for serious

With writing as my only talent, I propose this.

Anyone who reblogs this will get a short story from me in their inbox, between one and two pages, about their blog. It could be characters from your fandoms, it could be you depending on how much you text post. I’m not picky.

If I find smut on your blog, it might be about smut.

Go for it.

(offer closed on the 14th)

You know what?

Everyone who reblogs this will get a doodle from me based on either their url or their blog itself.

Why am I doing this? Because of all those times you’ve read this before and reblogged and no one’s done it. I’ll do it. I’m so unknown that I’ll probably barely get any notes at all. BD (Besides, my drawing sucks so you might get something with the artistic style of Cyanide and Happiness.)

C'mon. Bring it, Tumblr followers.

Just a thought

I really, really, really, really hate it when people say that asexuals who masturbate are not asexual, but autosexual.

Autosexual is a term used to describe people who are sexually attracted to themselves.

Unless I’m looking in the mirror thinking, “Yeah, I’d hit that,” in a very literal, non-affirming sense, then I am not autosexual. I’m not all like, “Man, I just want to get down with myself, because I’m so into myself.”

It’s just one more way people say, “Asexuality isn’t real. You are incapable of labeling your own experience. I’m going to come up with a different one for you.”

  • Person:Is it Mrs. or Ms.?
  • Me:It's Dr., actually.
  • Person:Dr., okay.
  • Me:Only after five fucking years of grad school do I have the right to a gender neutral title that doesn't indicate my marital status.
  • Person:Ummm... Okay.
  • Me:Not that I'm bitter.
First of all, it’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Think about that—not The Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes or The Cases of Sherlock Holmes. They’re pop culture gems, they’re tales of derring-do and heroic antics and vigilante justice winning the day over greed and villainy. That’s extremely important—they’re adventures, not puzzles, which is what sets them apart from Poe’s Dupin, and they’re for everyone. They’re extremely egalitarian and always have been—that’s why Holmes works fighting Nazis in a fedora in the 1940s equally as well as he works sweeping around in a Belstaff coat fighting fey Irish supervillains in 2012.
And secondly, we adore Sherlock Holmes because John Watson does.
—  –me, as interviewed for LITTORAL x

This time I might just disappear~~!

((OOC: I am alive too, look! See?? School’s gotten pretty hard, but I’m plotting the story and the asks we got behind the scenes, I promise!

Also, guess what video the artists are kind of obsessed with? And by artists I mostly mean Daffu but still. GO WATCH THE LINK I POSTED. Go! I command you to go do so!

As a random, Myu and Chi are literal dorks. I bet they actually spend most of their free time online and playing games. So yeah. Myu did in fact dye all that fur to pull this off, yeah hush.))