for selfish reasons entirely

This is literally just Aleks fucking up an intro

Okay but Root is one of the best and most creative examples of character growth induced by “breaking” the character

She starts out as a villain, of course, and a fucking terrifying villain at that. so like, let’s assume that having her switch to the good guys’ side was in the cards from the beginning. The most common way a villain does that is by seeing the error of their ways/allegiances/whatever and making some attempt to rectify that. but Root? What starts Root’s path away from villainy?

It started when she became the Analog Interface, the walking embodiment of God Mode, which was her goal the entire time up to that point.

In other words, she fucking won as a villain.

Like, with the benefit of hindsight, her arc is wild. She’s the biggest threat for the entirety of season 2, culminating with her achieving her goal, and that eventually transitions into her becoming one of the show’s main good guys?

And that’s all because being the Analog Interface is so MUCH responsibility. Responsibility she was prepared for, responsibility she killed for, but it’s so much, and it’s hers. It’s security for her, it’s bliss for her, but it also comes within inches of killing her at every turn.

She’s forced her own hand into being one of the most valuable pieces on the board. She wanted it entirely for selfish reasons, and now she’s regularly suffering physical and emotional trauma as a hobby, for one of the most selfless beings on the planet.

And it’s only by repeatedly hitting rock bottom that she begins to even superficially comprehend TM’s worldview – and begins to earn the trust of viewers that watched her be utterly nasty not that long ago.

In other words, she didn’t become good by growing a conscience. She strong-armed her way into TM’s camp and her conscience came later, after being institutionalized, after being imprisoned by Finch, after being tortured by Control, after every other terrible thing that happened to her. And the other protagonists didn’t accept her because they were HEROES WHO HAVE TO LOVE AND FORGIVE. They took her on as a matter of convenience firstly (since she’s ultimately fighting for the same person they are) and secondly because they watched her devotion for TM just the same as we viewers did.

It’s a very organic process, and I love the show for it.

I want to talk about Steve in The First Avenger, because I have had issues with MCU Steve since TFA. 

First of all there’s this scene, Steve is supposed to be a moral good. The underdog fighting bullies. Except the people he’s fighting, he attacked them because they booed the war effort. We have no context of this person’s life. Maybe their father died in the war, maybe their brother. Being against the war is an understandable pov, and physically attacking people who are against the war effort is not fighting bullies, it’s being a bully. 

Then there’s the whole lying in order to get into the army. As if lying isn’t an incredibly dangerous thing to do that would risk not only Steve’s life, but also his entire unit’s. Skinny Steve was a liability, and he would have been a danger to his unit. He could have helped the war effort from home, but that wasn’t good enough for Steve Rogers. He had to be on the front lines, which makes it seem like he didn’t think factory work was good enough for him.

Then there’s the fact that he had no issues with being the government’s show horse until Bucky’s life was on the line. His strong morals about defending the little guy didn’t seem to matter for the months he was touring until Bucky was the little guy. Yes he saved 400 people, and that’s fantastic, but his reasons were entirely selfish. He saved them because Bucky was there, and they were damn lucky Bucky got kidnapped, or Steve never would have led that attack. 

Chamber of Secrets - Part 15

Originally posted by led-lite

Pairing: Bucky x Reader 

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: AAAAAAAKKKKKKKK, okay this series is getting long and out of hand, sorry? lmao. LET THE DEFROSTING BEGIN! 

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Reyna Writes: Not Your Choice

Here’s a fic for @miraculousblackout, addressing the concept of reposting to “share the artists’ work with others”.



The sound of coins hitting the ground distracted Marinette from her grocery list, doubled with the large coin that hit the side of her shoe. There was muffled grumbling behind her–clearly someone was having a clumsy moment, and was not happy about it. Marinette could totally relate.

She bent down, grabbing the coin and turning around.

“Here you go.”

“Oh, thank–” The woman straightened up and paused, the shock that crossed her face echoing Marinette’s once she got a good look at the woman before her.

Ugh. And she had been having such a good day…

“…Symone,” she said, working to at least be civil (though it was more than Symone deserved), holding out the dropped coin for Symone to take. Symone sniffed, snatching the coin back as she straightened her blazer, smoothing out the sleeves as if she wished to intimidate Marinette with her expensive wardrobe.

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Let’s talk about Silver some more

All right, @spanishgalleons,  I promised a reply, here it is, after watching that episode again. 

You said:

I would argue that Flint has never truly accepted all the parts of his past at any given time. It’s kind of the whole tragedy of his character. He twists his truth to fit his aims because it’s the only way he can survive. To me, in contrast, Silver at this point is a person who has accepted his past. I don’t think it’s an attitude he can carry on and I certainly think it’s something he has now learned from Flint. And I think he has been blindly working quite hard all season not to become him.

I think we have to make a distinction between your past as something that shapes you and as something that defines you. Both Flint and Silver are shaped by their past (an undeniable truth for every single human being that has ever existed, safe for the occasional amnesiac), but while Flint lets himself be entirely defined by it, Silver tries very hard not to let his past define him. Which is an admirable goal in itself, but I would argue that Silver is taking the whole thing a step too far by pretending that his past is not relevant to who he is.

Flint has been consumed by his past, that’s his tragedy: the fact that he hasn’t found a way to leave it behind. For Silver, his refusal to address his past - even in a conversation with someone he considers a trusted friend, someone who has confided in him and kindly asks him to do the same - is an avoidance that is equally tragic. It’s not born from acceptance, it’s born from denial. Flint is caught in the past because he has nothing to live for in the present, Silver is caught in the present because he cannot stand to look at the past. 

Of all the characters in this show, I think that Charles Vane and Max come closest to accepting their past by admitting that it shaped them, and accepting that it partly motivates them, but refusing to let it define them. When Max says to Grandma Guthrie, “What does it matter?” that’s a different thing because we, as the audience, already know the important things. We don’t expect Max to reveal her backstory to a stranger - it’s a rational choice for her not to disclose the details and extent of her suffering to a woman she’s just met. But as the audience, we’ve been there with her for some of her defining moments, and we’ve been told about others in an earlier episode. The entire situation is completely different than Silver’s refusal to reciprocate in a situation that is all about mutual trust between two people. 

Flint has revealed his past to Silver because Silver has asked. We can safely assume that Silver is the only person that Flint has ever willingly told this story. And Silver refuses to do the same. That’s not the behavior of a man who has accepted his past - it’s the behavior of a man who is scared of what he sees when he looks at it. 

And here’s the beautiful thing Flint says when they first start fencing: 

“Your opponent’s wrist is from whence the attack is born, but it’s its past tense, from which it cannot separate itself. The end of he blade by the time it arrives is its present tense, which also cannot be denied.”

If that doesn’t sum up the problem that Silver is facing here, it don’t know what does. Silver says that he has given up on trying to find any kind of coherence in his past. He’s refusing to attach meaning to it. But this lack of meaning - this lack of identity - leads to a dangerous void that only Silver’s present can fill. He lives in the moment because there’s nothing else, but that behavior is no less damaging than Flint’s inability to let go of his war.. 

As for Silver trying not to turn into Flint - well, he has quite obviously failed in that, and I think that on top of that, he’s pretty much in denial about it. Between the two of them, I think that Silver has an even greater capacity to delude himself. I think he’s fooling himself constantly about his share of responsibility in a lot of things. It’s been made pretty obvious in this episode, with Hands pointing out how Silver was perfectly fine with putting his men at risk, the exact same way Flint has put his men at risk in the past. But where Flint has done it in a way that is actually justitfiable, as somehow serving the greater good (even though we know that’s not why he does it), Silver doesn’t have that justification: his reasons are entirely selfish, caused by this lack of meaning in his past that is directly responsible for his current fear of losing everything he has won. As Madi points out, as Flint points out. Silver is entirely driven by fear.

That isn’t a man who is at peace with who he is. 

Very early on in their fencing training, Flint points out that Silver is “insinuating himself into other people’s stories”. That’s what happens when you have no own to tell, either for lack of glory (I think it’s entire possible that Silver has always been a bit of a pretender, and feels this constant need to hide his own unworthiness and perecived inadequacy), or because your story is so tragic and traumatic that you can’t bear to tell it. In any case, I think it’s pretty clear that what Silver is doing to cope is not a healthy and mature thing to do. 

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Hey, if you are still taking prompts, can I request academy fitzsimmons falling in love and getting together?

Hi anon, thank you for the prompt! I know it’s not ~technically Academy Era since they’re not at the Academy, but I hope this is still alright!

(Also, I could possibly be persuaded to write parts of this from Jemma’s POV, especially the last few bits of it, just an fyi…)

I’ve had some trouble recently with the read more line not working on mobile, so if that’s a problem, please let me know and we’ll work something out! I’m more than happy to do what I can to make sure everyone can enjoy my fics!


It was the final day of classes for his first year at the Academy, and having finished all of his finals and in possession of a plane ticket back to Glasgow for that evening, Fitz was rushing around his dorm room like a madman, shoving things haphazardly into his open suitcase. He’d meant to be packed before then, but things had kept getting in the way, and…and perhaps, there may have been a part of him that wasn’t ready to leave yet.

Logically, he knew that packed or not, he was going to have to leave the Academy campus eventually, and of course he was excited to see his mum again, but…

“This is why I left you all of those notes, reminding you to pack, for weeks,” Jemma pointed out, crossing her arms over her chest and narrowly avoiding the wrinkled-up t-shirt he’d tossed at the suitcase on the bed beside her. “Honestly, Fitz.”

“Yeah, well, maybe I’d have packed before now if you hadn’t kept me busy twenty-four-seven with your ridiculous study sessions,” Fitz shot back, eyeing the pile of clothes in the top drawer of his dresser, then shrugging and scooping it all up into his arms to carry it over to his bed.

Jemma actually cringed as she watched him dump the heap of unfolded clothes into the suitcase. “Are you sure you don’t want me to do some folding for you? I wouldn’t mind…”

“Oh c’mon Simmons, we both know you’re asking for entirely selfish reasons,” Fitz half-joked, planting his hands on his hips and arching an eyebrow at her. “In fact, I take a great amount of pleasure in the thought of you on a plane back home to Sheffield, twitching the entire way because you can’t stop thinking ‘bout my suitcase full of wrinkled laundry.”

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cuabien16  asked:

Hello, I'm a huge fan of this series and your blog. I'm falling in love with Akutagawa Ryunosuke at the first time he appeared in manga. Therefore sometime, I wonder what he will live for if he stop pursue Dazai, I mean, I don't know the meaning of his life after he chose his own way without Dazai'apperance in the heart of its. Can you tell me your idea about this problem?

For starters, there’s his sister. It bothered me when Gin didn’t set out to save Akutagawa even before Higuchi decided to. I suppose at that point it’s Asagiri either not establishing their relationship yet or not wanting to give out a major hint BUT STILL!

Anyway, it really is a dilemma isn’t it? Because Dazai said he’d give Akutagawa a reason to live, which Akutagawa interpreted to mean that his life would have value as long as Dazai acknowledges him. See, people can’t live as an island and while I can understand Akutagawa clinging on to Dazai, at this point don’t we all agree that he’s going to ends which are both toxic and self-destructive?

(cr: @dazaiscans​)

The mafia is far from a perfect environment, but it was an organization which accepted Akutagawa and is allowing him to do as he pleases provided he doesn’t stain their reputation. No matter how bullish and stubborn the kid can he get, he’s not stupid; Akutagawa has a place in the mafia and there’s nothing better for him out there… At least, not right now. Note how he admits it to Kyouka in the page above, how the “hope for death in his eyes” vanished after joining Port Mafia. Dazai never found any reason to live in the mafia, but Akutagawa did. And even without Dazai, he stayed in the mafia, so it’s not like he can’t continue on without his mentor.

As for those who want to know how Akutagawa would be like if he were in ADA, if you ask me I don’t think Akutagawa will ever fit in. It’s not like he particularly wants to do good or save anyone. Unless he gets a change of heart, his reason for joining will be entirely selfish, and needless to say he won’t pass Fukuzawa’s entrance exam.

On Kierark, Toxic Relationships, and Fetishization

I am honestly alarmed by how many people ship Kierark (not to mention Kierarktina). Tumblr prides itself on being “woke,” and yet it’s a rare blog that DOESN’T ship them. But why? It’s toxic and unhealthy. Why is it that so many people don’t see it? Well, today I’m going to outline all the reasons why this ship is messy and abusive.

Let’s start with the first place we see them: “Bitter of Tongue,” one of the Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy novels. Granted, we don’t see much of them and it makes sense for Kieran to seem unfriendly around a Shadowhunter (or rather, a Shadowhunter-in-training). But then we get this observation from Simon, “[He] could not tell if the tight grasp of Kieran’s hand was affectionate, anxiety, or a wish to imprison.” First lesson in witnessing abuse: if it looks like abuse, it’s probably abuse. Also, why would that suggestion even be there if it wasn’t a very real possibility? Sure, this seems a bit flimsy, but it’s reinforced by what we then see in The Dark Artifices.

Let’s move on to Lady Midnight: The very first interaction we see Mark and Kieran have is when Kieran leaves him a note in an acorn saying, “Remember, none of it is real.” He knows Mark is in a fragile state of mind and he knows how much Mark has missed his family. And what is his response? Tell him it’s not real! That is a classic example of gaslighting. And we immediately see the impact it has, as Mark believes it and has a set back.

The next significant moment is when Mark, Emma, Julian, and Cristina go to the Lottery and Kieran follows and meets Mark in the coat closet. He spends the entire time guilting Mark for THE VERY THING MARK WAS SENT THERE TO DO. He’s mad Mark is spending time with his family and trying to solve the murders, even though he knows Mark only has a limited amount of time to do so. Mark immediately turns apologetic, EVEN THOUGH HE DID NOTHING WRONG. This is a manipulation of Mark’s emotions and further gaslighting.

Shortly after, Kieran spies on Mark and Cristina and gets jealous that they’re literally just having a conversation. The second he gets a chance to do something (Mark letting a faerie secret slip), he immediately sells him out. This is fucked up for two reasons: 1. Kieran reveals he thought Gwyn would force him to return to the Wild Hunt (and thus, Kieran). This is incredibly selfish and completely takes away Mark’s choice. If Kieran cared about what Mark wanted, he wouldn’t have tried to take away his choice. Even Julian, who would do ANYTHING to keep his family together, doesn’t do that. Kieran only thought about what HE wanted and fuck whether or not that’s what Mark wanted to (remember, at this point, no one knows what Mark will choose). 2. HE SOLD OUT THE BOY HE SUPPOSEDLY LOVES KNOWING THERE WOULD BE SOME KIND OF PUNISHMENT. We know, given that Kieran admits it and faeries can’t lie, that his only goal was to get Mark back. He didn’t give a shit about Gwyn’s secret being slipped. It was just a convenient turn of events. HE SOLD MARK OUT FOR ENTIRELY SELFISH REASONS. In doing so, he betrayed his selfishness and Mark’s trust.

And then, of course, there’s the infamous whipping scene. When Julian volunteers, Kieran ACTUALLY AGREES TO THIS. Defenders say he doesn’t view family the same way, so he wouldn’t understand that this was wrong. BUT, faeries know what family means to Shadowhunters and, more importantly, Kieran knows damn well what Mark’s family means to him.Therefore, THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS. He doesn’t even feel guilty for what happens; he’s just upset Mark no longer trusts him and even hates him (I’ll provide more proof of this later).

Parallel to this, another pattern emerges: Kieran supports Mark’s insistence that he’s a Shadowhunter, until other Shadowhunters are around. Then suddenly, he’s only a faerie. This has a very possessive air to it; Mark can only embrace his Shadowhunter side when it doesn’t threaten Kieran’s claim on him.

And now we get to Lord of Shadows: The first we hear of Kieran, we discover he has murdered Iarlath for whipping Emma and Julian (very clearly to try and win Mark back over). At first glance, it seems that he’s trying to make reparations. But, consider this: Iarlanth would never have whipped Emma and Julian had Kieran not sold Mark out. He still isn’t taking responsibility for his part in that day, showing he doesn’t really feel guilty (here’s that proof I promised). He’s just upset he doesn’t have Mark anymore.

But, let’s be fair, Mark does something alarming here too: his first instinct upon finding out Kieran is going to be executed is to refused to help him. He says he knew Gwyn wouldn’t let it happen, but then Gwyn never even shows up to the rescue. Perhaps, maybe, he didn’t really believe Gwyn would save Kieran. You want one half of your ship leaving the other one to die? Okay, then. And then, Mark only goes when Zara calls his honor into question the same way Gwyn did when eh refused to help. HE’S DOING IT TO PROVE HE HAS HONOR. In what world is that a good thing in a relationship?

After the rescue, we come to the point where Kieran agrees to speak before the Clave and must swear fealty to someone. He swears fealty to Cristina and ACTUALLY TELLS MARK HE DID IT TO SPITE HIM. Even when he doesn’t remember witnessing Mark and Cristina getting close, he STILL pulls this shit. (Now would also be a good time to point out that losing one’s memories does not equal character development or redemption. If he does’t remember what he did, he can’t redeem himself from it. It also begs the question: why remove his memories in the first place? The Unseelie King didn’t know anyone was coming to rescue Kieran (let alone his ex), so what was the point? To try and trick us into thinking Kieran is having character development? Well, it didn’t work.)

Okay, let’s call Mark out for something again: he lies to Kieran about the break up so he will help him. While Mark had legitimate reason to not trust Kieran and it was for a very good reason, this is still a messed up thing to do. And it’s certainly not the kind of thing healthy relationships are built on.

Next, let’s get to the sex dream scene. First of all, it should be noted that, even when Kieran is making Mark have a sex dream about him, Mark is still thinking about Cristina. That’s telling, to say the least. But let’s get to the real issue with this: Mark tells us that Kieran used to do this for him in the Hunt, “but this time was different.” BUT THIS TIME WAS DIFFERENT. But what’s difference between those times and this one? Easy, Mark wanted it those other times, but not this time. KIERAN FORCED A NON-CONSENSUAL SEX DREAM ON MARK. No, this is not technically rape. But Kieran had zero consent and Mark clearly felt less-than-good about it. This is a VIOLATION. THIS IS NOT OKAY.

Speaking of things that are not okay, Mark tells us something else about he and Kieran’s Wild Hunt days. They used to have terrible screaming fights. If this wasn’t unhealthy enough, we find out none of them were ever resolved because they just devolved into (presumably) sex. They had terrible, horrible fights that they NEVER RESOLVED. This is so very clearly toxic I can’t believe anyone can overlook this.

Remember when I said Kieran doesn’t care about what Mark wants? I have more evidence of that. Mark tells Kieran he’s not sure about their relationship anymore and asks for some time and space. And what does Kieran give him? Not time and space, that’s for sure! Yes, they’re both stuck in the Institute, but it’s really not hard to avoid someone in an Institute. This was Kieran once again ignoring Mark’s wishes and doing whatever the fuck he wants. At the very least, this is disrespect. At the very worst… well, would you want your significant other to do this shit?

“But they can’t keep their hands off each other when they’re together!!!” Hate to break it to you but PHYSICAL ATTRACTION DOES NOT MEAN THE RELATIONSHIP IS HEALTHY OR NON-TOXIC. People are attracted to people who are bad for them or who treat them badly ALL THE TIME. It is no where NEAR enough to base an entire relationship on, especially when it’s so unhealthy in so many other ways.

And all this brings me back to my original question: why do so many people still ship this? If it was a guy doing this to a girl, you’d all be up in arms. Not only that, but you claim you want good same-sex rep and yet ship things like this. Newsflash: same-sex relationships can be abusive, unhealthy, and toxic. They aren’t automatically perfect by virtue of being same-sex (and before you make any assumptions (as Tumblr is wont to do), I am bisexual and homoromantic).

I can only come to one conclusion: you don’t really care about same-sex rep at all. You just have a fetish for white M/M relationships. And that pisses me the hell off. If you cared about same-sex rep, you would ALWAYS call it out when it’s unhealthy. (And no, I don’t think that was the point Cassie was trying to make, as she seems pretty hung up on them. But I think it’s clear she shares your fetish because we have countless Malec stories (of course, Magnus is Indonesian, but it’s still M/M) and keep getting Kierark content, but no Haline content. Interesting.) I am absolutely disgusted with “fake woke” Tumblr, only caring about things when it doesn’t interfere with their ships. Honestly, if you can read this whole thing and STILL feel okay with shipping Kierark, don’t call yourself an ally. You’re not. You just fetishize the M/M experience. 

I have the terrible feeling that Cassie is not only going to go through with Kierark, but force Kierarktina down our throats, but I will never stop being vocal about how toxic, unhealthy, and abusive this ship is. I hope I’ve woken some of you up to the reality of this ship (remember, everything I listed was CANON FACT), but I won’t hold my breath. 

arcadiaprime  asked:

Your OC's mostly romanced those of the same gender, based on your 'Need the man booty' impression I got you've earned a new follower :P

haha yay, welcome! \o/ you’ve come to the right place because here be booties

Okay so tablet guardians feels

But what if eventually there comes to be a choice?

There’s a way to bring Ahk back to life- permanently. Not as an immortal or a mummy- as himself, mortal again.

He wouldn’t have to watch Larry age and die.

He could meet Larry’s family properly, be introduced, he could enjoy the sunlight again.

They could go on vacation to see Egypt and how it’s changed, how it’s just the same. (Ahk cries that night because it’s really hits him that it’s all gone- just remnants, tiny fragments, are left of his once-home.)

Ahk could learn new languages and more about history, he could learn about the events in the world today (He could go to a pride parade decked out in colors and beads and bright facepaint, dragging along Larry (who won’t admit he’s enjoying this just as much as Ahk is)).

He could meet new people (even if they’ll never understand what he’s been through, where’s he from, how everything, for him, has changed so much) and make new friends.

(They could come up with a cover story- named after his supposed ancestor, Ahkmenrah, an orphan who was born in Egypt but brought to London by his foster parents, who are of course, named Teddy and Sacajawea (Strange, historic names run in his family).)

Maybe they could start their own family together.

Maybe he could meet Erica and Don and share secret jokes with Nicky and he is JUST snarky enough to be hilarious but never enough to offend them. (Erica congratulates Larry on his new boyfriend, because between his kind eyes and sharp tongue and smile made of sunshine, how could anyone not like him?)

They could grow old together(in a way Ahk had never been able to, because he hadn’t really aged in thousands of years), get married (not a loveless political arrangement as Ahk had always expected), watch Nicky grow up, and be happy.

But at a cost (isn’t there always a price?)

Because there is only so much power in the tablet.
Because it would mean that all of their friends- their family, really- would never wake up.

They’d lose almost all of their family.
They’d be there, in the museum, still and lifeless.

Larry and Ahk could have their happy ending at the cost of their family.
The exhibits insist they should do it.

But could they ever?

Ahk ends up deciding he could never sacrifice his entire family for his own selfish reasons.
No matter what the others said (they just wanted him and Larry to be happy- they’d been willing to sacrifice their afterlives before, why not now?)

Larry can’t help but feel disappointed, but he knows he’d never ask Ahk to do such a thing.
He also knows that losing them all would hurt more than he can voice, for both of them.

That night, Larry was off doing some last minute cleaning, sunrise was soon upon the museum. Ahk was lying in his sarcophagus, waiting for morning. Minutes away, but it felt like moments.

Dexter slipped into the exhibit, chirping eagery- but quietly.
He slipped up to where the tablet was displayed.
He knew which buttons to push- he was clever, and he’d been watching for weeks now.

Dexter had seen which buttons Ahk’s trembling hands had hovered over, eyes sad and lips tight.

He cackled.
He knew exactly what he was about to do.
He pressed the buttons in order, careful not to mess up.
Sunrise came just after his paw pressed the last button.

The tablet glowed brightly, shining gold.
Dexter stiffened, a stuffed display once more. (This time for good.)

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kc, i've been thinking this a few days now and i wouldn't mind any input, but can you imagine if during the fight that ultimately ended up with genji's blood on hanzo's hands one of their close friends (significant other at the time?) gets the misfortune of showing up at the wrong time and being greeted with the sight of one dead shimada and one looking so hollow afterwards? that would def fuck with someone. can you imagine the reunion that happens years later? that would be awkward with either.

A/N: I was waiting for a day where I could gather the right kind of Hanzo feels for this. I suck at writing, I tried to be angsty and it didn’t work. I guess I’m stuck in fluff city for the rest of my life. Sorry guys! hahah


Originally posted by neroangelus

You thought you were going to die. Hanzo stared down at you with a stunned expression. He had thought you were another assassin sent to kill him for whatever reason. That or Genji had decided to come back to pester him to join Overwatch again.

It was that time of year. Perhaps it was probably silly to keep up the tradition of paying respects to his dead brother when he technically wasn’t dead, but it was tradition. Hanzo was good at tradition and he hadn’t yet accepted what Genji had become; to him Genji was dead and he had killed him.

You gasped for breath as Hanzo continued to press his forearm into your throat, pinning you to the ground. You watched as he seemed conflicted for a moment, before removing his arm and body, allowing you scramble backwards to put some space between the two of you. “T-Thank you.” It probably wasn’t the right thing to say, but it was already too late for a cordial ‘hello’.

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Tony, Miguel is confused and you know it. It just doesn't make sense for a guy that fine to only like dick. *shrugs* - C.

So essentially, Miguel MUST be attracted to women (including you, I’m guessing), because you consider him attractive. 

That isn’t how this works. He likes what he likes, regardless of how attractive you think he is. More importantly, he is not here to service you just because you think he is attractive and your logic is some of the most entitled things I’ve ever heard. 

Thank you for implying I’m ugly when I have a company paying me…okay, not going into exact figures, but enough money that I might be able to own a home by the time I’m 25 and I’m eighteen years old

But wait! How can that be?! Because you don’t think I’m as attractive as Miguel, right? Why would someone be paying for me to wear their clothes? Perhaps, it’s because you are not the end all and be all on what is and is not attractive! 

And maybe, just maybe, the world does not revolve around what you think, and people are autonomous beings who have their own wants and desires that have nothing to do with what you want, because it is not. About. YOU. 

Someone’s sexuality is about what THEY want, and if they don’t want you, then that’s where it stops. It doesn’t mean they’re confused, it doesn’t mean they don’t know what they really want, it means that they are not interested in you sexually. And they are allowed to have their opinions, wants, and needs just as much as you are allowed to have yours. 

I hope you get your head on straight, anon. Aiyah, sex and love are not all about you! NOTHING is all about you! Miguel isn’t some “fine” sexual object for you to drool over and then throw a tantrum when he doesn’t want you back. So let me summarize: 

He’s a person with his own wants and feelings, and he’s made it clear that you are not involved in either of those camps, where he is concerned. He says that he is gay. That’s how it is, and you don’t get to change things or decide they are not factual because you do not happen to like them.

You do not get to decide what a person wants just because you want them to want something else. You’re not the master of the universe. You are an incredibly selfish person who clearly has no real care or concern for Miguel past his appearance. 

Additionally, even if he were bisexual or pansexual and had any choice who he was attracted to (which he doesn’t, by the way, he’s just the way he is, there are scientific facts here and you’d do well to look them up), I would hope that he would not lower himself to be with someone who considers him nothing but a sexual object for their own amusement. 

Mitch Marner #4

Requested by Anon(s): 

1. hi!! can i request a mitchell marner one? :) thank you, i love your writing <3

2.  prompt: you’re trying to study for your midterms/finals but you keep procrastinating. how does the bf react? does he try to help or is HE the distraction? the bf: johnny gaudreau, andre burakovsky, mitch marner, or connor mcdavid? OR whoever you think would fit in this situation 😄

[Thank you so much guys! I hope you like this. Enjoy!!]

Word count: 802

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“How long do you have before the test again?” Mitch asked, propping his head on his arms.

“About six hours.” You said, not looking up from the book you were reading.

He let out a low whistle, “that’s not a lot of time.”

You shook your head, “uhmm, no. Not if I wanna sleep.”

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okay but the reason i say lucifer was such a brilliant antagonist is that he was such a self-pitying bastard that he lead half the fandom into babying him despite the fact that he tortured one of the story’s main heroes to the point of having hallucinations so awful they landed him in a mental institution

the best sorts of villains don’t only manipulate the hero; they manipulate the audience too 

tani-animate  asked:

When you said that Flowey might be close to the term "Yandere", I thought he might be more of a "Yangire". Since he kills for family/friendship for Chara.

Well I wouldn’t say he does it “for” them in any context other than the N.M. Route. In Pacifist/Neutral, however, he does it for entirely selfish reasons. So they won’t “leave him.” So he won’t “be alone again.” So they’ll “stay together, forever” despite whether or not “Chara” (read: Frisk) consents to the situation. On those terms, he’s still technically considered a yandere.

99 Book Nerd Problems (from Barnes&Noble Blog)

Cause we’ve got 99 problems, but having nothing to read ain’t one.

1. You’ll never get to read your favorite book again for the first time.

2. The weird look your coworkers give you when they find out your “awesome weekend” primarily took place between the pages of a book.

3. People who say, “You do know it’s just a book, right?”

4. No boss will let you take a sick day because Beth March just died.

5. The mark on your wall from where you threw your book after the Red Wedding.

6. Books so scary you have to put them in the closet/under a stack of dictionaries/in the freezer before you can go to sleep.

7. Books so sexy you worry reading them in public view constitutes sexual harassment.

8. Books so funny you become that person laughing alone at a restaurant.

9. Hiding in the work bathroom with a book is damaging your reputation.

10. Don’t fall in love with fictional dogs. Just…don’t.

11. Those blank pages at the end of old books that trick you into thinking you’ve got more left than you actually do.

12. The distinctive facial ridging pattern you get from falling asleep on a nice, heavy hardback.

13. Only four pages to go!…and it’s your train stop.

14. Only four pages to go!…and your doctor’s ready to see you now.

15. Only four pages to go!…and it’s time to walk down the aisle.

16. Being prisoner to a book so good you’re unable to think of or do anything else till you’ve turned the last page.

17. Purses that can’t fit even a paperback.

18. Getting book spoilers from HBO.

19. Worrying about George Weasley for the rest of your life.

20. Ugly crying in public.

21. Wanting to reread the most amazing book you read when you were a kid, but all you can remember is that it had a…girl in it. And maybe a train. Or a mirror or something.

22. Ripply book bottoms from reading in the bath.

23. Cracked spines.

24. Uncracked spines.

25. ”I’m just not that into books.” –Your date, before the drinks have even come.

26. The wait between installments.

27. Books that won’t stay open when you’re trying to read and eat a sandwich at the same time.

28. Worrying about your favorite author’s health (for selfish reasons).

29. Tiny factual inconsistencies that ruin the entire book for you.

30. Expanded universe fiction you can’t get down with.

31. That thing where authors have lives, but us readers have NEEDS.

32. The pro/con of loaning out your favorite book: everyone should read it/you’ll never see it again.

33. Skipping a birthday party because you need to know what happens next (and it’s your own birthday).

34. Missing pages.

35. 400 bedtime readings later, and Love You Forever still makes you weep.

36. Miscasting in adaptations.

37. Deleted characters in adaptations.

38. The inability to stop telling people how it *really* happened when they’re trying to watch an adaptation.

39. None of your friends wanting to watch adaptations with you anymore, because you’re so, um, outspoken about them.

40. The way Jane Austen ruined us for modern dating.

41. The way Stephen King ruined us for ever being able to sleep soundly in an old hotel.

42. The way J.K. Rowling made us all into self-loathing Muggles.

43. The way George R. R. Martin feeds off reader dismay the way Dementors feed off souls.

44. No matter how many times you read it, the sad parts of your favorite book always happen just the same.

45. Other people’s marginalia.

46. Chocolate stains right on the best part (cause you’ve reread it so many times).

47. Feeling like you have to “forgive” your loved ones for not adequately appreciating your favorite book.

48. Ereader, meet hand lotion.

49. Paper cuts.

50. Dropping a book on your face while reading on your back.

51. Talking to yourself while reading in public because it’s that good.

52. Realizing that you’re accidentally reading lines of dialogue out loud in public because your book is that engrossing.

53. Finishing all your reading material on your second day of vacation.

54. Finishing all your reading material halfway through your flight.

55. People who greet the sight of the book you’re reading with, “Oh, isn’t that the one where [insert spoiler here]?”

56. Mispronouncing words because you’ve never actually heard them out loud—you’ve only read them in books.

57. Wishing you could send every child you meet to Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle.

58. Foxed corners.

59. Remembering too late that the anecdote you’re relating actually happened to a fictional character, not your friend.

60. Still following beauty tips you learned from Judy Blume.

61. Remembering Scarlett O’Hara’s first kiss better than you remember your own.

62. Nobody takes you seriously when you say you hurt your wrist holding up a Charles Dickens omnibus.

63. Reading a book so good it (temporarily) ruins you for everything else on your shelves.

64. People respect not wanting to pause a movie way more than they respect not wanting to pause a book.

65. Using your phone as a bookmark, forgetting you’ve done so, not finding it till hours later.

66. (Using unpaid bills as bookmarks is an even worse idea.)

67. The fall from favor of the pocket-sized paperback. (There is no sexier accessory.)

68. Family members who don’t respect shelving protocol.

69. The depression that falls after reading the last book in a trilogy.

70. Finishing the best book ever before anyone else you know, and having no one to talk to about it.

71. Finishing the MOST INFURIATING book ever before anyone else you know, and having no one to talk to about it.

72. The scary stuff you find in the pages of borrowed books.

73. The scary stains you find in the pages of borrowed books.

74. Diagnosing yourself incapable of safely finishing a book after realizing that the villain is giving you rage blackouts.

75. People who assume your book is a prop, a crutch, or a conversation starter. (Sometimes it’s the third one. But usually you just want to read.)

76. Racing through a book to find out how it ends…and discovering when you get there that it’s just book one in a projected trilogy.

77. People who hate on books they’ve never read.

78. Some people start talking in a British accent after a one-week trip to London. You started talking like Hagrid after reading 50 pages of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. (Neither is great.)

79. That thing where your preferred dinner conversation is dependent on everyone else’s deep knowledge of your current read.

80. Hand-wringing articles that claim nobody reads anymore.

81. Your mind’s so stuck in your book that you experience a mild shock when you look in the mirror and don’t see Jane Eyre. Or James Bond. Or Hercule Poirot.

82. The unfair stigma attached to books included on required-reading lists.

83. ”I just want to look really quick.” –Famous last words, spoken just before you enter the bookstore

84. Starting a new series, accidentally buying book two first.

85. Having stacks of unread books that you just can’t get rid of because you KNOW someday they’ll be the exact perfect read that you must have at that very moment.

86. Your bedtime lies somewhere between 11 p.m. and whenever this book stops being so. damn. good.

87. Always being surprised by whodunnit, even when you suspect it’s pretty obvious.

88. Trying to force yourself to finish a long read by bringing it—and only it—on a flight. Ending up reading Skymall cover to cover instead.

89. The concern that some of the books in your house have become load-bearing stacks.

90. A book haul that overcomes the tensile strength of your tote bag.

91. Finding out distractingly awful things about the personal lives of your favorite authors.

92. The inescapable urge to thump the back of every wardrobe you encounter.

93. Publicly snort laughing at jokes written 150 years ago.

94. Crushing helplessly on characters you do realize are clinically insane.

95. The stress of hating an ink-and-paper person more than you’ve ever hated anything in your life.

96. So you’ve got one coffee table made entirely of books, and people think you’re weird?

97. The unreasonable disappointment of discovering that your secret quirky character crush is everyone’s secret quirky character crush.

98. Predicting a twist way too early.

99. Nobody ever wants to help you move.

One main difference between Charlie and Miss Quill was that each thought they understood human beings better. They both found things to admire in them for entirely different reasons. Quill saw them as angry, selfish and violent. Charlie found them impulsive, confusing and strange.
Sometimes, when they had nothing better to do, Charlie and his bodyguard would stand in her classroom, watching the people go by. It wasn’t that they liked spending time with each other. Sometimes it just happened and it felt sort of right.
—  The dynamics between Charlie and Miss Quill are fascinating!