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Is Anti a demon or just an alter ego from Jack? Because i want canon Anti to be just an alter ego, making him a demon just sounds like a cliché, thats the reason i love Anti over Dark. Btw, keep the good work!

i’m pretty sure jack has left it open to interpretation! i don’t think we know for sure what he is (he very well could be a demon), but i think it’s p well established/the majority of the community considers him to be some form of an alter ego

nothin’s canon, my dude! totally up to individual interpretation

there are a lot of reasons that i love talia as a mother figure for jason, but a very prominent one is just imagining the kinds of hilarious and petty arguments he and damian get into

damian, in the middle of his draco malfoy phase: my father will hear about this!

jason: we have the same dad

damian: …my mother will hear about this!

jason: we have the same mom, you little shit

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Man is it weird for me to be hyped about you seemingly liking that whole Lana Del Rey vibe and Otayuri together too ? Like I based a whole fic on 'Love' and I really like your art and then I read that you put some Lana songs in the playlists for your brilliant AU's and for some reason that made me so excited that I apparently had to tell you 🙈😅 okay I'm done, have a nice day

look lana del rey has been ghost writing songs about otayuri all these years and we literally had no idea

like, thats just how it is

lana del otayuri, its canon

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Your comics are killing me and i love it. <3 Also, thanks for sharing your thoughs on Shaladin. I feel like a significant part of the fandom is too afraid of expressing their opinion for fear of recieving hate. Anyways, your art is awesome, thxs!!

Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy it~ 

I kind of hope that my thoughts on sh@ladin are not a reason to receive any hate, since I don’t mind them and I’m pretty sure that every paladin could have at some point, or still has, a crush on Shiro. It’s just, imo, impossible for Shiro to see them as love interests, at least for now. But it doesn’t bother me to hint at Sheith and Shance in my comics, becase it’s fun and I want everyone to enjoy the series, regardless of what you ship.

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i have a suggestion 4 you: nate and jo in college living next door to each other and nate is really loud for some reason?? like always playing music when jo is tryna live his life but eventually nate is just doing it to annoy him and in hope jo will come over and yell at him??

Why are they actually idiots though lol. Jo is here to play hockey and mind his own damn business except his roommate is always playing loud music late at night when Jo needs to sleep (he has to get up at like 5 am for practice every day). And at first Jo seethes and tries to suck it up bc college is about being an adult and compromising, except eventually he gets fed up enough to bang on Nate’s door in just his boxer briefs.

Meanwhile Nate is like, just a chill boy who sleeps like the dead, and it’s really not his fault that his dorm neighbor is hot and won’t come over to yell at him for playing his music too loudly. He’s had every person come except Jonathan from next door. He’s starting to think that maybe he needs a new strategy. And then lo and behold, there is Jonathan from next door standing at his door, hair floofy, looking kind of mad, and wearing only his underwear. Maybe Nate’s plan worked a little too well.

Jo probably starts yelling bc Nate is a dick doesn’t he know some people here are athletes and have lives to get to and then Nate blurts out something like “God you’re hot” which completely derails Jo’s train of thought. And like asshole loud music playing neighbor isn’t so bad looking either? Nate promises to turn the music down as he bashfully apologies and unabashedly stares.

Blah blah blah they become friends, and then one day Nate’s heater breaks so of course he asks Jo if he can camp with him, and Jo is too poor for a futon and doesn’t have a sleeping bad so they share the cramped twin sized bed. Which gives Nate ample opportunity to cuddle the hot nearly-naked hockey player whose bed he’s invading

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hey, you got some mass effect andromeda positivity for me? too many negative comments and vids and i'm slightly depressed, because i love this game so much and everybody else just seems to hate it because of "ugly women" and stuff like that :/

really trying hard to think of which women are “ugly”?¿ this happens a lot tbh ugh!

Reasons to love ME:A:

1. The crew is amazing and their interactions are brilliant. They have different kinds of relationships with each other too like some hate each other and some are really getting along and it feels so real!
2. The Nomad
3. The Tempest is brilliant
4. The exploration
5. The mystery, like I’m only 14% in and I can’t wait to see how it goes
6. The lack of black and white decisions - again, feels more real
7. The vast improvement in animation. It’s not perfect by any standards, but it is bioware lmao and when you look at past games, the improvement is clear
8. The romances are much more fleshed out I feel like. I’m not far in but my romance with Peebee is so much less mechanical then past romances seem
9. The fan art, I mean look at the last thing I reblogged it’s incredible
10. The loyalty missions are really good so far imo

(Yo if peeps wanna add to this it’s an open post!)

I started listening to love songs again and actually enjoying them. Because for some reason when the pointless words mixed together, I thought about you. And maybe for a second I found meaning in them. Although I’ll never admit that to you… I started realizing the dreams I was having weren’t happening while I was asleep. I guess its just me actually thinking about the details of your face, and how your hands look close to mine, and the way you form your sentences. I guess I think about you more than I would like to admit. I am not someone who falls easy… but when I fall it is overwhelming. Maybe it’s too much and that’s why I try to refrain from it altogether. You need to know that somedays I have dark days. And by that I mean I think about everything that could possibly go wrong.. and then make it go wrong. I guess my life has had so much tragedy I now feel like I need to create it. You need to know that my bed is sometimes a black hole and before I met you.. I didn’t think I could crawl out of it. But you smiled at me. And you’re nice to me. And when you kiss me sometimes it feels like every migrating butterfly decided to find its home inside of me. So I guess maybe I like you. I guess maybe it’s more than just like… and I guess maybe I always want you around. But you should know that this spark you create inside of me is dangerous. You see we can light wildfires inside of one another all we’d like. We may find that we are infatuated with one another time and time again. We may feel alive. We may feel happy.. but all these are just warning signs. You see it’s not safe for someone like me to feel this way. I will overflow you with all that I am but when you realize you don’t want it anymore, you’ll go. And I’ll blame it on me kissing you too much, or holding you too tightly but the sad truth is maybe I’m not creating all this tragedy maybe it’s just who I am.

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who/what are 5 bloggers/blogs you love and recommend to follow? what are some reasons you like them or their muse(s)?

It’s pretty much impossible for me to only recommend 5, I interact with so many equally lovely people who write really interesting portrayals but I’m going to name off some of my great loves.

Of course there’s my beloved @neveroutofsight, I personally feel she’s a really understated Belle, but she does such an incredible job. I love the way she writes and Scout is just about the nicest person I have ever met in RP. If you don’t follow her, please do.

Some of my other beloved Belle’s to write with are: @thebeauty @finalpetal, @stillnotfree @coxragexs and @strangespecialmostpelicular @namemeansbeauty

My beastly babes are: @roseruin (SENPAI), @bcastmade, @xevermcrex and really every Beast/Prince around. I’m terribly shy and I haven’t actually had the balls to talk to these beauties, but I love stalking them.

And some of my other lovelies are @lcfou @lefoc LEFOCK @antlerdecor @bxstiion @the-delusion-of-a-dreamer (who followed me over from my Star Wars blog and has been my bud for over a year), @jcligarcon, @xcapableof, @reinemalheureuse (MOM) and…yeah just so many. I couldn’t possibly think of everyone off the top of my head.

I will say this, I really, really want to interact more with some servant blogs, I think so far I have only threaded with one. Again I’m horribly shy and I think many are not mutuals with me but if you play a servant and want to do a thing…please don’t hesitate to reach out. Sometimes it can take me a while to work up the courage.

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You know how sometimes you mention how much attention Zane gets from the fandom? I hadn't really noticed it until you mentioned it, but yeah, the fandom seems to love him for some reason. I'm not a popular artist, but every time Im accepting requests/ post something with Zane in it people automatically request him/ latch on to him and what I'm getting at here is why??? He's not that interesting of a character imo?? (I think he had the potential, but, ya know,,) sorry this is a lot!!

zane is the fandom fave, the character that suffers a shit ton of self insertion and the reason why people get upset when you say you dont like him, bc they self inserted so much they take it almost as a personal attack lmao

ms zane is a mess i feel like they dont really know what to do with him so they try to mash in as much fanon hcs in as possible, but then again most of ms is,,, messy and butchered

i dont find him really interesting (or atleast just doesnt spark anything in me in particular) but it’s a “to each their own” sort of thing yk, aint no point in biting kids for liking what they like, most of the beef comes from the piss poor behavior a lot of his fans seem to have lmao

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lmfao but abel has liked more of her pictures than she has his and there are a ton of pictures of him smiling with her, if selena was doing the same with justin you'd be gushing over how supportive she is. she constantly leaves him to handle her business when she needs to. as i said before, y'all don't care about selena unless she's single or with the cheater.

Abel just like Selena’s photos for 2 reasons:
1- When Selena is sexy in the photos like the vogue one.
2-When Selena was wearing the weeknd merch.Boy don’t even said a simple “i miss you”,the only comment he did let was about the merch.Tragic lmao.
You know,Some Selenators called abel out after caught him liking random models photos.Since this Abel is being more smart.Starboy is not dumb lol

I never will support a woman puting her career of side for a man.Never.Specially a man that don’t even love her.This is pathetic.

Cheater?Really?That’s the best you can do?Omg you are so badass lmao.
Gilr,c'mon,this is boring.Weak af.
Please,you are making me wasting time.

vanilla mocha latte

also my short writing for taehyung. hope you enjoy, and as usual, feedback is much appreciated! -sen

summary: taehyung gets tired of his customer not enjoying their coffee

genres: fluff

word count: 1.4k

warnings: -

Originally posted by jeonbase

People drink coffee for many different reasons. Some do it for the caffeine. Some do it to proof themselves that hey, I’m an adult and I can drink it like one. Some just genuily enjoy the taste. For Taehyung, it was the latter. He loved the bittersweet feeling on his tongue, the rich and thick taste filling every bit of his mouth. He had learned to love every single last bit of coffee, the making as well as the actual drinking. The smell of fresh coffee beans, the way the milk changed the colour from the pitch black to a soft brown. How holding the cup warmed even the last cell in his fingers. So when he heard he got the job as a barista in his favourite coffee shop, life could’ve not treated him better. Managing college life while running off to the coffee shop to start making coffee again sure was stressful, but Taehyung loved every bit of it. He had one friend at work if his boss wasn’t included, and the café was calm, but crowded enough. Just enough people to make the coffee the way the customers wanted, but that Taehyung wouldn’t get bored in work either. 

It just just another Friday morning. His Fridays were relaxed - he only had afternoon classes, so he could spend his morning making coffee and revising for future exams whenever he had the break for it. Still, the greatest thing about Friday was by far this one particular customer. She came in the morning, precisely at 8:15am and always ordered a black coffee. She always took the first sip in the cafe, and her facial expression was always the same. Disgusted, but pulling your way through it. At first Taehyung, thought it was his fault, maybe his coffee wasn’t good enough? Had he done something wrong? What if she hated his coffee, and would never come again. That would be a pity - Taehyung would never say anything but he did recognise beauty when he saw that. He had learned her name quickly, and through some small talk he had learned a few facts about her as well. It didn’t take him long to realize that that wasn’t that she didn’t like his coffee. She just didn’t like coffee, at least not when it was black. Most people would let it go - if the customer always orders something, it’s their fault if they don’t like it, right? Taehyung didn’t think that way, though. If she didn’t like black coffee, he would make her experience better.

The Friday morning was moving forward like it was any other day. Taehyung was already serving some of the first customers, making them a cup of joy and adrenaline. His focus was still on the clock. It was 8:11, not much longer until he could change her experience with his passion. Tick, tock, tick, tock. The clock was moving at an desperately painful speed.

The bell on the door rang, and Taehyung heard the familiar steps. He turned around from the milk bottles, seeing her face again. Her hair was framing her voice, her lips pouted again, when she looked at the board behind Taehyung. He knew what she wanted to understood, but maybe she just playing with the idea what would it be like if she ordered something. 

“Good morning, Taehyung. How are you?” she asked him when she noticed him standing in front of her. He answered with a polite smile.

“I’ve been good. College is a pain in the butt, but other than that, life is good. You’re good as well, I assume? College isn’t too hard for you either?” He asked. She giggled - god, how cute could one be? - and Taehyung grabbed a cup for her.

“I’ll take a black coffee”, she said, out of habit. Taehyung lifted his left brow.

“Are you sure? You know, Y/N, I’m not blind. I can see you don’t like the drink I make you”, the man laughed and looked at her expression. She seemed a little taken aback, but collected herself. She chuckled and shrugged her shoulders.

“I’m sorry, it’s not your fault, you probably make amazing coffee and all”, She said as she apologized and Taehyung shook his head again, interrupting her.

“Listen, I understand. I’m not mad. It’s not a bad thing not to like black coffee. It took me a while, too. But I figured that you could make yourself feel better on a Friday morning, and I could make you better coffee? Does that sound alright?” Taehyung asked, smirking at the girl. Her cheeks were coloured with a shy, pink blush, and she nodded.

“What kind of drinks do you like, then? Spicy? Sweet? Think of it through like… Hot chocolate, or Starbucks, I guess”, Taehyung told her and her eyes were turned back to the board located behind Taehyung’s back. She tilted her head, showing a little bit of her neck. Taehyung stole a glance at it. There were no marks, so there’s a higher possibility that she was free.

“Well… Uh. Does this sound too girly?” The girl asked and Taehyung immediately stopped her from speaking any more.

“No. Listen, coffee can’t be too girly. No drink is too girly. Who cares, what you drink? It’s yours anyway, so just choose whatever you want”, he smiled widely, keeping eye contact with her. She blushed even harder, and nodded, making up her mind.

“Well then. Is the vanilla mocha latte good?” She asked and Taehyung felt his boxy grin grow wider and wider.

“If you like sweet things, yes”, he said and the girl nodded, agreeing with his assumption. Taehyung smirked and wrote the girl’s name on the cup.

“Vanilla mocha latte it is. That should be 3.20, if i’m correct. It should be ready pretty soon, you can wait where you usually wait, alright, Y/N?” He asked and flashed the square smile again. She nodded. She started to fish money from her bag. She found her walled and poured out all the coins to her hand. She counted them and her face dropped.

“I only have 2.80 at the most, look”, she said while pointing out the money in her right hand.

“I guess I’ll just take the black coffee then, I only have money for that”, her. face looked disappointed. Taehyung felt his insides twist and shook his head. This was his only chance today.

“No, no, listen. Listen, I have an idea. How about you give me the 2.80, and you’ll pay me back with a… Well, let’s call it a date. If that’s okay. If not, you can juat return the money to me next week, forty cents won’t do any harm to our business”, Taehyung grinned and took a careful look at the girl’s expression. He was getting himself prepared for a negative answer - but he was pleasantly surprised.

“That sounds awesome. What time do your classes end?” She asked and Taehyung’s cheeks hurt from all the smiling she caused. His senses clearer than ever and the only thing he wanted to focus on was her. She had actually said yes! How? 

“At four. I can come pick you up at your dorm, if you’re alright with that”, he said and the girl nodded, happiness making her eyes twinkle. Absolutely adorable.

“Thank you, Tae”, the girl said, the nickname being used for the first time by her. Not that he minded - he actually loved. It confused him. Maybe it was sign? Maybe they were a step closer to each other? 

Taehyung didn’t take long on the drink, but he put more effort on the than what he had done ever before. When he finally finished the drink, he quickly walked over to her, where she was waiting patiently. Taehyung handed over the cup, and maybe accidentally, maybe on purpose, his fingers stayed a little longer on hers. She smiled and looked at the cup. She chuckled at the phone number Taehyung had written for her. Taehyung smirked to himself and she took a sip. Her face told it all.

“You like it?” Taehyung asked and she nodded, excited about the new carnival of flavours.

“Yes! God, why hadn’t I tasted this before?” She giggled and Taehyung couldn’t help but laugh along with her. How resistable can a girl be?

“I need to make it to my morning classes, but I’ll see you tonight, yeah? I’ll text you the address”, she proclaimed, her smile never leaving her lips. Taehyung nodded, understanding. She showed Taehyung one last smile before she walked to the door and out of it. He kept looking at her, even when she was out the door. The sunlight made her hair glow and a smile formed on his lips. This time, his heart wasn’t only warmed by coffee.

i love this brief look he has, because i think its the real reason they were wiping him. not to get the mission done, because he was just some malfunctioning tool, that the memories might give Steve some upperhand. i think they know if he remembers who he is and realizes what they made him do? they are fucked.

reaaally don’t think Peirce would have bitch slapped that right there, because just for the briefest second i think that was Bucky, even if he didn’t know who that was. it’s gone as quick as it takes to just push him back, but for a second he looked ready to snap every last one of them in half.

i dont think a single one of them are afraid of the Winter Soldier, but Bucky Barnes? theres nothing more dangerous than your weapon remembering he was a good man

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It's your friendly neighbourhood dancer!AU animal again! You seemed to enjoy my ideas so I thought I'd send you some more after I e been thinking about it. Obviously Lena gives Kara a stage name when they first meet, and it isn't until Kara finally plucks up the courage to ask Lena out that Kara learns her real name and by that point Kara is so smitten that 'Lena' becomes the most beautiful word she has ever heard.

tfw ur phone changes anon to animal

her stage name would be something ridiculous like Candy or Cookie n Kara would just be like “oh i love food” lmao Kara pls…

anyway, once they actually talk about going out, Lena takes Kara’s phone to write down her number. and when Kara leaves the club she immediately goes through her phonebook searching for it (bc for some reason she just wants to see the number, let her live), n there’s no Candy in it n she thinks Lena didn’t even write it. until she sees one name she didn’t have in her phonebook before… Lena. and it’s the most beautiful name she ever had the chance to say.

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this is super random but today i tried to smoke weed with my friends for the first time and we used a pipe. there was three of us and two of us have never smoked before and one of us has. i tried multiple times today but for some reason i just could not do it right?? i was wondering if you've ever smoked weed and if you have tips for a first timer haha i feel like i trust you and you would offer really good advice, thank you <3

Hahah, I love how you think I’m the right person to ask this. Lucky for you, I am. I’m not promoting weed, and I don’t think you should be smoking it on a daily basis, especially if it brings you down. I smoke weed from time to time, never in public, never when I’m supposed to drive or even go somewhere. The effect it has on me is pretty calming, I’m chill and I laugh a lot, but I feel kind of slow. I can’t move as fast as I usually can, so I never smoke weed if I have something to do or somewhere to be because I’m scared I wouldn’t be able to react properly until it wore off. That’s my advice for you and anyone who wants to try it. 

I don’t know how a pipe works, we always roll our weed. For me, the first time didn’t do much. I didn’t get what the hype was, I just felt a bit tired later. But then I decided to give it another chance. My advice is, ask one of your friends that’s more experienced to help you. I only smoke with two people, and one of them taught me how to inhale the smoke the right way. I don’t smoke, so I didn’t know how to do it properly and I felt like coughing all the time. Be careful and don’t do too much because it works differently for people. One of my friends threw up the first time she tried, and she never wants to do it again. Another friend tried when they were drunk, and they felt horrible after. Don’t mix it with alcohol, especially if you’re still inexperienced with it. Be careful! :*