for refusing

i just queued a picture of reaper bird and when i went to tag them of course “reaper tale” came up in my list of suggested tags and of course i love that au but what about another reaper tale except it’s just a story that’s in reaper bird’s pov

like it could be body horrory or angsty, but it’s probably most about wanting to eat chisps and being happy about being around their family again.  everyman’s probably there a lot

maybe this reaperbirdtale is like about there being no chisps in the house they live in post pacifist so they go to the store and creep people out but then they make some friends along the way and buy a fuckload of snacks and then everyman’s head turns into butterflies and they spell out “BFF”

I am so tired of this idea that being a fan of something = worshipping it blindly and never criticizing any aspect of it, like sorry mate, literally nothing is worthy of that because nothing is perfect and flawless, and if that’s how you want to consume media, that’s your deal, but quit pulling this “how can you say that about a series you claim to love” bullshit


It’s not always easy to understand Rose’s choices… but we have to stand behind them.