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i have thought a lot about censorship and what is “appropriate”. not a lot of people know this, but lolita was written to show what we allow on our bookshelves: there being no swear words in it meant it was free from censorship. a book about child molestation was allowed because it didn’t explicitly use the word “fuck”. he wrote it to show we don’t really care about protecting children, and it ended up being seen as a romance.

someone once told me - actually, many people have - that lgbt content isn’t appropriate for children. any content. not just kissing. i’m drowned in questions: “won’t the parents have to explain it?” “kids shouldn’t be thinking about sex at this age, or do you think differently?” “what will the kids think?”

at six i saw disney movies. people kiss and get married. i didn’t ask “what does that mean.” i didn’t ask “are those people going to have sex?” i didn’t ask anything, because i was six, and no six year old thinks twice about these things. nobody ever “explained” being straight to me, it was a fact, and it existed, and i was fine with that. why would being gay require a thesis, i wonder.

someone once told me that the one of the reasons people hate lgbt individuals is because they can’t see us as anything but sexual. we’re not people, so much as sinners. that they don’t see love, they see sex. just sex. it’s perversion, not a matter of the heart. only of the body.

i think i was in my early twenties before i saw someone like me. 

how old were you, though, before you saw violence? before you saw sexual assault on tv? i think something like that is only pg-13, and if it’s implied, they can get away with anything. i remember watching things and learning about blood, but knowing sex - sex was what was really wrong. sex was always rated r. sex was always kind of a bad word. i was told a lot that i wasn’t ready.

i had a dream last night that i made a site where people could ask any question they wanted about sex and get answered by a professional. it was shut down in moments because 15 year olds wanted to know if it should hurt, if “double-bagging” was a real thing, if this, if that. we shudder. don’t let the children know about that! 

but at thirteen i had seen enough violence it no longer struck me. i couldn’t say “fuck” but i knew that if you break your femur, you can bleed out internally in under half an hour. in school i wasn’t allowed to write about loving girls because what would the administration think - but i could write about wanting to kill myself and people would say how lovely, how blistering.

i have thought a lot about censorship. sometimes people on this site try it with me: don’t write this, don’t be so nasty. some of it is intrinsic. we know as people with a uterus not to complain about “that time of the month”, we know better than to talk about sexual assault (how shameful), we know that talking about a vagina is somehow scandalous. i can say “dick” and nobody questions me. some people only refer to the bottom half of me by “pussy”. they won’t wrap a mouth around “vagina” like it’s poison to them. even discussing this, that the language halts, that there’s an intrinsic desire to say “girls” instead of “women” - feels naughty, illicit. not for children.

the other day someone suggested i make my blog 18+. i said, okay, it deals a lot with depression and other problems that might be for a mature audience. oh no, they said, that’s not it, i think that’s helpful. i said, okay. so what is it then. well, you’re gay. you write about loving women. and i said, i don’t write about sex often and they said. it’s not about the sex. but wlw isn’t for a general audience. teenagers aren’t ready.


lolita is recommended for high school and up. i think about that a lot. i know girls who love it, who say it speaks to them on a deep level. it’s beautiful prose, after all. that was the whole point of the novel. something that looked like a rose but was intrinsically awful. i think about how if i was a model they’d want me to look young, thin, prepubescent. how my body would be sold and how through the mall i walk by images of barely-clothed women while mothers cannot breastfeed in public without fear of retribution. 

i think about how i can write a novel about violence and it will be pg-13 but if my characters say “fuck” twice it’s inappropriate. i said fuck three times so far in this post, which makes it only appropriate for adults. 

i think about that, and how my identity is something that people suggest lines up with a swear word. that people shouldn’t talk about it. that it’s a vulgarity. bad for children, harsh, confusing.

fuck. i love women. which one makes this only for those over eighteen.

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What is your interpretation of Furuta's words in ch141? He said, "Good work but it's useless because you people are bait." Do you think he is planning on something other than killing Hinami/Touka?

I think that his last aim could be beyond to kill or kidnap Touka/Hinami, to cause the figure of Dragon to be born

Making his words reference not only to Hinami and Touka, but to the ghouls of the 24 ward in general.

To explain this i will try to explain first what could be Dragon:

During chapter 101, Furuta expressed that his plan was to create a common enemy for both species, in such a way that they would cooperate to defeat it and thus achieve coexistence (Code Geass style).

The description of this enemy fits perfectly the figure of Dragon, who was described during Chapter 128 as an archenemy of those who long for peace (note how Uta inquires if it refers to the CCG or the ghouls)

Therefore Furuta’s actions and plans at the 24 ward, could be to turn Kaneki or he himself in Dragon. This could depend probably of Kaneki’s actions and decisions:

If after what is happening at the 24 ward, Kaneki decides to start killing investigators and cannibalize (due to nishiki theory), then that would make him an enemy of both species and thus Dragon.

On the contrary if his actions point in the direction of the coexistence, Furuta will remain like the one who corrupted the CCG and attempted to eradicate the Ghouls, becoming him instead in Dragon.

So the ghouls of the 24 ward are the bait in a certain way, since their death will attract the wrath of Kaneki or on the contrary will turn Furuta into the final enemy.

Being thus his plan beyond to kill or kidnap Touka/Hinami, to make appear the figure of the dragon.

As always interpretations are subjective.

Hope this answers your question, have a nice day anon!

jokes aside i know the info of the outsider being 15 was just some old deleted tweet from harvey smith and if asked they’d probably retcon that shit, and looking in the lore book there’s no actual mention of him being a teen and he’s only ever referred to as a man, and that in game he looks twice that age so theres no real proof of him being 15; but imagining that greasy black eyed god as an actual Child, an orphan kid with no family who was literally murdered by a cult, just adds so much more depth not only into his character but also the lore that surrounds him 

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It really bothers me that you Admins allow speculation of the victims in the Willis clan tragedy. I love this site and typically agree with your handling of things 100 percent, but that leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. Please reconsider, and perhaps go bad and edit/delete the past posts on this (ie: most recent one about Jet). The family has been very clear about wanting to stay out of the public eye, presumably for these reasons. Respect that.

I am really sorry, that you didn’t like the way I was handling it. I specifically didn’t aswer to the part of the ask with the speculation, I only referred to the news articles we had about the incidents. But I agree, that’s not enough! So I went back and changed the post, I hope that’s ok. From now on, we will make it clear, that we do not appreciate victim speculation on this blog if we don’t have any proof. Thank you very much, for keeping me in check 🙂  (Annie)

sb: sincerely me’s a comic relief song that’s not supposed to be taken seriously

me, an intellectual: sincerely me does present itself as a comic relief song, however, the live version also highlights a lot of jared’s insecurities, albeit a little subtly. during the last chorus, he’s left out. while he points to both of them, evan and connor only refer to each other during the entire choreography. he also subtly mimics connor’s movements during the 2nd chorus. in a way, as this is somewhat of jared’s ‘feature’ song, i.e the song he’s most involved in, it could be taken as somewhat of a metaphor for his character – jared’s insecurities are made subtle by a comedic front.

Okay okay but think about: Victor and Yuuri giggling through kisses, swaying to some music playing in the background and generally being loving husbands???

i’ve been thinking a lot about smol ambiguously biracial harry and the mirror of erised.

because he’s spent his whole life with the dursleys in their proper square house in their proper square neighborhood with their uniformly manicured lawns and their contempt of anything other.

his aunt glares at him when the barber fails to tame his hair and yanks at it too hard when she takes her own scissors to it later. he sees the brief flicker of surprise in the eyes of the teachers at school when they find out he and dudley are cousins. he looks at his pale blonde aunt and vaguely wonders how her sister could produce someone like him (olive skinned? that’s what an old woman at the grocer’s called him once anyway) but he doesn’t dare to ask these questions. it’s just how it is, harry thinks, maybe he’s just different (he’s used to being different).

when he’s ten he gets a letter addressed especially to him, and when he’s eleven he looks up into a strange mirror it feels like he was meant to find and he’s looking at his parents for the first time in his life and his mother is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, prettier than he’d even imagined, and his father…his father looks like him. james is darker and taller and sharp with adulthood but his hair sticks up at the back and his hands are so very familiar and his cheekbones are the same ones harry’s seen in the mirror every day of his life and something deep inside him falls into place.

because he doesn’t look exactly like his mum and he doesn’t look exactly like his dad but now he knows why. he looks like a bit of both of them and it’s proof that they lived, that they came together and made him, with his dark hair and light eyes and skin that he’s never felt quite comfortable in.

and maybe he never belonged with the dursleys and maybe that hurts more than he’s willing to admit but he suddenly thinks it matters just a little bit less, because now he knows for certain that he damn well did belong to james and lily potter.


this is probably my favourite Harry-Potter-reference in AVPM, because a) it’s actually subtle, b) it’s so random and c) it implies that Quirrell had a lot of fun letting a troll loose at Hogwarts and being a total dramaqueen about it

Aaaand I’m back after a century of inactivity. Here’s a quick fan art of Hana eating some Cup Noodles. 

Now, watch as I leave for another decade. 

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Couldn’t draw properly,too much stress this week. so i did this instead.Is it practice or lazyness?  let’s say it’s comfort zone. \⍩⃝/

Dunno if it could be useful for someone and plz, don’t take this like super seriously, it’s full of anatomy mistakes.i don’t pretend to be good but if u use it  that might be kyote if u credit meh! 8A8

if u have any question, plz feel free to ask. that’s funny how im just putting this shiet here and don’t say lol.this is poses,expressions and bye.

the moment when you’re about to defend ya boy… and then remember saying “kenma’s not lazy about stuff he actually likes” to your mutual teammates might be a shade demotivating…

Say cheese~! ✌