for shary after dd

But Gregory and Clay both died right before Christmas and you know every year at Christmas e v e r y b o d y is at the Wright’s house to celebrate together

So what if every year they take the time to remember them maybe they sit around and Edgeworth, Phoenix, Larry, and Tateyuki tell stories about Greg and Apollo and Starbuck tell stories about Clay

And they just try to remember all the good times instead of thinking about the tragedy of it, they try to celebrate the lives of their loved ones instead of dwelling on the days and ways they died.

It’s a hard time of year for Edgeworth and Apollo both at times but it’s Christmastime. It’s a time for love and hope and…they both know everything will be okay. It’s easier when they’re with everyone else. It’s easier when they’re with their family.  

Remember when Phoenix met Ted Tonate at the detention center and was so openly hostile towards him

Remember when he felt so contemptuous towards Tonate that he literally said he wouldn’t waste his breath on him

Remember how all that fury was caused by the fact that Tonate had hurt Apollo

And then you also remember that Phoenix tried to carry the burden of losing Edgeworth all by himself, he shut himself off and wouldn’t talk to anyone about it, didn’t even let anyone bring Edgeworth up in his presence and 

He doesn’t want Apollo to end up doing the same thing, he knows that letting all that grief and anger sit inside you doesn’t help anything, it only hurts you, and he wants Apollo to know that they’re all there for him and he doesn’t HAVE to hold it all in like Phoenix did

I was thinking about Apollo earlier today and it suddenly occurred to me that he really??? Didn’t have to use an eye-patch??? If Athena’s tells were bothering him that bad why didn’t he just stop wearing his bracelet for a while. So I thought about it and I thought of a couple of reasons why he went with the eye-patch:

  1.  He thought the rest of the W.A.A would notice him not wearing the bracelet and guess what was wrong. (Not that that eyepatch was any less conspicuous)
  2. His powers have become strong enough that he can pick up on things even without his bracelet (which I guess is pretty likely, especially if he already knew Athena had a tell)
  3. It was a subtle way of showing us how important the bracelet is to Apollo, and he wouldn’t ever choose to not wear it, no matter what.
  4. Writer oversight

IDK just food for thought I guess…