for refusing

I saw it and then I had to do it I HAD TO DO IT

It’s official now Benny can play piano I’m going to worm that into all of the oneshots I’ve written somEHOW

Bonus starstruck Ethan:


Here’s an unsolicited mini-essay on why Shea Coulee is the real winner of season nine. And no, I don’t mean by performance in the competition or what not - I mean by who is going to gain the most from this experience.

First of all, Shea went into the show knowing her father had limited time left here on earth. In the few weeks leading up to the premiere, she lost her sister AND her father. She slayed Drag Race in a way that rivaled that of Sharon Needles and Bianca Del Rio. Her stint on the show was uncontested, miles ahead of everyone. 

Despite all of this. Despite all of the hate that the hordes of Sasha fans sent her way. Despite the racist rhetoric Valentina fans threw at her. Despite losing two of her closest family members during this process, she maintained a composure like no other. Even in the reunion, in the heat of Valentina being outed as a shady character, she stood vigilant, unbothered, and honest. All of this, despite the fact that a mere 24 hours earlier, she had the crown stripped away from her after she busted her ass off for three to four straight weeks of grueling creative challenges. She’s done what no other queen could do - Won, somehow lost, and still came out on top. 

The benefits of it all? She gets to win a second season, whenever she so chooses to be on All-Stars. Sasha fans? They have to stan for her knowing that in ELEVEN seasons of Drag Race, she is the only queen to not earn her crown through her performance in the competition itself. And that is satisfaction enough.


Hey remember all these nice kids and then that one shit?? 

anyway i actually have free time and uhhh wow haven’t drawn in a whiiiileeee

Wow so according to all comeback theories i have read till now.. Exo is gonna come back dressed as toy soldiers with royal crowns and cyberpunk hairstyles in a vaporwave setting sipping on watermelon soda swinging on a merry go round on a beach. The opening shot is gonna be a carrothead Sehun murdering haunted possessed dolls with his Narnia sword as baekhyun adlibs “Ah its hot deowo The war” in the background.


Okay idk about anyone else, right, but from the few scraps we got about Helion in ACOTAR/ACOMAF I was expecting…a wildly different character. Like he was described as ‘Helion Spell-Cleaver’ and was from the Day Court with their thousand libraries and infinite knowledge. 

I was expecting this kindly, dusty ancient fae who takes 16 years to get out a single sentence and chips in occasionally on intense meetings with his Pearls Of Ancient Wisdom that makes everyone assembled hush up and listen to him because we must respect the elders when they’re this old and wise. 

What I got was a flaming bisexual, sexy toga wearing, powerful thigh displaying bastard who seems to have fucked half of Prythian. His dearest ambition in life is a foursome with Mor/Cass/Az, and he’s Lucien’s secret father like ??? I could not have been more wrong if I’d tried.