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In case anyone is wondering why I’ve been mostly absent for quite a few days now (is anyone wondering? Probably not), I have been working crazy hours. (I only worked 11 hours yesterday - which that I’m saying “only” should give you some idea.) So yeah. Hopefully I’ll be around a little more once I get further settled into this crazy new work schedule, but for the time being, my presence here will probably be fleeting at best.

RAPUNZEL: Mitsunari Baba

(Based off @catchthespade’s Fairy Tale AU post. I’m using some elements from the movie Tangled too.)

There it was again and ___ pushes herself out of bed to look out her window. The dream won’t stop bothering her. She asks her mother every time she comes but the old woman tells her the same answer each time. That they didn’t matter and pointless. Flinging her hair at the rafters, ___ puts another tally up.

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New Comic Book Day! My Pull List this week.

  • ‘Monstress’ #10 (Image Comics)
  • 'Descender’ #19 (Image Comics)
  • ‘Rat Queens’ Web Comics (Image Comics)
  • 'Serenity: No Power In The Verse’ #5 (Dark Horse Comics)
  • 'Pathfinder: Worldscape’ #5 (Dynamite Comics)
  • ‘Clean Room’ #16 (Vertigo Comics)
  • 'The Hellblazer’ #7 (DC Comics)

4.2.17 7:05 PM // this week’s bullet journal spread ft. my attempt at a rose-quartz x serenity color scheme. didn’t have access to a working printer so i drew instead (or at least tried to hehe) 📖