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anonymous asked:

Harry took sooo much time off from singing, at least like concerts and stuff or anything public. I wonder if his voice will be any different when he comes back.

I KNOW!!!  Hopefully he’s gotten some training so he kicks his bad habits to the curb but other than that I can’t wait to hear if it’s gotten richer?  Gruffer? Still have a smooth falsetto?  How many times will I listen to the single on repeat?  these are the questions i’m asking! 

For Soviet Britain

“Britain to-day is in the hands of millionaires-owners of the biggest trusts, the biggest banks, the biggest steamship companies; in short, owners or controllers of the big monopolies. Nearly everything we use or need pays toll to them: soap and milk, cigarettes and cinemas, newspapers and wireless are in their grasp, as well as mining, chemicals, transport, etc. These millionaires, these monopoly capitalists, not only own or control the chief means whereby we work and live, but, in fact, control the whole governing machine. They pull the strings. And they use their power to make themselves richer and richer—at our expense. They hire workers to make profit out of their labour; their capitalist production is for profit, not for use: and to get more profit they slash wages, carry through speed-up and worsen conditions. This mad race for profit ends in a crisis; and then they try to get out of the crisis—at our expense.”

First paragraph of the Communist Party of Great Britain’s programme For Soviet Britain, 1935

anonymous asked:

Ok so im making my best friend (who i have crush on) a playlist and ive included songs that indirectly state my lover for her (idek if she likes girls/ or me that way for that matter but know that im not going off of nothing.. & i donT WANT TO RUIN OUR FRIENDSHIP) and the songs are pretty tame ig. i wanna incluDE KISS ME by SIXPENCE NONE THE RICHER Cos she loves that song but i dont if i /SHOULD OMG??!! And i actually dont think she will see it as me expressing my undying love for her so??idK!!?

this is so cute and i feel PRESSURE answering it but honestly? go with your gut. i guess ask if youre making this playlist specifically To Confess or just making it as a Pal but with some of that real life queer subtext i love (idk if youre a girl so it might not be queer subtext….straight subtext?) but yeah i think in the end playlists that r personal shouldnt be so Perfectly Coiffed they should just be what you’re drawn to because that’s like, what’s real. yo. GOOD LUCK

myjackiejackie01  asked:

Jack ‘O’ Lantern Orange

Jack ‘O’ Lantern Orange: What’s your biggest fear and why?

Oh my goodness, @myjackiejackie01. I think this will not surprise you. My biggest fear is losing Mr. Downing. Why? Well … because he is my whole life. He asks me to marry him every day. He rubs my feet every night. I bring him coffee every morning and I take out the dog because he doesn’t like to. He cooks me food while I write and brings me treats for no reason. He calls me his ‘Hot Young Thing’ even though I’m 40. I call him Biscuit, short for ‘Naughty Biscuit’. 

He makes me laugh every day and I return the favor. We have 16 years of shared history and each year makes it richer and more beautiful. It still feels electric when he takes my hand and my heart still quickens when I hear his boots on the stairs. He’s man enough to unashamedly love bubble bath and cry for the cat he lost years ago. He came with me to spend every weekend with my dying godson for two years. He likes my mom. My mom likes HIM. He’s the only man who’s ever stuck around. 

Losing him would be worse than losing a limb because I think I could survive that. 

So my biggest fear is losing Mr. Downing because I truly don’t know how I could go on without him. 

Fat Gov't sow

So, I’m just sitting here in the dark studio on this rainy day letting my brain wander.

Would it be terrible if we just dropped everything Gov wise? Literally EVERYTHING? No taxes no bail outs no golden showers, nothing.

Here me out….

Roads. Put fucking tolls EVERYWHERE and charge for every car, maybe even those bike riding fuckers too. Whoever owns the road (city, state, county, private) that organization controls the fees and they can’t collect fees from any UNMANNED point. No cyber speedy richer than you passes. Stop, say hi, give George your used Playboy, whatever. Those shack guys are gov employees they get the gov insurance and bennies yay them.

Of course this is a really stupid thought that has morphed into a Japanese Anima in my head. Woot. Damn.

Peace out ✌️

can you critique this piece?? its a new style and idk if it looks ok or if its just as bad as my old one lmao

Since you’ve tagged this retina assault, I’ll start with the colors. From what I remember about Undertale, Mettaton is super out there and flamboyant which the bright colors definitely add to the work, but using richer colors would really make it pop. I don’t know what you’re using to draw, but you should be going all over the color wheel and playing around with the hue and saturation levels, since you’re sticking in the “Purest” shades.

(Red picked directly from the work.)

Next is the anatomy, and this is a pretty big one. You’ve got good flow with the body and the lower set of arms, but the top arms look like they were put in as an afterthought rather than a part of the original draft. At first glance it looks okay, but if you look closer you can see that the upper right arm isn’t even connecting to the torso

You’ve got a good start, but the colors and the anatomy needs a more work.

-Mod Medic

I’ve only ever fallen in love twice: with big city and small town.
     I met big city at a bar (of course), and he offered to buy me a drink (of course), and then I didn’t see him for three whole months. That’s just how big city works. But when he called, I was young enough to think the nervous pit in my stomach meant something good. Big city was older than me, and richer than me, and had a white collar  job with a personal assistant. He liked to talk about important things like finances and politics and himself. But that was ok because big city was cool. He showed me all about the world, like smoking and fucking and staying out too late. Before I met him, I was small and shy. I had bangs. Big city liked that about me, he said. Liked that I was so much more than I seemed. And then, five weeks later, he told me he loved me, and I believed him.
     But big city was also fast and sharp and full of dark alleys where men in trench coats auctioned off black magic. Full of prettier people and power. I was only 19 at the time, just a kid, and big city took everything I had, chewed it up, and spat me back out on the concrete. He smiled with all of his teeth and told me we’d had a fun run. I went to therapy for weeks, and big city was engaged six months later to a woman with a loud mouth and no bangs.
     But I’ve fallen in love twice. 
     And small town came along just like big city, only many years later. He asked for my number at a bar and laughed too loud when I said no. I thought it was because he was cocky, but I found out later that he always laughs too loud when he's nervous. And God was he nervous. But I said no, and he laughed too loud, and then I didn’t see him for three whole months. Until his friend and my friend got engaged and we had to moonwalk down the isle at their wedding. He offered to buy me a drink, and I said yes, but only because it was an open bar. One drink, two drinks, three, four fivesixseveen. We talked about our families, and did the YMCA, and passed out in my hotel room.
     And small town held me when I cried and owned a little cafe that did well enough to pay the bills, and small town smiled. He let me tell him about the world. He liked holding hands and Harry Potter. Small town talked dirty and shut down the cafe some days so we could spend all afternoon naked in bed. And we held each other just as tight. Small town met my parents before saying I love you and when he said it, he really meant it. He smelled like warm bread and pine trees, and when small town talked, it was about important things like good books and insecurities and the future.
     And here’s the thing, being with him wasn’t anything like being with anyone else. It was like coming home after traveling the world. Knowing all the rooms by heart. Laying in your childhood bed and thinking, this is it, kiddo. You fucking did it. And maybe for you it’s big city or small town or someone else entirely. I think maybe we fall in love everyday, but sometimes it's different. Sometimes it’s everything. Just trust that it’s out there. Please, please. Just wait for your homecoming.
—  everything I know about love

This is America, this is the ideal. All different kinds of people from many different places with different religions and cultures and identities all in close proximity. Look how relaxed they are with each other, all these strangers. This is what is great about America. This is NYC where Donald Trump is from, they are all at ease, they could be in a living room together. We are sharing our public transportation. 4 blocks from Trump Tower. This works. We live peaceably together and our lives are richer because of each other. Don’t buy the lie that somehow these differences mean we don’t love the same nor want the same things for our children and friends. Incidentally the most diverse states also happen to be the strongest economically and socially. This is the great American experience. This is what makes America great. Not our divisions exclusion and hate. Don’t buy into the lie. #standingForLove #RejectHate

And, I knew her.
 She looked normal from the outside. 
But inside, she was golden.
 She was diamonds.
 That’s where she was precious.
 She was priceless.
 And if you knew her,
 She made you richer.
 To see her, was to like her.
 But, to know her,
 Was to love her.
—  wordsbyt 

The notion of “I will wait for you to be ready” is always, always, always more romantic and captivating than the “I will win you over and you’ll be mine” mentality. Every. Single. Time. 

In the new series, Cumberbatch’s detective is less of the irritatingly smug know-it-all we saw in earlier episodes. Moffat elaborates: “Being a hero isn’t being bigger, richer, more powerful than somebody else. It’s being wiser and kinder.” He pauses and adds: “I think it’s time for the less-of-a-dick Sherlock.”