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since it’s almost christmas and a time for everyone to be happy, and because i recently reached 2.5k, i decided to make another follow forever!! (okay truth is i’ve been wanting to make one for a while but ignore this) this time i have some special mentions to make, because i met some really amazing people here in the last few months! and i know better who my favs are this time lmao (also i can’t seem to get the links and mentions to work for some reason so just know that if im following you, you’re here. just search for your url)

> @khazbrekker > duda i love you so much, you have no idea! you are the most precious angel, my moon and my stars, one of my best friends <3 i love talking to you, i love working with you, i love everything <3 i remembered when we were both going to do enem and you said to me you were wishing i did well and that you would think of me during the test and i was like “who is this person?? how can anyone be so sweet?” and i just adore you so much! talking to you makes my days better love <3

> @vvinterhayle > ju i will never forget the day you came to me with the first idea for the yalitsquad!! for one it was what started the network, which i love so, so much, but more importantly it was the start of our friendship! i love you so much, never forget it <3

> @hxcates​ > vi, somehow it seems we never stop to talk properly (except for that first time, that is), but i really really like you?? you have a special place in my heart, and your blog is amazing darling <3

> @collinslily > pristine!! you are like out of this world amazing! and guess what i’m back to saying that we never got to talk much (we did a little at least) but i feel like we have a connection? somehow? for one i think your blog was like my first inspiration as my blog was starting to take shape and grow to be what it is now, and the first time i saw yours i was like “wow!! so pretty!! what an amazing icon! what perfect everything!” and you had that real great persephone url too that i just loved. you were an instant fave, and so far i haven’t changed my mind.

> @cuipid > teresa you cannot imagine how much i love your blog! whenever someone asks me about a blog that looks great, like theme goals, mobile theme goals, aesthetic goals, i think of yours. and your edits are so perfect i still don’t know how you do it! we never got to talk properly (we started once, but didn’t go on? was it my fault? idk) but i know for a fact that you are this sweet and amazing person and i love and admire you so much <3 keep up the good work darling!

so yeah those are my favorite favorites haha, but i love everyone i follow and i love everyone who follows me, and the rest of the amazing people on my follow forever are waiting bellow! i was going to put them under a read more but tumblr is messing with the links and maybe this way it’ll at least show on the search idk (faves // ♥ loves of my life)


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i just saw the rick saying that he thinks the hunters of artemis are asexual/aromantic - but sexuality is what you're born with and to join the hunters is a choice? like, i could be straight, bi or gay and have an attraction to someone, but choose not to act on it because i'm a hunter. does that make sense? it's like someone choosing to be celibate, and choosing not to act on their feelings. but ofc there are ace and aro people, just not ALL hunters. thoughts?

Some hunters are definitely not ace or aro, some hunters joined because they were hurt by loved ones (Zoe, and you can’t deny Luke had something to with Thalia’s decision and he was one of the reason Annabeth was thinking of joining). But also most of the hunters are younger than 14, the average being around 12, which Artemis said is the usual age they join, before they grow up and start to have romantic feelings (while that it’s not always true: Annabeth having feelings for Luke before turning 12 it’s usually it’s case)

So yeah maybe not all of them are ace/aro…but probably most of them are and now, you asked for my opinion and this is it: Let them have the representation. Jesus Chris, I know how hard the aro and aces have been fighting for this to be canon and it’s finally is, let them have this. The tags of my post are people screaming of joy and happiness because they finally have their representation. Rick Riordan is working so hard on giving everyone representation, and this time it’s theirs, next book while hopefully finally be the wlw turn, but for now? Let them have this.

(And to the people who says they wish he would include this on the books, someone of it is already explained in Titan’s curse, but like a lot of people have say, the first saga is heteronarrative but he also said on his lastest book tour that he will answer questions about queer hunters in ToA)

This is probably awful of me but my favorite thing about that TFA Rey and Obi ficlet was the fact that probably Vader was carrying around his old master like some snow white or sleeping beauty bullshit lmao

Temptation: Part V

The very much requested part V is finally here! I’m truly sorry for how long it took to write this, but for personal reasons i had to take some time off. I just had to have Rhys showing Feyre music as a nod to ACOTAR, and for everyone wondering, the song is Let Me In by Marika Hackman and the lines “Coughing up a love that tastes like spring/Green and starved of oxygen” are perfect for the end of her relationship with tamlin. I hope you enjoy! Feedback is always appreciated!

This is for everyone at the Skype Court, thank you for everything potato heads :P

Part I / Part II / Part III / Part IV

Feyre woke up that morning to a headache and blurry memories of what had to be the worst decision making of all time. She shifted in bed, not ready to wake up, and turned off the alarm clock on the nightstand of her and Mor’s beds. Flashes of drinking and starry night and hot, heavy kissing shot through her head as she closed her eyes and she groaned, realizing she might as well stand up, because doing nothing was  not going to improve her mood.

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please be careful with all those dudebros from 4chan and reddit following you on youtube, they are being really weird and creepy towards you and im worried. love ur vids and ur blog btw! ive been watching since u first started!!

Yeah, I know. They have been doing that for about two months now–just latched onto me for some reason. They comment all sorts of weird things (and email my mother and me) but my safety isn’t being compromised. I have a thick skin! Thank you so much for watching my videos and following my blog!


Gibbs: Something on your mind, DiNozzo?
Tony: If Ziva were up to something, you’d want to know about it, wouldn’t you?
Gibbs: I’d want to know she’s safe.
Tony: But you’d respect her privacy.
Gibbs: Unless she was in too deep.

1) Yes, Tony is obsessed with Ziva’s whereabouts, but the guy is so clearly in love with her that it’s no wonder he’s worried she’s up to no good.

2) I really love this exchange, for some reason. I love that in this entire episode, Gibbs is basically giving “them” his tacit approval, just in the way he reacts to Tony’s questioning and encourages him to check up on her when his gut is telling him something is wrong.

3) I feel like there’s a bit of a parallel between the way Vance uses Ziva to do his dirty work, and the way Gibbs uses Tony to do his. Only Vance is coming from the same place Ziva is (revenge), while Gibbs comes from the same place as Tony (love/concern). Gibbs knows that Tony is probably the only person in this room who loves her more than him, and he’s the best shot they have at making sure she’s safe.

4) Also, in retrospect – I’m totally pretending this is exactly where Gibbs is coming from in 11x02 (spoiler alert I couldn’t wait and I may have jumped ahead)


anonymous asked:

BRO BRO BRO i just thought what about the first thanksgiving tony soends at rhodes' house? and they like in your previous headcanons tony is nervous as hell. and then they get to the 'im thankful for' part. and it's tony's turn and he kinda blurs out "im really really thankful for your son, that he's actually my friend, that he likes me for some reason" and thats when everyone's hearts swell and break at the same time. and they can only think 'yes. we are gonna protect this precious being'

He’s nervous because Thanksgiving is so incredibly important and intimate. Something a family treasures and holds dearly. And even though he knows Rhodey’s parents have welcomed him in their house (and family) he gets doubts when Rhodey brings him home for Thanksgiving.

No matter that they are friends and that he’s spent every bit of free time he could here at Rhodey’s home - Tony still gets nervous and unsure of his welcome.

And he tends to blurt out whatever is first on his mind when he gets nervous, so he so would just say whatever he thought of first.

When he says he’s thankful for Rhodey being his friend, it’s just cute. 

But when he adds that he is also thankful for Rhodey having some reason to like him ((implying: “I don’t see that reason, why would he stay with me-”)) everyone’s hearts breaks for him.

Momma Rhodes would adopt him on the spot if she could, I tell you. But she can’t, so instead she swears to herself that Tony will always have a loving family here with them who will protect him like their own son.

queencityqlass  asked:

Though love and reason rarely keep the same company, I've always had my reservations about Bella's choice of Edward over Jacob. Do you think her choice was influenced by the life he could give her? With Jacob she still would have been regular Bella but with Edward she's super Bella. Jacob understood her and challenged her while Edward patronized and disregarded her. I guess to me it just made more sense for her to love Jacob because I struggle to see Edwards positive qualities most of the series

It’s amazing to me that Edward and Jacob are like some kind of fandom Rorschach test, or those optical illusions where it’s a vase or two people depending on how you look at it. Some people see Edward as the obvious choice and Jacob as a bitter friend-zoned manipulator, and others see Edward as abusive and Jacob as the down-to-earth good guy who was showing Bella the way out of her vampire haze. 

And it’s like … if you see it one way, it’s really hard to see it the other way. Even if someone points it out to you, and you squint at it, and turn your head to the side and it’s like “I mean, sure, maybe you could see a duck in that, but it looks WAY more like a rabbit to me.” 

I was never particularly invested in either romance (I’m here for the mythology and individual characters rather than any particular ship, personally), so I can see it both ways for the most part. I think, again, we get back to this problem of where I know what SM meant (that Bella was choosing Edward for the ‘right’ reasons, for love etc), but the context muddles it.  Because sure, Bella becoming a vampire seems like a big deal to everyone else… except Bella. She says things like “What’s so great about mortality?” and “Am I the only one who has to get old? Where’s the justice?” which muddles this idea that choosing Edward is the ‘hard’ choice, the risky choice. But in choosing Edward she also gets an instant family, unlimited wealth, beauty, power, immortality… Choosing Jacob means choosing a normal human life, it means growing old and dying. It means getting a job.  It means caring for an ill father-in-law. In many ways–personalities and sketchy behavior and species aside–choosing Jacob would have been the more “romantic” choice, because she wouldn’t be getting nearly as many “perks” (the word she used in BD re: benefits of vampirism). 

I think there would be an equally compelling story in choosing Jacob, but it would have a much different moral/theme.  The one we get is pure fantasy wish-fulfillment, “follow your heart and things will work out and you’ll find your true place in the world! Love conquers all!”  But in choosing Jacob it would be more about the value of humanity, and the beauty of living in the world and as part of the circle of life. With Jacob she’d really have to grow up–she wouldn’t get this immortal young adult thing whether immortal ‘parents’ to always fall back on. It’s like Edward and the Cullens are choosing Neverland, and Jacob is choosing to go back to the real world and grow up. 

[Posting this here because there’s more JoJo’s following than my personal.  HELP A COSPLAYER OUT PLEASE.

I’ve seen a lot of Jolyne cosplayers wear something like this coat

and I cannot for the life of me find official art of anything like it.  What the heck is this coat?  It’s like a combination of Jotaro’s coat and her prison jacket.  Does it really exist or did some cosplay shop just bullshit it into reality?  

Whatever it is, I love it and want to make it but would really love an official ref to go off of.]


want to torture yourself?

Think about the fact that maybe the reason Abby knew to “start with Bellamy Blake” wasn’t just because of mother’s intuition, but because Clarke confided in her at some point during Season 2. 

We know there have been plenty of important conversations that happened off screen before (i.e. Bellamy discussing his Mt. Weather torture-which, according to JRoth happened on the walk back to Arkadia in Season 2.), maybe this is one of those convos.

Maybe Clarke’s look wasn’t shock because she was astonished about the depth of her feelings for Bellamy (remember-Clarke categorically acknowledged that she loves Bellamy in 2x09 when she sends Bellamy into the Mountain with “I was being weak.” after being told “Love is weakness.”/that her mother knew of her Bellamy feelings.

Maybe she was shocked because her mother would use those feelings against her.

anonymous asked:

I FEEL you on BTS. I thought 7 was too many members to possibly be able to love them all so much. Like I started out with no bias, then gained 1, then started watching the Bombs and variety appearances, next thing I know I'm in love with all of them and I will fite anyone who tries to hurt them. OT7 indeed.

That’s where everyone messes up - if you want just one bias, don’t watch the bombs. Remain in ignorant bliss. Ignore every variety appearance. And definitely don’t read any interviews in which they’re asked to praise one another.

I think that’s one of the reasons I love them all so much - they very clearly love one another way more than any of us can love them. In some groups there isn’t really a brotherly camaraderie. You get the sense that they don’t necessarily all get along in every one-on-one selection. But with Bangtan, you can pick any two members - seriously! any two! - and find all sorts of moments between said members.

Their relationships with one another are so solid and it radiates out into their public group dynamics. It’s great. They’re genuinely a happy little found family and it makes me weirdly emotional. I’m glad that they found each other and I feel like they’re going to be a solid unit for…basically forever tbh.

I was going to throw in a bomb of all of them together but then I remembered this bomb exists so I’m sharing this one instead.

kajuned  asked:

Do you ship Destiel, Charlie? I'm beginning to find the "Dean takes care of his precious and naive Cas" idea a little weird. No offense, but I feel like it is somewhat damaging to Castiel's character. He was a captain of a garrison, he raised Dean from perdition and the idea of an angel needing constant supervision from a human like Dean, it's just...I don't mind emotional support, but naive Cas is, for some reason, disturbing me now. ^^;

Yes, I ship Destiel. And that’s not really what the ship is about in my eyes? Many people like to write Cas feminine-like because of how much he changed throughout the season. His badassery was first before they turned him into a pure innocent little kitten. And in how soft and calm he is, people see him as a person who seeks for affection.

Though I know that more than half of the Cas stans that are Destiel shippers love badasstiel the most.

For me, It’s about Cas being there for Dean whenever. It’s about their connection. Cas’ “I’ll go with you.” when Dean would sacrifice himself for the world, for example. Or the way Cas tugs Dean into his arms and just holds onto him, and Dean’s tiny smile at the end. That’s really what Destiel is to me.

Random Ian Ramblings

Back in season one when I first started watching the show, Ian was my favorite Gallagher. I just connected with him for some reason. Carl was my second favorite. Then when Mickey came onto the screen for the first time screaming “Ian Gallagher” and his little exchange with Lip, well Mickey stole my heart.

But Ian was still my Favorite Gallagher and maybe my second favorite character. I loved how he could show such innocent sincerity and love while still being rather emotionally suppressed and a loner. There was a way about Ian, it was the way he handled himself, his facial expressions, how soft he was even when he was being hard. I loved Ian fucking Gallagher.

Season 5 fucked me up, for a lot of reasons. I’m not going to list them all but I think everyone is in the same boat here.

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Went into the Malec tag so I could reblog stuff and all I see is people hating on people in the tag. Malec shippers posting hate about everything from other ships to reasons people can’t like Alec and beyond, like…we’re here to LOVE things, not tear them down! Why do people have to complain and bitch 24/7 on this site? Just show some love! :(

everyone knows i love su but it’s been very underwhelming lately?? like even the non-gem plot eps, which are usually my faves, but they just don’t pull any focus now for some reason.

i mean we’re only two eps in after the hiatus but like the FIRST ep was so awful, i might still have some bad taste from it LOL. idk i just…can  we focus on garnet or amethyst please?? if i gotta see another ep where pearl cries imma lose IT. like im really disappointed in how poorly amethyst is handled by the team, probably only about 3 people give a fuck abt this character.

like what the hell was that lame ass jasper/amethyst arc? was that really supposed to be satisfying? Crack The Whip was SUCH a great place to start her arc, so many questions to be answered, but amethyst had to practically share her arc w steven, barely got resolution for her insecurities…

*SIGH* I just want shit to pick up again, explore other characters like jasper, garnet, or amethyst bc honestly peridot and lapis are very boring to watch LOL. 

Book Discussion Challenge | December 6 | Faith

If I had to choose a favorite book I would spend days, weeks, and years agonizing over it and would probably come to the conclusion that this is it.  Life of Pi by Yann Martel hits me in the heart every time I read it.  One of the things I love is how it talks about the universality of faith and how it ties faith to storytelling.  I’m being real when I say that if I didn’t already believe in God, this book would probably convince me (and not necessarily to believe in specifically a “Christian” God - Hinduism and Islam are the other two religions discussed).  Likewise, if I, for some unimaginable reason, hated storytelling and didn’t think there was any “point” to making something up, this book would convince me otherwise.  Ugh, my heart hurts a little bit just thinking about this book.

Is there a book that has made you think about faith in a new way?

anonymous asked:

More how? How about a lance who loves the ocean /so much/ he spends more time in it than on land?(literally) a lance who's job is to teach people how to surf, or how to swim, or take people scuba diving. Maybe that's how he meets Keith. He goes with Shiro scuba diving for shiro's birthday maybe? Hunk works at the beach too. And pidge is just the friend universally known for some mysterious reason

i love this. i love surfer/ocean lance. i think we need to resurrect surfer!lance anyway cuz i see hardly any of it anymore, i think it needs a resurgence in the fandom.

I am so sappily emotional.

Okai so today, I went to tuition for maths, me and my friend were sitting in the living room where all the kids were, the teacher is just sitting on the couch, if we’re confused in our subject, ((each of us has their own subject for tuition, for example, I’m maths, my friend is biology)) she can help us and then boom, we’ll understand.

After school I have tuition with my friends so we walk to our teacher’s house and study there, it became our 2.1 home.

And I love it man.

Okai, tHE REASONNNNNNN, Why I’m so sappily emotional is because, well, me and my friend; ((I ain’t saying her name just her stage name but damn she cool tho)) SunFlower, I call her sunflower cause…idk she just reminds me of a sunflower for some odd reason XD.


Me and SunFlower were talking and she suddenly said to me.

“Why are you so perfect?”



I was confused but flattered, cause Mary has been asking me that question, fricken Lilly too, and some other girls in my class too, Jacob told me that I’m so smart and he’s dumb. BOI I SWEAR TO GAWD, JACOB, YOU’RE SMART AF, SHUT UP.

*sigh* back to the point!

So I said.

“What do you mean by that?”

Then she said that I play a lot of instruments, I write stories, I can “act”, I’m a responsible sister, I’m “everything”.

Idk why…I mean, eh, I don’t see myself like that…idk, I mean…I guess others can see your best while you see yourself the worst.

Then she began bragging about the thing I made like a month ago.

In our english class, there’s this beautiful poem we have to do as a group, the poem is called the Solitary Reaper by William Wordsworth and oh my god, that guy is a genius, I love his poems and its just sifbwjfbwkfbwj.

So in this poem, I thought; ‘Hey, why don’t I bring my guitar and play a soft tune while my group recite the poem?’

My group agreed and we did it.

((The tune is the chorus from “its over isn’t it” by Rebecca sugar….yes we sang it too in class with actual music))

There’s this guy in my class, ((ain’t saying his name but his stage name)) Nathan..

He’s very shy, like really shy but he has the “bad boy” vibe but he’s actually really “kind” I guess, I mean, not THAT kind but he’s average, he’s cool, we talked but its short conversations.

Cause he’s also the silent type so-

Anyways, SunFlower and Nathan like best friends, so Nathan said this to her.

“I’m so proud of her.”


He said, he’s so proud of me to SunFlower, Sunflower told me this today.

And I actually cried.

Cause..its…I’ve never heard those words in a long time…I mean, its always me who says it to others but when someone says that to me..

I can’t help but feel emotional, I’m just happy someone acknowledge that I actually worked hard, I just don’t want to admit that I worked hard cause it sounds…too self-centered?


But I really am so happy he said that.

That he’s proud of me.

I’m glad he said that, I’m happy he said that.

Its been a while since I’ve heard those words…

And it just fills me with warmth and happiness, I mean, marshy said those words to me and I really am happy she said those words to me.

But to hear it…

To actually hear it from someone who saw me go through my panic attacks, who even helped me when I’m in my panic attack, and who is like…present with me and…

I just never heard it from my…amigos..I mean..idk…Naomi said those words to me when she helps me go through my panic attacks but I don’t think I’ve heard them say those words to the stuff…like what Nathan saw and said to me.

I know I’m exaggerating but…

Try to put yourself in my shoes.

Imagine your life in an another Arab country, two years no school, two years of isolation, three years of going through depression and self harm and actually made it through alive.

And trying to improve yourself so you could just get a small praise such as “well done, you did great.”

Just those words and when you finally…

Finally get to hear those words.

You break down.

Because you’ve been longing to hear those words, those simple words.

You feel like you’re exaggerating but you don’t care, cause it made you feel happy!

So at least…just this one time.

You can actually think of your happiness first…