for ron and romy

i have been a shipper since i started watching tv…..

i’ve shipped Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable when i was a kid. 

i’ve shipped Satya and Romy in a french cartoon of Moby Dick

i’ve shipped Lizzie with Gordo (i mean who didn’t?)

i’ve shipped Dramione, and Hermione with every possible male character

i’ve shipped Monica and Chandler

i’ve shipped Barney and Robin

I’ve shipped Damon and Elena

I’ve shipped Blair and Chuck

i’ve shipped Mulder and Scully

i’ve shipped Booth and Bones

I’ve shipped Melissa and Joey

I’ve shipped Klaus and Caroline

i’ve shipped Hook and Emma

i’ve shipped Oliver and Felicity

I’ve shipped Regina and Robin

i’ve shipped Cece and Schimdt 

i’ve shipped Jess and Nick

i’ve shipped Hanna and Caleb

i’ve shipped Spencer and Toby

and the list goes on……….

but i have never in my life shipped something so hard as much as i ship Stydia. no ship has given me such feels in my long career of shipping. no ship has also given me so much pain either. 

so this needs to happen… way or another…….