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For some reason - insanity, probably - I feel like writing a series focusing on each of the Turks and their origins. Allll of the Turks, every last one. I’ve already written some extensive background stuff for Reno, Legend, and Nunchaku - and a fair bit of the Rude/Chelsea debacle. Might be fun to give some other Turks who don’t get much air time their day in the sun.

I’d hoped to write tonight but I’m tired, and in more of a reading mood anyway. Plus there is a cat sitting on my chest and he’ll be very bummed if I move.

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What is your fave hq!! Team??????? (Is it shiratorizawa?????)

Nope, it’s Nekoma!!!

post-emoji movie Trauma

WARNING: the following text contains spoilers and can be considered disturbing to some readers. especially my brain, because it’s leaking out my ears after typing this.

This is the first movie ever I’ve gone to see on opening night. And let me just say that, for the record, I’m glad I went to watch with friends. Without them, I would have most likely calmly exited the room, climbed up to the roof, and dived straight off.

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Is Sammy Lawrence a good person?

Now’s a good time to remind everyone that the official merch outright calls Sammy a perfectly decent person

Stop Screaming, Start Writing

Frankly, I could stop right there, because in my experience writing is at least 95% screaming at a laptop until the words go. But that’s not what I want to talk about today. I want to give you a piece of advice that, if you can master it, might take some of the pain away.

You know when you’re rereading something, and you notice a plot hole? A tiny one? Pretty insignificant? Something you could fix if you just switched a few scenes around, added in a few lines of dialogue a few chapters back? So you start to work on it? (this is especially common in stories with complex plots, fantasy novels, science fiction, etc.) Don’t do that. Take a deep breath. If you were screaming, stop. It’s ok. Close your eyes, and scroll past it. Then continue to work from where you left off. 

I guarantee you will work faster if you make this a habit. Leave fixing the tiny things for the last stages of editing. I don’t know what sick bastard made it possible to procrastinate working on your story while working on your story, but together we can rise above.

Breathe. Stop screaming. Scroll. Write.


Fenris Theory

You guys…

So I was recently watching party comments/reactions for certain thingies for DA2, and I came across a very crazy realization.

So when the whole party is being blood magicked by Idunna, the craziest things happened. So like - when Hawke asks these guys what the hell is wrong with them because they’re telling him to take it easy on her, all of the party members are like - naaaahhh just be gentle, she’s nice and we shouldn’t be hard on her - ALL EXCEPT for the mages…

…and FENRIS.

So I was like - DA FUCK. All the mages are like - “Woah, what the hell am I saying, this lady is doing something weird, Hawke.” And everyone who isn’t a mage is like - “take it easy, she’s had it rough blah blah”, EXCEPT for Fenris! When Hawke is like, “what the hell is wrong with you?” Fenris is like “I-I don’t know, be careful.”


Why is he the only non-mage who doesn’t get fooled or enchanted (all the way) by this blood mage?

Obviously the answer is because he has those markings - BUT do you realize what this means!? You guys - this means Fenris’s connection to the fade is as strong as a mage’s.

Those lyrium markings don’t just affect his physical abilities, but his entire body is wired like a mage’s. He’s just as connected to the fade - Fenris just isn’t marked by lyrium - he IS lyrium. Woooaaahh. So basically - because lyrium exists in the fade just as much as in reality - his abilities actually give them the ability to phase into the fade.


He’s phasing in and out of the fade!


That also means that if he basically has that ability, then he should be able to physically travel between the two worlds. HEHEHE.

This also means that if he is lyrium, he should be able to hear and understand the song of both blue and red lyrium. (I’ll get to that significance another time).

What this also means, that if you for some insane reason, chose to have your Hawke “die” in the fade (the creators said that whoever was left in there isn’t necessarily dead) then Fenris is actually the only person (now that the Inquisitor had their arm chopped off) that is capable of saving him.

If Fenris is this perfect blend of a living lyrium catalyst, he could successfully enter the fade and get Hawke out of there. I firmly believe that if that was studied more than he would be able to do it. As Danarius had wanted of his slave, Fenris was basically a limitless supply of lyrium for his magic.(Again, how this is done I will get into another time).

Another thing that made me stop and turn to look at Fenris a couple times is his insane ability to feel the veil. Though they could be just offhand comments, I somehow doubt that. The example I’m referring to here is his comment as you walk on the Bone Pit for the first time. Fenris says: “Many slaves died here, their cries linger in the stone.” But if you recall from any Dragon Age lore, we all know that the veil is thin where great tragedy struck, such as war, murder, and of course the slaughtering of many innocent slaves. It’s obvious that what Fenris is “hearing” is the cries of the spirits who are mimicking the deaths of those slaves that were slaughtered. But the only way one could hear that, would be if they could actually feel the veil, much like any other mage who is attuned to the Fade. Fenris is just as attuned to it, and he shows this time and time again.

Of course he could just be being epic, but again, I doubt that, as that’s a pretty amazing comment for someone who isn’t a mage.

I’m also piecing this together in the aspect about this - after Fenris sleeps with Hawke, he says he’s was able to recall his memories. I think by now that us FenHawke shippers have a canon that Fenris’s markings light up during “intense” moments, but think about this. What if the reason why Fenris is able to recall his memories at that time is because his lyrium is allowing him to brief the fade? What if those markings bring him ever closer to the fade, to a point where spirits would begin to take the shape of his memories that he so desperately wants back? That would explain why he was able to recall those memories, even though his mind had been wiped, and also why he immediately forgot them once they had stopped.

Now, I know you must be thinking “wait - wouldn’t that mean that Fenris would be able to recall his memories every time he lit up to tear someone’s heart out?”

No, not necessarily.

I’m a huge fan of the idea that spirits of compassion, though rare, tend to seek those that are searching and looking for something. While Fenris fights, that’s obviously not pleasurable, and his mind isn’t focused on the things he wants.

However, I believe that while he and Hawke slept together, that was a moment of intense want. He wanted something, and his mind was in a place where coupled with that intense emotion, his lyrium linked to the fade. In this instance, it wouldn’t be too surprising that a spirit came along and generously allowed him to recall his memories.

I like this theory, and I think that, out of some of the ones I’ve heard, this is nicely simple and would explain a lot of his power.

I’ll keep adding to this if I find more proof!

(Also, if you’d like, I’ve posted a theory on how this plays a part in Hawke’s rescue. Check it out)

(Click for real quality)

I got ambitious and made this insanely high res for some reason or another so that made it take thrice as long to get through.

But it was worth it because this is more fanart for @themarydragon, who I think I’ve previously mentioned is a writing wizard, but it’s worth saying again, especially in case I haven’t. This is from Chapter 8 of her fic Calm Waters Run Deep, at some interim point of the night. Good stuff.

Also, Mary, if you happen to want the 18x12 in, 300 dpi version to print, just message me. It’s the least I could do for ya!


ladies from history: caroline lamb, aristocrat & novelist (1785 - 1828)
likes: byron, breaking into byron’s house, burning effigies of byron, #justlittlegirlfriendthings
dislikes: BYRON.

Bloody Nose

Summary: An unexpected noseblood during class strikes up an immediate friendship with no other than Reggie Mantle.

Word Count: 2,220.

A/N: Honestly, I’m utterly in love with Reggie by now. This was a complete blast to write and as always, feedback would be greatly appreciated. Hope you enjoy! (also yes i’m very well aware that that’s a zach gif and not reggie one, oh well)

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Dances With Wolves Pt. 4 (Richie Tozier/Reader)

part 1 / part 2 / part 3

(A/N: Sorry this isn’t good. Oh well no one will read it anyway bc everyone has moved on from It except me.)

Summary: Reader hangs out with the rest of the Losers Club after her confrontation with Henry, but not everyone is immediately happy about hanging out with Henry Bowers’ girlfriend.

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pairing; jimin x reader.

raiting; smut.

word count; 1k.

♡ i’m so sorry this took so long. i’ve been super busy and tired so i had zero motivations but i’m back bc bts festa is giving me enough energy to go back to my writings lmao hope u like it!

A reckless young girl. That’s exactly what you were. Jimin knew he was gonna get burned eventually but he loved playing with fire. The adrenaline of it was rather thrilling and exciting, and he was a grown up adult to know how bad he was risking his and your career, but he craved you so much he just couldn’t let you go.

This little adventure of yours had gotten the best of Jimin recently. You certainly look like the most innocent student ever when in class, with your round glasses resting on top of your nose bridge and your slender fingers writing down notes. You were smart enough to not make any weird eye contact with Jimin in school hours and he tried as well, he tried so hard, but he couldn’t not notice the way your skirt went a little too up your legs when sitting in a specific position.

You were Jimin’s biggest temptation and he wanted to sin so bad.

The pitching sound of the ringbell takes you a bit by surprise. You stretch your fingers a few times and give a massage to your numb hands. Long lectures were your least favorite and you always complained about that to your friends. They kept telling you to just change your class schedule if it was that bad, but your acting skills were now on point and you could always get away with a simple ‘I can take it for a few more months’.

Actually, you could take it for years if possible. The only thing that got you tied to that hell of a class was Jimin, and your friends didn’t have any clue of what was happening between the two of you. Even if they did you actually didn’t care at all, but you knew what speculations could do to people and you certainly you didn’t want them to think that your grades were so good because of your body.

It was true that everything started with you doing Jimin a little favor, but not in exchange of good grades. He was horny as fuck, you had a ridiculously big crush on him and well, were you really going to throw that opportunity out of the window?

“Are you coming? We’re getting some friday drinks”, you turn your head side to side and push your hair out of your face, flipping through the pages of your notebook before looking up at Nari, “I’ll see you guys other day, I think I’m going home”, Nari does a little pout and puts her hand on her hip, “You’re so boring”, you imitate her words mocking her voice and flip her off, stretching yourself on the chair, “You can look for another best friend if you want to”, you shrugged as if you didn’t care but Nari just laughs and messes your hair, “Have some rest, grandma”, you wave her goodbye and pretend to put your books on your backpack until she’s out of sight.

This is your new routine every friday after school. You always have a new excuse for your friends to either go anywhere without you or wait for you outside the school. Since they have no clue of what is going on, they never bother to ask you about it and just leave.

Jimin was there to witness your whole little act and couldn’t help but giggle the moment you waved at him from your place on the middle of the classroom, “Why don’t you just tell her? I’m sure she won’t mind at all”, you close your eyes and sigh, putting your hair up in a messy ponytail in the process, “She will question my capacities of having good grades and I don’t want her thinking I suck your dick so I can be a top student in your class”, Jimin laughs fully this time and stands up from his desk, walking over to you and slow and killing way, “So you’re saying you suck my dick for fun?” “I suck your dick because you like it”, those words are enough for Jimin’s member to twitch inside his black dress pants, “Well, that’s true. Then tell me”, he says, his voice dropping one octave or two, while looking right into your eyes with his stupid signature smirk that has you dripping wet in a second, “What is something I do that you like?”, once he’s close enough, he stands right in front of you in the small space between you and the table, with his hands in his pockets.

You can see the thirst in his eyes while they look down at you. You know Jimin is a sucker for foreplay so you put both hands right above his belt and slowly draw them up his stomach towards his chest, standing up in the process, “I like it when you kiss me. I like it when you touch every centimeter of my skin. I like it when you pull me by the waist and thrust harder into me”, at this point Jimin’s length is painfully growing inside his pants and how he wishes you give him that well deserved release sooner than later, “I also like it when you grab onto my ass and push me further to you while I’m riding you in your chair”, once you’ve reached the collar of his shirt, you take a good grip of his black slim tie, turn positions and push him down the chair you were sitting on before, “ or my chair, for that matter”, Jimin is now a breathing mess because even though his usually the dominant one in this weird relationship, he can’t help but feel breathless by just the idea of you taking full control.

Jimin wants to feel you. You may be less than a meter closer but for him it seems like a kilometer. At this distance, he can’t touch you enough. And he’s craving you insanely bad, for some odd reason. He’s one to maintain his chill whenever you are in this situation but there’s something about that specific evening that’s making him feel like he’s drowning in your beauty. He’s usually patient but right now, patience is what he cares about less. With a swift movement, he lifts your burgundy skirt with a hand and gets rid of his belt with the other, struggling with the zipper of his pants, “Slow it down cowboy, we have plenty of time”, but you actually don’t. Right after you say those words, your phone vibrates on top of the table and you’re able to easily read the text message that you just received.

‘We thought about going to that chicken place and decided to change plans. I see your car is still in the parking lot so I guess you’re still here?’

‘Anyway, we’re keeping you company in your house if you don’t mind’

‘Since I know you’re probably obsessing over your notes I’m coming to get you, my nerdy friend’

“She’s coming”, Jimin suddenly stops touching your bare legs when he notices how distressed you look, “Who’s coming”, he slightly complains when you take a step away from him, “Nari. She’s still here”, time is precious to you, he knows, you know it, everyone knows it, but you had him so badly wrapped around your finger that he blindly decided to play with your luck a little too much, “We have time”.

You change positions in an instant. Jimin is no longer sitting in the chair but standing and lifting you up with zero efforts, pushing softly on your shoulders. You take the sign and lay down on your back with both hands on top of your chest, feeling your heartbeat getting faster by the second. You’re so immersed in your worry for Nari catching you that you don’t even sense Jimin’s next actions.

Before you can even take a breath his pushing himself inside you, grabbing onto your covered hips to steady you. You’re speechless, so speechless of how good he makes you feel in a matter of seconds that you don’t make any noise, not even a gasp or a moan. Nothing. Your brain is not functioning correctly because he’s going too fast and you can’t concentrate in anything else. The pleasure is overwhelming and Jimin notices this, so he goes a bit farther and increases his pace even more. He’s a mess too, but you’re out of your limits.

It takes less than two minutes for you to reach your orgasm, Jimin following soon after. Since he knows you’re very responsible when it comes to taking your birth control he doesn’t bother on pulling out before he comes. He takes a moment right after, catching his breath along with you, still inside. Then you hear the clicking of heels far down the empty hall and that’s your queue to take a grip of yourselves. You are a total sex mess, and Nari is walking fast.

Before he goes back to his spot behind his desk, he rips a page of your notebook and gets cleans the cum that is running down your legs even after you fixed your underwear and skirt, “Intelligent choice, Park Jimin”, but you don’t have any tissues by hand so you guess it is quite a nice choice. You wouldn’t let him clean you with your sweater, not in a million a years.

The door slams open soon after Jimin sits on his chair. While he pretends to arrange some papers, you do your best to make yourself look like you’re struggling with your notes. Nari stays at the door for a few seconds before she walks over to you, sitting on the chair besides you, “Let’s go granny”, you look up at her and smile softly, trying to fake tiredness, “Let’s go”, you put all your things in your backpack and fix the chairs, following Nari’s fast steps. You’re about to exit the classroom without giving Jimin a second look when Nari stops in front of you and lifts her eyebrows with a mocking smirk on her face, “I strongly recommend aromatizing this place before you leave, Mr. Park. It smells like sweat and semen in here”, and with that she takes your hand in hers, laughing loudly. You feel a little bit numb because you definitely didn’t expect that to happen, but you’re still able to hear Jimin’s laugh behind you, causing a shit eating grin to appear on your face. You’re so whipped for Park Jimin, and he’s so whipped for you.

Story time, my terrible little Shakespeare children.
So I’ve never really been able to get into Kiss Me Kate. Mainly cause I don’t really like Taming of the Shrew (even tho the songs in KMK that are good are *really* good)
But recently, I was hired to film/edit together a commercial for a local community theatre production of KMK.
And as I was watching it play out, I couldn’t help but think how dope this concept is.
Not KMKs plot, but the idea of plays/musicals abt people performing Shakespeare, and how the behind-the-scenes drama relates to the actual play.
Like, how awesome would it be to see a play about people performing Hamlet?
You could have the actor playing Hamlet be a film/tv star who’s only doing the play for street cred, and constantly acts like a pretensions, uppity douche, to the point where everyone in the play HATES him (except, weirdly, the actor playing Horatio, with whom he ends up bonding ((“bonding”)).
The actress playing Ophelia initially went into the part thinking she’d play the character as demure and sensitive, but for some unrelated reason, she has an insane freak out during the audition, and later is surprised to find out that she still got cast. She spends the rest of the play desperately trying to get advice from the director on how they wants her to play the part, but their attention is constantly being pulled away by Hamlet’s actor.
Laertes’s actor and Hamlet’s actor have worked together before and have really bad history.
Roz and Guild are played by identical twins, but have to be replaced last minute by understudies who look and act nothing like each other.
The play is directed by the actress playing Gertrude, who haaaaaaaaaaates Hamlet’s actor (the feelings mutual, btw) and is *pissed* that her co-director (Horatio’s actor) keeps letting him get away w shit.
Ironically, Claudius’s actor is just like
A really nice old man.
Nothing going on.
No baggage.
Just an old theater geek.
I just love this concept of backstage drama verses onstage Shakespearean drama.
If anyone has any other ideas tangential to these ***please*** reblog w them.

This afternoon a friend and I started talking about the multiverse theory.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term–the multiverse theory proposes that an infinite amount of universes just like ours exist in addition to the one we know. Whether the same events led to the creation of these universes, or the same atmospheric and structural conditions apply to it, or that the exact same incidents have occurred in these multiverses to date, we don’t know. But I like to believe in this theory. I like to believe that at least a million other milky way galaxies exist. I like to believe that there are a million other solar systems, a million other earths, a million other yous and mes–a million other SHINees and Jonghyuns.

Do you guys remember that episode of Blue Night where he said “I’m grateful that I got to talk about the many lives that I did not live?”

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Everyone keeps asking what I’m going to do when I’m 50 and no longer like the show. The only thing I can tell them is that it doesn’t matter that if for some insane reason i don’t like the show anymore, all that matters is the fact that I made it to see 50 because of that show, and because of Natasha & Elise. So I’m proud to be forever a Creampuff, because being so has changed my life forever. So again, thank you @carmillaseries and @natvanlis and everyone who made this show happen.

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Hello ladies! Was wondering if you know any fic where Stiles (or Derek) has a cat? ♥ thank you so much ♥

You enjoy these fics meow, Nonny ;) All Sterek cause I got that vibe it was what you wanted -Emmy

Originally posted by keanumovie

Mistakes by inatshej

(1,410 I Teen I Complete) 

Stiles hears sorry, which, yeah, sorry. Five letters of fucking nothing. But Derek starts talking about the fire – the anger – the bad place he’s been in, the mistakes.

The Curious Case of Miguella the Cat by whyamIalwaysLoislane (Whyamialwaysloislane) 

(2,165 I Mature I Complete) 


To me, You are Purrfect by A Fire in the Attic 

(2,392 I General I Complete) 

When Derek wakes up, there’s a cat in his apartment. “Oh,” he says. Because it’s not just a cat, it’s a pregnant cat. A pregnant cat giving birth. “Oh.”

Donutella and Her King by ashinourhearts 

(2,810 I Not Rated I Complete)

A cat found Derek. That’s it. Because Derek Hale and a kitty.

Take This Heart Away by LupusScintilla (Clandestinux) 

(2,860 I General I Complete)

Derek swallowed and said quietly, “I think. I, um.” This was far more difficult to say that he’d thought it would be. He’d been dealing with the situation for almost two weeks. He’d practiced saying what he needed to tell Dr Deaton in the mirror last night and this morning, but he couldn’t manage to find the words now.


This work is un-beta’d.
There is nothing graphic about the medical examination. There is some discussion of bodily functions and medications.

Take Out Turkey Day by captaintinymite (augopher) 

(3,071 I Teen I Complete)  *human au, College student!Stiles

Graduate Student Stiles Stilinski is  alone as he studies in New York- well, aside from his only friend in the City. Derek lives in the same apartment building, and circumstances mean they will both be spending Thanksgiving alone. When Derek suggests they spend it together, Stiles jumps on the idea.

The only problem? Neither one of them can cook.

Episode Five - (You Are Incredibly) Pawsome! by GeeGollyWiz13 

(3,106 I Mature I Complete)   *roommates au

Scott and Stiles get a kitty. It’s a demon. It spills cups, bites Scott (who thinks it’s totally adorable), and prefers using the shower as a litter box. But for some insane reason, Derek is totally in love. With the cat.

Here Kitty Kitty by youfluttermywings 

(3,147 I General I Complete)

Derek finds an abandoned kitty in the back of an alleyway.

It may not look perfect, but to him it is.

It’s also named Mr Bubbles.

Stiles thinks it’s the cutest thing in the whole entire world.

Mine by alisvolatpropiis 

(3,166 I Explicit I Complete)   *hunter!Stiles

Stiles isn’t sure what he’s more surprised by when he wakes in the morning: that he slept better than he has in ages with Derek in his bed, or that Derek stayed the night at all. The relief he feels when he sees him there, sleeping comfortably, almost serenely, is palpable. They’re facing each other, close but not touching, and Stiles takes advantage of Derek’s slumber to watch him openly, taking in each exquisite line and curve of his chiseled face, the way his mouth is soft but still slightly downturned, long eyelashes lying delicately across his smooth skin. He’s astonishing.

And Home Before Dark by verity 

(3,175 I General I Complete)

The mystery of the absent Hale brother was hardly a mystery at all until he appeared at last, set on taking up residence out in the woods.

(In which Derek is a hedgewitch. With a cat.)

For Whom the Cat Meows by FireWithFire 

(3,566 I Mature I Complete)

Derek finds a kitty. Kitty hates Derek. Stiles has to help. It’s like the most twisted game of Rock-Paper-Scissors they’ve ever had to play.
Fluff ahead, because we all suspect that Derek may have a little bit softer side.
Does he?

Fish Died on Me by Mareridt 

(3,745 I Teen I Complete)

Derek stayed silent for a long minute. “Your best friend named his fish… Fish?” Stiles nearly brained himself on the counter. “This is really all you got from my speech?” he asked, not believing his luck. Derek leaned toward him, resting with his arms folded under him. “Well, it’s not like the part where you asked me to save your life was that interesting” he deadpanned.

The Heart May Be a Lonely Hunter, But the Cat Isn’t Anymore by BarlowGirl 

(4,611 I Teen I Complete) 

“Kind of an ugly thing, isn’t it?” Stiles asks.  Derek turns a glare on him. “Why are you even here?”  Stiles grins. “Because you plus a kitten is hilarious, Danny Zuko,” he says, reaching over and scratching the kitten’s neck.  The thing takes a swipe at him and takes a chunk of his arm with it. Stiles jolts backwards, trips over his own feet, and ends up on his ass on the floor.  Derek looks back at Deaton. “How would I go about keeping her?” Or: The one where Derek gets a kitten because of reasons.

Triple Trouble by GameCake 

(4,971 I Teen I Complete)

Of all the things Derek expected upon waking up, what happened was not it.

And Also, I Love You by alisvolatpropiis 

(7,155 I Explicit I Complete)  *college au, accidental relationship

Derek didn’t look at all like Stiles expected. After all, he deliberately chose a school where being a nerd was cool, so he certainly wasn’t expecting his hotter-than-a-thousand-stars roomie to be an actual cool person. Derek has muscles, like everywhere, which he has a tendency to display in skin-tight, sleeveless t-shirts for bands Stiles has never heard of; his jeans are always tight and ripped too, and he has an impressive five-o’clock shadow, the tips of his jet-black hair dyed purple. And his eyes. Stiles is pretty sure he’s only seen eyes like that in comics, or on a movie screen, or in his freakin dreams. They’re somehow simultaneously all of the colors and none of them, transcending something so pedestrian and insignificant as words to encapsulate their beauty. Stiles would come to learn that he’s also wickedly smart, and he plays the guitar and speaks multiple languages, and his sunshine smile is even more alarming that his resting murder face.

The Whole Glass of Water by ladyblahblah 

(8,045 I Teen I Complete)  *no pairing, suicidal thoughts, depression

Derek stands frozen for a moment, disbelieving, before his hands come slowly forward.  Its fur is surprisingly soft, and he buries his fingers in it as he strokes his way down its back.  He catches its hindquarters on instinct when it springs out of the cage and onto his chest, shoving it face cold nose-first into the crook of his neck, and beneath the rumble of its purrs Derek can still make out the careful ticking of its heart.

If he leaves it here, it’s going to die alone.  It’s a sentence he knows all too well.

“What sort of paperwork do you need me to fill out?”

Thoroughly Disarmed by Ionaonie 

(9,303 I General I Complete)

Stiles goes round to Derek’s place to investigate why the Pack have been banished from the loft. The reason is adorable.

Feline Persuasion by rensahannou (asmalltigercat) 

(15,033 I Teen I Complete)

Derek doesn’t need to worry about the cat living under the porch at his family’s old house, it’s just—Derek’s just used to worrying about things.

Double Negatives by coffeeinallcaps 

(16,337 I Explicit I Complete)  *human au, coffee ahop au

Derek and Laura run a pure food store and coffeehouse. There’s this boy Stiles who’s a regular customer. He’s infuriating, of course, but there’s something about him.

Cat Got Your Tongue by  sysrae

(18,243 I Explicit I Complete)   *human au, college au, professor!Derek

Derek is having a bad day and breaks down on a stranger’s doorstep.
Stiles is the stranger. He really doesn’t mind.
Also, there’s a cat.

The Skies Above are Blue by Trelkez 

(95,258 I Mature I WIP)  *human au

Derek is a wedding DJ. Stiles just happens to go to a lot of weddings.