for some of the base ideas

Possible twists and turns for this storyline based on plots from American soaps. Enjoy!

1. Aaron is having one long drug induced hallucinogenic nightmare. In which the prison and drug storyline has an actual impact.
2. Robert has been abducted by his enemy (obviously Chrissie or Paddy) and replaced by a doppelganger.
3. Aaron is still in a coma from when the car went into the water during SSW. He then wakes up and realizes life is short and he doesn’t want to waste anymore time.
4. Robert has been replaced by his evil twin nobody knew anything about.
5. Robert has been trapped in a block of ice using a spell from an ancient spell book and was replaced with Zombie Robert. Nobody can deny he has been looking pretty dead on his feet.
6. Aaron has been dreaming since his wedding night and he hasn’t gone to prison. The judge is actually lenient on him and he gets a suspended sentence.
7. Robert was repeatedly drugged which left him susceptible and has now been possessed by the devil. He has no control over his own actions.
8. Robert was brainwashed into believing things were really over with Aaron.
9. Robert is a clone and the real Robert is on a mysterious island with magical powers that stops people from from escaping.
10. Robert and Rebecca are actually siblings and will never go near each other again. The resemblance is remarkable isn’t it?
11. Robert is under the effects of mind control because of a chip that has been implanted in his head.
12. Aaron finds a way to time travel and decides to “unhit” Kasim. He has no intention of “unhitting” Andy though. That one was well deserved.
13. Rebecca was actually programmed by Chrissie to hypnotize Robert in order to take revenge on him and Aaron.
14. Emmerdale has been transported to an alternate universe. This one is proving more and more likely with the upcoming clothing swap.
15. Katie’s spirit wants revenge so she has been taking over Robert’s body and making him do things that will ruin his life.
16. Pearl and Tracy are writing a fanfic about the boys and they are actually on their honeymoon. Let a girl dream people.
17. Robert is still in a coma from when he was shot and has been dreaming this whole time. That also means that Aaron is still in prison for shooting Robert in which case he could be on spice anyway and it could be a dream inside a dream. This is some next level inception shit here people.

Things I almost remember

Klaroline Reincarnation AU! This is without doubt the longest drabble I have ever written. I have no idea if its any good but I couldn’t stop.

Based on the idea floating round tumblr of a vampire dating a mortal who finds pictures of their past selves because the vampire is hoping they’ll remember their first love.  Also on Ao3 because like I said. This is fucking long. Over 7,000 words (x)


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I’ll fool myself she’ll walk right in

And be with me forevermore

For some reason, this time, her eyebrows aren’t right.

Klaus’ own eyebrows furrow in response as he reaches distractedly for the eraser beside him in order to scrub out the offending pencil markings. It’s been too long since he’s seen her, he always thinks, when the quality of his renderings begins to slip. Using previous work as a reference, the countless portraits, sketches even the occasional statue which is still in his possession is of no use. Photography, one of the more marvellous developments of recent times has become one of his more favourite mediums but seeing her standing ramrod straight, smile long gone in the boring wait for the photograph to be taken is not how he wishes to see her. Every mode of remembrance available feels insincere and imperfect. What he needs, what he craves is to have her in front of him; tapping her foot on a stool, stretching on a chaise to see for himself the exact touch of the sunlight on her skin, blood palely staining her cheek in a perfect blush under his gaze.

Instead, the room is empty except for himself and the haunting presence of her memory, dancing just beyond recollection. Restlessness vibrates under his skin, skips along his nerves, itching for the balm of her presence. Yet at this moment he doesn’t even know if she walks the Earth, if she exists in this time and place. Dashing aside his pad, Klaus stands and quickly crosses to his desk, a large mahogany creature, which despite its size has intricate carving, which has followed him faithfully from house to house. Her music box sits open in one corner, playing on, the two figures twirling to the old village lullaby. There are few things of hers that she is ever truly attached to; her jewellery, her music box they are the constants. Everything else comes and goes for her. Still there are one or two pieces in storage and Klaus still keeps in mind a boudoir for her in whichever house he buys.

From the upper left hand drawer he pulls a narrow velvet case, gently putting aside the two ring boxes that atypically accompany it and popping open the lid to reveal a delicate diamond bracelet. He’d given this to her centuries ago, gazing up at one of his landscapes that still hangs in room in the Hermitage where he’d proposed to her. Klaus runs his fingers over the sparkling gems and closes his eyes, the smile she always brought to his lips appearing as he remembers the squeal of delight she gave, on first receiving it and then having it returned to her. How she had kissed him, the briefest teasing touch of mouths before running off, skirts swishing down the corridor to tell her father the Tsar, even though the Emperor already knew and have him announce the Princess’ engagement to the entire Imperial Court. How perfect her declaration had been whispered in his ear “Я буду всегда любить тебя”. His thoughts sour, remembering the last time he had heard her speak those words in Russian, ragged and rushed, unsure of when her strength would leave her. How his name had been her dying breath, her locket of the Romanov’s double headed phoenix pressed into his hand. Again. He opens his eyes once more, to stem the flow of anger, regret that he could never save her. The longing too has increased tenfold, the desire to feel her hand in his own, warm, alive and safe. He looks around the room at the mementos of a thousand lifetimes, centuries of encounters, of failed promises and vows by whatever force returns her to him like a phoenix that this time, this time, will be different. That the next time she will live eternal.

The chime of his phone draws Klaus from his resolution and irritated as he always is by the interruptions that the demands of the outside world makes upon his attention he snatches it up. Initially he intends to merely glance at the screen, perhaps bleat out a command to deal with whatever trifle troubles his hidden empire when he sees the sender’s name.

Lorenzo St. John has been one of his inner circle for just under nine hundred years. Outside of his siblings, of his son Marcel, he is one of the few Klaus would call family. He probably would have killed Enzo decades ago if not for the connection to her, their shared desperation to save her. As it stands now, they’re actually rather fond of each other, odd as the notion may seem after all this time.

L.A. Immediately. It reads, without elaboration. Klaus doesn’t dare consider beyond a fleeting hope that it could be actual news, discards the notion as mere wishful thinking on account of his recent state of recollection. But then a second text arrives and Klaus’ undead heart sings for the first time in over a hundred years.

It’s her.

Klaus looks from the phone to the discarded drawing of earlier, his eyes finding those of his muse.


Caroline Forbes sighs heavily and turns from her drawings back to her tablet, scrolling down her reference pictures to find the particular portrait she’s using as a reference for the gown’s outline. Or supposed to be using at any rate. She’d been brought onto the movie to design costumes for a retelling of Catherine the Great but despite her best efforts rather than 17th century Russia, she’d been hunched over desk drawing a 1920’s flapper dress for the last thirty minutes. It seemed so vivid in her mind’s eye; dripping with pink beading, a long string of pearls at the neck, hair ruched up in that trademark bob. Russia’s court dresses were of a different kind of opulence and whilst they possessed a glamour Caroline was certainly fond of, ever since her research trip to the Hermitage, she’d found the project left her cold rather than adding to her inspiration. The place had felt so alive with the past, as if she might accidentally walk in on an orchestra rehearsing or some political intrigue, or a Tsar at breakfast with his family that it left her sad that these things were dead and gone. Even re-watching Anastasia, one of her go-to childhood movies, wasn’t doing anything to revive her.

In short, she was blocked.

Every-time she forced herself to consider long trains and extravagant amounts of ermine she felt ill, pounding migraines impeding any type of progress. She refused to quit the film, the exposure it would grant her work and her love of Russian culture stopping her. Catherine the Great was one of her favourite periods so what the ever loving fuck had her in such a state? Thankfully, the studio were bringing on a historical consultant, a Mr. Lorenzo St. John whose brains she could pick.

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The misogyny that goes into some “fans” treatment of Jensen/Dean boggles the mind...

…and maims the soul.  Now, ostensibly, everyone who knows anything about the show and fandom has a pretty good idea that Jensen Ackles & Dean Winchester are both heterosexual males.  Other people know it but choose to ignore it because they wish Dean/Jensen was something other than heterosexual, but let’s leave that willful asininity aside for now.  This post is aimed at pointing out how the rampant feminization of Dean (and Jensen) in the Supernatural fandom is based upon the misogyny of American culture, much of which is based upon the continuing misogynistic views held by and proselytized by women.  This feminization then plays into the persistent delusion that Dean/Jensen is not heterosexual by the out-dated and offensive but persistent belief that any “insufficiently masculine” male is automatically not heterosexual (which in turn perpetuates the belief that the only “real” way to be LGBTQ+ and male is to be effeminate).  

Here’s what I mean: every word of every argument I’ve ever read purporting that Dean/Jensen is not actually the heterosexual man he says he is and he lives as though he is (being that there is zero evidence in real life or in the show that he has ever had the slightest sexual interest let alone activity with another male) is based upon the idea that Jensen is “playing macho” to achieve a “no homo” facade, but the arguer “knows better” because Jensen is so secretly effeminate/flaming/pick offensive and restrictive gender-is-only-binary-no-room-for-any-middle-ground term here.  In fact, in person, Jensen is probably the least effeminate man on the cast (at least, of the cast in Atlanta, whom I can say I have met in person), in the way he carries himself, the way he moves, the way he speaks and generally interacts with others.  The fact that Dean has become more open to expressing his feelings to Sam and even to their friends is not evidence of his “coming to terms with his femininity” (or bisexuality, depending on which idiot is making the argument).  Shocking memo to the idiots:  straight men can be affectionate.  The blatant misogyny inherent in any argument that only women are emotionally open and/or physically affectionate has been well established (it’s also, by the way, horrible misandry) since it’s based on the antiquated ideas of the “separate spheres” of the nineteenth century that also argued that women should not enjoy sex, that men & women could not be ‘friends’, that women were too psychologically weak to be subject to such pursuits as politics or the professions, etc.  But here’s the truly, deeply, offensive basis of the entire argument:  just because Jensen is the most beautiful of the cast - by the traditional measures - that does not mean he is “feminine”.  Beauty is not the summation of femininity.  Being a woman does not equate to being more beautiful than a man.  Being beautiful does not equate to being feminine.  A beautiful man is still masculine.  An ugly woman (we all know they exist, let’s stop lying) is still feminine.  The fact that Jensen is beautiful does not make him “secretly effeminate”.  He can be beautiful and be masculine.  Hell, a female can be masculine and be beautiful (but that’s a different social issue, about the lack of respect and understanding granted to ‘butch’ lesbians…).  The fact that you - a woman - think that being beautiful makes you feminine is so obviously, horribly, a product of the institutionalized misogyny of western culture that it’s both self-evident and often hard for people to assess because it just so BIG of an issue, Also, people accept it because it is so institutionalized.  “That’s just the way society is” has become “that’s the way nature is and it’s unalterable fact.”  

I guess my challenge to anyone reading this to actually analyze all future posts you read that argue that Jensen/Dean is “secretly feminine”; don’t just accept this misogyny at face value and move on.  Challenge this idea that beauty=femininity.  There is no such thing as “too pretty to be straight” in men.  It is ignorant and harmful to perpetuate the idea that only feminine people can be beautiful and/or affectionate and emotionally open.  Each and every argument I have ever seen boils down to the idea that because Jensen is not afraid to be affectionate and he’s beautiful, he must not actually be very masculine so he must not be heterosexual.  Of course, that is fantastically and disgustingly disrespectful and abusive of Jensen/Dean but it is also a very harmful perpetuation of antiquated ideas of femininity that reflect the misogyny of the past instead of the supposedly liberal mindset the authors purport to possess let alone the actually liberal society towards which we should be striving.

A Thousand Moments {a shallura shortfic}

Rating: G/T (some sexual references)

Words: 1500

Notes: So @mayuuunaise posted about Shallura-as-exes in the shallura tag {here}, and I don’t have impulse control so here’s 1500 words of angsty regretful pining I guess. Also I based my description of Older Shiro on @herrolddrawsthings picture of Shiro with a beard {here} because I’m weak and predictable and I have a beard kink. And yes I also leaned on my own Shiro-is-Altean-and-can-do-magic theory because again, I do not have impulse control. Enjoy!

{Also on AO3}

Allura fiddled with the engagement band around her wrist, her thumb rubbing over each stone set into the slim metal bracelet. It did nothing to alleviate her nerves. She chewed at her bottom lip as she stood on the grand steps of New Altea’s Royal Palace, surveying the ranks of the Peace Guard lined up across the courtyard. The deep blue of their uniforms offset the gold highlights of their belts and sashes, and for a moment she imagined herself back in old Altea, before the war and Zarkon and her ten-thousand-year sleep.

She shook her head to clear the rush of nostalgia. No time for that sort of thing. Not today.

Over the horizon, the Voltron Lions emerged into view. They flew in formation, a tight V that swung low over the Royal Palace, roaring in the dazzling sunlight. The assembled crowd cheered in appreciation as the Lions circled back around and landed at the far side of the courtyard.

Prince Romin leaned down to murmur in Allura’s ear: “You look nervous.”

“It’s an important day,” she replied, trying to keep her voice even. She silently cursed herself for fidgeting, and forced her hands down to her sides in a suitably regal pose. She didn’t need Romin’s scrutiny. Not today of all days.

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A Great Teacher

@kalosstarters asked me about my headcannons and then I got a bit inspired to write a quick little story based on my headcannon for Manon. I’m sorry, I was super lazy towards the end. It’s 3am.

“Alain, are you almost done yet? I want to go look for some more Pokémon!” Manon whined, latching onto the back of Alain’s office chair. She pouted when he shook his head and let out a loud huff, her hands finding her hips. “Seriously? You’ve been studying for an hour!”

             “And I plan on studying for a few more.” Alain retorted. He turned to face her, eyes tired. She had been nagging him for twenty minutes. “Manon, have you ever considered doing some of your own studying?”

             “Why would I need to study when I can experience the real deal? Besides, I’ve got Chespie by my side! He’s the strongest partner in all of Kalos!” She puffed out her chest, and if her Chespin had been out at that moment, it would have done the same. “I don’t need a dumb book to tell me how to be a strong trainer. As long as I have my Pokémon and we’re determined, we’ll be fine!”

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askmashumore  asked:

I have that problem too, but then you gotta take risks to get out there and make some new friends or to at least be heard. This is something we all have to do to get out of our comfort zone.

It’s not that I’m worried about taking risks. It’s more so about getting used to the idea of being social, ya know? 

Like, how after years of preferring solitude to people, do you jump back in to things? Especially with those who already may have a set idea of how you are based on the way you appeared to be during the absolute worst years of your life? How do you introduce yourself to them all over again? 

I suppose with a hello, sorry for seeming like a cold asshole during the four years we’ve known each other. 

You do gotta hop right back in to it but I’m so socially unprepared and I’ve never been good at double-dutch. 

Thanks for taking the time to give me advice! I really appreciate it! 


Nino photobombing like a pro😎

Comic based on this post and suggested by @my-lady-noir:)

More ML comics/idea suggestions (link) 

☾ m o o n s a l t  ☽

☾ What is moonsalt?  ☽

I knew moonsalt since I was a little kid, and I  had no idea that it was witchcraft. thing. Basically moonsalt = salt+ash+oil. Of course you can add wahtever you want to  this is just a base.

☾ What i need to make it?  ☽

★ 1 or 2 teaspoons of salt (normal or sea salt, I prefer normal)

★ piece of paper and a pen

★ some oil (I use lavender oil)

Write a sigil on the paper. I mostly use protection or balance sigil. Then burn the paper (be carefull!)

Mix ash, salt and oil and keep it safe in a tiny bottle. You can carry your moonsalt in your bag for protection or keep it in your house for balance. 

☾ Why moonsalt? ☽

I was a kid when I called it like that, probably because of its colour. 

☾ Moonsalt will help you to keep balance in your life and its really simple to do even for baby witches ☽


I am a ROLEPLAY WHORE in general. 

- SHIP WHORE: May it be platonic, romantic or hate ship, I’m definitely up for it. I want realistic relationships for my muses–people who challenge their beliefs and character–and it doesn’t just limit to romance. Specifically, I like ships that contribute to my muse’s character development and my partner’s muse’s development, too.

- PLOT WHORE: I have a lot of plots I want to write (you can see all them in my RP goals tag.) I’m very flexible with them, however, I do have some limits. If an idea makes me feel comfortable, I’d let you know, though. From canon plots down to anime-based plots and the likes. I’d be down with Werewolf / Vampire, Biblical, Apocalypse, Supernatural, you name it, and etc. 

- ANGST WHORE: I love angst. I’m a sucker for it. I live for it. It could be cute angst, dark angst, adventurous angst, or anything mixed with angst. I love to make my muses suffer and throw them into compromising situations. It’s a key to development.

- DEVELOPMENT WHORE: I’m very okay with pre-established relationships and fast-paced relationships, however, I want development to come with it. I want something to change for my muses; I want them to grow. They’re my babies, and as the mun, I want them to mature and change for the better .  .  . or worse.  

- THREAD WHORE: One thread is never enough for me. If I have one thread with you, chances are, I’ll want more. (May it be with the same pair of muses, or another set of muses.) I believe that it just doesn’t take one event/encounter  to make our muse’s relationships and characters flourish. IC asks are also included in the thread. I tend to send asks related to the event/encounter of our characters 

- ASK / MEMES WHORE: Once I get comfortable with you OOC, I tend to send a lot of them. Although sometimes, I’m very hesitant to send them, lest I’d annoy you. If it irritates you, though, please let me know. 

some quick ideas based off @pepplemint ‘s soulmate name tattoos au where Allura has a soulmate tattoo that says “Takashi”:

1. The tattoo is written in Altean symbols, and Shiro catches sight of it one day when they’re training. They’ve all learned a bit of Altean by that point and Shiro thinks he can sorta read it, but it looks like it says ‘takashi’ but he’s not sure? So he thinks it must be an Altean word with similar pronunciation and he casually asks Allura what the word is and what it means. He’s thinking this is gonna be fun and hilarious, she’ll tell him what the word means and he’ll tell her how much it sounds like his name, it’ll be cute maybe he’ll tease her a lil bit about having his name tattooed on her arm…

But when he asks Allura gets all sad and shy and eventually tells him: “It says Takashi. It’s the name of my soulmate. All Alteans have their soulmate’s true name tattooed on their skin, but of course my soulmate must have died with Altea… Shiro are you alright?” becauSE SHIRO.EXE HAS STOPPED WORKING does he tell her? should he say something? does she even want him as her soulmate?

Bonus: Shiro tries to think of a way to tell her that doesn’t come across as creepy or forward and he can’t think of anything and after about three days of agonising he just blurts out in front of the whole team “My name is Takashi Shirogane!” and everyone’s like ‘dude…… what?’ and now ALLURA.EXE HAS STOPPED WORKING because SHE SECRETLY SORTA HOPED

2. The tattoo is written in kanji, and Allura obviously can’t read it, so she just assumes her soulmate is an alien of some kind. When she meets the Paladins and Shiro, she ~secretly hopes~ he’s the one but nope, they all speak English and Pidge’s laptop is in English (she checked) and she’s never seen any other language from Earth so OH WELL GUESS THAT’S THAT

Then one night she’s sitting up late with Shiro and they get to talking about different Earth languages, and it’s news to Allura that Earth still has SO MANY languages, and Shiro starts talking to her about Japanese. And about learning English and Japanese as a child, and how Japanese sounds and how it’s written. He starts telling her about Japanese writing systems and how it’s written downwards and she’s so cute and fascinated that he just picks up a scrap of paper and goes “here, i’ll show you” and writes his name in kanji. And he shows her and says “that’s my full name, Takashi Shirogane”.

And Allura’s looking at it like… this looks HAUNTINGLY FAMILIAR. So she takes the scrap of paper and asks really shyly: “can i keep this?”. Shiro just thinks it’s adorable of course and says ‘yeah keep it’ and that night Allura goes back to her room and lifts up her sleeve and with shaking fingers holds the scrap of paper up to her tattoo and IT’S THE SAME.

sandygraves  asked:

I uh, dunno if you take art requests, but I really'd love to see us!paps being a big dork.

i based his dorkiness off of my own brother >w>

i think i chose to draw some of the least dorky things that my brother does; but if i drew all the other dorky stuff he did i would be here all night

ways the gems could look more like aliens:

  • no eye whites or black pupils…eye whites are instead a darker or lighter shade of w/e color their gem is..some have no pupils. pearl n lapis would look good with this
  • homeworld gems have diamond shaped pupils like the actual diamonds do..the cgs have dif shapes ex garnets are square
  • they dont cry theyre not water based lifeforms…instead their eyes maybe glitch. like how their bodies glitch when theyre cracked. or their tears are of whatever element their gem is linked to…ex rubies cry lil flames, sapphires are water that trail into ice crystals, garnets are lil lightning bolts…pearls are either water or sand…rose quartzes are petals..lapises are big ghibli water tears….OR all gems have like, streaks of light in their color that trail n split down thier face as tears
  • why is gem hair like human hair?? what purpose would it have..they dont need to be warm. gem hair is its own limb(s), they can move their hair freely like tentacles. quartz soldiers have long hair for extra attack. lapises hair is messy bc she just likes fidgeting or w/e. pearl has tiny knives hidden in her hair
  • pearls ribbons are extra limbs. pearls are designed w these so they can multitask, but cg pearl uses them to hold more swords. on top of her ribbon sash she’d have like 3 more ribbons
  • remember how beta lapis melts when shes upset..all dif gems have dif versions of this. garnet gives off lil zaps. ame gets spiky. pearl disintegrates a lil into sand. etc
  • corrupted jaspers skin spikes..all homeworld quartzes have those. amethyst and rose hid theirs to not freak out humans but when theyre emotional or in battle they pop back out
  • noodley limbs like adventure time
  • weird loading/buffing symbols and glitches n zaps n stuff, like when pearl was piloting the ship in jailbreak. more reminders that theyre inorganic and robotlike
  • teeth based on gem cut and shape. quartzes have super spikey crooked fangs like geode crystals. pearls have no fuckin teeth. garnets are blocky. maybe teeth arent white either
  • pointed tongues…or at least no reddish mouths like they have in the sho wtf

#optomstudies here with my very first weekly scheduler printable! 🍵 Reblog and tag me with #optomstudies if you use it!


I received an ask recently so I had a look around the studyblr again for some weekly printables, but they all had the same format (either equal space for all days, or half the space for Saturday and Sunday) which is why I don’t actually use the weekly printables that I see around studyblr.

As a result, I decided to make you guys a printable based on what format I would’ve preferred if I was in high school and also what I prefer now as a university student, which is a weekly schedule with more space for Saturday and Sunday. (I haven’t seen this idea around tumblr, so I’d like to claim it as mine for now hehehe)

This is because once I got home from school/uni I would only have like 4 hours or so available to study, vs. 12 hours+ or the whole day available for Saturday and Sunday. I never understood why people would use a weekly printable with a tiny space for Saturday or Sunday, unless they were in primary school or full time work. The printables out there just don’t really suit what high school students and college students need.

Hopefully this will be more helpful than the printables you find around studyblr. I made it pretty and cute but minimalistic too, so that it suits a lot of different people’s tastes. I’m working on making it available in a variety of colours at the moment :) I decided to go for a simple square checkbox so that it suits both regular users and bullet journalists who prefer to code their tickboxes. And I decided to leave the space around the header blank for those who like to self-decorate :)

Please reblog/like if you use the printable, so that others can benefit as well :) and tag me @optomstudies or #optomstudies so I can see how you’re all going ^__^ Have a great day everyone!