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I ask the Prophet 
Who was more patient
He or his granddaughter Zainab?
I do not deny you lost many children
Yet Zainab was forced to watch
As you were slaughtered twice
In one afternoon.


“I see nothing but beauty.” -Zainab (sa) in the court of the Caliph Yazid when mocked and asked, “How did you find the way Allah treated your brother and your family?” 

The scholars of Shaam would teach us a rule and say, “When you go shopping, try your hardest to use bags which properly cover the food whilst walking to your house because there might be a poor neighbour next to you who see’s your endless amounts of food and he ends up feeling upset at his poverty.” and “When you see a group of children playing and you need to call your child, don’t say, ‘SON, LET’S GO HOME!’ because there might be a child amongst them who does not have a father or a mother and you may break his heart.”

This was how much concern this ummah had with the feelings of people. How much concern and care do we have for those we interact with in real life and on social media when we display all that Allah has blessed with? Have we forgotten that not everyone has been given everything we have been given?

—  Shaykh Mohammad Aslam
Special Karwa Chauth

Mai Archu aaj apko kal yan (i08.10.2017) karwa chauth ki daastan suna ne jaa rhi hun……

Baat kuch dino phle ki hai last sunday ki jab Sam ke ek friend ne unko call krke bola ki usko one on one fun krna hai mere sath kyu ki unki wife pregnant hai….Sam bole thik hai but mere se confirm krke btate hai…….Sam mere se bole toh mai maan gyi or boli weekend pe krugi…..uss time mujhe yeh yaad nhi tha ki sunday ko karwa chauth hai……Sam apne friend ko call krke bta diye ki hum weekend pe plan kr rhe hai fun ka…….

1-2 din baad hum aise hi apna regular chudai ke baad let ke baat kr rhe the tbhi Sam ko yaad aaya ki sunday ko karwa chauth hai….woh bole ek plan krte hai iss karwa chauth ko mana ne ka……hum ne plan bna na start kr diya or unke friend ko bta diye…..

Fir mai ek din apni frnd riya woh bhi swingers hai call usko btayi yeh sb baat…..toh woh boli isme koi galat bt nhi hai karwa chauth ke din krne me or insaan insaan ke kaam nhi aayega toh kaun aayega…….unki wife pregnant hai or woh chahte hai tmhre sath krna toh kr lo……mai boli krne me koi problem nhi hai mai haan bol di hun but uss din karwa chauth hai toh……woh boli yeh bhi tmhre liye or Sam ke liye bhi naya experience hoga…….so special thank u to my lovely friend riya for encouraging me do it……..

Karwa chauth hai sunday ko or woh bhi special toh mai sochi beauty parlour jaake apni biikini wax or facial or hair cut kra lu…..waise bhi yeh sb normal hota hai karwa chauth me……friday ko Sam ke sath shopping ke liye gyi or fir parlour gyi…..

Saturday ko mai mehandi lgane wale ko book ki…..hum dono chahte the mehandi meri puri body pe lage means designer mehandi meri boobs chut or gaand pe bhi……but uske liye place hona chahiye or free ho but hum family ke sath rehte hai toh yeh impossible ho gya…..isliye mai sirf apne hands or legs pe lagwayi mehandi…….

Sunday ko fir nahate time mai apni chut or armpit ko clean ki or fir shaam saree pehan ke saj dhaj ke taiyar ho gyi karwa chauth manane……

Fir raat ke 8.30 pm bje chand nikal or hum dono apne ghar ke chath(terrace) pe jaake chand ko dekhe or puja kiye…..fir hum apne car se unke friend ke ghar gye…..wahan jate hi mai fir se chand dekhi or unke friend ke hath se paani pi or fir pati ke hath se……woh dono bhut khush huye or fir mujhe kiss krke gale lga liye dono……

Fir hum andar aake kuch prasad or sweets khaye or fir dinner online order kr diye Sam ne….

Dono bole jb tk dinner aayega tb tk drinks pite hai or dance krte hai…..mai boli mai change krke aati hun toh dono bole aaj suhago wali raat hai issi saree me enjoy kro….

Mai bhi ussi saree me drinks suru ki or dance or dhire dhire nasha chadhta gya or soft fun suru hua…….hum kiss krne lge or meri boobs or gaand dabna start ho gyi…..fir Sam ne meri saree khol di or bole peticoat or blouse me nacho…….fir hum teeno drinks krte krte dance krne lge…..

Issi bich unke friend ne apna ek hath meri blouse me daal ke boobs dabane lge or dusra hath meri peticoat me daal ke gaand daba ke kiss krne lge…… 

Mai bhi unka underwear nikal ke unke lund se khelne lgi or fir niche apni ghutno pe baith ke unka lund chusne lgi…….yeh sb dekh ke Sam ka bhi lund khada ho gya but woh bole the woh kuch nhi krege bas dekhenge hum dono ko enjoy krte huye…….but unse rha nhi gya toh woh bhi aa gye apna lund leke…..fir mai dono lund ko chusne lgi…….

Fir unke frnd bed leta diye hum ko or meri blouse or peticoal khol diye…….ab mai sirf new red color ki bra panty thi……woh dekh ke pagal hi gye ho……hands or legs pe red mehandi maathe pe sindoor gale me mangalsutra uspe se matching new red bra panty pehni suhagan bed pe leti hai……

Usne jldi se meri bra panty utar ke meri clean shave chut ko chaatne lge jor jor se or meri boobs dabane lge…….yeh sb ab Sam nange hoke dekh rhe the chair pe baith ke…..

Fir mai jldi se chodo dinner ke baad dusra round bhi krna hai…….fir woh apna lund meri chut ki ched pe rakh ke andar pel diye or jor jor se chodne lga……..mai bhut tezz moan krne lgi…..fir mai unke unke upar aake chudne lgi……jaise hi woh jhadne wale the woh apna lund nikal meri boobs chodne lge or fir meri boobs pe jhad gye…..

Fir mai jake let gyi do lund ke bich dono ke baaho me…….

Tab hi delivery boy bhi aa gya dinner leke…..woh dono bole towel lapet ke jao or dinner le aao delivery boy se…..mai towel lapet ke gyi dinner lene…..fir hum teeno nange hi dinner kiye…..

Dinner ke time Sam bole apne friend se ki iss baar tm iski chut or mai piche se gaand maaruga…….woh bhi bole thik hai or mai bhi maan gyi……

Dinner ke baad hum kuch time rest kiye or fir ready ho gye 2nd round ke liye…..

Fir mai dono lund ke sath khelne lgi or unke friend ka lund chusne lgi……jaise hi mai lund chusna suru ki Sam piche se meri gaand chaatne lge or fir apna lund set krke dhaka lga ke andar daal diye or meri gaand maarne lge jor jor se……idhar mai unke friend ka lund chus rhi thi or piche se gaand mara rhi thi……Sam ka lund itna tezz meri gaand maar rha tha ki unke friend ka lund pura gale tk jaa rha tha…..fir kuch time baad Sam meri gaand me jhad gye or unke friend meri body pe…..

Fir hum teeno jldi se fresh huye or ready huye ghar jaane ke liye…..

Unke friend hum dono ko thank u bole ki one on one krne ke liye…..

Fir mai thank u dono ko…..Sam ko isliye ki yeh karwa chauth special bna ne ke liye or unke friend ko isliye ki woh acche se chode mujhe or khush kiye iss karwa chauth me or ek yaadgaar karwa chauth bna diye dono ne……

Fir hum raat ke 1 bje ghar pahuche……

At last mai apne hubby Sam or unke frnd ko thank u bolti hun iss amazing memorable n unforgettable experience ke liye…..

Love u both……

My father Muhammad ibn Ali has said that he asked Ali ibn al-Husayn, Alayhima al-Salam about how he was transported by Yazid.

He (Imam), Alayhi al-Salam replied, “He placed me on camel without saddle and the head of al Husayn, Alayhi al-Salam, was raised on a flag pole and our women were behind us on mule without saddles with many people behind and around us with spears. If the eye of anyone of us showed tears that person’s head would be hit with a spear until we entered Damascus; an announcer shouted, "O inhabitants of al-sham these are the captives of Ahl al-Bayt (family) of the condemned one.”

Source [Bihar al-Anwar Volume 45, hadith 259, ch 39, hadith 2]

40 days after Ashura (20th safar)

Imam Sajjad(a.s.) was about 22 or 23 years old when the sad event of Karbala occured. Since Allah(swt) mentions in his holy Book that this world cannot survive for a moment if there is no Masoom “Imam” present at all times, Allah(swt) arranged it such that Imam Sajjad(a.s.) became severly ill during that battle and could not participate as a warrior. He asked the permission to fight in the battle but Imam Hussain(a.s.) told him that he had been assigned a different type of “Jihad” that was to start after the martyrdom of Imam Hussain(a.s.) - namely leading the women and children of the household of Prophet Mohammad(pbuh&hf) into the bazars and courts of Kufa and Damascus. Imam Sajjad(a.s.) was made a prisoner of war together with the whole family of the Prophet Mohammad(pbuh&hf). It was at this time that he was given the responsibility of Imamate and his was one of the most difficult times when any Imam was given this responsibility. Truly speaking, for him, it would have been very easy to die on the battle field as a martyr than to be taken as prisoner of war and see all the insult and humiliations thrown on him and on the womenfolk of the house of the Prophet. However, he did what Allah wished him to do.

After the martyrdom of Imam Hussain(a.s.), the survival of Islam depended on Imam Zainul Abideen(a.s.), and that also at a tender age of 22. He had a very hard job of letting the world know the mission of Imam Hussain(a.s.) and exposing the evil intentions of Yazid and the Bani Umayyah.
The army of Yazid treated him very badly by putting him in heavy chains. As a prisoner of war, he was made to travel on the open back of a camel in burning sunshine from Kerbala to Kufa and then from Kufa to Shaam (Damascus) - a distance of about 750 kilometres. Sometimes, he would be made to walk on the burning sands of the desert. This was not all. Women and children of the family of the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh&hf), too, were hand-cuffed and treated like they were slaves. The daughters of Imam Ali(a.s.) and Bibi Fatima(s.a.) were treated worse than criminals, their Hijabs were taken away from them. 

In the courts of Ibn-e-Ziyad and Yazid, Imam Sajjad(a.s.) gave lion-hearted lectures and presented the true Islam to the listeners and introduced himself and his accompanying members as the descendents of the Prophet Mohammad(pbuh&hf) and the leaders appointed by Allah(swt). His lectures had such an impact on the listeners that despite several attempts to kill him inside the court of both Yazid and Ibn-e-Ziyad could not materialize. Bibi Zainab(s.a.) and other women of the household of Prophet Mohammad(pbuh&hf) became the frontline protectors and were backed by the people in the court of Yazid who had still left some shame in them.

The effect of the speech was so powerful that everybody in the Mosque began to weep and to blame Yazid. Yazid was afraid that if the Imam continued his speech, there would be a revolution and revolt. At the same time Yazid could not stop the Imam and get him down from the Mimber. He therefore ordered a “Muazzin” to give Azan, knowing that this would automatically cut the Imam’s speech. But he underestimated the Imam’s bravery and intelligence. The Imam stopped his speech but did not get down from the Mimber. When the Muazzin said “ Allahu Akber” the Imam testified Allah’s greatness. When the Muazzin said, “Ash hadu anna Muhammaddan Rasulullah”, the Imam stopped the Muazzin from going any further. He then turned to Yezid and asked him.

“Tell me o Yazid, was Muhammad(pbuh&hf) your grandfather or mine? If you say he was your grandfather it will be an open lie and if you say he was my grandfather then why have you killed his son and imprisoned his family? Why have you killed my father and brought his women and children to this city as prisoners?” Yazid had no reply to give.

Yazid had to free the Imam(a.s.) out of fear of his own rulership, therefore, Imam(a.s.) was still not completely safe from his evil designs even upon reaching back to Madina. Once in Madina, Imam(a.s.) gathered the people and told them the horrifying stories of Karbala and informed them that his father Imam Hussain(a.s.) and his companions were martyred and his family members were made prisoners and were taken from one city to another and branded as traitors.
One of the most heart breaking stories I remember every Muharam & Safar is the story of imam al Sajjad (as) when he returned to Karbala. He had to bury the corpses of his father, his brothers (including his baby brother Ali al Asghar), his uncle, his cousins, his friends and his father’s friends… all on his own. As he was gathering the body parts of his beloved father imam Al Hussain (as), he saw a finger was cut off from him. This was done so they could steal his father’s ring! How inhuman and barbaric could one be? 

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon.

Today we commemorate the death of the daughter of Haider and Zahra (sa). Today, we mourn the death of the epitome of patience, of strength, of faith. Today we mourn the death of Sayyida Zainab (sa). The one who witnessed more calamities than anyone else, who watched her family, her brothers slaughtered in front of her very eyes. The one who was treated in the most disgusting of ways, whose tents were set on fire, who witnessed her children running between burning tents and have earrings ripped off their ears. The one who was chained and whose family was chained, whose hijab was stripped away from her and was paraded across the streets of Shaam. Yet throughout all of this, throughout all of the horror she witnessed and suffered, she is the one who was brought in front of the man who caused all of this and was able to stand and say “Ma ra'aytu illah jamillah” - I see nothing in this but the beauty of Allah swt. Today we mourn you Ya Zainab (sa). Today we mourn the way you are still being mistreated, you are still being oppressed. We look at the state of your blessed shrine in the land of Shaam and we cry for the way you are being treated. And we will stand here and chant Labbayk Ya Zainab! We will forever protect your legacy, remember your sacrifice and pray for safety of your blessed shrine that iA we will be able to return to soon. Labbayk Ya Zainab. 

Do people know that the real Ashura starts from the 10th of Muharram where Imam Zane El-Abideen(as) says the hardest thing about Karbala wasn’t my father being slaughtered thirsty or my uncle being killed and his hands severed or my brother and cousins being shred to pieces. 
The hardest thing was my Aunty Zainab (as) and the women of the household being paraded and dragged into courts with strange men surrounding them

Ashura started on the 10th and is still going on
So watch what you do and post Cause Ashura isn’t just 10 days and that’s it back to our normal habits

You are either with Hussein (as) all the way or not

anonymous asked:

Are you taking prompts? If so could you write something where the TARDIS expresses love for Bill with a really posh kitchen and laboratory? Her own personal test kitchen?

yes of course i will write the inaugural Bill/TARDIS fic i mean what do you think i am for if not this

Bill/the TARDIS, vaguely implied Twelve/Nardole, ~1.2k words, not explicit

The first night (“night”) Bill stays in the TARDIS, the Doctor gives her a rambling ten-part set of directions in re: where the guest bedroom is. He grins, she grins, he grins wider, she gives him a thumbs-up, he returns it. She walks with a measured pace to where she’s fairly sure he can’t see her, and then she bolts. And doesn’t forget the instructions so much as discovers they don’t make sense, since everything looks the same, and ‘pass the Mechanical Turk’ doesn’t work at a T-junction with two Mechanical Turks. She runs and the ground feels weird and she sporadically opens doors until she finds what she optimistically hopes is some sort of futuristic Space Toilet, but which is probably a bougie Space Laundry Chute. She vomits into the hole, closes the lid, and straightens herself out before wobbling back into the corridor.

Professor “The Doctor” What had said this was to get her acclimated to time/space travel but she’s 95% certain he’s just lost, or something is broken. So it’s reasonable to have puked in a closet and then walked away, if they’re doing lies. This place is big enough, he probably won’t even notice. Right? Right. She wipes her mouth and soldiers on.

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