shock and quickly rushed over to Dan’s side and embraced him. Dan was taken by surprise and pushed Phil away out of shock and fear.

His brown eyes seemed a bit dull but Phil could see the remains of someone who was trying so hard to hold on to any form of sanity he could.

“I’m sorry,” Dan said, his voice completely worn out. Dan was scared. He didn’t want to lose Phil, he didn’t want Phil to go through what he had so many years ago, he didn’t want Phil to leave him because he was too big, but he also didn’t want Phil to leave him because he was too fucked up. Dan didn’t know what to do anymore.

“Dan, baby,” Phil whispered softly, tears clouding his eyes. He opened his arms for Dan rather than embracing him, in case Dan didn’t want physical affection at the moment, but Dan completely collapsed into Phil’s arms, sobbing into Phil’s chest.

Phil held him close and ran his fingers through Dan’s slightly tangled and unwashed hair. He shushed him softly and gave him sweet whispers talking about how much he loved Dan. How he would never ever leave Dan and how Dan was perfect the way that he was and that he always would be in Phil’s eyes.

After Dan had calmed down a bit, Phil got him a glass of water and Tylenol because he was certain the boy would have a headache after this, and encouraged Dan to brush his teeth. Dan did as he was told, slowly and with shaky hands, but Phil stood behind him with every moment and hugged him close, rubbing his thumb over Dan’s stomach and side and placing soft kisses on his shoulders through his shirt.

After Dan was done with all that, Phil turned on the water in the shower, telling Dan they were both going to get in and clean up and feel refreshed. Dan was hesitant. Phil has seen Dan naked so many times but Dan was suddenly as self conscious about this as he was years ago.

Phil stepped closer to Dan and lifted his shirt a bit, looking Dan in the eyes with a soft and reassuring smile as he rubbed his thumb gently over Dan’s slightly exposed stomach.

“It’s okay baby. I love you so much. So perfect the way that you are. I’ll always love you so much bear, please never forget that,” with Phil’s soft words, Dan hesitantly lifted his shirt over his head before stepping into the shower with Phil.


Later that night, or rather later that morning, Dan and Phil were laying silently in Dan’s bed together, Dan was shirtless and Phil was resting his head on Dan’s stomach, placing soft kisses all over it before moving and leaving slow kisses all over the rest of his body.

As Phil made his way back up Dan’s body, his lips still leaving gentle touches as he went, Phil looked Dan in the eyes and leaned in, pressing a gentle yet meaningful kiss to Dan’s lips. When he pulled back he whispered ‘you are so perfect Dan, I love you so much,” and with the warm feeling in his chest and the skipping beat of his heart, Dan had no choice but to believe him.



This was also a highkey callout post to all the nasties that have been gross and discussing Dan’s weight recklessly over tumblr lately. Be cautious with your words and please for the love of god don’t make disgusting posts about someone’s weight, you never know what’s going on in their personal lives. Thx.

Do you know this fic?

Okay. *snort* I’m searching for a fic I was reading while I was medicated and sick. That is your back story.

I remember thinking it was sweet and I wanted to comment on it but I didn’t for some reason. I fell asleep or got distracted who knows….again I was medicated.

I don’t remember if it was a ficlet on here or a longer on AO3 I just know I read it within the past two weeks. My brain remembered it today and now I want to go back and comment and give it the love it needs cuz I know it made me feel happy!

The ONLY line..i clearly remember is:

“Can I keep you Cas”

Is this anyone’s fic?

That line struck me cuz it reminded me of Casper the movie and that was the first movie my husband and I saw when we started dating so it’s “our movie”

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You’ve shown us what Praxis!Kylo looks like. Sexy Greek god also is like a tree truck. But what does Praxis!Rey look like? Is she more thin like epvii or something else?

Mmmm…Praxis Rey. In my head, the pictures from Daisy Ridley’s “V” magazine shoot always pop up for some reason. 

I just love the way she looks in these photos. This is my Praxis Rey for sure!! 


I just wandered into the kitchen to think about what to make for dinner and my son looked up at me and went “I know you love me for some reason.”

(which was not him being self-deprecating, he has difficulty with verbal communication)

I do, boy. We’ll figure this out.

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i'm sorry to ask if it makes you mad but, why did you stop drawing underdiary?

Ah no worries my dude it’s all good, and I ended up stopping for a few reasons, I’ll put it under a read more for those who wanna know.

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