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Laurent: small yellow kitten thinks of nothing but murder all day

Damen: overly muscled murder puppy king

Nikandros: mom friend not so secretly wondering if it’s time for new friends

Jord: hufflepuff friend continues to try to defend slytherin bff

Charls: dad at teen girl concert just happy to be included

Vannes: lesbian friend getting shit down and staying in her lane

Jokaste: local super villain just trying to get superhero to ask them out

Erasmus: tiny fluffy woodland creature

Lazar: local frat bro surprised that line actually worked

Nicaise: soap opera character on desert island until plot calls for their return

Pallas: sudden burst of confidence not sure the hell it came from either

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Straight White Boy Problem #949

when shit gets real with my bros we ALWAYS hug it out but then Chad always says “wow that’s gay” and it’s like SHUT UP CHAD YOU ARE RUINING THE MOMENT!!


I just skimmed this chapter because I!!!! do not!!!! care!!!!!

but anyway let me focus on the good good tsukihina content: aka Tsukishima focusing on Hinata Every Single Moment like the goddamn #extra boy that he is

{ Part 1 of ??} The Bakusquad living together

Well, it’s more like everyone just moves into Katsuki’s apartment. But, at this point in his life, Katsuki just accepted he had mothered the biggest bunch of jerks straight after himself and rolls with that.

Katsuki invites Ochako over. Why? Because Ochako sold her old apartment after moving into the dorms of U.A. Because keeping it would be a waste of money. By the graduation time being, she’s struggling in finding a place nearby Tokyo. Katsuki already has an apartment, just because his parents had plotted the whole thing behind his back and gave it as gift to him.

The rest can be summarize in:

Katsuki: you can stay with me *shrugs* I’ve enough space.

Ochako: r-realy?! Ohmygod, thank you! I owe you one!

*the day she moves in*

Ochako: you said it was an apartment, NO A DAMN PENTHOUSE!

Katsuki: surprise. I fucking lied.

Ochako: I can’t stay here, you spoiled rich bastard!

Katsuki: yes, you can. And you will. Don’t make me repeat myself and put your shit in your room, Uraraka. It’s too damn early for this.

The next one is Kirishima.

Kirishima, unlike Uraraka, isn’t exactly in need at the moment. He just went back to his parents’ house. He lives with his parents and his siblings and that’s OK, but he’s looking for a place ASAP to fly out of the nest. Eijirou wants to stop being a burden to his parents because he thinks they’ve done enough for him and now is his turn to provide for his family.

Kirishima actually had saved money for his cause, which is the main reason behind all those jobs he took back in high school and middle school. Still, finding a place is a pain in the ass. At first he doesn’t find anything, then finally he gets some stuff to work through. The problem is, when he thinks he nailed it, the place it’s just too small for his stuff or it is practically crashing down in pieces beneath its weigh.

One day Katsuki is just, too tired, of watching his bro getting the shit out of him due to that trivial crap. Thus he just invites Eijirou over. And Kirishima is just, “BRO!” And cries like a real man.

The next one is Todoroki, which Katsuki swears to god is the worst of them all. At this point, Uraraka is working as Nejire’s sidekick (whom Katsuki just calls “L’Oréal girl” because he doesn’t remember her fucking name). And Nejire tells Uraraka that Mirio told her that Todoroki is living in the dorms from Mirio’s agency.

Katsuki’s mom instincts just kick in, and next thing the Bakuqsuad (minus Mina and Deku) know is that Katsuki is dragging Todoroki by the collar of his t-shirt and Uraraka and Kirishima are carrying all his stuff.

Todoroki: what’s the meaning of this?

Katsuki: It means you’re living with us from now on, moron!

And he doesn’t accept a fucking no as response.

Mina just came in a Mina-ish way.

She knocks at their door one day and says: “We broke up.”

Ochako y Eijirou don’t ask, they just hug their friend and help her to move her stuff in. Katsuki starts cooking something he knows Mina likes. And Shouto slightly freaks out before dialing Izuku and quickly makes him aware of the situation, also ask for his advice because the poor young man doesn’t know what to do.

Izuku: Just do that thing Toshinori taught you! I mean, he taught you a few things but you know what I mean!

Shouto: no, I don’t know. That’s why I am asking in first place, Izuku.

Izuku: the ice puns, man!

Shouto: how exactly that would be helpful?

Izuku: just trust me and do it, OK? I promise she will laugh.

And with that, Deku hangs up.

So, Todoroki thinks about the situation he’s struggling over, his mind doesn’t comes with anything better, so he gives it a shot and says: “How ice of you to dropping by, Ashido.” And, surprisingly enough, Mina laughs.

She never leaves since then.

And Deku, well…

“Kacchan, HELP!”

Of fucking course, Katsuki had shut the door in front Izuku’s face by reflex. It was just common sense. Yet in retrospective, it was his fault the asshole had knocked at his door at the fucking three in the morning– The blond just had ignored all his best friend’s incoming calls and texts for the sake of getting some decent sleep after a shitty day at work. Also he knew his karma is a bitch and that he would be obliged to make up for it later. So, Bakugou had it coming.

He would never admit it, though.

Anyways, even if Katsuki had shut the door in front his best friend’s face and made his way back to his bedroom, Deku was sitting in their table at the next morning, reading the newspaper. The blond was just too damn used to inviting the disaster in, that he just walked passing the young man yet with fluffy and green mess for hair, making his way straight to the coffee maker.

“Who the hell opened the door?” Katsuki wasn’t complaining, just asking due to curiosity and to kill some time while the coffee was getting ready.

Izuku didn’t even bothered in looking up, before nonchalantly say:


Katsuki wasn’t really surprised.

“I should’ve guessed.”

Then Katsuki ask what’s his deal is, and surprise! All Might and Inko are getting married and Izuku just freaked out last night because, he loves Toshinori and he’s cool with him being his stepfather, but Izuku would NEVER meet the man’s eyes again if he has to live seeing his ex-teacher and his mom being all lovey-dovey in his house.

Katsuki shudders and just fucking understands, and let the asshole move to their place.

They’ve been talking about inviting Deku over anyway.


Title: Burn - Keidge Week Prompt 1
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Pairing: Keidge; mild implication of Shiro/Matt
Summary: Pre-series with slight ret-conning. Big Brothers Shior and Matt decide that Katie and Keith might be good friends and decide to arrange a meeting between them at a Garrison-centric bonfire.
Standard Disclaimer: If you read and enjoy this, please give it a like/ reblog so I know if I should write more.
AN: Because, honestly, I kinda like the idea that Keith and Pidge met at least once briefly before the whole Kerberos thing. It’s also got some of my own headcanons in there, so please enjoy.

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Where can I find it?

Fic: Spoil Me, Not

A Chris Evans one-shot

Summary: Natalia is furious when she finds out Chris paid off one of her credit cards. Chris doesn’t understand why she won’t let him help her when he has the money to. She gives him an earful.

A/N: Apparently, all I can write lately is Chris & Nat fighting because we had Baggage, now we have this one, and coming up next is the explosive follow up to Overprotective 101 followed by another one-shot that involves an arguing Chris & Natalia. I need to write some fucking fluff once these are all done! Jesus! Anyway, thanks for reading!! I appreciate it and hope it came out alright. xx

@pleasecallmecaptain, @misshyen, @mrs-captain-evans. If you would like to be added to the taglist, please don’t hesitate to let me know!


Last payment posted: $6,093.35
Current balance due: $0.00

Natalia blinked, utterly dumbfounded. She sat up straighter on the chair, then leaned forward until her eyes threatened to go cross eyed from being nose to nose with the computer screen.

That can’t be right…

Last month, she had only made the minimum payment of $75, knocking the balance owed down to a still whopping $6,085.22. With the ridiculous interest rate Chase had her locked into, the balance should have been $6,093.35, with a minimum payment due of approximately $75; the same amount she had been processing each month for the past several years.

Shit! Had she entered the wrong payment amount last time? Slightly panicked, she clicked on one of the tabs pulled up on the screen and quickly scanned the deductions over the past month on her checking account.

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whats up bros today we're goin to "the hood" to film us PRANKING on those gullible blacks
  • white bro: *to a group of black guys* hey guys, i really hate black people
  • white bro: *gets the shit beat out of him*
Carmilla Week Sixteen!

We’re in the homestretch, folks. Hold on to yer butts.

A quick summary: Perry is possessed by the Dean, she killed the newspaper kids, she killed the Summers, Danny is a goddamn idiot and killed Mattie, Laura betrayed Carmila by telling the pancake HOW to kill Mattie and everything is fucked. (I’m refusing to believe that Mattie is dead-dead because I don’t want her to be and people don’t stay dead at Silas. Maybe Carmilla will revive her with the fishblood).

Episode 31: Siege Tactics. Interesting since Laura had to take a Siege Warfare course this semester. Maybe she can put that to good use.

Short answer? You fucked it all up. Are you entirely to blame? Nah. There’s probably something in your system from the Apples That Are Laced With Evil that’s making you not act like yourself.

WOW way to be a dick, LaF. And you’re still being a dick on Twitter. How much of this is god residue in your brain and how much of this is the real you? LaF is…a bit different this season. The LaFrankenstein thing was a good joke for 3 seconds but MAN that was creepy. And a violation. And now JP is doomed to be NotWill forever. LaF…did you think that through? This season is about character development and we’re definitely getting it. So is the funny, witty nerd LaF from last season growing into this LaF, or is this LaF their true self? Or is it the fishfood?

Oh look, The Dean is back! I’ll just link you to my Tuesday post about Perry killing the Summers and did I mention that SHE IS POSSESSED BY THE DEAN? This scene was fantastic. DeanPerry is all “wtf why is this puny mortal touching me? Oh, right, friends. Try to react accordingly.” And she failed. Love the attempt at her Perry impression though. I’ll give it an 8.5/10. Good but needs work. LaF, you’re sllllllooooowwwly catching on that Perry isn’t acting quite like herself so maybe you’ll get to the conclusion at some point. But it also shows the rift is still there between them AND that the relationship has done a 180 from last season. When LaF got back from being kidnapped, Perry ran to hug them. Perry ain’t huggin’ anyone this season. Doesn’t even seem to want to touch anyone really.
But yes, Perry was baking, she blacked out because the Dean took over her body and then she went to kill the Summers. HOW DO THEY NOT HAVE THE COLLECTIVE BRAINCELLS TO FIGURE THIS OUT. Like that is suspicious as all fuck. Guys. Please.

I laughed. so. fucking. hard. Annie, you’re the MVP. This was a FANTASTIC reaction with great comedic timing.

Oh man. Watch Laura’s face in this scene. She’s looked a bit defeated before, but this is an entirely new level. I am genuinely concerned about what she’s gonna do. The Baron is coming for y’all but I don’t think whatever pain he can inflict will rival the mental beating Laura is doing to herself right now.

That about sums it up, yeah. Are you starting to regret your dumbass decision to kill Mattie yet, ya goddamn Pancake? ‘Cause it’s sounding like you’re gonna need some backup. And it woulda been helpful to have, I dunno, someone STRONG. Like INHUMANLY STRONG. But no, you did your usual reacting without thinking OR thinking of the consequences. thanks for that.

LAF. LAF YOU ARE SO CLOSE TO IT. JUST CONNECT THE DOTS. YOU PICK UP ON SHIT RIGHT QUICK USUALLY. USE YOUR BIG NERDBRAIN. LaF, bruh. You know something ain’t right here. You know she’s acting weird. I know possession isn’t all sciency but sometimes science can’t explain everything. Especially at Silas.

YOU ARE ALL GOING TO DIE. Barricade yourselves in with the Dean. Good plan. You’re making yourselves into a goddamn buffet for her. Please tell me Carmilla comes back, revives Mattie in the basement with some fishblood and they just come out swinging at everything because otherwise the bodycount is gonna jump significantly.

Ehhhhhh kinda yea, it is. And she admits it so good job being self aware, Laura.

Oh for the love of.. shut up. Just shut up. No. No she wasn’t going to kill you. If she wanted to, she fucking would have. You attacked her, she defended herself. You killed her for a thing that she DID NOT DO. Yes she killed people IN THE FUCKING PAST. But you, ginger giant, cannot remove your cranium from your rectum long enough to REALIZE THAT. You killed her for something that she did not do and now you have the fucking audacity to try and convince Laura of that? GTFO. Perry interrupts this little moment to get them to barricade the windows and gee, why is she so keen on doing that? Oh yeah, she’s trapping everyone. For “safety reasons”.

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How to get shit done in 2 steps:

  1. Listen to this song
  2. Get shit done