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A long, long time ago my parents took me to Venice in summer every year. We talked about carnival - but with school it was never possible to visit.

Fast forward about a decade. I made it. And even got a costume XD

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I just wanted to say, as a black woman who doesn't see much cosplay by POC in general, I'm really happy to see you show it doesn't matter your skin color, you can cosplay anyone. One day I hope to be as amazing as you and cosplay whoever even if my skin is too dark.

yeah it doesn’t at all, I’ve found some other black cosplayers who are literally amazing at what they do and give me hope that i can improve and that there will be this inclusive community that’s accepting 


Just got back from AX and I had a blast. Even though I only got to wear Cerea for a day (the Cerea on day 2 wasn’t me. It was a different cosplayer) but I still got to meet and hang out with some amazing cosplayers and even meet Okayado himself!


Ok so here are my friends and I with some amazing overwatch cosplayers. The casual D.Va is @imsorryitstrash and the Mei doesn’t suffer through Tumblr but I don’t know the URL of the other cosplayers so if you see yourself let me know and I’ll tag you!!


Sacanime was absolutely wonderful today! I saw so many great cosplayers and got some amazing merch too! Cosplayers are listed below if you would like the check them out!

Lapis Lazuli (with wings)- @pumpkinetics

Rose Quartz (solo)- @megalovanias

Anime schoolgirl Undyne- @bowners

Mom Squad!- Rose Quartz- @iamthealphaai Toriel- @the-dark-creature

Merida- @kymareon

Mabel- @mmikan

Flowey- @corgiss

Rose Lalonde- me

Lapis Lazuli (no wings)- @p2eudonym


SOOOO~ Yesterday I went to an anime convention in my CC cosplay again with BFF @rjlaurant as Keimi and ahhhhhhh~ it was so fun *A*

I met so many AMAZING cosplayers and also some I’d met before like the Doflamingo from Jump festa XD

@musesmovietheater  liked for a starter. (wander/Sylvia)

“…” Is he still in a dream or something? Or is he staring at a small child or man in weird orange costume and a taller guy in a blue dinosaur costume.  He’s going in a safer route and assuming there’s cosplayers of some kind. He’s not a nerd but he knows some cosplayers have amazing talent to make their characters come to life. “They must be hot as hell in there..”