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Free! Sales Ep. 1: Water

Nagisa / Thug!Nagisa: kobrakid23

Haru: thealchemicfox

Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year

Sales | “Chinese New Year” | Sales EP

“Sweared a lot and I bared a lot
I was there a lot last year
Wept a lot, oh baby you slept a lot 
I was left a lot last year
Pleased a lot, baby you seized my heart 
And I started to fall last year”

'BTS take the K-pop world by storm with high album sales'

Hip-hop boy group BTS is taking the K-Pop world by storm with its increasing number of album sales!

The group’s EP, ‘The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Part 1,’ which dropped this past April, has already sold 180,000 copies according the Signal Entertainment, the company that invested in the idol group. The number of album copies sold is a clear indication of the group’s growing popularity. The EP has held its place at #7 on the Gaon Chart from May 24 to May 30, and album sales are continuing to remain steady. BTS’s album sales have reached new heights considering the fact that album sales of big names such as EXO and Big Bang sell around 200,000 copies on average.

BTS’ popularity has swept over to Japan, too! According to Tower Records, the group’s DVD and photo book 'BTS Memories of 2014,’ which contains footage of their live performance, placed 1~3 on regular and single album charts.

For this EP, every BTS member participated in the composition process. An agency rep explained that there is a great possibility each member will be pursuing solo activities.

For those who purchase Wander episodes via iTunes, “The Wanders” and “The Axe” are now both up for purchase/download. I know some other people have been waiting since the release was delayed a few days.

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