for shame katie


But now everyone calls me “BOMBER”



Fat Shaming is wrong, ignorant and unacceptable. Nicole Arbour put out a Fat Shaming video that not only was offensive she actually encouraged everyone watching to fat shame people in an effort to “help them”. WOW.

I started receiving messages about the video when Nicole released it. I usually don’t do social commentary but I received so many requests  to talk about this. I have never met Nicole Arbour, I watched the video. Her rant about fat people was sad. I doubt that Nicole meant to cause such an uproar (or maybe she did). Ultimately she’s a comedian who wasn’t funny.

Unfortunately she echoes what a lot of people feel; “Hey! You’re fat, just stop eating.” I’m a therapist who specialises in eating disorders, I can tell you that she simply does not understand why some people are heavier than others and she certainly does not address the mental health component.

I ask that you do not feed into the hate that she has created.  Like all bullies or trolls, directly ignoring them is best. However, if you feel strongly like I do, you may want to create your own commentary on the subject.  

Ultimately, Nicole Arbour will fade from memory.

We as a community have once again come together and stood our ground. We stood up for each other, we didn’t allow someone to tear us down, we stand shoulder to shoulder in the face of ignorance. There is no better time than today to be part of a movement that rejects bullying in all forms. Thank you for being here. Thank you for sharing the video with me and asking that I talk about it. Ultimately, we’ve been tested and passed with flying colors by not remaining silent. You are awesome.