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Dr. Alexa Altman is back to discuss healthy shame versus toxic shame. First she explains the difference between guilt and shame. Shame is when we feel bad, and wholeheartedly disconnected and alone. Guilt is when we do something bad, and more focused on behaviors. So shame would be more of an internal experience whereas guilt would be more driven by an external behavior.

Toxic shame is associated with abuse and trauma because when something bad or hurtful happens, and we feel alone, we aren’t given the chance to talk about it and process it. Therefore, we walk around in our life acting out of past shame and can even fall into more toxic relationships because we believe that’s all we are worthy of. It is because of the lack of conversation and reconnection that makes this toxic. Shame itself isn’t toxic, but without proper support and conversation around it, it can become toxic.

Healthy shame is one way that we navigate our social world, because it creates healthy boundaries and keeps us safe. Like Alexa’s example of yelling at her child to stop before running into the street, by creating healthy shame in that scenario, she was able to keep her son safe. Once that shame is expressed, we can then talk about it (ie. why I yelled, and what I was worried about) so that there can be a shame repair. Repair happens when a new narrative is created that helps us understand what really happened, and let us know that we are not alone or bad.

All of this is important to know because when we are trying to heal from past trauma, it can help to focus on the story we tell ourselves and work to make it a more loving and accepting one. I hope this video was helpful! We will have another video coming out about shame resilience, so make sure you are subscribed! xox

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so during the summer i started a bunch of stuff about an au where keith and shiro crash land into the small town 80s lives of the garrison trio but i never finished it so here ya go

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Honestly bless your tags on the taz post. You said everything I've been trying to articulate but couldn't. The mcelroys are some of the most socially conscious content creators out there rn and while some criticism is valid, they certainly don't deserve people digging their heels in and attacking them over a goddamn D&D podcast.

it just. makes me so mad and hurt to see these guys get torn apart and demonized and accused of being really shitty people?? when IF YOUVE LISTENED TO THE SHOW (esp the “the the adventure zone zone eps) you would know how much good representation means to these guys?? and how much they CARE about representation, and how they acknowledge  their fuck ups and being just “three heterosexual white guys”. Yes “socially consious” is exactly what i’d say too.  u feel me anon.


feels bad bro ):

Go See Uncle Dean, Sweetie

Summary: You and Sam try and have some ‘grown-up time’, but your daughter can’t sleep and interrupts - requested by @blacksiren

Words: 1.2k

Sam x Reader, Dean, Katie (OC)

Warnings: pre-smut, mild angst

Daddy!Sam Masterpost

“Keep quiet,” Sam told you, pushing your bedroom door to and shedding his shirt on his way over to your bed. “Get naked.”

You laughed softly, sitting up and raising an eyebrow at him.

“Is someone feeling a little frisky?” you teased, and he didn’t even try to deny it.

“You looked so good today,” he told you, “Walking around in your little booty shorts, making me wanna grab that gorgeous ass of yours.”

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Alexa and I talk about shame resilience. Shame and guilt are such a part of trauma and abuse. Alexa talks about how we can build up our resilience for shame so that we don’t let it rule our life anymore.

Alexa’s Instagram: @dr.alexa_altman
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Brené Brown vids:
The Power of Vulnerability
Listening to Shame

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If you slut shame, body shame or bully Katie Cassidy in any way you better stay out of my way. I don’t condone this behavior in any case, against any actress/actor. But after five years I reached my limit. If you ship Olicity it’s fine. If you prefer Felicity, it’s fine. But if you shame, bully and harass Katie Cassidy you are just that. A bully.
If you see this kind of behavior and don’t call them out you are part of the problem.
Putting Katie down will not make Emily looks better. If you think EBR is as good and kind as you (and I) think she is, don’t you think she would be disgusted by this kind of behavior?

I would’ve loved for Katie to stay away from a show with such a toxic fandom (not talking about all of it, obviously), but she loves her role, she loves the cast and the crew and they have been her family for four years. So if you think it’s cool to treat people like that just because they are actors, you are mistaken. Grow up.

A lot of people, on Twitter, are being more than disgusting and I feel sorry for Katie but for EBR too, it must be weird for her to see people being kind to her being so nasty against her castmate, friend and (shocking, I know) human being.

Here’s a little message…

If you purposely post Felicty hate in the Felicity tag then you are asshole.

If you post laurel hate in the laurel tag then you are an asshole.

If you post hate about either character in the opposite character tag then stop because we’re not here for that.

If you body shame Emily you are a complete moron with no human decency.

If you body shame Katie you are a complete moron with no human decency.

If you think any of these two ladies are fat or you can’t distinguis fiction from real, get the fuck off the internet.


There is nothing wrong with being fat and people shouldn’t be fat shaming Katie but also she isn’t fat? Have you see her thin wrists? She’s not fat at all and there’s only one photo from yesterday where she looks heavier than normally. So it’s likely a wardrobe problem or something. Either way lmao she’s still hotter than these people’s fave and her weight doesn’t have any impact on how attractive she is or isn’t so…