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This absolutely fucked me up. I’ve never been brought so close to tears within the space of 2 minutes.

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Do you know that the reason for why Monster Kid has stopped liking Undyne is because she has tried to kill Frisk? I mean he has seen Frisk like a kid, like him before seeing them like a human and when he has learned it, it was too late, he liked them. And then Undyne tried to kill his new friend, who risked their life for him. (Of course, Monster Kid doesn't know all Frisk knows about Undyne, he has only seen the "kill the human, even if it's a nice child")

(undertale spoilers)

Actually, this is entirely based on Frisk’s actions.

If Frisk runs away, Monster Kid comments that they were worried about Frisk. However, they could have died if Undyne hadn’t saved him. Because Frisk ran away, Monster Kid was rescued by their hero, placing Undyne in a good light.

If Frisk watches Monster Kid fall or charges at Undyne, Monster Kid refuses to talk to Frisk.

If Frisk saves Monster Kid, then Undyne never gets the chance to save them. It also means Monster Kid only sees how Undyne was hunting down a good human – someone who risked their own safety to save Monster Kid. It’s also important to note that Monster Kid says that Undyne “isn’t actually as cool as we thought.” While this is still Monster Kid’s opinion, they are also sympathizing with what they assume are Frisk’s feelings about Undyne. After all, Monster Kid is unaware of what happened after Undyne backed off, so they wouldn’t know how Frisk truly feels.

In all three cases, Undyne was after Frisk. However, depending on Frisk’s action, Monster Kid will either be saved by Undyne or no longer see their hero as cool as they thought.

So I woke up to see that @avveh has knocked Jimin out of second spot on her bias list while I slept so peacefully. That’s fine. That’s cool. But if you happen to see a lot of Jimin spam on your dashes today, I apologize. I have to fight for his spot against @btssmutgalore and @jeolla-jagi who are making her swerve for Taehyung and I intend to tag her in every Jimin post I come across while she sleeps.