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U should post a selfie of your gay self <3

….. this is what you meant by “selfie” right


“Fern, do you understand that there’s a reason for Tay, for all of us, to be concerned about you?’ Auggie asked when contraband llamas weren’t news anymore.

‘Well, you have a great opportunity to support me next Friday when I meet my ‘hot dude’ at ‘Church’. He advised me not to come alone’, Fern replied, studying her menu.

‘He was right. ‘Church’ is not the best club for sixteen years old folk’-

‘Say seventeen years old folk,’ Roosje smirked and then yelled at Tay that started to take selfies, ‘Tay, for God’s sake, do you really think it’s appropriate?! We’re talking about Fern’s life and death here!!’

‘You can’t even decide if it’s Fern’s life or Fern’s death, and I won’t get this lighting for the next 24 hours, so yes, I really think it’s appropriate’, Tay answered.


went out last night for a friends birthday for hotpot and sake!!! 

may have ate and drank too much but I’m still a mermaid

  • me: i feel ugly today.
  • the world: don't say you're ugly, there are people who wish they looked like you! don't put yourself down. you are perfect.
  • me: i feel super pretty today and, look, i took selfies because of it and i think they came out really pretty too!
  • the world: ummmmmm, calm down and don't be a cocky, vain bitch, please. sure, you're pretty, but you're not a fucking goddess so shut up and be humble. thanks.
  • me: literally fuck all of you.


I just got a real, physical idea of what Rhett’s height / 6ft 7 really is. My mum measured this wardrobe because we’re selling it and it’s 6f 5. RHETT IS TALLER THAN THIS WARDROBE OMG. You see that space above the box? That’s my ceiling. If my ceiling was any lower he’d have to freaking duck.

The picture on the right is for height comparison sake. No selfies with Rhett for me ever unless he kneels. GOOD GOSH I didn’t realize just how tall 6ft 7 is.

selfie time with Benjamin! with a wild Ezequiel appearing in the bg. this is part of a little art exercise i’m doing to help me get in the habit of drawing bgs. it won’t go on for a long time. but if ya wanna follow along you can follow Benjamin on twitter. Das right bronanas, Benji has a twitter. Where he’ll be posting selfies for the sake of getting me to d R A W. 

edit: can’t believe i forgot Z’s tattoo. 

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I would be that girlfriend to mess up his clothes and closet whenever we fight about something just to piss him off LOL can we have a blurb for that? ;)

Normally you were the lazier, messier person in this relationship.  But since Niall had been home he hadn’t switched off of “tour mode”.  He was still living out of his suitcase, leaving dishes everywhere, and generally acting like he had a team of people that came around and cleaned up after him.  You understood it would take a few days for him to reset and get back into the swing of being at home.  But this was getting ridiculous.  It’d been almost 3 weeks.  

This morning you’d gotten up and decided enough was enough.  You’d cleaned the kitchen, did two loads of dishes, swept the floors, sorted the mail, and finally sat down to go through Niall’s huge suitcase to do laundry.

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