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Some amazing cosplays from Sacanime! If you know any of the cosplayers here please tell me so I can tag them!
Peggy: @paranormalruffian


(Finally getting around to posting some pics from London Comic Con!  I was completely blown away by the amazing cosplayers there.  If you ever want to see some absolutely ace cosplays from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts fandom, definitely check out the London MCM tags. :)

A few of the incredibly talented people pictured, along with their fantastic props- if you see yourself and I missed you, please let me know!  @mrpercivalgraves @invisible-trickster @colonel-flag @fantasticgays @official-kylo @inevitablepinholeburns @thedoctordom )

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say, as a black woman who doesn't see much cosplay by POC in general, I'm really happy to see you show it doesn't matter your skin color, you can cosplay anyone. One day I hope to be as amazing as you and cosplay whoever even if my skin is too dark.

yeah it doesn’t at all, I’ve found some other black cosplayers who are literally amazing at what they do and give me hope that i can improve and that there will be this inclusive community that’s accepting 

GENCON 2017 Cosplayer compilation:

Here are just some random Pictures I took while at Gencon of the amazing cosplayers I saw there.

(This guys Cosplay was amazing. The skuls mouth moved when he talked and everything!)

(OK SO this guys armor was freaking amazing!!! His guns barrel spun and everything!! )

(Its Mary Poppins Ya’ll)

(Badass tech priest!)

(This guys tech priest was also just…WOW)


(This was very impressive!)

Wait… thats just Mitch.

(It never ceases to amaze me the level of detail people are capable of with cosplays)



And of course, stormtroopers.

So ya that was just some of the amazing cosplayers I saw at GenCon 50! I'm always so impressed and in awe of people who can do stuff like this. The amount of work and dedication that they put into their craft is just awe inspiring.

(P.S. If you saw yourself please tag yourself!!)


After 3 weeks of work, the cosplay is complete! I’m super glad to have attended Indy PopCon this past weekend as Dr. Flug! It was very exciting and I met many amazing people (as well as some fellow Villainous cosplayers)!

Although, this con wouldn’t have been as great without my awesome friends who went with me! Shoutout to @mike-the-anime-guy for the killer Black Hat cosplay on Saturday and @thejaratelady who is PaperHat garbage and took that picture of us! Love you!!


Okay, so since I was wearing gloves most of the weekend I couldn’t really use my phone to take that many pictures, but here are some of the Amazing cosplayers I managed to get snaps of! All of these people were really nice and had stunning costumes!

So sadly I don’t know the information of any these cosplayers, except for three. So if you know anyone in these pictures, or if you’re in the pictures please let me know so I can tag you~

Flynn Rider and Rapunzel-

Miroku and Sango-

Xerneas and Yveltal Gijinka-

Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher-

D.V. (Mech)-

The Crusader (Diablo 3)- the very amazing Steel Cut Cosplay! (Check this dude out, his stuff is wicked cool)

And two of my very dear friends looking stunning as per usual~

Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi of the 12th Division- The jawdropping and wonderful @warhenny

Mystery girl (Steven Universe)- The sweet and hilarious Brittany!

Kero Kero

Hi, I posted some Froppy cosplay pictures and I was sort of just playing around and having fun but they got a lot more attention than I expected. They’ve also been reposted a lot, and I know there’s not much I can do to prevent that, but please if you do feel the need to repost them, please be kind and source my blog! I know it’s the internet and this sort of thing happens, but I genuinely don’t know why they’ve gotten this much attention at all, they were really crummy photos that barely took any time and I wasn’t expecting more than 200-something notes which had been my maximum previously. My blog has always been fairly small. As I’ve said multiple times my eyes are not actually Tsuyu-sized, I used “anime makeup” and an app called SNOW to help enlarge them. I’m not trying to trick anyone, I was just having fun trying to recreate Tsuyu! who I’m really obsessed with right now. I’m not a professional cosplayer by any means. I can’t even afford to buy proper cosplay. 

I’m not saying I don’t appreciate the kind words from anyone, but I also don’t want to mislead people into thinking I’m some kawaii uguuu real life annie may, or that I’m some amazing cosplayer because I’m not. So yea. This is just my personal blog. I still post a lot of Tsuyu, anime, video games, animals, and the occasional selfies. If you like these things feel free to stay, but if you were looking for something else then, of course, you may unfollow, no hurt feelings.~ 


Momocon 2017 Photos :D Part 1/???

There’s some Fire Emblem, some Final Fantasy, some Mario Bros., and Zeldaaaaaaaa :D There were a TON os amazing cosplayers this year, and you guys were absolutely amazing and so friendly, I’m so glad to have met you all! Some people aren’t tagged, so if you know who they are or it’s you in these photos, please reblog and tag yourself! 

[I’m the Female Robin, by the way!]

@tipsy-scales as Tharja (Right)@ssbbgamergirl  as Female!Corrin ~ @zacksfairest as Tifa ~ @pugsarelub as Aerith@shapeshifter-ari as Link


Here’s some pics of my Vex cosplay & some of the other amazing Critical Role cosplayers I met at Momocon!
It’s been a while since I’ve had this great and experience at a con, and a while since I’ve been this happy about a cosplay, so thanks to everyone who made it special!!

There were so many more critters I wanted to talk to, but I get very nervous and stuff, so.. rip me. But I can’t wait to be Vex again!