for showing me this little piece of heaven


Ok so this dream was a doozy. 

I was in my local Harris Teeter (for those of you who have no idea what that is, it’s a grocery store), and all of the sudden I am SHOCKED because guess what song starts playing?

 If you guessed Love Me Goodbye YOU’RE RIGHT and 

OH MAN I started jamming in that grocery store, belting to the heavens when HARRY STYLES SHOWS UP. And I didn’t want to be annoying, so I pretended like he wasn’t there, and walked by him (still belting Love Me Goodbye, mind you), and I guess 

he didn’t like it?



After that, I got really upset and ran away crying. And then I said “fuck that, where is that little piece of bum crumb” and I HUNTED THAT CURLY HEADED TIT DOWN. He was hiding from me. He knew he was in trouble.

We sat across from eachother, staring at eachother. When out of nowhere, Harry says to me “you have a greasy forehead, fuck you.”

My jaw drops.

I point my finger in his perfect little face and say “YOUR FOREHEAD IS GREASY, FUCK YOU!”

He grins, and we high five. And then we become texting buddies and we planned to go swimming the following weekend.


"My Lupin Love"

I found my piece of heaven
Hidden in a man.
His eyes are the deepest blue
And his smile brighter than the stars.

He brings light to my world
A kind that’s so rare.
His heart is something beautiful
That nothing can compare.

His silly antics makes me smile.
The little things show he cares.
He is carefree and lively,
Such a joy to be around.

I never knew a love like this
Could truly ever exist.
He is my stars, my moon.
He is my eternal happy bliss.

He works his fingers to the bone
Trying to be a better man.
He doesn’t see what I do in him,
He’s amazing just as he is.

I watch him sleep with happy thoughts.
He’s so peaceful in his slumber.
I wish I could take away his pain
And show him love ever lasting.

So as he sleeps next to me,
I’ll hold him close and kiss his eyes
And make sure he is safe
From his demons that haunt him.