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— playing with fire | (m)

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• pairing: jeon jungkook x reader, college! jungkook
genre/warnings: smut, explicit sexual descriptions, exhibitionist themes, slightly-sub! jungkook, switch themes, oral sex, face sitting
• words: 8,460
→ summary: jungkook seems to have a little crush on you, and no matter how much you try to ignore it, you seem to be losing your resolve with each passing day…

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The Stupid Bag (Draco Malfoy x Reader)


Draco pinched the bridge of his nose in irritation and turned just in time to see most of your books cascade to the floor. It was the fifth time in three days that this had happened and he honestly didn’t understand why you wouldn’t just buy a new bag. Instead, you insisted on repeatedly casting Reparo multiple times a day. Talk about a waste of time and magic. He watched in disdain as a group of sixth and seventh year boys began to crowd around you eagerly trying to offer you their assistance. His eyes narrowed at a particularly bold one who actually dared to put a hand on your arm.

“Keep that expression on your face and you’ll get permanent wrinkles, you know.” Pansy said from next to him. He leveled a glare at her before smoothing out his aristocratic features. “Malfoy’s don’t get wrinkles.” He sniffed while Pansy merely rolled her eyes in boredom. “Come on, class starts in five.”  She said pulling on his arm. “And stop pining after her for Salazar’s sake, it’s unbecoming of you.” She smirked. Draco’s protests were lost in the crowd as their professor arrived just in time to usher them into Transfigurations. Pining? Since when has he ever pined? He doesn’t pine. Pansy can shove it.

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To ask for a slot, please send an e-mail to (this is NOT my Paypal address). Please do not send important information through Tumblr’s ask system, as it is inconsistent.

All payments will be done through Paypal (via invoice). Payment will be required after you have approved the sketch of your commission and confirmed all the details.

I will send WIPs of my process, of course.

The commission queue is pretty much list based, not slot based.

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New Elite Specs: My Thoughts

Another weekend, another demo! There’s no new lore to overanalyze, unfortunately, but we did get access to the new Elite Specializations. And I, naturally, spent the whole weekend fooling around with them. 

Now, as someone who traditionally sucks at PvP… this was a tough time for me. I spent the past three days being repeatedly punched, stabbed, shot, burned, kicked, and… whatever it is Mirages do. But I suffered bravely through all of it, for you, my dear followers. So that I might bring you my firsthand thoughts on the new specs. 

I’m not exactly an expert on these things (I’m more of a lore guy), but I did throw a lot of time into the demo, and spent at least a couple hours on every class. If you were indisposed this weekend, you might find these hot takes useful. Without further ado… 

Do you enjoy being delightfully confused? Wondrously confounded? Kicking someone’s ass without having any idea how you pulled it off? Then good news, friend – The Weaver is the class for you!

With the attunement system, Elementalists like myself have always had a ridiculous number of skills. Now, with the addition of a sword and the ability to mix and match different elements, Arenanet’s added about two dozen more. Want a crazy amount of damage? Use Fire and Air skills at the same time! Want to be a nigh-unkillable tank instead? Mix Earth and Water, baby! This is the Elementalist on steroids, with even more versatility than the base class.

I only played for a few hours, and didn’t even scratch the surface of what the Weaver can do. I leaned hard into the “nigh-unkillable tank” option, and the end result is a class that just Will. Not. Die. And I’m not even playing it properly – I’m just throwing out random spells and hoping I don’t get crushed. In the hands of someone that actually knows how to play PvP, this thing will be a holy terror. 

Of all the new specs, this is the one I’m most excited to play in the open world. The possibilities are endless, and I really, really love my new sword. 

The Deadeye, it turns out, wasn’t nearly as OP as everyone said it would be. While the idea of a Thief getting a long-range sniper rifle might be pretty scary on paper, remember that it’s only effective when it’s used at long range. The rifle’s best abilities require you to be immobile. Once the enemy closes the ground and you’re forced to move, you sacrifice all that raw damage and become just another glass-cannon Thief.

That doesn’t mean the Deadeye’s not dangerous, though – not if you’re thinking a few steps ahead. After experimenting a bit, I realized that the Deadeye excels at hit and run tactics. Seek out a 1v1 between evenly-matched players and shoot the enemy in the back. Capture an unguarded point and lay in wait for the first unsuspecting victim that tries to reclaim it. Bring someone down with the burst damage and run like hell… leaving a Needle Trap behind for your victim’s overeager teammates.

All the mobility of a Thief, now with an absurdly long-range weapon. Deadeyes aren’t invincible (especially once you start to plan around them), but it’s a lethal combination once you figure out some clever ways to exploit these advantages. More importantly, though, it’s fun. Of all the Specs they released, this one might just be my favorite. 

So… if the Deadeye isn’t the most OP thing since sliced bread, the question remains: “What is?” To answer that query, please put your hands together for the bane of my existence this past weekend… The Holosmith.

The Holosmith is, to put it simply, a living can of Red Bull that’s been chugging twelve-packs of Sunny D. Fight one head-on, and you’ll be locked into a neverending chain of pulls and knockbacks, being kicked helplessly from one end of the arena to another while receiving absurb amounts of damage. Now, this is supposed to have drawbacks – if a Holosmith goes on like this for too long, they’ll get overloaded and eventually start doing damage to themselves. But trust me, you’ll be dead long before that becomes a problem for them.

It takes a while to figure out this class, because like all things Engineer, it’s pretty complicated. But once you do, you’ll be nigh unstoppable. Most encounters will be over quickly thanks to the front-loaded burst damage, but if the battle drags on, Holosmiths bring plenty of survivability to the table. Utility skills like Spectrum Shield and Hardlight Arena make Holosmiths hard to take out in an even fight. 

Enjoy it while you can, guys, because as awesome as the Holosmith is, it’ll be nerfed into the ground within a matter of weeks. 

The Scourge was… I’m honestly not sure what I think, actually. Necromancers got a lot of cool toys to play with this expansion – not just a torch, but an entirely new set of skills that replaces the old Life Force bar. Now you channel Life Force to summon Shades, stationary ghosts that damage enemies and shield allies.

On one hand, their ability to support and sustain their team allows the Scourge to dominate a teamfight. A good Scourge can give their allies the survivability they need to turn the tide in the team’s favor. Problem is, they’re pretty useless outside that one specific niche. 

Scourges can be pretty intimidating, sure. Nobody wants to enter the Scourge’s AoE Funhouse of Doom… until they realize that Scourges still rely mainly on conditions to deal damage, and the new batch of Specs is filled with condition cleansing. Then you start getting dunked on by an entire team of Spellbreakers. Worst part? Because you can’t use your Life Force as a secondary health bar, those Spellbreakers will tear through you like paper. 

I feel like Scourge is something I’d have more fun toying with in PvE. Like the Druid before it, the Scourge is designed to fit into a support role, and those don’t have much of a place in structured PvP. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Quick: what’s the coolest thing you can do with a shortbow? If your answer was “Fire a hail of burning arrows through tiny portals that strike your foes at various angles”, you are not only correct, but also a fan of The Renegade. 

The new Revenant Spec is very exciting for lore nerds such as myself. Channeling of the spirit of Kalla Scorchrazor, legendary charr war hero, you gain Kalla’s incredible sharpshooting abilities… and the ability to summon members of her warband when you’re in a jam. Unsurprisingly, it’s pretty difficult to master, and I certainly didn’t come anywhere close while I was playing. But I did run into some decent Renegades during the demo, and they were able to deal a lot of damage, very quickly. 

This is another one of those Specs I can’t wait to try out in PvE. I couldn’t do much with it in the arena, but in a less stressful environment, I feel like it’ll be incredible. 

I hope you brought a good book, because The Firebrand is about to get literate on your asses. Remember that Tome mechanic the Guardians had way back at launch? Well, it’s back, and just as awesome as you remembered. Massive AoE heals and conditions can be pumped out in the blink of an eye. 

Like the Scourge, Firebrands are excellent in teamfights, putting pressure on the entire enemy team while supporting their own. But unlike the Scourge, the Firebrand still retains the tools that have served it well in PvP before – namely, its uncanny ability to tank anything you throw at it. Even when they’re caught in a bad situation, a well-built Firebrand can survive, and that’ll make them a common sight in this game mode. 

Personally, I can’t wait to use the Firebrand in World vs World. In the midst of a massive zerg, it can probably do some absurd things.

For reasons I’ve never really understood, some Ranger players really, really want a Spec that lets them play without a pet. While I don’t get the logic – aren’t pets the main draw of the Ranger? – Arenanet, apparently, does, and they’ve listened to your feedback. Now, with the addition of The Soubeast,  Rangers don’t just play without their pets – you merge with them, Voltron-style.

Indeed, Arenanet has taken animal cruelty to the next level, as you eat your beloved sidekick to absorb their power. This’ll definitely be a welcome addition in PvP, where pets are constantly running headfirst into massive AoE attacks and getting knocked quickly out of the fight. 

Like the Weaver, I didn’t really know what I’m doing while I was playing the Soubeast, so I can’t really say anything about its place in the meta or stuff like that. But I do know that my enemies kept breaking under my dagger-waving onslaught, so I figure I must be doing something right. 

The Mirage is the Mesmer in its purest form. They don’t do fair fights – they overcome their obstacles by tricking, confounding and generally irritating the hell out of them until they give up and leave. Mirages are masters of this. Their new powers help them blend in with their clones, hiding in plain sight while they beat on their enemies. Do you want to bring her down with burst damage? Choose wisely, then, because there’s a one-in-four chance that you’ll unload your best abilities on the wrong target altogether. 

Even though Mesmer is the class I’m least familiar with, I had a surprising amount of success with the Mirage. I think it has to do with me taking the clone gimmick as far as I possibly could. I didn’t just summon clones – I tried to mimic their behavior, too. AIs in this game are pretty simplistic, and it’s pretty easy to figure out which Mirage is the real one when only three of them are following the simplistic movement and attack patterns. To really blend in, you’ve got to commit to the role and act as much like a clone as possible. Otherwise, you’ll be identified almost immediately, and Mirages don’t survive for very long under direct fire. 

Even so, the sheer amount of AoE can make things very difficult for you. With all the Firebrands and Holosmiths running around, clones will die almost as fast as you can summon them… which, as you might imagine, makes blending in with them pretty difficult. Once it gets buffed a little, though, I think PvPers will appreciate its unique fighting style.

It’s no secret that in the past couple seasons of PvP, condition damage has ruled the meta. But now, ladies and gentlemen, burst damage has returned, and it is through The Spellbreaker that it has reclaimed its rightful throne. 

Spellbreakers, on paper, are simple: they hate magic. All magic. And they’re all about purging magic from allies and enemies – buffs and debuffs alike. The days of stacking a bunch of Might on yourself and running roughshod over your enemies are over. Under the watchful eye of the Spellbreaker, they’ll make sure both sides are fighting with nothing but their raw stats, as nature intended. 

This Spec is an odd little duckling, because on its own, it’s not really overpowered in and of itself. It is, however, uncannily good at countering builds that are. Spellbreakers are the only class I saw regularly standing up to Holosmiths, stunning them to take away their momentum or stripping away boons they rely on to survive in a prolonged fight. And as for the aforementioned condition builds? Shut down before they could even get rolling. 

However the meta might develop in Path of Fire, I’m dead certain Spellbreakers will be a key component. They’re set to be the superpredators of the meta ecosystem, keeping all the traditionally overpowered builds in check to maintain a level of balance. If you’re a big PvPer, you may want to invest in this guy. 

So… those are my thoughts. What did you guys think about the new batch of Elite Specs? I’m interesting in hearing from the rest of you guys, especially if, unlike me, you actually know something about this buildcraft stuff. As usual, feel free to send me asks or reblog with your own opinions. 

Whatever you think, I hope you enjoyed the demo as much as I did. <3

Slap or... Kiss

Imagine: SMH plays Slap or Kiss in the late hours of a kegster sometime during Bitty’s sophomore year. He spins the bottle & of course it lands on our boy Jack. 

Dislclaimer: I don’t claim to actually remember what the living room of The Haus looks like so I probably took some small liberties. I intended for this to be like a canon-insert if you will. 

Rules of the game [from this post]:

  1. You spin the bottle. Whoever it lands on will either have to slap or kiss you.
  2. You, the spinner, leave the room. Everyone else gets to vote on whether you will get slapped or kiss. Majority wins, the person who the bottle landed on doesn’t get a vote.
  3. When it’s decided, you’re called back in for the surprise Slap or Kiss, and everyone watches with anticipation because they all know and you have no idea.

[ao3 link]

Of course. Of course it lands on Jack.

Bitty leaves the room as per the rules and instantly he’s wringing his hands. There are drunken murmurs coming from the other room and he knows that it’s the sound of his friends deciding his fate.

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Any sims stories you're reading right now?

oh, okay right, i have so many stories that i love, but these are the ones im keeping up with atm: 

Legacy Stories.


There’s quite a few but honestly, they’re all really good and if for some absurd reason you haven’t checked them out then you 100% should!!! They’re all really talented peeps.

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mmmmm how about jongdae & cross that. don't answer that.

“cross that. don’t answer that” // Kim Jongdae// Word Count:847

Midnight on a Thursday at the college dorm was always a fun time, especially when exams were finished and everyone didn’t need to drink to get themselves through it. 

Currently, your floor of the dorm complex - you, Mia, Jongin, Minseok, Baekhyun, Kaye, Lily and Jongdae - were all sitting in the corridor, bottles of fruit juice and crisps scattered around you all as you lounged together, appreciating the chill air of no exams. You guys had all grown rather close over the past year, mostly because for some absurd reason, all of your locks were faulty, and you had been forced to be together a lot. That resulted in a lot of these corridor get togethers, but mostly involving alcohol, unlike tonight. 

Lounging against the wall, you popped a crisp in your mouth, and said loudly, “How about we play truth or dare?” There was a collective mutter of agreement, and Baekhyun piped up, 
“I want to go first - Lily, truth or dare?” The dark haired girl next to you rolled her eyes, knowing fine well that Baekhyun was always trying to get in her pants. 
“Would you ever consider jumping my bones?” He wriggled his eyebrows as everybody chucked bits of food at him, moaning at his stupid question. 
“Not in this lifetime.” She said, nudging you - you’d had one drunken one night stand with Baekhyun and she was going to hold it against you for the rest of your life, you swear, “(Y/N), truth or dare?” 
“I’m feeling spicy.” You grinned, “Dare.”
“Spicy, huh?” Lily’s eyes grew menacing, flickering over to Jongdae, who she knew you had a fat crush on, and you glared warningly at her. “I dare you sit in Jongdae’s lap for the rest of the game.”
“I’m for that!” Jongdae laughed from his spot across from her, and you shook your head. Jongdae was just like that - overly flirty, always willing to join in for a laugh, but nothing was ever serious with him. 
“Prepare for your legs to go numb from my fat ass, Dae.” You warned, scooting over, and you felt his hand on your back guiding you up onto his thighs, his arms coming round to clasp in front of your stomach. 
“You know I would welcome numb legs if it meant I could be in contact with your great ass, (Y/N).” He said in your ear, and you tried not to let your heart thump too loudly. 
“It is a good ass,” You said, feigning confidence and hearing his addictive laugh in your ear, his chin leaning on your shoulder. “Anyway, Minseok, truth or dare?” 

The game went on like this for ages, with nothing too outlandish happening - Jongin dared Kaye to prank call the Dean, Minseok revealed that he’d had a threesome when he was in high school, Mia and Baekhyun were dared to lick each other’s cheeks (which, for some ungodly reason, made Lily jealous). Just dumb shit, really, until Mia turned to you and posed that oh-so-important question: truth or dare. 
“I’m bored of dares,” You lied - you just wanted to sit on Jongdae’s lap as long as possible, with his nose brushing on your jaw whenever he spoke, his hair tickling your cheek, his arms tight around you…”Truth me.”
“Is there anybody here that you would have sex with -” As you were about to reply with yeah, of course, she added, “-and a relationship afterwards?” You glared at Lily, knowing she’d told all the girls about your crush on Jongdae. 
“Aw, come on, give me a better one that that. That one’s too generic,” You whined, and Minseok’s eyes glittered. 
“It sounds like you’re a….chicken.
“Buck buck buck-” Jongdae made stupid chicken noises in your ear until you reached back and flicked him in the forehead. “Come on, who would it be?” 
“Fine.” You said, irritated, feeling everybody’s eyes on you. “It would be-”
“Wait, cross that, don’t answer that.” Jongdae said suddenly, and you twisted to look at him. 
“Why not?” His brown eyes were particularly dark. 
“Well, considering you’re the girl sitting on my lap, what if I don’t like the answer?” You deliberated for a second, before rolling your eyes. 
“What, are you gonna get jealous if I say Jongin?” The younger boy spluttered with laughter and everyone giggled at his reaction, bar Jongdae and yourself. 
“I might,” He said, and you couldn’t tell whether he was kidding or not. 
“Alright, then I’ll just say you and be done with it.” You turned so that you couldn’t see his face anymore, “I’d pick Jongdae, seeing as he’s so eager. Anyway, Mia, truth or dare -” 

The game picked up again, until it got too late - or too early? - for you to even comprehend Jongdae’s lips pressing to your bare shoulder gently. Nobody else seemed to notice, and your hands came up to cover his as they wrapped around your belly. 
“So Mia’s truth,” He said, his voice nonexistent to everyone else, “Do you want to go make it a reality?” 

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wouldn't it be hilarious if the reason Shiro is a "hero" and "legend" isn't because he was the best of the class (although as far as I remember the creators did say he was at the top of his class at a con before S1 aired- I may be wrong) but because of some absurd reason like a prank pulled on one of the senior cadets or something equally ridiculous and unlike the fanon Shiro?


Yes that totally possible and I couldn’t help spending the past few days dreaming up ways this could have happened. The possibles are endless, thank you for this golden message.

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B - 74, 75, 76 :3

Bechloe - ‘When’/‘How’/‘Why’

[An article from Vogue Magazine 22 years from now. Something a little different but fun to write all the same :P thanks for the prompt dude!]

_ _ _

Vogue Magazine – Autumn 2039


Shooting to fame at the tender age of twenty five and becoming a multi-millionaire by thirty isn’t exactly everyone’s story, but for DJ and music producer BECA MITCHELL, it’s just another chapter in her eventful life. Here she discusses work, love and motherhood.

-words by PENNY CORKETT-

Stepping up to any large Beverly Hills home is an odd feeling, but when that home belongs to one of the most powerful (and often regarded as one of the most intimidating) women in the music industry, the feeling turns more to nerves. I had no idea what to expect, having never met Beca Mitchell before. All I had seen of her is what most people had seen of her: a few red carpet interviews at awards ceremonies, paparazzi photos, the odd photo or video posted on social media by her children, and more recently a guest judge on the 35th season of ‘The Voice’.

However, the moment I reach the large front door it swings open and there stands the very woman who I thought I feared. Except she didn’t appear to be the scary dragon everyone depicts her to be. Standing at just barely 5ft 4in, the forty seven year old gives me a warm smile and asks if I had a safe journey.

The woman invites me into her home and I follow her through to the large kitchen at the back of the house, passing an impressive array of awards. “Music has been in my blood since I was a kid,” Mitchell shares as she moves past the award cabinets, “I was always the one tapping out a beat with my pencil in school, or writing terrible lyrics on the back of my hand in pen.” And it was thanks to a teacher in high school that informed her of the role of a ‘music producer’, “I just remember him telling me that if I wanted to make it big I needed to go to LA. So that became my soul focus through high school.”

The only problem with the focus was trying to convince her father, who had other ideas. “He made me go to the college that he worked at.” The brunette says, rolling her eyes, “He hated the idea of me potentially wasting away in LA with no real hope of making it in the music industry. And I hate to admit it but he was right. Knowing what I know now about the industry - it’s not enough to just want it, you’ve got to really work to make contacts, seize opportunities, but also have a heap of luck!”

And a heap of luck came in Beca’s first year of college, not on a professional level but on a personal level. The awards that we walk past are not exclusively music-based, they are also some of the top accolades in the theatre, film and TV industry which have been awarded to Mitchell’s wife over the years.

Beca Mitchell is often depicted as hard-nosed, stern, and unforgiving – a stark difference from her wife of twenty years, Hollywood actress Chloe Beale. The two met in college and became fast friends, beginning a relationship shortly after graduation.

“She sort of didn’t give me much choice,” Beca admits with a smile as she reminisces about the first time she met the woman who would one day become her wife, “Chloe has this unbelievable ability to make anybody feel like a somebody. I was a total nobody-freshman and she was a senior who saw me across the campus quad one day and I guess the rest, as they say, is history.”

Beale has mentioned in several interviews in the past how she’d purposefully failed one of her college classes three years in a row so she could spend more time with Beca, who at the time had been her best friend and co-Captain of their collegiate acapella group (The Barden Bellas - worth a look on YouTube.) “Yeah I had no idea at the time that she had a thing for me,” Mitchell laughs, “I was in a long-term relationship with a guy all through college and it wasn’t until the final part of that relationship that I realised I was starting to develop these feelings for Chloe that were more than platonic.”

A year after graduating Beca had begun building a name for herself in the music industry in NYC. Chloe meanwhile, had travelled home to South Carolina, unsure of what to do next. “I remember hearing a song by an artist who was pretty unknown at the time, and the lyrics of this song I was working on just rang through to me.” Mitchell says with a small smile, “Every lyric reminded me of Chloe. And that’s when I realised I had to do something about it.” The woman travelled down to South Carolina and asked Beale out on a date. “She didn’t believe me at first - until I kissed her.” Beca laughs, “I just came right out and kissed her and that’s when she knew I was being serious.”

Beale moved up to New York City and in with Mitchell shortly after their first date (“We’d known each other for five years already so it wasn’t like we were strangers.”) and it was there that the redhead auditioned for and won the leading role of ‘Satine’ in the critically acclaimed Broadway adaptation of the 2001 Baz Luhrmann movie ‘Moulin Rouge!’

During the two year stint Beale had in ‘Moulin Rouge!’, Mitchell had her own success landing a US tour under the stage name of ‘DJ B-Mitch’, “That tour was the most difficult tour I’ve ever done,” the woman admits as she hands me a coffee and joins me at the kitchen table, “I was away for twelve weeks travelling the country and because Chloe was performing on Broadway six days a week neither of us had time to see each other.” The moment Mitchell returned home from her tour she proposed to Beale (“It was a no-brainer. I’d missed her so much.”) and within weeks they married in a small ceremony in Central Park with their closest family members and best friends.

Two years on from that and Mitchell would be out on the road again, this time with her wife and their baby daughter in tow. “I can’t even put into words how it felt to be up on a stage DJing to a crowd of 100,000 people and I would turn to my right and see the two most important people in my world stood side of stage cheering and dancing along.”

Two people turned into four with the arrival of twins two years later, and the Mitchell family were fast becoming not only high profile within celebrity gossip columns and papers, but both Beca and Chloe were shooting up the ranks in their respective careers. In 2022 Beale was nominated for her first Academy Award in a Leading Role – an award she would end up winning three times over the following 17 years (unfortunately she did not win that year), and with her wife’s success and subsequent role offers, DJ B-Mitch hung up her decks and became a full time music producer as ‘Beca Mitchell’ instead, “[Chloe and I] agreed we needed to provide the kids with stability, so we bought this house and I stopped touring. I stayed here in LA to work, while Chloe shot whichever movie or TV show she was working on.”

The couple split responsibilities when it came to caring for their three kids when they were young, “It was always a long day in the studio if it was my day to bring the kids into work. But now I look back on it and agree it was a good decision.” Mitchell says with a confident nod, “I love my kids and we’re a tight-knit family.”

Daisy (20), Brody (18), and Ben (18) are no longer in need of babysitting. Daisy, like her Mother, is starring on Broadway in the very role that shot Chloe Beale to stardom in the first place, playing ‘Satine’ in the revival of ‘Moulin Rouge!’.
“I couldn’t be prouder of her,” Mitchell says with an air of pride, admitting, “Daisy’s always wanted to be an actress, which is probably due to spending so much of her childhood on sound-stages with Chloe.”

And the boys? Well Brody and Ben Mitchell were both accepted at Harvard University, “They chose Barden though, for some absurd reason.” Mitchell says in a sarcastic tone, shaking her head slightly. Barden University, down in the state of Georgia, was the very college that their mothers met, “Which may have something to do with it,” Mitchell shrugs, “but I think they secretly just want to get away from the madness that can be a highly-populated college. Oh and getting away from their Mom’s may be a perk for them.”

So what’s in store for the music producer’s future? “Professionally, I’m helping out an old friend with a music score he’s composing. He’s always struggled with composition.”

And personally? “I’m not keen on divulging much about my personal life, but I think Chloe and I plan on going on holiday with our best friends from college if we can find a space in our calendars. The kids have technically flown the nest now.”

After the hour long chat and (arguably) the best cup of coffee I’ve ever tasted, I bid the Music Producer farewell. Having always envisioned the woman as a bit of a robot who had no compassion or emotion, this time spent with Beca Mitchell has truly provided me with the opportunity to see the real person behind that guarded, serious façade.

And I have to say, I liked it.

Falling Into The Wrong Crowd-Part Five (Jax Teller x Reader)

Summary: The Devoted Predators have been captured and the girls are ready for kill them. For some absurd reason the Sons don’t want to get rid of them yet as they fear that there is much more to come.

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name

Warnings: Swearing, violence, alcohol, drugs, death, torture, guns, gore (this is Sons Of Anarchy, what do you expect?)

“Lass, don’ do it yet.” Chibs’ stern voice stopped us.

Bea whipped her head round in surprise.“What do you mean!? These bastards need to die!”

“They should go through some sort'a torture, don’ ya think?”

I couldn’t take much more of this. Although I thoroughly agreed that those sick men needed to be put through something horrible before they finally left this life; I wouldn’t be able to stay or watch any of it. I was satisfied that they were going to be killed, that was enough, I didn’t need to drive a knife slowly through their heart to gain revenge (though that sounded like a good idea). My legs felt weaker now, the pain from my wounds now surging. The adrenaline must have been wearing off. Jax was this and put his arm around my waist, he other holding a hand.

“You need to sit down.” he whispered.

I nodded, not looking at him but at Zac.“Just one more thing.”

Limping towards him I looked down at his cowering figure. Not such a man now, was he? Looking him straight in the eyes, I subtly pulled back my leg before crashing it into his crotch. He screamed out in pain as he doubled over.

“I needed to do that.” I explained now letting Jax guide me away.

I felt myself get weaker as we walked through the corridors. He took me into one of the dorm rooms, presumably his, sitting me down on the edge of the bed. As he disappeared into his bathroom I scanned the room; it screamed Jax. He leant against the frame of the door, gesturing with his head to go into the bathroom. Staggering over to him, he supported me again, holding a wet flannel up to my face. I let him wash away the dirt and blood, feeling flushed under his gaze. He moved onto my hands and I hissed as the flannel ran over my open wounds. Jax hesitated but continued when I said nothing. His huge, rough hands we’re a big contrast to my tiny, soft ones. I dared to look up at him and our eyes met for a brief second before he pulled away from me.

“You can sleep here tonight.” Jax offered as we exited his bathroom.

“Thanks.” I breathed out, sitting on it again.

Every inch of my body was throbbing. It was like a constant headache all over. I heard Jax fumble around the room, drawers being opened and shut. He caught my attention when waving one of his
t-shirts in front of me.

“It’s alright, I don’t need that.” I sadly smiled.

“Yes you do, your shirt is ruined.”

I took it from him, knowing that it would be oversized.

He turned his back to me.“I promise I won’t look.”

Although it hurt, I took off my own shirt and slipped his on. Unsurprisingly it was like a dress on me, going just over my knees and swamping my body. It was plain black with the word SAMCRO displayed at the top in white. I told Jax it was ok to turn around and he smirked when he saw me.

“Looks good on you. You look like a real member.” he was trying to lighten the mood.

We heard a cry of pain echo down the hall, startling the both of us. On instinct I wrapped my arms around myself, also crossing my legs, I tried to comfort myself. Why couldn’t they just be dead already?

“Hey,” Jax caught my attention,“it’ll be over soon.”

I only blinked not really sure how to reply. He advised that I go to sleep telling me I needed rest of I were to get better mentally and physically. I did as he said getting comfortable in his bed. Jax left his room after asking me a thousand times if I would be alright, he finally believed me. Bunching up the covers I pulled them over my trembling body up to my chin, it acted like a shield protecting me from the outside world. Surprisingly I fell asleep quite quickly, luckily not dreaming about anything. I was dazed as I woke, not quite sure what was going on or why my body was hurting so much. When the unfortunate memories came back I slowly say up in bed only to scream at the unfamiliar person in the room.

“It’s alright darling,” the older woman shushed me,“I’m Clay’s wife, Jax’s mom. My name’s Gemma.”

My breathing slowed as I took in what she said. She looked like a typical Old Lady; decked head to toe in black, her Crow tattoo peaking out of her shirt on her cleavage. She was definitely the queen here. If course she was going to look intimidating but her devoting, motherly side was showing through at the moment.

“I-I’m (Y/N).” I shakily breathed out.

“I know sweetheart.” she got out of her seat and say next to me on the bed.“How are you feeling?”

“Um…I’m not too sure to be honest.”

“Yeah, that was a big of a stupid question.”

“No it wasn’t. Thanks for asking.”

I could feel her eyeing me up and down. It didn’t help that I was covered in bruises and cuts. She was trying to figure me out, see if I was worth hanging around with her guys. Gemma sighed, running a hand through her blonde highlighted hair. As an Old Lady she was probably used to this shit happening though obviously she had to deal with it. That was what happened when you married at biker, you weren’t just binding yourself to the man you love but also the club that came with him.

“Look, don’t get all pissy over this question but why are you with those girls? You seem like a sweet girl, not someone that would be a part of all of this?”

“They’ve always been there for me, I could never abandon them. I can’t really leave this lifestyle now either.”

“No, you couldn’t could you.” she sighed.

“D-do you know what happened out there?” I timidly asked.

“Sorry, I don’t get told a lot. All I know is that there are no Devoted Predators left in my clubhouse and the boys are carrying on with work as usual. The girls are still here too.”

“Right. Good.”

“I’ll go grab them and get you some lunch.”


“Yeah, it’s two in the afternoon. Don’t worry about it, you needed the rest.”

She began to edit the room before I shouted a ‘thanks’. Gemma acknowledged this, smiling a little. As she left I hauled myself out of the bed having to use the support of the surrounding furniture to keep me from falling. It was a struggle to get to the bathroom though I made it eventually. The pain in my body increased as I leaned against the sink, my breathing heavy. Unfortunately I had to face my reflection and it was a horrific sight; my lips were split and a deep red colour, one cheek was more swollen than the other and I had a black eye. It didn’t help that my eyes were puffy and bloodshot from crying or that my nose was rosy. Splashing some water on my face I attempted to wash away last night’s smeared makeup. Moving onto the mess that was my hair I jumped as someone burst into the room.

“(Y/N)? Oh there you are!” Frankie threw her arms around me, I had to ignore the pain.

“Hey, are you ok?”

“Yeah. It’s over now, we’re safe.”

I let out a sigh, clinging onto her.“Finally.”


It had been three days since the Devoted Predators ambushed us. We had busied ourselves with work as the club was soon to open. It helped that I just had to keep the Cara Cara girls rehearsing their routines for the opening show, luckily they had to prepare their own performance meaning that I wasn’t rushing around trying to put together some sort of choreography.

Although I was trying to distract myself from what had happened, I couldn’t ignore the many looks I was receiving from my colleagues. They were all full of pity or sympathy and it was getting on my nerves. I understood that they were trying to be careful with what they said or did around me but it was not helping me at all. That meant I was becoming agitated, especially on the opening night of the club.

“(Y/N), could you please at least pretend to be happy?” Alex joked with me.

We had dressed up a little to look more sophisticated (not a word I really associated a strip club) preparing the music and drinks. I had covered my bruises and cuts with my makeup, curling my hair and wearing a black, slimming dress with some marching heels. The girls weren’t fond of dresses and opted for formal jeans with a nice top. I sent her a sarcastic smile and she just chuckled.

“Leave her alone. You look great by the way.” Bea complimented as she poured out four glasses of champagne.

“Thanks. You think the guys are going to come?” I took a glass.

“Course they will, it’s their club as much as ours.”

“We owe them big time.” Frankie said.


“Ok has everyone got a glass?” Bea asked as we stood together.“Here’s a toast to a good future from now on.”

Alex had to chime in.“And here’s hoping we get so much cash we make it rain.”

“Okay so I’ve been seeing a lot of hate on Starco recently, and I think it’s because it’s becoming more canon as the show moves along. I understand it’s cliche to some people but other people just think it’s cute. Some people have the most absurd reasons for disliking the ship. I even heard someone say they dislike it because it’s heterosexual. I support lgbt+, but come on. That’s a bit rude and hypocritical. I want to stop seeing all the hate towards Starco other ships. The ship war is childish.”

- Anonymous

BestFriend!Jaemin AU

okay so i was in class daydreaming what it would be like if jaemin was in school with me cause i lowkey hate just about everyone in my class and i want a best friend that bright like jaemins cute self so yeah i came up with this. This is dedicated to all the cuties who are waiting for our boy’s healthy return.(also this is lowkey not a plotonic friendship, those AUs will be up later) i hope you guys enjoy it!! - A 

  •  “Jaemin, its fucking 3am what are you on about ?”
  • “im going to sleep, goodbye little shit.”
  • “y/n COME BACK TO ME”
  • you: *mutes your phone*
  • The next day comes and this boy is a mess
  • ‘‘hey can i copy your math homework’’
  • “lol no”
  • “please!!!!”
  • “you shouldn’t have stayed up so late loser.”
  • and you end up giving it to him because he flashes you that million dollar smile
  • “ugh fine but sprinkle in some random numbers to make it seem like you actually did your work”
  • and he hugs you and messes up your hair and you lowkey blush
  • this kid is constantly sending you notes during history
  • because he thinks a class dedicated on the past is so absurd for some reason ???
  • “id rather learn about the future” 
  • “ i dont think you understand how this works”
  • you guys like to ride the subway home for some reason you both just really like the subway 
  • and one day you guys were walking home from the subway station on a really nice warm day and Jaemin was like “lets go through the park” and you were like “yeah sure fam”
  • and as you’re walking through the park you see your favorite flower and you’re like “OMG ITS A [Insert flower name]” and your dork ass runs to it and picks it
  • and jaemin just smiles
  • ‘what a fucking cutie asjkfkhb’
  • he just keeps smiling while walking towards you with his hands in his pocket
  • you hold up the flower to him “isnt it so pretty!!!”
  • “yes :)”
  • while you’re just admiring the beauty of the flower he smiles like an idiot ‘wow shes so cute’
  • “its for you”
  • “me?” he asks
  • “yeah, this was your day so you should have it.”
  • and mark poor mark hasn’t a clue what to say
  • “um you should try and be nicer, nicer than usual”
  • so jaemin being the fucking loser person that he is, he trust mark because he must know what hes saying oFc
  • so hes super nice to you
  • like suspiciously nice to you
  • “do you need help in algebra?”
  • “yeah actually”
  • “I’LL HELP YOU!” 
  • “..thanks”
  • “NO PROB”
  • “Hey, Y/N I bought your lunch! its your fave”
  • “oh um thanks Nana”
  • so he invites you to his house to help you study 
  • and his room is surprisingly neat 
  • you were like :o ??
  • good job nana, good job.
  • and you see he has the flower you gave him in a cute mason jar with some water by the window (aww)
  • so you arrange your things on the floor and he goes and gets yall some snick snacks
  • and while hes helping you find the slope of something he just kinda says
  • “you’re really pretty”
  • ‘what bitch- did i just?’
  • ‘did he just??’
  • you start blushing a little hehehe
  • “oh um, tha-thank you”
  • and so yall get a bit quiet and your all nervous and pull a “its getting late” cause you dont know what to do like your crush/friend really just said that??
  • and hes like “yeah it is, ill walk you out okay?”
  • and you’re like “yeah”
  • and so you’re out the door and you both hug each other goodbye like you always do but this hug is different
  • you both linger on a bit more 
  • and so a few years later when the hug is finally over  you both let go and smile awkwardly at each other 
  • “bye nana” you wave
  • “bye y/n see you at school”
  • and you walk home chipper as can be smiling like an idiot because you cant stop thinking about how much you like jaemin
The Blue Fairy // Spencer Reid x Reader

“Okay. Now I’m afraid,” You said as you continued to hike through the forest. Spencer had decided that hiking would be a fun activity for the both of you that morning and for some absurd reason you had agreed. You had been slightly surprised at his suggestion as he never really seemed to be the outdoorsy type but hell, you were all for trying new things. You’d been hiking for some time now and the trail you had taken had all but disappeared now.

“You know, over 100 deaths are caused by trees in the US every year,” Spencer commented as he continued on.

“That’s comforting,” you muttered as you looked around, noticing how old the trees seemed to appear in this part of the forest. You quickly caught up to Spencer and grabbed onto his arm as he stopped walking.

“I thought we were going the right way,” Spencer commented with a furrow of his eyebrows as he looked down at his map. You groaned as you realized that your favorite genius had in fact gotten you lost.

“Spence, can we just head back? I’m hungry and my feet ache,” you whined as you took a seat on a fallen tree trunk. You’d been walking for hours and all that you’d gained were various bug bites and sore muscles. He took a seat next to you as he continued to read the map in his hands.

“We went the right way. We should have reached it by now,” he muttered to himself as he flipped the paper over as he tried to make sense of it. You raised an eyebrow at his comment.

“Reached what?” You asked as you wiped away the sweat trickling down your forehead.

“La Hada Azul. It’s Spanish for the blue fairy. It’s supposed to be a really beautiful waterfall,” he replied with a sigh. “Guess this fairy is getting away from us,” he said in disappointment as he stood and offered you a hand. You took it gratefully as he pulled you up to a standing position.

“We could just go to the bookstore and buy some books on waterfalls,” you suggested as you both made your way back the way you came from. He chuckled at your suggestion.

“Yeah, this is the last time I try to do something in nature,” he laughed.

“This is the first time you’ve ever done anything in nature,” you replied teasingly, lacing a hand through his. “I prefer exploring the quirky bookstores you find anyway.”