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Fun ways to study Japanese (Part One)

Hello everyone!

We all know that using text books and listening to speaking can help us study a new language, but the best way to learn is sometimes the fun way! Sure, a text book will help you gain knowledge, but sometimes it’s easier to retain information if you have fun with it!

Here’s part one of our ‘Fun Ways to Study in Japanese’ post!

Shiritori しりとり

Our favourite game to play in the car (yes, more than ‘I Spy’) is a game called ‘Shiritori’ しりとり which literally means ‘taking the end’. It;s a fun word game that will help you practice your knowledge and memory of words in Japanese. Get a friend (or friends) who is also studying Japanese, or someone who knows Japanese fluently, and play this game together!

How to play ‘Shiritori’:

1. The person who decides to go first says ‘shiritori’.

2. The second person will say a word beginning with ‘ri’ (eg. Ringo りんご- Apple).

3. The first (or next) player will say something beginning with go (eg. Gorira ゴリラ- Gorilla).

Each person will take turns saying a word beginning with the last character. If a word like ‘jitensha’ (bicycle) is used, always use the last character of the word, which in this case is ya (や).

The main rule of Shiritori is to make sure you don’t say words ending with ‘n’ (ん). 

Another fun way of studying Japanese is by watching children’s shows! Although watching anime can help a bit with learning phrases and words, you’ll be surprised by how much more you can pick up by watching a show designed for children! It helps you practice your listening skills, as well as hear simple phrases and words.

Here are a few shows that we both recommend:

Juppon Anime  じゅっぽん あにめ

This show is a silly short show about 10 sticks (yes, sticks) who go on adventures. Although that may sound a little boring at first, this show has funny little skits that will make you giggle. It’s a fun show to watch when you have a little bit of spare time.

Hotch Potch Station ハッチポッチステーション

This show is a very similar to Sesame Street. It’s a show with lots of songs and music. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll learn, and how you’ll end up getting the catchy theme song stuck in your head!

Yatter Man やったーまん

Although this show did get a revamp in 2008, the 1977 original anime is amazing and has simple Japanese to help with your studies. It’s a crime fighting anime so it’s always exciting!

Chi’s Sweet Home チーズスイートホーム

I’m sure most of you know about this adorable anime! Chi’s Sweet Home is all about the adventures of a little kitten named Chi. Prepare for many ‘aww’ moments and cuteness! 

(All pictures from Google).

You can also find episodes of The Simpsons, Spongebob Squarepants and other shows dubbed in Japanese! You know the shows well, and if you know an episode off by heart, watch it in Japanese and see how well you remember it! You may even pick up a few phrases and handy words.

That’s it for this blog post! Stay tuned for part two next week!

As usual, we’re here to answer any questions you have. Happy studying!

Clare and Yu.

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hc for pennywise with a deaf or HOH s/o? Thanks!


• when pennywise first met you, he has planned on killing you but instead became intrigued with you
• he doesn’t know how to sign so instead he’ll write on paper but eventually learns how to
• you teach him, he was a pain in the ass to teach too
• he was impatient and had a short fuse
• he sometimes mocks you and pretends to be a mime
• does the old trapped in a box skit and makes you giggle
• sometimes he’ll be a shit and stop signing and will talk, usually says dirty things and teases you
• he’s very overprotective of you and will watch over you when you’re sleeping, won’t leave your side until you’re awake
• but even when you are awake he’ll always be near by keeping an eye on you

The Many Reasons I Loved Last Night’s YouNow

Last night was so much freaking fun!! Guys we got to go behind the scenes of an awards show!! HOW FUCKING COOL IS THAT!?!!?!

We got to walk the read carpet…meet celebs….go on stage…mingle back stage…all because of Zach and YouNow. I mean if you step away from all this fandom drama and just focus on this fact last night was pretty damn epic.

I rarely get to be in YouNow casts and I usually stay pretty quiet. I know it’s a mixed audience and I feel like I’m being judged by my handle but I had liquid courage last night and didn’t give a fuck LOL. It was too fun and I wanted to join in with everyone else. 

Ok so let’s run down all the awesomeness YAY!

Promotions Pre-show - We got to see the place before the show started and run around with Zach while he did some self promotion. Praise Jocasta I love seeing him get his name out there. Zach putting in work makes me so happy. He’s got plans y’all he may not tell them all to us…he really shouldn’t but he’s got plans. YAY!

The intern and Red Carpet - I really like the intern whose name is too hard to spell. I liked her banter with Zach and how he gave her a hard time about Mean Girls. Zach is just great with banter in general. He would do great at hosting just about anything I think. I loved seeing him work the red carpet and handle the interviews. 

Brittany and Devin - Were they my fav house guests? Nope, but seeing them reunite and do this together was great. I always loved his friendship with Britt. She gave him the love he seemed to desperately need.

The CUTEST DOG ON THE PLANET!!! - watching Zach with the puppy was the BEST!!! it went on and on and he was so happy and that puppy loved him haha! Puppy kisses and puppy talk and Zach literally turning into a puppy

Aaron SAMUELS - haha Zach and Jonathan were freaking adorbs. He could not stop fan girling. They seemed to genuinely be amused by each other (I ship it…shh don’t tell Frankie LMAO!) No but really their interaction was so fun. I love that Jonathan loved Zach as much as Zach loved him. It was just so damn cute.

Zach on Stage - We got to go ON STAGE at an awards show. So fun!! Zach was a natural and it was so fun. I think he handle Britt’s “dance monkey dance” moment well LOL! 

Shay and Giggles - LMFAO!!! Ok I gotta give Shay mad props. She was aggressive. You go girl. I need to take lessons. LMBO! and Giggles was a TRIP! I loved that she was clocking our boy and did not even know who he was…I mean damn…y’all caught that right? And she was EVERYWHERE! It felt like Giggles walked straight out of an SNL skit…Giggles and Rose wine is pretty damn entertaining. I think Zach handled her well. haha

That Guy’s Awkward Dancing - haha I loved that random man throwing down on the dance floor. He was getting it in!!! I really wanted Zach to join in…he probably did once the he cut off the cast. Let’s face Zach loves to dance.

Zach and Production - It was so cool watching him meet production. How surreal? and we got to meet his handler and see how much he ADORES him. How much they adore each other. Awww my heart!

Zach, the drag queens and all the thirsty men - LOL that’s Hollywood boo. haha so funny when that YouNow cast conveniently ended on two very specific occasions isn’t it…we understand though haha “Zach attack…where you goin?” haha is probably my fav line of the night. :-)

Zach and his fans - I LOVED watching him get so much attention and love. But I REALLY loved that he got to see that he Zach Rance was a star not just for zankie but that HE was loved on his own. I think it’s so important for him to know and understand that. Isolated in FL with only fans and family he has a skewed version of reality. He got to see really see that he is LOVED and HE is a star…ZACH RANCE…zankie is a part of it sure but HE can prosper on his own. Watching everyone clamoring to meet him warmed my fucking heart so damn much.

The chat - I rarely participate in chat but last night I went all in…and I loved hanging with you guys. It only got weird and awkward a few times but I think the Zach only and zankie fans played together quite nicely. haha and the trolls had no time…the chat was running too fast for any trolls to make an impact. 

I’m sure I missed something but over all it was an amazing night for Zach and I am so thankful he allowed us to share in it. Wow…so cool…so fun…so happy for our boy!