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Hi there!! I just wanted to say that even though I've been sick and pretty :( this whole weekend (bleh bleh) seeing your nap time with fluffly friends made me cheer up so much!!! So thank you so so much!!!!! ( ´▽`)

Oh dear! get better soon!!! ó^ò)/ and oh gosh im glad my little drawings could help you feel a little better

here take some more fluffers to cheer you up and get better soon!!

currently trying to figure out how to sell my soul to Kings in Couture by @forovnix?? any thoughts??

~ Drabbles ~

Send me a number (or a few) and a pairing and I’ll write a quick drabble!

  1. “Talk less, smile more.” - “Did you just quote Hamilton?” - “Maybe.”
  2. “Sweet dreams.” - “They will be if they’re of you.”
  3. “Need help releasing some stress?” - “What did you have in mind?”
  4. “What’re you jealous or something?” - “They had their hands all over you, of course, I’m jealous.”
  5. “Why do we have to keep it a secret?” - “It’s more fun that way.”
  6. “I’m scared.” - “Don’t be.”
  7. “What’s wrong?” - “I’m pregnant.”
  8. “You did what?” - “I cheated on you.”
  9. “But I love you.” - “I don’t love you, not anymore.”
  10. “I love you.” - “I love you, too.”
  11. “Will you marry me?” - “Yes!”
  12. “Will you marry me?” - “N-No.”
  13. “Did you do the homework?” - “We had homework…?”
  14. “Go on a date with me.” - “Now, why would I do that?”
  15. “Paint me like one of your french women.” - “Yeah, okay Rose.”
  16. “Quiet, we don’t want anyone hearing you now do we?” - “N-No.”
  17. “You write fanfiction about me?” - “Maybe…”
  18. “Can I kiss you?” - “Yes.”
  19. “Come on, admit it. You like me.” - “In your dreams.”
  20. “Touch me.” - “Beg for it.”
  21. “Are you hurt?” - “I’m fine.” 
  22. “What’s wrong?” - “Nothing.” - “Don’t lie to me.”
  23. Write your own dialogue
  24. Person A accidentally sends a dirty snap to Person B 
  25. Person A walks in on Person B with their date and gets jealous
  26. Person A walks in on Person B making out with someone
  27. Person A gives Person B a lapdance
  28. Person A and Person B get stuck in an elevator
  29. Person A finds Person B’s sex toys 
  30. Person A sees Person B dancing and singing while cooking
  31. Person A seeks advice from Person B about *you tell me*
  32. Person A asks Person B on a date
  33. Person A teases Person B at a party
  34. Person A teases Person B during a movie
  35. Person A teases Person B while at dinner
  36. Person A hears Person B talking about them to a friend in a dirty way
  37. Person A hears Person B talking about them to a friend in a fluffy way
  38. Person A hears Person B touching themselves
  39. Person A walks in on Person B naked
  40. Person A / B gets kidnapped
  41. Both get kidnapped
  42. Person A hears Person B getting tortured
  43. Write your own Person A / B 
  44. Strip poker
  45. Karaoke
  46. Undercover
  47. Drinking game
  48. Tickle fight
  49. Meeting the parents
  50. Haunted House (Halloween)
  51. Haunted House (like for real, ghosts and shit)
  52. First Kiss (electric and amazing)
  53. First Kiss (awkward and full of giggles)
  54. Argument (normal)
  55. Argument (angry sex)
  56. Breakup (makeup sex)
  57. Breakup (naw, they’re done)
  58. Movie Date Night
  59. Dinner Date Night
  60. Netflix Date Night
  61. Date Night (whatever you want)
  62. Professor AU
  63. College AU
  64. High School AU
  65. Time Period AU (tell me whatever year or time period)
  66. Princes / Princesses AU
  67. Supernatural Beings AU (vampire!character, demon!character, etc.)
  68. Western AU
  69. Tell me your own AU!

Attach a letter or two to specify the type of drabble you want:

a. smut
b. angst
c. fluffy
d. humorous
e. dark / gritty
f. horror / thriller


Requested by asadhunter

“Loki” you said staring at the man as he sat in his cage. He wouldn’t pay you any attention which made you frown.
“Loki please”.

“What is it you won’t” Loki replied. You knew he knew about his mother. Thor had already spoken to him. So why was he acting like he didn’t care?

“I just wanted to say… I’m sorry about your mother” sometimes it was hard to feel sympathy for the God of mischief but it was moments like this where you really wanted to help him.
“I’ll be here for you Loki, if you’ll allow me to”.



Requested by anonymous

Leo broke out into a fit of laughter as he pointed at a picture in he scrap book you had just given him.
“I remember this one. Frank look at your face! You look ridiculous!”.

“I think he looks cute” Hazel said pinching Frank’s bright red cheek “[Y/N] these are amazing. Making scrap books was such a sweet and good idea. Thank you so much”.

“She’s right” Jason smiled as Piper looked down at a picture of them together.

You were so happy they liked them. You had been nervous that the seven would think scrap books were a bit stupid but judging by their reaction they were grateful to you for making these for them.



I barely have time to eat with all the new projects and modeling job I have. And yes, I’m back at “the model life” after taking a big big break for eating disorders and bulimia problems. ​I’ve been carrying these problems for yeaaars, but this time I’m really working on it  and I’m going a lot better. I just have to remember that nobody is perfect. Just love yourself guys, be your own King ! Wait… I mean be your own [ Insert your name here ] Lol 💋❤️.


No seriously though I’m really glad to hear my art inspires you haha <3 Oh man that makes me feel a little old and slightly mind boggling haha because I remember doing something like that in high school. Cheers school anon : )