for shanna and rachel and laura!!!!!!!

A few words to the Glee Fandom (especially my Finchel/Monchele family):

It’s 20th March 2015, the date of the last Glee episode ever.
When I first started watching in the middle of season 1, I was 14 and I instantly fell in love. I’ve grown up with this show and it’s had the biggest ups and downs and so much more than I ever bargained for. But despite all the crap our fandom has been through, and however much I’ve sometimes hated the show and the fandom and the writers, it’s given me so much more that I’m so grateful for.
Glee has literally saved my life. It introduced me to Lea and Cory, who both continue to mean the world to me and inspire me everyday. It showed me that there’s nothing wrong with being the geek, or the drama queen, or the loser. It’s made me realise my dreams and taught me to fight for them and never give up. In short, I would not be the person I am today without this show. In fact, I probably wouldn’t even be here.
But a part of Glee I treasure maybe even more than the show itself is the friendships it has brought me. When I delurked on the Finn/Rachel/Lea/Cory Gleeforum thread in August 2010 (having stalked it everyday for about half a year!), I made the decision to join this crazy fandom family. Goodness knows we’ve been through some tough times, some stupid fights and the most ridiculous amount of fandom drama, and I know a lot of people have moved on over the years, but I am so grateful for the privilege of knowing every single one of you. Some of you I know will be lifelong friends; others, we might lose touch; and, sadly, some of the people here I have already lost contact with. Regardless, I love you all and I am so proud to have been a part of something as special as this family. Being a part of something special really does make you special, and you are all amazing beyond belief. I hope your dreams come true and you don’t stop believing.
I know this is getting long, so I just want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart. 

Break a leg, I love you.

Abi (ab-normality), (missabigailsophie), (@msabigailsophie)

The photo shows a collection of people I have spoken to/made friends with within this fandom. I’m incredibly sorry to those I’ve forgotten - I know there will inevitably be some of you! I love you just as much, and please tell me because I want to add you to the poster to keep as a memory!

People mentioned (in alphabetical order):

Abbey, Abbi, Ale, Alli, Ally, Allie (Minsky), Amanda, Amber, Ames, Amy, Ania, Anna, AnnikaApril, Artsy, Barbara, Bea, Belle, Bree, Caitlin, 
Caitlyn, Candice, Carolina, Charlie, Charmian, Ciel, Cori, Dana, Dani, Denise, Eera, Elvan, Emily, Emma E, Emma J, Ems, Esai, Fede, Flo, Gabi, Gema, Giovanna, Hannah, Heather, Ja9, Jann, Jen, Jillian, Kaitlin, Kate, Kathy, Kayla, Kelsey, Kenz, Laura, Leah, Leo, Mae, Maggie, Mara, Marcela, Marion, Mary-Gael, McCall, Melissa, Michael, Michelle, Mona, Nadya, Naomi,Nat, Nic, Nic, Nic, Nicolette, Panda, Phoebe, Pnuts, Pollyann, Pri, Pulga, Quinn, Rachael, Rachel, Samantha, Shanna, Shayna, Shelby,   Simon, Sma, Stacey, Tanya, Xerx