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Gibbs Drabble Request

This was requested by an Anon: ((*Slides 3 dollars across table*)) #36 “I wanna sleep next to you.” with Gibbs please?

Word Count: 283

Warnings: Fluff

Working with your boss was never an easy feat for you; especially since you had feelings for the Marine.  Yet, you were staying the night at his house.  Not because you invited yourself over, but because your place was being fumigated.  Sometimes you hated apartment buildings.  You just wanted to sleep in your own bed.  However, tonight you were in Gibbs’ house and in his bed.  And for some reason, you couldn’t sleep.

You were half asleep when you felt the mattress dip beside you.  An arm wrapped around your middle as your back was pulled against someone’s chest.  At that moment you knew it had to be Gibbs.  You would have been flustered if you hadn’t been so sleepy.

“Gibbs,” you mumbled, your voice barely audible.  “I thought you were sleeping on the couch?”

“I changed my mind,” Gibbs spoke in a low voice.  You could smell the hint of bourbon in his breath, but you knew Gibbs wasn’t drunk.  Otherwise he wouldn’t have come up here in the first place.  “I wanna sleep next to you [Y/N].”

“Y-you do,” you stammered, feeling the heat rush to your cheeks.  You weren’t feeling as tired as you were a few seconds ago.  You blamed Gibbs for that.

“Mhm,” the Marine hummed.  “You don’t mind do you?”

“No of course not,” you replied, almost a little too quickly.  

Gibbs pulled you flush against his chest, pressing a kiss to the top of your head.  You weren’t sure what brought this on, but you weren’t complaining.  Falling asleep in Gibbs’ arms was something you used to dream about.  Now that you were in Gibbs’ arms, you never wanted to leave the comfort of them.

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expressionbeing  asked:

Hey I'm trying to understand if you hate ALL men and what happened? If you would like to share. Peace

Okay so to me if someone thinks I actually hate all men, which is about 3.5 billion people, then they’re most likely a man whom I dislike. I don’t actually hate men otherwise I wouldn’t interact with one and I wouldn’t most likely end up in a relationship with one. Some of my closest friends wouldn’t be male. The thing about them is that they don’t fit the shitty criteria that most men are.

There’s a reason for my dislike and caution with most men I meet.
Here’s a list of things that bother me:
-men most of the time don’t see me as anything beyond a sexual object. A lot of white men do this because I’m a PoC. Because of what I put online or how I talk, they immediately assume all I want is sex and that’s my only value
-included in that I’m dehumanized usually because I’m just treated as a sexual object who has no other thoughts. The messages I receive from men are as if I don’t have interests and I’m just waiting for a man to tell me “wow I find you beautiful” or that I want to expose myself to them.
-they assume that I can’t be in charge of my own sexuality and that the photos I post aren’t for them but rather to boost my OWN confidence and love myself more.
-men think I value and want their opinion all the time, especially when it wasn’t asked. Mansplaining basically. I can’t talk to the majority of men without being mansplained. I’ve had conversations about things I know fully well and they try and tell me I’m wrong. It’s as if I’m incapable of having knowledge.
-men are very entitled, especially white males. I’ve had guys tell me how to talk, act, behave, etc because I apparently owe them that when I hardly even know them. If I ask for them to leave me alone, a lot of them won’t and will attack me for being too sensitive when really they’re just a piece of shit. (Few months ago a white boy told me not to say lit and when I told him off, he started calling me a childish bitch and harassed me until I had to block him)
-on that note, the majority of them don’t respect women which goes off of not seeing us as humans or deserving respect.
-old men assume I owe them something. I had a 40 year old get pissed at me a few days ago just cause I said I wasn’t interested in him. When I was 13, a man was checking me out and saying what a nice body I had (my mom told me that, I never heard it).
-there’s a reason that the majority of crimes, rapes, assaults, etc are caused by men.
-masculinity is so fucking fragile. Like you barely say something and they’re like “no that’s gay” and practically start screaming it and it’s like bro fucking chill. Like deadass guys sometimes won’t use Chapstick because that’s gay like what in the fuck??????
-I immediately assume that a man doesn’t see me in a platonic way. Most men don’t and will assume things will develop sexually and romantically.
-the fucking friend zone 🙄

Honestly I could go on. This list is already massive. I don’t dislike them for no reason. I know there’s good ones out there, that’s why a majority of my friends are male. But those people see me as a person, they respect me, they don’t demand things from me, they recognize the fragility of masculinity. Idc if I get hate for this, if anything it just shows all of the things I mentioned.

I’m currently working on 24 requests

They will all be written, but obviously it may take some time to do that and post them. If I get a request I cannot accept, I post the Ask with some reasons why. If you want to check I got yours, you can look at the list on my info page

Thank you for the requests! Every single time I get another it makes my little heart hurt with love. Also, thank you for your patience in regards to me getting them done. 

Lastly, while I’m here, shout out to the following people for being super rad. These are people that send feedback, reblog posts, help with fic ideas, reply to posts, are consistent likers, or are people I talk to almost every day because they’re wonderful. 

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My usage of the term "ana"

I know many people think this “pro ana” thing is stupid/offensive for glorifying mental disorder. I’m using the term “ana” as in “short term for anorexia” without the context this community has. I dont think “ana” is some dainty friend who will help me get skinny. I think of it as a part of me because I really think a lot about not wanting to eat. I’m not diagnosed with anorexia so thats the reason I’m calling it just ana side of me. Also this method of losing weight is so unrecommended so I joined this community where it is accepted to fast at my own will.
I would never say I envy people with anorexia who doesnt want the disorder. I don’t think I’m taking away what anorexia means to other people by calling my unhealthy behavior that it is similar with the disease, and using a short term to differentiate it with a diagnosed ones.

losttimememo  asked:

I wanted to tell you I love how you write every single headcannon ;; honestly the way you write Saeyoung and the others is completely amazing and the way you portray them has brought a big smile from me quite a lot of times hah, you're the reason I started a headcannon blog of my own because I got inspired and was given courage for writing my own stuff ;v; please take some time for yourself if possible!! Don't force yourself too much and take care! I hope you feel better soon mamapeño♡

Oh my gosh I’m…literally going to cry rn thank you this means a lot to me like 😭 I love you and I’m so glad that I inspired you like ???? That’s amazing and just wonderful I’m so proud of you!!!!!

anonymous asked:

"Where is the line?" For me, I don't care what the line is because I do not care what reason someone has for wanting an abortion, I do not ask, I do not care, I support their right to an abortion. Even if someone's reason would end up being one I personally disagree with, I will not tell them because it is not my place to judge someone for that personal decision.

oh no that’s fair! I would never be against blocking abortions for any reason. but it doesn’t hurt to analyze the possibly bigoted reasons for why some people have abortions, since like I said it can be a symptom for a larger societal problem.

vegangoodcunt  asked:

Abdullah and joey have thrown cracks at your advice on live stream. I've seen Abdullah do it a few times, one time when he was with that roider guy, long dark hair in the states last year, don't know name.He did follow it up by saying you were a decent guy though, but what you say is wrong. He's always promoting fats and greasy food man this should be obvious. I know what I've seen, I've got no reason to lie either, I've benefitted from your advice and I'm grateful. This is just a heads up bro!

I think they are both a bit grumpy because Tori can beat them in a 5k, a solo TT up Norton Summit and gets more monthly views than them both combined at the moment and she only been on youtube since Xmas time 😄

I want to see them train up some women from scratch into fitness and social media stars like I have. Then they can say my advice is wrong. 😘

It is funny though because they have taken most of my advice if we look at the following.

They met each other thru me.

They are both on youtube because of me.

They both got their channels kick started because of my shout outs.

When at their peak fitness levels they were both following my training advice. I even paced them both to their fastest ever times up Norton Summit. Both of them purchased bikes and power meters specific to my recommendations.

What happens though is some people get a small following and it goes to their head and then they pretend they were never noobs and that they were born film producers and upstanding citizens all their life or something and that ‘Durianrider swears too much and its a bit too radical’ all of a sudden. 

That putting some sugar in your organic fruit smoothie is the fucking end of the world and telling people to stop being so fucking lazy and train more is ‘encouraing extreme exercise’. (Then Joey tries to do some crazy amount of riding in 3 days after a 6 month break and gets so sun burnt he gives himself permanent skin damage. )

I was a 20 something guy though and yeah, you want to rebel a bit against those who showed you the way but it is more of a sign of insecurity than becoming an independent young man.

They are good guys but acting like 9 year old private school bitches too much from what I hear. That isnt being productive at all.

anonymous asked:

My ex cheated on me with my bestfriend and her ex and I took her back. She dumped me after two weeks because my bestfriend called her and she wanted her again. Anyways, it's been a week and a half and now my ex's friends are tweeting petty shit about me and threatening me over direct message. I can't get over her for some reason and everything hurts.

dude get over that bitch she’s trash

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you could recommend any good fics where Kurt is sick with like Cancer or something? For some reason I'm on a kick where I want to cry or something because this kind of fic is all I can think of! Thank you!

Definitely check out our sick!fic tag, and don’t miss this one:

Going For Broke by kyrakahn

What do you do when an enigmatic stranger buys you a beer and turns your life upside down? A certain stockbroker is about to find out exactly what it means to cut all losses.

anonymous asked:

I'm not black but in my class we were talking about trump changing black history month to African American history month and I said I saw nothing wrong with it because was originally created by an African American to celebrate the accomplishments of other African American but throughout history it became something for all black people and that made a lot of people (AAs include angry with) can you give me some insight on what I said/did wrong? (It's a debate class btw)

Well, you’re not black, so you really have no say. But I say Trump had a point for all the wrong reasons. They just hate the word “black,” so they wanted to change it. They want to make it sound less “racial.” African-American is politically correct over here. However, Marcus Garvey and other non-AAs contributed to black history in the states, so it would not be fair to exclude them. But you are right, it was created by us to celebrate our linage and ancestry, but then other black people from the diaspora helped, so we included them.

anonymous asked:

Re. "corrective shipping" and lack of nuance - It also bugs me that for some of these people there's no distinction made between "character x is gay/lesbian and sleeps with a character of a gender they aren't attracted to because of story reasons (e.g. part of their process of figuring themselves out)" and "character X thought they were gay/lesbian (like in canon) but [character that I want to see them with] showed them they're actually straight". Not that either justifies rape accusations...

Yes, pretty much. The shouting at the first thing is textbook gold-star bullshit, that radfems are absolutely marinating it (the idea that a gay/lesbian person has supposedly more of an inherent ‘worth’ if they never had relationships with people whose genders they’re not attracted to, as opposed to gay/lesbian people who had such relationships before fully figuring themselves out). 

I’ve got zero tolerance for any gold-star type attitudes, because not only have they been consistently used to demean and attack a subset of gay/lesbian people, they’re also at the root of a ton of negativity aimed at m-spec people (if gay/lesbian people who aren’t ‘gold-star’ are devalued because of this, we get an even lower position in the eyes of the people who invented the whole thing).

And yes, the second thing is textbook homophobic erasure and yes, that still doesn’t warrant an accusation of rape. Saying that whoever handled the thing has homophobic attitudes and participates in erasure by making the character straight should be enough, no need to devalue other words in the process. The fact that this even needs to be said…


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dream4rt  asked:

Wait, if times AU was at constant war with each other, did that mean he took part in it or was he a bystander?

Whale it’s sorta complicated?

Once the whole thing with Chara and Asriel and shet happened Asgore wanted any human to fall gone but Toriel didn’t want this and many others didn’t either and wanted to protect them

Because of that, monsters started rebelling against Asgore and this whole dang conflict happened which was laik a war, the ones who wanted to protect humans having to hide and stay low. Since Undyne (for some reason don’t judge I made this up like in 5 minutes a year ago) was with Toriel, she betrayed Asgore and her own Royal Guard to join Toriel and is a main fighter/protector and since Papyrus looked up to her he also went to be a protector and Sans being how he is

HE ALSO went along with his brother. Ofc he’s had to “fight” others to protect himself and his brother but he never killed them, so he wasn’t a bystander but he wasn’t always so ready or active to fight others

greyflame42  asked:

Yes! 11 plz? :D





Basically big school that takes in lots of exchange students and Sci is french and Edge is either spanish or colombian (was originally going to be spanish but i also quite like the idea of him being colombian idk)

They’re partnered up for a science experiment and it all goes wrong because  Edge won’t do anything and Sci doesn’t want to talk cause he hates his accent and it all goes to shit so Sci ends up swearing. in french. and Edge finds that really funny for some reason and Sci gets flustered  cause, holy shit, that’s a cute laugh damn

so they end up becoming friends, and when they become a couple their relationship consists of Sci braiding Edge’s hair (cause its long shh) and Edge begging Sci to say ‘omelette du fromage’

anonymous asked:

Did you see the anon on @newgirlystuff saying that he/she doesn't believe you because you only give vague answers? Here's my take: You don't even have to be here on Tumblr, but you decided to join us and give us some insight/hope and the majority here appreciates you. And I think the reason you give vague answers is because you don't want to lose your job. Also: You told us nothing but the truth. Thank you, SSA! XO

No, I didn’t see it and I don’t care what that person thinks.

I love your take, thank you. :) It’s true, I could tell you everything, but the thing is: I can’t. Why? Well, you said it: I could lose my job. I’m trying my best to reply to all anons, but sometimes I can’t answer a Q because the answer would be a (big) spoiler. And I don’t want to spoil any big moments, where’s the fun in that? 

I should study science but...

I was tagged by @imsorrymothermoth to post 11 random (and useless, I’d say) facts about me.
1. I’ve just come back home after that English class, I’m tired but I still have to study
2. When I talk to people they generally turn back or go away for some reason. And then they say “why don’t you talk with us?????”
3. I used to eat a lot of junk food, but now I tend to avoid it and to eat more organic food.
4. I have two copies of Tom Sawyer and Don Quixote, thanks to my (ex) school teacher, who wanted us to buy this (not so beautiful) school version.
5. I’m afraid because I think I change my handwriting “from one style to another” so much (?), but probably I just have a bad handwriting
6. I’ve never been to a Caparezza’s concert (my favourite italian singer, y'know) because of exams or because I was moving into a new house, and this is frankly annoying. I EVEN WROTE A LETTER AND MADE A FANART OF HIM! THE CONCERT WAS FREE!!
7. One night I had a dream about John and Paul: basically John was my best friend (I hoped more hahaha…joking… :^D) and Paul was introducing himself when a giant spider came in the park where we met…John and I just closed … a door (??a door because the park was in a room…?????) but then tried to help Paul ‘cause “yeah, he’s nice, let’s help him” Then the spider went away and we went to eat an ice-cream also with George and Ringo and another friend of mine.
9. I always wear jumpers. All kinds of jumpers. So I’m John Watson in winter. In summer I tend to be more like Sherlock.
10. When I was at primary school I used to be in a band called “Gwen Sisters” or something like that. I used to write the songs and I wanted to play the guitar. Then, other little girls made a band and we got “angry”. So we created a “talent show” (my classmates and I) and I was a member of the jury, I felt so important. In the end the winner was another girl, because “she was talented and she also danced well”. What a life!
11. Uhm, I like marshmallows.
Eh, now, I have to tag someone…I won’t tag (but I tag you just to see the post muhuahaha) @tiinkers-tales and @paulmcmuffin because I always tag them. I’m so annoying. So, I can tag just @pasteljohnlennon, @ryanepstein and @sgt-peppers-rubber-soul DO IT ONLY IF YOU WANT!!

So the more I think about this the funnier it gets. Some drunk guy asking my favourite song by Adam and I go, “Stand and Deliver” as it is obnoxiously fun and he proceeded to list a bunch of b-sides and explain why they’re better than the “hits”. Lmao. They’re hits for a reason and if you really think I don’t have the full discography - being that I’m dressed just as fabulously as Adam may I say - you’re a god damn moron.

Was incredibly put off last night because I just wanted to have a good time but now I’m just laughing ):

“The amount of information in your brain could be stored in a paper airplane.”

aka my quest to make any bit of dialogue into something fond HAHA…