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“Season one was all about the sensates getting to know what it meant to be a sensate. Now that we know more how to visit and share and we’re gaining control over it, we are together a lot, so the choreography is interesting.[…] Especially when all eight of us are in a scene, it’s very interesting to make sure we’re all doing the right thing and facing the right way, finding our light and not blocking anyone out. To see the way it all comes together in editing always blows my mind.” - Jamie Clayton

About the Manchester incident

I hate to break this to you, but whoever planned the Manchester attack knew that Ariana Grande’s fanbase are basically teenagers and children. They knew deaths of young ones cause a much bigger impact and they knew we would suffer more, not just because of their age, but because it could have been any one of us.

We are all deeply sad with all the news and even though English is not my native language I am retweeting all the missing persons pictures in hope that it might help, but right now it’s not the time to feel sorry. It’s time to do something.

If you’re not from Manchester, keep retweeting and sharing everything, particularly things with a hashtag so it can go up to Trending Topics everywhere and thus, have more visibility. Also, don’t ever forget to share that there are children at a Holiday Inn Hotel near the arena. Their phone number is 0161 836 9600. Share all the information you have so it can gain visibility.

Also, keep looking on photos and videos of the incident for the missing people. While it doesn’t mean they’re exactly “found”, you might find a clue that can help them be found.

If you’re from Manchester and is using Twitter, then you probably know there are tons of friends and family members looking for their children, so please call Holiday Inn and all the hospitals near the incident looking for these people. Try sending to hospitals pictures of missing people so they can be aware. Here are some phone numbers:

Manchester Royal Infirmary

+44 161 276 1234

North Manchester General Hospital

+44 161 624 0420

St Mary’s Hospital

+44 161 276 1234

Spire Manchester Hospital

+44 161 447 6677

Withington Community Hospital

+44 161 434 5555

Wythenshawe Hospital

+44 161 998 7070

Trafford General Hospital

+44 161 748 4022

Also, blood donations will be necessary. If you’re between 17 and 60 years old, is healthy and weights 50kg, you can do it. I did it three times and it is very safe. You can find out more information about blood donation in England here. And click here to see some places that are receiving blood to help with the incident.

If your blood is O negative, don’t hesitate.

Also, don’t make this about Ariana. She’s safe and sound and is probably under a lot of stress and guilt because well, she must be feeling guilty of all this. No artist want to be associated with something so tragic and she is definitely not the protagonist of this story. There are a bunch of missing people out there who need the spotlight right now. Help by spreading their pictures and sharing all the important information.

External image

These are some of the missing people from the incident. I’ve read that some were already found but others are still missing, so if you’ve seen any of these people go to your Twitter account and inform us by using the #MissingInManchester hashtag.

More importantly: STOP hoaxing by uploading fake pictures of missing people. This is not some freaking joke.

Amidst all the celebration and collective fandom’s sigh of relief, I’d like to send a shoutout to Rythian for letting us have this little piece of himself. As any artist will tell you, it’s hard to admit a project is over, especially prematurely. It’s easier (and a little less depressing) to pretend you’re procrastinating indefinitely. Boiling down something that’s come out of your head, something you can see so clearly in your mind’s eye as a finished, completed thing, is very, very hard to do. Turning unfinished thoughts into an unfinished summary can seem traitorous to your own creativity, because the big ideas often seem small and underwhelming when condensed - but let it be known that I think I can speak for all of us in saying we deeply appreciate the closure, and also the work it took to gift it to us.

Thank you so, so much for sharing this with us, and for inspiring so much from 2012 to now. 


Dearest Nicky,

You’ve been a part of my life ever since I was a little kid. While people were talking about soccer, I was talking about OWB’s very finest, and that.. That will never change. You’ve always thought us to never take anything for granted - 
To love and enjoy life and family and to never quit. No matter how bad things can get sometimes. Thank you for sharing your passion and beautiful smile to the rest of the world. 

You’ll always be in our hearts. You’ll always be our Kentucky Kid. 

Race In Peace, buddy.
We will never forget you.

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I was abused for a long time as a child and I don't know how I'll ever stop feeling dirty. I just want to feel clean and new but it feels impossible

I’m very sorry to hear you had to suffer through that kind of trauma. I wouldn’t dare say that I know what you’re going through, because I don’t share that experience. I will say that I think a lot of us have tried to shower off something in our past at one time or another. Like if we could just shed that one memory, things might be different for us. But no amount of scrubbing will make those type of wounds go away.

I hope that you one day realize that you are not dirty or tainted or in need of fixing. Despite the pain inflicted on your body, try to remember that your soul is still fully intact. You haven’t lost it. Nobody can take it away from you. You are still in control. Move forward by giving yourself the permission to exist exactly as you are. Scars and all.

anonymous asked:

Just stopping by to say WOW. Haven't been active on here for several months but your progress is epic. I can't imagine how hard it has been so congrats and keep up the great work :D

(Same anon) Also if I recall correctly the last time I was on here you weren’t allowed to post pics of one of your girls?? just want to say you have a beautiful family


Thanks, anon! I am feeling so much better :) 

On your second note, your are remembering correctly. There was a long time here where we could not share any pictures of Jeneva (or even her name.) Once we formally adopted her, that was up to us to decide. 

I know how blessed I am with my awesome family and would not change a single thing :) 

Hey there kiddos I’m here to tell you a thing you might not of known

So, in the “Google Gets An Upgrade” video, some of you might not have recognized that outro music, so let me share it with ya

This is the slenderman song. Mark and Cyndago made this in February of 2014, (actually when I realized I enjoyed Mark’s content). Mark used ( or well, still uses) the instrumental of this song for horror skits, I’m not sure if you can find the instrumental, I followed Cyndago on my soundcloud back on 2014 and never saw it but it might be there.

But anyway, there’s a fun fact for you!

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Do you think it's important for more negroid characters like garnet and sardonyx to be on television? what do you think of such representations on TV now, versus how things used to be where white characters were more visually concentrated in animation?

well, of course! I’m all for using mainstream media in a positive way to share a better and diverse representation of people!

In fact, this is the base of my graduation project, hahaha!

I think media is such a powerful tool and for the longest time were used to convey clearly dubious ideals and lifestyles. at the same time, it has a massive influence over ourselves and how we perceive others, so we could turn that around and use it to our advantage!

not only that, but thinking about narrative, it’s also really interesting because we are shown endless options of characterization it used to be treated as “uninterested”.

I believe it’s extremely important to include POC not only on the final product, but also on the team, so the experiences and stories remain true to the root, instead of becoming an idea or romanticization of real people.

I’m Brazilian, so that makes me a latina, even tho I don’t speak Spanish. I’m also a queer woman, that means I’m not attracted exclusively to cis man, even tho the society often tries to make this as “the norm”. In my veins runs Portuguese, Black, Brazilian and Arabic blood (at least these are the ones I know), so that makes me mixed, even tho this is expected from Brazilians and no one ever used it to degrade me in any form.

POC exist, and to see yourself represented in media shouldn’t be a privilege to a limited group of people with a limited set of characteristics.

Matt Healy rants during The 1975 gig after Manchester bombing

Manchester rock group The 1975 took to the stage for a gig in Detroit overnight, and the band’s lead singer, Matt Healy, embarked on a rant against the attack in their home town.

US pop singer Ariana Grande’s concert at the Manchester Arena was targeted by a suicide bomber in an attack that has killed 22 and injured 59 people.

In video shared online, Matt was seen telling the audience: “I’m bored of nationalism and I’m bored of racism … It’s over.

“Nationalism, religion, all these regressive things, they’re over. We can’t carry on in the way that we’re carrying on.

“We’re from Manchester and where we used to hang out, the actual place that we used to hang out, someone put a bomb in there tonight and then killed a bunch of kids that were going to a f****** show in Manchester.

Matt Healy (Ben Birchall/PA)

“I don’t need to be educated on f****** anything to say that that’s bull****.

“I don’t know what it’s in the name of, so I apologise if it’s not in the name of religion, if it’s not in the name of nationalism, but these are things that keep happening and I’m f****** p***** off about it. And I’m sorry.”

LEGION Recap: 1x08


Except not to calculate the volume of love I have for this show BECAUSE WE WILL BE HERE ALL DAY

Season 1, ‘Chapter 8’

Ch. 8 begins unlike any of the previous episodes, and I’m not even talking about how the show that hasn’t had a credits sequence this whole time suddenly OPENS with one — like we’re zoomed up superclose on an old TV screen playing the mod-y green and purple rectangles that usually end the episodes, like an abstract on an abstract, (frick), scored with this JAUNTY CREEPY HARPSICHORD?

But the harpsichord takes us right to the difference I actually mean: Ch. 8 starts off like an episode of Hannibal.

Though they’re mentioned in the same sentence a lot, I actually don’t find Legion to be that similar to Hannibal usually! I feel they have more overlaps than they do similarities, if that makes sense? Sure on paper they share a number of themes and features, things like “radically sensory form of storytelling” and “interest in psychology/psychiatry” and “unstable male lead provides predictably unstable vantage point on proceedings.” But in manner — in tone, in sense of humor — they’re totally different colors.

Which is what makes the first sequence of Ch. 8 stand out so much, because here I suddenly see Noah Hawley’s #confirmed love for Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal in a major way. On a broad level, pulling us out of the story that was going on to go tell a separate, contained story about someone else — in this case, LINKLATER, oh heck yeah — that is very Hannibal. Wholly somewhere else for an extended period of time, an isolated time dripping mood poem, oh SO Hannibal.

And when it comes to the details, get a peep of THIS:

Aesthetic hospital room, check
Morbid obsession with disfigurement, check
Absurdly grand home, check
Richly patterned pajamas, check
Homosexuals, a-check


Keep reading

BTS's Rap Monster Talks About Their Win At Billboard Music Awards, Their Next Goal, And Which Group They Look Up To

BTS’s Rap Monster Talks About Their Win At Billboard Music Awards, Their Next Goal, And Which Group They Look Up To

External image

Rap Monster shared his thoughts on BTS becoming the very first K-pop group to win at the Billboard Music Awards.

During a phone interview that was held right after the awards ceremony, the BTS leader described the whole thing as unreal. “When we went up on stage to receive our award, we saw artists like Drake and DJ Khaled sitting there right in front of us. It seriously felt as if we were…

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I'm so glad you made that post about not having to be a genius or have all the fanciest stationary to be a studyblr, because you're absolutely right. It's not exclusive, and the community is about inspiring and keeping students motivated, it's about sharing passions and reflecting on whats working for us and what's not. idk this makes no sense, but thanks for reminding me at least what this community is about.

I don’t thing I have smiled this much at a post before. Thank you lovely!!! <33

Genre is a weird thing. Daikaiju Yuki is OFFICIALLY categorized in the publishing world as “science fiction” since its story hinges on its post-apocalyptic setting and there’s not much of a grounds for calling it “high fantasy” or the like since it’s set in the future of our world, even though it shares more with that type of story from a narrative/content perspective.

I would say that it is, first and foremost, a KAIJU story, but that’s not an officially categorizable genre, so it gets slotted into “apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic science fiction” despite it being, second, a fantasy adventure story. One could also call it a political thriller, a satire, and the like, but imagine the confusion if I shoved it into any of those categories for sales info.

I guess what I’m saying is that genre is mostly useful for people trying to put things into packages and sell them, and often really fucking aggravating for someone who’s trying to explain what their story is actually about.

arcardia  asked:

I have a little story to tell you and hope that you'll enjoy it :) Because, when we met and became friends, HalBarry was the first ship we discovered together and your DA page was the first we found and that go us way deeper into that ship. After a few month, she linked me you 'Caught in the rain' FA to confess her feelings for me based on barrys expression. Without your art, both of us would have hesitated and who know's how it would have ended. Thank you so much, I hope you have a great day ♥

I have to say that this is the most beautiful thing I have read in a very long time. I am so happy for you guys! Congratulations! 
Hope you don’t mind that I share this publicly. Just gotta show everyone that this is a huge reason I love drawing art. It’s raw emotion. No matter how big the masterpiece, or how small the doodle. I am honored that your lady could use my art to help convey just how she felt for you. 
I hope you are both doing well and I wish you all the best! <3


Official video of our Easter Bonnet performance is up! One awesome thing about the bonnet taking place at our theatre is that we get to use our automation for things like this. 

The “Mother Earth” Dress I designed and built debuts towards the finale of our number, have a watch!

At the 31st Annual Easter Bonnet Competition, The Lion King won for both best presentation and best bonnet design. Set to spoken-word poetry written and performed by cast member L. Steven Taylor, the cast of The Lion King celebrated unity by highlighting, through dance, African, Asian, Indian and Polynesian cultures important to the show and the cast.

“We shared roots of the same tree. Bear the same fruit. Shed the same leaves
Spring up toward the same clouds. Sway to and forth in the same breeze
We were one made from the first day. Light came. Darkness gave way
My head equaled your heart. And our blood pumped through the same vein
We were all lights when the night came. We were millions of stars but the same flame
Ruled over the sky in the black of night. We were all gods by the same name
But something in the matrix began to morph. Shapeshift
We once danced side by side. No we can’t recall each other’s faces
But there’s one way we can get back to place that we all started at
For the tree to bear fruit it takes all the roots and that’s the way we make impact.”

The show’s elegant bonnet, designed by Mikey Clifton, Matthew Keating, Brenda O’Brien and Ilya Vett, emerged as an elaborate tribute to Mother Earth, “grown” onstage during the number.

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You're a lifesaver. Thank you so much for translating servamp. You're the best. It must sound weird but i have no idea what else can i say ._. I just wanted to thank you

     Hey hey no problem at all man! I’ve definitely gotta throw out some credit to the following blogs though: @xchibikai - who has consistently provided RAWs now & @hello-vampire-kitty - who helps with translation and proofing. It’s extremely a joint effort by all three of us now, so please definitely share along the thanks to them as well.

     I’d also like to give a seriously vigorous shout-out of respect and appreciation to the following past translators, scanlators, and masterlist workers that helped keep things going here.

@fukasenanairo , @lichtjekyll , @kairei-chan , @hatmirror , @pastenaga , @watanukisakuya , @kamiyatsurugi , @girlzx , @tenyaiida , & @ailisia

     All of these blogs have contributed in some way, shape or form to the translations of the chapters and all deserve recognition imo. There are a ton more of helpers now with other cool projects and stuff totally worth checking out in the servamp tag if you’re itching for more ;) such as Hello-Kitty-Vampire’s sister blog for the SLS doujinshi Hatmirror also has some of the Drama CDs translated on her blog so give those a read/listen as well.

     PS: You’re super welcome ;) happy reading <3

vesraen  asked:

I'm too busy working on something right now to do a nice comparison thinger (I can't even remember words. plz halp) but I just wanna say that you're totally badass and great and Disney was lucky to have a character share a name with you. ;) (But you're way sweeter than Ursula, except in the "tempt poor mortals with things they want, namely in the form of fiction, in exchange for their soul/tears" --- wait. Maybe it is apt.)

Ways in which I am like Ursula the Sea Witch:

-  tempt poor mortals with things they want, namely in the form of fiction, in exchange for their soul/tears

- massive

- wears black often

- eats a lot of seafood (presumably, she lives in the ocean)

- would totally use an organic plant based lipstain if readily available

- short hair

- enjoy sweetheart necklines

- sass

- understands that importance of body language

- tries every trick I can to get out of contractual obligations, including changing form to seduce a man I’ve never met before

- short hair

Yep, it all checks out

adorkwithhats  asked:

I like to think that the new google boys™ are kind of knowless about the world around them?like,even thought they are google and have access to all kinds of information,having a fisical body is new to them so everything that come with that is like mind blowing to each one.Blue google™ is already used to the world so to him this is kind of annoying because sometimes this distracts them and interferes with the primary objective™.I know this is kinda silly but just wanted to share with youᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Awww imagine all the other googs getting excited over small things in the world and Blue Google has to explain it to them? And he just gets so frustrated cuz they act like lil kids omg! 

And he has to teach them how to act too cuz they’re literally robotic and don’t understand sarcasm or anything haha :>

Can I just say that I absolutely love creativity?

I love art, music, acting, writing and photography. I’m taking an improv class and volunteering there with kids this summer.
Whenever I watch a let’s play or play a game myself, the first thing I look at is art and music.
I want to learn so much more about all of it and it makes me so damn happy.
And the best part, ever since I started watching @therealjacksepticeye, I feel so much more inclined and confident in sharing what I do with it. I used to keep everything I did to myself, I used to not talk to anyone, and now… Now I post art and music stuff daily. Now I have a passion for YouTube and acting and I really want to go to college for art design or cinema stuff such as acting or video editing.
So I just wanted to say thanks to Seán for being such a huge inspiration to be myself and helping me appreciate so much more in creativity. Thanks for inspiring me to share what I love and inspiring me to spread positivity and joy to others. :)