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  • Person:Is it Mrs. or Ms.?
  • Me:It's Dr., actually.
  • Person:Dr., okay.
  • Me:Only after five fucking years of grad school do I have the right to a gender neutral title that doesn't indicate my marital status.
  • Person:Ummm... Okay.
  • Me:Not that I'm bitter.
First of all, it’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Think about that—not The Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes or The Cases of Sherlock Holmes. They’re pop culture gems, they’re tales of derring-do and heroic antics and vigilante justice winning the day over greed and villainy. That’s extremely important—they’re adventures, not puzzles, which is what sets them apart from Poe’s Dupin, and they’re for everyone. They’re extremely egalitarian and always have been—that’s why Holmes works fighting Nazis in a fedora in the 1940s equally as well as he works sweeping around in a Belstaff coat fighting fey Irish supervillains in 2012.
And secondly, we adore Sherlock Holmes because John Watson does.
—  –me, as interviewed for LITTORAL x

anonymous asked:

white supremacy hasn't happened n a long time, I get called racist because I'm white. I barely have white friends, our own president only cares that he is part black and not that he's half white.White people are now a minority in America have to work out asses off just to get a scholarship. everyone else just gets one handed to them because of their race. Why does color matter? We are all the same the sooner people realize this and stop acting like everyone is different the better life will be

Well… thanks for sharing. Life is clearly the worst for you. You too shall overcome, my white brother/sister!

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1.  I will get to everybody.
2. Everybody is awesome.
3. It may take a while.
4. Most songs will be Chiptune

Okay seriously, can musical theatre be considered a sport? Like athletes c'mon, I know you work really hard with your running and hitting and bouncing and whatever the hell it is you do, but have you ever tried to sing and dance and act with your whole body all at one time? Have you? ‘Cause that shit is harder than anything else I’ve ever done and requires a repertoire of finesse.

Questions of doooom
  1. First of al, how old are you?
  2. Gender?
  3. Interested in?
  4. How many relationships have you had?
  5. Do you regret any of them?
  6. Do you flirt a lot?
  7. Ever get rejected?
  8. Do you get jealous of other couples?
  9. Fallen for someone who is already in a relationship?
  10. Do you worry about what affect an ex will have on someone or yourself?
  11. Interested in anyone/dating at the moment ;)?
  12. Have you ever had an terrible fight with a partner?
  13. Did it get physical?
  14. Ever been in an abusive relationship?
  15. If so, how did it end?
  16. Lighter question: Do you think fate brings people together?
  17. Quick, what’s your favorite drink off the top of your head?
  18. Are you the kind of person who looks up horoscopes to see if you would be compatiable with someone?
  19. Have you ever gone after someone out of anger?
  20. How easy is it to make you angry?
  21. Has the above ever hurt friendships, or made them stronger?
  22. Define what a friend is to you.
  23. Do you think people misjudge you? If so, how?
  24. Quick, favorite constellation and why.
  25. Alternitely do you think you misjudge people?
  26. Do you have hobbies that you are shy to talk about?
  27. Do you prefer animals or people?
  28. How many chances do you tend to offer if mistakes are made?
  29. Quick, peppers or mushrooms?
  30. How do you walk when out in public?
  31. Do you tend to hold grudges, or let people off?
  32. Do you find it hard to explain yourself, or are you straight to the point?
  33. Are you religious at all?
  34. Do you think religion is a good or bad thing?
  35. Quick, name your least favorite sound.
  36. Do you believe in helping everyone who asks for help?
  37. How easy is it to make friends with you?
  38. Do you keep secrets from friends?
  39. Is it okay to lie to friends, whether for their own good or not?
  40. Are you a good liar?
  41. Quick, favorite quote.
  42. How often do you laugh?
  43. Is humor a trait you constantly seek out in others?
  44. Do you think it’s alright to be immature now and then?
  45. What’s the most comfortable way for you to meet people?
  46. Quick, favorite time of day.
  47. Are you a neat freak or a slob?
  48. Do you think more on the future, or the past?
  49. Last question, are you happy with who you are?