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Sterek Week 2016 || Day 1 || Scene Stealer || Merlin, The Diamond of the Day

(altered slightly; warning: character death; potential for rebirth as is the legend)

Stiles can only stare. Derek’s dying, bleeding out, and still obnoxiously righteous. A fucking martyr, refusing his help. Stiles is magic. Stiles has power. Stiles has a destiny to save his goddamn kingly ass.

“We can’t,” Derek gasps out. “It’s too late.”

“No.” Stiles has so much within him and there’s always a way, another spell to try. He always saves Derek.

“All your magic, Stiles. It can’t save my life.”

It’s like he’s picked the fear right out of Stiles’ heart.

Stiles shakes his head, brain frantically trying to grasp at something, but there’s a block, a wall of worry, and all Stiles can think is how red Derek’s blood is. How thin looking. Insubstantial. Can Derek really not survive without it running through him?

“I can,” Stiles half-shouts, desperate. “I’m not going to lose you.”

“Just hold me. Please.”

It’s the whisper that does it. That has Stiles falling towards Derek, and a lump lodging itself in his throat.

“There’s something I want to say.”

Stiles cuts him off, covering Derek’s mouth with his own. It tastes of blood. “You’re not going to say goodbye.”

“No, Stiles.” Derek smiles at him. How he can when he must know–he must be able to tell that Stiles can’t–


“Everything you’ve done. I know now. For me, for Beacon Hills. For the Kingdom you helped me build…”

Derek cuts off on a groan, and Stiles’ hands press down over Derek’s, already on his wound. They cover quickly with red.

“You’d have done it without me.”

“Maybe.” Derek goes to smile again, but it doesn’t reach his eyes as he groans again and folds himself over.

Derek’s breathing heavily when he looks back up at Stiles. His eyes are half closed and his focus goes in and out. Stiles can’t think to do anything but take away a little pain.

“I want to say,” a breath, “something I’ve never,” a breath “said to you before.”

Stiles doesn’t want to hear whatever it is, not if it means Derek’s going to let himself go after he says it. Which he will. Stiles know he will.

He tries to delay a little longer. Just one last kiss.

A kiss can’t last forever, and Stiles feels Derek’s last words as validation against his lips.

“Thank you.”

concept: me, a housewife, putting two lean cuisines in the microwave. i drink an entire bottle of chardonnay during the four minutes the chicken fettuccine takes to heat up. my husband walks through the door just as i place the entrée on the table. he thanks me for slaving away all day over a hot stove. i have succeed in passing the lean cuisine off as my own creation. when he’s done, i tell him im in love with our maid, helen–who bears a striking resemblance to margot robbie–and that i will see him in court. im blind drunk and jump into a 1960s pink convertible that helen is driving. we laugh about the lean cuisines.

music and lyrics yoongi for @auriee happy birthday, cutie~ 

You have Castiel

So at Phoenix Con this last weekend there was a blink and you’ll miss it exchange that got very little tweet coverage or videos posted. But it made me pause and go… wait, what? Did he really just say that? 

At the Jensen/Jared afternoon panel, they are asked which character they think is most important to the plot.  Jared takes the opportunity (as he does) to talk about how he had the most fun in season four (cause he met Gen) and then expands on demonblood!Sam a little more:

Jared:  “I loved that… (turns to Jensen) and I think you’re kind of going through it this year with the Mark of Cain… (turns back to audience) it’s really funny to play a character that’s kind of … super powerful all of the sudden … you kind of start to feel it like, yeah, this is cool”

Jensen: “Yeah, but I don’t have some hot chick to make out with all the time”

Jared:  “That’s true"  (turning to Jensen) "you have Castiel”

crowd commences screaming, Jensen laughs, Jared is grinning madly 

This feels… different.  Like something has shifted.  Cause for so long Jensen has had a “I don’t talk about Destiel” wall up and questions about it with him are very awkward (honestly still are, per that morning in the Gold panel) and I don’t think we’ve EVER seen Jared tease him on stage about Destiel that directly.  Seriously, the two of them know which questions are hard for the other to answer, and they have each other’s backs and cover for each other when it’s needed. They take care of each other on stage. So for Jared to feel like it was ok for him to blatantly suggest Dean/Cas make-out sessions?  I mean… I know some of you don’t watch con videos, but for those that do - doesn’t this feel like something that JUST DOESN’T HAPPEN?  So… what has changed?

squints in the direction of of the next 5 episodes they know about that we don’t yet

Video link and extra commentary below the jump, if you want.

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Its always interesting to me how we get to see so many sides of dan.

we see the professional presenter dan who nods and laughs accordingly, presenting facts and datas as he stares into the camera confidently.

then we see the dan who takes derpy photos and we get to see him turned into memes and being completely okay with it even encouraging it. We see dan who turns himself into a joke and laughing at himself

but then we get to also see the dan who smiles really brightly and is just super caring, the supportive dan, theres the dan who says things like spork or spoon or dingus and the dan who giggles dorkily at puns, the emotional dan, the more soft and subdued dan, the dan that cries in movies and the dan who screams at jumpscares and the more loving dan who tells his followers that he appreciates everyone of them and does his best to include them and make them feel like they matter with sappy tweets

and each side of them are still dan and they’re all so beautiful