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1. Get a goddamn education. For whatever reason that suits you. I’m not going to continually convince you that the only reason you should get an education is because you should love it. Maybe it’s all about qualifications, maybe it’s about supporting yourself financially or if you’re lucky, it’s about following and finding your passion.
2. I know money isn’t everything, but in a capitalistic society such as ours, you gotta get some decent dough from somewhere.
3. Learn to think for yourself. Formulate your own opinions, and voice them. Society needs people like you, even if it doesn’t know it just yet.
4. Live. But remember that you define that word. For some people on here living means travelling or going to concerts or whatever. But if living for you is laying on the grass with closed eyes and emptying your mind then do that, even if it’s considered different.
5. Bitches will be bitches, assholes will be assholes, but don’t let anyone fool you twice.
6. Failure is inevitable. It will hurt and you’ll feel like you’re drowning in your own life. But know that you have to swim eventually, you have to. And there is no right time to swim. Just go.
7. On that note, there is never the ‘right time’. Just because it’s 2am and you’re drunk off your ass doesn’t mean you can’t fucking write a book. Similarly, just because you think you can’t and you’ll accomplish later, is the exact mentality that should act as a trigger.
8. Don’t be afraid to love and be loved. Usually people are afraid to love because they’re afraid of getting hurt. But screw that. Give your love without fear but remember, give it to the right people. But remember that the people who seem right today might not feel right in the future. And that is life. But don’t let that stop you.
—  Important things I’ve learned.

hey, my name is fox. (legal in 15 days. Nice.) i just turned 24, live in chicago with my beautiful girlfriend (and soon fiancee, if things go as planned) and our two cats, sawyer and moe. i’m pre-t for some health related reasons, but will hopefully have them sorted out by next fall. 

i came out to my family after being hospitalized for what would be diagnosed as bipolar disorder years later. that was 10 years ago. 

im currently a psychology and social work student at loyola university (chicago). i work in security and like to sleep past 10 am. i also love x files, tegan and sara, space, and psychology (obviously). im constantly wondering when im going to get my next tattoo and what im going to do with the random spaces between the ones that i have now.

recently i have decided that my body and i are deserving of love. 

i hope that you all can do the same. 

please feel free to message me if you need or want to talk. (im going into the field, after all.)

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Favorite tcc blogs?

oh dear god, every one I follow and that’s like 400 people so I won’t tag them all but here are a few that are always on my dash that I luvvv soooo much! 💗
@irishcreamandhalcion bc they are just so educated and sweet
@millkcoffee bc they are just a bad ass bitch
@damn-dahmer bc everyone loves them and they say “lol” on every post they make
@mrsjeffreylioneldahmer bc they are so fucking nice and just amazing
@dylsdomine bc obvious reasons, they’re amazing
@richiesbitch bc she’s BEAUTIFUL and just fucking perfect
@truecrimedaily bc they’re my mom and they’re so fucking nice
@cool-ranch-humans bc they’re a bitch :^)
@dahmergasm bc I really just love them so much for some reason I mean they’re amazing
@dahmerdas bc they’re the sweetest and HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR ART
@rebavodka420 bc they’re so beautiful and lovely
@dahmer-man bc they’re funny as hell and so beautiful
@dahmer–eats–dick bc they reblog great memes and I love them
and of course @jxffdahmer who I had to ignore for a minute to make this but I love them so much with all my heart
IF I DIDNT TAG YOU it’s because I can’t remember your long as fucking @ or I don’t hate you enough to put you in one of my posts so you’re #blessed but I LOVE YOU ALL 💚💚

mod bursting through just to say one thing: something that never fails to make me happy is the reaction that people have to these posts. its all pure joy and hapiness which really warms my heart and reassures me that, there are some people out there that love/enjoy/need these posts. and it makes me endlessly happy. the reason this blog was made was to make people feel happy about their favourite character that keeps getting dragged through dirt, and im glad i’ve somewhat achieved that goal :“)

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If we ever will get to see Windblade and Starscream (Chromia and Ironhide) in their holoforms, have you already an idea how they might look as humans resp. are there any (popular) human "doppelganger" which come close to their appearance ?

I’d love to do that at some point. But the question is finding a good place. Since we’re a Cybertron-focused book, there just isn’t much reason to have them use holoforms in an organic way (get it? GET IT?). But it’s definitely something I want to do. 

Curse you, Roberts! You get to have all the fun!

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I have a lot more better ones but they can’t be released yet for reasons! D: I know, it kills me too. Once we reach a certain arc I can release all the rivster I want. Which will be a lot. But for now take thiiiis~ I have a few more non spoliery doodles that are half done that I can try to finish once I get a little farther in this next comic. So you might get more soon? We’ll see?

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I just really, really need for a guy to hit on Cas or Dean (preferably Cas) and for us to see the other's reaction to it. Not that i have a jealousy kink or something lol, i just think it'd be interesting for spn to continue this type of exploration with one of them as explicitly as they did Chuck and Charlie for example. I'd just love to see Dean see Cas be open and responsive to a guy because gender truly doesn't matter to him. And for Dean to see the possibilities in that.

Right? I mean you don’t make God bisexual for giggles, you know?

I think it would be fascinating, too. So far Dean has only seen Cas in situations like this with women, after all. There was April in 9.03, but I’m pretty sure nobody counts that for ick reasons…

Hannah the “female in the car,” who Dean I believe experienced some strong feelings over. I’ve still been hoping to have Sam mention Hannah and refer to her as “he,” since Sam last saw Hannah in a male vessel. I’m wondering how Dean would feel about that, that Cas related to Hannah exactly the same way in both vessels. And then we had Nora in 9.06, who was admittedly a false lead for romance, but we still got the whole scene in the car where Dean helped Cas get ready for his apparent date with her, all the while looking like his heart was breaking.

So, yeah, I think that could potentially flip that dynamic around completely. WE know that Cas is utterly indifferent to sexual orientation, but DEAN doesn’t. And I’d like to see the look on his face when he learns it.

I feel like it´s time for another Sinbad-Defending-Post...

It doesn’t matter what Sinbad will say or do. I will always love him. Unconditionally. So it was pretty painful for me to see him getting wrecked by Ugo. (No, I don’t hate Ugo for it. He is just doing his duty). Nevertheless there are a few things I want to say. (Long post!)

I admit: He kind of deserved it. Even though I completely understand his actions and his thoughts I have to say that he deserves the beating solely for the reason of thinking he has to do everything alone. Like some people say: he thinks he is a ‘special snowflake’. And yes, he is sure that he is special, he actually is completely paranoid about that fact. I already said it in one of my older posts: “Sinbad is under a huge psychical pressure.” And it looks like I was completely right with that. He didn´t let it show, he kept his facade up but with Kougyokus speech he started to loose his balance and like we all know: It escalated pretty quickly. 

Since his early childhood everyone kept saying that to him “you are someone special”. And to a certain level it IS true. I mean, c´mon he captured fucking 7 djinns and created a country with a flourishing economy and allies. Adding the fact that this guy is probably the most handsomest and charming guy in the whole Magi Universe it is no wonder that Sinbad developed a god-complex. 

I can understand him: Sinbad is a a lot like me in this matter. I am also a person who thinks that only if I do things by myself they are done right and correctly. In certain matters I only trust myself and no one other. That’s why I can comprehend his actions and thoughts. 

But in his case it’s just lunatic what he does. He may be able to see the flow of destiny, he may be able to hear Davids voice but tbh after seeing what happened in Alma Toran I was hoping he would start to rely more on his friends. But it completely caused the opposite. He only trusts himself and is overestimating himself completely. 

I don´t think he does this out of the will to gain prestige. To get celebrated as the hero who changed the world. This is just a plus-point for him. He really wants to protect his friends and his/their future generations. He is so desperate to achieve that because (at least I think thats the reason) he doesnt want them to feel the grieve and pain which a cruel world like the current one can bring. But what he left out completely is that he also has people who love him as the person he is. 

It could possibly still be an aftermath of the War of Sindria where he lost so many friends. He said in Magi 322 something like “Fight for your family.” And he will, even if it kills him. That is actually basic shonen-manga-logic. Nevertheless he may have forgotten that he is also a important member of the family from someone else *cough* Ja´far, literally the whole Sindria-crew *cough* 

Through the chapters he got offered help more than once. Besides Ja´far who always tries to keep him upright and is literally doing anything for him also Aladdin and even Kougyoku offered to help him. TO DO THIS TOGETHER. Like I already said: FUCK THIS ´SINGULARITY´ SHIT. And I still stick with that.

And seriously, fuck you all who say that with Sinbads death everything is happy and fine again. Don´t forget that his actual goal is to rewrite the Rukh-system to make the world a better place.      

The last ~10 chapters were really painful for me to read. And at the same time they more and more pushed my fascination and love for Sinbad as a character. The last time I got emotionally that wrecked was because of Aomine Daiki (Thanks again, I haven´t slept 3 days straight because of you, dude) and his backstory/aftermaths. But Sinbad brought that all to a new level (Yay, sleepless nights, my old friends.)

And now, I´m out.

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Should I start HTGAWM? That Wes you keep reblogging looks really cute and I already want to protect him

(please note all of this gifs aren’t mine, if you found sth which belongs to you, let me know!)

yes please! You really should start watching HTGAWM! Here are some reasons. (Order doesn’t matter) 

1. Wes Gibbins - complex, interesting, broken character (just like my fav Bellamy Blake, also got lots of hate in the fandom while white guy didn’t, I mean my precious child needs protection so come on, join me!) - Incredible acting of Alfred Enoch and and and look at his dimples!

Alfred is such an amazing actor, it’s like you can feel his emotions because of what this dude does with his eyes. (sounds similar *cough* bobby? *cough*) Also when he is in love he seriously looks like precious puppy. okay okay enough.

2. Amazing plot twists literally every fuckin episode, it’s like “okay this episode is cool, nothing really happens, my favs are alive” and then last 15 minutes and so many things are happening I’m screaming all the time

(first episodes of first season though aren’t that interesting as the rest so if you start watching HTGAWM you have to give it a time, just like people need to give a time The 100 since first episodes aren’t showing the real potential of the show)

3. Badass, amazing, manipulative, incredible, excellent, powerful, bisexual lead - Annalise Keating. Tbh no words needed, just Annalise Keating played by THE amazing Viola Davis who deserves and Emmy. Best representation you will ever find. (#cgwho?)

4. Laurel Castillo. My Latina Queen. aka “The Quiet One” (with Wes though!). Well, she isn’t “quiet” at all to me, definitely one of my fav characters. The only people who deserve her love in this world is Wes Gibbins or Mikaela Pratt. It’s totally okay to disagree but not in my mentions. (I can’t say a lot because I don’t want to spoil, I hope you will watch it.)

5. Mikaela Pratt. Knows her worth. HTGAWM is worth watching for this scene below, I’m telling you. (they have 1000000 scenes worth watching for, the whole plot is genial, every actor is genial but I’m telling you, this scene was so fuckin important for me I will never ever forget it. Love yourself, know your worth, just like she does.)

6. If you think bisexual lead isn’t enough rep, here goes best couple ever - coliver. It’s not possible to not love them. (separate this characters - Ollie and Connor are also my favs)

Please give it a try, you won’t be disappointed. Amazing characters, actors, couples (however ships aren’t here that important, I’m glad, plot is waaay more important).

Thanks anon for this message <3

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Kyoko is 100% not dead. Why? Beacuse she's actually smart. The direction she walking in was the way right to the locker room with medicine. Most people would say her NG was the most unfair,but it was actually the easiest,cause she knew when it would happen. She brought them all to a safe room without any moniters,but it was also the room with medicine. She figured out it was suicide. She figured out how to live without sacrificing naegi. Shes the SHSL dectective for a reason.

I don’t know how late this reply is but exactly!! Kirigiri is too smart to just lay down her life to just let Naegi say what she’s discovered. Don’t get me wrong, I love Naegi but I’ll be super pissed if Kirigiri is ACTUALLY dead because the writers decided to kill her to give Naegi some man pain.

Also thankyou anon! There has been nothing but hate sent around recently on the whole ‘is Kirigiri really dead’ issue and I’m honestly glad to get some positivity ^^

A Winning Combination of Weed and Loneliness (Rajila AU) - cameron

A / N :

Just a little fluffy, smutty cisgirl Rajila for you! This is my first RPDR fanfiction and will probably be my last. TBH Rajila isn’t even my no.1 drag ship, but Raine, Circe and Rose have seduced me with their cisgirl high school AUs and this got stuck in my head for some reason so I went with it! I’d love any feedback, but it is kinda short :/

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[[ 🌲 ]]

“Pacifica needs to hold herself TOGETHER. She shouldn’t have said what she did– But I can’t believe she would just do that for no reason. Whatever is going on between you two, stop it. She only gets this irrational when she feels THREATENED and TRAPPED. She loves you, and you know what? She’s gonna be in trouble LATER, but right now, LETS TALK ABOUT YOU!”

He crosses his arms. 

“I am BEYOND furious! Do you even understand what you’ve said?! I don’t CARE if you’re faced with a bad attempt at a joke, Marion, you are NOT to act like some sort of brat! We BOTH know where everyone STANDS in this goddamn love triangle– Square– Whatever! The girls are having a harder time with it, so they’re being STUPID, but you– You’re acting like a child– So I MAY as well PUNISH you like one. Get over here,


Getting the Girl

Request:  Can you write #48, “Is there a special reason, as to why you’re wearing my shirt?” And #32 “I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.” With Liam Dunbar please. Thank you!

For: @do-not-worry-just-be-happy

Word Count: 1998

A/N: This went a lot farther than I had ever meant it to go…I was gonna go some cliche route and then my mind was like BOI YOU BETTER NOT.

Originally posted by urnotsprayberry

Liam was…protective of you.

And by protective I mean he’ll rip someone’s throat out with their teeth if they were mean to you or looked at you the wrong way.

And that was before he became a werewolf.

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I just like how you post about food it's nice and comforting for some reason

Thank u and ur welcome! 😋 I hate cooking, but I love eating so it’s bittersweet. It’s even better when I don’t have to pay lol will probably post pics of what I eat later

One Big Cliff-hanger of a Series

charmed-sisters replied to your photoset“The Hunt: Headgames Season 2 Chapter 7: Part V Previous /…”

the spiritual energy in this is just overwhelming!! <3

More like even the spiritual is giving up on my cliff-hangers :D

Originally posted by sizvideos

firstladyofcasterlyrock replied to your photoset“The Hunt: Headgames Season 2 Chapter 7: Part V Previous /…”

Damn you and your cliff-hangers! Who is it!? I need the next part >.<

I have been a little cliff-hangery of late, haven’t I? :D Sorry. I hope it will get better. Mostly I just try to put one chapter into 4-5 parts. The cliffhangers happen on their own. :D

charmed-sisters replied to your post“A Really Long Reply about Harley Quinn”

Omg! <3 Your so gonna have to tag me in replies ‘cause I’m late like Alice In Wonderland with your posts for some reason and I love 'em. Yes hunny! Yes! Your harley dog sounds awesome and your Harley knowledge has slayed on me! <33 Yesss! I haven’t read the injustice series but in the first injustice game I knew ALL of her combos, her whole move set! There wasn’t one person that could beat me online unless they were cheaters with Scorpion. I could even beat Superman!!

Okay. Especially for you, I’m tagging you in replies since RIGHT NOW: @charmed-sisters :D In Injustice I could beat anyone with three characters: Harley Quinn, Killer Frost and Zatanna. Zatanna is actually my third favourite heroine aside from Harley and Black Canary. They are my holy trinity of kickass awesomeness. Plus, I loved Killer Frost’s costume in Injustice. She is an interesting character. I pretty ship her old-as-time one-sided love debacle with Firestorm. Like back in Crisis on Infinite Earths. I loved her in that. :D 

jepensedoncjesims replied to your photoset“The Hunt: Headgames Season 2 Chapter 7: Part V Previous /…”

Who is this Dax character!!! (is she still wearing bunny ears?)

That is actually just the singer who sings that song. I didn’t even realise it could be ambiguous until your comment. So sorry. My fault. I think I will go correct it so that it just says ‘singer’. There is already enough confusion in this chapter without this. :D And yep, still wearing them. She sure feels the spirit of Easter. :D

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This sounds so stupid but I have so much fucking high hopes to meet Joji one day and just have a nice conversation and chat and talk to him about how cool his music and give him a hug and ask him if he wanted to and just take a picture of me holding his hand just as a normal picture like I see some fans do with people or even maybe a selfie but I fucking Love this man He's the only reason I still get out of bed and be a cancer about how much I love him I hate myself

i know holy shit i’m so envious of everyone who has ever met him but at the same time i feel like i probably wouldn’t be able to keep my composure if i met him

Can i just take a minute to say thank you? To everyone that follows me, sends me memes, waits so patiently for replies, messages me about plots and ships, to those you watch the dash silently as I drunk spam the world, to those followers I’ve never spoken with that follow me for some reason I’ll never fully understand. Thank you for that. I haven’t been here long but I have never felt more at home or welcome in the roleplay community or GRPC, than I do with this blog. So thank you all so much and i love you all so much.

As always i’m always up for writing with all of you, so feel free to drop me an IM or a message if that’s something you want to do! ILY! Thanks for not being total planking goats.

stop trying to put ur favs into black  &  white categories of good  &  bad.  everyone’s fav has done some shitty stuff. everyone’s fav has done some good stuff. accept it!  let it be a facet that maybe your character apologizes for / gives you a reason to look deeper into their character as to why they did something rather than just ignoring it.