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anonymous asked:

Respondame con sinceridad pura Sempai. Mono ve a Acuario como un hermanito o como algo "más"?. O es acaso algo como incesto (? :v

Lo ve como a ese amigo molestable o el hermano pequeo que no tuvo, pero generalmente lo ve con lastima (? 

Murió….Sylvie murió porque la trate demasiado bien y no estaba acostumbrada, por lo que enfermo y murió…. Parece que tendré que ser malvado
—  Ryuuji-sempai

juju0840-blog  asked:

Thank you guys so much for Yone -sempai dj series! Looks like he got himself another spunky one! Murai has such a sharp tounge. Absolutely love it! And the candy kiss was awwww! Thank you! I can hardly wait for the next two parts. Hope you'd be able to release it in March.

You’re welcome!! I don’t know if in March or not. I just got a job in the manga business and they want a lot a month. So I’ll have to figure some things out. We’ll always release a full volume a month though, maybe not as much single chps. I’d say around 8 chaps a month instead of like 16 or 18.