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Honestly bless your tags on the taz post. You said everything I've been trying to articulate but couldn't. The mcelroys are some of the most socially conscious content creators out there rn and while some criticism is valid, they certainly don't deserve people digging their heels in and attacking them over a goddamn D&D podcast.

it just. makes me so mad and hurt to see these guys get torn apart and demonized and accused of being really shitty people?? when IF YOUVE LISTENED TO THE SHOW (esp the “the the adventure zone zone eps) you would know how much good representation means to these guys?? and how much they CARE about representation, and how they acknowledge  their fuck ups and being just “three heterosexual white guys”. Yes “socially consious” is exactly what i’d say too.  u feel me anon.


feels bad bro ):

Go See Uncle Dean, Sweetie

Summary: You and Sam try and have some ‘grown-up time’, but your daughter can’t sleep and interrupts - requested by @blacksiren

Words: 1.2k

Sam x Reader, Dean, Katie (OC)

Warnings: pre-smut, mild angst

Daddy!Sam Masterpost

“Keep quiet,” Sam told you, pushing your bedroom door to and shedding his shirt on his way over to your bed. “Get naked.”

You laughed softly, sitting up and raising an eyebrow at him.

“Is someone feeling a little frisky?” you teased, and he didn’t even try to deny it.

“You looked so good today,” he told you, “Walking around in your little booty shorts, making me wanna grab that gorgeous ass of yours.”

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If you slut shame, body shame or bully Katie Cassidy in any way you better stay out of my way. I don’t condone this behavior in any case, against any actress/actor. But after five years I reached my limit. If you ship Olicity it’s fine. If you prefer Felicity, it’s fine. But if you shame, bully and harass Katie Cassidy you are just that. A bully.
If you see this kind of behavior and don’t call them out you are part of the problem.
Putting Katie down will not make Emily looks better. If you think EBR is as good and kind as you (and I) think she is, don’t you think she would be disgusted by this kind of behavior?

I would’ve loved for Katie to stay away from a show with such a toxic fandom (not talking about all of it, obviously), but she loves her role, she loves the cast and the crew and they have been her family for four years. So if you think it’s cool to treat people like that just because they are actors, you are mistaken. Grow up.

A lot of people, on Twitter, are being more than disgusting and I feel sorry for Katie but for EBR too, it must be weird for her to see people being kind to her being so nasty against her castmate, friend and (shocking, I know) human being.

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In my country, KP is nowhere is the top 60. But IDWLF is 41st. And TIWYCF is 44th. Now that's a shame for Katy. And you know what I think 😂 Half of the people streaming Witness are Swifties because they just wanna look at how bad her new album is and comfort them in saying so. Not forever, but for a few days in the beginning. 😂


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Oh destiel hellers are not alone . Olicity shippers body shamed Katie, called Katie and her actress a slut, when her character died there was a #byebyebirdie and now she's coming back and I saw so many being like who did she sleep with for that to happen. Just rudeness from so many Olicity shippers. Then they claim victimhood just like hellers. It happens it every fandom. Atleast in supernatural fandom destiel isn't canon. For us though they can't claim homophobia if we don't ship it.

Damn that is just nasty, darling. 

I love Katie and think her Ruby was the better one. And I’m tickled to know that she is returning to Arrow

Yes, every fandom has a small group that need to stop watching the show. 


“They can’t separate reality from fiction”, thanks for just describing the Olicity fandom.

It was the Olicity fandom who body shames Katie Cassidy, it was your fandom that body shames Cassandra Jean, and you paint these people out to be the victims. Your fandom nicknames Cassandra “Voldy”. Your fandom makes fun of Katie Cassidy’s plastic surgery.

Not only that, but your fandom paints Katie Cassidy out to be a villain, yet all she does so much good to the world, she’s a hero. What crap has KC pulled? Period.

Katie Cassidy is an ambassador for Cybersmile, she’s a spokesperson for H.E.L.P., she went to Malwai, Africa to help the needy, & she’s a fellow feminist. These are just a few of her amazing leadership.

You are entitled to not liking Laurel Lance or Felicity Smoak, but you are a hypocrite for stating how our fandom can’t separate fact from fiction when it was your fandom that does it more than us.

You literally avoided the part of Katie Cassidy saying “Emily’s too good of a person”. KC stated this before calling Felicity annoying, which was in a JOKINGLY MANNER, & she difference Emily Bett from Felicity Smoak. She literally went on in a rant about how sweet and loving EBR was before hand.

Stop trying. @amusementforme @kindofanenigma @queen-benanti

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