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10 faces of ''objectification''

Instrumentality: to treat a person as a tool for their purposes.
Denial of autonomy: to treat a person as lacking autonomy and self-determination.
Inertness: to treat a person as lacking agency and perhaps also activity
Fungibility: to treat a person as interchangeable with (a) other objects of the same type and/or (b) objects of other types.
Violability: to treat a person as lacking boundary integrity, as some-thing that it is permissible to smash up or break into.
Ownership: to treat someone as a thing that is owned and that can perhaps be bought, sold, traded, given away, or acquired.
Denial of subjectivity: to treat someone as something whose experience and feelings need not be taken into account.
Reduction to body: to treat a person as identified with their body or body parts.
Reduction to appearance: to treat a person primarily in terms of how they appear to the senses.
Silencing: to treat a person as silent, lacking the capacity to speak.