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A lot of people seem to miss the point on otaku culture in V3 to a pretty severe degree. There's a reason why Shirogane is the ringleader people.

I feel as though a lot of people in the western part of the fandom might be sort of unfamiliar with how much the idea of being an “otaku” is intrinsically tied with very negative connotations in Japan. It’s easy in the west to treat it as a kind of funny term which basically just means really liking anime or Japanese media in general, but it goes much deeper than that.

There is quite a lot of societal pressure to succeed in the Japanese education system. The same applies anywhere, of course, moreso nowadays when millennials get looked down on no matter what they do or don’t do and the opportunities for successful jobs are slimmer than ever. But in Japan specifically, there is a high rate of depression and suicide attempts among high school students who cannot “keep up” or “fit in” with the pressure to succeed academically.

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Why do you usually talk shit about Marvel? DOn't you like their movies? Pls explain

i mean, yeah i do, but it’s no secret that marvel has some glaring issues and has made some pretty big mistakes. 

up until now, there are a grand total of three main poc superheroes in the entire mcu (rhodey, sam wilson, t’challa). there are a grand total of 0 latinx/asian/middle eastern/etc. superheroes. where are they? it’s not like the comics have a lack for any of them, not really. plus the whitewashing of the maximoffs, and the ancient one in the upcoming dr strange movie is just really, really gross. 

this issue leads us to lack of gender diversity as well, because literally all of its current franchises are headed by straight white men: captain america, ant-man, iron man, thor, hulk, doctor strange. where are the women? fans have been calling for a black widow movie for years. yes, we do have some pretty kickass women already, like the aforementioned black widow, but after the embarrassment that was aou (don’t even get me started on joss whedon) she deserves so much better. and janet van dyne, one of the original founders of the avengers and the only founder who won’t get a solo movie, was horribly fridged in ant-man; she’s dead before the movie even starts. she deserves better. helen cho, the brilliant scientist who had like five minutes of screentime in aou and was then basically used as a prop to inadvertently help ultron? she deserves better. i could go on.

where are my lgbt+ characters? there’s plenty of suspicion in fandom that steve and tony, for example, aren’t straight. not to mention that it’s actually canon in the comics that loki is pan and genderqueer and that gamora is bi/pan but we don’t get to see any of that. that’s not to say that there needs to be evidence in the comics that someone isn’t straight (or a different race/gender/etc.), but it kinda goes to show that the writers pick and choose the facets of characters they like and conveniently ignore other parts.

speaking of the writers picking and choosing, marvel also does not handle disabilities well. clint barton is canonically deaf. it’s already been established in the mcu that tony has anxiety issues and ptsd but it seems like marvel has conveniently forgotten about that. honestly, given all their pasts, i expect pretty much all of the avengers to have some form of mental health problems, but, once again, we don’t get to see that.

and yes, we are getting a captain marvel and black panther movie coming soon, but it just feels like we’re accepting the bare minimum, because guess what, marvel’s very foundations were built on social justice as put very nicely in this post. marvel’s comics are way ahead in terms of diversity for the most part, and i understand that the comics and the mcu are different and it’s supposed to be that way, but sometimes the discrepancy feels so extreme that it stings.

i do enjoy marvel movies most of them at least but sometimes it’s hard to look past its issues. yes, i understand that you can acknowledge the issues of something and still like it, but at what point do you keep letting them get away with it and stop saying it’s okay? i talk shit because i hope that one day i’ll be heard. i know i will never get marvel to change by myself, that’s just unfeasible, but i hope that adding my voice to the chorus of others who also feel the same way will force them to listen. this isn’t an accurate representation of our society. it mostly boils down to social justice for me, because i know now that as a bisexual latina woman i deserve better. 

if you want to read some articles that probably explain better than me, here’s a few

so tldr: those of us in marginalized groups deserve better.

Two Hundred And Four Reasons

Spartan-117 & Spartan-087

[Preface] // [Part 1] // [Part 2] // [Part 3] // [Part 4] // [Part 5] // [Part 6] // [Part 7]

With the recent confirmation that Blue Team will be playing a role ‘Halo 5: Guardians’, I thought it might be a good idea to take a look back at Halo canon and review some of my favorite moments showcasing John-117 and Kelly-087′s friendship. This will be a fairly informal series of writings as I go through the pieces of media we have that detail their time together in in-universe chronological order; with the intent of making the unique relationship between these two characters better known to other Halo fans, as well as providing a little background in regards to what I hope to see of them in the next game.

As I have previously outlined, John and Kelly’s camaraderie as Blue-One and Blue-Two is something that has been established since the first day the Halo franchise premiered in the world of science-fiction. And though their interactions have existed solely in the Extended Universe up until now, their history together is still a large part of what defines both their characters.

A Rocky Start

John-117′s first day of SPARTAN-II training did not go particularly well - especially in regards to the impression he made on his new teammates (‘The Fall of Reach’, chapter four). After forming into teams of tree for an obstacle course, John describes his first time meeting Sam-034 and Kelly-087 thusly:

John looked to his right. A boy with sandy hair, green eyes, and darkly tanned skin gave him a weary smile. Stenciled on his sweat top was SAMUEL-034. In the row beyond Samuel was a girl. She was taller than John, and skinny, with a long mane of hair dyed blue. KELLY-087. She didn’t look too happy to see him.

I can’t help but wonder why it was that Kelly seemed to be cross with John in particular. Sure, she would have a very good reason to feel that way a few minutes later, but why would she project her ire at him from the start? I have a theory that connects to a moment from earlier in the chapter…When having their first lesson in the AI Deja’s classroom, after a hard morning of physical exercise, John steals the snack crackers belonging to the girl sitting next to him. No other details about his victim are given, but I strongly suspect it might have been Kelly. And I can certainly imagine that upon noticing her food was missing while the boy next to her was still eating, and then later seeing that same boy in line with her, she could have easily put two and two together. Which would explain Kelly’s initial displeasure with John. Obviously we’ll never know for sure if that was the case, but I think it’s a fun possibility that adds a little extra depth to their first encounter with each other.

So after that, we all know what happens next - John ditches Kelly and Sam in order to finish the obstacle course first out of everyone. But in doing so his team finishes last overall, meaning all three of them have to go without dinner. The next day tensions are high between the team of Spartan trainees as they are once again tasked with completing the obstacle course, which has been reset. John relents to working with Kelly and Sam after they threaten to beat him up, and they formulate a plan as to how they can get to the end of the course together. However, in order for their strategy to work, someone has to run ahead and hold their team’s spot before the other children can get there. Something happens then that causes John’s perception of his female teammate to shift dramatically:

“I’m fast,” Kelly said. “Real fast.”
“Trainees, get ready,” Mendez shouted.
“Okay,” John said. “You sprint ahead and hold it for us.”
Kelly shot forward. John had never seen anyone move like her. She ran like the wolves he had seen today; her feet seemed barely to touch the ground.

I really like the way John describes how Kelly runs in this scene. He just sounds absolutely starstruck. Which is particularly amusing considering how just a day before he assumed that this girl, the one he now compares to a wolf on the hunt, was going to “slow him down”. John-117, Kelly-087, and Sam-034 don’t end up finishing the course first - but they finish it as a team. Obviously this was the beginning of what would become a lasting bond of respect and friendship.

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