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Holi Aely- Sempai! c: ... Bueno yo tengo entendido que los Maestros (Slender, Tails y Risas Jack xD) van a "Misiones"... Es verdad cierto? Y si lo es como son? :D, o que hacen para ser más específicos :3 *Espero respondas kssldh*

Bueno,en resumen,sus misiones van desde matar a alguien que este causando muchos problemas a la muerte,a Teddy,Slenderman y Risas Jack son diferentes tipos de misiones.

Slenderman: Es encargado de deshacerse de los políticos corruptos de gran poder,que causan matanzas grandes para sus beneficio o meterles miedo a la gente.

Teddy: Es encargado de deshacerse de todos aquellos miembros religiosos que manchen la fama de un Dios para sus beneficios,desde los que se hacen pasar por los humanos bendecidos por Dios y tienen esclavizada a la gente devota,hasta evitar sacrificios masivos de gente inocente por el nombre de un Dios.

Risas Jack: Es el encargado de deshacerse de todos aquellos pandilleros y asaltantes de gran fama,que han causado la muerte de inocentes que se negaron a entregar sus pertenencias.

Todos ellos,son un problema para La Muerte,ya que causan muertes grandes de gente,gente que no le tocaba morir,cosa que para tanto La Muerte,como sus lideres,no les parece divertido.

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Hi guys!! iz meh….sorry it took so long to post here, I’ve been really busy in DA cuz I need to earn this summer (still, trying my best though), but ofc I never forget my fave tomodachis here, I wanna hug you guys…well virtually~<33 

This is still not enough but this is all I can for now huhu~ ;;;;

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What just happened between idubbz and tana?

Alright lets get down to it

So, Tana Mongeau is a “Storytime” youtuber and what that means is that she lies and makes shit up to make her boring ass life seem interesting. 

One day she decided it was a good idea to tweet at idubbbz and tell him to kill himself for saying the N word. After her followers sent her a shitton of tweets telling her she shouldn’t start shit with edups, she takes it down, but claims its not because she doesn’t believe in what she said, but because she doesn’t like telling people to kill themselves. 

idubbbz, as we all know, gives absolutely zero fucks about anything or anyone, but if he smells weakness in you, its all over. So it was just a bit of fun for him to go to some meetup she was holding, get a ticket and a shirt and pop in for a photo-op with her.  He puts his arm around her shoulder, smiles at the camera and says “saaaaaaaay nigger!” 

Tana, shocked, peels off from him, idubbbz laughs and is ejected from the venue, goes home. All seems normal. 

Tana, however, cannot resist the urge to attention whore, so she puts up a video claiming he threw his arm around her neck, wouldn’t let her go, gave a thumbs up to the camera, made her fear for her life, made her fear for the lives of her friends, fans and family, smiled really creepily at her, forced her to get metal detectors and all new security and made her think of Christina Grimmie, etc. 

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So when this fails to provoke a response from idubbbz, she makes a live stream talking about how she hopes he breaks his legs and loses all his subs, then spends a lot of time crying and screaming that she hasn’t done anything to deserve this, she didn’t do anything to him to deserve his fans talking shit about her or his photo op shenanigans, etc. 

This was ALSO a mistake, because that made idubbbz a little bit irritated. 

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so idubbbz made a Content Cop episode about her, wherein he fucking guts her and eats her soul. 

He splices in a few clips of her calling people “stupid nigger”, lying and generally being a scumbag. He takes her to task, with receipts, for every lie she told about him from his age (Insisting he was 30 when he’s 26) to his subscriber count, to the events of the photo-op (which he had video of that he showed), as well as her pretending not to know that “nigger” is a racist slur at the time she said it. 

He then went on to tear her apart over her past, present and future. 

The video hit 16 hours ago. Tana has since lost 10k subscribers and counting. idubbz has gained at least twice that, and is barreling towards 4 million at impressive speeds. 

The moral of course is “be nice to idubbbz, because he can destroy you”.