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Weak vetting led to Cabinet confirmation surprises
Team Trump has been blindsided by potentially scandalous revelations about Cabinet nominees. By JOSH DAWSEY and ELI STOKOLS

Steve Mnuchin, Donald Trump’s pick to be treasury Secretary, failed to list $100 million in assets on his federal disclosure forms. Vincent Viola, nominated to be Army secretary, punched a man in the face at a horse race last summer.

The ex-wife of Andrew Puzder, the labor secretary nominee, once appeared incognito on “Oprah” to raise domestic abuse allegations, which Puzder has denied. Betsy DeVos, Trump’s choice for education secretary, struggled to demonstrate a basic comprehension of department policy and basic education terms during her hearing this week. Two nominees didn’t pay taxes on their household employees.

This string of startling revelations over the past two weeks caught senior members of Trump’s staff by surprise, and they didn’t know some of the potential for problems before Senate confirmation hearings began, sources said. A person involved in preparing several nominees said, “They nominated these people first, and then they sort of vetted them. It’s exactly the reverse way you’re supposed to do it, and now you see the consequences.”

Ted Newton, a consultant who vetted potential nominees for Mitt Romney in 2012, said the best way to vet candidates is through repeated personal questions. “You want to see forms, you want to see their records,” he said. “But you really want to know, is there someone who would say something damaging about you, do you have any dark secrets, is there anything that will come out? You have a lot of questions that are unanswerable from paper.”

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Rex's Recent Accomplishments

• Now weighs 340 grams
• Learned the difference between me saying “I’m in my room!” and “I’m in the bathroom!” so she can find me
• Learned to tap Abyssrium for me, however I still can’t get the phone to recognize her beak (it recognizes her feet though)
• Ate food other than peas
• Figured out how to open her food bag so now I have to find a different container

The boy’s eyes softened with relief, tears still clinging to his lashes as he hiccoughed and stared up at Graves. “I don’t know what to do.” The boy whispered, his hands shaking gently as he stared up at the older man.

“You don’t have to.” Percival’s voice was firm, grounding, as he gently stroked his fingers into the ugly bowl cut, gently holding Credence so that the boy’s eyes were trained on his own. “I know what to do, Credence. I’ll take care of you, like a father is supposed to.”


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anonymous asked:

What are Tup's hobbies in this AU? Like reading, gaming, skateboarding? Anything?

Reading and soccer primarily, but also some gaming (mostly with Echo and Fives). Soccer is actually kind of a big thing for him, I just keep forgetting to mention it. For a long time it was his only real social outlet outside of school, and his brothers often came to games to cheer him on (being able to plan around a scheduled event made finding time to see each other WAY easier). He’s not the Ultimate Star Player, but he’s pretty damn good. He’s quick on his feet both literally and figuratively.

Also, slight tangent, I figure soccer practice was the first place Rex just started rolling with people assuming Tup was his kid. The “Which one is yours?” opener to inane sideline chitchat with other parents went a lot faster and less awkwardly when he just said, “The one with the ponytail” and moved on. Most of them didn’t really care anyway, they were either 1) looking for an excuse to ramble about their own kid, 2) hoping to segue into a more interesting conversation about professional sports or politics or SOMETHING other than peewee soccer, or 3) trying to hit on him. 

Percival Graves had never considered himself a fatherly man. He was a cold man, a harsh man. Often it seemed as if touching him would freeze your hand to his flesh, and when you finally managed to peel your palm away a sheaf of skin would remain clinging to the frigid surface of him. The most physical contact he had with most people was a firm, polite handshake before he stepped aside.

anonymous asked:

Okay but are we not going to talk about the fact that Dogma literally means :a belief or set of beliefs that is accepted by the members of a group without being questioned or doubted"?

Oh yeah, that was definitely a deliberate name choice on the part of the writers. It fits him perfectly.

What I did find jarring at first was his haircut and facial tattoo. When I first saw Dogma I thought “whoa, this dude is wild. He’s definitely a renegade.” Boy was I wrong.

Turns out, the guy with the plainest tattoo, a number for a name, and a standard-issue haircut is the most rebellious clone, and the guy with the giant tattoo on his face with a severe hairstyle is the biggest stickler for rules.

Then again, Rex is a bleach blond and he’s the most serious clone there is.