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Sigiling Selfies: How to Anti-Taglock Pictures of Yourself

So @dontusemycauldron mentioned this to me at some point, and it took a few days for it to really sink in. They told me how some people put sigils on their photos to prevent people from using them as taglocks for things like cursing. And I went, “well holy shit, that is fucking clever,” and proceeded to do it with every single one of my selfies I’ve posted to Tumblr. Not because I’m concerned, but I like to put faith in preventative measures. 

I decided I was going to show you guys how to do it - at least with SAI, because that’s the program I tend to use for art things now (and I can’t find a good crack of Photoshop anymore). However, any art or digital media program that makes use of layers and transparencies can be used for this technique.

First off, you want your sigils. I made two personal ones, and I also made two for Tumblr use. However, I’m going to recommend that you create your own sigils with your own statements of intent, if you can.

“This photo is bound from being used as a taglock.” 

“This photo is not successfully used as a taglock for cursing.”

Ideally, you want digital sigils with transparent backgrounds, so you can avoid as much visual disturbance to your picture - you don’t want people to see or know there is anything over top of it, right?

Anyway, now on to the (SAI) tutorial!

Open your selfie and your sigils; you can switch between them along the bottom of the SAI window. Copy and paste the sigils onto your picture. I do this by clicking on the sigil’s canvas, hitting Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+C, then selecting the canvas with the selfie and hitting Ctrl+V. I can show the screen commands, however, for those that aren’t so tech savvy:

The “paste” option is also in the “edit” menu, as you can see. When you’ve done that, your selfie should look something like this:

Well, you know, you won’t look like me…but your sigils will have pasted in the top left corner of your picture. And they’re very obviously visible. BUT fortunately we’re not done with it yet. 

Arrange your sigils over top of the face part of the selfie, however you want. I didn’t specify before, but the icon that looks like the cross with the arrows on each end (highlighted in blue here) :

…that’s the move tool; click on that, then on each separate layer, and you can move the layer around as you wish.) You definitely wanna do this before you change any of the transparency of the sigils, while you can still see them. Ultimately it doesn’t matter how you arrange them, just as long as they are on your face. Mine look like this:

It almost makes a heart shape, lol. So, those familar with SAI know where to look to see the layers. Mine were on the left-hand side by default, I know that is something you can change, however. They look like this:

On the bottom you can see the separate layers - your picture, and the sigils each on their own layer. Above that, you can see the “mode” and “opacity” tools. Those are the ones we care about.

Experiment with the mode if you want - it isn’t required, but it can help. I like to put mine on “overlay,” because it adds to the visualization of the sigils seeping into the picture and blending in to it. You need to click on each separate sigil layer to apply the mode. That makes it look like this:

And with that we’re almost done! Finally, just change each of the sigil layer’s opacity to 1% by clicking on the opacity bar and dragging it almost all the way down. You want them to not be at zero because they still need to be on the pictures and not “off,” but if you put them at any higher than 1%, you can still see them, and you definitely do not want people being able to see the sigils. Once you’re done that the selfie look like this:

Can you even tell there are sigils over top of that? There are. Four sigils, now, actually, lol. And this is how the layers look over on the side in SAI:

As you can see, the mode has been set to overlay on both, and they are both at 1% opacity. From there, save your picture (file, save as), feeling free to specify in the title that one has been magic’d. Then, you can upload them without any worry!

Of course, this can be done with sigils for other purposes - I just made this post with the intention of preventing selfies being used as taglocks, because that’s what I did to mine today. However, you can easily apply any sort of glamours to your selfies, if you desire. 

I hope this helps anyone, or inspires anyone! Let me know if you have any more questions, or if I wasn’t so clear about things! This is my first time making a tutorial for any art program, I dunno if I did any good… But, yeah, just let me know if you have more questions or anything! :)

Coloring tutorial: Curves

This is a trick that I’ve learned, and it’s been really helpful for me, so I thought I’d share it with my dear followers. In this tutorial, I’m going to teach you how to use the curves option in Photoshop smart and easy, without much work. This will turn your edits more colorful, vibrant, and brighter, without having to do much at all. This option is especially great when coloring dark and weird colored scenes! Please like/reblog if you found this useful in any way!

Under the cut I’m going to show you how to go from this:

To this:

In a few simple steps, just by using curves!

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how to create aesthetic graphics

(a tutorial by rihleymatthews) 

so, many people requested me a tutorial on these (x and x) graphics, and since they are not hard at all to create, i decided to try explaining to you guys how they come to life. 

WARNING: this is a long and detailed tutorial. Please keep in mind I tried to show all the tricks I normally use for these graphics, so some steps are optional or extra.

you’ll need: 

  • basic to medium photoshop knowledge (such as cropping, blending and shadowing)
  • a concept (a tv show, a character, something you can pick objects to represent them or their porsonality)
  • patience, a lot of patience. 

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Evan Peters- Liar

Word Count: 2035

Warning: heart break, cussing, and my weird writing.

A/N: I don’t really watch Evan Peters interviews and such , so I’m sorry if this isn’t the way he’ll act.
Calm down Y/N. You’ll be okay. You are gonna live your dream! He’ll be happy. You’ll come back. At least you’re at home and no-

I snapped out of thought when Evan tapped my shoulder.

“Are you okay babe?” Evan said to me

I looked at him and gave a light smile.

“Of course I am!” I said

“You looked scared.” He said with a frown, “Are you sure?”

“A little bit. I’m just have to tell you something.” I said putting my head down.

He grabbed my hands, “You can tell me anything and you know that.”

“Okay…” I took a deep breath, “I got the job I wanted.”

I looked up to see him smiling.

“That’s great ne-” I cut Evan off.

“It’s in England.” I said looking down.

He tried to speak words, but nothing came out.

“I’m sorry Evan…” I said on the verge of tears.

“Hey…” he said quietly, “Don’t cry. We’ll see each other soon. I can visit.” He said lifting my face up with a finger. He kissed me lightly.

“It’ll be alright…”


“It’ll be alright” was the only thing floating through my mind.

“Liar…” I said as I looked at the photo.

It was him and his co-worker, Emma, kissing.

“THAT FUCKING LIAR!” I screamed as I flung a paint brush across the room.

How could he. How could he do that to me. I thought he was the one! The one who wouldn’t hurt me.

I’m wrong.

I grabbed a canvas out of a box and painted my heart out.

All I could do was paint. All I could think of was the hurt and pain running through me.

I was crying as I painted. All the colors I used expressed my emotions. Each brush stroke expressed my pain. How they were shades of blue and maroon with rough and jagged strokes.
(A/N: I think that expresses sadness and anger.)

In the end it was an abstract painting of a girl  on her knees crying, ripping her chest open to reveal her broken heart. Her head was tilted back and her long hair was so jagged, but it flowed down.

I smiled weakly as I signed my name. I felt a bit better, but a hole was still in my chest. I felt nothing there. Where is used to feel a pulse. Now I feel nothing there. It hurt.

I checked the time.
3:00 am.
(A/N: I don’t know how to convert it.)

I just took off my clothes and slept. I was drained emotionally and physically.

-Le Next Day-

I woke up with a knock on my apartment, or flat is what they say here, door.

I got up an-

“I’m leaving today!” I said


I ran to a suitcase and grabbed a shirt and sweats. I got in the restroom and did stuff.

Someone was knocking.

“THE DOOR!” I yelled with my toothbrush in my mouth. I ran to it and opened it.

“Ms. Y/L/N your ride is ready to leave.” The man said in a very thick British accent, that sounded a bit like Matthew Lewis.

“I will be down in three minutes.” I said trying to smile with a toothbrush in my mouth.

“Will you need help?” The man said.

“Yes please, but not my green bag.” I said calmly.

“Yes ma'am.” He said with a smile.

I went back to the restroom and rinsed my mouth. I packed up my toiletries, and started to think.

Where am I going to stay? I’m not going back home. I need a plan.

Maybe Y/F/N will be able to let me stay at their place.

Or you can confront him!

No little voice. I will not confront that asshole.

Fine! Suit yourself.

I’m going crazy aren’t I?

Yes. You are talking to yourself.

Maybe that little voice is right. Maybe I should talk to him. Maybe it wasn’t what I thought of. Also that I need to get checked for any mental disorders.

“Ma'am. The car is ready and so are your luggage.” The man said.

I snapped my head to him.

“Thank you.” I smiled at him politely, “I will be out.”

He nodded and left.

Time to stop thinking and relax for an hours now.

-Time Skip brought by Jimmy Dean-

So that was a lie about not thinking. I thought a lot.

About life decisions and a lot about Evan.

Was he worth my tears?

I shook the thought of my head.


Who’s picking me up?

I got my carry on from the over head compartment, and exited the plane wearily. I went to baggage claim and got my bags. The others are going to be shipped to my house. Well our house.

I sighed I turned my phone on. Should of down that earlier. Whelp!

It took a couple minutes for it to turn on, but soon all the notifications came in.




One from MySpace.

19 missed phone calls and 20 messages from him.

I texted F/N to pick me up. Even if Evan came I won’t go with that asshat.

She said she’ll be there in 46 minutes because she lived close by and no traffic.

I went to sit and relaxed.

I went to my texts and said, “We are over. Don’t look for me. Don’t speak to me. We are over.”

My fingers hovered over the send button. I breathed in and hit send. It’s over. Time down the drain.
(A/N: Even my heart is hurting writing this.)

I stare at my phone noticing all these notifications. Mostly Twitter, so my curious mind decided to check.

So many people were bashing Evans and Emma. Whelp. Serves them right.

Some people say I deserved it and they saw it coming. Those soggy ass waffles.

I decided to respond.

“If I couldn’t see it coming then… How would you?” I tweeted.
(A/N: Cringe)

I turned off all notifications except my essentials. Messaging and phone calls. I just muted Evan. Simple.

Break down again! It’s healthy.

Not this again.

You made me up. This is you. I’m telling you what you tell your friends. You even say it’s good advice, so why not take it.

Because I don’t want to cry anymore!

I said to the little voice with an annoyed expression.

I got my earbuds out and decided to try and relax.

I put my Spotify songs on shuffle and let relaxation take over me.

I got troubled thoughts
And the self-esteem to match

Great.” I mumbled to myself taking a deep breath.

What a catch, what a catch
You’ll never catch us
So just let me be
Said I’ll be fine
‘Till the hospital or American Embassy
Miss Flack said I still want you back
Yeah, Miss Flack said I still want you back
I got troubled thoughts
And the self-esteem to match
What a catch, what a catch
And all I can think of
Is the way I’m the one
Who charmed the one
Who gave up on you
Who gave up on you
They say the captain
Goes down with the ship
So, when the world ends
Will God go down with it?
Miss Flack said I still want you back
Yeah, Miss Flack said I still want you back
I got troubled thoughts
And the self-esteem to match
What a catch, what a catch
And all I can think of
Is the way I’m the one
Who charmed the one
Who gave up on you
Who gave up on you
What a catch
What a catch
What a catch
What a catch
I will never end up like him
Behind my back, I already am
Keep a calendar
This way you will always know
I got troubled thoughts
And the self-esteem to match
What a catch, what a catch
And all I can think of
Is the way I’m the one
Who charmed the one
Who gave up on you
Who gave up on you
Where is your boy tonight?
I hope he is a gentleman
Maybe he won’t find out what I know
You were the last good thing
We’re going down, down in an earlier round
And sugar, we’re goin’ down swinging
Dance, dance, we’re falling apart to halftime
Dance, dance, and these are the lives you’d love to lead
Dance, this is the way they’d love
If they knew how misery loved me
This ain’t a scene, it’s a goddamn arms race
This ain’t a scene, it’s a goddamn arms race
One night and one more time
Thanks for the memories
Even though they weren’t so great
He tastes like you, only sweeter
Growing up, growing up
I got troubled thoughts
And the self-esteem to match
What a catch, what a catch

I remained at the airport till my friend picked me up. I trusted them with my life, and sometimes I shouldn’t.

They took me in and they gave me everything I needed. They were great, but what lingered on my mind was.


-Time Skip: A week-

I opened the door and saw him. Why is he here!? I was about to close it, but he put his foot in the way.

“Y/N. Hear me out.”  I heard her voice say softly.

I nodded slowly unsure of what to say because if I did this would be a shit show.

“The article isn’t true.” He said to me, “We were going out to lunch together after a shoot with the cast. I was whispering something in her ear because I didn’t want others to hear, of course. They photoshopped to make us look like we were kissing. I swear. I would never hurt you. You make me so happy! You make me the happiest man!” He used small hand gestures. I looked in her eyes to see if he was lying, but he wasn’t, “I love everything about you. From how your hair smells to how sweet you are! I would never ever hurt you like this. I promised you.” He said with his voice cracking in the end.

“You really didn’t do any of it?” I said quietly.

He lightly grabbed my face.

I hesitated, but I grabbed one of his hands lightly.

“I would never lie to you for something this huge. Without you I don’t feel whole. I don’t feel me without knowing I can’t protect you. It hurts knowing I hurt you. It even hurts going home because I know you aren’t there.” He said looking me in the eye.

He really wasn’t lying.

You miss him. Go to him.

At this moment I didn’t hate this voice. It was right.

“I love you.” I said hugging him.

He hugged back almost instantly.

I pulled back and dragged him into the house.

Then I started thinking as I locked the door.

I turned back to him.

“What did you say to her?” I said to him.

He blushed.

Now it was his turn. He hesitated.

“I told her that I-I wa-wanted to m-marry you.” He said very nervously.

My eyes widened, but I smiled.

“You want to marry me?” I said sheepishly with a blush evident on my face.

“I still do.” He said confidently.

“Is that offer still up?” I said rubbing my arm.

I just got him back and I’m asking him to basically marry me.

He smiled widely and got down on one knee.

“Will you Y/N Y/L/N become my partner-in-crime for life, even in the afterlife?” He said pulling a a black box out with a beautiful ring inside.
(A/N: Imagine the ring because I don’t know your style at all.)

“Yes!” I said jumping on him.

I smashed my lips on him and he smiled into it. This kiss was a kiss that made up all the lost time.

He was my world. He made me so happy. His personality made me smile, and his looks made me smirk.

He was mine and I love him.
The next part will involve some naughty things.


The Colors of Outlander (3/?)

1x01 Part 2


HOW I EDIT MY PICTURES reqeuested by anon

It’s kind of a tutorial?? I don’t know, I just show what I do lol

Since some anon asked me how I edit my pictures, here you go this super not so helpful video!!! :D

I use Corel Paintshop Pro as editing software. I tried Photoshop once, but I’m stupid and it was too complex lol As you can see I don’t do much! I’m not an editing expert ;) and this is how I edited one of my last pics but something may change from pic to pic, sometimes I add some brightness or make them more warm! And also I’m never satisfied so I keep changing little things ^^

I hope you find this helpful!! <3


hey! so as requested, here is a guide on how i make my icons. please keep in mind i use photoshop cs5. other apps and programs may or may not work- im not 100% sure, but feel free to try! in this guide you’ll find out how i make the following three icons: 

  • if you find the guide useful, a like or reblog is appreciate but not required! if you have any more questions feel free to message me!

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This tutorial will show you how to make any amount of icons you so desire - IN ONE SITTING!  (up too 500 at most to respond properly without lag).  This is largely an image based tutorial, but if anything is unclear, please send me your questions!

you will need:


-some screencaps or images you wish to edit

tutorial below the cut:

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anonymous asked:

hi! i was wondering if you could show me how you got clarke to disappear from the last gifset you made? it looks super cool

thank you! i’m not sure how it’ll work with other scenes but i’ll try my best to explain it since you and a few other people have asked

how to make this disappearing gif:

(link to gifset)

what you’ll need:

  • photoshop (obviously; i use CC 2017)
  • 2 scenes that share the same background
  • patience

(really image heavy)

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My attempt at making the markings Mudclan give cats on their individual ceremonies using nothing but my mouse and photoshop elements 6.

I think they’re pretty self explanatory? Don’t ask me how they do the little dots, their noses maybe?

Apprentices and newly made warriors are known to not wash off their markings for awhile as they see it as a badge of honor. At the very least they will want to wait until their first gathering as an apprentice/warrior to show it off.

I left off kits but usually a mother will dot her newborns with a spot of mud from her nose after she names them.

And yes, they mark the dead as well before they sit vigil.

This information will be added to the Swiss Clans link page

For those of you learning how to draw here’s how I usually create my fan art! (Depending on my mood, or how my wrist is feeling this may differ step by step. But this is the process I use 85% of the time.)

Program: Paint Tool SAI

  1. Slap down the character’s color to build their form.
  2. Sketch on top of the color (usually super, super messy, because hey that’s part of the process. I give kudos to artists who have perfect line art)
  3. Hide the color layers to show the full messy sketch 
  4. Make a pink layer on top of that sketch and set the Mode to Screen
  5. Do your line art on top of the pink Screen layer
  6. Delete the messy sketch layer
  7. Turn the colored layers back on
  8. Color correct or leave as is! 

If you’d like me to do anymore tutorials let me know! I’m still a beginner at SAI, but I want to help anyone who is struggling with drawing. These steps can be used in SAI, Photoshop or any drawing program/editor. 

Thanks for the continued support you guys!

105 Days of BroTPs, day 34: Alya and Nathaniel


  • Well first of all they could bond over how much they care about Marinette because trust me, they both care about her a lot, like have you seen the show
  • Also imagine them making a comic book thing together?? Like Alya comes up with the awesome story full of adventure etc like the script in Horrificator, and Nath draws it!! It would be an awesome project and it would turn out so well!!
  • Hey remember that one scene in Puppeteer where Lady Wifi lost her phone so Evillustrator drew a new one for her?? Their akuma selves should totally be friends too (despite what Nath’s daydream universe in Evillustrator episode says)
  • Also Alya could post Nath’s Ladybug fanart on the Ladyblog to get him more exposure, and she could commission him to draw stuff, how awesome would that be?
  • Nath’s really quiet and shy while Alya’s really confident and go-getter, together they’d make an awesome team!!
Coloring Tutorial

Someone asked for a tutorial on how to color since I don’t use PSDs, so here it is! This is only the second tutorial I’ve ever made so please bear with me, and feel free to ask me questions if something isn’t clear. 

This tutorial is for people who already have a basic knowledge of photoshop and how to make gifs. 

I’m going to be showing you how to turn this:

into this:

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icon tutorial

as requested by anon yesterday, asking about how i made my tumblr icon on the above. so here i am, creating a little tutorial for you. i bet everyone knows how to do it already tbh, it’s nothing hard and i made it as simple as i can.

and the picture i’m using is from SU CAN FLY. so if you want to try it out, you can choose any picture you want!

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anonymous asked:

Could you please show us how to make gifs? Because this is siriusly beyond me! Thanks 🌿

+ Can you make a tutorial on making a gif the way you do please?            

okay i’ll try to show it the way i do it but my photoshop is in russian so translation will be off and i’m not sure this will be easy to understand if you’ve never had any encounters with photoshop before

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Had some time to just PLAY yesterday..did that, but also made a bit of time to check out new moon, sky, planet combos.

@transcendentcacophony , maker of our BEAUTIFUL huge bubble moon in Saturenorn, was kind enough to indulge me in some experiments.

I gave her a bunch of pix of “planet” paperweights, altered by me in photoshop a bit, to see how they might render as alien moons.

(I collect these kind of glass planet paperweights)

Anyhow..some worked better than others as potential moons. I know they are pretty OUT THERE, and not to everyone’s taste. But..hey, why not try new things? Alien worlds might have very strange moons.

Here is one using an irregular shape..I think it pretty much requires some black in landscape to “tie” it into the world it rises over. I’m showing it in the WIP alien world @rhodalle and I collaborated on. Sky mod is an experimental one by @brntwaffles , plants are the first recolor set by @divadoom  ..I accidentally put in the wrong files while testing.

I’ll be showing more of the experimental moons in next few days..

anonymous asked:

I love your sims and editing style so much!! It's so sharp and smooth and so pretty, how do you do it?? All my edits come out really pixelated and I only have the free photoshop cs2 and gimp...

thank yo nonny

i use only one editing programm - ps cc2015. also i have topaz labz - for sim’s sharpening and background’s colorizing(?? or what is it)  - topaz lens effect… could i show it?

im sorry about my english i am not an english-speaker.
and my ps on russian. let me translate some words for u !

so i have my own way to cut my sim. it is matter of taste i think. here we go - not at all oldest screenshot from cas. i already cut her.

next i pick layer 1 and then on the top bar filters > topaz labs > topaz lens effects. idk what about cs2 but for cc2015 it works ok! you can also use sharpen from default filters in your ps i guess cuz they work same !!

and i set it whatever i like! now she looks a little bit more sharpen.

also i gonna change background with topaz lens effects. i choose camera - toy and here u can choose whatever u want - so many presets - and i set it like this:

next pick filters > blur gallery > iris blur. i use it cuz it looks more pretty and lovely!


hope it is helpful for someone! have a nice day  ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶


It is a place of decay and death. A plane out of phase. A place of monsters. It is right next to you, and you don’t even see it.

– Stranger Things, Chapter Five: The Flea and The Acrobat