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This is literally just Aleks fucking up an intro

Chamber of Secrets - Part 15

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader 

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: AAAAAAAKKKKKKKK, okay this series is getting long and out of hand, sorry? lmao. LET THE DEFROSTING BEGIN! 

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Let’s talk about Silver some more

All right, @spanishgalleons,  I promised a reply, here it is, after watching that episode again. 

You said:

I would argue that Flint has never truly accepted all the parts of his past at any given time. It’s kind of the whole tragedy of his character. He twists his truth to fit his aims because it’s the only way he can survive. To me, in contrast, Silver at this point is a person who has accepted his past. I don’t think it’s an attitude he can carry on and I certainly think it’s something he has now learned from Flint. And I think he has been blindly working quite hard all season not to become him.

I think we have to make a distinction between your past as something that shapes you and as something that defines you. Both Flint and Silver are shaped by their past (an undeniable truth for every single human being that has ever existed, safe for the occasional amnesiac), but while Flint lets himself be entirely defined by it, Silver tries very hard not to let his past define him. Which is an admirable goal in itself, but I would argue that Silver is taking the whole thing a step too far by pretending that his past is not relevant to who he is.

Flint has been consumed by his past, that’s his tragedy: the fact that he hasn’t found a way to leave it behind. For Silver, his refusal to address his past - even in a conversation with someone he considers a trusted friend, someone who has confided in him and kindly asks him to do the same - is an avoidance that is equally tragic. It’s not born from acceptance, it’s born from denial. Flint is caught in the past because he has nothing to live for in the present, Silver is caught in the present because he cannot stand to look at the past. 

Of all the characters in this show, I think that Charles Vane and Max come closest to accepting their past by admitting that it shaped them, and accepting that it partly motivates them, but refusing to let it define them. When Max says to Grandma Guthrie, “What does it matter?” that’s a different thing because we, as the audience, already know the important things. We don’t expect Max to reveal her backstory to a stranger - it’s a rational choice for her not to disclose the details and extent of her suffering to a woman she’s just met. But as the audience, we’ve been there with her for some of her defining moments, and we’ve been told about others in an earlier episode. The entire situation is completely different than Silver’s refusal to reciprocate in a situation that is all about mutual trust between two people. 

Flint has revealed his past to Silver because Silver has asked. We can safely assume that Silver is the only person that Flint has ever willingly told this story. And Silver refuses to do the same. That’s not the behavior of a man who has accepted his past - it’s the behavior of a man who is scared of what he sees when he looks at it. 

And here’s the beautiful thing Flint says when they first start fencing: 

“Your opponent’s wrist is from whence the attack is born, but it’s its past tense, from which it cannot separate itself. The end of he blade by the time it arrives is its present tense, which also cannot be denied.”

If that doesn’t sum up the problem that Silver is facing here, it don’t know what does. Silver says that he has given up on trying to find any kind of coherence in his past. He’s refusing to attach meaning to it. But this lack of meaning - this lack of identity - leads to a dangerous void that only Silver’s present can fill. He lives in the moment because there’s nothing else, but that behavior is no less damaging than Flint’s inability to let go of his war.. 

As for Silver trying not to turn into Flint - well, he has quite obviously failed in that, and I think that on top of that, he’s pretty much in denial about it. Between the two of them, I think that Silver has an even greater capacity to delude himself. I think he’s fooling himself constantly about his share of responsibility in a lot of things. It’s been made pretty obvious in this episode, with Hands pointing out how Silver was perfectly fine with putting his men at risk, the exact same way Flint has put his men at risk in the past. But where Flint has done it in a way that is actually justitfiable, as somehow serving the greater good (even though we know that’s not why he does it), Silver doesn’t have that justification: his reasons are entirely selfish, caused by this lack of meaning in his past that is directly responsible for his current fear of losing everything he has won. As Madi points out, as Flint points out. Silver is entirely driven by fear.

That isn’t a man who is at peace with who he is. 

Very early on in their fencing training, Flint points out that Silver is “insinuating himself into other people’s stories”. That’s what happens when you have no own to tell, either for lack of glory (I think it’s entire possible that Silver has always been a bit of a pretender, and feels this constant need to hide his own unworthiness and perecived inadequacy), or because your story is so tragic and traumatic that you can’t bear to tell it. In any case, I think it’s pretty clear that what Silver is doing to cope is not a healthy and mature thing to do. 

Dee Recs

I’ve noticed a lot of people saying there are no Dee gen fics out there. While there aren’t as many as there should be, there definitely are many Dee centric fics that have been written that either have no ships or the ships are not the main focus. Because I am a sucker for Dee fic and have read them all, I have decided to compile all of them. So: here is a list of fics that focuses on Dee alone, Dee with minimal side ships, Dee being gay, and Dee having complicated platonic relationships with her brother and her friends. They are listed in chronological order from 2012 until today.

Note: None of these fics are incest or shipping-centric with the main gang, I promise. The author either tagged it to be careful about show subtext (e.g. some of the comments the show makes sometimes) or it is mistagged as a Dee & Dennis fic. There are also a few fics tagged Charlie/Dee but the ship in it is minimal and interpreting canon events.

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kc, i've been thinking this a few days now and i wouldn't mind any input, but can you imagine if during the fight that ultimately ended up with genji's blood on hanzo's hands one of their close friends (significant other at the time?) gets the misfortune of showing up at the wrong time and being greeted with the sight of one dead shimada and one looking so hollow afterwards? that would def fuck with someone. can you imagine the reunion that happens years later? that would be awkward with either.

A/N: I was waiting for a day where I could gather the right kind of Hanzo feels for this. I suck at writing, I tried to be angsty and it didn’t work. I guess I’m stuck in fluff city for the rest of my life. Sorry guys! hahah

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You thought you were going to die. Hanzo stared down at you with a stunned expression. He had thought you were another assassin sent to kill him for whatever reason. That or Genji had decided to come back to pester him to join Overwatch again.

It was that time of year. Perhaps it was probably silly to keep up the tradition of paying respects to his dead brother when he technically wasn’t dead, but it was tradition. Hanzo was good at tradition and he hadn’t yet accepted what Genji had become; to him Genji was dead and he had killed him.

You gasped for breath as Hanzo continued to press his forearm into your throat, pinning you to the ground. You watched as he seemed conflicted for a moment, before removing his arm and body, allowing you scramble backwards to put some space between the two of you. “T-Thank you.” It probably wasn’t the right thing to say, but it was already too late for a cordial ‘hello’.

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Okay so tablet guardians feels

But what if eventually there comes to be a choice?

There’s a way to bring Ahk back to life- permanently. Not as an immortal or a mummy- as himself, mortal again.

He wouldn’t have to watch Larry age and die.

He could meet Larry’s family properly, be introduced, he could enjoy the sunlight again.

They could go on vacation to see Egypt and how it’s changed, how it’s just the same. (Ahk cries that night because it’s really hits him that it’s all gone- just remnants, tiny fragments, are left of his once-home.)

Ahk could learn new languages and more about history, he could learn about the events in the world today (He could go to a pride parade decked out in colors and beads and bright facepaint, dragging along Larry (who won’t admit he’s enjoying this just as much as Ahk is)).

He could meet new people (even if they’ll never understand what he’s been through, where’s he from, how everything, for him, has changed so much) and make new friends.

(They could come up with a cover story- named after his supposed ancestor, Ahkmenrah, an orphan who was born in Egypt but brought to London by his foster parents, who are of course, named Teddy and Sacajawea (Strange, historic names run in his family).)

Maybe they could start their own family together.

Maybe he could meet Erica and Don and share secret jokes with Nicky and he is JUST snarky enough to be hilarious but never enough to offend them. (Erica congratulates Larry on his new boyfriend, because between his kind eyes and sharp tongue and smile made of sunshine, how could anyone not like him?)

They could grow old together(in a way Ahk had never been able to, because he hadn’t really aged in thousands of years), get married (not a loveless political arrangement as Ahk had always expected), watch Nicky grow up, and be happy.

But at a cost (isn’t there always a price?)

Because there is only so much power in the tablet.
Because it would mean that all of their friends- their family, really- would never wake up.

They’d lose almost all of their family.
They’d be there, in the museum, still and lifeless.

Larry and Ahk could have their happy ending at the cost of their family.
The exhibits insist they should do it.

But could they ever?

Ahk ends up deciding he could never sacrifice his entire family for his own selfish reasons.
No matter what the others said (they just wanted him and Larry to be happy- they’d been willing to sacrifice their afterlives before, why not now?)

Larry can’t help but feel disappointed, but he knows he’d never ask Ahk to do such a thing.
He also knows that losing them all would hurt more than he can voice, for both of them.

That night, Larry was off doing some last minute cleaning, sunrise was soon upon the museum. Ahk was lying in his sarcophagus, waiting for morning. Minutes away, but it felt like moments.

Dexter slipped into the exhibit, chirping eagery- but quietly.
He slipped up to where the tablet was displayed.
He knew which buttons to push- he was clever, and he’d been watching for weeks now.

Dexter had seen which buttons Ahk’s trembling hands had hovered over, eyes sad and lips tight.

He cackled.
He knew exactly what he was about to do.
He pressed the buttons in order, careful not to mess up.
Sunrise came just after his paw pressed the last button.

The tablet glowed brightly, shining gold.
Dexter stiffened, a stuffed display once more. (This time for good.)

Mitch Marner #4

Requested by Anon(s): 

1. hi!! can i request a mitchell marner one? :) thank you, i love your writing <3

2.  prompt: you’re trying to study for your midterms/finals but you keep procrastinating. how does the bf react? does he try to help or is HE the distraction? the bf: johnny gaudreau, andre burakovsky, mitch marner, or connor mcdavid? OR whoever you think would fit in this situation 😄

[Thank you so much guys! I hope you like this. Enjoy!!]

Word count: 802

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“How long do you have before the test again?” Mitch asked, propping his head on his arms.

“About six hours.” You said, not looking up from the book you were reading.

He let out a low whistle, “that’s not a lot of time.”

You shook your head, “uhmm, no. Not if I wanna sleep.”

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  • Series 8: Is the Doctor a good man? Or is he evil?
  • Series 9: He's definitely evil, he's the biggest threat to the entire universe!
  • Series 10: Sike! He's the best hero in the universe! Just all of a sudden even though literally three episodes ago he purposefully almost destroyed the universe for entirely selfish reasons!

Okay but Root is one of the best and most creative examples of character growth induced by “breaking” the character

She starts out as a villain, of course, and a fucking terrifying villain at that. so like, let’s assume that having her switch to the good guys’ side was in the cards from the beginning. The most common way a villain does that is by seeing the error of their ways/allegiances/whatever and making some attempt to rectify that. but Root? What starts Root’s path away from villainy?

It started when she became the Analog Interface, the walking embodiment of God Mode, which was her goal the entire time up to that point.

In other words, she fucking won as a villain.

Like, with the benefit of hindsight, her arc is wild. She’s the biggest threat for the entirety of season 2, culminating with her achieving her goal, and that eventually transitions into her becoming one of the show’s main good guys?

And that’s all because being the Analog Interface is so MUCH responsibility. Responsibility she was prepared for, responsibility she killed for, but it’s so much, and it’s hers. It’s security for her, it’s bliss for her, but it also comes within inches of killing her at every turn.

She’s forced her own hand into being one of the most valuable pieces on the board. She wanted it entirely for selfish reasons, and now she’s regularly suffering physical and emotional trauma as a hobby, for one of the most selfless beings on the planet.

And it’s only by repeatedly hitting rock bottom that she begins to even superficially comprehend TM’s worldview – and begins to earn the trust of viewers that watched her be utterly nasty not that long ago.

In other words, she didn’t become good by growing a conscience. She strong-armed her way into TM’s camp and her conscience came later, after being institutionalized, after being imprisoned by Finch, after being tortured by Control, after every other terrible thing that happened to her. And the other protagonists didn’t accept her because they were HEROES WHO HAVE TO LOVE AND FORGIVE. They took her on as a matter of convenience firstly (since she’s ultimately fighting for the same person they are) and secondly because they watched her devotion for TM just the same as we viewers did.

It’s a very organic process, and I love the show for it.

I know there’s lots of talk about how selfish Felix is, and rightfully so, he’s not at all subtle about it. 

But it irks me when Locus’s selfishness is dismissed. He also killed people for validation and affirmation, so that he could make himself feel better. And then flat out refused to face trial or punishment for his crimes. 

He’s not quite as blatant about it, but he’s as selfish as Felix. Just in a slightly different manner.

Tsukiyama’s Character growth and change in Chapter 39.

I like how much these panels, and this chapter in general shows that Tsukiyama has grown as a person. No matter how much he wants to bring Kaneki back to him he’s not extremely forceful about it, he lets him walk away.

Even if he seems a bit stalkerish at the moment waiting for his opportunity to talk to Haise again it’s not really all that bad or selfish. Sure he’s a little blind to the “happiness” Haise has found with the Quinx, but for the most part his intentions are noble. It’s probably hard to swallow that the “Chibi CCG investigators“ are anything but the enemy, after all the CCG agents did to Kaneki and Ghoul kind.

You have remember also Tsukiyama doesn’t know about Kaneki/Haise’s inner struggle, he doesn’t know that Kaneki has ultimately changed. He just got up from a half-catatonic depressed state all he sees at the moment is that someone dear to him has been captured and brainwashed by the enemy without his knowledge and he has to bring his memories back.

Even his reasoning why isn’t really selfish. While in the past Tsukiyama was a bit over possessive with a kind of, “Kaneki is my friend mine” mentality this has seemed to mostly have dissipated.” He’s thinking about others like Hinami and the old Anteiku staff and how much they also must also miss Kaneki.

He’s also trying to bring back Haise/Kaneki’s memories to help people that showed him care, he wants to help the servants who he sees as having inadvertently put into danger in the first place.

And my personal favorite, Tsukiyama seems to have stopped his habit of only thinking of Kaneki as food. Don’t miss the fact that Tsukiyama’s first thought after finding out that Kaneki was alive was “Kaneki is safe." Maybe it’s because his long depression left him emotionally vulnerable and that’s kind of sad, but at least he’s let down that uncaring charade where he tried to convince himself that he didn’t care about Kaneki as a person.

Final Thoughts: Altogether I’m pretty happy with where Tsukiyama has come to as a character thus far. However at the moment his future is
still uncertain, how will he react and handle the new truths about Haise/Kaneki? Will he react badly or take them in stride, how? How is he physically? I is his weird demented half-kakuja thing still posing a threat to him? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Please be okay Flower man.

i would part the sea - royai (2)

Because I am an insanely evil person, I decided to do this into three parts, if only because I felt like this would be the perfect ending to the second part. It just felt…fitting. And because it’s long as hell and I know that I’m going to ramble a lot more to tie things up. Also, I’ve decided to just tie these all together in one neat tag: “royai wedding”. Because organization!

i would part the sea
part two

“If you don’t relax, you’re gonna have a heart attack, Chief,” Havoc hissed discreetly from his position.

Roy shot his best man a quick glower and then looked back as the last bridesmaid and groomsman made their way down the aisle. Breda gave him a thumbs up, to which Roy nodded his head gratefully, but that still didn’t make him feel any better – or worse. He watched as Breda let go of Gracia Hughes so that she could take her spot next to Princess May Chang and then he stepped in line next to Alphonse.

When his eyes cast a furtive glance throughout the crowd, his heart began to beat wildly. There were so many people, some he was almost certain that he didn’t possibly know past reputation. Honestly, this whole thing was bigger than either of them had wanted, but the idea that the new Fuhrer of Amestris could get away with a simple ceremony had been a pipedream. It was the talk of the nation. Everyone loved the idea of the Fuhrer being a family man, as a former Fuhrer had proven so well.

Sure, the man had turned out to be a homunculus and his fake son also a diabolical homunculus, but as far as the general public of Amestris was concerned, King Bradley and Selim Bradley were every day humans that had loved one another as a family and sacrificed themselves for their country, instead of the opposite way around. If those were the examples Roy had to lead by, well, he could be the family man people wanted to see.

He could be the husband and father that he was supposed to be.

It was only when his eyes dropped to the young boy at his side that Roy’s pulse began to steady again. His little Bug was five, just now able to reach up to his waist. His hair that Riza had no doubt tried to tame before the ceremony began was already beginning to fall into its typical messy pattern. When Aidan had shyly asked if Roy would slick his hair back like his, Roy had been ecstatic and had done so – but then the moment he’d started to run his fingers through his own hair while pacing the room, Aidan had done the same. Like father, like son.

Havoc wasn’t wrong about Roy being anxious though. It had nothing to do with the fact that there were so many people around to witness the wedding. It wasn’t that he was worried because he had found a few gray hairs this morning. It didn’t even have anything to do with the idea that something might go wrong. The moment he had finished getting ready and caught sight of himself in his dress blues, Roy’s brain had decided to toss around the idea that Riza might not actually want to get married to him.

“She had a kid with you, didn’t she?” had been Edward’s dry attempt at comforting his concerns.

Looking down at that kid now, Roy felt as if all his fears were nothing more than silly thoughts. Riza wanted to marry him – she had agreed to follow him a thousand times again and again in so many different ways – she wanted to be his wife. But more than that, she wanted to be a family just as much as he did. This wedding was more than about the two of them becoming husband and wife. It was more than some publicity to be touted around in the newspapers and on the radio. This day was for their son perhaps even more than it was for them.

Roy would never again have to explain to his son why he wasn’t home for the past three days. Riza would not have to gently correct him whenever he slipped up and called Roy by anything other than his title or surname. He wouldn’t be forced to pretend that the truth that everyone knew wasn’t real. His son had been so utterly strong during these years. Perhaps his struggle was just another sin on Roy’s and Riza’s plates, but this time, they would be able to carry it together.

As if sensing eyes on him, Aidan peered up at him and a goofy lopsided grin appeared on his face, one that Roy couldn’t help but respond back with. It was so strange seeing that grin on someone else’s face when he could recognize it in his own reflection so easily. In a way, looking at his son was an awful lot like looking into some sort of time traveling mirror. But instead of that grin hiding secrets like his normally did, it showed happiness and excitement for what was to come.

A simple grin from his son was all the boost in confidence and emotional support that Roy needed.

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One main difference between Charlie and Miss Quill was that each thought they understood human beings better. They both found things to admire in them for entirely different reasons. Quill saw them as angry, selfish and violent. Charlie found them impulsive, confusing and strange.
Sometimes, when they had nothing better to do, Charlie and his bodyguard would stand in her classroom, watching the people go by. It wasn’t that they liked spending time with each other. Sometimes it just happened and it felt sort of right.
—  The dynamics between Charlie and Miss Quill are fascinating!

Here’s the thing. Short and sweet. 

No, Barry did not kill Dante himself. He was not drunk or driving, he did not with his own hands murder Dante Ramon. 

What he did was travel back in time, knowing that for his own selfish reason he was literally altering the entire world, and that the people most affected would be the ones closest to him. 

He did that twice. 

He willingly, knowingly risked the futures of every one of his friends and family, and their friends and families. Dante Ramon dying was the direct result of that. Dante was the consequence that Barry was always willing to risk. 

The acceptable consequence. The acceptable loss. 

And that is why Cisco Ramon deserves to be furious and devastated, and people shouldn’t be soothing Barry about how it’s really not his fault, and Barry needs to actually make amends instead of feeling sorry for himself or trying to get other people to feel sorry for him. 

I don’t think most people choose to be feminist, or vegan, or socialist, because they have a ‘moral compass’ or 'compassion’, or because they are a 'good person’.

I think it’s because of core self evaluation and other people’s perception of them, due to the connotations of certain 'isms’ in regards to intelligence, awareness and knowledge, and one’s neuroticism and low self esteem issues leading to a need for external approval.

In other words, people only pretend they’re moral or compassionate people because they want to look smart and 'knowing’, and not because they actually want to be good or do good things. It is just about giving off the aura that you know more than your peers, and that feeling of being able to feel like you’re better and more clever than others. Basically, an entirely selfish reason.

Before anyone thinks I’m paranoid or cynical, I would like to say that I’m not against kindness and compassion (or anyone that does aspire to these isms), but I tend feel that those who are genuinely kind and compassionate would just be like that naturally and selflessly, and would never do so for any approval, recognition or acknowledgement or anything, because that entirely beats the point of being good naturally. Thus, I tend to think those who are seeking said approval, and who overpromote their 'super compassionate goodness’ too much to the point of boastfulness and egotism, are doing it for entirely the wrong reasons.

The quiet and modest ones who are secure in the richness of their heart, without needing to convince themselves, or compensate for a lack of it, who do what they can and don’t want popularity or prizes for it… these are the truly good people. Problem is, you don’t know who they are, because they would never boast about it.

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i'm sorry i saw "mabel yelling at herself" and immediately thought of a sad hc involving mabel yelling at herself like in the mirror or something out of guilt

this funny misunderstanding just became sad and full of fanfic angst fuel

Mabel always made sure the Shack was empty before sneaking up into the bathroom and locking the door. It was a weekly thing she did, whenever her emotions started to bottle up and she desperately needed a release.

Every week, she’d stare into the mirror, look herself in the eyes, and scream.

She’d scream about everything she hated about herself, all the mistakes she made that week, how useless she was, and more. It was a ritual of sorts for her. A form of catharsis. After every session, she’d end up breathing heavily over the sink, energy spent (which, considering she was so usually full of boundless energy, said a lot).

It started after she met unicorns for the first time and had all her dreams about them crushed. It started when that… that dumb horse made her feel terrible about herself. When she pointed out all of Mabel’s flaws to her face, made her face herself for the first time, and Mabel disliked what she saw.

Sure, that unicorn was just trying to keep humans away for selfish reasons, but she hadn’t been entirely wrong in her accusations.

So Mabel yelled. She yelled, and screamed, and roared until her throat was sore. She laid all of her bad qualities out in the open, and exaggerated them to ridiculous degrees.

The exaggeration helped. It made Mabel realize that she wasn’t really that bad. She wasn’t really useless. She wasn’t really terrible and stupid and dumb. It was Mabel’s way of writing venting letters to herself–only much, much louder.

It was a form of catharsis. A strange form, but she was always a strange one. (Everyone in the Pines family was, after all.)

So she gasped, took in deep breaths, and wiped away sweat that had gathered on her forehead.

She began to scream again.

Only this time, it wasn’t full of self-incrimination; rather, it was full of self-praise. She screamed about all the things she loved about herself–her scrapbook, her floofy hair, her smile, her creativity, and her loving personality. The list went on and on.

She screamed about all the people she loved. About Dipper, and Stan, and Ford, and Waddles, and she screamed about everything she loved about them. She screamed about all the things that made her happy. Seeing people smile, having fun with Grenda and Candy, playing mini golf with Pacifica, going on adventures with Dipper, and watching movies with her Grunkles. She screamed about all the wonders in her life, all the things that lit up her life with a beacon of pure goodness and joy until her voice gave out and she couldn’t scream anymore.

It was a reminder to herself, these sessions. A reminder that despite her flaws, despite everything she hated about herself, she still had people she loved. She still had friends and family and things that made her happy. She didn’t have to be perfect.

She always lost her voice after these shouting sessions. Sometimes Dipper would ask her what she’d do every week that made her practically mute for the rest of the day. Mabel, however, would just smile and poke him in the cheek, silently laughing and distracting him from the question. She’d smile at the way he pouted and slapped her hand away, and how he’d poke her back, and how they’d get into a poking fight that ended with them laughing their bellies out on the floor.

Mabel would smile afterward, and appreciate all the little things in her life that made it good.

She felt content.

so this kinda came outta no where and i’m not sure how i feel about it but yeah lmao here’s some Mabel angst & hurt/comfort

I never got the chance to say this but...

I’m really proud of Apple White. She’s definitely a changed person ever since the first episode. She’s gone from stuck up princess who didn’t believe that everyone couldn’t have a Happily Ever Afters to being supportive of Raven and ALL of the rebels! Even then her reasons for wanting to following her destiny wasn’t entirely selfish (as seen in Thronecoming). She wants her happy ever after, but now she cares much more for others wanting theirs too. Basically her past self (her from the beginning the series) contrasts with her current self. 

And since I’m on the topic, I’m kind of proud of Raven too. I think Raven helped her too^^ I think Raven now understands that people have the choice to be royal or rebel, no matter how much she wants people to go off script. Instead of saying “Wouldn’t it be better to go off script then following the same fate over and over again?” to “You should follow your heart’s desire, no matter where it leads”. It may seem the same, but it’s not (at least in my opinion). Before, it seemed like Raven was kind of pushing others to follow their destiny because she wasn’t too keen about the following your destiny thing. It’s like she was persuading people to follow their destiny, but now she has accepted more that it’s everyone choice to do what they want with their lives, no matter if they want to stay true to their tale or rebel (or like what Kitty said, “do what they want”).  

Despite Raven’s slight development, this post is mostly about Apple White. I’m just proud of her and I wanted people to hear me out. Apple isn’t a bad character, even from the beginning she wasn’t all that bad like people made her out to be. I know people have the right to their opinions, but Apple really wasn’t that bad nor really selfish, she was just scared for the people that she loved. Like she said, she does want her happily ever after, but it’s clear she cares about everyone else too.