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Hello! I’m fairly new to the self-ship community but I’ve been eyeing it for a long time! Let’s kick off this blog with some simple domestic indulges with Ruru and Taishiro. Despite my immense love for Fatgum, I still can’t draw him too well… here’s hoping that’ll change soon enough!

knoeggi  asked:

Do “You found a child?” with Guzma kthx B)

“It’s not a bad look on her…”

Way to bring in Guzma’s family issues and a personal HC of his inexperience with any sort of romance/sexuality. Thank you for this prompt, even though it dips into a pretty dark subject, I enjoyed working on the little comic!! Guzma’s expressions were a lot of fun to work with…!


Updated: I’ve added all the fanart/extra art/ Oc’s and Coeihns to this list. Truly, this is a master list now XD

-Chapter 1:

-Blinded Lance-

Chapter 2:


Chapter 3:

-Hands held across the way-

A picture of Tellru I had no link for

Chapter 4:

Oddly enough, I never drew any art for this chapter

Chapter 5:


-Tellru is here-

Chapter 6:

-Keith the pure-

-Lance stands alone-

-Run Lance, run!-

Chapter 7:

_Missing picture of Dravla that was apparently lost to the abyss of tumblr-

-I choose Keith!-

-The moment that started it all-

Chapter 8:

-Hand holding, take two-

-Lean on me, Lance-

-Her name is Ruru-

Chapter 9:

-New clothes-

There was no link for this one too so I physically added it in

-We found ourselves a babysitter-

-Let me protect you now-

Chapter 10:

-Bad time to walk in-


-Wrong concept of team mates (no link again)

-Assasination attempt 1-

Chapter 11:


-I’ve got you-

-Smiles are key-

-Quiet ride home- (tumblr keeps eating my posts or something)

Chapter 12:

-Day at the beach-

-First/second kiss-

-Star struck-

Chapter 13:

-Vision getting better-

-Quiet mornings and Rashra (Two photos)-

-Sudden kiss!-

Chapter 14:

_Look into my eyes-

-New jackets and a hot keith-

-We have time-

Chapter 15:

-Keith dresses up and gets his Equivalent ring-

-Kiss kiss-

-Lance’s back/ Rashra, put him down!-

Chapter 16:

-Growing closer-

Ruru and Harri-

Chapter 17:

-Look at me Keith-

-Choking/ comforting-

Finger kisses-

Chapter 18:

-Neck kisses-

-I don’t need you!-

-Bright smile-

Chapter 19:

-Hickey’s/ The fight-

-Give that back!-

- It’s getting hot between these two-

Chapter 20:

-Most of this chapters art is here-

Tellru and Dravla-

-Kiss in this chaos- 

Chapter 21

-Those blushy moments-

-Dance with me/ the pain starts-


-Sudden feelings-

-Both unsure-

Chapter 23:

-The date-

-Romantic dinner-

Chapter 24:

-Another dance-

-Take him away-

Chapter 25: 

-He will fight-


Chapter 26

-Will you be mine-

-Then he was gone-

Chapter 27:

-No art yet, my computer has been down-

No art for chapter 28, 29, or 30 yet either

Other art I’ve made for this story 

-Team’s reaction to Disappearance-

-Lance and Keith as Coeihns-

-King Manson/Dravla-

-Kac’ela and Prince Harri-

-If Keith and Lance adopted a Coeihn-

-The forgotten chapter-

-Partial cover for the sequel-


-Fanart from Luty-chan-

-Fanart from neveragainsanta-

-Fanart from Bella-s-

-Fanart from theflyinghamster-

-Fanart from justyoureverydaycasualshipper- (second) (third)(Fourth)

-Fanart from Orika0-

-Fanart from Bella-s-

-Fanart from Sinazz-

-Fanart from theflyinghamster-

-Fanart from Soberly-Cynical-

-Fanart from Book-series-fandom-

-Fanart from Bella-s (Kac’ela)-

-Fanart from maggiechsae-

-Smiles4Voltron shirt (sinazz)-

-Fanart by Catty-is-fluff-

-Fanart by fukurodamn-

-fanart by jaydnrosetta-

-fanart by donaryx-

-Fanart by mschweidle-

-Gift from maddemonheart-

Coeihns/ Coeihn Oc’s


-Violet (Oc)-

-Lomi and Zeekva-

-Jua (oc)-

-Kumo (oc)-

-Oc from Weirdpersonhere-

-Ruru (older)-

-Coeihn Oc friends-


-Sinazz as a Coeihn-

-Ash the Coeihn (oc)-

-A story of Ash-

-fanart for Ash-


(This is of a Coeihn and Travek who fell in love~ Zeke is my character, Alba is Bella-s)

-Alba (Oc)-

-Alba and Ruru-

-Alba and Zeke-

-Alba and Zeke (bella)-

-Sleepy Zeke and Alba

-The mark on Zeke’s back-

-Zeke and Alba (Ship name officially Zelba)-

-Zeke’s shirt-

-Human Zeke-

-Human Alba-

-Human Zeke/Alba-

-Human kiss-